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Analyzing the 2,000 Mules Movie and New Claims of Major Election Tampering in 2020

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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May 2, 2022 5:00 pm

Analyzing the 2,000 Mules Movie and New Claims of Major Election Tampering in 2020

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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May 2, 2022 5:00 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 05/02/22.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. There is a new controversial documentary by Dennis Desousa claiming massive election fraud in 2020 of the special guest to Anna was the data with us for the light a fire with your host scholar and cultural commentator Dr. Michael Brown your voice for more spiritual clarity called 866-34-TRUTH to get him a lot of fire and now here's your host Dr. Michael Brown notes an interesting Bible prophets. Many times there speaking about things in the future, but quite often they are addressing their people in terms of what's happening in their day the same way when you read the letters in the New Testament there often addressing contemporary issues that the churches were dealing with right now there is going to be a new wave of discussion about election fraud because of the 2000 mules documentary just released by Dennis Desousa. Is this much to do about nothing. Is this yet another divisive distraction in our culture or is this a matter of truth was there really election fraud hey friends, welcome to the broadcast. This is Michael Brown here in future with faith and truth and courage help you stand strong in the Lord will give a shout out first day on our brand-new station in Lynchburg Virginia so everyone joining us today. So glad you're here with us. We may talk theology one day politics another day Israel. Another we always have our phone lines open so here's number to call 866-34-TRUTH 866-348-7884. You get to weigh in on today's topic you get to ask my special guest question.

So when you want to weigh in as we get into the show. That's the number to call. I'm joined again by a good friend of Prof. James Beverly. He has written many books he has been a professor for 40+ years and he's known for meticulous research.

In other words, he'll just dig and dig and dig and follow the evidence where it leads. Sometimes it leads to places that doesn't like but he's going to follow the evidence, he was able to see 2000 mules in advance so we can unpack that for you today Jim. Welcome back to the line of fire like it's great to be with you of for those who don't know you tell us about your teaching back run your professorial background okay up in a professor for 42 years, 10 years in Moncton New Brunswick on the East Coast of Canada and am 32 years in Toronto at the largest Christian University in Canada. Tyndale University's and you've done a lot of research as a research Prof. Esalen is a said, following the evidence. Tell us about it.

The illustrated God's world religions that you put out okay. I started that book somewhere in the 1990s and it took. I said I'd be coming any year but it's hard to write an 800 page book in a year so it came out many years later, and in 2008 I believe. Anyway it covers the major world religions, the major Christian denomination, and it covers the groups that I call cult groups that claim to be Christian, but there's so bad that you better give them a words that show warns people of those furtive three categories I use also interviewed or interacted with some really interesting people cult leaders or other religious leaders tell us about that one of my high point of that kind of study was like I got a personal invitation to go to Korea to visit leaders in the Unification Church.

So I met one of reverent loan funds.

I got invited to hear him once it in New York State and so there's one example I did my PhD thesis on the Unification Church commonly called the Mooney and then let's see I I had a personal interview with the Dalai Lama. A private interview in the in the India courtesy of Christianity today magazine.

So that was fun. They said that I be allowed. You know, maybe 20 minutes or 25 and then I think that the way they protect themselves if the I guess it is the boarding or whatever. Anyway, at the 25 minute mark. I said I know I know we need to wrap up in the Dalai Lama said well this is it New York or Washington so will keep talking.

Anyway, I got it I had a chance to ask him tons of questions and also witness to him about the gospel with Scientology.

Scientology I I actually know top leaders in the church and also I'm personal friends with Hubbard's son Arthur who still believe that is the greatest he doesn't like the Church of Scientology, but likes his father's teaching and then I'm friends with his son Lafe who who became a Christian. So but Scientology is one of the groups I focused on for a long time in an unwanted bring up specific situations Jim but have there been times when you've done research for uncovered things and you really didn't like where it led. But you had to follow the facts well when you said that I thought when I get Wade in the morning.

I sometimes don't like the evidence that shows a failed. Let's see all you have us and of course, wouldn't it be nice if I was raised in the church where everything I was told was true and accurate, and it was the best interpretation of Bible the best principles, but I still remember the night where my father told my brother and me that some things that we were taught at church were a little overboard and we need to be a bit more relaxed.

I let's see sometime you know when here's where life would be simple might say your say your study and occult group and then you so it wouldn't be nice, wouldn't that the Christian church of the great church and everything in it is wonderful and then everything and occult group is terrible. So I've had to learn that people that believe terrible things are false ideas can be really nice people I met once the two leaders in the what used to be called the children of God, then became the family international so I met the modern leaders of that group and canal.

They were as nice as anyone I've met so yeah you but if you care about truth then then you gotta follow the truth even if you even if you don't like right alright so I wanted to get that until first is you you had a fastening lice and career and it's this is good for those that don't know you to find out more about this background, but as we've interacting in the couple of years that we been interacting a lot.

I've wants to do this very thing of of watch to see Micah been studying something and looked concerned about XYZ and then that the more you dig into it the voice of Mike.

There's really something to this and some of its been disturbing, but you can consult got committed to follow truth out. One other thing I want to lay out which you consider yourself and your a Canadian but would you consider yourself an ardent supporter of Donald Trump know I'm a mixed supporter that is where I find his principles great and I agree with his policies. Or I admire his courage to stand up against the relenting hate. Well, that's where I respect, but you know in all my years I studied about Trump for six years of I've written four books related to home and that red thousands of articles and talk to a lot of people. Some of my friends know Mr. Mr. Pres., personally I've only ever met one person who thinks that he's basically faultless. Everybody else knows that he has weaknesses. So what I urge people to do is carefully separate.

What's great from what is a great or what's in the middle. You know, and then like there's there's some statistics out that he would win a game. If he runs in the next election.

What I would wish for is that he would moderate some of his extremes and the and then he would win he would win so easily, but he creates his own stumbling block right now there's a mixed view and I believe that's what reality is. The reason I put that out.

It's just that and I don't know. I don't know what would just level is about to tell us really seen the €2000 documentary and its got a lot to say but we haven't discussed in detail what his views are, after seeing it, but I'm setting this up so that you understand who it is that I'm speaking to. If I was speaking to someone who was absolutely militantly against Donald Trump and think he's the worst thing ever happened that would likely color views. If it was the opposite side, Donald Trump alone can save America. He's the best thing God ever created for. They should will that we color things but but that's not where James is coming from one of the same before you saw €2000 without going into detail, just an overview. What were your thoughts about the reality of election fraud. Is this something that you thought while this is real, or maybe it's real or deathly not real.

Where were you before you saw this documentary well. I studied it, even since since before November 3 studied the topic and I don't want to say I've looked at it every day, but I spent an enormous time on it.

I would say of the time went on I realized that some of the claims about election fraud are totally false, but others are very very reasonable and I urge readers or listeners. I guess I urge listeners to follow a guy named Patrick Byrne go to the American project. He's one of the best people in America to give you data about the election and and he's perfectly free and willing to say that some theory is untrue, but that he will also present evidence that there's been real fraud. I have a I have a an agreement with one of my best friends. He is so convinced that the Republicans in America are basically losers and he so convinced that Trump lost that he said if he ever even starts to think that the election might've been fraudulent killed by me of steak dinner at the best restaurant in in our civic anyway. I'm in the eye. I'm not it. Well, like I could say before I saw it diminishes documentaries that I was in the eye was the fifth in the middle but leaning towards yes there was election. I so what about this movie €2000.

When we make of it is Prof. Beverly stand today. The finances we come back to the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown got on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown looking friends broadcast Michael Brown your voice for moral sanity to clarity coming to your computer from our studio at CF and I in Dallas before get back to Jim Beverly Prof. Beverly and I'm eager to hear what he has to say about this 2000 mules movie because we have not discussed the details of it or his findings before we do that we got a special resource offer for you this month.

I believe it's really going to bless you and encourage you strengthen you build health into your life, or that were the life of someone you love so sure bit more with you about this resource and will come right back to Prof. Beverly, your faith, Jeff doubts and questions and you really don't know where to go with them. Maybe have a friend or loved one that's completely fallen away from the Lord will friends. We've got a great resource for you has God failed you. Finding faith when you're not even sure God is real. This is the book that is a first aid kit for for seekers strugglers and doubters and ask the difficult questions. What happens when processing to work.

What happens when that level were praying for his and healed. And what about those passages in the Old Testament.

Looks like God is an angry, vengeful God, what do we do with those. There's even a whole chapter called permission to doubt and what can we learn from the book of Job.

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So order your copy of has God failed you today ask Dr. that's a SK GR order today and when you do only give you free instant access to a powerful video I preached on why so many Christians will even if they so order has God failed you your friends. We are here to help you get is healthy as you can be striving in the Lord and as you grow as your strengths and will have an impact in the world around you. So get a copy or few copies into regular website. Ask Dr. The book has God failed you. Okay, now for the eagerly awaited moment back to Prof. James Beverly Sue Jim first give us an overview of the thesis of the Nesta Susan's new documentary €2000 along argument very well done, Phil to say that various operatives in the swing states paid people to drop ballots off in ballot boxes and they call the people to do that. Mules and they have evidence of based on cell phone tracking which is legal to collect you to pay for it so they got evidence from cell phone tracking plus they got access to the video cameras on ballot boxes and be captured way over 2000 people doing this illegal activity and you can tell the that something is going on because people do this in the middle the night they look around. She bristled sheepishly before they put to the balance in the box and then they take a cell phone picture of themselves at the ballot box because they got to go to the next stop or after they're done stuffing ballot boxes. They go to go to a stop and get paid for so I sort of instinctively thought that the documentary would be really well done because Dinesh is a famous filmmaker and his documentaries are in the top 10 bestsellers in America were most widely viewed but let me tell you.

Even with that positive view. I was blown away by the film. It is really well done and it is really convincing. Thanks mainly to a guy named Greg Phillips and a woman named Catherine Engelbrecht. Those two are the brains behind the operation to find out if there was voter fraud are both based in Texas.

Catherine connected to a group called true the vote and Greg runs an organization that deals with election integrity, and so I've come to know both of them I've talked to Dinesh on the phone talk to Greg on the phone and mainly done email and text messages with Catherine, so let me say this film is astounding and what I'm saying to people is the film is going to change American politics, it will no longer be possible for anybody to reasonably say there was no fraud in infective. Greg and Catherine just wrote me in a text message.

I asked is what these people are doing in the film criminal and they both said yes with Greg saying that in some states it might be legal but basically it's criminal behavior. People who have been caught doing this get charged with felony. This is not minor crimes. So II that there there is the gist of it it one thing about it. Some of the stuff about election fraud is so complicated. Hardly anybody can understand it like when you get into debates about how polynomials in math to prove there was fraud, you have to have a degree in mathematics to know what that's about, or some of the details on computer fraud involved being a specialist in computer technology. This doesn't mean that you just watch the video and that are the film and you and you'll see you'll see clear evidence that something really shady going on in America at the last big election so let's say I play the devils that right yet when not when I'm presenting an argument I'm always thinking of a counterargument even when I'm preaching I'm thinking what to be an objection to this, you know I'm I'm a debater and I think in those ways, and we all know that video evidence can be doctored.

We all know that things can be presented in a misleading way through editing etc. so there are some of us can be a lot of pushback here sometimes start missing him so I will start raising questions of someone who's only seen the trailer okay I write so the first thing how do we know even if these people were actually mules and they were actually getting ballots large numbers of ballots and dropping them you're one of the morning and mailboxes, etc. how do we know that they were for Joe Biden. Maybe they were for Donald Trump or maybe there's another explanation, which is where it with rare exception, the people who are doing were dropping off the balance go to Democratic organizations after to pick up their money.

So it's not like they're heading tomorrow longer to get money from Trump dealer. They're going to Democratic organizations.

The other thing the documentary is always Creek is already creating waves in the Justice Department in Washington and why would that happen. I think because there is recognition that this documentary and the data collected by Greg mainly in his team that that there is worries that this is going to shake America up, but I believe it America does need shaken up because of the sad state of affairs with the Republican Democrat divide with all the problems in America. I think both Democrats, Republicans and independents need to face the reality of American do what it takes to to get better in one of the ways for things to get better and Americans to have free and fair elections so what is dental and 77 figure yet ON tape. What is these people legitimately working for the Democrats say that's true. I let's say that what they were doing was exactly what it looks like they were dropping off large numbers of ballots and mailboxes at all times. What if they went to the nursing homes where there there are places where the demographics would be these people can't get out and vote in the get a largely vote Democrat, and they were just gathering legal ballots and doing service for the people by dropping them off of whatever odd times. There were those are just the ones that are showing the documentary didn't show the ones that weren't in broad daylight, at different times a day.

Maybe they were just doing that well some people do this in broad daylight, but but then people around them know something funny is happening and they call it in our Catherine has a toll-free number.

I believe to call in concerns about election.

The other thing. The documentary does show interviews with relatives of people in the nursing home and it's obvious in the documentary the person there wouldn't they don't even know it's daylight. And yet they voted so there's there's been fraud even in that way you know I'm not saying by the way that I know absolutely what the truth is because, like you, I want to think about, you know what what what are critiques of this movie. Could it possibly be wrong but but I I think anybody who sees it will realize this isn't just trivial minor nitpicking this. This is serious behavior that both Greg and Catherine and they both testified in in the Senate hearings, etc. Greg flies all over the world doing election integrity analysis for various countries of the end and they spent they stamped.

I think $2 million collecting data on all the sum, all the cell phones that they track their ballot I we come back and talk about the implications of this. If you have a question for Prof. to challenge this narrative reinforces 866-34-TRUTH the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown got on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown yeah election fraud talk about that again. You know my position has been that I did not have the time to investigate the massive claims and counterclaims about election fraud that I did not feel personally called to stop everything as I was doing and really focus on that and that number one after massive prayer that God answered prayer by putting Joe Biden the office, whether by hook or crook.

Whether it's to bless us or to curse us.

Either way, I accepted Joe Biden as president just as accepted Donald Trump as president. My position is been if there is fraud will come out through the courts, or perhaps through other means. Is he coming out now is the topic under discussion before get back to my guest Prof. James Beverly will take calls 286634878840 speaking the leadership conference in New York this past weekend talking to a younger man attending there.

I think with his dad, and he's a very much a tech guy and as we were talking every point he was making was that you have written that talked about that. It was how is that I haven't seen the stuff us of what it get suppressed now.

What used to reach hundreds of thousands or even millions that which are on Facebook may reach. Instead, 2000 or 10,000 today. So the best way that you can stay in touch the best way that you can know. Here are my latest articles that are there to equip you and answer the tough questions. Per my latest videos you could share with others. Boom is clear voice we tackle the difficult issues you can share that video with people your latest resources we have available for you.

The best way that we can do that is if you sign up for email updates are going to ask Dr. Don't rely social media to shirk as it may not reach you are right things to get blocked or censored so asked her to sign up for emails. This would be love to pour into when you do.

We got a really neat mini book an e-book you want to give you seven ways to pray for America if you going to order has God failed you with a special offer go to asked her to Brown totally just click on store. Okay, so back to Prof. James Beverly who was tremendously impacted by the due Nesta sues of movie 2000 mules.

What's the worst case scenario Jim what what are the implications of this and let's let's look at in terms of the worst case scenario if all the charges are true and this was somehow done in the in a systematic national way because it's anything but haphazard, if true, what with the implications be well if things are being committed in the justice department or police should get involved in. People should be arrested and tried so that's one level another level with I believe the good, the film will make it well II think if I had to guess, but it's only a guess. I think politicians, even on the left will see it and realize things better get changed on the way elections are held, and then II believe that there's a chance that some states will decertify the boot. The year 2020 election so those are possibilities, but based on knowing the way things often work. There is a chance that the worst that the what that what will happen is the left will avoid the film they will use cheaper arguments against it and America will still be divided because you have millions of people who seem the documentary will believe that it proves election fraud and and they're still better because because they don't think the elite on the left will listen to the evidence listed. Deeper though, is ultimately behind this that since this does the movie indicate that or is there speculation suggest different allegedly Democratic groups in different areas hired these people to yeah sexy bounce a certain direction or it doesn't go to the national Democratic Party. Just go to Biden campaign eight Debbie don't say that all what they say is all you need to steal an election is something that is you don't need to do some massive conspiracy everywhere. You just need to pick the swing states and do them. There so if what looks like happened, then it means that at least Democrats at the local level engaged in this fraud that Philadelphia was were sitting involved. There's more people taking ballots around them than any other city that could. Greg has tracked, so I doubt if I'm ever I'm sure that this is not known at the upper echelon or that it was planned there.

I think local operatives David and Larry Elder. The conservative Christian leader. He says in the film and another guest says it is well if you thought that Donald Trump was the next thing to Hitler or even worse, what's the big deal about dropping off some ballots to make sure he never went so I bet that a lot of the people who organized this did it on that basis, and then I think a lot of people actually got the balance important bell boxes.

A lot of them just did it for the money. In fact, they have one a couple people on the video saying them. They did it. Mainly because they needed money… Let's discuss and calls again were getting Prof. Beverly's reflections after watching the 2000 mules movie which he says is massively well done. Convincing and powerfully documented. We go to the phones José in northern Utah which are comment or question the statement of a movie or anything you don't believe that there was election fraud. You're either in denial or trouble, transit is so much evidence out there that it's undeniable what good like is that this the show should show everybody that you don't want to listen to it. You just absolutely so exited Michael, I just asked a question if you José. I know that your convictions right but since my position has been nothing to now, I'm not sure I've read very, very strong arguments for very strong arguments against sold. I didn't mean to insult me personally and I will take it as a personal insult because you feel so sure about this but are you saying that I must be ultimately in denial or refusing to believe the truth just is just that I'm not offended in the least. I just want to flesh out your justified under all you hold 24,024 Gaylord full of bell boxes across respect all. There was a lot of evidence, the Supreme Court would ensure that just the evidence that there was brought up to them. For the Supreme Court, not too sure about should scare everybody because those at least enough to zero, so we are honest with me to a friend. I just got it. Denying the truth and listen to the pointer.

Yet our caller is José okay okay here's something to think about the case for election fraud has been deeply hurt by people telling theories that they say proves election fraud absolutely and then those those various items. Not all of them by far those various items they melt away. Upon further study. They turn out not to be true, I think, for example, Mike Lindell was fooled by a guy when Mike announced that he had computer evidence of massive fraud from China and other countries know. I agree with you if someone says there's no election fraud and there is no evidence of it.

II believe they've not studied the topic enough to know the key evidence that's presented say by Patrick Byrne. He's the best person B why are in the heat.

Here's what Eve here's what he's about. He didn't vote for Trump. There's ways he didn't like Trump but he thought based on his own independent expensive analysis that there was fraud and so you can now just type in Patrick Byrne B. Why are innate and and go to his local channel, go to the American project and he presents a long list of cases that should make anybody go yes there is evidence of fraud. No, maybe in the end, maybe in the end it won't change things, but like you, if someone says there's no evidence of fraud. I mean, some of my contacts. I they I've asked them if the result election fraud me said not at all.

There's no evidence, and then I say to them.

Have you heard of Patrick Byrne and if they say no then I know they've not studied it because he has been the most influential person in America to to shape concerns about election fraud and he's an equal opportunity got if he hears theories that aren't true.

He tells his audience know that's not true, but then he will also tell as he did to National Public Radio and and reporters from the Washington Post. He'll tell them hey, here's a case of the real concern and by the way, José. Thank you for calling and I I wish that the Supreme Court had looked at the Pennsylvania case. I think it will be very positive as they did, and Justice Thomas wanted to have another.

Interestingly, he said it would have affected the overall election that was his view, even if the charges were true, it would never affected the overall election, but it was they had reviewed it, because we were the more we bring everything into the light, the more both sides can be satisfied by, with, so let's go back to the phones 866-34-TRUTH we go to Paula and Snow camp North Carolina. Welcome to the line of fire. Thank you. I'm going to stay even without the mule. What happened there was so much evidence. Furthermore, why do you have state illegally changing voting laws right up before election time. How about the people that were judges and poll watchers being escorted out. Never in history that ever happened. Being asked to leave and then the windows boarded up to the bike and see inside the ring were about the video cameras that caught them pulling out suitcases from under the desk after 11 o'clock at night and never been done before. What about watching the wave across America by 11 at night.

We usually 11, 12, you can set up and you knew the outcome of the voting all my life since 1972. That's what I counted on while they ended, they stopped it before the last West Coast day were counted and shut down everything it was already like an 80% later, something I'm being exaggerating don't know the fact that I noticed so much that even if face California and Lester say so that you would not make a set gas jump in. We've got a break here]. My guess Prof. Jim Beverly's and your call Syracuse is the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown got on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown transfer fire. I want to emphasize that with or without election fraud.

Jesus is Lord.

The regrowth of who is in the White House Jesus is Lord that with human beings are honest or dishonest. Jesus is Lord and we are all looking to him. Those of us who know him and follow. We are looking to him putting our trust in him, and at the same time every one of us, regardless of what political party you identify with what your ideology is whatever your values are if you are a person of conscience on any level that you should agree we should all agree that what we want most is free and fair elections in America in terms of the elections.

That's what we want free and fair elections where there is equal access for people to be able to vote.

One group is not discriminated against when there is no fraud where everything works profit. We should all want that right.

This is a Democratic Republic and then the outlet the outcome be the outcome we like it or not, we have to accept it, but let us all be sure that the elections are freely and fairly conducted.

That is our desire to.

We've got a few more minutes left with all our guest, Jim, Beverly, let's go over to William and Canton Georgia you're on the line of fire with me. It was Jim Beverly. Thank you. Thank you. Hello. Yes, I can okay great I like that Dr. Bell Beverly about the Trumper recount in Arizona which went against him does not indicate that it is a lease in Arizona. It was perfectly right now. I don't think so. The mainstream media used the fact that was true, but it's misleading if I hand you 100 counted at 200 counterfeit bills and then someone says those are counterfeit if you just count the bills you're going to find out there's 200 and you're going to say oh no, the numbers add up so if you sue if you superficially count the ballots and and put it that way then you can say Joe Biden one. But the main people who did the audit.

Doug Logan Ben cotton and they they believe there was fraud and then this this data has been analyzed by a genius named Joe Van Pulitzer and he says he says the same thing, and the Atty. Gen. of Arizona has just written publicly to say that there is evidence of election fraud and he will be he will be pressing charges now in the land again. It's very complicated. Joe Van Pulitzer is mean he's a genius and so he doesn't realize how complicated are some of the things he talks about but it's not as simple like one thing I've learned study and Trump Stafford first over six years. I no longer trust mainstream media when it's anything to do with Trump.

It's not like they're totally wrong, but I I just read today I read a critique of 2000 mules and the critique is written by someone who hasn't seen the documentary yes but it what it does is it contains no it into useful analysis has some good stuff in it.

But you can't trust them because he uses loaded language, you know, it's like if that were did you say you are decent, Canton, Georgia. Okay so if I'm talking to you and I don't like what you're saying. If I disagree with it.

Here's what here's what I can do I can say no.

Are you a southern hillbilly you out there making moonshine to come up with such ridiculous arguments know that in philosophy is called an argument ad hominem and I see that all the time so I don't I don't trust the mainstream media reporting that the audit showed that Joe Biden one 1 minute. They say the audit was terrible and it was done by a bunch of losers, etc. and then the next minute they say the audit audit proved that the Biden one, but which is it is the audit reliable or not. I still more. There still more to look at on the Arizona thing like William, thank you very much for the call and Jim for that's detailed answer as as I said, Jim's research professor any digs and he seeks to learn and follow the evidence. He is not an ardent sold-out from supporter nursery when they came in with the presupposition of election fraud. Either way and again if you say will Dr. Brown, why don't you study this more one God hasn't called me to do it to my life is absolutely filled with the things that God has called me to do that. And thirdly, others are doing it and will do our best to learn from them.

But how about we all pray this God when it comes to the 2020 elections. Let the truth come to light comes to the 2020 elections.

Let the truth come to light and then Lord give us the courage and the heart the integrity to follow the truth wherever it leads. Personally and as a nation. How can legal wrongdoing that I can legal raw white got time for one last call mall or we don't. We don't come to northern California.

Okay, so Jim asked as a follower of Jesus above all by someone who believes in the power and an Lordship of the God that we serve.

Let's say this is all true.

Let's say the there fraud is as bad as president, Trump has alleged. Let's say the election really was stolen as as a believer where is that we does that leave you what is it leave you in terms of your your your mental, emotional state. If you're an American citizen you voted this you voted for Trump felt he was better than the Joe Biden way how you process that is a believer. Well, I would know what I have to trust in the sovereignty of God in difficult times in accordance even more so now that the Ukraine war has happened but you trust in God and then you crave for the powers that be that they will do the right thing to respond. I mean if it came to America woke up to the fact that in this is an F. If there's election fraud. We would we would ask God to give wisdom to the Supreme Court and to Congress to deal with to deal the proper way and to all the leaders in the separate and the given states, etc. you'd pray. But in the end, you know, we realize that our only ultimate bottom line is that we trust and anchoring the gospel of Jesus and the that's our foundation no matter what happens, yeah, and that that's the bottom line.

That's why after masses prayer before the elections and after the elections are similar. Whoever's inaugurated that's that's what God has determined.

Now, whether came about to hook and crook. We we shall see if there's more evidence that comes to lie. This is more going on again with the truth come to life was present. Biden brought in his further judgment on America's it to shake things up further would we have done even worse with trumpet office. God knows all that, but I'm not unsettled in my own spirit because my faith is always based which was a guy he jumped up later tonight or this after the two that I am reposting on social media a really neat link got time to talk about it now, but it's it's a Bible God in one page a key doctrinal points with links it's it's it's really the put out very expensively as an e-book on my son to be linking to that later. Thanks for taking the time to do all this research to watch the movie and to join us to get much appreciated yeah but Mike can I tell the audience tonight is the first night where the public noted theaters and watched the movie and then Thursday nights. Another night command on the week We chemical streaming on the Internet okay great. That's one wanted to get Jim Beverly on the right is the music setting. Thanks so much for joining us. God bless. Thanks, Mike. All right hey friends, let me say again, we are here every day with was one goal we once you healthy, thriving in the Lord want to see whatever bondage is hindrances one see them broken and then you, in turn, going in and touching others and sure strengthened the body strength in the country strengthens with the light shine. If you have been one of those is been listening for years, or maybe recently and even blessed where encourage you to do is is join us. Let's partner together. We want to give you an opportunity join with us to really have a mandate from the Lord to blanket America on radio. What that means is is you who received a ready you can pay ahead if you're watching online are listed by podcast, you can pay ahead for the next listers contribute a dollar a day or more become a monthly supporter, a torchbearer, and this will pave the way for get us to get onto the next station and then as those listeners. Both of them. They can pay ahead to the next station and then together really are making a difference.

I have been so blessed by the testimonies that we get every month of people who want us to know our voices made a difference in their life, their family, their ministry, and it's so encouraging to know that it's for your prayers and it's for your financial partnerships to take a moment to ask Dr. a.s. K. DR Click on donate monthly support.

But before you give just look at all the benefits because more than anything, where's your to pour into you were here to give to you wisher to serve you.

So check out all the benefits you get as a monthly supporter so that you know is you help us touch others. We are committed to pouring at you. That's ask Dr. Click on donate torchbearer join our team and he said again together for making a difference as Jesus. Sure is Lord. Another program powered by the Truth Network

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