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Dr. Brown Answers Your Toughest Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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April 29, 2022 5:50 pm

Dr. Brown Answers Your Toughest Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network for the light a fire with your host scholar and cultural commentator Dr. Michael Brown your voice for more savvy and spiritual clarity 866-34-TRUTH to get on the line of fire and now there's your host Dr. Michael Brown walking to my times of the week. You've got questions, we've got answers. Michael Brown delighted to be with you.

This is the day when you can call in talk about any subject under the sun. Ask any question of any kind, as long as it relates in any way to any content we address here on the line of fire. Anything ever written, said by all means give us a call 866-34-TRUTH is 866-34-TRUTH 87884 by further due we go straight to the phones.

Let's start with Bella in Los Angeles, California.

Welcome to the line of fire doing very well thank you, regarding our body.

My question will notice that don't have market or get back. I wanted to know for criticality were traditionally for let's say their mother trying it out and bought an why don't I don't write so if you placed your question which will impact a secular Jew would get attached to this much is anybody else but a religious Jew who feels that these kinds of Torah or sacred enter commands from God.

Of course they would not get attached to Siegel you'll never see a devout practicing religious Jew with statues may be before they were practicing me as the race like that. They got tattoos but but as a religious Jew, of course you wouldn't see them with tattoos and it would it would seem very odd and inappropriate so because the Torah prohibits it. Even though the word used for tattoos only used here it it's some type of mark that you would cutting yourself in size in yourself. So tattoos. The closest thing that that we have two that knelt for a Christian just for some of that loves the Lord is reading the Bible. They might come to that you will hang on the previous verse, verse 27 says you shall not round off the side growth on your head or destroy the side growth on your beard set me that any man has to let the beard grow or or earlier in the chapter it says, for example, that you can't sold two different types of sea creoles or or you can't you can't wear a garment with mixed fabric so just answer this question couple days ago but it's fine to address it again so we understand as followers of Jesus. Looking back, that there were laws that God gave to Israel that were based on universal moral principles under which don't murder don't commit adultery. That's wrong for all people worldwide. That's why God told Israel. You can't do this. Other things like the food laws laws about wearing garment with with mixed fabric that was given not based on universal morality is nothing immoral, intrinsically about wearing a garment with with with mixed fabrics, but that was just a way of telling us what your separate your separate your separate people your holy people to the Lord inwardly and outwardly so for for traditional Jew to this day there interwoven together as one. But for follower of Jesus saying that was a command that could have been just a command for Israel to not do what the nations did now because it's there.

And because it's tied in with apparently pagan practices. I could not get a tattoo in good conscience took to me it would be a violation of my own convictions when when we had our our ministry school is just online now but for 22 years. We have our physical campuses. Then if you came as the students of the school we asked you not to get any tattoos while you were in the school just for our conscience, and so we didn't have to deal with what's in too much or whatever but we couldn't say God's telling you not to.

That was just like a dress code or curfew that was something that we established. So if the message itself is not intrinsically evil. Let's say someone wants to put a Bible verse or Bible reference attached to it or right in the back of their hand, does holy in Hebrew to remind them to be holy, that the message is obviously a good message as to whether they are defiling their bodies in doing that or simply remind themselves of something that's can be between them and God's will for sure.

Anything demonic ugly dark would be sinful for believer to put in their bodies for me any tattoo on my body would be a violation of conscience, but because this is the only verse that addresses it is right after you lamented about the beards and things like that. You could say this was given to Israel to keep them separate from the nations but is not necessarily a universal prohibition of all believers. Therefore, everyone has to work out between them and God and come to their conclusions, so hopefully that helps Bella yeah I've been there many time but not for bit, so hopefully we'll get back out there especially is this freedom to gather and more more people are doing that 866-34-TRUTH.

The only colleague of mine.

Former student with the Lord now but did a lot of ministry for years did a lot of ministry helping people that were were bound by by demons and really have strong ministry of deliverance.

He was utterly convinced that all tattoos were wrong and he said when you look into the origins of written styles of adhesive. It's all dark. It's all demonic. It's all wrong, so the person that did the deepest dive into that came to the conclusion but based on Scripture alone. I can't be that dogmatic right let's go over to Jonathan in Centralia, Washington. Welcome to the line of fire. Hi Dr. Brown can hear me okay yes very loudly and clearly all right cool site this question on a teaching that Steve Ault has that. I'm sure you're familiar with on when when there's a move of God in and in a particular denomination or in the church, God blesses that blessed the people who were working in that move more if they do not willingly leave that particular denomination like for example, God blessed Martin Luther and John Wesley, a but they did not leave the Catholic Church or the Anglican church, respectively. They they were kicked out right and so we got the Holiness movement in the 20th century and in the late 19th century.

Those of them that were that left the Methodist Church. They did not end up becoming Pentecostal but those who held out even though they were no longer welcome in the Methodist Church. They with them. They were eventually checked out.

They become Pentecostal. So God bless them more because they did not leave the denomination. So my question is if does that apply to me.

If I have a church that I'm a part of and I have a lot of issues with that church and I just am not sure that I want to bring new converts to that church and and different issues like that do that it does that apply to me that first. I do not believe that that was the intent to steeples taking Steve a colleague of mine for about 25 years and one of the key teachers in a ministry school for many many years. Those that want to take his amazing classes can still do it online fire school of fire school so let's step back and look at the larger issue. If people really love their the body that they're part of respect.

The leaders want to see positive change come within the system, but ultimately it cannot come so they are pushed out what what what may be behind the blessing that follows them is their attitude. In other words, they want to honor they wanted to help. They wanted to to build within their own heritage, but were not allowed to, so they weren't rebels by nature they were not trying to tear some structure down and do damage to it rather when they were unable to bring about change when the systemic corruption or sin or doctrinal error or strongholds. Those were two deep. They were then pushed out so part of the reason for for Steve Ault's argument here could simply be that the attitude of the heart right that that they weren't rebels that they went out to hurt that their goal was to build up, not tear down.

But when the system said no to them.

Now they were pushed out and then once there out. Then there was much more freedom to be who God: to be into what God called him to do so.

That's very different than just being a member of a congregation you are not there to change that local church of the way should be putting in leadership. You be the ones leading the way. Just like the child is not called to be the parents will. What if the parents make a mistake well that then does mean everything. The parents did do is is perfect. The same way with church leaders this mean everything church leaders do is write a perfect self. What if you're there and you have a lot of issues with what's being taught, and these are core values of the church Not like a runner journey were steadiness together, praying, looking for insight. Let's go on a journey together know if these are things they teach. They preach core values and you differ with them to the point that you would not want to bring a new believer there that by all means this not the right place for an you might meet with leaders one time and say hey I have got differences on ABCD E and I'm uncomfortable here or he's core values to are you these things really feel are important to teach and preach and that this is the direction of the church. If the suggested with respect to them. You don't want to be the dissident fighting you don't want to be the one that's always trying to push against them the right thing to do to honor them and to get nourishment for yourself and to find the place where you can effectively serve is to go among others that believe if you believe this way there's not contention. This way you're not frustrated every Sunday. This way the leaders don't have to wonder are you for us or against us.

So it's different when there is a battle for the direction of movement and are trying to help your church or denomination your heritage and then ultimately people say no to it, then you have to move on something be a member within the body.

I would strongly encourage and if you could not bring a new believer there and less cost. Want to tell you there are things that are in your own life that need to change right then I would definitely with all respect to the leaders honor them, bless them seek to be released with blessing. If not, just move on to another fellowship is where a place where you can serve with all your heart, we can bring new believers in the place we get built up, strengthened by all means the right, righteous, godly, submissive on anything to do this over to the church.

We can fight you reach down and be a blessing to the fellowship, thanks for the call and the question that the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown princess like Joy, five days a week serving reports from all side of the spiritual clarity. It's our goal to infuse you every day with faith and truth encourage helping you stand strong for the Lord. That's over here so take advantage of our presence use us. However we can so that we can be a blessing in your life, 866-34-TRUTH.

Let's go to Isaac and Westville, Oklahoma looking to light a fire, you will hear you are about your current working yet me up. Go ahead.

According to Galatians 5 yeah it so that if we are by the law or the law. Most of them were spending so if Titan technically have been because of the Mosaic law or do we do it by security like this required from right so what Galatians is dealing with is not saying you can't do anything that's written in the law of Moses. But if you say that in order to be saved. You have to be circumcised and obey the law of Moses in order to be saved, then your preaching the gospel and have departed from grace.

But that's is a separate question from does the New Testament mandate tithing. I do not believe the New Testament mandates tithing or requires it would for sure. The New Testament calls for systematic giving the new testament calls for generosity. The New Testament even calls for sacrificial giving and at the very least proportional giving which basically says a tithe is a great place to start.

So I do not believe that by law here.

For example, even though we are not under the law of Moses is a sin to commit adultery is a sin to steal it is a sin to bear false witness. We are violating God's standards and commandments by doing it is this sin, if we don't tithe what God's convicting us to them. We don't do it, then it would be a sin, but the New Testament does not command us to tide. However, it is a said it encourages regular giving proportional giving, generosity, sacrificial giving, so I strongly encourage tithing as a lifestyle because the New Testament also encourages us to seek God first and put him first so giving from the firstfruits and honoring the Lord is a great faith principle is a great reminder of what we have with you. We have belongs to God and tithing is mentioned in Genesis 14 and Genesis 28, which is before the law was given in and it's and in books like Proverbs you know the principal giving from the firstfruits and honoring the Lord their generosity. So I strongly encourage it is active faith as a way to support the local body so that we can then work together to care for the poor, the needy, to support missionaries to do other joint work and the churches that I know that that have people that ties regularly tend to have a great amount of health in terms of their able to do a lot to help others and minister to other needs in the community and it seems God pours back in. So is it a New Testament lot. No is an excellent biblical principle.

Yes okay also brother.

Thank you.

You are very very welcome. I appreciate 866-34-TRUTH 87884 and just want to alert you as a liquor, my strength got a couple of lines open great time to call.

I know you will sit at the end shall be Friday we alert you because often we have no lines open for the entire show.

So, great time to call. Now let us go to Isaiah in Ocala, Florida. You are now on the line of fire around. Hey I have a question though fluid. One said that doors of hell lock the inside, and based on guy likes a pretty good love.

This lot is up. Love you great knowledge and mercy all at I was wondering what you think about like your chance for salvation after death, particularly on and on Judgment Day where people who are not currently have a chance of salvation to the point where light, the only people who are not want to utterly reject God even for example, even people like agnostics are likely don't believe in God and not sure yet.

Not sure, but there they would resist God if they knew so like you can get a check for salvation after death, no, no I don't. I would love for there to be something like that.

Just in the natural you know is as a human being. I would love for there to be many chances or for teachings of universalism to be true that that eventually everybody get sandwiches, which is not what you're saying but I would love for it to be true.

I see nothing in Scripture about it.

Even what CS Lewis said if if your core that accurately is not to say that people have the ability to change once they are dampened, but rather that they are confirming their damnation.

That is, people who chose darkness.

They don't want to be in the light and there's there's nothing in their environment which can change them or enable them to pursue the life so everything I see in Scripture. This final judgment and that's it and is related. Hebrews 927, which is often quoted that it support as its appointed to men once to die, and after this the judgment, because often there are Luke 16 of the picture that's painted.

There is an immediate separation at the time of death. Jesus speaks about the future resurrection from the dead and some will be resurrected to everlasting life, echoing Daniel 12 to and some will be as it resurrected to everlasting damnation. For example, John five reiterates that on on the Judgment Day is laid out in Revelation chapter 20 verses 11 to 15 there's the final judgment and that's it. There's no redemption after that. So I trust God to be fair, I trust God to do what's right for every human being the proverbial question.

What about those who never heard or the only knowledge they had of Christianity was of a bad corrupt Christianity, etc. that's that's for God to deal with and to sort out into to act with justice. On the day but to have some hope maybe they'd hear the gospel clearly in this world we get another chance after I see no evidence in Scripture whatsoever about redemption after death.

Being a possibility. That's all the more reason that for those that we have access to and the ability to share the gospel with that we really take is a sacred responsibility right out out out on life. You know you I don't know. I don't know Now I just yet. We we have to look I say what helps me is how merciful is God's house and her own loss. How long-suffering, how compassionate, how how full of grace and then the full revelation of God is seen in the cross since the same God.

This can sit in judgment.

Therefore, II absolutely trust his perfect justice is perfect mercy on the day. Thank you for the call 866-348-7884 score Ralph in Richmond, Virginia. Welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Brown talk to question really come out with, believe that when you got kind of outwardly halfway you know it your heaven heaven or hell.

But I had be like immediately believing in your past labor than I have a question brought an extra couple times and it basically well doesn't that happen at the resurrection that you know after we die resurrection of the body that when judgment is so are you really asleep and I guess the Scripture that will quoted on that one. When my others were abandoned in Jesus is not medically like we asleep until the resurrection right or we immediately with God. I couldn't answer that intelligently more assurance.

It's a question that comes up a lot and in terms of our own experience.

Those who believe in what we call soul sleep that you die you open your eyes next year with the Lord right if you had surgery you go under and next thing you setting up talking to people and their telling how the surgery went so in terms of your experience you close your eyes and the next thing you know you're with Jesus right so in effect would be similar but Jesus telling the thief on the cross. Today you will be with me in paradise right in Luke's gospel the 23rd chapter pulsing in Philippians 1 about dying. I desire to depart and be with Jesus.

The fact you have those who been martyred in Revelation 6 and oh it's it's a book of imagery and and and and mystical symbol but there under the throne of God crying out how long before you avenge us.

The fact that you have Luke 16 immediate upon death. The separation the righteous from the wicked in a conscious way effective. Second Corinthians 5 Paul speak about being absent from the body is present with the Lord but will be really want is not just to be present with the Lord to close with our new bodies close so the ultimate hope is the resurrection, but my understanding of Scripture is the moment we die were immediately in the presence of the Lord, or separated from them and then on the final judgment, then those it says in Scripture that that hell will be cast to the lake of fire was of died separated from God will be cast into the lake of fire, and those of us who have been redeemed is righteous will live with him now forever and a resurrected bodies so as best as I understand Scripture. Yes the moment we die we go to be in the presence of the Lord. If we are believers look look back at some of the verses I mentioned and see if they bring further clarity to the okay will be right back. On the other side of the break but a reminder. Don't miss my updates don't miss my updates Center for email so you won't miss a single special announcement a single new video assuming article a single new resource information on coming to your area speak good* SK dear sign up today will be right back in the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by: 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown and delighted to be with you got questions we can answer is 8663 for 87884. It's go over to Jonathan in Wilmington, North Carolina looking to the line of fire.

Dr. Brown at a question out of Revelation 21 one of the colonies evidently were our seven First Circuit passed away.

She was no more now are there, to interpretation.

Here he is no more. If you look back to Isaiah 1712.

Woe to the multitude of the many people would make a noise like always of the rushing of nations that make the rushing like the rest of my order. In Revelation 17 of verse 15 after then he said to him, the waters that you saw with a horse getting our people sprouts nation languages in Revelation 13 that the Antichrist comes out of the so when it says the sea will be no more is it referring to, because know this happen after Christ comes back at the tribulation after the thousand year reign of Christ, right before thinking of 20 death and Hades are No like the fire with everyone whose name is not on the book of life. So is this referring to know more steeping no more people that are sort of in rebellion against God, striving against God or is it that there's no more speed because we won't need this day because as light-based organisms are water-based organisms will have God than a somewhat needed, by which the youth handling choice three will be no more so because the sea represents wickedness and chaos in the Bible that the Hebrew word for C John was a Canaanite deity. That's why creation, God causes the seas to come into one and into specific locations. It would become seas because otherwise things are out of control and a creation of the book of Job, God stops the proud waters of the sea can only go this far. That's why Jesus rebukes the storm at the cease of the sea represents the powers of chaos and darkness in in Scripture. Even in the ancient world. If you really wanted to chapter 22 outside the gates of the city. It speaks of the ungodly, so even though it's symbolic out. I don't believe their ungodly people. The wicked people immediately outside the gates, but it does speak of their ongoing existence. So this it doesn't mean that the wicked will be no more, but it means that the sea which symbolizes wickedness or chaos or rebellion all or uproar that will be no more, but you will have a river of life right see you still have water in the river of life. Even with trees with healing leaves that are spoken of in the last few chapters of Revelation, but the sea be no more is nothing speak about people, but literally there won't be sea because of what it represents in the Bible right so maybe like those people like Isaiah, I'm sure they were just a manifestation of the wickedness I get will expand as less it's like into that exactly the upright right quick negative off topic but they come up in conversation the other day when it that a woman shall be saved each outburst. What about me right.

It's a very controversial verse in in first Timothy to the second chapter and you could think all know where were all under this curse, you know, women, etc. the curse of Eve because Paul goes back to referencing Eve so there are several different interpretations.

One is that they will be kept safe through childbearing and in other words, even though a curse was pronounced on the viscose on Adam curse on the curse on a mistake even though there's a curse. Don't worry, God will keep you safe through childbearing that's that's one of the, the interpretations, which is given which is no it's not the most common, but the one I prefer another is that the bill be saved through childbearing that will somehow earn their salvation by having babies obviously can't mean that the other one that's popular is that there will be saved through the childbearing, namely through Jesus coming into the world as a child is the way that salvation will come, which seems a bit redundant, but it's it's widely accepted as well.

But to me the best understanding is that there be saved many Safety child troubles, remember how many women in the ancient world in a different parcel to the state will die in childbirth, and this is a promising don't get hung up on the fact that that your your matriarchy felon came under a curse to be kept safe. Hey, thanks for the questions and interest. I just asked Wayne our costliness here I'm looking my screen looks like the same question twice, but same chapter of the same questions.

Let's go over to Alex in Orlando, Florida.

Welcome to the line of fire by Dr. Bernard Horton about reveille 21 or was No wipe away every tear made her cry anymore. And crime that you might already were not required all or just being polite, we won't be crying over a mic and postmarketing work accords were like one of the door. I so like you every tear it's obvious that tears of joy I get wiped away right it's tears of sorrow and pain in the morning so those tears will not exist. We we will not mourn again forever and ever. We will not grieve the loss of a loved one again forever and ever.

We will not weep because the pain is so intense we can take it, will there be tears of joy could be there so they can be incredible rejoicing and and many times we've we've shed tears of joy, the joy is so exquisite, extraordinary in the amazement is such that I cried so tears themselves are not a bad thing right. But tears associated with death and mourning and pain all the tears of the of the Ukrainian people now over over family member slaughtered those tears for sure will not be there anymore. Tears of joy. Maybe could be that if that's part of the way our body functions.

Then, and it can be an expression of great joy and and amazement and wonder and love. I would think it's fine but the negative tears will never be again a all right thanks Jan I Alex I don't know that anyone ever asked me that question before, but thank you for appreciate. Thanks for all the questions today, 866-34-TRUTH.

Let's go to Sam in Jacksonville, Florida.

Welcome to the line of fire. Sure thing. So I I am a church still under show.

Still, it brought back so you you think big dog bed baptizing in the name. While obviously.

I and my simple question why fight back hard on you the name that the only actual we are giving a baptism in the New Testament right so first I know that Jesus is not the name of the father. I know that for fact Scripture.

Jesus is the name of the son and Jesus is not the name of the Holy Spirit. I know that explicitly through an abundance of Scripture. So it cannot mean baptized in the name of the father son and Holy Spirit. The name of the father-son Holy Spirit is Jesus.

I know that can't be. I also know that name can be used more broadly, as for example in Isaiah 9605 in Hebrew, and his name will be called and then it's probably right. So you brought the unsocial moments is lengthy, wonderful Counselor, mighty God father forever. Right. So name can be used in this extended way just same.

So that's perfectly fine.

So say the name of the father-son Holy Spirit yes so that's the formula that's the extended name, but which is done so that comes first at Jesus second when I get to ask. I find numerous different formulas in the Greek I find being baptized into Jesus, into the name of Jesus upon the name of Jesus. Why not just use the same formula the same way and in the answer. The answer is because they have different meanings. This being baptized into the body of Christ which Paul writes about.

First, with its 12 there is baptized upon the name of Jesus which probably means is the person he baptizes calling out to Jesus for salvation and then the earliest teaching that we have out outside of the New Testament the deals with this directly and in the deduct K explicitly talks about baptism and here's what you say in the name of the father son and Holy Spirit. So that's efficient for me.

I do not say that if you were baptized in the name of Jesus and therefore the refuse that you're not saved.

I know there's some that will say you must be baptized in the formula we not say.I would imagine it's not your position so that saying you're not saved by being baptized in the name of Jesus I am saying. It's a very serious error to teach that if you're baptizing them in the fathers of the spirit that you're not Savior the guy was not pleased with that.

I would strongly push back against it. Sure thing and I'll let you go so for the clarity about baptism obviously it the critical part of God's plan of salvation. Peter said to when when everyone out. What must we do to be saved. He gives a straight up right repented or spent the baptizing energy for the remission of your spin your stupid gift of the Holy Ghost, so do you think that baptism is about, or remission. Do you draw a clear line between those two things, meaning when Paul urges the Ephesian believers to be rebaptized into the name of Jesus because they were baptized at joint baptism which is up with a baptism of repentance. Do you draw a clear difference between repented and remission as it is laid out often what Peter said bought a look at all the expectations in the New Testament, including in acts 16 believe the Lord Jesus to be saved and then of the call to be baptized. Certainly without repentance, baptism is meaningless without faith baptism is meaningless.

But as Paul is told that he relates it later in acts 22 it is it is a washing away of sin and that's what it symbolizes. So when someone truly puts the trust of the Lord right they turn away from sin by God's grace saved me from my sin. Forgive me, have mercy on me, and they put their trust in him. Jesus save me from my sense of repentance and faith being two sides of the same coin. Now, be baptized.

So at that moment of truth turning to the Lord. That's the moment of justification in his sight, but that the ceiling of it. The public confessing of it.

The now identify with Jesus and his death for sin in his resurrection from the dead, so the goddesses arise.

It's all part of the same packet but baptism is the sign of our repentance and salvation is through the blood of Jesus water that in any case more talk about time short line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown) was break but just this very quick point. I do not believe in baptismal regeneration, meaning that baptism saves us, but I believe that baptism is an essential part of our salvation and is explicitly commanded is something that we go hand-in-hand with our profession of faith in the New Testament and it needs to be reemphasized in terms of its importance and closeness to our training from sin and putting her faith in Jesus. 866-34-TRUTH let's go to Kyle and Fort Collins, Colorado. Welcome to the line of fire Michael Brown, our doing very well thank you I have a quick question. I know through October though my family might've been the fulfillment of a log. But typically want my question first, typically wearing Leviticus 23 verse 11 but it ended Waive the first group on the day after that and my research like there was agreement even back then. Whether that meant the weekly data Sunday, the day after or the day after you called about the most out of Bernie thought the day after. And though I would. But you prove what you prepared on topic rights of the Hebrew can go either way the he was no different than English. There's no insight that you get from that because the Sabbath with in a festival. So if it's the first day of the festival of the last day whatever is is a Sabbath to the Lord. The same word that's going to be using terminology that she used so traditional Jews. To this day. Follow the. The pharisaic teaching which is that this was the Sabbath within the festival and therefore could be a different day of the week each year depending on when the festival was held the view that that most messianic Jews hold to that was held to by certain Jewish groups that differed with the pharisaical traditions is that it's talking about the Sabbath meaning the seventh day Sabbath and therefore it's always going to be on a Sunday and we know then.

And even in terms of that the Jesus we know he rate rises on a Sunday this writer that that's that's clues of the first day of the week early in the morning but of the argument would be that it's it's confirming this in Leviticus 23 and that's why twice. The first Corinthian's for 15 Paul refers to the Messiah as the firstfruits of them who rise from the data sold the most natural way to read in my view is that it is the seventh day Sabbath and therefore firstfruits will always be on the Sunday, the day after that. However, you can't be absolutely dogmatic about that.

I would conclude that I've read about natural way that I all different, Brenda lied about without you.

I did want to be dogmatic either way. But I what.

From your professional jerk that I really yeah sure thing to question and research behind it. By the way where I can be dogmatic.

I'm dogmatic know is if if said to me the Scriptures like the one on something and studied it and looked at it, unconvinced, then I'm dogmatic on the innocent hills of Zion. Then there are others where different interpretations it's hard to sort out. I lean in this direction and in the registry feel more strongly so I know we always like absolute certainty on all points.

But we don't always have absolute certainty in all points in terms of the information that we have which means that I don't have to have absolute certainty on every one of those points in order to live how God wants me to live in please him alright let's go to Joseph and Cucamonga, California. Welcome to the line of fire.

Are you doing Very well thank you I watched your debate unity was on the Isaiah thing about the rabbit run out a lot when you had a real long with a guy from England, but I was doing some searching myself. I came up with the verses in Matthew chapter 13 we talk about the parable of the net on the patient and then stepping up into battle and from the good ones they talk about the week, the tears and separating them, and also if you go to Matthew what was a 24 I get. We talked about an illegal dump. Rather, why would you have to do that to you and conflict improvement affected. There is no rapture.

You will yeah so so Matthew 13 that's that's a passage it's interesting and I think I mentioned it briefly when I was on Isaiah show is all set up as a silver so that it it says there that the first novel remove the wicked Hill removes that the tariffs the weeds right right right and they'll be cast into two fire.

The fire and then the righteous will rejoice. That's one thing also. Matthew 24. It says after the tribulation of those days. That's when they see the sign of the Son of Man coming so those who believe the preacher Brad Trussell. None of that's the second coming as opposed to the rapture this very same language that used about the rapture that he comes that there's a gathering of his people give for example, second Thessalonians to one employee system is very same words, the coming of the Lord right are being gathered together to him and then he explicitly puts that coming in the chapter after the revelation of the Antichrist when Jesus comes to destroy the wicked something is useful. Joseph is to just read through Matthew 20 4C is missed talking to believers the whole way through. Is that where does it shift to different groups of people lose Vista Jewish disciples versus the believers. It could be believers at different times in the first century. In the final century but you don't have a group of ones take it out the other slit now inspected so the group service work like that. So yes I do believe that that rightly understanding these verses in context also does argue against the pretrip rapture. Hey thank you sir for the call appreciate it types got a little time left. Let's go to Angela in Alexandria, Virginia. Welcome to the line of fire background. Thank you for taking my call. My joy question all along with an earlier collar and no able to blame that death over lever where they go and do it according King Saul and first Samuel 20 with that, you know, the dominant median and an indoor and grown-up dad know insight. What is that going on there that know what where when Samuel and me being an paradigm. There are okay and you might know I found more on so it's it's really debated passage. For good reason, right. I believe it actually was the spirit of Samuel. One was said because the witch was shocked to see it and she didn't think she could really do something like this and was absolutely shocked to see all know that's that's that's the spirit of Samuel so I believe it was him.

Others say no it was just the deception was a demonic deception which is possible but I think it was really him since first thing second thing. Where was he what was he just sleeping in the grave, waiting for the final resurrection and he was disturbed from his sleep could be, but only miss it, saying that you could say and and many of argue this that before Jesus died on the cross and rose from the dead, that the righteous rent went up like a holding place you die in your you know Abraham's bosom that picture from Luke 16 the kind of the holding place waiting for Jesus to come when he dies and rises from the dead.

He then brings the righteous with him to heaven which is now opened through his blood always would argue that others would say immediately upon death.

Old Testament believers went to the heavenly presence of God and and and single spirit just was sent back for this moment we don't want to read too much into it because it's such an unusual account and certainly not the norm but to me I I do believe it was Samuel and it does indicate that the spirit lives on after the body. And that's that's why the witch was so shocked.

We just want to read too much into the passage because it's an unusual passage and it's possible that the whole thing was a demonic deception, as she shocked. Maybe she'd look like Samuel but just like a sance that your voice is speaking and things like that. It's a satanic deception, but personally I think it was really Samuel okay I alright you are very welcome, hey friends, I wish I had time to get to every call but remember, if you're able. The earlier in the show that you call the better chance I have of getting through, no, not everybody is able but if you are that's the best jockeys I've finally got it. Chances open line. I called in. Also remember that we do our best weekly to have a YouTube Q&A chat which we announce of your subscriber on YouTube on our YouTube channel. It's cascade your brown the Susan videos posted or any tell me go live you'll get it.

You'll get a notice of you not subscriber their score over the YouTube SK DR Brown type that in get to the channel hit the subscribe button. Isabel saying that they'll button this way whenever we put on a new video wherever I go live, you'll be notified about it in this way you won't miss anything like friends. Let me encourage you.

We are in a battle. There really are demons.

We live in a wicked world and we got the splash to deal with. But Jesus is Lord and in him we overcome, and in him anything that comes against you for evil as you honor the Lord and love the Lord God turn that for your good to become more and more like his son, be strong. Be encouraged. Jesus is Lord.

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