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Confronting Our Religious and Moral Hypocrisy

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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April 26, 2022 5:10 pm

Confronting Our Religious and Moral Hypocrisy

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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April 26, 2022 5:10 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 04/26/22.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network notes a whole lot easier to judge others than to judge ourselves for the light a fire with your host Google scholar and cultural commentator Dr. Michael Brown your voice for more savvy and spiritual clarity, 866-34-TRUTHs to get on the line of fire and now there's your host Dr. Michael Brown that if we lived in the days of slavery in America that we would have stood against it, speak in particular to white Christians that we would have stood against it cost us something rather than go along with that horrible practice. We so sure that if we lived in the days of Nazi Germany that we would follow in the path of a Dietrich Bonhoeffer for rescue Jews like Corrie 10 boom are we sure we would've done that is very easy to condemn the actions or the interactions of past generations is a lot harder for us to judge ourselves. But we will be honest when you put some things on the table really get everybody thinking on the line of fire Michael Brown welcome welcome to the broadcast. We are here friends to infusion with faith and truth encouraged to help you stand strong in the Lord your somebody call 866-348-7884.

That's 866-34-TRUTH for truth. If you walk away and on the topics that were discussed exhibits about our response to the war in Ukraine will talk about responses to something on a much less emotional level.

The buying of Twitter by Elon musk and free speech issues that you can compare that to the suffering Ukraine right now. But these are controversial things will talk about and some other issues to check our our own righteousness, our own integrity before the Lord, but if you want to weigh in on any other subject, or ask me a question about any of the subject little later in the broadcast of take some calls on random subjects as well. So that's good time to call. This will be able to get your call little bit later in the show, 866-34-TRUTH here is what Paul wrote in Romans two, he's just gone through Romans. The first chapter is shown how the human race has rejected God shown the prevalent sin and idolatry, immorality, injustice, and in terms of who we are as human beings in the state of the human race. And then he continues as a chapter break in the grease was the next verse says this Romans to one use. Therefore have no excuse, you who pass judgment on someone else for whatever point you judge another, you are condemning yourself because you pass judgment. Do the same things. All I can never do that. When did the return around you.

Something else is wrong or I would never say that in week turnaround speaking and someone else why would I would ever be associate with this and they were associated with something very simple. It's amazing how self-righteous we can be. It's amazing how hypocritical we can be as as human beings have you done this. You're driving your car right and someone cut you off. I mean bad move. They obviously weren't looking. Before the change lanes they cut you off and you want them to know they cut you off. In fact you think if you really remind them. Clearly they cut you off next on the more careful. Just tapped the horn you lay on the list to make sure buddy does bad move. You could gotten yourself killed. You got me killed big on someone else killed careful sure to check and check blind spots and we were quite righteous doing that our little annoyed, but they need to know and then it happens to us the next day except reverse that were the ones that thought we checked but didn't check lanes in and switched and didn't see the car that we almost smashed into in the side and they lay on their home like was when you read you throw your hands up you're angry it's over there happen 20, sorry, sorry Catherine person will have a some of us were sure it happened to me for sure that my reaction was righteous. My reaction was right in controlled and good sending a message body. Be careful but when I was will say is as mistake before that. To be honest, if I do it somewhat and arose all know when somebody is laying I Mutely Way, Mahalik, sorry, sorry.

You know, and then if they pull up next Mrs. so sorry it was apparent that you not do my best to eat it but the first reaction was naval. We were so righteous we slender. I remember was walking through the airport. One day, and and some some gal on though she was how she was dressed or just attractive whatever just walks over my vision, but really paid no attention to it, but writer of a cross for me, the goddess walking towards me.

I see him look her up and down this I see as his eyes go up and down each extra and immediately thought what you like and animal mammoths with animal Estes gross what you just did, will have I overlooked a well-known of God.

He knows I mean that and it's his temper.

Glenn and I looked away immediately and I also it's the other guys and animal but medias will know I didn't. It's momentary thing, and God Osama Horton.

It's also we have our excuses. So I'm saying is this weekend the truck when brownie points here is that how you gain more listeners to your broadcast. This is just me being truthful. It's very easy for us to be hypocrites. The old line just talking about producers right before the show that point the one finger at somebody three fingers are pointing back at you. Which means we gotta do a lot of self-examination means that we we've got to be honest with ourselves before God we humble ourselves. We received constructive criticism. We seek to grow, we will just assume one side of an argument really try to take things in and analyze and ask deep probing questions that the judgments that we come to John 724 are not based on superficial appearance, but on righteousness based on righteousness now Jesus says this in Matthew 20 through chapter and in the event talk very directly about Russian Ukraine. They get to some race issues significant push some buttons. Hey, before I do that if you watch a YouTube do two things. If you can click on the thumbs up button. This will just help this be distributed to more viewers right now. Click on the thumbs up button and interest of the comments this way and I've been checking to see where you're watching from around the world and on Facebook.

Just put a note where you're watching from around the world and then click on share. This will share the video on your feet as well. And then if you don't want to stay there. Just when the shows over going to leave it, but this just enables us to reach more people and Facebook and YouTube will see that say let's push it out to reach more people were here to reach people here to make a difference here to be a voice from Yosemite and spiritual clarity so this way we do it together. A spring pickle button but no comment in your helping us in your helping us help others.

This was all about.

Okay, look at what Jesus says in Matthew 23 he speaking to the hypocritical religious leaders. Did they think they were hypocritical that they wear a badge saying I am a hypocrite was written on their forehead. Hypocritical leader. I remember meeting old-growth ex-rabbi in Brooklyn in August 1973 I was with a rabbi who was a conservative rabbi, so not nearly as religious observance is this rebel and the of one rabbi my friend that that brought me there comes up to the ultra-Orthodox rabbi and in Brooklyn, Crown Heights, Brooklyn, and since like how you doing this. Thank God. Thank God and I was surprised was 18 years old.

I was surprised why because I thought ways religious Jew is a strong Jewish tradition is discounted by rote guide.

The stereo typical mindset, not having grown up in religious Jewish community and I almost started to say you know for someone just following the Jewish tradition and modern hypocrisy. I'm doing okay I'm in.

I would never think someone would say that that was always my mindset and he responded with a very sincere thank God. And boy, this guy was devoted as anyone is a Manhattan truly want to honor God and please God and not just those people at church talk like that.

Praise the Lord.

Praise the Lord, thank God. Thank God. So you think these leaders knew they were hypocrites.

So what is the issue say the more you teachers of the law and Pharisees were hypocrites you build tombs for the prophets and decorate the graves of the righteous. You say if we in the days of our ancestors, we would not have taken part with them shedding the blood of the prophets to testify against yourselves that you are the descendents of those who murdered the prophets, go ahead.

Then, in complete which are ancestors started not long after that some of them are complicit in the size that overweight live by going to kill the prophets and then the lightning killed on the prophets spoke about quite so I I found an article from 2013 on the website. The relation magazine publication goes back to Civil War times if one sin is the oldest ongoing American publication and is very much quote progressive left-leaning so this is from nation the a 2013 article and starts with these words. In early 1943 at the height of the Holocaust, a prominent journalist denounced Franklin Roosevelt's response to the Nazi genocide in harsh terms quote you I and the president and the Congress and the State Department or accessories to the crime and share Hitler's guilt she wrote, if we had delete behave like humane and generous people instead of complacent cowardly ones. The 2 million Jews living sit lying today in the earth of Poland and Hitler's other crowded graveyards would be alive and safe. We had in our power to rescue the student people and we did not lift a hand to do it. Or perhaps it would be fair to say that we lifted just one cautious hand encased in a tight fitting glove of quotas and visas, and affidavits in a thick layer of present prejudice and the one who wrote this article was a staunch Roosevelt supporter. The article continues, the nation spoke out early and vociferously for US action to rescue Europe's Jews after the 1938 Kristallnacht pogrom occult permission to the United States of at least 15,000 Germans German Jewish refugee children still just handful the administration declined to endorse the proposal. The Roosevelt administration's refugee policy quote is one which must sicken any person of ordinarily humane instinct as if we were to examine laboriously the curriculum vitae of flood victims clinging to a piece of floating wreckage and folly to decide the matter with their virtues. All but a few better be allowed to drown so this is to say that there were many who said that FDR, the American administration knew a whole lot about the suffering of the Jewish people in Germany and in Europe and did not do anything substantial to allow Jewish people to leave or help them leave or get into America.

We sit back with a horrible while always doing the same. Now with Russian Ukraine.

So it's not on the level of the Holocaust, but always watching with our allies are smart phones and TVs genocide, attempted genocide and war crimes only watching those and when you get involved in this is easy to make excuses back to the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown got on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown joyous friends on the line of fire. Do you believe right now this is weeks and weeks into the war in Ukraine. We are being told by our government that rushes committing war crimes that Russia is trying to commit genocide. Should we be doing more.

Eight 663-4784. We talked a lot about the situation.

Ukraine, especially early on we continue to pray, we we've got coworkers. There is some sort of going to Poland now to flee for safety with width of those administering to an helping, but we get the on the ground report since it's just brutal and it's it's horrible to see and it's unimaginable to think of going through that when we live in and the piece which we live here in America and this past Sunday, after speaking a couple times that the Church Road was near St. Louis went over to the pastor's house for meal before throughout and one of the young ladies. There was so boring. Ukraine live there. The first five years were lifers family in Ukraine and we were just talking about well if we do more if we get more involved right with with prudent seeming to be so either irrational or very very rational in terms of dead set on accomplishing his goals to measure what it costs. Maybe having some type of Savior I dear complex Ms. this is a lot of speculation. We God knows exactly within his heart, but if we got more involved if we we we brought no complaints.

Start bombing Russian site sword taking down their their bombers or if we massively increase the work we are begin to bring the troops in our NATO brought troops in an and ended this quickly and push the Russians out quickly what would it lead to a nuclear holocaust would lead to a massive nuclear war and the loss of that is millions, but maybe tens of millions of us. And isn't it better to be patient and and let thousands die than provoke something and let multiplied millions died or causes that the multiplied millions and was that cowardice or is it pragmatism and goes back and forth. The debate goes back and forth but that's the point that we do right in the thick of this and this is not just a theoretical debate from a people's lives. But when you're right in the thick of this is not as easy to sort out is when you look back years later and and and you make decisions. Years later, and pass judgment. Years later so we can look back and say the American government should've gotten involved earlier in World War II. Obviously, with the publication of Pearl Harbor that's that's really almost Japan but in terms of the situation in Russia and and not bombing certain tracks with with railcars and things like that or just destroying an extermination camp so they can exterminate more people disable some of them a die will many many many many more are going to die less that's done that people look back in and why this happened and why the inaction, etc. limit the mistress of the us out to him, raising questions friends big because it just strikes me today some test answers a just offer moment.

Watch this and on another note, she just asked me what this reporter that was happening in Shanghai with covert cracked on their thesis my mind about me. People literally prisoners in their own homes or their own apartments. Many apartments are just little prisoners in their force by the government with its display while deceived no surprise though trying to be in China. You wonder they don't do little more about the virus than we do in terms of the way they're trying to fight it only meant a good way. The way to verify that I mean the more involved in its origins with knowledge. In any case, it is just just see with your eyes. The surfing is going on and knowing there was more help for American NATO that Ukraine would be able to to push back Russia and defeat Russia. In terms of this war that over will defeat the nation. The terms of the war think will how do we just like what what I know the arguments pro and con. I know the back-and-forth but friends it's easier said than done. In terms of knowing exactly what the right thing to do is in a given situation. So back to this in this article in in the nation. The article is directed a lot against Prof. Lawrence McCrimmon, who had written about FDR and the Jews and was much more sympathetic and the article was attacking his viewpoint and and here's what he says that this will read this from the date the gave him the courtesy of a response and he says this these ready in 2013's member. This is when when Assad in Syria is is unleashing atrocities against his own people in the mitzvah became Civil War and he said this at a time when our country's leaders in many of its citizens are agonizing over how to respond to the use of chemical weapons in Syria. We might all agree that figuring out the best way to start mass murder overseas has never been an easy task. Read that again in a time when our country's leaders, many of its citizens are agonizing over how to respond to the use of chemical weapons in Syria. We might all agree that freaking out the best way to stop mass murder overseas has never been an easy task. Point being, it's easier to judge past generations than to judge our own generation. It's easier to judge others than to judge ourselves.

Have you ever looked at a picture of yourself afterward. Someone made a comment… You all look at the picture we watched the video and someone said I remember playing drums with this gospel band late 70s early 80s we were traveling in the near where we could drive in our general area and you concerts in a car preach a message that meets the concert and in those days was right before God had really renewed me spiritually and are great. Focus was a pro-life, which is a good focus and sponsoring refugees, which was noted focus and and I would really bring a strong message or a calling on us to do good works, and calling on us to help the poor and the needy and to stand with the unborn. So it's was good word. It did not include a call really connected fresh with God thereby be empowered by him to do these things in life changing way or more life-changing way. But in any case, the bandleader told me that I needed to tone down my drum play and that it had to be much more modest and fit within a grid number of play with a rock and before I was saved and we all just jam in your electric showing off your musicianship and stuff and I told my I really don't do that at all that I plan aware that this fits in with the band and he civil just listen to some of the tapes I went back and listen.

I was completely embarrassed is that I can't believe that I was so sure I wasn't doing what he said but he's absolutely right. That's exactly what I was doing.

I need to display the way that the whole goal is to enhance the sound of the band that you try to show off some skills. It's a lot easier to judge others to judge yourself so how you remedied.

One thing is to go before the Lord, and humble yourself a regular basis, get low before him, say, God give me an open heart. Give me an open mind shine the light of your spirit into my heart and mind. Show me Lord right where virtual me Lord were the things that are displeasing to show me where there's pride or self-righteousness were double standards may not be the most exciting teaching that I'm giving you it's it's not like seven secrets to super prosperity right were three ways to get an immediate prophetic word all the people love those but unstudied transference. Another thing is are you open to receive constructive criticism. This criticism he just tears down attacks and so on, or are you open to receive constructive criticism. My my dear faithful bride Nancy over 46 years. We joke about it as recently as a few days ago that she is exactly the person I need in my life. To this day. She's been incredible because of course we love each other we have fun with each other were the best, deepest, deepest, deepest, best friends, and on and on but in point of fact I needed someone with an absolute immovable backbone of still more movable than mine.

Someone that has the supernatural ability to just see what's right what's wrong. Or to see where the trains going to get off the track. I mean it's uncanny scarily so, and to just go Cignarole. I remember I was writing a book in our thoughts can be a great opening to the book and I sent her the opening chapter is a short opening chapter, and she sent it back to me and written and big letters across the top.

Total fail at A surface had total fail but I said hi. I really felt inspires is not start the book. Maybe somewhere else, but that the thoughts to step back thoughts are okay, got it. Got IC start this way and it worked just fine but by the way, my point is not sale. Look at how good I am looking how godly I am. I am sure I have blind spots. I am sure there are things right will need someone speaking to my life until the day I stand before the Lord, but it's meaningful to me that the others who are my elders and the Lord has told me they've never met anyone more teachable. That's meaningful. I know that I can be stubborn.

I know that I can be opinionated.

I know that I can be dogmatic. I know that I blind spots that I don't know about for sure, but my hope is I love to get low.

My hope is when I recognize criticism as being constructive that I do my best to hear it because I'm aware because in the in the nearest Christmas. The early Lord. I was so incredibly dogmatic and had to be right on every last point. Whatever it was it God knows how to strip you. God knows how to humble you got others how to get you walking with a limp. We come back. Things are getting a bit more controversial as we plunge into some issues about blind spots comes to race and can racism go in multiple directions). If the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us on the life I remember the words of Paul will be pass judgment on someone else.

We condemn ourselves because we are guilty of the same things.

Have you ever heard someone preaching passionately and harshly and condemning others, only to find out they were living in secret sin 866-34-TRUTH 7884 so I will continue on the subject of double standards of judging someone else harshly and giving ourselves a pass of Shawn King who is DLM activist came into prominence after the coming of my namesake Michael Brown Ferguson Missouri in 2014.

He said this about Elon musk purchasing Twitter. He said at its root, Elon musk wanted to purchase Twitter is not about left versus right it's about white power. He said this, the man was raised in apartheid by white nationalist he's upset the Twitter won't allow white nationalist target harass people. That's his definition of free speech. For me this is not left versus right not all it's about how the richest men in the world. The sum of apartheid raised by white nationalist wants to be sure his speech to that of other white man is insensitive as garbage needs to be called out. That would be the first time that Shawn King Prato come to know God's mercy and truth in repentance and redemption is not the first time that he said radical things like that.

And by the way, I when I'm done talking.

I may get people set on all sides but this is my goal.

My goal is to be truthful and to provoke us to think through some things okay that is a racist statement it's accusing Elon musk being racist. There's nothing I'm aware of his history here in America. In his running of his businesses in his interpersonal relationships where he's been accused of being racist. I'm not aware of the order or truthfully accused verifiably acute. Anybody can be accused of anything right and the idea this about white power for this is this is in order to give white supremacists a platform. It is a racist statement is completely ignoring everything is laid up to two this is completely ignoring Twitter's censorship. It's completely ignoring Twitter's double standards space to say all the double standards are good for us because they're keeping you down.

Don't dear level playing field does a level playing field. We had to make and become a racist, we want from the left we get to make every hateful, we want from the left, we had to make every derogatory, we want from left we get to belittle whatever people group and one from left but absolutely you don't dare say what you want to say you don't have that freedom. We have freedom of speech is old saying goes free speech.

In this case, all promising free speech for me not for the that's what works college campuses all over the double standard is massively glaring and and in many, many institutions in America, globally me take the time to read my book the silencing of the lambs take the time to read it. It will be incredibly eye opening for you and you will see documentation. Check a fact checker with through every single citation in my book that was their job carefully vetted, you will be shocked by the level of double double standards gives it all about racism can only be practiced by the oppressor class that if you are among the oppressed camp. Your racist will that is a new definition that is a changing of the definition to basically allow for hatred and prejudice to go unchecked and unchallenged. I don't accept that if this just to some people use it like that among seven why can't be racist because I'm in an oppressed minority. Though anyone can be a racist. They meet the million against one and that one can be racist like it can go either way. So I I see this this is blatant racism. This is blatant double standard. It's it's in on verified undocumented ugly accusation against Elon musk was is this anything in him that makes him a white nationalist today and it could well be that the last thing in his mind is, is to let haters white nationalist white supremacist haters, bigots have a platform but here here's my simple philosophy in terms of what should be free. It's got to be equal, but if you want to say up front we are biased we are bigoted we only allow free speech on the side. While this gives real platform. If you want to say we are an equal platform and and here's what we been either. Make sure you ban it equally on all sides or my view is if it's legal. If you could do it on a street corner and its legal right, then you should be able to do it when these platforms if you cross a line that would be illegal hate speech or illegal hate provocation. Benish and Beulah look just like that people call in or redo a chat and people post I will like some of the comments but if they don't cross lines.

They get approved. Sometimes I just want to see what comments came in over the course of the day was a controversial subject and have a few minutes, some just want to see all of this review and sincerely because most of my Visit. So much comes in on social media, but a look at it and maybe a few of them are linked it to websites so they get held up automatically know it's the way it works in our YouTube channel. If you post a link with the website and get held up until it's approved. That's just the way it is and that's good because a lot of them are trashy and things that we just we we bought, but there will be some comment categorically differing with me in the strongest of terms, and its every line of it. Every line of it is wrong. Every single line is wrong, but they did violate the rules. I personally permit one because that's was there. Go ahead and disagree with me all the time.

This happens when I have time to look at these by reproving things that I completely different with and that that are easily refuted by if they didn't violate our guidelines. No false attacks or personal attacks and things like that use profanity. It gets posted. Now, now here's the point is very easy for me to sit here and see this is a racist comment three easy for for me to look at a white supremacists and see their races. However, do I know do I know for sure that if I lived in the 1850s in Mississippi. How will I know that I would've a postlude what if I was raised in a Christian home and that's how we were taught to read the Bible and I got to know some of the slaves we had personal relationships in was friendly with them and was a kid play with their kids and this is the system and do I know that I would've been on the right side of the can I say for sure.

Can any of us say how we would have acted with the test is how we act today. If someone shows me a blind spot today.

If I become aware some here just as an example in recent years, Southern Baptist leadership has renounced its past has publicly apologize for its racist origins and things like this so for those who aren't aware some Baptist convention, which was the largest largest Protestant denomination in America. Southern Baptist began is a break away from northern Baptist because they wanted to keep slaves in the four founders of loose four founders of the Southern Baptist theological seminary role slaveholders who justified a slave ownership in the 1800s. So I didn't know that until probably just a few years ago and of course another Southern Baptist. Maybe I would've notified them in the midst of it, but I brought that up two groups of Christians. They didn't even know it.

To this day many many black Christian Americans knew the history very well and knew about. That's an eye-opener is and that he could go on so long without a real clear public statement about the sins of the past.

So there a lot of things that are eye-opener's and the more I learn the more eye-opening it is good happen. This could be for all of us but it was easy to spot the racism over there.

Dry spotted over here is it's it's easy this fits us to spot the anti-Semitism over there you spot it. There these are further questions to ask friends and my reason for putting us on the table has to do with as we watch one Ukraine and and we don't do more is our position morally justifiable or one that will be condemned by future generations. I'm asking questions to help us go deeper. I'm asking questions to provoke thought not to get people angry. Not not to try to stir up controversy because get more attention. Friends of that was my goal would be do the work of ministry, but II fell in prayer.

Look at the show when writing about this. We got a probe deeper we go think about these things right. Let's go over to Claudius in Raleigh, North Carolina. Thanks.

Recall in the line of fire.

Hello this or not, you made walking from up boat. If the failure or book multiplied restaurant vertical with all… Regards go to Bible… Regarding limited Bible you got that my law alters your about to get in here… I'm everything that you stop all spiritual… But I think walking. There were some fine barbecue on why.whatever the don't want to get Bob on the wall beyond I'm talking about that number. I don't think that would include the nurse on the yeah you say this though if if we not sending ammunition and were not helping Ukraine and Russia just completely overrun and I do believe that the prison Zielinski has been trying to negotiate for some time, but finds walls of opposition terms of Russian demands a risking way in.

Thank you sir for William will come back to explore your comments and calls 866-34-TRUTH the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by: 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown welcome welcome to the line of fire. Just heard that add my voice talking about my friend personal doctor and our ministry partner Dr. Mark Spangler heard that good a vitamin If you didn't hear it go to vitamin great health supplements. The blessings usually bring to me.

Special discount for those of you that are listening and watching and with every order. Dr. Stanger turns around and gives donations for ministry which helps us then reach more people with a life-changing message all right after the phones, 866-34-TRUTH.

Let's go to Andrew in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

Welcome to the line of fire over the wall. Thank you, are right. Good I think one of the you know people can be. Thank God I'm not like the bulk yeah that's right it's right what right with your comment about bringing about 25 I fell the giver.

But I would like you, I really got coming but we got you can how bonded and even how you how you can Call when sometimes you know, yeah, very good. I really appreciate that very much and I just wanted to speak to the sensitive part of were all wired differently right and I'm I'm called to be on the frontlines way that the notice may not be called know if if my main calling was to be holding the hands of dying people and and ministering to the families as they wept, has to be wired differently if that was my my main calling so I have friends that that are also the frontlines with their very sensitive to criticism to its it's more difficult for them to do what they do in their team shields them so they don't know about a lot of the attack. My team will will tell me about the attack to encourage me that were making a difference in that that people are pushing back but as human beings. Generally speaking, none of us like rejection and generally speaking, we don't like to be told what's wrong about us two key things one is if we are sued sure in the love of the father. That's the biggest foundation. John 13 Jesus washes his disciples feet was immediately before the three does what a slave would do household slave was similarly before that that knowing that the father given all all power authority to him and that he had come from God and was returning to God.

He then humbled himself and wash their feet so when when you know that you know that your love by the father that his hand is on your life lesson. You don't listen for all of us. It it brings a certain strength and if you have this deep sense of God is with me. God is for me God is with me.

God is for me and and and that they colors and strengthens everything you do.

It's much easier to to be hated to be misunderstood, rejected because you know you're accepted by God. The other thing is if if I realize if I realize that the criticism is going to make me better was to help me help more people. I know this a calling on my life to impact many millions of people and and I know there life-and-death issues that come with the ministry of the gospel. So if what someone says is unpleasant if it's delivered in an unpleasant way.

If it's if it's spoken in an insulting way that there is truth in it that will help me help more people then I'm in. Then count me in. It may take a little while to process those my first reaction gets things your raw manner, but then step back and think about and driver. I remember I remember when I was out preaching goal. This would be in the mid 1980s, and I spoke at a church in upstate New York had a book table that I may have had my first book out and some cassette tape series may be just the tape series, I spoke at this church and someone gave gave me a letter. Whoever's help with the book table game a letter to give to me. I came home and I told Nancy I got this letter.

This conflict pays crazy faithful.

I hate this crazy. So was it say so I told her to simply send true stress on the guys like in the case was a little he's clearly crazy. This is way out there but you think there's any truth to the criticism that was one of the earliest times are. Remember, of the Nancy Brown approachable. Maybe there's something something we can learn from this and and it it it it just helps the okay if this can ultimately help me let's have a baseball pitcher right and I'm not doing well and getting attacked attacked attacked the people's anatomy studies and fractionally was three years ago. I need to go back and look at those videos like the sums wrong miracle back of those videos I do better and I do better than this person if they hate me, that help me. So even if you slap in the face.

In that sense with criticism if the criticism is truthful, I can learn from it than you may have meant to hurt me, but you actually help me. Thank you for calling in all, let's go over to Laura in Texas are on the line of fire. I hey there okay I will. Let's just be sure. Are you in Texas and is your name Laura here all right. They'd I'm talking you go for. Thank you. Okay there in about I haven't heard much or anything really early Christian radio station in regard to the conflict of interest with accordingly. Crane is looking for and Wiley have an address that so many things going on right there witness. That are talking about how the Ukrainian Army are killing their they not been for any Crane. We talked about all that they do not see force okay have to understand neo-Nazis they are. They lost the political power they had. They went to a fraction of the vobis he got voted out okay.

There has been a unit that has been aggressively fighting against the Russians, which is now under the Ukrainian Army is supposed to be rolled deep it be pretty much like if if your city was being invaded and and you you had some some white racists that had been the head of the militia and now they just save your family and 50 of the families in the neighborhood and half their people died on the front line fighting okay. I don't like the fact that the white racist but right now they're fighting a really bad enemy were being invaded by Muslim extremists from Mexico.

You know they just fought them off so that's what's happening it's it's it is it it can be exaggerated. The Enbrel claiming that there witness everyone that I know on the ground and and and I will find Christians in Ukraine would say Ukrainian Army is not coming its own citizens. Those are false reports and and that you got a real event things very carefully were our actual credit critic are Ukrainian Army going down people. People don't like they were acting like the crack and then there's part company. Several car companies actually work out Ukraine and then they got the financial ties that bind in and Congress is in it is not a simple matter of Russia illegally invaded Ukraine and is murdering citizens.

This is that the issue II could push back on each of those points but I want to get into a debate about it a lot more when working on here.

Sexual video music video or heaters will convert the Bechtel okay arteritis also turn right know what causes me no concern whatsoever sit here and here's the here's the deal. Okay, the guy is unsafe. He's not a believer is a claim to be a religious man or moment and in terms of Christian morals are that he sees pro-abortion right pro-same-sex marriage is liberal and in that respect before it.

He was elected he was a profane comedian and he does this one video and the other wearing stilettos and things like this I like some perverse sexual things and idiotic idiotic embarrassing video that's really I was and then he ends up being elected. I look at the vast majority of people in politics is pretty corrupt and pretty morally compromised. Insolence is no different. But he has been a courageous leader, a fearless leader and my Christian friends living in Ukraine. Been there 18 years. One of them married to Ukrainian pastor told me that Zelinski still a lot to clean up corruption so with every nation. Look at all the evil America does.

We leave the world, and in many sinful categories yet that doesn't give permission to a neighboring nation to attack us illegally and start slaughtering our citizens. So that's what I would borrow things out really appreciate you calling in Whaley's concerns were. Remember, it's not a matter of unrighteous Russia attacking righteous Ukraine. It's a matter of two fallen nations in the midst of a fallen world and one of those nations is committing war crimes against the other SOI boilers that maybe that would be helpful to hey thank you for the call to tell me get you special guess you don't want to miss tomorrow another program powered by the Truth Network

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