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Does Galatians 6:16 Teach that the Church Is Israel?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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April 21, 2022 6:45 pm

Does Galatians 6:16 Teach that the Church Is Israel?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network exclusion 616 actually teach that the church is the Israel of God's time for the light a fire with your host Google scholar and cultural commentator Dr. Michael Brown your voice for more savvy and spiritual clarity 866-34-TRUTH to get him a lot of wire and now there's your host Dr. Michael Brown delighted to be with you as a Jewish follower of Jesus Yeshua the Messiah making them known my people Israel and to the whole world. Thanks for joining us. Here's a recall any Jewish related question of any kind. I especially invite those who differ with me, fellow Jews who believe I'm wrong in proclaiming Jesus Yeshua as our Messiah, but anyone can call a background any Jewish related questions or could be about the Hebrew language could be about the Hebrew Bible could be about messianic prophecy about Israel today, you name it. Closest usually 866-34-TRUTH 87884 I was praying, reflecting last night say okay we want to go on the children. Sometimes we have things planned out in advance, but many times we just wait so we get closer to the show and see if there any key news things we want talk about her developments and I thought you let let's dig deep into one particular verse, which is often used. To argue that the church is now the court Israel of God that specifically this new saying that God has done bringing Jew and Gentile together in Jesus the Messiah. So it's not dictated by one's ethnicity or connection to the physical nation of Israel or dissent from Abraham, Isaac and Jacob are being circumcised rather is connected to faith in Jesus therefore is for Jew and Gentile alike.

This ecclesia this new thing in. In Old Testament times if if you're reading the Septuagint Greek ecclesia could've referred to the congregation of Israel, so some meaning that physical nation and the Gentile converts it to become part of that nation. But now the New Testament would be using it in a way that speaking of Jew and Gentile together in Jesus, the Messiah, regardless of circumcision, ethnicity connection to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. So many have argued the Galatians 616 is were Paul explicitly calls the church therefore calls Christians Gentile Christians calls them the Israel of God. Remember Galatians is written to Gentile believers who had been influenced by by false teachers among the Jewish people saying a mature, circumcised, and obey the law of Moses, you cannot be saved. And this is the pressure thereunder, and they fall away from the gospel of grace.

That's why Paul writes to him in such strong words, but let let's take a look at Galatians 616 for those watching grandma put it up in accordance so on that I have English on the left and the nugget have in the middle. The Greek and that argument ask if she's going to have the Greek then English, then the Latin Vulgate. So this is one of the earliest translations into another language from the Greek, so when you start with the ESV, it clearly says in an the general verse.

Everyone basically agrees on on this part okay lips just had the wrong reference typed into my computer.

That's why he didn't come up on my screen. Basically everybody agrees on the first part is for those who walk by this rule piece of mercy upon them minutes is less cause and upon the Israel of God is seen out, saying to the Gentile Christians. You are the new Israel of God or busy signal peace upon all who walk by this rule is what I taught you Gentile Christians and also upon the Israel of God, meaning Jews who follow the Messiah now that the Greek in front of the word upon the Israel of God has the word Chi right now Chi is one of our radio producers, but this is not Chi in the Bible. Here is the word, and Chi, which occurs over and over and under and over about how many hundred thousands of times and in the Greek Bible so it says and upon the Israel of God so normally Chi is translated as and that's the normal translation the red King James. You see, and in most monitors translations you will see and but it can, in certain circumstances. If the context dictates it could mean even so, in other words based on this interpretation was Paul saying it for all who walk by this rule. What's the rule that let's look at the previous verse for neither circumcision nor am circumcision this is me for neither circumcision counts for anything nor am circumcision, but a new creation. So that's the issue, not with your circumcised and not rather are you in the Messiah and his role who walk by this rule, peace and mercy upon them even even you Gentile Christians, even you, the Israel of God that would that would be that would be the way that it would be argued for those who say that the church is now the Israel God.

But… The only time this phrase occurs in the Bible. The Israel of God so should we take this in its most natural sense. The pulsing piece upon those who follow through Gentile Christians remember this and also were not discarding Jewish believers, not the starting God's purposes for Israel and also peace upon Israel. God or is he saying and fully fall this rule hey piece mercy upon you for you, even you. You are the new Israel. You are the Israel of God, in which case the church replaces Israel, not the earliest translations. The Latin if we look again on our software. The Latin Vulgate simply says at, which is the normal word for aunt so it is not reading it differently there. It's reading it as and in reading it is and would suggest two different groups are those who follow this rule and also also the Israel of God. Okay, so let's do this. And for those that just have access to the Internet which is most all of you good Bible Bible

This is not software on a high level accordance of Lagos Road is read again the languages in massive commentaries is all of great free information so you good Bible you type in Galatians 616 and then after do you pick the verses will pick the NIV and then after you do that on the bottom of the of the box that you look in the screen it'll say click here for all translations. So let's just see how different translations have rendered this over the years into English the ASV. I'm just gonna read the end and upon the Israel of God, the amplified, which again is amplifying and upon the true Israel of God parentheses Jewish believers. I like that yet. It's amplified it's adding commentary. That's what he does but all yeah apps absolutely okay let's look at the CSB and mercy even to the Israel of God, the complete Jewish Bible CJB, and upon the Israel of God, the CAV which is a paraphrase stick of you fellows really belong to Gulfstream people gobble treated with undeserved kindness will blessed with peace to see how that alters the meaning there of its and ESV and upon the Israel of God H CSB and mercy to the Israel of God, ISV, and may mercy be on the Israel of God, King James, and upon the Israel of God like some Bible and on the Israel of God. The message paraphrase is what God is doing. He's coincidental in your free life will look for the Senate or the true Israel of God's chosen people, peace and mercy them so that's that's a paraphrase, that really does distort the meeting as a very strong replacement theology paraphrase of the MAV and upon the Israel of God, NASB, and upon the Israel of God and ET and on the Israel of God. NIV to the Israel of God. Let's just see NLT here's a mild paraphrase in here. This distorts the meeting as well because peace and mercy be on all who oppose principal they are the new people got into a sort Israel, the footnote is better that's that's an error there and RSV, and upon the Israel got on and on. I can go.

But the point is almost all modern English translations even going back to the change in the vast, vast majority rightly translated and on and upon the Israel of God recognize that's just the most natural way to read the Greek, not now. Think of this from it.

Paul has strenuously argued to the point of saying that the gospel that you been preached the gospel you've heard is not a real gospel and the one that brings a message like this should be accursed. That's how bad it is. That's how dangerous it is time Gentile Christians was your circumcised and obey the law of Moses, you cannot be safe right that's how dangerous that Harris is Paul actually speaks a curse on those who would bring it in and speaks about these people in very, very strong negative terms and calls them false brothers right. That's how strong he is on why now with the end of the letter and not even in the most direct way in a more subtle way why we end the letter by telling them by the way, your spiritual Jews. By the way, your spiritual Israel. The whole point. He's been making is that they do not need to be part of physical Israel the whole point is been making is that they do not need to be circumcised and therefore identify with ethnic physical Israel under the covenant, and because they are not physical Israel.

They are not under obligation to obey the Sinai covenant.

That's the whole thing. He's been hammering home.

Chapter after chapter in the strongest possible terms and ends in the end to say neither circumcision matters, nor am circumcision in terms of salvation, rather being a new creation in the Messiah as the whole point that is being argued why we now turn around to them as a you are the Israel of God's people were Israel, who should be circumcised for Israel. We should be obeying the Sinai covenant for no this point is the exact opposite.

That is not what you are obligated to be doing that is not what you are under polished shouting at the rooftop, but you might get the impression because of the strength of what he's written and in the force of his rebuke that he was throwing out Israel or he was throwing out Jewish believers who as Jewish believers were circumcising their sons and as Jewish believers were observing the Torah that is about salvation but as a matter of of covenantal calling identification with their people, etc. so he's making her know I'm not throwing them out. The Israel of God doesn't really know the Lord. The Jewish believers made the same blessing be on them them speaking over you who is the Israel of God. According to Paul, it is a sinner juice. It was G, it is Jewish. It is, and it was Jewish believers in Jesus Yeshua the Messiah important verse.

Let's not get it all got all kinds of treasures waiting for you that are full debates of them with rabbis answers in writing or video to 100 major Jewish objections to Jesus being the Messiah. Other outreach videos we've done other materials that will help edify, build you up, answer questions great for seeker grades you get a Jewish friend with questions, send them there. You'll find a ton of stuff is answer there in the free resources. Tell your friends share don't keep it yourself. We have supporters that help us do these things. Some of you are those supporters. Thank you for helping us to to put out so much information so many people for free real okay I am get out. Respondent a little while to a typical post from someone attacking our position as Jewish believers in Jesus attack me in particular. But what I want to do is show you the level of the rhetoric, the level of the rhetoric is is exactly proportional to the weakness of the argument. In other words, the more the person posts and the uglier the vitriol and the harsher the accusations. That's directly proportionate to the emptiness of the arguments relook at that in a moment. To illustrate this incident to make a teachable moment, but it reminds me of of a court case where the client is reviewing things with his lawyer and the loris is okay here, here, the five points were to make in your defense and in the clients is right when you get to number four. Get really emphatic it really strong because that's my weakest point. So in other words, it's little subterfuge you get more aggressive with her to cover up the weakness of it. I imagine the person posting this is unconscious of doing that you open that up and look as anonymous posts and that even embarrassing anybody publicly even though they posted public in our YouTube channel, but will get into that first let's go to the phones, 86634.

Let's start with Anthony in Richmond, Virginia. Welcome to the line of fire. Hi Dr. Brown I went about genitive where the letters make man in our image of you that the wind was written in a plural form and I will thinking that I know in some romance languages are the construct for it kind of translate that let us do something you know it's not necessarily oral out on everything being written in Hebrew, and that might explain why it written that way yes so that way you appreciate the nature of the question course. It's a common question to ask why that's written so many gifts to give you a number of different explanations. Some refer to what's called the plural of Majesty where royalty would say lead us or we have decided and it's just an individual, but it's it's because it's your king or queen you speak that way, we have decided thus and such.

The problem with that argument is that verbal forms are not only found like that let us do this or we will do this rather to speak about the person himself or herself. We have decided or this has come to our attention so the plural of Majesty is very questionable there. Some have said it's the plural of deliberation. Let's do this. Let's do this. The problem is he goes on to speak of our likeness and our image, so the plural deliberation.

This is unlikely there as well. There were rabbinic explanations.

One says it is God speaking to the Angels. So here are human beings will be made in the image of God and the angels as opposed to the rest of creation. The question is how directly with the Angels involved in the creation there is another rabbinic interpretation of God is speaking to the elements of creation here to the earth say let us make man and the issue there is, is that man a Dom comes from the ground. A dumb so let us make again but is is are human beings made in the image of the earth wouldn't say so, so a standard Christian explanation is that this is God revealing his triune nature as happens at different places like Genesis 3, Genesis 11, Isaiah 6. There are references of God speaking about us and this would be a hint that of God's plurality in unity God's complex unity that he is absolutely one is the Scriptures declare and yet he is complex in his unity so that not say a Dom so Maynard could retain doing Hebrew be a hand to God's triune nature. So there are other explanations, but they tend to fall short in the eye. The idea that this is God speaking in Trinity is definitely a good possibility in terms of why it's done like that right at the beginning where the outs in Genesis 1.

Well I Trinity declamation but I would. Gabriel had that type but I get that you wanted.

Okay our image that does not come complicated. Further does and the reason you reject the Trinitarian explanation is OIII I'm kind of Unitarian so I just listening.

Yet here is just the deal and that Anthony that is not a primary argument I would use for God's true unity, but I would say since the Bible overwhelmingly speaks of his true unity throughout the Scriptures that this is deafening harmony with it. So this is not my primary proof text there many, many of the things I would I would point to, but certainly the parable of the romance languages. Note this doesn't work in Hebrew a and B as you rightly understood my issue say our image or likeness that disqualifies this wall so they chew on it maybe need to rethink the paradigm. Thank you sir for the call.

Appreciate 86634 let's go to Justin in Dallas, Georgia.

Welcome to the line of fire and God bless. So so clearly were not under the law longer than the judgment after Christ coming but how would you personally harmonize Matthew phone 1719 where about the store law gently lay it all you know is grand to break these commandments you know a great question that comes up all the time just as you have me on speakerphone because it's a little actually hard to hear you.

So just in question for you.

Okay so we could switch off of that that would be great for our list for our listeners. Okay so question for you. How did Jesus fulfill the law in terms of animal sacrifices and atonement. He will be all the while, thinking along the right okay so there aspects of the law that he fulfills by bringing to their full meaning or their full application right right okay how about the moral commandments. Obviously, in his own life he lives them out, but if you look at the sermon on the mouth that follows what is Jesus doing an illustrative way with the moral commandments. How was he showing how he fulfills the law and is teaching on the sermon on the Mount, what would you say he does with the moral commandments.

Like writing about raising the bar okay exactly good good right and then what about the biblical calendar us a Passover and he dies at Passover and is called our Passover lamb rescinds the Spirit at Pentecost. So would you see him. Also in that way fulfilling the law, but right okay so so the each thing has to be broken down right in other words, that the trust multifaceted servicing having to do with atonement or approach to God. Priestly ministry blood sacrifice. He fulfills by being our great high priest and by being that the final sacrifice to atone for the sins of the world.

The biblical calendar he brings to full meaning Passover firstfruits with his resurrection pass of the staff restrict with his resurrection. Travel Pentecost with your points. When he returns he'll bring to fulfillment. That which still remains, so the The Fall holidays which have to do with the blowing of the trumpet, so the and then becomes Jewish new year and then atonement and tabernacles. The final harvest, etc. so brings those to fulfillment with his return and establish his kingdom on the earth. He takes the moral commandments of the Torah to a higher level so when he says whoever breaks the lease. These commandments and teaches others. I believe it is now saying is, as I'm giving application to them, as I'm now showing you what they mean here in the sermon on the Mount that those who hold to these will be great in the kingdom of God and those who don't will be leased in the kingdom of God. So she's now giving the explanation for how to live this out and now what we we look at is what is he teach what is the transmit what is taught and transmitted through the rest of the New Testament that is now how we live out the new and better covenant, which calls us to an even higher moral and spiritual level. So again, if you read it to say he's just talking about the Sinai covenant, and therefore you have to keep every last detail the purity laws are stoning disobedient, rebellious teenagers and and so on. Then obviously that would create all kinds of contradictions, problems and issues in would just undermine much of the message of the new covenant writings. If you understand that all through the lens of who he is as Messiah and what he does now.

He doesn't abolish brings to its full meaning or full application, then then we can make sense of this and some things are fulfilled in terms of done.

We don't have to go to the temple for blood atonement that's been done through the cross.

Others are fulfilled by say now here's a calling to live in a higher moral way peers with trusted knowledge and bring it to its full meaning and application so that's as I understand the passage and it works with consistency than through the sermon on the Mount.

There is also Matthew 517 nonprofits is then repeated, 712, lost profits, or lost profits is basically say between us. My application has been nothing like that. If the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by calling 86634 true here again is Dr. Michael Brown that he was singing tells you this thoroughly through the Michael Brown delighted to be with you 866-34-TRUTH 7884 I was just looking at an email I had received during the break, and it reminded me reminded me that there's a lot of censorship out there these days. They are there messages that we seek to get out. They get shut down is inappropriate or different social media won't carry it. We will make sure you don't miss anything any of our updates any of the articles, videos we put out to equip you, so go to ask Dr. Esther to this way you can get our regular emails or updates information special resource office to sign up for the emails. There and you will be blessed as you do this, we won't miss anything on a weekly basis to know what's happening and and right at your convenience boom, latest articles, latest videos with Jewish outreach materials, things like that.

Answering the rabbis over for Esther to sign up for our emails. I want to reply to a very interesting comment that was posted on YouTube.

First let me take another call or two. We go to James and Mekong Georgia. Welcome to the line of fire Brown are you doing very well thank you Dr. Brown audio I grew up in order and go to one of the believer. I realized that a lot of the modern they are not of wood.

Like crime. Your caller wended winter should stop claiming there are from a life trouble or write what they would they would still assume this tribal heritage. It would just be limited to a few minutes is not that there is no tribal heritage. But things really got amalgamated largely with the tribe of Judah, and then others preserve their priestly dissent is Levites felt very very religious Jews, they will often have preserve things better through the ages and will say no I know what tribe I'm from. And it goes back generations, and it may be accurate information. It may not, of some things can be confirmed via DNA.

For example, those who would say there of the priestly tribe of Levi, or more specifically the high priestly lineage. Keohane so many times people the last name caller less than Levi or maybe they can they can confirm that by DNA, but what happened. Overall James is that in 721 BC, so over 2500 years ago when the northern 10 tribes were decimated by the Assyrians. They were scattered to different parts of the world of is that left were were now intermingled with Gentiles and things like that so a lot of their tribal identity got lost at that point out some of them fled to the south and became part of the kingdom of Judah. So you had Judah Benjamin Simeon may have been partly involved with that. You also have the tribe of Levi scattered among the different tribes and then after 586 BC when the Temple was destroyed so again over 2500 years ago and that many Jews scattered to Babylon so many remained there after 70 years, when others returned those that return.

Now they were there were part of the province of Judah.

So if you live there you were.

You who D you are a Jew, so there still were tribal affiliations. The New Testament does talk about people from different tribes and Paul references it, and Jacob. James reference the 12 tribes of Israel to the store recognition of it but because you have tribal inheritance anymore because everyone was kind of put in the larger category of being a Jew Danbury Jew who D that that became the primary marker so the markers remain strong through the centuries because it's normally been very difficult to be a Jew. It's been difficult to be affiliated with the Jewish people.

It's been difficult to hold to Judaism in the midst of a Christian Muslim world in terms of most of the places where Jews have lived, but knowing a specific tribe that's been largely lost for many centuries. Now some doesn't mean that there's no tribal affiliation just means it's difficult to trace directly in the largest tribal affiliation would be that of Judah. Just naturally from there that that's the answer again at this time is no affiliation. This means that it's not certain what the tribal affiliation ultimately would have been through history. I thank you for asking and I own in a grab one more call for the moment, and then go to this YouTube comment gets more calls, 866-34-TRUTH discovered Gloria in Texas.

Welcome to the line of fire Brown the little little hard to hear you.

Sounds like him on speaker or something echoing me trying to Think about getting right there you go, that's better. Thank you. Okay and to follow Warren out that when you talk about what about I grew up in Africa I grew up I came to the country like a couple years ago, but my understanding is that he's saying that northern state you and I think because of the fact that growing up we were male. I might try but Linda missionaries came and spent that that you don't have to do that anymore.

That Elizabeth, now the boy was we don't really know where it came from but just know that that's one of our tradition.

The contract milking on the eighth day, having you can try but you know what he was saying was that was gonna save you bought, you know, believing understandable. He completed work is what they come. Let me explain a little bit more depth of a specific question for you, but you tribe okay so the the point Paul is making. When you converted to Judaism you would if you were male.

Be circumcised.

Both men and women would be immersed in water and then you would pledge to keep the 613 commandments of the Torah as applicable to you right.

So with these Galatians were told was all know you're now following the Jewish Messiah soup is after. Come Jews therefore have to be circumcised right watch about 6000 babies at that point but but adults in particular, you have to become circumcised and obey the law of Moses, so that was the point that was being made.

Everybody understands the physical circumcision along the safety right you can be physically circumcised and wicked person falling to God's judgment Jewish people understood that they thought this was their entry right that this was our requirement.

So that's that's the difference there Gloria out what part of Africa were you read from my eye.

Why would rather not talk tribe name to cover all people, and I okay got so so within Nigeria. There are a good number of groups that have been discovered that still practice various Jewish customs, including circumcision of males on the eighth day question where that come from and one likely explanation is as the Jewish people were scattered around the world. They got settled in different parts of the world like in Ethiopia, for example, when Zimbabwe that they then began to intermarry with the people there, some of them left their Jewish heritage entirely. Others others the people converted to Judaism and married in an over period of time they just look like the local population. That's where you have white Jews and black Jews and and and juice of different skin color and ethnicity as we been scattered around the world so there there's a good chance or should say some chance that this was preserving a custom because you actually have literal Israelite roots and the way to test that of course is DNA and there are there are Jewish organizations that go around the world to do this very thing and they they see okay you do have Jewish blood.

You do have Jewish heritage so in a case like that if if I was a missionary and I came across people doing this I would make clear that salvation is through Jesus the Messiah not through physical mark on the body, etc. however, I would not stop them from doing. I would find out okay what your history tell me your traditions.

How far back do you go you believe you have a connection to the the 12 tribes of Israel and do our best to find out because the oath is not the average customer people going to just adapt it on, saying always just happily help with this on our own.

So that's a separate that's a separate question entirely. And it's one that's worth it if you want if you want to write to us through the website. Ask Dr. Brown, the Lord ask a deer and just confidentially we can give you further information about this or what we know about the tribe of were happy to do that okay okay all right thank you very much for the call. I appreciate I tell you it is equal more call and then I dive into dive into this other interesting comment in and give you some really good feedback that will help you in sharing the good news with our Jewish friends let's go to Lewis and Jackson, Tennessee. Welcome to the line of fire pray to the Lord. Michael Dyer. I'm 90 years of the night. On on on the year over 90 value sounds terrific.

Grateful for everything Michael. I mean, I've been in this Bible now 45 years wonderful, wonderful God is amazing is that the word is so rich, always beautiful. I fell in love with the last chapter of the New Testament. The last few verses so powerful it fits everything in that Bible there. There's a wonderful call he knows as the shoe is returning with the spirit of the bride say, let him was thirsty, say, come right and this invitation was willing let them come and drink of the water of life freely and from there. From there we move into the, the eternity with him no more sorrow and pain.

No more death. Hey, thank you for calling just to say hi. I appreciate it and boy what a great testimony at 90. May we all be thriving, healthy, strong, sharp minds and hearts… The Lord is becoming for years. Thank you sir for the call. Douglas is the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by calling 866342 here again is Dr. Michael Brown (20 thoroughly Thursday broadcast. We serve what is on the statement every day your voice for moral sanity and spiritual clarity or goal built up in the faith infused with courage and strength with truth that you healthy and thriving in God. We encourage you to visit our partner website vitamin with Dr. Mark Stigler for health supplements. That's the physical body we want to see your physically healthy and thriving single vitamin to find out more about that, but even more, we want to see you spiritually healthy and thriving.

So thank you for praying for our work.

Thank you for supporting us. Thank you for helping us help others. In particular those who support us regularly. Thank you and those with one-time gifts.

Thank you for helping us reach the Jewish people with the good news of the Messiah. Okay so we've been releasing series of videos on answering the rabbis and started with some of those volatile videos out there from Rabbi Toby Singer and if you still want to debate a face-to-face anytime. Love to glad to.

It comes up a lot because many times have been astronomically of course but but he's declined. What, so go back early 90s so 30 years. The in any case. In any case, because the videos are out there were taking time to cut through the confusion reveal the errors revealed in some cases the outright deception and set things right with truth that in their very detail their in-depth and then people respond that up and help then it's open their eyes or they recognize the deception of the misinformation that that was put up a Rabbi Singer and then others of course will agree with them, especially with the just usable challenge intact so I spotted this the other day in the YouTube comments and I just want to read it to you and it is anonymous to some some screen name when he speaking me. Does that laugh when he pretends to answer Rabbi Singer's use issues with the New Testament makes me cringe so that the first the first point about that is simply the pretending anything again. I'm giving you the data I'm giving you the information.

This this is not sleight-of-hand. This is big deep look at this will put things up in Hebrew and Aramaic in in in Greek and other languages sit here look big. Here's information for the deception Brown engages in his so apparent and so appalling.

Singer said Jesus is never explicitly in the Bible and this is true thing. It is hinted to simmer using a high priest from half a millennia before Jesus existed to claim Jesus is and there is just so disingenuous was Joshua the high priest have to do with anything before, because the workarounds therefore we must be Jesus think is going off the deep end with the talking about so they again when you see someone using this type of rhetoric and insult and mockery it, it's often in direct proportion to the bankruptcy of their arguments as was sometimes people get really nasty and aggressive is because the nothing of substance to deal with him happy since the substance of the facts.

The reality so number one to say that Jesus is never mentioned in the Hebrew Bible course, that's false. Why because the name Yeshua occurs about 27 times for five different people so that name Yeshua, which would be Jesus in the original Hebrew/Aramaic so that name occurs.*It's just the name got to do with anything.

Okay how about this, but this man, Yehoshua Joshua the high priest, we are told by God in the book of Zechariah the sixth chapter that he is a type & he is a sign of the branch who is the branch. The branch is the Messiah in Jeremiah chapter 23 rabbinic commentaries that recognize that the reason Jewish translations that recognize that that the branch is the Messiah. So this man Yehoshua whose name is more frequently, more commonly referred to as Yeshua in the Hebrew Bible got it.

This man Yeshua the high priest Jesus the high priest sits on the throne wearing crowns which priest do not do. That's what kings do so. He is a sign of the Royal priestly Messiah. He is assigned that the Messiah will be king and priest. This man with the same name, Jesus, Yeshua, we are told is a sign of the coming one. The branch who elsewhere in Scripture is clearly identified as the son of David, the Messiah.

That's what it's got to do with no deception here, no subterfuge, just factual in formation. Yeah, he goes on because it possible in the 24,000 versus the Old Testament ever since God is one with reports regard will be sending his only son to die on a cross regard as the sun. You can only get to go through some gobble send himself your semantic troubles and sent to Dr. since we need to do is believe you will be saved in the Messiah will come before the end of the prophecies the return late in the fall them relevantly rejected using primitive non-Jews. This is the opposite in Leviticus 26 you get the point. Brown knows perfectly well Jesus and restrict Christian doctrines completely absent from the Old Testament to claim that the absurd. Hence, the Christianity uses to show he is in the Old Testament. Some of the Jesus actually is right there in stimuli such a joke. So again I feel bad for people who post these things assuming they believe with the writing that I just try to be silly or not. They believe that the writing, the idea that I know I'm deceiving everyone everything. Think of how far you have to go to that you how far you have to say. I don't want to see or hear anything contrary to choose someone who is given 50 years of their life to preaching this message and is lost much for preaching this message that I know it's all false that I'm making it up. You really why would a person hold to the I would assume the person writing this believe is elusive at the road there is serious error but to say no, no, no they know it's all a myth.

That's really why would something like that unless there is closing their eyes and say I will see covering their ears. I want to hear no of course I could ask the question through traditional Jew whole foundation of your life. Is there a law both your lawyer to the written laws impossible understand and practice where the uses number 24,000 versus the Old Testament. How come it never says I'm giving oral law. I will never says that it would be to terrace, one that is oral and one that is written specifically to try talking to Mrs. Echo never says that without the oral interpretation candidates that was written after us is the opposite over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. Namely, namely that the covenant is made based on what is written. What is written with written words written the book of the law of the book of the law applicable law. As for the objections. Here we make telephone God is clearly revealed as a complex unity in the Hebrew Bible casing physically in human form while also filled in universe with his presence and sitting enthroned in heaven.

You have the whole the sacrificial system pointing towards him priestly ministry pointing towards him. Other aspects that are but a clear how Abbott became Isaiah 53 where the question is this who is believed our report once the reports about the sacrificial death of the Messiah. We've answered all these things time and time and time again racist towards the end of his post.

In addition, his usage of resources always cracks me up. The fact that he has to resort to the very people vehemently would disagree with everything Brown says shows how desperate he is to justify himself. It's irrelevant. This is some sort of exalted Angel response. My video is not caused if not Jesus.

Wonder why quote you resources to say hey you think I'm making this up.

You say I'm just coming up with some that no one ever came up with though your rabbi saying the same thing give you a quick example and read as much of this is I can before we are out of time here. This is rabbi barrel wine right this is this it in the in his book always get the title of the book ears. You can look it up. The triumph of survival story of the Jews in the modern era, 1650, 1990. He is a highly respected Orthodox Jewish historian. He set another consideration tinged the Jewish response to the slaughter of its people. It was an old Jewish tradition dating back to biblical times that the death of the righteous and innocence served as an expiation for the sins of the nation of the world.

The stories of Isaac, and if not, often obvious, the prophetic description of Israel as the long-suffering servant of the Lord. The sacrificial service of the temple. This is Orthodox Jewish rubber all serve to reinforce this basic concept of the death of the righteous as an atonement for the sins of other men. That's the gospel would simply say it's the perfectly righteous woman Messiah. He continued, Jews nurtured this classic idea of death is an atonement in his attitude towards their own tragedies with their constant companion throughout their turbulent exile. Therefore, the whole the bleak picture of unreasoning slaughter was somewhat relieved by the fact that the innocent did not die in vain, and that the betterment of Israel and humankind somehow was advanced by their stretching her neck to be slaughtered was amazing is that this abstract sophisticated theological thought for the become so ingrained in the psyche of the people that even the least educated and most simplistic of Jews understood the lesson and acted upon it doing a precious life in a soaring active belief and affirmation of the better tomorrow. The spirit of the Jews is truly reflected in the historical chronicle of the time.

Quote with the holy one, blessed be he dispensed judgment without justice. This is going back 400+ years with the holy one, blessed be he dispensed judgment without justice, but we may say that he whom God loves will be chastised for since the day the holy Temple was destroyed. The righteous are seized by death for the iniquities of the generation that is from the Chronicle given its law and to the 50th chapter is quoted by Orthodox Jewish rabbi barrel wine for those who say with us is a non-Jewish concept, 20,000 death of the Messiah, think again by friends on you to ask Dr. Brown ask a deer run on YouTube will be back in 15 minutes will exclusive weekly Q&A Another program powered by the Truth Network

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