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How a Religious Jew Studies the Bible

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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April 14, 2022 4:50 pm

How a Religious Jew Studies the Bible

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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April 14, 2022 4:50 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 04/14/22.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. So when religious Jews read the Hebrew Bible what kind of Bible do they read. It's time for the light a fire with your host biblical scholar and cultural commentator Dr. Michael Brown your voice for more savvy and spiritual clarity called 866-34-TRUTH to get him a lot of fire and now there's your host Dr. Michael Brown is very and over the course of the next 24+ hours. Christians around the world will celebrate Good Friday and Jews from around the world will celebrate the beginning of the Passover, as of course, Muslims in the midst of Ramadan, and it's also 414 yes April 4 excuse me April 14 April 4 month the 14th day, but it is also national. Not ashamed of Jesus day based on Esther 414. I'll explain the sure number to those watching in the moment.

Here's another call if you have any Jewish related question of any kind, 866-3487 84 if you differ with me on my views about Israel today being an ongoing fulfillment of biblical prophecy. If you differ with my views about Jesus. Yeshua being our Messiah. If you have questions about Hebrew language or Jewish literature. You've heard things you want to get straightened out.

This is a data call.

This is the perfect time of the week, 8663 for 87884.

Okay so for those watching you might be able to make out clearly was on the shirt. It's little dark but it it says Yeshua big print issue evening for Jesus and then small print Messiah and then large print machine which is the Hebrew way of saying Messiah we get Messiah, the Greek, which comes from the Hebrew Michelle anointed one side so I want to reach you first from the book of Esther and hear Mordechai's uncovered a plot that Haman wants to wipe out the Jewish people and absolutely horrific plot and the first time that this is happened and that the last time it happened in history so more because her cousin Esther whom he basically raises apparent she is the queen and she can make an appeal to the king. But the king has to welcome Marin. It's the protocol there and she says hey just called me 30 days and if I just walk into his presence and he doesn't acknowledge me. I could die so Mordechai says this, verse 12, Mordechai was told what Astrid said Mordechai had this message delivered to her and imagine that you of all the Jews will escape with your life and being in the king's palace.

Verse 14. On the contrary, if you keep silent in this crisis relief and deliverance will come to the Jews from another quarter while you and your father's house will perish.

And who knows, perhaps your potential Royal position. Or perhaps you have come into the kingdom for such a time as this. When the Jewish publication so version for such just such a crisis. So as I was writing the silencing of the lambs I felt stirred by the Lord to do this. Tested it with others and feel it's right and righteous thing to do that today, April 14 every year as national not ashamed of Jesus day it's a day when we go out of our way to make a public proclamation proclamation. We are not ashamed of the Lord. We are here. We are not ashamed. We love Jesus we love you. It's a day to wear something to work. If you can bring a Bible with you or to go out of your way to share the gospel with someone or pray with them or post something on social media and I've just been looking on Facebook and twitter and Instagram have been blessed to see how many of you have done something today sending out a message. It's it's just encouraging it's it's a reminder to shout out. We love him, and without ashamed of our Lord. So I was looking for this old T-shirt. I had Nancy bought me in 1984 right red orange color. I mean it really stood out and just a Jesus on the car thing you wear in public. People look is like what you like shouting out the message well. Nowhere to be found.

I thought I knew it was but turned out other shirts with similar colors in different messages anyway so II got this one. I thought let us use a little different and maybe it can be an attention getter may be a conversation starter when I'm at the store later.

Maybe people look like what was unusual was that it just just a way to open the door because obviously the workplace role believers here but it works out well for thoroughly Jewish Thursday to be wearing ski quick story and then before talk about Passover before talk about some developments in Israel before ticket usually calls before we get to the main topic when we talk about his religious Jews studying the Bible.

This is similar to open up explain a little while.

This is on Genesis appreciate what I'm holding my hands. I'll talk about in a minute but before you do that little story about not being ashamed of Jesus, so I was doing my doctoral dissertation work. I was working on the Hebrew root rough and how it was used throughout the Bible newly translated to heal lights of the most fundamental meaning most commonly is translated to heal, rightly so, but it's most fundamental meaning is to restore me: which different meanings for that.

That's what my thesis was about and was looking at the root in Aramaic and did you have in ancient Aramaic to get this place by another route. What about modern Aramaic dialects. Is there any reference that in an else my weakest when we dispense modern Aramaic, the language change shifted a lot. What turned out that there was a professor secular Jewish professor at a local university only a few miles from where I was and he was an expert in modern Aramaic. In fact, I bought a few books on modern Aramaic that I use for my dissertation. I really need afterwards and after process it to him. How would you like these could use this sure is happy to so I just want to talk to him as someone working on my doctoral dissertation and NYU. I was out there primarily to witness to them as a fellow Jew that was not the mission at that moment. So I will how much I told about my own background, but we were mainly interacting as academics. He has a professor ready medias finished my doctoral dissertation just talk about academic linguistic issues and so on.

Was not long after that that I happen to be wearing that bright orange red T-shirt Jesus and I'm in this pizzeria that was near to our Bible school and near to his university is a little place them in your just a few people in their few tables.

They did most of their business by by delivery take out and he comes in their seasonal expenses. The shirt like yeah that's that's me shouting it from the rooftops. I was related to him academically, intellectually, all these things and maybe we have a rigorous academic intellectual discussion about the Bible and his views in an messianic police and things like that. Well, that got preempted by the G7 just smile and say anything but yeah that that's what happens. Sometimes people know you for a while but they don't know about your faith just was not context to share it or something like that.

And now we have a day like this and a lot of people will know about your faith that didn't that's good, that's healthy.

That's a blessed thing all right.

So I was praying and reflecting last night I was thinking right where we want to go home on today's thoroughly Jewish Thursday broadcast and we talked about Passover many times.

Of course we've talked about how Easter became a separate holiday separated from Passover was initially the death and resurrection of Messiah were celebrated right within Passover. We've talked about the spiritual significance of Passover and the Lamb of God, and redemption in the biblical calendar and all that it points to unhappily take questions on that as well. If they do come up, but I want a little different direction, today and into digging to the Scriptures with you and to give me some insight about how a Jewish person reads the Bible and reads religious literature Christians use commentaries in one way and traditional Jews use them in a different way. Christians may look back at the beliefs of church fathers and things like that but English sure Catholic or Greek or Russian Orthodox, you're not appealing to them all the time in terms of spiritual authorities in terms of insights and binding traditions you're looking at them in it in a little bit different way for traditional Jew everything he or she does.

As part of a historic community is one Rabbi was once explained by phone to some of my seminary students that Jewish study is is entering into a conversation through the generations that the Talmud itself, which the Babylonian Talmud being the principal on the Jerusalem Talmud being used as much in an not as full but the Babylonian Talmud when it's finally compiled is in the early seventh century, so early 600s. That's the final editing and it represents opinions being put forth over hundreds of years in different locations by different leaders, but there put almost as if they're in the same room together having a back-and-forth conversation.

It would be like saying John Wesley taught this, yes, but Martin Luther had a different take on this true but Billy Graham said this and and it's almost as if there there interactive. In that respect. So when the traditional Jew is studying Scripture, and as Jewish manager be studying more than Jewish women just for simplicity.

All I'll say he going forward. When a Jewish man is studying Scripture. He's not going to just have a Bible in all of this is the Hebrew Bible. It's the stuff that they don't exist.

They do exist, but that's not the principal way that is reversible study now renders Christian that's reading the Bible is just reading the Bible. Maybe they have a study Bible right and there reminded don't don't forget the Bible is the Bible and the notes are different right. The study notes even if there really good. Those are not inspired like the Bible so you make that clear separation between the two, and many times, especially now in our digital age or just read the Bible on your app right in your cell phone just clicking on it reading it and take it in.

Just wanted taken the word and adjust the word and drink everything to God is saying and live by it be changed by now you want to study more deeply. Okay, now you get out your tools. Now you dig into lexicons now use your concordances to do word studies. Now you go further you look for historical background archaeological backer and geographical background that you get your commentaries with your put all these things together in the commentaries can be multivolume acne. One vying for the whole Bible. It could be four volumes of the book of the Bible that that they varied concert but you do that digging the kind of different layers for traditional Jew.

It's not like that. So we come back. I'm to open the subject think you'll find it really, really fascinating again. If you have a Jewish really question of any kind give me a call 866-348-7884 will be right back to the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown got on the line of fire by: 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown welcome to thoroughly Jewish Thursday Michael Brown delighted to be with you during the break I was just scrolling through on Facebook using the hashtag Jesus for 14 and just looking all the posts people wearing shirts and people posting testimonies and churches getting the word out national not ashamed of you stiff. You still owe was happening on this day, even after the fact is, goblins would be every year go to, not ashamed of not ashamed of and even later today. Post something post something a message picture with the hashtag Jesus for 14 as we share the word together. Okay there is something called a rabbinic Bible rabbinic Bible the Hebrew is McCraw Oates could go load which is literally big Scriptures big Scriptures so I'm I'm holding in my hand. Here, a large volume beautifully produces as many of the religious Jewish texts or an every page has kind of a similar format on the owner talk you through this in a moment, but the key point is that the Scripture is just a small part of the page because the pages covered with commentary and commentary on commentary and this is how your reading it this how you studying so for those that are watching will really put a picture up and keep that picture up for you but I am assuming that I'm speaking to people listening on radio listed by podcast, the results on the painted picture for you right so as as you're facing this member, it is reads from right to left and it opens from right to left as you're facing this in the upper right. That's when you'll have the Scripture right and that'll be in the biggest print of all in this case, the picture that we put up is from Exodus the 12th chapter and or the 13th chapter. That's what we put up here and use you'll see though when you look at it that on the right upper right that's that's the biblical text and that's in the biggest print. Hence we crawled to the low big Scriptures. Now to the left of that is the Aramaic Targum.

This is a translation/paraphrase, that was read in the synagogue is Hebrew is understood less and less, and Aramaic was more commonly understood there would be say to versus read from the Hebrew and then it would be translated. This is initially done orally and in these were put in writing so the first thing you see next to that is going to be the Aramaic and that's going to be the most ancient thing. After the Bible now for the five books of Moses for the tour for the Pentateuch. There are extra targums. There are extra translations, some in fulsome support fragmentary. So when you jump over to the top of the left page then you will see that you will see another target now you go beneath that and you first inform us up so back to the right side rights you've got.

Picture this now you've got the biblical text on the right big print little bit smaller print next to that on the left target. The Aramaic translation or paraphrase, so it's assumed your reading Hebrew reading Aramaic then immediately beneath that that stepping down to the middle of the page you're always going to have first and foremost the commentary of Rashi, Rashi, from 1042 1105 in France and is the premier biblical commentator and Talmudic commentator. So whenever you read these as a traditional Jew your first asking what is Rashi say about this rush is an acronym for Rabbi Shlomo you talking so what is he saying about this in the particular addition that we have put up on the screen for those watching immediately to the right of Rashi on that same page is something called Seif Tejas a meme literally the lips of the wise. This is a commentary on Rashi. Rashi is often very concise, Rashi often doesn't say something, we would expect them to say something's you're wondering why didn't he say something or what he make this comment, which seems self-evident, there must be a reason for it. So this is one of many commentaries on Rashi's commentary and then on the bottom of the page you may have another commentator or you may have a reference like here is in rabbinic literature.

The different times that these verses are discussed were things like that.

There was a shift over to the left you have of the left page, a series of other commentaries.

In this case you have been Ezra a primitive bit been Ezra who lived a little bit after Rashi traveled more widely to different locations was a Hebrew grammarian as well as a commentator and an poet and other things as well. Then you have next to him.

Rambam Rabbi Moses ben Othman so you have Rambam that somebody else Maimonides, this is not commodities, so he little bit after it been Ezra.

There is his commentary and his is longer and then beneath that you have another one close Forno and then another one Oracle human, then a clear car so each of these is a commentary on what your reading in these verses. Sometimes will have a bunch line sometimes only have one or two lines but the key and in some of them are written oligarchy and what it was that the 17th century so this is this a range of right it would some of these commentaries may only be a few hundred years old so maybe 800 years old. The targums could be 1800 years old but traditional Jew is not just reading the Bible independently. Traditional Jew is praying as part of a community and think of some of this mentality when when Jesus teaches his disciples to pray what what he finally says remember this in Matthew six go on your closet and shut the door, pray privately right but what words you say our father in heaven out our our give us is there to your your praying as part of the believing community.

That's how would you studying Scripture so intentionally, willfully, this is what is desired as a traditional Jew you are reading the Scripture with the help of the commentaries and for you as a traditional Jew to differ with all the commentaries that that would be hundreds that would be real product.

Who are you to say they're all wrong. They were much closer to the revelation. The newer they were much greater spiritual giants than you.

They knew the text much better than you.

Who are you to differ with them and might be you say it will once is this once is this one says that in my view is with this player that's part of the dialogue is part of the discussion to think though that there all wrong that everyone whatever this is wrong and you have the right insight. That's that is, to despise the tradition the way it came before cables watch we can take the page down now, but I explained that to you to explain the degree to which the traditional Jewish person instead of the Bible wants to rely on those who came before the traditional Jewish person wants to read the Bible in the context of the Jewish community that is live through the centuries.

So think of it like this.

Maybe you you grow up on a farm right and there was a day of farming before all the machinery was there a bit before all the electricity was there and that goes back several generations behind your farm.

In those days and what you know that we don't know what if we lost with all her machinery, or you had more of a connection to the ground than we did so you honor those from previous generations and and they learn certain things that you would learn this is a very ridiculously simple illustration.

If you've ever played telephone right I whisper something in your urine that you turn to the person next to whisper there and you're maybe a 2030 people in the room but the time it comes back around. It's changed dramatically. Somebody misunderstood one thing another we done sometimes with international students where where you share with them in English and then they share with the person next to them in German and in the person next to them goes back from German to English and from a fun time. It does like always sounds very different. So what do you go back to the first person and what was it okay. The second person was pretty close in the third. The further will you get the more often it is so in the rabbinic view. The closer you were to the original revelation. The further back in time, you were than the more accurately you received it and understood it, and then in the Jewish mentality since Moses Mount Sinai that every generation has been spiritually lower than the previous generation. So at as is one public statement puts it, if the previous generation were angels there were just man previous generations men were just like donkeys so even today it's it's viewed like that if you go back 500 years.

A thousand years 1500 years that you're going higher and higher in the spiritual progression. Generally speaking, and therefore you want to stand on the shoulders of those who've gone before you know there's little beauty in this there's a lot of wisdom in this. There's a lot of power in this there's a sense of security in this.

The negatives can be one it takes you away from just reading the Bible directly just in God speak to me through your word because it's always being refracted through these other lenses. That's one thing. Another issue is what the traditions are wrong with the traditions over the years have have straighter become more human and less divine. Now these very traditions through which are reading the Scripture to be the things that are pulling you away from the Scripture so I can appreciate the tradition, but as a nontraditional Jew. I do not look at it as binding or authoritative. I look at this is different Jewish views of the Scriptures. Here's a list of the word directness I got over my heart, mind, speak to me through your word, get on the air 866-348-7884 will be like a line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown got on the line of fire by: 866-34-TRUTH there again is Dr. Michael Brown.

Oh yeah I remember singing that song. Many a time in Israel from the Psalms. This is Michael Brown is 32. Thursday is the first ever national not ashamed of Jesus day.

What a joy to be sitting here with my you, she will miss you, Jesus the Messiah T-shirt will enjoy to be getting online and seeing people posting testimony posting Scripture shouting out to the world were not ashamed of the good news, if you get a Jewish related question for me of any kind, 866-34-TRUTH got it right 866-348-7884 just noticed on Twitter of the first marking post on this.

What a stupid day hashtag Jesus for 14 has takes on the sermon hashtag mythical and then someone else posting I be ashamed or showing the veneration for fictional being a pathology submission of anyone without the official being somehow needed this of others to prove devotion marking them since we good choice. May the Lord open the hearts of the mockers to the truth of the good news. It has been little opposition. That's a good sign. Okay before I go to the phones of written report of four people arrested than six people arrested so it's one of those numbers. These are Jewish men living in Jewish settlement in Judea, Samaria, which will close the West Bank and their living there and were planning on sacrificing a goat on the Temple Mount in conjunction with Passover. So there's really a lot of tension in the land right now. There have been random killings of Israelis by Arab Israelis. There seems to be real danger of a fresh uprising in this one in an ugly way that we've seen because it's not so much of intifada call for like by Hamas or or a pillow in the past or something like that. Although from what I've read and understand the vast majority of hybrid Arab Israelis do not want another wave of violence, even if they have issues with with the state of Israel in which they live. In any case. In any case, Hamas is ready put out warnings and their there the slightest thing of an alleged provocation on the Temple Mount that will be blown all out of proportion. And now with that. Then there's this frenzied call because the Muslims are so so devout and so religious and so committed and this is such a sacred site to them that if there is talk about can be defiled or something than there could be art rising to be a lot of onset, especially in atomic Ramadan, where emotions are much more intensely focused, religiously so these men were arrested. It's illegal.

Israel does not want to happen. Obviously, but your argument have these radical Jewish elements that will want to do something provocatively as well is a good time to pray for God's intervention and grace in the midst of this very religious season in Israel right now. All right more to talk about.

But first, to the phones. Let's go to Darien, Connecticut, Gregory. Welcome to the line of fire. Good afternoon Dr. Brown and get pretty perky in Israel. I want to Seria again I I'm Catholic from Connecticut. I met Connecticut here and I think your absolutely wonderful. I wish you had three hours at your question about Moses who ironically you know the lawgiver, and Africa.

When I was in law school.

It was such a grace to have studied Moses in the Old Testament so that it was a breeze going to walk on thinking just perfect and you know Judeo-Christian lot Brown belt and in consideration that in the Transfiguration of Jesus the most. I've always wondered when when Moses, who I love and what an amazing person face-to-face. A friend of God. What what a wonderful amazing person I have in our history when he went given the gift of being the promised land is is the Scripture of people language that you studied it, is it the drive 20 feet of the conflict with that at all be able to include him at some point maybe in the future. At that time as well. If you understand yet.I love the question know to be nothing in the Hebrew that would give you a hint of that reading it. He was just like reading in English in terms of, you know, he goes up to Mount Nebo. He looks out he sees the promised land. That's it to be nothing and in the Hebrew language that's hinting at something deeper or an unusual vocabulary, choose for some hint of something about the promised land. Not all so you get to see it. He doesn't get the entry so it's interesting that Moses gives Israel the 10 Commandments who establishes the Sinai covenant. So she said the lawgiver. He does not get them to bring them into the promised land.

It's Joshua's records show she was longer form of Yeshua, Joshua leads him into the promised land. So there's that spiritual application there but no nothing in the Hebrew whatsoever that would indicate that in any way, and no indication of overseeing of Jesus in the fullness of of the sense until the Transfiguration, where the community together. So what had happened. Previous to that in the spiritual realm, God knows interest was written in Scripture know nothing, nothing that would support that and generally speaking, Gregory.

There is there are insights we can glean from the Hebrew and the Greek there are things that are not as easily translated.

Generally speaking, between a few different good translation. Should you get the, the nuance of the different potential meanings of the Hebrew or the Greek because premature each word in one context has one meaning and the same in English the same in Hebrew the same in Chinese the same in Greek. Each word in each context has a specific meaning.

If you look at a few different translations and there it said exactly the same with slightly different was that little give you an idea where the differences are, but nothing nothing here. Unfortunately, that would give you that for the revolutionary Gregory thank you for the question.

I do appreciate it. 866-34-TRUTH by the way, as questions have come in recently about the Masoretic text and there's actually not one Texas measured Texas with the Masoretic textual tradition with thousands of manuscripts passed on her. Many centuries but it's it's pretty unified the good, the differences, the discrepancies are very minor where they are there between the manuscripts, largely speaking so to what extent did the Septuagint, the Greek translation translate from ancient Masoretic textual tradition. To what extent did you translate from a different Hebrew tradition. Is it true that the measure textual tradition change things to get away from certain messianic crews so the caller called in last week and asked some of those questions based on two volumes he had read. I was unfamiliar with the author those volumes while he was talking I just went online to to look and in general to see it. What can I phone about these books in the little I saw indicated to me that the color writing and did not have strong academic credentials in this field of biblical textual criticism.

In any case I thought you know what even I got thousands of books and still haven't read literally interviews but haven't read through many thousands. So I thought you know what I was going to buy the book and start to look at it so the.

The author is done more work, more research than I would've understood. At first glance, and he's he's making some very strong claims that to me is the weakest part of the book that how strong the claims are and how this was wrong and this was wrong and this was wrong. That, in general, concerns me, and I've seen nothing this for that I would consider persuasive. Nonetheless, I do plan in the future show to dig deeper into the history of the Hebrew Bible to dig deeper with you on the air in a way that by going to journey with me. The words, if you while studying this hopefully learn something if you're brand-new to it.

It'll make sense will take you through it so I hope to return to some of those questions because you know these things become more controversial and then the question comes up was New Testament primarily quote the Septuagint.

The simple answer is the writing in Greek, the people it would have the Bible in Greek and that was the Greek translation but did they think was more accurate fear they are today the different was with the keeper said it so all these questions will get into further depth gobbling in the future. All right, let's go back to the phones Audrey and Southlake, Texas. Thanks for joining us on the line of fire. Dr. Brown I have a confession to make clear, I really appreciate the work that you your you're doing, I went to grill the month of March date came back week in April and I came back my how you awareness, lightbulb moment I just can't get enough of reading your website and listening to you but I did not have a prefect for the work that you you been doing that now. I do and that I really thank you for that because it really opened my delight anyway.

While Israel and Jerusalem. At the other location in the middle eat I will comment comment taken with somebody at people that lived there and out when I went to the left a while a few time. I know that there is like Garrett getting your asking for. But, speaking at dinner with me, but a couple grill at people do that. Let it grow that non-Christian back that what kind of where you are happier to take care of the poor and needy and homeless, and a stable lite Hyde Park.

To take care of our widows and orphans and our people without those people he thought the West a while there just sitting out there because they wanted it out there because we have a good wear for them in entrails that there's no need for you Ali and money, note or dictate that you see on TV asking for money for display to that that we don't really need money for adult cognitive.I want to ask you what do you know about where they have and it's really right of first thing thanks for the fresh appreciation for work but like there is a lot of people out there with luggage messages and in some sense will focus on the subject more we can we can end up appreciating their work more but but I'm glad your trip to Israel did that and if if, of course, asked Dr. Brown the main website, but the Jewish focus website is real which we recently revamped real and answering the other side of the break I just want to say this, there is poverty in Israel there is poverty, probably 25% of people is really even higher live under the poverty line. There are kids were impoverished and not starving with your impoverished organizations like together for Israel that I work with regular conference colorful there constantly funneling money in their needy Ethiopians use it on the door needs within Israel and Christmas are helping with those birthday. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown looking Thursday, taking her Jewish related calls today. So tomorrow Christians around the world celebrate Good Friday Jews around the world celebrating the first two nights of Passover Seder's and then the holy the holy days of Easter and passive wall they happen: Siebel remember in the beginning there were not separate holidays, the death and resurrection of Yeshua took place during Passover celebrated during the time of Passover and that's that's what is the heart and core of this is a poster Judy dismisses in Christianity is the snow. No Messiah dies and rises in conjunction with Passover and firstfruits in that to me is the ideal way to celebrate this. Yes, by all means have Good Friday have resurrection so they would do it in the midst of the same time is past, which happens to work out pretty well this year so Audrey Israel is is a very socialized state for sure.

And there are high taxes and a lot of really good programs in in Israel.

In that sense it would be closer to a Scandinavian type of mentality them than what we have in America closer okay. Nonetheless, there still is poverty, there still are real needs a visit some of the places with impoverished kids, you still have hardship within families. You still have real-life situations that that put a drain on you financially and then immigrants coming into the country. They may have been a certain status in their previous society, live left everything came here and it's hard for them to get jobs. It's it's hard to get settled in their their living in substandard ways so that does exist and there and even Holocaust survivors. Of course there less and less as the years go on.

Many of them as you need more care and that there there needs that they have. So you just want to give to a legitimate organization. If you have someone that's begging by the wall.

That's their shtick. That's what they're doing and how they make their money. No and especially within the religious Jewish community. There is going to be more care for the poor within their mitts so they they get a lot of governmental help because many of the men study all day and don't work regular jobs are supported by the governments part of the how the religious religious Jewish parties say it will join your coalition if you help us with these various things of within the ultra-Orthodox community leaders more poverty as a whole. That's because they're happy to live like that and was there just wonderful all the time to to being in Torah study, entitlement, study, and then having more kids and things like that and but their system is also much more internally self-supporting, written not just to have someone destitute on the street is got a community that helps the poor within their own midst. So there's some truth to what your friends were saying but it's exaggerated, it is exaggerated if if you just get online and search for, and how many people live in poverty in Israel.

Many Arab Israelis are impoverished and things like that.

So there are legitimate needs.

You just want to give to the right organization and together for Israel to me is the number one organization to gifted what one of one of the really good ones because their believers in the letting people know hey were doing this with the help of Christians around the world. This aware of showing you love. Worse, if you give some to some other organizations like the international fellowship Jews and Christians that was fronted by Phil Eckstein.

I was daughter running it. I may have said them slightly wrong. But you see them all over TV Yet he brought that up at American lightning and Alpine organization date your collecting money market, often going to help that is so, so in number number one that there there collecting tens of billions of dollars, especially for Christians in America. They are legitimately helping people.

They are legitimately helping older Jews or Jews in Osa coming from Ukraine. Our things like that.

There are legitimately doing but number one. Yes, there are higher administrative costs which is gifted to for Israel. Everything you give to together for Israel to stay sedated to go to the poor, and Israel goes to the point is of that's the way they were in the organization.

They raise money to to pay people to support the organization but the money that comes indirectly to go Israel ghost Israel. That's one thing.

The other thing is that from what I understand, the people receiving the funds are not told that these funds are coming from Christians around the world, which means you are giving the money and Christian love.

But the people receiving it. Don't know because that that's what I've been told, very explicitly now I'm a master rabbi involved to correct me from all yes got documented, but that's what hurt I can guarantee with together for Israel. So to for and other organizations, especially with lead by messianic Jews.

They will they will tell you okay this money came from Christians around the world that love you and want to bless you. So let's let's do it. Let's do it the right way. Thank you very much for checking in and asking the right questions right. Let's set let's go to Eric in Bolingbrook, Illinois.

Welcome to the line of fire doing very well thank you. Glad you like but you have, but what are your thoughts on studying the bedrock and how that has that help under standing.

The old man in the Bible as a whole. Yes of course of study midrash over the years. There are many many many many volumes of midrash okay select one book reason like the Talmud. You have different midrash traditions over primitive of many centuries, so the earliest ones going would be called magician hello saw the legal basement machine going back to the early centuries of this era, others develop a secure body or procedure throughout Kahana would go back may be to like the eighth and ninth centuries. Mr. Schwab on the five books of Moses and then on on the five scrolls. Now that's that's in between the states so you're talking about many many different books written over many hundreds of years and you're also talking about portions of the Talmud.

That would be called a Gothic midrash trick which are not legal interpretations but more the storytelling interpretation has it helped me understand the Old Testament, certainly not because it's it's midrash and other was atomically it's it's story.

It's it's interesting it's all what a beautiful illustration all how how interesting to hear but it's it's not based on factual tradition, and it it's not even a much of it is that even meant to be based in Noah's understand it's midrash it's it's storytelling. It's it's illustrating a point it's it's telling you Enoch was this old when this happened.

No know he was this older Adam was this older Adam will look like this are so it's beautiful. It's often fascinating and often puts a different spin on things, but it's it's absolutely not meant as authoritative commentary or accurate commentary. And even if some religious Jews will read parts of it as is accurate, it it that's us purpose and ultimately when you're when you're reading when reading midrash your you can read 10 different interpretations of the same verse, and they're all just giving different thoughts, different comparisons, so it's just after read it right to use it rightly when used rightly is beautiful and fascinating and interesting and unusual of but second it open off the meaning of the Texas different than reading say what what Rashi says in the 11th century about a particular biblical verse. Maybe he's got a good insight there that will cite the midrash often but you have to realize that for Christian reading your messenger reading it as authority and is just interesting. Fascinating condition, so I'll leave that end sometimes are doing a Jewish teaching that addresses this in the address that's, generically right other was using the drift on, religious robber, spreadsheet, or something like Brookshire about injury. Referring to a specific text, but it's interesting to illustrate notice was a very emotional story goals beautiful with the springs it out or the midrash relates this, but it's not in an authoritative authoritative opening up of Texas. Thank you for asking. By the way, about 18 minutes rally. Be right back on YouTube. So join us there for our weekly exclusive YouTube Q&A chat I get to as many questions in 45 minutes or hours possible.

So it goes much more rapidfire later because I just really at boom boom boom boom responding to. That's a lot of fun. That's at the Esther to Brown YouTube channel will be going live about 17 assessor for 15 Eastern time will launch her YouTube chat so by all means get in there. Take Keyshawn and Nashville, have time to bring on the air is the sea door good to study from the sea door is the daily prayer book of the Jewish people and then their special prayers for Sabbath, the holidays, so that's very good to learn to read the prayers that is separate from the Seder. The Seder which is is is that the festive commemorative meal at the beginning of Passover. The open nights of Passover and and you read from something called the Haggadah, then which is that the traditional ceremony to read through about Passover it again. This is based in Jewish tradition, but the sea door is the prayer book and sure to document learn the Bible from it, but to learn how Jewish people pray and the importance of prayers and water prayed on a daily basis holidays.

That's wonderful. Learn that in a beautiful prayers within it all right friends be blessed this first ever national not ashamed of Jesus to go to. Not ashamed of and then pushed her post using the hashtag pieces for 14 another program powered by the Truth Network

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