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Who Will Stand Up for the Children?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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April 13, 2022 5:50 pm

Who Will Stand Up for the Children?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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April 13, 2022 5:50 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 04/13/22.

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This is child abuse in the government sponsoring it time for the light a fire with your host biblical scholar and cultural commentator Dr. Michael Brown your voice for more rationality and spiritual clarity. Call 866-34-TRUTH to get on the line of fire and now there's your host Dr. Michael Brown. I do not government sponsored child abuse that's on talking about. No I'm not talking about the government sanctioning kidnapping children and abusing them. I'm not saying the government is censuring sanctioning torture of children by parents, etc. I am saying ideologically about policy with the government is sanctioning sponsoring fighting for amounts to child abuse and there are leading psychologists. There are leading medical experts who would agree.

In fact, policies that America is pushing for are different now than policies of some liberal urine European countries that are having a change of heart and recognizing the error of their ways we talk about today welcome to the want to fire this is Michael Brown here's another call 866-34-TRUTH 866-348-7884 Eisai will what on earth are you talking about, then how dare you call this child abuse of government sponsoring it yet. This is another reason that I could not in conscience vote for Joe Biden to be president. Another reason that I voted for Donald Trump with all of his warts and blemishes is because of these kinds of policies because the Biden administration told us they were going to implement these very things you should not be surprised if for whatever reason you voted for Joe Biden but you claim to be a Christian conservative. You should not be surprised that these policies have been implemented because the president before he was president was very vocal about this very loud and clear about this. So what you talking okay let's look at actual government policy get some video clips to play few friends today that our shockers shockers painful shockers will come to that in a moment. Trust me on this friends. No exaggeration here no exaggeration.

If you think I'm wrong, by all means give us a call and tell me why okay, I'm looking at a release from the government. Thursday, March 31, 2022.

All right Justice Department reinforces federal nondiscrimination obligations letter to state officials regarding transgender youth Justice Department announced today that it issued a letter to all state attorneys Atty. Gen. reminding them of federal constitutional and statutory provisions that protect transgender youth against discrimination, including when those youths seek gender affirming care quote.

The Department of Justice is committed to ensuring that all children are a belief live free from discrimination, abuse and harassment to Assistant Attorney General Kristin Clark, Justice Department civil rights division.

Today's letter reaffirms state and local officials obligation to ensure that their laws and policies do not undermine or harm the health and safety of children, regardless of a child's gender identity. Okay, that sounds great.

Nondiscrimination sounds great and I am all for nondiscrimination if if a boy identifies as a girl or girl identifies as a boy, I see that child is deeply confused and needing help from the inside out. But they shouldn't be treated cruelly, they shouldn't be hurt, they shouldn't be attacked. They shouldn't be marginalized. People will talk to them. Be nice to them without affirming their confusion, but this is not with this goes about see different states are saying in our state it is illegal to put a 10-year-old girl on puberty blockers.

It's illegal to put on these hormones, which may sterilizer for life and end six, seven years from now. She may realize when the second.

I'm not trans I'm lesbian or wait a second. I'm not trans, I just confused on straight. Either way, sterilized for life or other issues could come up from this or say if your 15-year-old girl identifies as a boy you cannot in our state have sex change surgery and were doing that for your good that you control your body, but for your good, just like you can't go to the doctor if you have body identity integrity disorder, and you believe you should have a left arm from the elbow down your Mott your mind map tells you that shouldn't be there.

You shouldn't have legs from the knees down and you want them amputated.

No, that's illegal in the same way. States are saying this, and there there are countries of Scandinavian countries.

Physicians in England. Other say hey we need to slow down this whole transitioning thing. We were so eager to sale carefully diagnosed with hundreds for this is the path you get on the hormones get on the purely blockers you get 16 surgery clearly states their lysing rule will will slow them best to let the children go through puberty. Naturally best to let the child develop and grow. What's been determined at least 80%, sometimes even closer than 90% of those kids.

After going through puberty will no longer identify as trans. So this is been known for years, but as as as these positions are watching the kids wanted to D transition or 20-year-old girl Singleton what did I do I I chopped off address and I sterilized myself life because I was a confused 14-year-old kid and the doctor supported that another suing the clinics and in many of the people of us and will will big mistake. Big mistake. Now you say will actually work out. I mean I what's actually happening in schools and and things like that. What what some of the child abuse him talking. Okay, look at this headline.

Your post your post talking about New Jersey and where the educational system may be going there been watching this one. Develop for days now and have documented many other cases, years before this New Jersey gender identity lessons for first-graders kids that are six or seven years old proof parents were right to worry this from April 10 so hot off the press just a few days ago which children should be taught about sex and gender. And when has become a hot topic across the country. But parents didn't choose this. It was forest upon them.

Starting September New Jersey first-graders will learn about gender identity under new sex education guidelines. Parents receive sample lessons at Westfield Board of Education meeting in February, one red, you might feel like you're a boy, if you have body parts that some people might tell your girl parts you is so, is there not even girl parts. It's what some people might tell you are girl parts you might feel like your girl if you body parts that some people might tell your boy parts you might not feel like you're a boy or girl Peter little of both.

No matter how you feel your perfectly normal. What why the world are you talking to kids under six and seven about this one of one says I feel like I'm actually a bird or Superman or a tractor-trailer or monster truck were.

Is that okay to and people may tell me I have parts that are considered human. These are little kids there locate and edit.

Perhaps the one in 100 that might actually feel a little confused about their gender identity. The best thing to do is nothing. Just let them grow out of it. Just give them time. Don't try to make the boy Mott sure the girls super feminine if if the boy likes playing with it out toys that are more gentle and softer. The girl likes doing things and more boy like you running around the house than cowboys and Indians often stop the behavior but don't react to it as if that Mary or Tom actually transcends that we need to make you into a Tom girl now and and there is no reason for that and you say is it that bad.

Okay, here are a couple of videos of people boasting pre-school teachers. What I put on the year before another. I haven't disposed more recently but people who feel this the right thing to do. People have deeply lost their way and really need the Lord in their lives. They're not my enemies. Jesus died for them to I want to see these people repent fine wholeness new life in Jesus, but they want to influence your kids from preschool and if it's something new. This is happening in schools all over America and has been for years, but were at the place rat today because people ever want to talk about it then want to raise the issue what weapon shouting for the rooftops of this machete for new cost for me would turn a deaf ear. Okay, let's listen to one notified me. The children of whom probably was crazy but not only that, but they also know that I'm gender fluid. At one point last year I had explained to them that I was not Ms. Lewis or Mr. Lewis is just Lewis please I'm not aware girl in all well and good until October when I also explained to them the name Hagan, so I am also which and at one point I got a haircut and I got an assignment will have to save down in a coming awakening of the children as the list believe you should hear sister. There's no Lewis is a girl and 1/3 child suddenly yells. No guys we've been over this. Lois is in a boy or a girl. Lewis is no bleach this is child abuse that person that individual. Lois has no business telling your kids that she's neither a boy nor girl which is pagan.

She's a witch whenever she feels her own life.

She can feel in our own life. You do not put this onto preschool children little children kindergarten children.

This is child abuse. Okay, let's listen to one more we play this one on here for you before but is worth playing again is been my first year increase go the path of my own in teaching alongside another queer in her diversion educator and we have been rocking Archie's class. We've been talking about gender and skin color, and consent and empathy, and our bodies in economy. If an butter teaching team is shifting and a new person is being onboard as someone with many years experience today at the lunch table when the topic of gender and genitals came up one of our student plainly looked up and said I'm a girl today, but I know the teacher cow isn't now the and the look on the incoming teachers based was priceless. She was stopped in a good way and she just looked around at the two of us that this class is incredible and I am so impressed that is child abuse and of course the end be nonbinding. Oh she's teaching kids who have no clue about sexuality, gender in that sense and now non-binary. Let's teach Carl God have mercy on these people. They are putting terrible stumbling blocks before little impressionable children that could destroy their lives.

No-no exaggeration will be right back to the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown got on the line of fire by calling 866343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown, loving friend eight since we are on life talk radio.

If you have run into this in your schools. If you have seen aggressive pro-LGBT Q plus agendas in your school.

By that I do not mean teaching children to be nice you can teach children to be nice you can say, bullying is bad but nothing gave her a buyer trance is good. Queer is good. You can say, bullying is bad. You should say treat everybody nicely you teach your kids say if someone seems to be like the other kids don't like them push what you be nice to great. Do all that but but if you are encountering aggressive agendas in your school you been able to push back you been able to raise issues you been able to help your kids navigate through this, by all means let us know.

Give us a call 8663 for to use easement to get mail your your trance phobia shining number look children shining. That's what Shawnee my love for children hate glad which initially was the gay lesbian alliance against defamation and that I nicknamed them the gay and lesbian alliance against disagreement because they were trying to ban different ones of us from secular media shows. I was on the list of verse 36 commentators that should not be allowed on to give our viewpoint because it was considered too toxic so you don't have an exchange of CNN or or MSNBC or someone else could have exchange of ideas is no no no don't bring us on because our ideas are too poisonous and toxic. So that's when I change the D from defamation to disagreement with her sister said.

Glad that's what Gladys is glad so they put out a public service announcement and it's his lovely it's beautifully done. It's it's very caring and kind, but tragically it misses the whole point. But let's look at their PSA, their public service announcement one minute long do I need a family. The transgender can carry our access to backflips Max loves to play his ukulele. Suggest you can spend some time I was pregnant I really wanted was a happy, healthy child and I think I never met a transient child before what I want to know is that child is no different than yours. They have the same hopes and dreams deserve the same equality is your child has me to like it as often as we can.

We let them in as many ways as possible. There are some politicians were trying to tear my family apart simply because my son is transgender trance kids don't have a political agenda. They are just kids just want to be left alone.

Megan is just like yours. We let our kids unconditionally stand with us protect our families so good in that is it puts human face on the kid and gives your heart for the family and shows you how mom and dad could field are doing the right thing. The loving thing. The compassionate thing by saying that would say that girl was next seen at birth on the work with her name was.

But saying is she's no Mac. She's a boy and she's happy being a boy in and we we just love our our our son. We thought was a dog lover's okay so you appreciate the love for the parents appreciate the fact it is kid is not what colic are about some word on Trant Noah's regular kid regular kid is kid want to have fun and enjoy life, you silly things and do and do educational things to do kids do have friends good good good all good so far in terms of putting a human face on the family showing how families feel are doing the loving thing can embrace their kids trance identity and reminding us. That's just kid leave the kid alone where the video compliantly messes things is number one.

If you want to have a healthy whole child. Right. That's what they want was was a healthy whole child is with the mom says right to deny boy or girl or boy to identify the skill or go identifies boy was a healthy child. The path that you're putting the kid on maybe what she's young teenager now based on that that add so the pastor putting that child on this, the path away from health and wholeness for it is the path of puberty blockers just it. It is, is the path of hormones for life is the path of all types of risky surgery and may be multiple surgeries. It is the path to a life which is often marked by depression and even suicide.

Why on earth why on earth would you want that for your kid when the best solution is to do what they say leave the kid alone.

In other words, the cited daughters Maxine.

Maxine is Maxine not Max.

And don't put Maxine on hormones to block the onset of puberty and and don't mutilate Maxine's body. Don't you want to healthy, whole child don't give a perfectly healthy whole child.

A full mastectomy or or then reconstructive surgery on another parts that is the opposite of healthy and whole work time at some of the disease much about amputating a disease limb.

So this is the the perversion, but by perverting the twisting of things I had on the air, Kelly Nugent, you better know Kelly Scott, here is a woman now identifies as field to female to male transgender who is shouting as loudly as she can to the point of partnering with someone like me when we fundamentally differ on so many issues on the Bible and God and homosexuality and and the nature of marriage and family. We fundamentally differ loudly and clearly for the whole world to know and yet come together that I try to amplify Kelly's incredibly courageous voice sacrificially courageous voice shouting to not transition children and do not allow them to think that they are contrary to their biological sex and do not play into that. She shouting from the top of her lungs and getting a lot of flak for and paying a real price for with incredible courage and tenacity even while fighting through sickness and problems and issues think don't don't do this. It's not the loving thing to do. Ultimately there are reasons. As I said that top medical researchers and psychologists have said when you mess with the natural development of children either surgically chemically drugs it is child abuse that is correct and and ultimately fixes it will. Let's see what this actually means. But let's let's see what these issues mean in terms of flushing them out in the life your child is pretty shocking.

It's pretty shocking.

Check out the interview that I did with Kelly.

Just search on Ovitz. If you search the web semester to

If you search on that and just put in female to male. You should find or read the articles would be under Scott Nugent just typing Scott Nugent NEWGENT Newsweek transgender just type that it Scott Nugent, Newsweek, transgender, and read the article back in February of last year for every 20, 21 that so got my attention because, which I reached out to Kelly and then she to me and I've I've never met anybody more passionate about these issues and this is what it working with me as much as possible to to raise our voices against this form of child abuse.

Okay I'm getting of the phones momentarily, but so is not to control for the break. A couple of quick announcements and their combats as I got some newspaper headlines talk about all in Disney. Yeah Disney can update you on that as well tomorrow first ever national not ashamed of Jesus day go to, not ashamed of if you haven't done that. Not ashamed of go there and post this on social media and then figure out what triggered you of of got my my shirt ready for tomorrow to where it is an attention getter.

It's a day when together. Some of us coming out of a self-imposed closet where we have openly shared our faith.

Some of us just looking for the right opportunity with a neighbor with a friend with a coworker. It's the day we go out of our way to send the message were here. We love Jesus love you and were not ashamed.

Not ashamed of and then tomorrow post even if it's three seconds or it's it's just a picture dispose of your little testimony to share what happened. Or maybe some boldness can be found other workers in your job are the students that were believers.

Also just get on social media and use the hashtag Jesus for 14 so hashtag Jesus for 14 if you say what's a hashtag knowing about those who know with the get the word out with spread this spread the encouragement together. Also, if you are watching on YouTube right now. Take a second and just click on the thumbs up button on YouTube on the like button, take a second and do that and then just let us know in the comments where you are. You may be a regular viewer, you may be brand-new blessed on the comments for your watching on Facebook. Just click share right after shows all the mice at one of the lead that easily. These are ways as I've been doing some YouTube interviews with some colleagues and regional a lot of people on YouTube purchasing it.

These are some great ways to help more people view and it helps YouTube and Facebook promote things of your watching on YouTube and enjoying it. Just click on the on the thumbs up button the like button do that and then just say hi to us where you're from in the chat room watching on Facebook to the same. Let us know where your watching from on Facebook and then click share the get the video out to more people and are hosting the reason on the air is to reach as many people as we can with the truth. We won't water down the truth to reach more but we love to reach the maximum number of people with the truth, uncompromised, unvarnished, just tell it like this will come right back. Go to the phones 866-34-TRUTH 784 is Disney now exhibiting some extreme hypocrisy. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown got on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks friends for on the line of fire.

This is Michael Brown. I was I was looking in a closet. There was a stack of old T-shirts and there were some that were right red orange Co. I thought okay it is, is that the one going back to 1983 Nancy bought it for me when she was in Tulsa Oklahoma brought it back who lived on Long Island and it was so bright it was. So Garrison is just a Jesus on the kind of thing is just your where there was like all will you believe in Jesus is one of the shouting out messages. I was aware it tomorrow for national not ashamed of Jesus day but confided those T-shirts rush the Oldenburg when I was heavy and with different message. Good message but different message so I got a shirt specially for tomorrow to try to start some conversations around in public. We shall see. If you haven't visited again national not ashamed of Jesus to go to. Not ashamed of spread the word, 866-3487 84 were talking about government-sponsored child abuse were talking about government approved school curricula that are doing things to children that ought not to be done that are putting ideas in their head or that are sanctioning certain treatments of their bodies that are destructive their forms of child abuse. Ultimately, no matter how loving the motivation may sound, what could be behind a lot of it could be is great because of all the money that can be made through transitioning children, then you've got it for life for life.

You get a paying customer. I lets up list of the phones and I will update you on a few more things of interest here again on the radio.

We are here to be your voice from all 17 spiritual clarity. That's what were here. That means review with culture that means were going to deal with Bible that means really deal with the things that are important off-site things that you live in. They by day.

I lets go to the phone. Starting with Jesse in Twin Cities Mrs. Minnesota.

Welcome to the line of fire. Conduct sure thing Ari Carter might take. Turmeric to unpack. When I asked this question. I'll start out with it, how much of this idea of transgendered have to do it earlier them. How much of that have to do with you not speak your truth is, there's some repercussions by God separating ourselves from the objective truth of the Bible that none of the private so even Jordan Peterson said the Bible is the foundation for truth in the West, but I wonder what he means by that. Even Jordan Peterson. I thinking mean something like this is the truth. We still happen to have rather than this is the fundamental objective.

So what do you think that as a culture it separated themselves from seeing the Bible as being valid that this is why these particular pluralistic in my truth movement that taken root or is there a deeper issue that is just separating ourselves from the Bible as truth is such excellent questions, let me tell my answer into three parts with regard to Jordan Peterson. I've not listen to him and read him enough to be able to say right now where he stands in the woods. Is he going from the viewpoint that many Christians would have the Bible gives us God's absolute truth and therefore base our lives and the truth is foundational to morality and sanity, etc. or is he saying that, historically it has been our foundation and it's a good foundation.

Those are not opposite sides of of a coin in terms of contradictory could be two sides of the same coin. So I don't I don't know on what little he saying if he succumbed to that full appreciation for the Bible is God's word the way that that we do which we would then explain why he would make that statement or is he saying it more just objectively. This is this is the reality but it's it's a good thing to hold to so I can't comment on that more deeply, but as to the other points. The, the pluralism idea or speak your truth. It absolutely ties in with this because here there is the progression we say this is morally wrong adult really is that adultery is morally wrong. Fornication as is morally wrong beating your spouse is morally wrong and we just we have these moral absolutes will over time many that were in the church began to question his moral absolutes in a society that at different times in our history have been more God fearing and holding his foundations more deeply begin to say that your morality you have your morality. We have our morality don't don't tell me it's immoral when when my wife and I have three other couples that we swap with don't we do it consensually without hurting anybody. So you went from absolute morality to relative morality, then the same thing happen with truth you have your truth you speak your that may be true.

It's not true for me will know the the fact that the earth goes around the sun is true is not my truth. Your truth it's true that the the fact that I'm in North Carolina now is not my truth. It is true. But now that came under assault so you know I have absolute morality you have relative morality you know I have absolute truth you have relative truth and then it began to move further where where is Rachel dollars, all a white woman identifies as black.

Therefore, she is black or the parent man identifies as a parent there for he's apparent that you now one from absolute reality to relative reality. So if you can go to relative reality and relative truth relative more morality, then certainly I can identify as several people and what I can identifies non-binary. I can identify as female or male or they were the sealers, etc. that's a logical progression now that the biggest issue in your question. That's the third part of my answer is, is this an attack on truth of Scripture or a challenge to move us away from what causes in a couple of distinct ways. It is number one, number one, the foundation of all foundations is the existence of God and then that he is the one and only creator and then the pinnacle of his creation. Human race. And then he made us male and female in the visa foundations. Foundations laid out in Genesis of this is an attack on the idea that there are two sexes/genders male and female summits intersects is is biologically deficient there something wrong with they don't fit in all the categories like some of his blind or some of his death doesn't mean that God did not make us to see God make us to hear, but there's a defect there. There is a disability right but when it comes to God's intention for the race. There are not multiple genders, sexes. One well-known your gay psychologist a few years ago made the statement look there the more than 6 billion people on the earth and more than two genders and all. This is an infinite possibility of of ranges so it's an attack on fundamental Scripture. There and then it's an attack on the word because there has now been such a an effective campaign of solidarity for the LGBT Q plus plus plus community that anyone that differs with their gender. Anyone that says you know it's best to have a mom and dad raising kids as opposed to desert to moms or God did not biologically make a man to be with the woman or woman. Susan a man to be with a man or woman to woman made men for women will permit the movie say that you're not branded your hater your bigot using this antiquated book from an antiquated God. So solidarity with this agenda and with LGBT to plus people that has created an animosity towards God, towards the word towards us. So it's Stephanie been effective in that regard, and we overcome it is is with persevering truth in love.

That's the way we overcome it and by exposing where this thing really goes so there's much to the questions that you're asking Sir think Mark you are you are very welcome. All right if if you want to weigh in an experience that you had baby or young person listening you want to tell you what's happening in your school right at or maybe you're there with your mom or dad and one calling together with us knows, maybe your teacher here tell you what is that I understand the situation. Feel free to call in anonymously without even giving your location you have to sit with stateroom. This call in anonymously because I know for some like if someone knows why and I told her in the hear my voice recognize me, go ahead and let us know Scott, but it's like that that there is this much fear that that if I if I sure was actually happening openly and publicly that a threat my job exaggerating friends.

I'm not. There was one more headline relative relative to this again back to curricular that's been put forth the New Jersey public schools. The headline on daily mail of New Jersey public school students as young as 10 to be taught that puberty blockers are except a way to quote manage adolescents all reword this and that self pleasuring a few times a day is a healthy way to relieve stress. Sample lesson plan reveals. This is also a form of child abuse friends is okay so so back to him back to business that I was going to get there so that Walt Disney bought the animal to think the Disney foundation the Disney industry.

This the Empire has become increasingly radically pro-LGBT Q plus increasingly right and you Mesa why you say LGBT Q plus what to emphasize the endless cycle to emphasize where we always said this was going to go. You can keep adding letters you keep adding concepts because there is there's no realistic check on this so Disney fighting tooth and nail tooth and nail against Florida's education bill wrongly billed the don't say Gabriel the bill that sanely, soberly, rightly says do not do not talk to children K through three third grade do not talk to them about issues pertaining to sexuality or gender identity to appropriate it's not it's not right for that age.

So don't do it so and in a new fill fantastic beasts. Three.

I think it is there some interaction which indicates some key characters are gay so check out this announcement as a studio, recommitted to safeguard the integrity very formidable release that extends to circumstances that necessitate making Nuance cuts in order to respond sensitively to a variety of in market factors this is a statement from Warner Bros., whether talking about is that these these gay conversations and is fantastic beasts movie are considered offensive to the audiences in China so what does it all or can I case because the horse was totally sensitive to the listening audience viewing audience both associate all their trash. The values of American trash.

The values of American conservatives and Christians their trash though and go to war in the state of Florida, Hobart China course with whatever you say God is what what hypocrisy is the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown got on the line of fire by calling 866342 here again is Dr. Michael Brown okay correction. This is hypocrisy's been on display and quite a few other ways, especially with being this great children's network. In this great empire with children's parks and all of that and then the declaring war on children in the name of fighting for children fighting against these sound bills in states like Florida. However, as I was reading this because of all the reports of getting up and putting these together with these every morning I get a summary of different news items from from around the world through through a network that we work within your key things and coats and stuff like that Warner Bros. is not the this is Warner Bros. not Disney so Warner Bros. is not the one specifically fighting the wrongly called don't say Gabriel, just to clarify, so my apologies for rebuking the wrong entity in the wrong way. Although this is absolute with your rebuke. Absolutely worthy of being called out for what they're doing now and clips that we played all last week from some other executives say no there there. They are all for every way they can, indoctrinating kids with with every clear image and ideas etc. that they think is good and healthy in their view, they're doing the right thing to do the right thing and and by indoctrinating kids getting kids to think differently, but be sure there's intent. There's been the agenda for years and years, and such secret vessel thing if if if you read any part of of a queer thing happened to America. Clement, 2011 which I began researching for 2005 to 6 years of reading and studying research that went into that and lots of interaction with the gay community to hear their heart to hear their side and to rightly understand before presenting things so's been fair and truthful in the midst of deep, profound differences, the goals been clearly laid out for years. Agendas have been clearly marked out for years.

It didn't just happen by coincidence. This is likely the old adage when people torment intelligent design etc. etc. you know and okay what if you came down the morning and in your your alphabet cereal had a message waiting for you and and you know you sit down you see the box tipped over and there. It's all spelled out with hundreds and hundreds these little cereal pieces saying this is a message from your God. I'm the one who created you and brought them into this world and have not been pleased with the way you're living now's the time to repent and get right with me. I urge you to do it now signed the Lord and literally you're the only one that is only one in your house to the only one in your apartment and that box spilled outside okay that didn't just happen by coincidence, but didn't just happen in a fortuitous way that the box happen to get out of the cabinet and happen to fall in the hundreds and hundreds of pieces happened to form those specific words no no is the happen know so that the atheist responses would be the.

The message of the rule notices like little circle pieces. This is laid out a rule that could evocative over that could happen, but not when there's a message like that so similar. All the things that have happened in our society, from the redefining of marriage outrageously by the Supreme Court to things that are talking should school student to what you see, the median social media and movies and all. It is been planned by people who thought it's good and right to introduce these ideas or push for these. As is ratification. You know that Joe the background temperature fell that the the infamous Supreme Court decision were Anthony Kennedy switched in and joined with liberals and he's on either side for some years and some of the things and voted to redefine marriage and and also the symbols never saw it happen where people use this as a wedge against those who differ. Similarly, no course prophesied predicted exactly where we are today were successful marriages that uses a wedge issue to discriminate against those with with other views, namely biblical views, namely historic views, namely right views. In any case.

In any case. The case itself is removing and in here you've got this gay couple that always wanted to be legally married but couldn't be in an one of them is his dying is rigorous, so they're able get with the decision to fly him in.

You know it even though we so we can for them to be formally marriage is very touching on a human level, but it's heartbreaking as well because God never intended that without some brokenness somewhere in these lives. These men would not have been attracted to men got had a better wing did not create them for that purpose about something being wrong somewhere and every one of us as human beings is broken woman. Another needs needs healing.

These redemption needs forgiveness.

Every one of us destroy the human level is removing the.

The consequences of the Supreme Court's decision absolutely disastrous on every level and in any case, why are we surprised that these things are happening so Dr. Brown you seem surprised or so automated know I'm grieved compassionate.

I'm not surprised because we talked about these things. Years and years and years and years and years ago in writing in different formats so when people comes ABC in the slick road about five years ago warned about 10 years ago, and others before me.

So dismay can play friends just making it plain right we are coming into in the midst of a holy season for many Christians around the world. For some believers reduce same for some Jewish believers.

The emphasis discussion on Passover of his emphasis on Easter. The emphasis in my view, should be on the death and resurrection of the Messiah within Passover supposed to separate holiday but with that in mind, let me grab one more call and we go to Jesse and Dayton Ohio. Welcome to the line of fire of you know what bothers me the church has allowed out. I'm not real exquisite in language thing, but in Leviticus it out, and in the 23rd chapter.

Leviticus in the hand just yet. I thought I I'm sorry I thought you had a different question about Good Friday this Sunday so you just let let's just focus on that in the time we have consent to be more helpful to others. If you don't mind. Okay okay well you there will when the lamb was put there on the thing day of meat on the lamb was put there and on the 15th day was was unleavened bread beginning on the 15th which was a holy convocation on to the Lord and the and and then there was the regular stab at and in the event of 50 talked about you know the weekly Sabbath and then the the Sabbath after the what. Anyway Jesus that he would be in the grave, and I know I've heard people say what part of the day could represent a whole day, that's fine. I got no problem there, but that he would be in the grave for three not know you can't get no three nights from Friday night, the third Reich Jason and photosensor frame that right yet and I'm only jumping in for time six or so make sure people understand this.

The Bible does clearly something this day was the Sabbath when when Jesus is crucified.

So he's crucified and taken down from across before the Sabbath right so that that said plainly so it's only understood okay so Friday is what is crucified and then the Sabbath starts Friday evening right this beginning of the seventh in Judaism or in the Bible right so starts their Sabbath. That's Friday night and then Saturday day so that's one day than Saturday night and it's Sunday, so that's secondary into the third day, and that's once is gonna rise on the third day, so that happens, but is just is pointing out Jesus says like Jonah was in the belly of the fish for three days and three nights. He will be in the heart of the earth for three days and three nights. So some of argued then that the Sabbath it's being spoken of their is not the seventh day Sabbath, but that the Sabbath of the first day of the Passover right and that that's what it's talking about so let's say then Jesus was crucified on a Wednesday. Then this first Sabbath of the first of the Passover or the holy convocation, then that would follow.

So that is now beginning. That night, so it's Wednesday night, Thursday Thursday night Friday Friday night Saturday night have said, let there be 1/4. Then a resurrection so was a note just back into a Thursday so why is there almost universal belief or massive majority belief in the early church on the Jesus was crucified on Friday. Note just to be totally clear on finding a way that was is not how I die on those Friday or Thursday are ones that your submissive and what was accurate was accurate so I you want to study a fresh look at it.

The answer that's commonly given is that in Jewish tradition at that time were developing Jewish tradition that any part of a day was considered to be a day so you know in America right now is to say our normal computation usually start some Thursday night at 1155 start on Thursday, 11:55 PM now the mom hits midnight during Friday's source of the second day.

Technically, so that that's all you need is part of the data be considered that.

That's the normal answer that's given, but Jesse rightly says how do you explain three days and three nights, and some say will that's just a figure of speech didn't have to be literally three days of yes that's why others have argued for crucifixion heroes Thursday or Wednesday. I know this will be live gobbling on Friday.

Skull Good Friday and for many Christians around the world is a very sacred time to meditate on the crucifixion of Jesus, by all means let it be sacred by all means take hold of the extraordinary sacrificial act on your behalf on my behalf that day. At the same time feel free to study the issues of fresh and then even more importantly, whether having a separate holiday right celebrate this in the context of in the midst of Passover and of course, resurrection Sunday degrees resurrection Sunday.

By all means is something the blessing of the Lord be yours. Six broadcast thoroughly with the another program powered by the Truth Network

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