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Dr. Brown Tackles All Your Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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April 8, 2022 5:30 pm

Dr. Brown Tackles All Your Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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April 8, 2022 5:30 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 04/08/22.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. Phone lines are open you got questions, we've got answers. Let's do it. It's time for the light a fire with your host biblical scholar and cultural commentator Dr. Michael Brown your voice for more insanity and spiritual clarity. Call 866-34-TRUTH to get on the line of fire and now there's your host Dr. Michael Brown requested of any kind that pertains in any way to anything we ever talk about on the line of fire pertains in any way that anything ever said written that guests on anything at all. Want to talk to me about 866-34-TRUTH. So if if you'd like. My prediction as to how Tiger Woods is going to do in the Masters is that our subject matter, or if you want my weather projection for the Northeast in the next 10 days will now set mire of expertise, but their host of things we can talk about, especially those who differ those race questions and intranet challenge meant different things.

I love to hear from you.

I'm not threatened or bothered by your questions in the least rebroadcasting this date from our studio mercy culture in Fort Worth, Texas. Great to be done.

I have an awesome week in Texas, 866-3487 84. The earlier in the show, you call the better chance we have of getting to your call. With that we will start in Corpus Christi, Texas, David, welcome to the line of fire around a fire. Thank you and I want to bring up from the Concord regional you know the people who behave look at my great strafe right wearing $3000 shoes or driving Bentleys and stuff like that and what people bragging when Paul bragged about his weakness in his infirmities, and this is such a epidemic in about a quick question paren America show will you say to all of it out here who want to say hey, who are the leaders who really have faith in no the ones who who, no matter what think they go to a good I think we really need from clarity from some electronic fishing will thanks for the question. So first there is a carnal prosperity message that is spread from America to other nations that has caused tremendous destruction. David Wilkinson's Wilkinson's words to me in the 90s of that the current prosperity message was came to the pit of hell and is this notion that the sign of spirituality is earthly riches that Jesus died to make us rich. That's with the gospel is about, of course, that's a perversion of the gospel. I believe in God's provision. I believe in God's abundance. I believe in the spirit of generosity that is very, very different from the carnal prosperity message which makes earthly riches as a spiritual goal as opposed to growing in Jesus to become more like him in and being a disciple and making disciples and glorify the Lord is as the goals for which we live and and yes there is an instance of that that you referenced where there was a famous American preacher in India and this was rolled little before 1993 or early 1993 when I first went there and the brothers were grieved over it. They said here's a guy tell us about faith. We know faith we we care for orphans. We we reach out areas with is no funding God provides for us, and here he is posting in India but is $3000 custom-made shoes. Where is the labor working the fields would make maybe a dollar a day, so, so they were offended by that and there was the lack of cultural sensitivity on the part of the preacher even to recognize that again it's not a sign spirituality to be poor, set aside a spirituality to where shoes with holes in them that it doesn't glorify the Lord where you can't help the poor and the needy. Could you have nothing yourself so again the God provide through us to touch the world with the carnal prosperity message has been very destructive and is spread through much of the world and in Africa in the other parts the world is been very destructive.

Is gotten people looking in the wrong things in the wrong direction. It is as as for who are the people with faith there find leaders all over America.

Their godly pastors there evangelist reaching out to the lost are people caring for the poor, and I'm not here to to list names of famous people who are fine Christian leaders, but rather to say, but for those in your communities that are reliable, that have a steady record of being Jesus followers without scandal who, whether the church is big with all glitz, whether it or a smaller meeting in a house that's the big issue.

The issues the quality of that person's life. The example that they set the message that they bring the fruit from their ministries look to that and if those of us who have national or international platforms can be a blessing again look at our lives. Look at the fruit that we born see the impact were having on on people and and let that be a God but thankfully there are far, far more godly leaders, humble leaders, serious servants of the Lord out there than the flamboyant flakes than the carnal prosperity superstores, but the bad apples give all the other apples a bad reputation scandal in a mega church or with a major ministry gets a whole lot more attention than your local pastor faithfully serving a flock for 20 or 30 years, therefore more faithfully serving than there are getting into all these kinds of serious errors in tricking a major level but it's best to know them through relationship and into track record over. If your say David appreciate the call by the way to go back to the phones in a moment and got some lines open often early in the show we don't so we drove some lines open if you want to get hold of us now, but I saw a threat on Twitter the other day and somehow my name came up mentioned in it and the thread was was about some mocker had had had made the, the comment that if some gal said if I'll get rich under become a Christian apologist and someone else commented and said hey you're always woman apologist, none of them are rich like well. The tech Ravi Zacharias.

It is worth. Thus, in such an insuperable list up and said they these people are not in it for money and somehow my name came up and then some us of August, when online search and Browns has a net worth of of 24 million. What I found another site that might net worth is 7 billion. With that I would be so because we give it away to ministries around the world.

But, but, in any way I read who knows where they come up with these things. I it's also labor my net worth. It's a million out. I'll tell the whole world of analysis but but in any case, there's all kinds of misinformation about people online and in you want to get to the truth. Don't just believe everything you read or see in the video do the research, but people should be known among you, so I'm known among the people with whom I worked for decades we have these close relationships and track records. You know me from a distance right but ideally you want to get to know the leaders that you really work with in terms of giving your life to a cause serving together, and you do that through being part of community with them as much as possible.

866-348-7884. Let's go to Kevin in Wichita, Kansas. Walking to the line of fire about a friend who had been critical of Zionism. Not any somatic buddy and ignited anti-unnumbered political things regarding Israel. He brought up that a number of rabbis feel that it really isn't a legitimate state because it was established by men rather than by God and quite heard of and I don't know how to address it right so before the founding of the modern state of Israel.

The most prominent religious Jews that the ultra-Orthodox rabbis leading their communities were for the most part hostile to the idea of a modern state of Israel being burst their feeling was that this is something the Messiah will do when the Messiah comes, he will regather the exiles and bring them back to the land when the Messiah comes, he will rebuild the temple.

This is the work of the Messiah for people to do it will be getting in the way of his work. That was one concern. A second concern was that it could be potentially a a secular state, and it was a secular state that would be the exact opposite of God's ideal, which was to be a a Torah centered, God centered state or nation. And then there was 1/3 concern.

This was the least on the list but that if you went ahead and set up a state of Israel before it's time. It would just create more anti-Semitism, more hatred of the Jewish people worldwide. There is even a Talmudic reference of three valves that that that God had Israel live under against this rabbinic tradition, but one of those once that they would not regather in mass to the limit without all, try to come up en masse to the land so a a regathering of excess before the messianic era would violate that thou there are groups called literary cartoon which is literally the keepers of the city and Aramaic and they they are up by the lake just from listening on radio podcast. Everything is good, but all of you watching on on live stream on Facebook and YouTube. I understand that what you have is moving lips without sound. We don't know why I have no clue why but our team is looking into it now so hopefully soon enough will be able to do that maybe I could put up a sign hold of the Zaza Zaza call yet. In fact, folks. If if you write up the side of those watching on High Street fifth Place tell their wives remove all right will do that during the break of this part of the side so you can still call forts that I don't know sign language I would tell you but that also explains why are the phone lines open but but anyway literary courts of these are ultra-Orthodox Jews. To this day they are militantly opposed to the modern state of Israel.

They would rather work with Yasser Arafat than they would work with the prime minister of Israel located in days past and there are many religious Jews within Israel who are hostile to the state because it is more secular because Jewish law is not enforced throughout the entire country and and that even though they live there.

They are not scientists but what changed a lot of opinion was the Holocaust. The absolute horrors of the Holocaust to out of every three Jews in Europe slaughtered some of these large ultra-Orthodox communities that were anti-Zionist slaughtered 3 million of 3.3 million Polish Jews nine out of every 10 posters killed that this change some of the sentiment and other rabbis recognize we do need a homeland and others have been saying in advance. Take this is part of the messianic error codes we begin to come back in the Messiah kind of takes it from there and finishes the work. So many, many religious Jews today do recognize the modern state of Israel as God burst and part of the harbinger of the messianic error many others not call a success.

If the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown now April 14 what's happening. That said, yes, national not ashamed of Jesus day.

So about you and me telling the world on this particular day were here were not ashamed. We love Jesus and we love you were not hiding in the shadows without avoiding the truth. We love you were here to share Jesus.

Let your light shine on that day so what specifically can I do go to, not ashamed of Jesus the Lord, not ashamed of will give you plenty of ideas if your pastor or leader replanted you can still share with you car you constantly get the word out social media got lots of churches lots that were destroying into do this, we believe it's a great way to push back against the cancel culture. Great way to push back against the silencing of the lambs a great way to push back against this attempt to marginalize us and muzzle us this a day.

In particular we can get the word out that were here. You may find out the many other believers of the workplace or in school that you didn't know about it may open a door for you to share the gospel with others so make sure not ashamed of and posted on social media today, which, if you feel good about it. Join us in doing that right seems that we are back with our video on the scream and are audio on live stream. If it's not synchronized correctly, is always a new challenge.

It's amazing. But here we are. Hopefully everyone can hear me loudly and clearly all right.

Let's go back to the phone with Jennifer and Colorado. Welcome to the line of fire. Hey, I am kind of a complicated question that I found myself, I know that many people have kind of get what was written in the sand with the woman that was to be stoned in John chapter 8 and Jeremiah 17 to 2 project manager know their names will be written in the years but the London say that they have forsaken the Lord, the fountain of living water, and that's kind of the Rev. that to get me questioning a little bit more because of the enzyme 738, which is the previous chapter at benefiting others out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water ran. My question is kind of twofold primitives referred to could also Jeremiah 213 for my people have committed to evil Bamford taken me the fountain of living waters and you know cistern for themselves, broken cisterns that can hold no water and the real meat of my question, then, possible that that reference can be during the festival Sukkot because the broken foot and hold no water referred to the water libation ceremony and the fact that that wasn't Torah or is it even possible that Jeremiah would be referring to that ceremony okay.

It's unlikely that your mother is referring to the ceremony. The God being a fountain of living water is simply that it's an image he presents himself. If you look in Jeremiah 2 and many many different figures he is he is a husband to Israel with his estranged wife in the just of the other way she resents himself. So in a society where where living water, which means just generically as is running waters for free-flowing streams and things like that so forgot to be the source of that the fountain of that the imagery is very clearly understood. That's one John four is Jesus is talking to him about living water. She doesn't get it. Initially, because mine came with just me running water somewhere like as a supposed restraint well stream and this is not on time at something spiritual so in John seven went when he when he then says that he wants theirs to let them come to me and drink. That's in conjunction with Sukkoth tabernacles and the water procession that that have daily where where the priests would be walking towards the temple with these massive jugs of water, so that's yours contrasting. As for tying in of the end of John seven into John eight that that's as fascinating as it is in Jeremiah 17. Perhaps no tying with the writing and in the earth and all that that would be the most specular part because the earliest manuscript or John do not have John 81 through 11. There is that passage is it in some one early tradition is found in the Gospel of Luke and others is just an independent tradition, so it doesn't seem that in the earliest copies of John that John 81 through 11 was actually there that we do believe that Scripture but us to that exact location of it. It's debatable as to the meaning of Jeremiah 17 it's interesting the the the new Jewish publication Society translation says of those in the land to turn few shall be doomed and then explains it saying literally inscribed in the meaning of the Hebrews is is uncertain, but it reads it differently. It's those in the land returned from you shall be doomed and I'm just looking at it it it doesn't talk about writing something in the dirt so it just just the Hebrews, not speak of that so I don't believe that that whatever Jesus wrote in the dirt that would tie in with Jeremiah 1713. The Hebrews deftly speaking about some as being inscribed and in the earth. Your names written or something like that, subsequent six signification of doom and judgment right back to the phones 866-34-TRUTH let's hang on, let's go to Michael in Boston, Massachusetts. Welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Brown are doing very well thank you so recently I was baptized and I would I was praying silently like doubled up out there with parking Berkeley. I didn't hear him say in the name of father son and Holy Spirit, though I don't know if it was that at all and secondly I didn't verbally confess Christ as Lord and Savior because I was in alfalfa didn't know I would. I was supposed to is the baptism valid or I could.

I couldn't find anywhere scripturally working for ever rebaptized so right, so when you were baptized. Was it understood that you were doing this to make a public profession of your faith yeah right so the purpose of your baptism. There were other people there as witnesses. Yes, the whole church rights of the whole church new that you Michael were making a public profession of your faith that you are following Jesus and your life belongs to him. Correct yet I would not have that. Yeah right. Okay will then mission accomplished. Mission accomplished. All right that you don't let out yet. I don't know. You go ahead matter people are baptized in the name of the father public Bureau, or if it then the name of Jesus Christ.

There are people who try to claim Jesus only people who try to claim if you are not baptized in the name of Jesus is not valid deposition is to be rejected, the, the clear teaching in Matthew 28, baptized in the name of the fathers of the Holy Spirit in the earliest traditions we have in the church. That's what was done. You say, well, is it invalid if I was baptized in Jesus name.

No, I don't believe it was invalid if the understood that understanding was the same that this is a public profession. I have died to sin Gotta go under the water. I come up in newness of life is what baptism is symbolizing and people would point to the book of acts. I do believe that the book of acts should be understood in light of Matthew 28 and that people degree prepositions different bring baptized into Jesus, or into the name of Jesus, or upon the name of Jesus.

Some say that the person being baptized was school was calling out in the name of Jesus and they were baptized in and for the seven spirits some savings being baptized into Jesus into the body of Christ, but if someone said hey I was baptized in Jesus name. Do I need to be rebaptized. I would tell them no, and all the more. What I tell them know if they say well I was told I had to be baptized in Jesus name. I was baptized them in the fathers of the spirit to be baptized again. Absolutely not. However, if you were baptized as a baby and then came to faith later in life I would say absolutely get baptized is what happened was a baby is not determinative them is not based in your profession of faith in the New Testament is clear repent and believe a seasonal repent and be baptized, believe and be baptized, so in that case I would say the first baptism doesn't count because it's for an infant, you should be baptized once you come to faith but did piece.

Michael if if you are asked if you are asked to make a public profession and refuse no I'm ashamed that it would be valid and you with them, and baptized but you just went along with the, the, the right as best as you understood it. Hate Michael, thank you for the call 86634 let's go to Taylor in somewhere. I just noticed I don't have a location where are you calling from Taylor Woodland Park, Colorado. All right, what welcome to the broadcast.

In Woodland Park, Colorado. Thanks for the call. Thank you Dr. Mark Brown are you taking my call and I just appreciate your ministry everything that you're doing and about three weeks ago you asked me at the broadcast.

You were talking about what it takes to get people to be born again or write.

How do you know your stay on the related issues look like nobody admits to JDF with that virtually born again you my question is with that person be paid if they believe something like that.

But I get the computer like be first but found an act 13 like first 30 to 36 or Paul concerning Jesus's resurrection from the dead" bomb you. You are my today I have begotten you get Just a little bit right so there there are a couple different subjects. There with the second one.

I know you relating them as one, but that the really separate the idea of co-Jesus dying spiritually in hell are being born again in hell and then be proclaimed as God's son. This is a public proclamation. Romans Romans one is indicating to us that the resurrection discussed public conservation of Jesus as his son and some holiday. The same pain, the son of God is again in hell will come back to the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown ones are wide open. 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH's number to call any question of any kind that relates to anything we ever discuss someone far broadcast. By all means give us a call okay so we did the teaching a couple weeks ago and asked what must we believe about Jesus not to be sick. In other words, can we just say why think he's a good moral example of a human being like everybody else but a good moral example. No, obviously not widely was the lesser great profits, but clearly not the son of God, can you be saved believe that obviously not.

How can you confess him as Lord that's what you believe about it, so we tried to lay out the minimum foundation for what must be be believed to be, pursuant to be saved so what about this teaching that Jesus went to hell right so that not only died on the cross but went to hell will there is discussion about Jesus going into the netherworld for various reasons. New Testament talks about a proclaiming to the spirits in prison.

There are ancient church confessions that speak about him go. "Going to hell. So that to me is not a disqualifying issue to say that he that that between his death and his resurrection that he descended into the netherworld. What if someone said we believe he suffered in the netherworld, as opposed to, he simply took the wrath of God on the cross, but he suffered in netherworld. That to me is can be much more debatable, since it was Psalm says that the pains of death could not hold him so he was suffering on some level in the netherworld. Okay, that saving more controversial and submissive and that's all part of the cross. It's all part of him dying for us so we drove on their if someone says in this is that some of those bizarre teaching of ever heard and have heard some extreme word faith circles that Jesus died in hell and became a demonized human being and was resurrected as a son of God. That's heresy that is outright heresy. Now samosas all normally paid for sins on the cross is just what happened in the netherworld is still heresy okay your your teaching something falls can someone who holds to that be saved to me is heresy very plainly heresy and a denial of his eternal deity that at some point he ceased to be God. It was now born again is a glorified man that's heresy. If someone is confused about that because I believe he died for my sins. And that's the heart solely.prices rose from the dead. This what I think happened another okay throw that out okay. It's dangerous, throw it out among the singer not saved.

If you're confused about that. But if you think that that's fundamental to the atonement, and in particular, if you teach that it any point Jesus ceased to be God. That's heresy rank heresy. That simple must be categorically rejected in the clearest possible term.

He thank you Taylor for raising that question 86634 is the number to call. Let's go to Bill and Cape Coral, Florida. Welcome to light a fire escape route. Sorry Florida looking to light a fire actually got right right Kate all night, so I grew up here in Cape chorale that was just our New York mispronunciation 1 yard out Fort Myers dictate nowhere that you have for Martha been there many a time to minister good friend there yes okay I will my wife like your retirement. All you for several years now.

Torchbearers, thank you, really thrilled to who to make use of the resources you have available to my question is valid. The church that we affiliated with.

I just learned that they don't make member of anybody who comes here. There's no differentiate between being an attendee or member of the congregation and there's no member policy in effect because it's not biblical based on your expertise with the ancient Greek is that biblical okay I understand arguments for and against one of my closest friends.

Says church membership is not biblical. It's not a matter of the nuances of the Greek. Another which you can get the exact same understanding. Just reading the English.

The argument would be that you have a membership that is based on okay you you tithe the redo this you attend this number know all of these other requirements that's not in the bar was in the Bible as you become joined to a fellowship of believers. In other words, the standard of commitment and fellowship in the New Testament is very high and people can attend and just go there, but if they are really organically part of the body. They are, they are organically part they are deeply joined together now. Personally, I find church membership, practical because you are saying to people hey, we would love to make a deeper commitment to you as leaders.

If you feel to make a deeper commitment to us knows if this is your home, then we feel the sacred responsibility to care for you of Fort for example, if if you have an emergency within your own family.

Somebody needs to to be rushed to the hospital in your own family and there's someone down the street that you met one time that these are wide similar. It's like a I love to help you but I can't get my family to the hospital. The others are Paul says if you don't care for your own meaning your own family or worse than an infidel. So many times people I say leader say look, you're welcome to come here the rest your life is taken all the services listen to the messages syndicates the Sunday school but if you want to deeper commitment here. We can be more involved in your lives.

We were financially helping with the work herein and and and were working together for the gospel to community then church membership in that sense can be super practical. Those who say it's not biblical. Basically say that should be happening organically. It's not with not a piece of paper. We have a role. It's basically a spiritual thing in God's sight. So this is where you go.

This is where you give this three serve. This is where you grow.

Just do it organically and in in churches that have that philosophy.

There normally is that deeper place of riches, it just happens naturally like a couple dating that gets close and falls in love.

It just happens naturally so it wouldn't concern me if they if they hammer it church membership is on biblical laws is a major thing. They hammer it that I can be acute what what you need to do that but if they just say just become part of her family. We don't have a paper to sign but will get to know you.

You'll get to know us.

We participate together, then they can be great.

They can be fine as long as there's an ability to go deeper together. That's the key thing you look at all church level. The all one food committee member third level really engaged and I use the ham and egg omelette example is that we think of a ham and egg omelette with chicken ball, but the fate is committed and when both of them come out to be part of your practice that engage God.

It got yes or something like yes so the thing is, those are great analogies and the ham and egg but I'll have to remember that I don't really think in terms of him in a goblet so often. I have to remember that, but in point of facts or as long as the church functions in such a way that those that really become engaged or engaged in the leaders are engaged with you that there is that deeper place of youth. You can't find that those levels that you mention.

You can find that explicitly written out in the Bible right in the Greek are in the English etc. but on a practical level, there are those different aspects of being part of her body so no I do not find the concept of quote become a member of the local church is something explicitly taught in Scripture, but I absolutely find the call to be organically closely connected to a group of believers involved in their lives under leadership working together for the for God's purposes in that community. So hopefully that'll work out where you are.

God bless you Bill appreciated 866342 let us go to Dominic and Australia. Welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Mark Brown question about what went like entertainment should be avoided.

Watching like Christian to watch Harry Potter all trashy reality TV show how should we go about what to avoid them in the entertainment industry. Yes it's it's a very good question. There are certain things that are personal choices because the Bible does not explicitly address it. There other things where the Bible does give us very, very clear guidelines. Anything that pollutes us anything that defiles us any anything that is displeasing in the Lord's sight. In other words, if I'm willfully taking in something as destructive sinful. Obviously I got to avoid. I would encourage you to read through Ephesians 51 through 16 and meditate on that Ephesians 51 through 16 Harry Potter people will debate of the site. No way I Stay Away from That Sorcery. That's Witchcraft.

It's Glorifying Demonic Things Others Would Say No. It's No Different Than Micah CS Lewis Book Lord of the Rings with Coke in Order Their Spiritual Images and Their Lessons to Learn from It and so Let's Just Say There's a Difference of Opinion about That Victory. No Difference of Opinion about Watching Some X-Rated Movie or Something That That Glorifies Gratuitous Violence or That Uses Profanity for Entertainment.

Things like That Those Who Defile the Unclean. Now I May Be Watching a Documentary Learning in History and Its It's Got Unsafe People and Their Using Profanity Is a Tone I Don't like It but I'm Trying to Learn Something and That's That's the Accessible Information, but to Be Entertained by Would Be Sinful and Wrong, You Can Ask the Larger Question. Does This Enhance My Walk with the Lord, Take Away from This Larger Question Is This Life Is to Start Regulating Those Personal Choices. I Could Imagine Watching Trashy Reality TV For Melissa Culture Told the Line of Fire with Your Host Dr. Michael Brown Get on the Line of Fire by Calling 866342 Here Again Is Dr. Michael Brown Today from Our Pure Watching with Them Live National Not Ashamed of Jesus to Go to. Not Ashamed of Spread the Word Diskette Six Days to Get the South of Her First Year Doing It so It's Just Getting Started, but We Believe This Is Something I Could Be Greatly Encouraging and Lead to A Lot Of Great Evangelism on That They Not Ashamed of Right We Go Back to the Phones Marion in Detroit, Michigan.

Welcome to the Line of Fire Is Actually Tomorrow on Our Internal Rate. Yeah I I Apologize Is Probably Type Rightly but My Eyesight Misted.

Thanks, Marla yet No Problem at All.

Dr. Routt Will Make All Bible Project and Secondly I Saw a Video Pop That Was Criticizing and I Was Thinking What a Biblical Coach to Disagree with Someone during Radial against Their Video What the Approach, but the First One Is When You Think about It Right so It's It's Become Mega Popular Got Millions of Downloads Infuse Online from What I Understand, and As Far As I Can Tell the Few Clips That I've Watched. It's Only Few Imports Haven't Followed Michael More Closely Were Pretty Mainstream in Their Teaching, I Might've Differed with It a Nuance You Were There, but from What I Could Tell, It Seems to Be Fairly Mainstream. I Remember Hearing Some Criticism. A Friend Was Filling Me in on It and They Were Out Of Considered to Have a Wrong View on a Certain Subject or Liberal or Whatever That Was. The Few Videos That I Watched Were Just Basic Bible Stuff and a Good Animated Way and Is Simply Family Presenting Overviews of Books or Key Themes, Etc. but I Have Not Dug into It so If There's More to It. If There Are Legitimate Questions.

I'm Not Aware of That Right. From What I Saw Was Pretty Much Meat, Potatoes, Stuff so Let's Just Say Though That Here's the Bible Project and Video Comes out on a Particular Theological Subject and It Gets 1/2 Million Views in Three Months and Your Pastor and Your Watching It and You Think What's Wrong That's Terribly Wrong. Okay, What's the Right Approach Is That While A Lot Of People Watching One of My Videos and It Gets 50,000 Views like Wow Dr. Brown's Wrong on This and He's These Misleading People. That's What You Believe. Okay, so If You Have Any Connection to the People. If You Know the People.

If Someone Knew Me the Right Thing Is to Contact Me If You Know Surrender the Bible Project. You Reach out to Them.

However, You Are Not Obligated When Someone Puts out a Public Position to Go to Them Privately before Your Address, and Publicly Dated and Asked for Your Permission, When They Put It out Right so It.

In Other Words, If It's Public Information. Let's Let's Just Say Rick Warren's Is on MSNBC Doing an Interview Right and He Says Something That Is Very Controversial and Someone Calls My Show Is to Say II so Required, so That What You Think of It What's a Public Statement Made in the Public Setting so Gracious Well Interact Why I Think It Was Great. No. Here's Why Differ with It That If I Knew Him Right and I Heard about, I Would Immediately Reach out to Him a Rick What's Going on Him and You Said Son Consents Right but When I Write a Book and I Put out a Position.

People Can Write a Whole Book Different with Me That's Fine. It's It's Public Right so It's Different.

In Matthew 18. If Your Brother Sins against Them Go Tone in Private. This Is Not You Sinned against Me. I Have To Go to Private. This Is Said Something to a Million People That I Differ with and Now I Want to Protect My Flock with That. So You Want to Do Things with the Right Spirit. That's the Key Thing You Want to Be Fair and What You Represent. You Don't Want to Draw Conclusions beyond What You're Dealing with an Overage. This May Just Be One Teaching That's Aberrant American to Make a Judgment on the Larger Thing I'm Not Going to Character Assassination.

But If Someone Says Certain Blatantly False, Then As a As a Steward As a Teacher You Want to Fix That. You Are Correct in Assuming It's Perfectly Fine, Especially If You Don't Have Access to People among the Leader with International Connections, but Their People. I Tried to Get to It That They Won't Talk to Me. I've Tried to Reach out to Them Privately at End, and Be Gracious to Do It before Correcting Them Publicly, but They Won't Talk to Me.

Eyeball Got to Deal with This Publicly in Burden to Do It. It's an Issue I've Got to Help the People Involved. Other Times There's Another Way to Do It, Which Is Just Address the Issue Right There Is Controversy over This Issue. I Wanted I Want to Do a Teaching on It without Saying Brother So-And-So Said It, or Was This Project.

That's the Other Way to Do It Is Just to Correct the Issue and and Deal Deal with the Facts, but by All Means It's out in the Public Public Square.

Address It That, It's Fair Game Toby for a Game All Right like Rail. You Are Very Welcome Sir. All Right, 866-34-TRUTH, and We Go to John in Cincinnati, Ohio. Welcome to the Line of Fire by Dr. Brown. Are You Doing Well. Thank You Think You Talk about Church Membership Earlier Yeah and and I and I Disagree through 3rd. I'm Catholic, so I Never Listen to before, but I Was. Here Again We Talk Only Read the Bible Talks about Dated Founding a Church Gate L1 You Know Not Prevail against the Church Only Human. Only God Biblical. Yet the Church's Physical and Spiritual, Though at the Product That I Spent the First Number Two What the Reasoning for Date Being Protestant. Being Catholic I Think the Catholic Church in the Church, Jesus Founded 2000 Years Later the Church Is the Church, the Church, There May Be Little Disagreement but Truth Truth.

The Truth.

Your Take on That You're Yeah Sure, Very, Very Easy to Answer. First, I Was Raised in a Jewish Home.

We Were Not Religious Jews but I Was Raised in a Jewish Home and Permits with in Judaism Teaches That We Have the Bible, but Then We Have the Authority of the Rabbis That They Are the True Expositors of Scripture. So You Have the Bible to This Tradition, That's How You Understand the Bible. It's Similar to Catholicism, and That You Have the Bible Plus Church Tradition in the Church Is Seen As the Rightful Interpreter of the Bible.

We Both Agree the Bible Is God's Word Correct yet Right so When I See Church Tradition Violate the Word or Add to the Word or Take Away from the Word That I Have To Reject That Tradition.

So That's Why Not Catholic Because I Find the Needed Conditions to Be Contrary to the Bible or Adding to the Bible Were Taking Away from the Bible and You Know Even Forbidding Priest to Marriott. I Find That Is Utterly Unscriptural. Any Agent, Contrary to God's Principles What's Best in and That's One Reason I Believe You Have As Many Scandals As You Do in the Catholic Church Is Because That on Biblical Teaching about Priests and Nuns Have To Be Unmarried. That Opens the Door for Concert Disaster or the Exultation of Mary to Find Very Contrary to Scripture or Doctors like the Fallibility of the Pulp, or Other Aspects Know That the Nature of Mass, Purgatory.

Things I Don't Find the Scriptural so I I Have Friends of Mine Who Were Catholic and and Love the Lord and Is Forcing or Born Again We Agree on Many Fundamentals for the Church That Jesus Is Building a Inlet If You're Right Then All the the Greek and Russian Orthodox in the World There Are Not Part of the Real Church and the Hundreds and Hundreds and Hundreds of Millions of Protestants in Our Part of the Real Church Ice. I See the Church That Jesus Building Is Far Bigger Than the Walls of the Catholic Church or the Walls of Greek Orthodox Church. The Walls of the Protestant Church or Anything like That. I See Them As Far Far Bigger Than That and and It Is a Real Body That He Knows That He Can Identify Those That Are Truly His, and in Fact It Says in in Second Timothy That the Foundation God Is Building Is Secure.

Having This Seal, the Lord Knows Those Who Are His, so He Knows History Church and That Everyone Calls Him the Name of the Lord Depart from Iniquity Suits Are Turning Away from Sin. So What I'd Encourage You to Do Is Read the Bible Afresh and Ensure Your Reading It Just See If There's Something That It Teaches That the Catholic Church Doesn't Teach? Ask Why or, Conversely, If the Church Is Teaching Something in Your Reading of Verse Seems to Be Contrary to That Verse. Mark That down and and Then Ask Yourself the Question What Has the Great Greatest Authority.

This Church Tradition of the Ability to Rewrite Scripture to Add to Scripture to Take Away from Scripture to Reinterpret Scripture or Must the Traditions of the Church Be Tested by the Word Hey Thank You John for the Call. Glad You're Listening and Turning in and Let's Get to Know Each Other Better through the Show and I'm Sure There Will Be a Ton That We Do Agree on.

We Should Call Drive Time for One More or Other Try Quickly. Joseph in Washington State.

Time Is Short. Dive Right into Your Question, Please Hi Michael, Hey I What I Want to Share That and I Went through It How You Feel Every Every Morning When I Wake up I Said I Practice Self-Discipline, I Say to Myself When I Leave My House This Morning. I Will Do a Selfless Act for Another Human Being for an Animal before the Earth Itself. I See a Piece of Litter on the Ground.

I Pick It up and I Thought Madras Wrestle and Show Mercy to the One That Threw It on the Ground and and and These Are the Things I Do and before I Drink Coffee. I Think My Heavenly Father for Creating Coffee Beans. Then I Drink My Coffee before I Drink My Water People and We Have Two Dogs Are Ken Levine and I Feed Them before Week. My Wife and I so That Way They Know They're Getting Food so This Is How I Walk in My Life Every Day. And Even When I Go outside and Walk the Dogs and I See a Squirrel or a Bird or Deer upon the F8 Intelligence Is a Runner on Their but I Gotta Catch off What I Wanted to Get Your Question, but Let Us Glorify Jesus. And above All, Literature Is the Greatest Act of Kindness with Someone Introduce Them All Right Friends Not Ashamed of Jesus the Lord Discussed Six Days Not Ashamed of Jesus the Lord. Another Program Powered by the Truth Network

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