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Does a Proposed Maryland Law Really Legalize Infanticide?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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April 6, 2022 5:00 pm

Does a Proposed Maryland Law Really Legalize Infanticide?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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April 6, 2022 5:00 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 04/06/22.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network, the world really is getting crazier and crazier. But light shining in the darkness time for the light a fire with your hosts biblical scholar and cultural commentator Dr. Michael Brown your voice for more savvy and spiritual clarity. Call 866-34-TRUTH to get on the line of fire and now there's your host Dr. Michael Brown not ashamed of Jesus day a day when we tell the world were here were not ashamed. We love Jesus we love you if you still are not familiar with this. If this is your first time hearing about it or all you what's that date go to, not ashamed of not ashamed of Jesus daughter take a minute.

Go through the website look at the material there your pastor leader.

This special packet with information for you but share this as widely as we can. There multiplied tens of millions of believers in America as the culture seeks to marginalize us to silence us to mock us to cancel us to demonize us. This is a day words, one voice with one voice we let it be known that we are followers of Jesus, that we will not be muzzled or canceled at the word of God cannot be bound, a day in particular to look for opportunities to reach out or to wear something that identifies you as a believer it took to bring a Bible with you to work or school and let it be known.

We are here. We are not ashamed.

We love Jesus we love you save should we do that every year, every day every week every. But yes, of course, but this website will tell you why. April 14 and why that day. In particular, so would not ashamed of

If you share this with friends also use the hashtag Jesus for 14 Jesus for 14 okay, here's another call to weigh in on the topics we discussed today, 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 7884 if you have comments about my interview excuse me, my discussion yesterday with Brian Simmons, translator of the passion translation. If you have questions about that I won't be getting into that today, however. However, I strongly encourage you if you missed the show to go through the broadcast yesterday and then get involved in the comments section right that is not a place to air opinions and attack people.

That's a place to get into facts into real issues to discuss them. Brian Simmons actually watched the show yesterday or listen to it. I encouraged him to go through the comments section there ugly slanderous things about me about Brian about others that that we told him he saw them just because they were not factual. There were just a personal opinions and attacks and things like that. So we pulled them false accusations. There's a lot of stuff really challenging the passion translation challenging Brian airing strong differences and I encouraged him to go through because he is assured me that he is publisher of taken my criticisms very seriously and an hour or doing a massive review on the whole translation, paraphrase, etc. translation because were paraphrase my work there doing a massive review of the whole Bible there listening to other scholars and critics so taking the advice that I and others have given Angie.

I said to Brown module to the common section, respond to me and then I'll show your responses on the air. Instead he went right into the comment section himself, which he didn't have to do because some of them are somewhat nasty and things he went right into it and has responded to a number of people he may be able to do that. Some more in the days ahead, at the right time. He wants to come on the air with me and do a full interview. Nothing off-limits of the his words. Nothing off-limits, but I'm not getting into that today all right.

But by all means, check out the show from yesterday, Esther to you find it there or YouTube channel. ASK DR Brown. We'll talk about some cultural issues some crazy stuff going on but some good news some pushback, some Healthy Things Taking Pl. in America and in other nations as well. First though, I want to give you an example of lost of what lost looks like and feels like now the young man putting out these videos may be doing it sincerely try to get his message across or saying things that are so extreme that it just draws attention to his cause. Either way he's lost he needs the Lord did he ever know the Lord. I will know he would say he was an evangelical believer went to Moody Bible Institute, and I was convinced that being gay Christians the right thing to do and God made them gay etc. he's out while video synergies made racist comments and all kinds of things Brandon I know each other with contract. We have into the cell phones. He came on TV wakening to be network that was on last year we refilled the debate together June of last year.

My heart breaks for generally does.

I believe Brandon knows that. But I wanted out. I want to illustrate for you what happens when instead of looking at your life.

Looking at your sexual desires romantic attractions through the lens of Scripture. But in the word of God interpret you, you instead read the Scripture in life of your sexual desires and romantic attractions and now change the meaning of the word. This helps orchids. I documented many examples like this in my book where thing happened to America in 2011 and and it was so painful as I did it.

I remember the night I finished the chapter on the perverse readings and interpretations of the Bible.

Nancy was was sitting at her computer and in her little office at our house and out I went to talk to her and just broke out just broke down crying. I was so burdened also broken, also grieved, made this deepen your burden of brokenness and love for professing quote gay Christians made this break your heart for them. Let's watch that Jesus helps his friend Kamal in John chapter 11 verse 23.

This is what is this Jesus called out in a loud voice saying Lazarus come out see Lazarus was locked whole dark consumer wrapped in burial cloth left for dead. That's exactly what so many Christians and Sony churches do tell, they wrap us up and bind us up and tell us that we need to keep our identity, our true self locked away when Jesus upon seeing (in this state.

He says classroom, stepped into the light, take off the cloth be you are come alive. I believe that this is what Jesus every come out of the tomb of Shane take off the chains that have bound you step into the glory of who God made you to be fearfully and wonderfully made. Just as you are you are beloved of God.

So taking that same perverse reading of Scripture twisted reading of Scripture massive blasphemous reading of Scripture taking that to its logical conclusion, the same word would come to a pedophile right. Hey you've always been like this.

You've always had these desires for children just be out and proud about it. Your fearfully and wonderfully made. Jesus is telling you to come out or something less perverse but terribly dangerous. Well, hey you've always had these doubts about God and and and you've always deep down question the Bible come out and just be who you really are and mock God and mock the boat but it's whatever's in you. That's contrary to God using this complete twisting of Scripture and misapplication of the word and readings what one's own fleshly sinful desires into Scripture in the making Jesus a mouthpiece for your personal interest/desire perversion, whatever it may be whoever you are outside of God. That's the real you and just come out shine it. It is, it is so heartbreaking to see this and generally I love Brandon I care for him. I care for his lost soul. I want to see him truly know the Lord but you just watch over period of years told him to his face.

You watch over period of years where things go and they get more and more bizarre they get more more perverse you get into universalism that every every different path leads to God you get into denial of the resurrection of Jesus gets a denial of authority, Scripture, whatever it is.

Are you still rewrite the Bible, according to your own desires and interviews. The Bible has no meaning, no authority at all. This is what lostness looks like and Brandon tweets. In response to that to that posting of his video and he says yeah on Easter.

I'm coming out. Yeah, just like Jesus. This is this is the perversion darkness of a lost soul and trust me friends.

There's more stuff than that misapplication Scripture market to get into it now and it's too grievous to focus on it. It's what it's one thing to say hey, I've always had these desires.

I prayed for them to go away. They did not just assume this God baby I'm in a healthy relationship with my partner. We love one another.

We can ever adopt kids one day we want to and and same-sex couple okay it's wrong. It's misguided but they're not rewriting the Bible and saying that they're not claiming divine sanction in saying that it's another thing when people take God's holy words and say things that are so perverse, so upside down so twisted making making God in into some well I don't want to get into it again.

Quitting happened to America have a chapter where I ID tell that and we may take that the chapters of that book and put them out as individual.

Many e-books is something we thought about doing a lot it in the past, we may actually do that make everything more accessible and expensive e-books.

Just each chapter by itself.

Then you can read the stuff on your own. Think how can anyone do this, but is what human beings do we make God's own image. We reread the Bible, according to her own preferences and desires. By the way, there is no reputable scientific evidence that anyone is quote born gay. That homosexual desires are in the and immutable. But even if there were even a people were born violent born angry born pedophile born to be adulterous born to be homosexual even if that was human nature, Jesus, and you must be born again, we are fallen human race.

We don't justify her fall in this we come to God and the brokenness in her pain and we asked for redemption. We asked for forgiveness of I'm going to get some calls in a bit, but I first want to switch over to another cultural issue. There are some states that are passing very strong pro-life bills like Texas, for example, and thus far.

These bills are being upheld by the courts or foreign courts shoots down, another is supporting it there other states like Virginia, now Maryland that are passing or have passed radical pro-abortion like New York infected New York when the bill passed that you could abort a baby right up until the last minute before delivery. If there was some alleged just because the mother is having a mental breakdown is that I did. I just I just can't I just get so rather than deliver the child and give the child up for adoption in their long list of people waiting to adopt babies no kill the baby when that past legislators New York clapped, applauded, celebrated talk about something perverse you talk about something upside down.

What's happening in Maryland is not billing narrow would allow for infanticide. It allows for the killing of the child child like guys after birth. Talk about that side of the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown on the line of fire by: 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown, my friends, truth is the number to call. With that want to go over to this article and it is W US a nine it says no Maryland bill will not allow newborns to be kill. So this is fact check now. Is it true that the bill that's been put forth in Maryland that right now awaits the signature of Republic Gov. Larry Hogan who said the person is a postabortion but how is gonna respond to this billiards bad news that we don't know clearly that he's is going to veto it and whether to be over over his feature could be overturned and are still being discussed. Looks that could be the in any case, that the article says this a viral Instagram post claims Maryland bill intends to legalize court infanticide. This is a misleading depiction of a bill which is also unlikely to become law. Now the article does hurt its credibility by sin.

This is not likely to become law. Any time soon, whereas it now past Maryland Senate I think is 2815 and is awaiting as I said response from the governor.

I think you need 29 votes to overturn and in Maryland, but they could will have it because of the lawmakers weren't there when the bill was voted on in any case, we don't know how Hogan will respond either way. But the fact is, it is a likely become a well right now it's about to become a cabal become law. I've been reading reports about it from reliable sources for couple weeks now saying that it would allow for infanticide up to 28 days and and here. This article is denying it, and it's up to September 21, the state of Texas enacted a law that allows any private citizen suit healthy so it's is going on with with the Texas law.

Washington state was the first to come up with other laws. Gov. Jay initially signed into law a bill that starting in June, prohibit any legal action against someone seeking or assisting in performing abortion is going on and now of the Maryland bill it says on the scroll down a bit.

Opponents of this bill in Maryland made their voices heard the March 11, health and government operations committee hearing and social media stating that the bill in question were code allow babies to be killed up to 28 days after birth with no legal repercussions proponents call this a misinterpretation claim is based on a single provision surrounding perinatal deaths. So we dug into what the bill would really do question with Marilyn HB 26 quote allow babies to be killed up to 20 days after birth is claimed by Bill opponents. Their answer misleading. This claim is misleading.

The bill is intended to prevent criminal penalties for deaths related to pregnancy extolled with her miscarriage also protects parents, doctors for litigation if they decide not to apply interventions in extreme cases, like one of which are new, but is unlikely to survive long-term. The bill does not legalize manslaughter house at all will hang on hang on hang on your ski thing.

What if a baby survives abortion right born alive protection act that said the Democrats go back to President Clinton have have fought against. As Obama fought against.

So a baby survives abortion. Now you are required to give it treatment you are required to care for as opposed to just let it die. How by neglect by starvation. Where does this bill say that you must protect the baby that is born alive intended abortion will not sit well know know it's it's the provision in question originally said this section may not be construed to authorize any form of investigation a penalty for person experiencing perinatal deaths related to a failure to act, meaning death, up to, say, a week after the baby is born because of subs that was done wrong during the delivery the end of the pregnancy, whatever would be a new amendment changes this to court experiencing perinatal deaths related to an act or omission during the pregnancy. Well, how about an abortion attempt so they're saying no no is not the case again does not much credibility when it says it's important to note that this bill is extremely unlikely to pass any time soon right well it's about to pass in an it's it's past the vote of the Senate so there's an article on national review and its carefully laid out and carefully argued, it is by Wesley Smith and I got something here what that was okay were good regard; cracking papers like Rush Limbaugh used to do better than the papers in my head national review carefully legally argued Maryland bill effectively decriminalize is neglecting newborns to death. True, it is true. It is true. Remember when former Virginia Gov. Mrs. Wesley Smith on national review member and former Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam bless the right of a mother and her doctor to have a conversation decide to neglecting newborns survivor abortion to death will now Maryland bill would effectively decriminalize Northam's immoral proposal with out regard to abortion.

First, it reiterates the current law of the current law that deprives fetuses of all rights. Next, the bill would prevent investigation of legal penalties for abortion.

Any point the pregnancy and perinatal deaths caused by failure act which extend from the 22nd week of gestation through the first not seven days. As I said 28 days after birth and and it's it's quoting the updated language as far as I can tell, the updated language of the bill. This means the article says that a baby who survived an abortion can be allowed to die without care and no investigation could be pursued nor legal penalty of five, but it also effectively decriminalize his death by neglect for the first 28 days of life, without regard to abortion, it doesn't say if it's just abortion related so had descended during the pregnancy. What if it ties in now with neglect after an it's unrelated to abortion. The bill is that extreme.

The bill is not dangerous. The bill is a crazy and and it's been passed by legislators in Maryland. This is reality friends and in your gonna see these differences statewide where one stands for life in the other stands for death. I wonder how it's going to play out long-term.

And what God will say about that in terms of active blessing or withholding of blessing. These are important questions right. The McGregor call before we get on with our guest. We will go to Alberto in Georgia.

Welcome to the line of fire good at Michael Brown AMI questionnaire biochemically quick comment on that video play is about the latter sure Lazarus were lateral from the dead by Christ rather than on unwrapped and the people how to unwrap and start electronically on your list in a sense the least of the concerns but you're right, you many many other issues. There yeah I don't have my questionnaire that the maquiladora African-American medic David Eberly believed that the nightly I can't speak for the vast majority of African-Americans on the no withholding would indicate.

I do believe that many would say there still is systemic racism that many would say that's been their experience that many would say even though America continues to take strides against racism and that legally much of that which is on the books was dealt with the Civil Rights Act 1964 that their cultural roots that are so deep that treated Blacks as second-class citizens that there are laws that are still in place, under the surface with the court system is still not fair.

So I would say that many believe it's still there. I don't know that they would say that your average American is racist. I would absolutely reject the idea that your average American today is is racist. I believe that we been a good example of being a melting pot and assimilating different cultures and have examples of success of from Asian Americans and Indian Americans. I mean people from India, Hispanic Americans, African-Americans, Jewish Americans, etc. and people doing well in America being the land of opportunity. Yet when you kind of look at the overall playing field is the playing field completely level yet I would say no not not equality of outcome but equality of opportunity or things like that. How much is due to racist past that can be debated swinging some of my own thoughts so obvious that cannot speak for African Americans in general or any group. In general, we can only give generalizations. There, but to the majority of African-Americans believe the systemic racism.

I don't know but I would say many certainly believe there still systemic racism on certain levels and that idea is being further fueled by radicals in other words, there may be some issues that we still have to address that are kinda blind spots to many of us that are built into a larger system, and as we continue to grow as a society will address them. Then there are things there were the drum is being beat by radical groups like BLM and things like that with her trying to inflame things and make things seem much worse than they are, so that the healthy balance is to really have open ears to hear with your issues to address, to walk in love, pursue justice for all, but not listen to the fringe on either side of the debate what's out Alberto I assume is a Hispanic American. What's your take. Do you think there is systemic racism still in America. I don't think so.

I mean like it's a lot people are being met, led by the media and all and that they so I don't I don't think so. I'm sure another 140 educate himself African-American so they tell you this is called laying in an honest like that.

I guess the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by: 866-34-TRUTH there again is Dr. Michael Brown joining us around the flicking culture and as promised, all through this your giving examples of pushback giving examples where a difference is being made were believers remain secular organizations and worldly voices are saying no to the direction the prevailing culture and making a difference where cases are being one in court.

You say what is important to know because often we have the mentality that it's like dominoes falling in the wrong wrong direction. Everything's been undone everything is collapsing is getting worse and worse and worse was the realities as a back-and-forth battle and in darkness is prevailing.

Here lights prevailing here, and moral insanity is prevailing here. The truth is prevailing here and end we will be in that battle until Jesus returns. But it's important to note, we can each make a difference where we are where we live. The situation which we find ourselves, we can make a difference it can be as simple as parents going to talk to a school administrator, it can be as simple as voicing a concern speaking the truth to a next-door neighbor. It can be as simple as standing up for righteousness in the workplace and you never really know you take a stand in one area you never really know where the dominoes might fall the other direction, and where there may be a silent majority of people that say what I feel the same way that's wrong. I don't think that belongs in our schools and then enough of you stand up and not in a mean-spirited way to tackle the special followers of Jesus, but to say this is not right and change comes Arthur shopper is the organ's organization director for mass resistance is an international Pro family anti-LGBT activist organization that makes the difference is not against people it is against activism that is destructive, especially for children, especially for societies and mass resistance is fearless, though.

Get out there on the front lines will aggressively hold to their views and actually making a difference. So Arthur, welcome back to Lana far thanks for joining us today. I appreciated Dr. about Brown but much sure thing will encourage our listeners today with some examples of what mass resistance has been able to do with either getting laws overturned or statutes changed or things happening in schools give us some examples of what's been going on Walker, for example, we can working with a great payment of graft may help to derail a statewide effect that curriculum was better in the middle of last year and it culminated into their fear that been excellent. I we have a really good team in Wyoming in the north, but if infection of the state. They have been going after the County commission and the local library board of a library filled with ducting bio Pro LGBT pornographic material and that they have been relentless, demanding that the book be removed and the library director be fired because she allowed the terrible book be brought in in the first grade I were happy to report we've gotten our liberal commissioners remove we got a liberal library board members.

The quit Ouija and excellent profamily library board member get appointed to that board.

Our team is really taken in Wyoming and Idaho. We have teams in the northern and southern parts of the state in the northern part of the state.

We were able to pressure a school board to change their school counselor policy previously. Counselor we we release the story we released a recording. In fact, of a school counselor admitting that she had induced an 11-year-old girl to become transgender or transsexual or horrific abuse. We we're both publicly and across the national firestorm and the school board of the Recording Ln., Idaho. They have to change their counselor policy in southern Idaho with 40 gotten very bad book remove one of the school district in the treasure Valley. We we help to stop directly through our program in Reading map of truth that we have a great we have a great team in New Jersey. They were able to get a private flight taken down last year in front of one of the hospitals in the Lakewood area where end of one of her most recent victories within the state of Hawaii, which is an extremely liberal state more liberal than California that effect. If you can believe it.

There were bills that were designed to basically criminal) protest and to introduce ducting expect that curricula we work with a excellent team. Aaron and Hawaii.

Both of those bills were killed in the state that now I your readers need a listener, they'd understand the Democrat they don't have a majority practically unanimous chokehold. There are 25 state Sen. 24 of them are Democrat.

There's only one Republican mess yet are are are are of the activist we work with.

They were able to stop both of those bills and even a political revolution to try to push for studies and a and a future legislative ports to allow even peer to peer sexual counseling in public school by native horrific topic happening across the country, but master the we are indeed making the difference.

The other fan and to handle going and you just jump in here for for moment.

And that's that's that's quite a list of minutes that's in a massively impressive list of these things not easily done. Mass mass I've I've interacted with the leaders there over years years back, Brian, Amy and and others involved and always appreciated the courage and and Brian coming this as as a Jewish man that is a Christian believer.

So having his own perspective, not even as a ultra-Orthodox Jew or something like that but is a morally minded Jewish man just with seeing what was happening schools at the problem. To be honest, Arthur is we can't go into a lot of detail on the air is not appropriate on the air for us to talk as adults to the adult listeners and yet stuff was happening. We can talk about it but it was in children, schools, and elementary schools is that they hadn't and mass resistance would expose what was happening with GSA's Gay straight alliances and kids getting introduced to things with with older gazes at just you really say no this can't be happening, but it was happening and it is happening. So let's let's break this down. You mentioned Nebraska hothouses happen.

How did mass resistance accomplish this.

What sure what what your strategy. We have an excellent we have the next one came very light. Our calculator is Mark Baca where he has yet developed an incredible network out of the parent that he worked with in other group as well. They have excellent relationships with legislators, even the governor Nebraska of the early comparative statement. As you know, even in the red of the statement LGBT movement.

It is just bombarding and and pushing and like a juggernaut. We've worked you know that that team.

They were able to mobilize going going to the school board month after month. Most people are not paying attention to the school board meeting about our group. Our chapter do we are and we are dead that on exposing the truth in all of it lurid detail at the necessary different that mass resistance brings the bike a lot of profamily group simply refused to do as we speak. The natural law and we think the biological truth of both the logical back either destructive behaviors. They undermine the fighting. They hurt the family. We don't start by focusing on religion and tradition, not to disparage the financial manifestations in society but you're knocking to make a convincing argument. If you focus on tradition along the way up bed or something. In other words, if you're talking if you're talking to general public. If you're talking to secular people or people of different religious background. If you can appeal to natural law.

If you can appeal to biological reality. If you can appeal to sensibility of parents is supposed to send the Bible says August is the Bible says that fuels things for me but ultimate fun tones of the world. I may have to communicate in a language that makes sense to the world and that's what you sought to do exactly and we got married religious sentiment by any means right up with her or not, were not a ministry, we work with people who have economic deal about or abatement of the religion view of God. We work with Muslims in the United Kingdom. We had them activate their thinking of our international president. We had a map of victory in the Cayman Island. We reported on that a few weeks ago we were working with the profamily activist even there we have been helping people as I mentioned, the United Kingdom, we help people in Canada.

We've had people reaching out what the coaster Rica, Nigeria, even in Hong Kong. We men and women around the world recognized be instructive in 30th element of the LGBT movement.

He recognized that dominoes begin to fall within it. I caught both marriage, not generic at the old marriages imposed by judicial fee or legislative act and bowel. A lot of people are waking up in the reaching out to her for help. We had people in Illinois.

One of the things were really excited about the message that the we had elected official contacting library board member as well as city Council member they want our help. They want to know how they can what batch of bacon craft or what policies they can implement to stifle, prevent, or to turn the tide on the terrible quality thing implemented in the library and in the school. It has been an unprecedented show up the port and an unprecedented growth of outreach that mass resentment has had and were really happy about that sinking up activist are waking up yet yes officer when when you say you reference quote pornographic material you're not saying that is some religious prude that sinks anything that's not in the Bible is pornographic your time on stuff that if you going parents see it there shocked to see that this is in their kids library MI accurate in saying that appellee correct were looking at material that is of that appeal to logical or prurient interest but have no redeeming social value whatsoever that completely violate any community standard running as you pointed out we had activist like in Wyoming when they complained about the book that wanted to read packages into the County commission record. The commissioners told them to stop because of the material of thought (the prophetic book like gender queer. This book of gay lawn boy named Booker literally teaching children how to engage in growth ducting sexual act with people of the things that are the opposite effect and the book.

Even our teaching adults and children how to engage in the perverse behavior. It is horrified it it beckoning and we are equipping parent and other outraged the defendant how to found the alarm raised raised their voices bombard the governing board with every fourth possible to get them out of the library to get them out of the school and were even working. We had a network with with activist and and in Idaho we were trying to pass a bill to repeal 43 state of the union currently have affinity exams just as you stay right there only two minutes. On the other side of the great mass resistance cell is available more questions for Arthur on the other side of the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown friends that the radical left loads overplayed his hand that many Americans wanted to be fair-minded, not wanting to be discriminatory wanted to be loving not going to be intolerant. Not one to repeat our racist, bigoted, past said look, if two men love each other to them love each other. It's natural for them. Who am I to judge, remind us it's raw.

All those very same people and are now in shock at where this has gone as as what the trajectory has ended up in where we find ourselves know those same people didn't sign up for drag queen reading hours for toddlers loosing people didn't sign up for 15-year-old boy competing with their 15-year-old girl for sports scholarship in school. Ensuring the locker room and changing room with her then sign up for that that they they didn't know where things were going with this is what we been warning all along. There is a trajectory and and this is some of the strength now of a group like mass resistance saying hey we been warning for years. Here we find ourselves curious what we can do. Mass to find out more and speak with Arthur shopper organization director for mass resistance. Arthur, there's obviously so much you could talk about because you much is going on but you seen and helped oversee the growth of mass resistance in two different states. Starting in different chapters in different states, different countries now as well.

Are you looking for chapters in each of the 50 states. What's the goal and if so what is somebody do this is how I want to help your vessel change. Follow similar model in my state are our broader goal.

We want about the LGBT agenda at its core.

Both apply eliminated funding and promotion and equip people to fight the agenda yet we are we are breaking forth in the more thing we have our Florida chapter is growing by leap and bound our people in California are active.

I mentioned about I Idaho architect. The chapter is revving up for the next legislative session as well. They can get involved by contacting me directly. My direct cell is 78147430057814743005. They can also email me at on my birthday and as you mention our website. We are looking for people to get involved across the 50 states across the world. One other victory that were compounding upon it. The National school boards Association. As you know, label parent domestic terrorist. We work with our chapters. The pressure state Board of Education school board appropriation of the breakaway.

We were picked up on helping to get Idaho Arizona and West Virginia believe ever going to be reporting him from others perspectives we had in that arena as well so were helping at all levels. Local, state, battle to fight against the agenda to undermine it at its core, and how I like to vomit up. We need to make male and female great again make marriage great again and make mom and dad great again older like affirmative goals right there on Arthur once more is very gracious of you to give out your personal contact info, because I'm sure you have some people don't like you either. But once again, for those that would like to contact Arthur and find out how they can make a difference where they live. Go ahead, give your contact info once more.

My phone number is 78147430057814743005. My email address is Thank you all right hey all possible, do our best just to spread this interview. Further, and may the Lord continue to give you courage as you take very difficult stance. Douglas Arthur are the technical effect around, sure thing. Sure thing.

All right I am not going to get to any other calls so no reason to call in a wanted devote the remaining minutes. I have too few relevant subjects that will tie right in with this note. Again, I'm coming from everything based on the gospel. First and foremost, I will use natural law, biology, things like that to make a point to make an argument absolutely absolutely agree with that firm. I will expose which one clear thing happened to America scheme in 2011 does not presuppose religious faith just that you could be an atheist you to be a Muslim. You could be a devout Christian, you could read it and and I'm just getting the data on given information for anyone wants to see it. So I'm absolutely all for that. A major goal of mine is to win people to the Lord's will, that is not a primary calling of mass resistance and against this multiphase refinance faith working together right so there's a strategy there's a purpose there's that there is a direction that's why had Arthur on the show to share more about that with you and let you know what you doing that's what of interactive work together with mass resistance in different ways over the years gladly and appreciate the courage and tenacity, especially when you're swimming against what feels like an ocean, and when there's often overwhelming resistance to your position and you can be demonized, marginalize, cancel and that's the reality you deal with it takes courage and tenacity and conviction to move forward. But it's very important to me.

It is an essential part of my burden calling to reach out to individuals as well, so everyone is listening, watching you identifies LGBT Q say this is who I am, demeaning me your hater demeaning our relationships demeaning our culture, community, I'm sorry, feels that way. I'm truly sorry feels that way simply want you to understand that I am 100% sure that God did not make you gay or make you by or make you trance. I'm sure of that when we are fearfully and wonderfully made by God someone. 39. He did not fearfully and wonderfully make us to be gay. In fact, if everyone was gay.

There would be no human race because he fearfully and wonderfully made us in heterosexual bodies to function in a certain way and every human being on the planet.

Think of it every human being on the planet, without exception as a biological mother and a biological father that remains reality and and I want to assure you if you struggle with gender identity if if if you feel tormented.

The trapped in the wrong body.

I want to assure you God has a better way of helping you from the inside out a better way than putting a 12-year-old kid on puberty blockers a better way than a 15-year-old girl getting a full vasectomy.

A better way than being on hormones for the rest of your life. I want to assure you God has better he cares about the torment, the pain and wants to help you from the inside out. So what is love that motivates me.

If you know something. So I said III read the Bible like I gotta be honest, it's a clearly says homosexual practices that I know it.

I gotta be honest, it's clear, but I I try to change and I couldn't.

Well, if we start their essay.

Lord, my life belongs to you. My body belongs to you. My desires belong to.

I want to follow you.

I want to be your child a wonderfully start their start their and end the very first call from Jesus. He says if anyone wants to follow me and wants to come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow him. So there is the fundamental death to my life and deny of my life. Phone start their start their everyone could live a day without sex everyone could live a day without a new romantic relationship right start their give your life to the Lord. Rather than saying okay, I'll follow Jesus. If he turns me from gay to straight say unfollow Jesus and if I if I have same-sex attraction to say no to it and follow, but I need a companion. Okay gotta take care of that God will help you gobble.

Do what needs to be done in your life that you can live a whole and blessed life. So what we have followed. Now since 2004 beginning 2005 when he crystallizes simple mandate reach out and resist reach out to the people with compassion. This is the agenda courage.

The focus of mass resistance is to resist the agenda.

Okay, last report this from Finland in my book the silencing of the Lancet you don't have it yet readily available rib you get your books are what set Esther to your local Christian bookstore or Amazon, Barnes & Noble Christian get a copy. It'll jar you it'll spar you.

I talk about the case of a finish lawmaker and name is Patty ricin and I'm sure mispronounced it parliamentary member and Bishop Johanna Padilla whose name I also butchered. I'm sure finish being a interesting language to pronounce and read they were facing hate speech charges and in a resident of the six years in jail for tweeting out as a parliamentary member.

Differences with homosexual practice differences with homosexuality and just for simply saying okay the the Lutheran Church of Finland is been so left-leaning and and so rewriting the Bible for years now by large I mean you you could have a lesbian bishop in a leading up leading up a region and immature a minute that a liberal things to get some the Scandinavian countries right so she expressed her difference with the church expressive of her other concerns and and is on trial for a hate speech with the potential going jail for six years so the court ruled the court ruled that even though her views by the been considered partly offensive.

The same with the pastor that they were expressing their religious convictions rather than quote disparaging homosexuals because of which they are found not guilty now. It is an outrage that they could even be brought to court for this an absolute outrage look everyday the everyday the year. People say disparaging things about other groups everyday and hear people say disparaging things about Christians, about Muslims about atheists about every different group feminist is free-speech right by calling some of Killinger, destruction of something people say I disagree with Muslims on it. I think Chris is a Las Vegas say one thing about gays, lesbians, trans that is going jail for the fact that the rate effective right decision is another sign that he broadcast early Jewish.

There is some big news from Israel anyway. Another program powered by the Truth Network

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