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Redemptive Biblical Thoughts on the Hillsong Scandals

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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April 4, 2022 5:20 pm

Redemptive Biblical Thoughts on the Hillsong Scandals

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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April 4, 2022 5:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 04/04/22.

Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network with a lot of discussion about the recent scandals with Hill song. Let's have a constructive and redemptive discussion today.

It's time for the light a fire with your host biblical scholar and cultural commentator Dr. Michael Brown your voice for more savvy and spiritual clarity called 866-34-TRUTH to get on the line of fire and now there's your host Dr. Michael Brown today on the line of fire Michael Brown.

Thanks so much for taking time at the schedule to join us. Those who look forward to listening every day. My joy and privilege to spend this time with you. We are broadcasting from our studio Christ for the Nations in Dallas and here the entire week to be teaching here and then in Fort Worth administering Tuesday night. If you're anywhere in the DFW area, but I should ask again the second half hour. We pick up a lot of DFW listeners. By all means, join us for the Tuesday night service all right, here's number call like I do on Fridays.

I'm hoping the phones for all subjects.

All calls on all subjects.

Anything you want to ask me about talk to me about differ with me about will have a civil conversation.

866-34-TRUTH 866-348-7884.

I do want to play a clip from Ukraine's Pres. Zielinski just so that we don't let the suffering of Ukrainian people be out of sight out of mind will play that a little later in the broadcast. But I want to devote some substantial time today to having a redemptive, constructive discussion regarding Hill song churches. The movement the recent scandals I'm not sitting here in the self-righteous position God for bid I'm not sitting here to throw stones at brothers and sisters are not here to say all their seat told you this on my heart so my attitude whatsoever, but Hill song is so influential there's been controversy, but Hill song over the years and now with the recent spate of scandals, resignations, other things going on including the resignation of the leader Filson Braun used in its it's time to have a constructive discussion if if you want to call in way and that's fine. But again, this is not the time to read to stand on the sidelines and throw stones at brothers and sisters or condemn all right.

I am not part of Hill song. I have no relationship with anyone until song at any personal level except Collinson I know each other a little. We spent some time on the phone once we protected texted each other the money to the few times that's it. Never met face-to-face a brine and I've may be exchanged a couple of tweets so we know each other and know of each other, but if if I remit brine face-to-face. It would've been in the 90s briefly in some meetings in Australia so I will relationship with Hill song. I don't know how they govern their churches. I don't know all of the policies that they have in place. I am not speaking in any way as an insider, far from I've have never attended it at a service at a whole solid church not only so, but I am not a historic critic of Hill song or in historic apologist for Hill song. I have made some statements over the years when there were things that were relevant that were in the news they were being talked about. I have made some comments that were were necessary and had some private interaction in the midst of those comments. So that's it again.

I've been attacked as a critic of Hill song. I've been attacked as an apologist for Hill song.

Neither one are accurate over there.

There are things that I've apologist for the get attacked for that and other things among critics of an eye contact for that in this case, both of our faults, another critic note apologist. I'm just coming at things in the most neutral way that I can but align with the Lord in his word as as we all desire to be okay number one number one, there's no reason why we can't enjoy Hill song worship is no reason why we can't sing Hill song songs in our church. If you enjoyed shall, to the Lord from years back or this is how we overcome, or more recently, what a beautiful name or some of the other great songs they've written their powerful songs if the lyrics are good if the people that wrote them wrote them as unto the Lord, why can't we send thought that everything with Hill song is not tarnished everything with whole songs. I'll bet Zana God looks at it, if that was the case we would all be damned. We all be condemned because none of us are best. They are perfectly righteous. None of us in our best, they are perfectly holy.

None of us are best.

They are perfect in our doctrine and our understanding of our conduct. Our very best day so for you to be disqualified in full because of a partial problem or defect that then all disqualified so that's number one. I have no reason to stop singing Hill song songs the ones that I've enjoyed the ones that have ministered to me the ones that I believe minister to the Lord if they been a blessing in your church. Though songs are not tarnished, and if the songwriters themselves are living godly lives. The songwriters are not tarnished here.

You may be part of the Southern Baptist. There's a scandal with a major church of the Southern Baptist does that mean that all Southern Baptist churches are bad, you may be with the Assemblies of God visit. There's a scandal in the Assemblies of God forward any major group. Your Catholic does that mean all Catholics are all priests are bet no scandals to exist your student at a Christian University and is a scandal believes that targets the whole University know that it it for moment can give a bad feel. But if you're there.

The class is good. The environment is good so let's not judge the whole by the part is never safe thing to do this first thing second thing for everyone that's come to know Jesus through Hill saw through for everyone that's come to be born again and come into a genuine relationship with Jesus through Hill song church I rejoice. I think God for that.

That's that's a soul forever with the Lord.

And Jesus tells us the angels in heaven rejoice over one sinner who saved so for everyone that's really come to the Lord through Hill song church. Praise God that's wonderful. I want to recognize the good wherever I can. One of my colleagues in Australia mission, a Jewish leader is start regularly or their Bible school. Their city was always treated with the utmost respect that the doctrine that they put forward was fundamental and unorthodox advocate.

They welcomed his teaching on Israel appreciate that that is positive. Okay now some of the concerns so first no reason not to sing their songs second thank God for the larger good third, we do have to look at the culture that was encouraged. Now I'm asking questions here to be redemptive to be constructive for us to all examine ourselves, to the extent that there was a culture associated with Hill song or say Hill so New York it was known as kind of a celebrity church in a cool church and the pastor was called by others. He didn't call this himself was called the apostle of cool to the extent there was a mindset that following Jesus is cool. The following Jesus is trendy. To that extent, that is the destructive mindset all it's true that Jesus was very popular with many centers and was rejected by many of the religious people. That's very true, but he called the sinners to repentance and transformation, and he didn't glorify the sinners you know Nancy pointed this out to me some weeks back we were having a conversation that it's interesting that Jesus never over.

Praises people the way we do. All were so honored to have someone so what is there.

This is this that this amazing wonderful incredible man of God extraordinary woman of God, and I know were seeking to be honoring and appreciative and we give all glory to the Lord. But Jesus makes a great is your faith to someone or ICU without guile, but he did not go around over praising people and he was totally unimpressed with human beings. For good reason of course is totally unimpressed with human beings because he cc all of us.

He sees the good and the bad and the ugly, and he realizes her frailty and how easily we could turn on him so to be very very clear. We do not want to have a culture that following Jesus is the trendy cool thing to do and come to our church uses the trendy cool thing hello.

I will decades before Hill saw that there were major churches in different cities exist to this day and this is the city the church you go to your new in the town you're starting a law firm.

Your you're starting at the dentist's office. Your you're launching a new program. This the church need to be intimate connections. I understand those things happen. I understand that that you might be attracted to a certain group of people hate. I love being with young people are love being with you all the professionals or boy. I much prefer this music to that. That's fine though insane that there are cultural differences.

No one saying that churches cannot be watering holes in meeting places. Talk about a culture of Tokyo mindset. To the extent that culture to the extent that that mindset celebrates the world celebrates fame, celebrates celebrity celebrates worldliness to the extent that church has spurred the church has gotten off track. The church has departed from New Testament standards, which call us to deny ourselves and take up the cross and bear the reproach that the coolness but the reproach of being followers of Jesus.

So, to the extent again I'm not here throwing stones. I'm asking questions to the extent that culture was cultivated in Hillstone, churches, or any of our other churches.

That is a dangerous culture that is a culture that leads to scandal. That is a culture that leads to false Brian used in a very humble forthright confession, one that we should take at face value and and stand with him for health restoration. The whole mess repentance when needed he make clear alcohol was not my friend.

I think that's an exact quote. Alcohol was not my friend. People such as how are you coping with all the stress and pressure. This natty since I wasn't I wasn't alcohol was not my friend. So to the extent that there was a culture that celebrated freedom to drink and freedom to party in certain ways and certain things I observed with my own eyes over the years that concerns me that is a worldliness that is dangerous, and in that sense, alcohol is really not anybody's friend. If it's something that's depended on something that's look to is not your friend is not your body. It's your enemy, and again I don't say this in any self-righteous way for each of us there I go, but by the grace of God. For each of us.

We stand by mercy for each of us every one of us is had to apologize every one of us has regretted certain things said and done, most of them are fixed in private.

Some of them rise to the to the mayor the public to be dressed that way anyway. More to come in. You can weigh in on this, but any questions biblical, theological, you name it. For months, or open 866-34-TRUTH 7884 the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by calling 86634 true beer again is Dr. Michael Brown his number to call any question on any subject that relates in any way to the line of fire.

We have time for calls today like we do on Friday. We can never gets all the calls on Friday so were opening the phone lines for all subjects. This Monday, 866-348-7884.

You might say why I I don't listen live. I catch you later on podcasts wonderful. I'm so glad you do. Probably the bulk of our listeners catches later on podcasts or watch leader on YouTube or Facebook.

You said what I do with my questions while central website will first go to our website Esther to and search it because we get thousands of articles up there all kinds of resources access to all of our broadcast previous broadcast so you probably find your question answered already and may be in great depth, but is not there's a contact link there just right to it and you will get a response. All right 866-34-TRUTH I talked about this last week on the Tuesday broadcast when we talked about you Christians drink alcohol to Christian leaders, drink alcohol should be do it in public should only be done in private and I make clear my views that I do not believe you can argue for total abstinence based on the Bible. This is too much in the Bible speaks about wine in general. Other drink in positive ways is a blessing as something to be enjoyed in moderation that the Bible throughout, warns against the dangers of drunkenness and first Corinthians 6 my other passages makes clear that those who walk in persistent unrepentant drunkenness, not inherit the kingdom of God.

So it is a serious violation in a serious, destructive act, sleep, the warnings are there but you cannot in any way prove total abstinence as the biblical call.

As far as we know Jesus would've drank wine certainly religious holidays and things like that was appropriate. That being said, my own position has been's total abstinence for 50 years in the Lord. I especially encourage it for other leaders, but by all means let any of us who feel the liberty to drink. Keep that liberty private among close family members were. This is not an issue but will we do these things in public when we talk about them when we boast about them, then what happens is is that along the way we cause others to stumble, which is terribly terribly dangerous and Paul once about Romans 14 so times back to the question of church culture. All right, the antidote to legalism which is deadly and destructive. The antidote to legalism is not license the antidote to legalism is not to say look at how free I am under whatever the world I want pulses even if you had that freedom is not constructive.

It's not helpful. That may be your position, but the bottom line is we are not free to send we are free from sin. We are not free to indulge in the sin of the world. We are set free from the sin of the world so we want to make sure that in our church culture. We don't celebrate worldliness. We don't celebrate carnality. We don't celebrate celebrity we don't celebrate the love of the world would we don't hear pastors, preachers, what you think is going to bring more people to the Lord, preaching Jesus clearly strongly from the Scripture exalting him as the one who died for us and rose from the dead, and is coming again preaching against sin and offering a beautiful wonderful antidote to sin through the cross and and and walking and living in the power of the spirit that or you know all the latest movies and can we vent themes from all the latest movies into your preaching with, which can be more effective. Yeah, no-brainer limiting legal step further. You can be trying to reach young people who have never put on a suit young men in their lives or girls who never put on a dress okay except for going to a funeral or some like that. They are casual in their dress they don't know King James vocabulary they don't like the old hymns. You can have a church singing the old hymns where the pastor and the men of the church where suits and the ladies were addresses and the pastor preaches from the King James Bible. But if he's preaching a living Jesus in the power. The spirit based on the clear testimony of the word God and people are encountering the Lord young people will go flocking there as their lives were changed as they get hold as they get set free from suicide and depression and drug addiction and immorality in every other kind of sin that would pursue them as they get healed of sickness in their bodies. They will go flocking there more than two. The church that has the right music the right lighting that the cool looking pastor but lives are not being transformed and you say no, no, I I've seen churches packed out that her worldly okay when the testing comes when the shaking comes.

They won't be there, they won't be there, they won't endure because that the roots are not deep now for me for me but I love the contemporary worship songs. The old hymns, powerful and great and still have a place in my life to God greatly using when I first got say, but I love the contemporary salsa set out so the whole song song to some of my favorite songs and and they go through a process of writing them or reflecting on them.

Looking at the theology and I appreciate that that's that's good, praise God.

And although I prefer all the lights on during worship. Many of my colleagues have, lights down and that's okay fine if that's help you not be looking around the either way I will worship God and meet with him and I much prefer not having to dress up in a suit and tie like I did regulated years.

While preaching I much prefer dressing casually saw if I could choose.

I choose the contemporary music and lights on but if you can be turned on.

That's fine and I'm on top of that, more casual dress and not using a King James Bible, but I'm telling you once again when God is really moving and I been an eyewitness to this for decades. When God's really moving and people are really encountering them being set free.

The cultural context is very secondary to that all right as as we look at the whole song scandals, forcing is researcher on loss.

We look at our own lives. We examine our selves.

We we asked the difficult questions and we say okay, are we living right where we cultivate what are we celebrating what we exalting what are we majoring on in our church culture.

What standards are we living by the sill is just wrong that Brian used to cover it up charges that his father was was committing sin with voice all hand that's an accusation that's accusation is going to come out in the courts. But the truth be known innocent until proven guilty for anybody for anybody look I met Brian's father in in the mid-90s he was a revered Pentecostal leader in Australia and an absolutely welcome strong holiness repentance preaching.

That's what I brought and he welcomed and yet I was always aware that others in the meeting did not welcome it, but it seemed that he did. It was an absolute shock to find out about the scandals with him which were true absolute shock to find out about that many years later, it was after his death. I believe that that I first heard about these things but was absolute shock to let the truth come out. Brian has strenuously denied these charges while confessing to other things in his life.

So let the truth come out there all right. But we search our own lives, asking if the light was shown on us, then what and and that leads to it to number five. So my points today number one, we can still sing the good Hill song songs no reason not to number two, we rejoice in the good that's come out of their churches and those who truly come to know Jesus. Three.

We evaluate the larger culture. We do not celebrate worldliness of celebrity or cool must number four researcher own lives. Number five. We look for leadership patterns.

What I mean by that.

Let's say as a pastor that 10 years ago you were budgeting things out with your church and you took some tax benefits that you would been told by your pastor refined to take an then the others on the border look at this and said pastor you're not allowed to take that. That's that's actually that could be against the law of the and sick you serious.

I had no idea. I thought that that was a benefit that was tax-deductible.

No, no, you can't do that. Okay you don't you fix it right you make sure it's it's fixed legally and however it has to be with RS etc. or penalties to pay etc. really go back and fix it but it was was innocent. The whole world is not to know about okay let let's say that that two staff members and associate pastor in some also the team got too friendly there married they got you from the city. This is not good. This dangerous need to step back shared it with others look at the whole world does need to know that there are other things that the that cause him to step down from ministry there other things that now that the whole world does know because it becomes public so my own belief is that if someone sins and a certain level in private does not cross certain launcher you didn't break up your marriage and commit adultery when stealing money from the church went guilty of abusing people whatever cases doesn't cross certain lines and things can be confessed privately and dealt with privately and fixed privately.

That's the great majority of what happens. That's the way it should be done this a reason to broadcasted for the entire world.

If it doesn't cross a certain line and if it is dealt with rightly and internally, and is above all genuine repentance civil why is it that certain things come to light what may be because there was a pattern may be because there wasn't real repentance may be because someone walked in.

Something repeatedly so one of the instances now goes public with a walk in it repeated that you put the fear of God in each of us friends. It really should, and in six last point. What was important to Jesus is the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown and 784 that is 866-34-TRUTH all of our friends in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Join me this Tuesday night so it's Monday if you're listening lives of tomorrow night services 7 PM and Christ for the nation's Institute love a time of worship and then I'm really looking for this to be a night of divine encounter really minister and allow the Holy Spirit to speak through his word open our hearts to receive from him. So join me.

If you're in the area on Tuesday night. Okay, remember what's coming. Yet the countdown with today the 10 days 10 days. Yes until not ashamed of Jesus. National not ashamed of Jesus. They were getting great response. People are excited to say okay on this day together where forcefully or together across the nation. We know it's it's just get the ball rolling.

This year's first year being announced, but this excitement hit another dated with intentionality to make our testimonies known or another day with intentionality to reach out love to a coworker or another day with intentionality to say hey were followers of Jesus were not ashamed. We love him and we love you go to, not ashamed of not ashamed of that is the place to go and you get lots of practical ideas Scripture Esther 414 why we've chosen April 14 and then for pastors and leaders. A packet of more information of things that you can do to help make this important day known again not ashamed of so one of us want to say one last thing in terms of what should be important to us as ministers of the gospel.

What should be important to us as followers of Jesus. Very simply, what was important to the Lord should be important to us. We say that again what was important to the Lord should be important to us.

What is the value what did he put his life into what did he give himself for ultimately it was to see her family united around him. That would be with his father forever. And if you read John 17 our unity was very important to him. If you read John 13 and John 15. Our love one for another. Was really important to him.

You can cultivate that in a house group you can cultivate that in a mega church you can cultivate that in an underground church setting and cultivated many many different ways, but ultimately our unity in him are being true disciples our love one for another. These are things important to the Lord there more important than outward success. There more important than numbers themselves. The goal is not numbers. The goal is disciples who goes not just having a lot of people goes. Having people who love one another. The goal is is not just having a nice building, but have beautiful things happen in that building and beautiful things come out of that building.

Many times we get caught up with the worldly mentality. I've done it to you can you can measure things by your reach. You can measure things by sale of a book you can measure things, but by numbers of those following you can measure things like that and they may have nothing whatsoever to do with what God is interested over God's looking for nothing. What's so ever are just just checking something here on my my computer here, but were good.

Just whenever I'm in a different studio here. See if I studio we there's always a new configuration so that the folks and their scrabbling with other things every every other week so we appreciate everybody working together as hard as they do let me illustrate this for you okay my dad told me a joke. I was a kid and I'm sure if you this regular you've heard me refer to it one time or another. But let me let me do so again he said to me you're good with math reticent yeah good with math. This ticket he said okay. A man gets on an elevator or you get on the elevator right when you get on three other people get on with, and you go up to the third third floor and two people get out five people get it some computing okay. Here's to lump. They go to the seventh floor and three people get out. Nobody gets on go to the eighth floor and it just goes on a bunch of forthright so I'm I'm calculating and then we get to the end that I really tell them there are 11 people left on the elevator or six on the elevator or to whatever the number was and he says to me he says how many how many stops did the elevator make all. I wasn't concentrating on that use this analogy you are hired to go into South Africa with a mining company and into to look for diamonds and that's your whole assignment looks for diamonds. There's a new area that's been discovered that's considered diamond rich look for diamonds so you go there with your crew after one year you tell the company that sent you were doing amazingly well were doing incredibly well. We we we've got truckloads and truckloads of stuff that we pulled up from the from the minds so that has the company come into expected sick.

What's this sterile rocks. We want diamonds or what we can find the diamonds with the lots are rocks which room or the rock rocks can be found anywhere we want. It was diamonds diamonds. That's what we want so the same way we can be enthralled with numbers. We can be enthralled with with the glitz we can be enthralled with lots of outward stuff and it may not equate to disciples or quality of life or death of spiritual I'm not saying this is an indictment against Osama. I am not when indictment against mega churches. I'm not again of of them are spoken and hills on church or to my knowledge in my life attended Helsel church there was a hell song of Van Hill song sponsored event that I was in in probably 97 Australia at the invitation of other leaders speak of other things.

So they asked me at that event to Which I didn't just a strong holiness message and in the in the midst of it, but all let's have another observer. I have no connection right and I've had the privilege of speaking at some of the most famous mega churches in the world, saw a mess saying this against numbers.

I know house groups that are healthy and house groups that are unhealthy on saying that off in as human beings, or in America were mentality is often bigger is better.

Bigger is better that that often we miss the mark. Often we get off track. Often we fail to see what's really important, which is making quality disciples.

Think of it when Jesus saw the masses. He often gave his heart, his teachings but in John six were the people came back because their bellies were filled, not because they saw the son of God work miracles of thought well need to be near him. No, because their bellies were filled assess what happened and he begins to teach more more handsome say unless you eat my flesh and drink my blood.

You have no life in your like why and they leave.

One of the one to teach something so radical that they were bound to misunderstand the list they really trusted him as he was.

He was sifting through the crowds. It will crowds he wants disciples we can look 14 beginning in verse 25. This is great crowds were following great crowds he he love the crowds, he had compassion on the multitudes, he fed them. He healed them and ultimately he died for all of us, so he loved every human being. There, but when the large crowds were following him.

He said it was you hate your father, mother, your brother, sister, your very own life. You can for my disciple that was bound to be misunderstood by people didn't trust him.

Why lets you take up your cross and follow me.

You can't be my disciple is you leave everything you can't be my disciple wife. It seems extreme, but he he was looking for the real deal. He was sifting through the crowds to find the real disciples because once he died and rose. He was now going to commit that the future, to these disciples. He was now going to commit the future to them and this this was now a matter of the mission. This is not a matter of building on a solid foundation of each set a bunch of followers. Now things go south. Now he dies on the cross. Now following him is going to cost your life. That's it. It's over. It's into the Jesus movement in the same way.

That's how the church grows not just by consumers but by disciples, by genuine committed followers or drug counter script I'm switching subjects. Now 701 essay switching subjects and I don't think it's proper for us in the busyness of life and the rapid change of the new cycle. I don't think it's proper for us to lose sight of the atrocities that Have Taken Pl. in Ukraine. This is what Pres. Zielinski had to say during an interview about what he is now seen as Russian troops are withdrawn from parts of Kyiv and other areas listen to what he had to say. So ordinances letting them will do best.

Dina McWhirter says Lord knows I will also present as is essay is implicit to go swimming okay selenium holiness because of hamburger doesn't rip us off that cliff there and less and less somehow.

Alright, so here's what happened. Somehow the clip that I sent to my team. That was an excerpt it and send here was sent without the translation is, I let it play for the walk is like the one I heard started with his voice and the translator came in. So unless you understand Ukrainian, Russian, which should be close than that. That would have been helpful of prison Zielinski's talk about things that he said are or indescribable that he is talking about is the retaken ground on Russian troops of withdrawn that there are people with their hands tied behind the back and decapitated a writ of reports of people with their hands tied behind their back and shot in the head. Van more children. She completely shot up so the children inside killed and according to prison Zielinski children before they were killed were tortured and set who can imagine anything like this. Pres. Biden is that use the word genocide which Pres. Zielinski did, but Pres. Biden's talk about war crimes being committed by Pres. is a real tragedy right from the garage. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown without the extent that we think following Jesus is cool and trendy that extent we have not learned to be disciples aren't 866-34-TRUTH did an interview earlier today, new book, the silencing of the lambs, the ominous rows of canceled culture and how we overcome it and in the interview I was asked by Bob Duco who was doing a test for office ratio day.

Amazing Enos bunch. As you three hours, which is still amazing to read for hours even more and it always seems well prepared with with what he's doing it.

In any case, he asked me why is it that that folks on the on the left.

The radical left.

The so-called progressives are often the most intolerant or are often the ones who seem to stifle debate are often the ones leading the charge to cancel and marginalize others and he said is it just a tactic that they're going to brand us as haters and bigoted, etc. as a tactic to silence us or do they genuinely believe that they are so enlightened that their position is true in all the positions are dangerous, that the right thing for them to do stifle and I said, I think it's it's both.

And it depends on the person I read gay activist strategies going back decades, where they they plainly laid out we were. Here's how we demonize the opposition is how we make them look bad.

So for example if you said I'm I don't believe in tomb" marrying by the way, getting lost change about marriage letting one of activist goals that the more sober once the second happened. We just want relationships to be accepted, etc. but the two change the fundamental definition of marriage was not was not in their playbook. For the most part it.

In any case is maybe the most radical, but the more mainstream ones note was.

But here's the thing they knew the to make progress. They had to demonize the opposition. So the moment you would say is really best rickets of a mom and dad or I believe that homosexual behavior is contrary to God's word you say that their strategy was to associate you with a a backwoods preacher like a Fred Phelps God hates fags, person right even though he and his congregation of all the warriors in their midst, but it's that you know that the hateful, bigoted, backwoods caricatured preacher or to liking you to the Nazis and the pink triangle that they put on homosexuals or to liking you to the KKK so this is an actual strategy. The moment the moment that you speak something indifference with LGBT Q plus plus plus activism will you do that is been for decades that you label a hater big DRAM Jewish follow Jesus up and label the Nazi for years for doing this I black friends there label KKK for doing this seriously so that's been a strategy and it's been an effective one. On the other hand, there are many who believe that our views are destructive and dangerous that our views of holding to God's ways and God's standards was laid out as biblical morality that those things are actually dangerous.

You're thinking of this, let's look at it more broadly. Let's let's not even focus specifically on biblical morality for the moment let's talk about varied views when it comes to covert and the vaccines you're not sure how efficacious the vaccines were not sure how safe the vaccines were you've consulted leading doctors and people involved with the science of vaccines or who understand epidemics and pandemics, and they've had different views and you you want to put those views forward on your YouTube channel you get banned while you band. While some say justice is a threat to the to the big Pharma and greed, and in all that. Okay, let's just put that aside, whatever said that's true. Put that aside others simply look at it like this that that they dare not allow this because you kill people with your views. People won't get vaccinated. Ill dies, you're killing people with abuse. Therefore, rather than saying you can have your views and will answer you. You have your views in other channels will answer no. You can have your views so it was the same with with questions about climate change or global warming. How much is is man-made, etc. know you're not allowed to have a dissenting view because that dissenting view is considered too dangerous. People will die.

So this is the mentality that some have on the radical left that their views are so enlightened their views are so righteous, their views are so life-giving that they must silence dissenters in it and as Bob said in a radio interview. They generally decide that wants to silence the opposition take away its voice entirely decides on the wrong side and an I know for me when I'm invited to a college campus. Those that have the courage to try to get me in, but I'm invited to a college campus to talk about a controversial subject, which is normally why I'm invited in invited to do that in invariably invariably I say can you get someone from from the other side to debate whether it's about Israel. Whether it's about the book moral issues. Whatever the subject is can you get someone from the other side to debate me this way the students can hear both sides and of course it will bring more people out when both sides can be represented in a debate setting and then can we have live Q&A after if they say no one's willing to debate you. Which is the norm. No one's willing to debate then the next thing. Okay then if we can have a debate with live Q&A after can we at least have live Q&A. What I want people to have the opportunity to challenge what I say I want people to bring their best objection.

What is Jesus in John three that whoever lives by the truth comes into the life that his deeds may be exposed.

But whoever walks in darkness hates the light and doesn't come into the light with his deeds would be exposed.

Look remember as a kid in you and your mommy said did you eat those cookies. I told you those not those are for our guests later.

Did you eat those cookies if you didn't it's like mommy notebook my teeth look at my hands like a my pockets check. I did need them because you clean did you eat that when you have a sick feeling you're accusing me love me why because you don't want mommy to check your teeth or check your pockets so wait when you're clean bring everything to light the same way when you're confident of your position you welcome the scrutiny you welcome the opposition now that everyone's skilled debater that if one feels comfortable in her immediate you in a city that's fine will function different. I bring a friend to differ with me that don't want you face-to-face debate is a signal the need to read the same study.

It evaluated. Think it through and the response that spot, but they their willing to do that publicly and openly the resource. Okay, let's have that exchange this this do it in writing his is there confident in their views to so we differ with each other, but it's not a matter try to silence the lease will hang on you Christians like you lead the way with boycotts, you're the worst boycott Disney boycott target boycott Starbucks boycott this one boycott that one big difference. One thing is saying if you want our business. Be sensitive to our values don't destroy gender and target and and and there's no separation from boisterous girls toys and don't allow man who identifies as a woman to to use the woman's bathroom. Please don't do that. If this is that important you if if having if if if having a place for transgender's is that important. You then make the investment and put in some individual bathrooms that people can just go into is private and is is one stall you close the door that said, that's it. So were sending a message saying if you don't care about our values to best put to this extreme level, then then we will bring your business and the other thing is in good conscious will feel right supporting you will me know that you are so aggressively taking another position. I give my favorite local health food store. I found out was actively sending money to Planned Parenthood clinics using their profits to fund Planned Parenthood and I knew that they announced it them in good conscience I can give my business, but are trying to destroy them.

I'm not on the China to cancel them as a company I'm subsisting okay to be an economic price to pay for trashing our values and and not just be neutral on these things. That's different than cancel cultures as we have silence you can wipe you out. You don't even have the right to exist.

By the way, I have a new article about that on the stream just came up this morning a new article addressing that very subject the difference between righteous boycotts and cancel culture difference between righteous boycotts and cancel culture. By the way, as I be giving out the number through the hour. You might say how can you take any calls.

I'm not sure if we have an issue.

The phone system or main radio studios during a massive transformation putting in all kinds of new equipment because we got a bunch of people calling in, but weren't able to bring any of them on the line people and their work when our team got them so sure what happened but I was giving out the number just to tease you.

You said tried to call and get through. Not sure what happened but hopefully will get all that all that addressed and see where ever the issue was right bottom-line friends as we reflect on a whole lot of things that are messed up in this world in a whole other issues within the church and whole issues analyze the school board listening hard on him let's give him our absolute total trust are all because he's doing something beautiful goes back to you tomorrow.

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