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Dr. Brown Tackles Your Toughest Bible Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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April 1, 2022 5:00 pm

Dr. Brown Tackles Your Toughest Bible Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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April 1, 2022 5:00 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 04/01/22.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network form is open to questions we've got answers. Let's do it time for the light a fire with your host biblical scholar and cultural commentator Dr. Michael Brown your voice for more nationality and spiritual clarity called 866-34-TRUTH to get him a lot of wire and now there's your host Dr. Michael Brown transferred joining us on fire. His number to call 86634878848664 truth you've got questions. We got answers any questions any subject that relates in any way the expertise I have, or anything it's ever discussed on the air you see me commenting on in writing by all means give us a call.

Don't forget to go to.

Not ashamed of sure that on social media. Let's spread the word. April 14 national not ashamed of Jesus day, so be sure to go there. Not ashamed of spread the word. And with that we go to the phones. Let's start with Alan in Charleston, West Virginia. Welcome to the line of fire like Dr. Brown traveling sure thing are you a question concerning your program with drinking a bird very well what Bible says about drinking the there's not a total abstinence but to drink in moderation and I heard a couple of the callers occult enough like on Saturday was brilliant and God told him that he could drinking under three circumstances or something like that which I will know about you but I found that very odd anyway you have another one.

It said that we at the church or the brother recently got some brothers to get together that can drink in moderation and we don't we don't ask anybody that can equally, sit around and have a barbecue and have a hot dog in the in a couple bugs and talk about Jesus didn't say that, but after that enough that I cannot also write soon okay so here's what out as well. Once I know what the Bible says about drinking it does not tell you that you cannot bring it also says that not to be a stumbling block right so him.

So how many how many Christians have Took that as started off in moderation and nonalcoholics and how many Christians that have done that have calls me in the mainly to stumble and fall in.

Here's my point. I will be caught and you said that you didn't drink up. I guess what you say it right and you and you encourage leaders not to drink like you said it.

What troubled me about the whole thing is that you didn't encourage all believers not to drink and that's where that's where I really had a problem with even that we can do you know what's the profit and doing something. If we can hurt herself or hurt another believer in causing the stump, got my questions great. Thank you for asking a suit number number one.

I do encourage all believers to not drink alcohol in public for the sake of other believers who might stumble abutting particular call on Christian leaders to do it but again I'm not God, and I can't go beyond Scripture and Scripture does not require that of everyone suite we just have to accept that Scripture, the Bible does not require that of everyone.

So it's been lifestyle practiced me for 50+ years encourage everyone to live by it, and in particular call on leaders to us. As far as public drinking and in private. It's it's it's a nonstarter for me as well, but I think will be on the Bible so as much is I would like to tell everyone. Don't drink I like, I can command it say the Bible commands it. We should all do it as far as the other brothers I think you may have missed the barbecue part when they do something for others in their church community. They have no liquor zero because they don't want anyone to come and potentially stumble.

However, if it's just a few. The leaders who they know each other than other allies drink easily been an issue with them and they said they they come together as leaders. It's a nonissue for them. So they've have a drink of S and a problem, but they do not serve alcohol when they open up to it, to a larger group of people for that. For those very reasons as to how many of started moderation and fallen many as to how many of started moderation and stay there because of this to stumble many on the other hand, many are raised in a certain legalistic environment and when they get out of it because they they've never learned moderation. They fall into sin, and in some cultures where moderation is practiced with the entire life there is there's less drunkenness in a case when as far apart as my lifestyle.

If you came as a student when our school was was a physical school supposed online.

It was one of the requirements we had from the date of acceptance is a graduate of note, no alcohol, but we we understood we could impose that beyond that hate.

Thank you Alan and in the you live by your convictions and be an example 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Tori in Houston. Welcome to the line of fire. Thank you Dr. Brown for taking my call. You welcome this question will facetiously back there a place God table for working mothers asked that because I do circumstances that might have been. I cannot control. I had to go back to work to help pay for medical bills for my husband and I work as a nurse at work three days a week since I started working I found that when I listen to podcasts or preaching or whatever about marriage or about women's roles. I find that there is not a lot of grace or understanding you think and I have a question about Titus 25.

I have heard when you read it and a lot of English commentary be keepers of the home. Women should be homemakers, but could you elaborate on that brief word.

I cannot pronounce it than L or a Koranic goes okay.

I have also heard that that word is not found in the New Testament anywhere else but in Greek literature around the same time, it me and gatekeeper or something of that storage could you let elaborate on that right right okay first thing is that we must put everything in cultural context correct. There are some things that are eternal principles that are true for all cultures, all time.

Murder is always wrong. Adultery is always wrong right with you. Maybe other things like when the Bible in Deuteronomy 22 says, a man should wear women's garments and vice versa that different cultures may have different things that men went different things that women wear right so so in any case, the older women are encouraged to train the younger women to love their husbands and children verse five to be self-control. Working at home, kind and submissive to their own husbands, that the word of God may not be reviled, so notice that that last part that the word of God may not be reviled.

So in the culture in which Paul was writing if women were not functioning like this in the normal categories that would be expected. It would bring reproach to the gospel. Okay, so it's it's not that women can only work at home and end date whoever did try choose the gatekeeper argument that's really is so so Lycurgus that the only causes the house part and undelivered studies. The word, but I will see it, meaning anything other than being busy at home. That's what's commonly translated like that. In fact it if you want to study something for yourself right and and you don't know Greek or anything like that over the Hebrew. So go to net Bible NET right net and then when you're there, you just click on that the passage one study, and when when you get there you'll see it has over 60,000 translation and exclamation notes so there's a controversy about the meaning of a word in Greek or Hebrew.

It'll give you detailed information, some of it. Now that's very academic as well. But even the NET simply translates with self-control prayer fulfilling their duties at home. It doesn't even have a note on… No controversy about the word, so somebody's trying to change the meaning of the Greek word to become more applicable to today's society.

All we have to say was that their general statements. Younger women that there there was no other normal role for younger women that their married with children see them if you if you're married, have children submissive your husband so the word of God is not reviled to the Christian women I considered me crazy and independent and rebellious in our culture.

There many working mothers. There many, Jesus loving, working mothers who are out of the home.

The key thing is that the primary understanding is that it's a mother and father couple raising a home that that the father ultimately has a certain responsibility as the head of the home that he's the primary breadwinner is the norm. The mothers is his response with kids that there may be other needs on top of that we we understand it, and depending on how old the kids are, how much work can be done, etc., but there's nothing fundamentally sinful and wrong in our society about a woman were canceled almost especially in our day would be one thing if she's neglecting her children in rebellion to her husband and and so that's the whole thing is only church reinterpret the Greek there is simply a more of a cultural issue that was going on that. Look, you can go back to earlier times in American history when it would've been a cultural issue. You know, things have changed in a certain level so that's the big thing that your conduct be one that is godly and honoring the Lord and then look at the woman that's praised in Proverbs 31 she's doing business she's doing all kinds of things so she's in a strong woman with a career in that sense, but first and foremost a wife and a mother as those the right priorities and God bless you is as is you meet these other needs and work hard and be honoring to the Lord the midst of it all right thank you very much. You are very welcome 866-34-TRUTH all right.

Let us go to Isaiah in Gainesville Florida you're on the line of fire. I brought back all sure I have a question though by can't wait you and I three what To do the jet he Isaiah with less lesson, you called week ago got it okay yet he are call screeners make sure you check the list there so is the identical question to a week ago which I answered so make sure your real real all the questions are answered there right but again there are so many passages in the Hebrew Bible, the dewpoint to the Messiah, suffering we and and reflected the map before we put on his rejection. Isaiah 49 is being beaten. I say the 50th chapter. Oh, we point to him coming meek and lowly in the ninth chapter of Zechariah and being one of its purest Zechariah 12 chapter and so many other things we lose severity answer the identical question so Isaiah either you're not really looking for truth for you not following up so make sure you check all this real] the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks friends, division visit vitamin vitamin so much great healthy stuff for you. There supplements that really enhance your life so check it out. Make sure you use the special Dr. Brown discount while you are there. All right, let's go over to Michael in Corpus Christi, Texas. Welcome to the line of fire.

I got drunk and okay this account. Thanks… What? Something happened right with the world trip flat ever manifold my wife or girlfriend what what the Christian meant to do it for me on the spot, you know, like you will what are we to do. Do we take it three. Pray for your brother and disappoint my wife a broker of what we do yet. So thanks for the questions. First, we don't assault somebody we don't we don't break the law. We don't pray God's law. We don't assault somebody for verbal insult that that's the first thing second thing in that setting your you expect anything comedians in any you know who knows who's gonna say what about anybody severe in that setting and you eat it. You may just get ribbed you know it or your wife may be that you just take it that the the two responses that I would think of would be 12 note my displeasure right never existed to make clear, I don't like it just in a serious way to shake my head like that. It's that slow that's not good. The other thing out of a desire to cover my wife.

I might look at her like page we walk out in on if she nodded. Then we walk out so I would want the general public to know unlike that that that's Ms. Lobo that's going too far and then most importantly, I would want my wife to feel covered now if my wife said you need to go punch the guy in the face and say hey hon, we did was wrong and then address it permanent address it righteously. Adding my send to somebody else's sin is is not going as I can help.

Now of course there's the bigger history and you know, the court open relationship and did she talk about her affairs right in a podcast with him and emasculate him and now he had a note proven Summit Who's Who in the world knows the rest of that in the last accuracy.

She's not laughing then the reaction was the guy how dilated, yet he lacked was a calculated or was it just he lost his temper spur the moment you know you to think about this pretty extreme sphincter. Yeah, real quick. I follow drunk night. You know we both do a locale appointment out pointed Christian, but I don't. The conservative man counterpoint that he made a video Facebook painted to prove what will and and any got a lot of backlash from an all-time record of the corner that he said I was okay. I didn't expect that decided to approve that. Yeah yeah I don't I don't know John Snyder's background and all but look some people you guys dinner for what you gotta take stand now. Allegedly, Chris rock did know about her medical condition, allegedly a week earlier sheets and ocular invoices.

While my baldhead submitted over the world even knows was going on in this world of celebrities and so on for Susan to go take a string of particular, I am all for protecting the waters. I am all for covering their honor.

I I will lose a lot to cover my wife always. But there's a right way to do it in a wrong way to do it and to assault somebody is is the wrong way. So some people because men are not protective of their wives and standing properly.

It's like your germ on so not not doing that after doing that he thank you for the call. I appreciated 86634 let's go to Sid and Bastrop, Texas. Welcome to the line of fire. Thank you, Dr. Brown, Michael sure a question I wanted to get your act as perfecter of a and and scholar of ancient medic live languages near Eastern medical languages. What is your take on that discovery of that amount.

All cursed at tablet. I think I look at the tablet but they found Dr. bring up the biblical research found that it find in a hat. God's name on their but if it cursed accursed, cursed it of Yahweh and able a kayak plastic structure of the way with Senate.

It talked about the dating of the language in the dating of the Israelites in the land of Canaan. Right now I don't know what what what your take on the language here here's here's the deal. I I was not aware of this discovery.

Somehow I missed the news about it so I'm I'm react so I I apologize for for missing the news, as in looking at old let's see report on Christian Post about five days ago. Physical research say they have decoded an ancient Hebrew inscription is accursed tablet that predates by century, sitting on Hebrew inscription from ancient Israel descriptors that amount email, the amount of the curse cursed, cursed, cursed, cursed by the God of Yahweh, you will die curse cursed.

You will surely die Chris by Ellie curse curse cursed with the earliest personal alphabetic Hebrew text recovered on a small folded letter tablet associates a biblical research announced at a press conference on Thursday so I guess from last week. I believe the eye militates to the late bronze age late bronze to Ager as early as 1400 BC. So it if if the dating is correct and the reading is correct. This is a shocker to critical scholars of the Bible.

The there is a debate among biblical scholars as to the time of the Exodus right so was was it the mid-1400s BC others would argue that you can't find any conquest of Canaan, 50 or 40, 50 years later, you've got a dated like 150+ years later, and then you can argue for some kind of conquest of Canaan, but this would say that the early date of could be accurate because you have a reference to the to the to the name Yahweh you have a reference to the cursing of a place where the curses would've been spoken so and you have Hebrew dating back that for which biblically would tell us it does so the issue is been lack of attestation the further back you go the less stuff you find because it's deteriorated. It's been buried over the years, things like that depends on what they wrote on how long it would last sub gotta dig into this more, but if the report is accurate, it will be challenge people will challenge the dating that the the pill biography.

The style of writing, but if in fact it's accurate that's that's very major that would say that the early Exodus dating a could well be the reliable one, and that's based on Solomon's dedication of the temple around 966 BC. It's and that was 480 years from the Exodus, which pushed back to 1446 so I gotta dig into it more, but very very fascinating and would be one of the more major discoveries in modern archaeological history and and very much backup the biblical account and in the most literal plain sense.

And what about the length of the language of the letter L you being a scholar of book that the language of rights right I'm I'm not in the paper for meaning someone who studies the scripts in detail and then dates things based on scripts, but what they're showing here would be very very early script. In other words, it it would date back that far. I can't give you the precise date in a decade or century, but the form of the letters that I'm seeing here would be a very very early form of the letters and and would you know, for example, the guesser inscription would be several centuries later. In the letters developed a little bit further of you know into the more normal alphabet that were used to.

So this would show an even earlier transition from pictograph to alphabet so very, very even Jan looking at the Jerusalem Post cursed text on ancient amulet could change way scholars read Bible.

So again, what will have to look at the other reaction from others. But this is is very profound yeah of very, very interesting. So what will see with the dates actually flush out when it's look into more very interesting. So that's all I can say at this point, I appreciate the call. Thank you.appreciate your comment. I good. Thank you, 866-34-TRUTH okay drive to. I might have time to answer a question now so ensues we come back on the inside of the break were we going Joseph. Joseph Michael Melinda JJ MM sees coming next. So we get your calls. On the other side of the break and one more reminder. Let's really look for this.

April 14 is the day of evangelism of a day of open doors is a day of getting our message out to the world. Not ashamed of

If you say that's our live everyday awesome wonderful to make this yet another day and and whatever you do let us know a post on social media. Hey, here's my war to proclaim not ashamed of Jesus or the Bible.

I brought with me to school or work and put on my desk or is a conversation I started to posted share it let us know and for folks to say what what is this when April 14 national not ashamed of Jesus Stacy why that day. Go to, not ashamed of not ashamed of that's the place to go when you're there you'll find all the information all the inspiration pastors and leaders. There's a special packet with information for you there as well.

Not ashamed of Jesus are we come back I'm going straight to your calls.

That's what we do here on Fridays on the line of fire. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown hears them to call if you're following through on yesterday's broadcasts about the legality or lack thereof of the Biden vaccine mandate.

If you have a general Bible related question or social commentary question you want to ask me or if you'd like to comment on the question of are there documented miracles happening today are there documented miracles happening today in Jesus name. In answer to prayer.

Here's the recall 866-34-TRUTH 866-348-7884 okay before I talk about miracles before I give you interesting personal health herbal supplement, Update Their Hearings Taking Pl. in Congress were Secretary of State blinking is, break down and is not functioning properly, getting us back up and chill for a minute here and see was going on right so were on the air, but I can't take callers I can. I can't take callers were on the air were back were good is that the case all right, let's let's try this again Joseph, are you still there. Are you okay don't know what happened. We got cut off from our feed but we are back so apologize for the confusion. Everybody here we are.

Go ahead. We are live.

Thank you Joseph my question what document do you have good a good scholarship or archaeology regarding music and ancient Israel. Like how it would've sounded. I've heard some stuff really kicking aren't stuff like that but actually what that would look like what kind of musical daily would've you and everything else. Yet there is I've never studied this in any and in any depth at all, but there is a book that came out. Let's see just looking at this here couple of things and I noticed them over and over the years and try to look at the want the other few books about music and ancient Israel, even by that name others one by Joaquim Brown B are a you and music and ancient Israel Palestine or ecological written comparative sources so last name Brown B are a you and you sick and ancient Israel/Palestine. There's a book that was 2002, the only few I've seen over the years. There's a book of 2013 music and biblical wife.

The role of songs and ancient Israel. I don't know that that a get into some of the specifics. There is moot that we don't have a lot of evidence, even the opening titles and some of the Psalms. There is debate about what they mean exactly.

I want to spend the Psalm of David. But you know all the social name and what is that actually mean what does it does mean sing it to the tune of this sing this Psalm using such and such a tune. We just don't know with the trueness. There's a book Alfred century SCN DR EY music and ancient Israel, but there is no book that that I was aware of that was like this is this is the book that really gives you all the information embrace next week where it's just limited to us what we know but you mentioned different scales like you go to India in this different musical scale is use their use in the West and different parts. The Arab world is the same thing. So I would just encourage you a check on Amazon music and ancient Israel. You see, you see, if you those titles. I'm not aware of anything that's been considered the definitive study by other scholars or they can really accurately reconstruct what kind scales were used in things like that and other musical instruments.

Like you said we know a bit more about those you know and what they actually are like the 12th, which we often Tetris the tampering that was percussive.

It would have the 12th sound onomatopoeic a name for beyond that, I know I don't know of anything authoritative.

I'm sorry but that that's it is that you're the other thing is to look at the major biblical encyclopedias there quite a few of those and also look up music there. They may have a few more references, but beyond these few books. I'm not really where. And you think there's possibly anything Larry would like the Arctic or Ashkenazi music like in the Orthodox circles are, that would be completely modern you think what most certainly when you can Ashkenazi.

A lot of this would been European and things like that in stuff that we think of us like Jewish music today with a bin, folk music in Eastern Europe a few hundred years ago so deftly not going back to two biblical I would have to look it at more Middle Eastern and related traditions and and maybe among some groups of Jews that if they had a presence in the Middle East steadily through the centuries know some Sephardic cases that go back a little further, but maybe some Yemenite traditions and things like that they would have some that could reflect potentially more more biblical sounds from the ancient world, so that I would look in that direction more noticeably Hebrew chance and things raised in the synagogue.

Many of those would be in more recent centuries and and not dated all the way back to Old Testament times. Okay all right very much you are.

You're very welcome young if there's more info. I don't know about for sure, 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Joseph in Durham, North Carolina. Welcome to the line of fire.

A doctor brought back a particular call you welcome got a quick question about their adequate question about what the temple worship was like in the early church and in terms of how Jesus got up, walked up and started reading scrolls are teaching with the interrupting of service that was already there debate that time, like decide for him to do teaching her how to doubt look like right so we have to distance between temple and synagogue okay. He could not do that in the temple there was there was no escrow there for him to take out and just have a setting where he could just reach everyone and and that was the norm. The temple was was the priestly precinct that was the place of sacrifices and offerings so there could be communal prayers prayed there communal songs that were sung.

The priests and Levites could can have various functions of saying prayers and singing psalms and things like that of but it in the temple proper and that the closer that you got in to to the to the holy place, etc. in the place for people to bring their sacrifices that that was there was not a place we can get up and deleted the synagogues were pharisaic innovation and those began century or so before the time of Jesus of go back a little earlier and it was an innovation where you can have gatherings and smaller locations where you can have a timer along with with standard prayers being prayed with her could be teaching or exhortation, and it was becoming more more fixed and structure. But what we can pretty well surmise is, by the time of Jesus, you would've had said prayers that were prayed, you would have had recitation of a leader saying certain things people responding in certain ways, you would've had reading a set reading for the five books of Moses in the land of Israel. They would go through the five books once every three years in Babylon. Once in a year and that the customer from Babylon prevailed in the synagogues. To this day that you go through the tour once a year but it seems based on Luke four and other evidence we have that the reading from the prophets in other parts of the Old Testament was not fixed and therefore Yeshua could get up and open the scroll to a certain portion just read from it, and if you are recognized as a teacher, you have Paul traveling in a recognizable your teacher get up and get some to share get up so there was more flexibility.

Things were not as fixed as they became in the centuries following the centuries following. You not only had the fixed reading of the Torah, but the fix reading from one of the other books of the Bible that supplemented it. Call the health or that that supplemented what was being read from the Torah so that was the context and setting a little more flexibility at that time the lady you go less and less so when you have a regular person that would be expected to bring bring a message and expectation of something like that, based on on the readings that were done in the synagogue each Sabbath Iago for something that I hadn't really thought about what you'd already established authority.

Teaching about it just stroll in and start reading like that the event that members is it was in his hometown also solicit, so that's a factor, it would seem that if by the person's dress were stature or reputation. They went to synagogue in the first century. They might be asked to speak or share you notice like looking like this. Have you ever been in a church service where friend of the church. Another leader will person shows up sick brother to get up and share give us a quick word or so just think of it like that but with a little more freedom that that could have happened as well in that setting. But as far as Jesus picking a passage to read from that would not have happened centuries later, but at that point, it seems the Torah readings were fixed but not yet the supplemental reading say thank you for the question appreciated 866-34-TRUTH.

Let's go to Michael in which hey Michael, you're on the line of fire but pick Michael dark brown.

Quit working for you you are you can rework your demographic book called flagrant corruption plague of corruption. No, I'm not. I'm just looking up here.

I'm not familiar with it I would. I wish I was familiar with everything that I'm not yes and on any any specific question. Well, he regarded Christian radio program a few weeks ago. The bone took Kurt Meyer, basically the whole pandemic was a plan to make and could be shut down if the country used fibronectin are directly" she's got a great, great credentials, but her long three shirt in the book she her whole lab work comp in your research taken away by about you and others without any constitutional no put in jail. Basically, you gotta read the story yet so so here's here's here's what I can say just this review and discussion followed similar similar things here. Number one, it's a book I should've known about came out June of last year and has over 7600 ratings on Amazon and is in looking at the endorsements for its got people like Michelle Malkin know folks who were were sharp thinkers and and things like that are commenting on it so let me say this. While there was a little soft. There are friends we will be right back. On the other side of the break and Michael will respond to this book is a break.

Thanks for standing with us with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown transfer want to fire apologize if that music blasted you out there for a moment. I like skillet loud, but this we are bouncing on the radio here quite so Michael and you talked with one again, my apologies for not being more familiar with the book that's gotten a lot of attention. The symbol one number two. I do not believe that this was a pandemic. I would never use that word myself as if the government intentionally plan is a world governments planned it for whatever reason, killing millions of people and taking control with it in a planned way from the start. I don't believe that number three. I do not trust where government is handled things I do not trust the accuracy of their recommendations.

I do not trust decisions that have been made. I have no question that people have used this for their own purposes.

So, once it actually happened. People try to exploit it for their own purposes they take greater control or making certain money or or adding new restrictions number four.

I do not believe that if there was just of remaking hydrochloric when used widely from the start that the thing would've been stopped in his tracks of the most recent Board study claims I remaking this. Actually, no.

I don't believe that either, but I'm not a doctor or scientist and people have been studying this day and I have much more to say in it than I do. And number five is I've no reason to doubt that the government did come against someone putting out different information resume is happened to people try to reason. Another narrative, and how their demonized and marginalized or canceled. So nothing would surprise me in that regard and big the. The reason is well your misinformation is costing people lives not I am by that, I think there's more going on in that regard. So I do believe it's a genuine pandemic.

I don't believe he could just been stopped with I remaking an hydrochloric wing. I don't trust the government on this. I don't know whose information is is accurate concerning vaccines, etc. and it would not surprise me if something was terribly mistreated, trying to get out other information beyond that served not qualified to even offer an opinion, but thank you, thank you for the call unite.

I probably heard about the book at some point, but have a look at it and all all right.

Let's go over to Melinda in Georgia. Thanks for calling the line of fire. I'm counting concerning the previous college boat situation about alcohol.

Yes, I am an 80-year-old lady who heard a sermon maybe 40 years ago or more.

But to this day I remember the pastor in a very calm, not counting boy read all whole page of this to stick on the number of homes that were broken because about all the number of children that were suffering from single parent home, the number of accidents, the number of labor hours, 12 for pay all just the whole gamut. What alcohol can bring to a person. I very calmly at the end of the sermon make the statement now you want to associate your life with something that is that much harm in the world and one of the other point that he made it the number of bafflement be cattle to be alcohol number of automobile accident. It ran out the hope gamut of what is the refill people that deal with all yet I was just going fate may that made not to partake, but for now, think of statement at the regular rate from Oswald Chambers what God says about catching of the people down. Yeah, yeah. And any point of fact, in point of fact, you cannot make the case from the Bible that no Christian should drink alcohol.

I haven't for over 50 years and encourage others to follow my example and is a you as you mentioned Melinda that you're the message over 40 years ago and you can still remember so many of the details the specifics and the the the the litany of of a list of damages that come of course. So it's a video that's drunkenness of never been drunk always drink in moderation. Understand that some say it's all going in a certain direction and in any case, I appreciate the reminder.

That's why when I did the show asking when Christians drink alcohol back on Tuesday I linked a couple articles by William Booth and Catherine Booth where they both said it's not compatible with Christianity. So we got the strong messages out there. Ultimately, I'm beholden to a Scripture says and yes there's a righteous judgment remake and is an unrighteous judgment that we have no business making. Thank you for the call.

I appreciate 866-34-TRUTH, let's go to Clint and Kansas City or Kansas.

Welcome to the line of fire Brown. I have a quick claim to be there. I guess not. All right, let's set let's go to Robert and Central Coast, California.

Welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Brown, Robert, are you there I are we having is that the latest thing just happened.

Let's try Sean in Michigan are you there all right now your yeah go ahead. The lavender of the call is the glad you there a go ahead. I want to call about talking about all the young out… I'm not a bird on the Bible, but I did want to correct you drill not given by God, you shall let me let me let me hang on. Let me correct you. My definition is exactly what God says in the word so there you go. You correctly I correct that you will call you then think… Well you you went on renting Sean. Here's the Leo server, Sean Sean Sean hang on for second hang on when you call and you say what you said is incorrect. You misrepresented God under the just be just as blunt with you if you say hey I wanted Alana differ with you on this. Can we talk about, by all means say something that silly him and respond in the same way just to reveal to you a sarong way of doing things and I don't I don't I don't go on and shot.

I don't go on Rance someone timidly if someone is continually talking.

I thought I tell you what to do. It. This is why put you on the chance. Don't call up with silly lines like that and just said like to differ with you on something. Give me reasons to talk over me. It's bad for the listeners.

So in fairness to them, put you on you.

I don't go on Rance, but I do differ freely and openly.

Let's try one more time, what point would you like to mixer what point would you like to mixer go-ahead I know what we have in Israel. Adam Tully according to I.9, but then they titled I will be able to be, not what you the opportunity what your point about all day and also Paul said it never been anything like that but what in Israel job wiped out in the hands of the Antichrist.

One start… Us… Antichrist's Antichrist. All right, so here is the problem friends and I don't like to do this, but I have to do sometimes when people refuse to listen to since witnesses say Antichrist in Zechariah 13 it doesn't and see the problem is when it ended I just use this is the teachable moment the promise when when you're trying to help someone understand and he refused to listen though never get right. How many times when I say all Israel shall be saved. I say we do not know how many people will be alive at the end of the earth. We don't know what type of shape it shaking and upheaval will come to the world right or what the number of the people of Israel will be but that final generation there when the Lord returns there will be a national turning as the Scripture explicitly says that if you're not sure who Paul means by all Israel. Romans 1126 the previous verse the Israel that is hardened will not be hardened, then look at 27 and 28 and 29 tells you exactly who he speaking about. So Sean I could really help you. I could really be a blessing in your life if you opened your ear to call as opposed called to lecture and correct and misuse the Bible in the process. So maybe the next time around I won't have to push on mute. All right because you're called a different attitude and then we may end up with a difference. That's fine, but it will be with the civil discussion. This was to give alive talk radio Douglas another program powered by the Truth Network

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