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Are Females Being Erased?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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March 31, 2022 12:11 pm

Are Females Being Erased?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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March 31, 2022 12:11 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 03/30/22.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network is the very concept of female being erased from our culture's time for the light a fire with your host biblical scholar and cultural commentator Dr. Michael Brown your voice for more savvy and spiritual clarity called 866-34-TRUTH to get him a lot of wire and now there's your host Dr. Michael Brown have this time to be with you today is Wednesday were looking at the world around us what's happening in the culture. We seek to do it to be like sons of Issachar in first Chronicles the 12 chapter understanding the times. Knowing what is real this case, the church should do 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 784. If you are a parent with kids in school. If you are a kid in school, young person in school. If you are an educator I look to get your take. In particular, 866-348-7884 a bunch of things were going to talk about today with a special guest at the bottom of the hour.

Want to talk about what's happened in Florida with the education bill that the media is wrongly branding the don't say Gabriel that got a lot of attack from what do you know the Academy Awards gay gay gay role saying gay and in the Disney organization Walt Disney Corporation pushing back hard against this bill basically saying Disney is going to get gayer and gayer and gayer. No surprise, we can talk about these things for years and seven the alarm for years, but once again this has caused the pushback the aggressiveness the all-out assault on values come from LGBT Q plus activist and I use all those letters and acronyms to emphasize that there is no and we should go down in that direction. The activism has caused a backlash as we knew had to happen, common sense, spiritual sense when you had to happen. Jesus died for all people. The same game straight the same old and young. The same I can light the same Jew and Gentile the same.

He said the same blood from your being. Every human being.

However, they identify is still created in the image of God and you fall in thought and redemption. Every human being. My love is for every human being. My desire is to see every human being right relationship with God. Every human being.

Starting a brand-new life in Jesus. That's my desire at the same time. I strongly resist LGBT Q activism because of where it is going and it is not in the best interest of society overall. Again, the philosophy was operated on now for what, 17, 18 years reach out and resist reach out to the people with compassion resist the agenda with courage. I want to check out this website female female and and when you look at it it's it's really quite striking.

It is a site put together by feminists they would fundamentally disagree with the tremendous amount of of what I'm saying and what I'm about female and there's a book that I haven't read much of cold female erasure and the subtitles is what you need to know about gender politics, war on women. The female sex and human rights, and about the book is this is that this anthology bears witness and exposes the current trend of gender identity politics is a continuation of female erasure and silencing as old as patriarchy itself. 48 voices celebrate female embodiment while exploring deeper issues of misogyny, violence, and sexism disguised today as progressive politics alright so what these women are saying is that the new gender identity politics transgender activism is yet another attempt or another aspect of wiping out female existence or the role of the female. In other words, if if gender and sex are interchangeable. If someone can become a female after living as a male for the first 34 years that a person can become a female. Then, it completely undermines women's rights, women's independence, women's autonomy and a bunch of other things. So again, these women writing in this book would categorically different was so like me because of my values and we think that I'm on a patriarchal misogynist that would be their viewpoint.

However, in their insights about where transgender activism is going and the results of it in their insights are absolutely right.

It undermines the very meaning of female will talk about that a little bit more at the bottom of the hour right now want to focus on Florida on focus on the bill. There first let's hear from Gov. DeSantis for his Gov. DeSantis about what this bill is it's called don't say gay it's really about.

Let's listen to what he has to say you've really tarnished by this bills about Phyllis do it quickly for us. Once again, what is this bill lists bills about providing protection so that they know they can send their young kids to school without them being sexualized without a school telling a young girl. For example, that she may really be a boy. And if schools are trying to do things that impact the health and well-being of the kids in their their undertaking certain services that parents have a right to know that and provide consent for it. So this is a real bill that empowers parents to protect our kids and for a company like Disney to say that they this bill should never pass personal doctor. They weren't saying anything when this was going through the house. They only started doing this because the mob awoke, mob came after the put that aside for them to say that them as a California-based company are going to work to take those California values and overturn a law that was duly enacted and as you said supported by a strong majority of Floridians they don't run this state they will never run the state. As long as I'm Gov. and he also called a Disney where you work closely with China. You make a lot of money with China was your outrage over the genocidal policies towards voodoo Uighurs in China, but your outrage over this. This bill applies to kids K through third grade kindergarten through third grade and bill more irreligious bill more said this quote maybe kids that young shouldn't be thinking about sex at all yes correct a five-year-old seven-year-old they have no concept of sexuality. They have no understanding of male-female sexuality. Even if you explain it. It doesn't register.

They don't even know what real romantic attraction is at that age company kindergarten boy say mommy when I get older I'm going to marry you.

I mean, that's that's their understanding it if if you tell Susie in first grade that Johnny likes her slick goo or retail. Johnny that Susie Lexapro but because boys like boys and girls like us is the same sex attraction. Homosexuality said they haven't drawn understanding of sexuality and romantic attraction yet. Let's start with kindergarten kids and we hear a disastrous wonder if some of you are going to want to subscribe to Disney channel take your kids to see Disney movies. If you hear what some corporate folks within Disney or saying it, and I've asked in recent years, will okay good clean movie. I can watch this while traveling long trip rest a little chill stop writing for little while. Disney movie and there's gotta be some game essence immaculately one that have to be in their old friends from what they're saying we have seen anything yet from's what's coming, but I wrote an article about the so-called don't say gay builds. It's not about that at all.

It is that you can save straight either.

Those you stop talking about those issues. Little kids that I wrote a follow-up article saying even even if it was the dose a gable unsupported, especially for K through three that was it that you get no business talking about those things.

So I got online because frankly I don't remember what I started and could really, what were you learning will over the main things. Okay, so here's some websites very well family website drink kindergarten children learn to use? Such as who what when where why and how as well as to make words plural by adding an an answer and S. Yes, they also learn how to use common nouns and prepositions can urines begin to learn the concepts of addition and subtraction respectively as putting together and adding to and taking partaker. That's how young they are all about gender queer.

What I was just given a context friends those you little kid using exactly exactly.

There also taught socialization skills such as taking turns, waiting to be called on by the teacher being kind to others and that's also emphasized the most kindergarten class that's all saying see that this one kid is like a sissy that in the column gay. Here's what you do and I will think kindergarten is just on their own going on, with his gay. In any case is what you bullying is bad Bobby bullying is bad, to teach and we are all for queer rights works where pro-trans gay is good. No bullying is bad.

If the boy next to his fat if he has big teeth. If he's a different color.

This Harris different if he behaves different differently. Bullying is bad.

That's what you teach children to teach the other stuff is good. Bullying is oh let's see here old what else are they learning in school that the K5 website. The kindergarten year is one which kids learn more about the formal classroom setting. Learning to focus for segments of time, basic literacy and math learning simple science and social studies.

This is the foundation your for getting used to the routine of school. The process of focusing and learning in the social skills involved in making new friends conjured.

Students learn how to identify letters in the alphabet and their sounds. A is for a sexual B is for bisexual see us versus Joe know that so and so schools is with our learning.

I'm gonna think the BBC's the book for little children learn the alphabet, Nikki was for queer and S is for sashay and all of that I'm making this up, but I'm showing how inappropriate it is. Terms of deal with little kids learn how to count recognize numbers up to 10 sort objects they learn about plants and animals good health habits. The weather keeping track of the weather about the five senses and basics about their bodies which which are not, by the way, you may be trapped in the wrong body all by the way you look at actually have curriculum that was put out by gay activist organization glisten years ago about this for over 10 years where it where you've gone and exercise to help children discover their inner tranny there. Their secret inner transgender identity for elementary school children of got the curriculum was letting us know this is what government assesses the force is not always good for them.

Good for them back with some shocking Disney quote the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown got on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

I corporate statements aggressively aggressively coming against Florida's bill and now some executives speaking out making their views known. They don't speak for all of Disney obviously but this is in the larger culture.

This is in the larger culture in the movies, pushing different scenes and gay critics of business that you haven't done enough to have been aggressive enough of the same.

What what you have to do is increase the gay theme in the children's movie for what purpose all that we see this is because kids grow up in different homes in different environments and therefore we need to show all those things on each shoulder there. There was years ago there allegedly over 1/2 million polyamorous families in America over the many decade ago. Over half-million. These are called loving relationships that are not marriage necessary is it to be husband and wife and two others husband-and-wife in a bisexual friend and they all live together and maybe have a kids with the bisexual friend she raises kids whatever they need to represent everything worth there's a trouble. What if it's in a Mormon families that are practicing polygamy, even not legally represent everything that's out there and intro kids grow up every different kind of environment obviously not. In any case, let's listen to Carrie Burke, Disney corporate Pres.

This is what she has to say and share is a mother to clear children actually have one transgender child and anyone can sexual child and and also as a leader and now is the thing that really got me because I have heard so much from so many of my colleagues in the course of the last couple weeks (and through emails and phone conversations and and I feel a responsibility to speak, not just for myself but for them to all last week we had an open fire last week 20th where and again the home of really incredible groundbreaking LGBT CYA stories over the years where I am one of our execs stood up and said you know we only have a handful of clear leads in our content and I went can be true and I and I and I realized it it actually is true. We have many many many giant characters in her stories and and and yet we don't have enough leads and narratives in which gay characters just to scanty characters and and not have to be about gay stories. If it's on a story with good character and less the characters were openly either either caricature or that that character is written, and by the way, by the way, and in the one just move your soul with the jungle cruise or something like that and then you find out one characters gate didn't have to be there is a reasonable but is caricatured only as a being tough and strong at the end but throughout is very girly and I go, I can't do there. I guy can innovate very skittish and afraid this isn't the caricature has a helpful larger cause of Disney being gay activist, but it unless the person's assessment of being gay was outwardly acting in a way that's identifiably quote gay that even know who they are. But oh, no, no, you need more queer leads Disney needs more queer leads.

So says Carrie Burke, Disney corporate Pres. and others are recognizing that as well. Parents recognize was coming. Discover the other children's entertainment outside of Disney.

I'm sure has been for years but but rather the sacrifice of the entertainment and to allow your kids to be polluted but by such aggressive in my mind, unethical content.

Why unethical. Let the haters hate me but you're introducing you're trying to indoctrinate children set simple were trying to indoctrinate children in areas that are morally and culturally controversial well race was the okay this is under segregation.

This is nothing to do with civil rights movement try to piggyback on on the back of of civil rights insignias in the black entrance is new black is an insult to African-Americans and it's an insult to the civil rights calls but that's it.

That's another discussion. Yeah, and in fact I was told that Carrie Burke said we need half the characters to to be LGBT QI a and by the way it started. This is gay-rights movement.

Gay revolution and things like that and then what about window case that was GL will but bisexual is begin shall be then that the T letter was edited more slowly because different category now than that got added in an and then you are requesting up Comerica came out 2011. It was it was LGB ethnicities Ms. GL BT then the L and the G got switched and then choose been edited and more recently to square simply questioning there than I for intersex or interested in a for a sexual. This limits were goes and notice what this woman said in a Magog touch her children and bring them into their true identity in in the Lord and who they are intended to be to kids one identifies trends as pansexual, how will the kit is the pansexual means attracted to it to every sex attracted it to everything is cool pansexual is beyond bisexual.

That's one of her children.

Lord help this family listen to Latoya Raven. No and she is an executive producer with Disney Disney content.

I grew up watching it out all the classics they have been a huge like part of my life and at the same time like I work at small city is less my career and I know you're with theirs.

I earn things like all you know they only show this in China.

Mike will when I started and by then Mike's hands was bafflingly the opposite of what I had heard on my little pocket of liking out proud family Disney TVA the show runners are super welcoming Meredith Robertson like that. But our leadership over there have been so welcoming to like my leg. Not at all secretive agenda and so like I feel like I felt like it was money like maybe it was that way in the past. I guess like something must happen in the last like it like they are turning around and going hard and then all that like momentum that I felt like that sense of I don't have to be afraid to like let's have these two characters Catholics in the background is not like I was just wherever I could just basically add a clearness to like that you see anything clear this rabbit. I like no one would stop me and no one was trying without exactly friends we've been telling you this was here for years and years we've we've documented it with detailed quotes from those within Hollywood about their agenda from from those writing scripts for for sitcoms doubted to children's program it with.

We've documented for years and years and years and end here and now.

The only dirt. The only difference is that people are openly saying were doing this even with kids. Even with Disney before it was document to be had to dig a little. It wasn't quite as overt know you had the quotes but but they weren't so prominently put forth in didn't have the disease as aggressively say with the same public here is there's a reason we been sounding the alarm. So now what we push back with righteousness with pushback with family life the way God intended it, we push back demonstrating God has a better way to reach out and loved individuals. We resist the agenda and what we step away from things when I left even announce a boycott just a step away from something. Sorry, crossed her own life. Guy Benson, who himself is gay but who opposes much of the gay agenda and who identifies as a conservative Christians that's another discussion. He tweeted this out.

One is Disney opposed to the part this test with this is opposition to the bill is Disney opposed to the part that bars sexual/gender identity instruction for K tooth the third grade students or another part of the bill to his Disney put out a statement this forceful on the genocide in China were they eagerly do business trying to pinpoint their code corporate values.

Here's what their statement said Florida's HB 1557 also known as the don't say Gaydos again made up made about critics should never pass into the ribbon South Lagos accompanies for the slow to be repealed by the legislature struck down the courts remain committed to supporting the national and state organizations working to achieve that we are dedicated to standing up for the rights and safety of LGBT 2+ members of Disney family as well as the LGBT Q plus community in Florida and across the country, with about standing.

He Disney to state to see you cut your teeth. He became famous Mickey Mouse children stuff in the theme parks for kids.

How about standing up for the children. How about standing up for the kids about standing up for an innocent kindergartner who has no business being indoctrinated with LGBT QI A+ plus agendas and curricula. My prediction you see bills like this popping up all over America. It's what we been saying for years. There is an overreach. There is the left going too far. The radical left gay activists going too far, will continue, respond, love will continue respond with loved individuals.

You may call me a hater for my position would step back and say okay were talking about children when a telling you to live your private life without telling you what you can and can't do for not breaking the law, that is between you and God.

We are telling you not to put certain stuff on our children not to impose it and I talked to Florida educators a few years ago, two women teaching elementary school in first grade and other older grades.

They told me in their school. Gay activist curricula was all through the school, even down to kindergarten and if they dared speak up against it in their school, they would lose their jobs. They told was probably 5+ years ago. And of course goes way, way back before then, many schools across America. Look for more bills like floors will rise up and pass across the nation. Liquid is the sum of its popularity has to have be right back with my guest, run, the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by calling 86634 true here again is Dr. Michael Brown. I was scheduled for having joining me now they must so we are unable to trace him down now that means that open up the phone lines for any subject of any kind. They were discussing the if that's our guests calling in. Maybe he realized that he missed us in his calling and out great, but only open phone lines anyway so if you want call to discuss any subject under the sun with me.

Ask any question, by all means give me call it 663 for 87884. Check out this headline BBC corrects article calling women assigned female at birth instead of women. This headline on Breitbart a right wing conservative website. BBC corrects article calling women assigned female at birth instead of calling them women. In an article on endometriosis.

The publicly funded British broadcaster had said the condition affects one in 10 people of any age in the UK who are assigned female at birth that was with her bones.

Both females, an apparent effort to accommodate transgender ideologues and they corrected it to women. Okay friends. When I started researching many of the subjects back in 2004 started getting depth. Then Scott called me to.

I came across this thing about your assigned gender or sex at birth. What signs of the previewer. Sunday I was assigned mail at birth. You are assigned mail at birth.

You are identified as male at birth or you are identified as FEMA propel not a mystery, not a mystery.

Artichoke is totally clean joke. Of those I would share it obviously would share on the air but totally 100% clean joke. There is a two little babies on their changing tables in the Nikons there there waiting to be changed and somehow they can talk there like six months old the baby boy says to the baby girl, I'm a little boy in your little girl and she says, how can you tell the difference so slowly, slowly, he begins to pull up his nightgown and he goes, I have blue booties you have pink booties. Okay it wasn't that somebody put blue booties of the one kid in pink booties on the other kid to identify them.

It was the plumbing that so that's a boy you could tell it is no. Get the ultrasound you can. That's a boy that's a girl now you have less than 1% of the people in the nation in the world would be identified as intersex so that they have a biological abnormality. Sometimes it comes up as a DNA abnormality where they are not as clearly defined male or female. Sometimes there mixed characteristics are missing characteristics runtime at that talking the 99% plus sewer clearly identify the identifiers birth as male agreement that you're not the site they're not assigned mail or female.

They are male or female and DNA we confirm that, except in the rarest reverse number of cases where there are abnormalities in which case you work with that person compassionately to help see okay biologically emotional identity who are you really and as they grow up.

Help them to develop into the budding 99+ percent of the cases of people at that this not an issue. There's nothing ambiguous in the vast best best best best best best majority people identify as transgender is on a biological or DNA issue. It's it's a psychological issue. So when I first rented a assigned FEMA assignment. What we talk into now BBC most major news outlet in in in UK and much of the world. The BBC uses terminology wanted 10 assigned female at note, not a psycho. Both women females. So again once you start talking like that you're basically erasing the identity of female your race, and the identity of of women, because it can change you may be assigned this at birth.

That's not who you really are. The good news is they corrected it. Friends, this is what happens when things go too far. They get a course correction facility.

Step back and then I want to be a bunch of headlines to encourage you that pushback contains a promise to do it through the year were there at the end of March now and that the headlines keep mounting terms of a righteous pushback, but it not be with hatred, but it not be with anger Libby righteous, but the biblically-based. What is the ultimate foundation of all foundations are run through this again we do it once more. What's the ultimate foundation of all foundations the existence of God that Almighty God is the creator of the universe is. That's the foundation of all foundations and and that's what we start with in Genesis telling us how God created the heavens and the earth and then the foundation that flows out of that is the want to just mention creation that this eternal God, there is one goblins only. He is eternal, eternal, he was eternally will be and that he created all things that he is the creator of the universe and then the pinnacle of his creation. Human beings and we are created male and female those of the foundations of the foundations. While the, the rise of the new atheists in the attack on the fundamental belief in God that is increased in the last generation has not.

Darwinian evolution is a boy or various forms of evolutionism continue to dominate scientific thinking, saying that there is not a creation by an intelligent being, God, and then the very foundations of the human race.

Male and female he created them or under assault. These are the foundations the foundations under assault. This, in a surprise, no have you said it's coming for years. Yes I respond with truth. We combat the error we combat the laws we prepare to combat the misinformation. How with truth, 866-3487 84 okay, shall we look it's more pushback in today's society, we just grab some headlines here about this one.

Babylon be refuses to delete tweet: transgender assistant secretary of health recouping man of the year, despite being blocked from twitter clear that so there there saying you block us, but when I couldn't believe it. Yes is there satire. So part of that part of the satire is okay you can name a a a biological male woman of the year. USA Today did that is in the Glamour magazine previously anointed Bruce Caitlin Jenner as woman of the year so Richard quote Rachel Levine was name on the whim of your USA Today so Babylon be as Christian satire this if it were given name Rachel Levine think of her as a woman. They were madly or turns around is actually Richard and we got deleted. No so that we we got more than enough for followers here right about now tutor JK rolling identifies or defends four types of transgender victims transgender victims she's not defending them, who adolescent girls. Here's a girl saying at 16 I was prescribed testosterone after two code therapy visits that an ask about my BPD or past trauma, I now have PC OS and am awaiting testing to determine funding to hysterectomy have cancer and I will never be able afford breast reconstruction.

My consent was not informed so she's obviously got sterilized, mutilated, whatever and and because I thought I was trans the people to support it. JK rolling says this breaks my heart is now spoken to many of women tell similar stories up all that you will it down this way by people with the duty of care towards you hoping to God. The test give good nuisance and you. Much love, so that's one of the categories of people that she is defending are also gay boys, as though often identifies trans lesbians and women so in JK Rawlings among the these are all victims of transgender activism, so she's anything but a Inoue far right conservative Bible thumping Christian.

Obviously, from the perspective of history and look up the phone lines any subject you want to talk to me about him, you have some time, 866-348-7884 UFC Jorge must be dull when the most popular fighters in the UFC and not trying to be politically correct. He tweets this out the other day what sport is left that is still biological.

Girls response girls, one for my daughter a sport that is still fair to her. In other words, that does not allow biological male to compete with biological females and is asking what what sport it is out there that that still holds today. But this this is that headline daily wire Disney actress blasted after calling it make-believe to depend trick to put trend trans women sports on filing rights of women three have a Disney actress just got blasted, but she says it's it's made. It is make-believe to say a biological male computing is public of biological females. This does not have an advantage is not violating the rights of women. So friends notice.

This is not just Christian pastors and TV preachers and radio host like me raise their voices. This is people from the general populace about this one. Feminist group condemns NCAA for ignoring pleas of female swimmers shooting trans swimmer who didn't do particularly men swimming competitions. This is a feminist group now condemning the NCAA for for allowing biological males to compete with biological females.

How about this Utah legislature overrides governor's veto a bill banning transgender youth in sports. The legislature said no biological boys can compete with polished girls.

The governor vetoed it. They overrode his veto. The pushback continues friends about about this okay the creator father Ted defies the trans lobby insist women are real and he questions like to say the word, but but her private part using a male private places. There is no such thing. The sentence will people refer to things.

There is no such thing. He's now speaking out and he's been canceled or at least speak at all. More about this one. Three more GOP states protect girl sports from transgender activist children earlier to see more of it. I had this in mind that more passing expect this to pop up in more and more states, but of course and then one more more female athletes are calling on NCAA to protect women sports. Something had a push things over. The tipping point, and it's this aspect of trans activism along with the mutilating of children in the sterilizing of children that is awakening. More and more consciences in America. The pushback continues friends let it rise. Let it rise, let it lies in the church the way and showing the better way of Eureka. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by calling 866342 here again is Dr. Michael Brownfor joining us. Remember national not ashamed of Jesus day could not ashamed of if you haven't done it yet.

Not ashamed of also, I learned something yesterday was quite surprised. I had noticed that even though the silencing of the lambs is getting good response of folks buying the book, I noticed that there were no reviews of it on Amazon and it's it's been out since March 2, so most a month and that a single review and I know in particular that we strongly encouraged our folks that both the book directly through the ministry of that if they enjoyed it. To post a review on Amazon encourage others to to get the book, so II got this but when I went to dig deeper. This this notice came up because of something strange about the reviews coming in that they restrict reviews to only people who bought from Amazon so you can verify the purchase not I respect the integrity of same.

We only want verify purchases the verify purchases a whole lot of ways except through Amazon and singular book story get on Christian Barnes & Noble you directly for ministry so right now if you try to post a review it's not posted. I tried to dig deeper got a form responses didn't help at all. So if you tried to post a review and use it wisely it up there. Whatever the algorithm was whatever it was that they sent. While some strange these reviews. I don't know what happened. What I'm trying to dig deeper as an author but if you bought it from Amazon and enjoy the Burgoyne post review there be the Kindle be at the hardcover be at the the audiobook. All right okay so truth we announced a few times any topic from 330 on any topic was good arts and somehow you missed that you give wrong info to our cause, because if you been trying to call in a cake and you're not getting on is because there is a communication breakdown. There so I still have time if if you tried to call and told her off-topic with my guess canceling out last minute. I said I will open things up to everybody and said it repeatedly. For that reason. So, 866-34-TRUTH any topic is good. By all means give us a call okay.

One other headline I think your team has it to pull up but I just spotted it earlier today Lauren bulbar declares runner-up to transgender swimmer Leah Thomas rightful winner bulbar its resolution honors Emma Wyant or we aren't a Colorado GOP rep Lauren bulbar. This leading resolution in the House of Representatives to honor the runner-up to transgender swimmer Leah Thomas is the rightful winner of the NCAA women's 500 yard freestyle swim, so she got bested by biological male by 1.75 seconds. That's a big big margin big margin discusses biological male who was ranked 462 in the country among male Coakley to swimmers before the good. Let's let's keep doing this, let's keep pushing back.

Let's keep honoring these women friends want to give you a larger word of encouragement, even if America collapsed and we've never seen. I would hate to see it, especially for for kids or grandkids. I hate to see but even if America collapsed in a way beyond anything we've seen morally spiritually, economically, I would still be full of faith for the future because God is God, because Jesus is Lord that because because all authority in heaven and earth belongs to him because God's ways will ultimately triumph in the earth. God's kingdom will be established only on the earth, and in one day every knee will bow to Jesus. Even those who don't believe in. Want to. Every knee will acknowledge him as Lord is woefully or unlawfully, that is going to happen so I frankly feel bad for those who oppose God or in their sincerity. Misunderstand who he is and Artemis led in and in need to be pointed in the right direction.

I feel bad for them, but my heart goes out to them that that the Midsouth given us out of this world. Unanimous out the world come and they will stand before God as judge be found guilty on the thing that that grieves me so I I'm full of optimism, not because the TARDIS turning America's Americas most of the mix right. Merck is always going to be good and bad together. That's this world. The modern state of Israel.

That's less literally prophecy being fulfilled in front rise of the modern state of Israel is quite a mix of good and bad that's humanity.

That's this world. That's the human race. That's just the way it is going to be it. It is that simple.

So I'm not I'm giving you examples of pushback to say things are happening.

I'd rather the world goes in a positive direction in a negative direction. I rather we have more liberties rather than less liberties.

I rather that that we are able to to to preach really went rather than go to jail for judicial like today I rather raise kids, grandkids, great grandkids in that environment and it's is much easier to make disciples and then America can affirm the gospel around the world but but my eyes are not set on the fate of America miser sit on the fate of the kingdom of God and that is eternally secure. The kingdom marches on. In that respect. Therefore, with God being God with Jesus being Lord were good gods for us, who can be against us by let's so let's go over to LA and welcome to the line of fire. Thank you. Thank you.

I called and asked you for study guide recommendation for Joe when you get your not ready guide guy and I actually went that route and I want to thank you get it working out really well and appreciate your commentary and a question questioned about Ellie to run number one LOL yahoo and Ellie sure similar, but then there is that yacht in Ellie or Elijah add do you think that that adds anything in terms of like meaning that Yahweh is my God or light so there spelled the same. He was the same confidence is just a matter of having a bowel. So that's the first liking thing and that's why some look at Ellie, who, as is the life you type a figure so it's Ellie who in Ellie Yahoo as a forerunner before before the Lord speaks Ellie, who is the most Hebraic name in the book of the others could could well be other of the Semitic languages and dialects and Ellie who would we is is he is my God, my, oh my God, is he. It could be short for Eliahu which is my God is Yahweh. So Ellie Yahoo is more explicitly a Yahweh name and hence why it may not be the way Ellie whose name is spelled or Ellie, who was Ellie who knows that that was his name but that it to an Israelite reading it. It would be a profession that that my God is that one God, it would not be much different if her profession from Ellie Yahoo saying my God this is Yahweh they be very similar in terms of the statement being made.

Okay, so why put Eliahu and Kelly Cartwright name because it's the disavowals.

The two different names okay till later when the valves were added dated at all the bells rose there. They just want written. Another was that the valves were always understood.

He was always spoken in red with vowels, but they want the valves were not written in. They were understood. Yeah. Okay.

And also, are we expecting an Elijah type before Jesus returns. So that's debatable. Based on the closing verses of the book of Malachi, I do not believe the Johnny Mercer exhausted all the imagery so there is several ways of reading and I'm not dogmatic and one is there will be a Elijah will literally return to usher in the second coming. I can't rule out the possibility of another is that an Elijah type figure like John the Baptist will merge have a hard time just things can be one person. So I was more think of an Elijah company a a a a group in the body functioning in this way to prepare coming of the Lord, but can't be dogmatic. There could be a literal Elijah. There could be someone like a John who is in the spirit and power of Elijah or there, there could be a group of people in the spirit and power of Elijah.

Traditional Jews, of course, expect a literal Elijah, and I can't rule that out that it is possible, but it's is not when I'm personally expecting hey thank you for the call it.

I remember you asked about the study guides I can point to my commentary, but not the study guide. All right. Okay. Married in Detroit. I apologize, but I've only got a minute.

By the time he has asked your question will be able answer if you're able to call in on Friday. I remember your name. Remember your comic calling from. We will we will jump you ahead of the line. All right do my best to do that and friends of tomorrow through juice Thursday. We want to talk about what's happening in Israel there is a there is a fresh wave of of terror and its serious want talk about that one ticket usually calls it give you some interesting juice traditional understandings of the Scriptures will do that and a lot more.

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