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Should Christians Drink Alcohol?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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March 29, 2022 5:30 pm

Should Christians Drink Alcohol?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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March 29, 2022 5:30 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 03/29/22.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network is right for Christian to drink alcohol with a Christian leader will talk about today is time for the light a fire with your host biblical scholar and cultural commentator Dr. Michael Brown your voice for more personality and spiritual clarity called 866-34-TRUTH to get on the line of fire and now there's your host Dr. Michael Brown are and you think time of this every day and you will get a dose of moral sanity and spiritual clarity.

Michael Brown, welcome to the broadcast 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 784. This is where you get to weigh-in. It's Tuesday and were making this a theology Tuesday again were focusing on the biblically-based subject. This woman has to do more with practice than theology alone. The question is, is it right for Christian drink alcohol.

What about a Christian leader. What about what kind of alcohol.

What about how much alcohol was about private versus public consumption, which are take 86634 to this is the subject of real relevance when I wrote about it recently. The article got shared a whole lot got up a lot of comments. I was amazed to hear how many I would love to hear from you if you differ with me. I would love to hear from you if you think that nobody else has the right to tell a woman what she can or cannot do with her own body, or what is inside of her body, look to hear from you if you think is it is an intrusion of society, especially of men to say what we are pro-life and therefore the mother does not have the right to abort her baby. That would be for any circumstances. Obviously if you're in a situation where the mother is dying as a direct result of a pregnancy. You have to choose one life over another. That's that's a separate ethical question, but it's not the question were dealing with 99.99% of abortions that take place and it's interesting that the large majority of Americans today do not want abortions in the second trimester and on. I mean, there has been a shift in in in thinking why because there's more consciousness of the humanity of the baby in the womb ultrasounds that that has those have helped men and women see the reality of the baby in the womb and and not only so, the fact that children babies are surviving at younger and younger ages with medical help that can be provided in US while that that is a little child in there and that's how could readily be aborted in other circumstances of this been a change of thinking, but I want to address some misconceptions again. If you think I'm wrong. This is one reason we pay to be on life talk radio so that folks who differ can call him and tell me what folks who differ can express their differences, 866-348-7884 okay I want to dismantle some leftist lies about abortion, I wrote an article where he made wireless hazing. I love the taste of this get used to it, but I drank to get drunk.

That was it. I got saved and I repented of drunkenness and the reason drink in the church got saved and had a culture of totaled staying so I did it. You say will have you ever had wind with communion. Yeah a few occasions over the years and the tiny tiny drop of wine with communion. When that's what was served with communion or if I was at, say, a Passover meal or something like that they be drink you want to have the tiniest drop but my practice is been total of stating in all circumstances outside of those that's it and it is not an issue for me.

No Nancy when she got saved she used to drink before she was a believer and she loved the taste of alcohol. So for that reason because she was drawn to it. Just get drunk then she quit until the stained as well so we had different reasons were told abstaining but now as a leader. I believe it's a good practice.

I believe it's the best practice so many people stumble and let me say this, if you say will we do these outreaches in old beer and Bible, you may have good intentions, and others. You may generally think we can get people in that would normally come in, but at what price. Because you're also going to destroy the lives of others are also very good people come in used to be alcoholics who been free and they see you drink you think think it's okay for you.

It's okay for this is not an isolated situation.

I have heard report after report after report after report for decades was arose the art wrote the article and posted comment after comment after comment after comment tell me the exact same thing and some people say that was me that was that's what happened to me. I went into this meeting. Went to restaurant I be free for 10 years I assault the pastor having a drink as though if he can.

He's a man of God. I can maybe pastors ever got drunk. This lifeline is in public place he does it. This other believer says I guess if it's okay for Mike and drink, and they fell back.

I've heard it over and over to the distracted complete destruction of the lives assembly was in Paul's very plain in Romans 14 about this. Just don't during drink wine. It's going to cause your brother to stumble. If you have that liberty keep it yourself between you and God.

When I see leaders in particular believers in general. But leaders in particular boasting about their liberty public publicly displaying their liberty. I say either.

They are ignorant of the consequences of what they're doing, which is possible but hard to believe or their immature order, there is no good spiritual reason for the it's not like wall follow Jesus, but only if I could have a drink and now that I know that I could drink a little theology starts this other disciple try to make a deal with God which we want to give up everything even our own lives to be his disciple and is absolutely worth it when I see people when I see a culture that celebrates their freedom to do certain things like drink alcohol. I can guarantee you that's a culture with all kinds of failures compromise and collapse is about to happen. I can guarantee it. You say no Mike, you don't get it will react against legalism. Legalism is destroyed legitimate people dropped at the church is legalism. I agree legalism is deadly. Absolutely measuring a believer by which you don't do make and that the that the sum total of your spiritual if I don't know the movies drank. I don't smoke and that defines my spirituality. That's a big mistake, and yes legalism is destroyed many lies and legalism is driven many people of the church. But the solution to legalism. The antidote to legalism is not license is not cultivating the flesh.

It's intimacy with Jesus.

It's been loved by God, it's cultivating a deep relationship with the Lord based on his grace and goodness, out of which we now love to be in his presence and serve him and live discipline unless that's the answer.

Legalism not not have a culture a week which I believe is is it just came out assumed all conscious conflicts of sexism are pastor talks about over the pulpit is in the business watching them and he made a mistake and watch him.

Then he asked God for forgiveness. Don't publicly talk about boast about it except to say, I blew it so I watch this. That's over 50 years now.

I minister around the world and their different cultures. India is not a debate. Christiansen and you committed Christians don't drink alcohol. Even moderation. They don't go to Africa by large same thing.

There you Europe you go to see Italy where people grow up having a glass of wine with me on a bit with many fine believers that have aggressive arm of the meal there. Their whole team does your missions team things like that and and drunkenness is not an issue with them. I am not pronouncing judgment on others and of the setting, some talking out here in America. That's my focus.

You translate out your own culture of talk about here in America where there is so much drinking to excess so much drunkenness and so many in the church come out of alcoholism we need to put their well-being ahead of our little preference and again Paul says if you have that liberty have it yourself.

You and God alone. You agree do you disagree with the phones in a moment, but first let me explain why I don't believe you can use the Bible to say based on the Bible based on Scripture that we must all totally abstained from uncle I do not believe you can make that case right even for leaders. I don't believe you can make that case in terms of the divine command. So yes, Noah gets drunk on wine in Genesis and got that mention is prominent. He gets drunk so we know even if the wine was less fermented than you can still get drunk on villages but you look Genesis 2737 Isaac blessed is he sort of got up on my accordance offer here Isaac blesses Esau and part of the blessing is. He says he's told how he blessed Jacob. He said I blessed them with grain and wine that so I sustained a green light so this was a good thing if you look old saying in Deuteronomy chapter 713. I'm just giving a sampling of verses in ancient Israel does, he will bless the fruit of your ground, your grain and your wine and Royal's. This was this was a good thing.

A Proverbs 1426. When you are enjoying your ties before the Lord, take a portion of it and buy some food and drink. As it says this you spend the money for whatever you desire oxen or sheep or wine or strong drink whatever appetite graves. There is even a context where they could have strong drink and do it before the Lord of Proverbs chapter 3 first 10 Proverbs 310 of another promise of a blessing so you your your your vats, your your storehouses and your vats will overflow, including with wine. This again is a good promise. Ecclesiastes 1019 now, so take it as the negative philosophy of the of the young leaders of of the nation, but I'll just read as is.

Ecclesiastes 1019 and you scroll down to it, there we go. A bread is made for laughter, and wine gladdens life, and money answers everything that may just be a carnal attitude that some have but you know why I'm glad Ming life song songs chapter 1 verse two kiss me with the kisses of his mouth for your love is better the more wise mention in a positive way. Throughout the book. Throughout the book. Matthew 917 talks about putting you want a new wineskin so this was the sense that he put marijuana in the pouches. You know this was something that was done good positive in the culture Luke seven 3334 Johnny Mercer is criticized because he doesn't he fast like this drink widened, Jesus eats and drinks and and is called a glutton and a drunkard. So John to Jesus turns the water into wine at the good, the wedding in Cana and end of first Timothy three.

The elder the leader is must not be given to one must be moderate drinking more and then call me know. Tells Timothy to drink the wine for his stomach say this was infirmity that was used medicinally so you can't say based on the Bible that we are all commanded totally abstained. Drink, I strongly encourage it specially for leader at least in public and what is the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown got on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown Goss, the question of whether Christians should drink alcohol. Should they do it publicly.

What about Christian leaders. 866-34-TRUTH 878-8420 out right before the show started and my view of the Christian leader boast publicly about his or her liberty to drink that person is either ignorant of the consequences of what they're saying or they are immature or carnal precedent based on 50 years in the Lord and a lot of observing lives along the way. I have seen pastors in legalistic settings fall into sin. I have seen pastors in libertarian settings fall into sin, this real enemy is out to tempt and destroy and and legalism could put people into a box of false religion were you just live to perform, but you're never good enough for you become self-righteous. One extreme or the other and then you you have a collapse in that way or the other side you can say we reject legalism we are free and then you cater to the flesh. My question is why an earth would you want to celebrate liberty to drink as a Christian leader. Some big public thing or cultivated or have have gatherings were held. Look how we grab why we know how many warnings are in Scripture about drunkenness, we know how many laws have been destroyed by alcohol. We know how many Christians are former alcoholics and and struggle to keep themselves clean. What's the big deal I'll celebrate Jesus all celebrate Freedom in him all all celebrate who he is and what it means to be his disciple 24 seven minus a seller. I referred her to drink of a lot of what so big about that is that we make disciples. It comes archers were cool. This modal pot on the side redrew I don't really get hired drunk but you where the cool church mythologies to be cool. I'm at work when we get this from all right going to the phones in a moment, but let's look at another side of Scripture which is warnings about drunkenness okay and and standards in terms of people who were not to drink, so Leviticus chapter 10 verse nine Leviticus 10 nine. The priests work when not to drink alcohol. When they came into the presence of the Lord, thou were not of an object drunk is that what happened, they drank too much wine.

And that's where they offered up unauthorized incense before the Lord and were killed by the Lord's fire earlier in the chapters that way comes up here.

There is debate among commentaries but it's interesting coming into the the holy place in divine service before the Lord, don't drink at all. That's interesting numbers chapter 6 verse three and elsewhere in the chapter lays out the requirement for Nazirite's there were to be fully consecrated to the Lord and one of the things in their full consecration was no drinking some and settle all followers of Jesus of the business rights I agree about was that with the Gore harassment, but I I agree in principle but I can't make that a New Testament command I can say the New Testament plainly says it requires Daniel his companions didn't want the Kings dainties. They didn't want his food and they didn't want the Kings wine so there's a level of consecration involved with that but it Proverbs chapter 20 verse one Proverbs chapter 20 verse one says wine is a marker strong drink is raging in rivers deceived by is not wise that there is a warning about it and being deceived by wine and strong drink, and then Proverbs chapter 23 Proverbs 23 beginning verse 20 and then down in the chapter versus 33, was a whole warning about that with the wind look look at comparable so goodthing you disgusting. You can end up drunk again of her, you can end up in a mess. So these are warnings and Proverbs. How about a Proverbs chapter 31 verse four. It is a suffer kings to drink wine and in verse 60 wise for someone. Is this perishing once Ritsema was dying but king should be drinking more priest don't drink wine in the presence of God, the Holy Pl., Kings should drink one. Romans 1421. We've alluded to this earlier repulsive look of a centrist on anything that hangs up your brother. Well Dr. Brown you have a mustache and that causes me to stumble or are Dr. Brown you wear a black shirt today and I causes me to stumble.

He's not timeout any and everything that we can create that we say because some of the stumble lady are to pray for me. I causes me to Stumbo. I want you to wear a sack and and and cover your head is well know he's talking about legitimate issues within the faith were people can struggle and of different interpretations. Don't put anything in front of anyone that can cause them to stumble in pulses. Romans 1421 that ties in with drinking wine as well, you do it if it's going to cause someone else to stumble. Leaders, what are you doing and boasting about your drinking culture with his lead at least a drunkenness that leads to carnality, it can lead to sexual sin, at least a compromise. It leads to a lack of clarity of heart and mind. So I've never gotten drunk and okay then have that liberty between you and God.

Enjoy with your family. You do it publicly. Talk about in public and in enables and emboldens others drink there can be destruction. It comes out of Ephesians 518. Don't get drunk with. Why would be filled with the spirit it's it's a mentality it's a lifestyle again.

I would love to hear from those who differ.

Just heard from a Christian leader earlier heard. I was talking about this that I'm so glad this again about the culture of seeing everywhere is the celebration of drinking and it's leading to all kinds of drunkenness and destruction, but of but of course no surprise there. All right, let's go to the phones will start with Carl in North Carolina. Welcome to the line of fire.

Dr. Brown, are you doing this great thank you. Well that you hit the nail on the air about everything.

Not long I got back written product couple years. I did work out a group of God all time in his little restaurant next door at work now a good affair with. I see they would always get there and you are the Christian Muslim work. All is good.

I'll get. I too nice) for the Christian, but brought about not by November. It probably won't hurt nothing to get a beer when I had a beer. Thereby, the table in the white everybody looked at me, watching the mark of the right in what is not something I'm not the first space that many have, but it's interesting that you are expected to be different because you are Christian, adding that bag out and thinking about another white able amazing amazing and obviously I see that one of the brief question…, What is your idea about throwing coffee with into the church were Starbucks office of audit. Okay, I don't like it. Personally but I don't judge a write up of about good yet so I don't like it. To me it's overly casual to me.

I'm not there to do anything but worship God and be with my brazen sisters, so I'll I don't like it. However, I don't know that person. I don't know their life. I don't know their attitude before the Lord. So I'm not going to make a wholesale judgment on them. I don't like it. Personally, I would like it to be discouraged or just not allowed you that you have some water to drink during service. If you need that line but III do not make a personal judgment. But really I don't I just withhold.

I don't know the personal life and on the what role coffee has or doesn't have in their life, but I don't like it. I rather not see it when work is once again and how snow was sitting at having deal in engulfment worship, but I like it but I make no judgment on the individual because of it.

I thank you for calling and asking articulate we get a bunch of callers only gets you on the other side of the break, but I don't want to cut anyone off right. I so I just go to draw attention to a couple of articles and then come back of let's see here we booth their member Salvation Army. They worked a lot with people, right out of the bars. They even used tunes that were sung in the bars put gospel music to them. So the Christian leaders done in the past. So there marching past the bars singing to is that it really but with gospel lyrics and many, many alcoholics came to faith so it's just interesting. This is an 1800s and early 1900s in England we booth there's a website known I'm not familiar with the website. No drinking.calm and they emphasize the call for us to be sober and there they have an article by William Booth drinking not safe for anyone and he says the thing is evil in itself make your children understand that it is not safe for them or anybody else to take strong drink and what is called moderation. This William Booth, his wife, Catherine Booth also in the same website website had a message. Drinking alcohol versus Christianity drinking alcohol versus Christianity was Catherine Booth and then Pastor Jamie Morgan wrote this for charisma news old one was it back about seven years ago was the first article she wrote the Lord is basically laid on a heart watch what I can do. Watch how I can promote a message and she asked the Lord to do it. Got this idea just jotted down 5050 reasons why she doesn't drink. And the thing became the most viral article in the history of Christmas everybody structures unknown. Basically, I mean outside of her immediate circles administered so that's an interesting read as well. The story behind it even more interesting.

I written an open appeal. Joel and Victoria boasting about similar issues and that it gone viral and maybe I do for 500,000 shares of the God that was the most viral on their I think Jim Carla will one that begot the million shares to minorities got more shares study by just took off as if the sky was back in the message question requested in any case, check these out will come back with your calls. Feel free to differ.

That's what we have open phone 866342 the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown got on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown is on the line of fire. My own position when it comes to drinking alcohol is one you cannot use the Bible to prove that all Christians must abstain from alcohol in moderation.

Number two I believe it is a great practice, especially for Christian leaders to abstain. If they don't abstain can drink in moderation and set a problem for them than do that in private. Don't make a public issue out of it. If you know people close to love one's friends that you spend time with that they struggle with alcohol.

They been alcoholics. They been back and forth on it. If you know that's the case with them. Then hey, for their sake don't drink around them if if they're over there at your house a lot. I know people that fell back as they open someone's refrigerator house with our lives like only a beer we'll want to also care for them. I guess it's okay for me and they fell back so that's a liberty which we willingly restrict ourselves on for the good of others. 866-34-TRUTH just want to read this note that was sent to me by a leader who so I was going to talk about this today very excited to hear your broadcasted even though consuming a small amount of alcohol is not a sin.

I'm not sure why so many Christian leaders so freely broadcast and promote their liberty through such a culture of drinking and drunkenness prevailing in the body of her screams. In the name of court liberty for those who abide versus quote bound by religious spirit. Those who don't personally was every believer with abstain for love's sake. Praying for you.

I appreciate that this this notion that we are free to how you show your freedom. After the service. Your bar and get drunk like this I know Christian leaders who've done that I was talking to a pastor the other day and he was really pleased to see this.

There scores and scores of pastors who look to him as as a spiritual father and he said he went out with some pastors and though the wine bill or the alcohol bill at the end of their dinner was on 100 guys this is a few guys was over $1800 and he's looking like what in the world are you doing 866-34-TRUTH or truth.

Let's go over to Russ in Salt Lake City.

Thanks for calling the line of fire.

Dr. Brown normal pointer talking about her. Germany what hell you are embarking occurred. I wanted it and took it like one drink meant that while that really good thought. I got home I went down the Lord must support cannot drink beer and sit and would just like me, you could if and I would feel totally static and then under the following condition number one will not limit my water number two it will not be blocked or anybody else in number maximum.

And I don't even though they know I don't drink but I do not condemn God at soleus this Russ if it's in your mind, your Christian leader, you're missing the word people know you for that in your mind if you go out, see to restaurant you don't know everybody in the restaurant but there could be people that know you would your practice be less.

There's a potential stumbling block. I won't drink in public exactly. I would not work. I never will. Got it and that's loose again. I have heard the same story over and over and over and over go it go to asked Dr. Brent thank you Russ for calling and I appreciate that very much.

866-34-TRUTH 87884 I go go to the Esther to Brown Facebook page. Okay and scroll down to find the article that I wrote about this and look at comments, you'll be shocked at how many people had the identical experience and how many people even realize or someone they know or love fell back into drinking got bound destroyed their lives had a setback, however long it was because of the liberty of other Christians not make a plane again if I'm out with you where to restaurant and you say to meet you mind if I drink this, that's between you and God.

I am not here to judge you. I'm here to give you my convictions and shared the run out of doesn't stumble me. I've no interest in it and the people I've been with us in America that would be like known Christian leaders. If someone asked me this body or if I drink this amount with a woman pastor disqualify drink as it doesn't bother me personally I'm not judging you, but I wouldn't do it for the sake of others that might know me here I be honest in that regard, but I'll say it was more. I do not believe you can use the Bible to demonstrate that my lifestyle told stating since I've been saved is what God requires. I do not believe that is taught plainly in the Bible. At the same time I believe the antidote for legalism is not license but a fresh love relationship with the Lord and intimacy with him. That's the antidote for legalism right we go back to the phones of John in Atlanta. Welcome to the line of fire.

Brielle Oglala found on YouTube about two weeks ago, deftly enjoying your videos like everything you fight the power Christian coloring in the back of the truck out driving you to, and agree with you about loving the stumbling block for your brother because you have advanced out of my property will have gospel church.

Kamal will have campfires. No fellowship and healing. We only drink if it's the core group that we know will be responsible. I know they don't have an issue. There's nothing going on, you know, we have just a few microbrews that it that's all it is the core people that we know each other well when there's other member group are not sure about were at a coffee, lemonade and other drinks because I desire the fellowship in the bonding brotherhood product more than a beer. It's very, very careful about that and question I have for you is how you feel about certain churches that to get in even somewhat low level leadership. They actually have you sign documentation that you will not drink at all. I feel like it's a copout.

Is this the easy way because I was looking at speaking the new Christians. People knew the fate and a lot of people are not Christian they know the story of Jesus turned water into wine and cheese him of the cycles drinking so that we become of the angle that I will know we don't drink. You know it, and if it is taken away from Jesus, almost in a way that what you mean like he did this and were not allowed to its is more to exploring.

So basically, my question is, like I said, what you feel about the churches Yahoo Nissan documentation that you will not drink at all. What's your thoughts right so if this is to be a subtype of leadership or service with interest. I have zero problem with it because it's a standard, they said that they feel good about.

They feel safe with that does nothing to do with talking to an unsafe person or brand-new believer which I'm assuming that's mature enough to be serving in in in leadership or in some professional role within the church.

So I am 50 problem with it you can require that anyone serving in that level has to type article emits a New Testament command that will anesthetize the boots of a principal but a church can set up whatever standard it wants citizens were comfortable with but but here's how I'd reply if someone said will I find that this church is a policy for leaders that that you like to drink, Jesus turned water into wine.

I say yeah were not telling you what you can and can't do. Drunkenness is sinful for sure. The Bible is against that when a lot of people struggle with alcohol. If they see leader drink that empowers them to drink so we just don't even have that is an issue and it's an easy thing for us to give up because we love other people. So once understood its is based on love.

It's based on justice like what you're doing is no big deal. Somebody else drink your core group in an essay by the way, will be have others and we don't pray for these reasons, say people can understand that not all casinos a little different culture than in Jesus day than than today, but the big thing is when not when not mandating this for every person, give example, John students coming for ministry school when when they came to be trained to say this is your consecrated here.

This is like Navy seal discipline you have to live things out, etc. so we said we have certain standards that we want to be your standards for life, based on the Bible, we have other standards that are our own convictions. And while you're here, you can live by our convictions even just like if you have a curfew or if you have a time.

You have to be there in the morning for prayer as your students being trained so we we said from the moment you accept it until you graduate. We want you to live by these principles.

So not not not curfew and there in school but one of them was no drinking.

We said you may have a different conclusion. It may be something you do for life or not, but just while you're with us. This is one of our standards that will advise leaders risking to do and if someone was out willing to come to our school.

Based on that we say will really have the kind of person is looking for because these are issues do you than than you have that the right attitude, but again for unsafe person a new believer would say the Bible from its drunkenness, but we just set the standard for our leaders because we don't want anyone to get a wrong idea or record get drunk because of our examples that's that's all it is make a really simple right church where we have. Thanks in advance and function event by the church.

There is zero alcohol is there know if they have are about to begin the sentimentality folder knew the church yet exactly so that's be very careful and look this just again I know to many people whose lives have been destroyed or have heard the story from second witness to it. The person that has drink Fannin afterwards. What happened to others is love.

Love that compels us. They thank you for the call right we don't April 14, April 14, somewhat not not ashamed of Jesus national not ashamed of Jesus day were we tell the world around us were here were not ashamed.

We love Jesus and we love you so go to, not ashamed of not ashamed of pastors and leaders. There's a whole kit for you there with more information. You can read get more info. All believers going there. There's more information. If you get you get different ideas we limit what would you post this. Can I ask you to do that, but I believe it's a God thing. We shall see how it goes.

We can ask you to do that on your social media whatever beads you have post not ashamed of encourage folks, let's get on board let's make a very public beautiful witness and April 14 is a way to push back against cancel culture with liberty and freedom right back six more because they were here is the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown got on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown I back alcohol again. I would welcome calls from folks who differ with me or think I'm missing the point through everyone's been in virtual agreement, but not trying to speak an echo chamber here. Let's go to Berkeley and Winston-Salem North Carolina. Welcome to the line of fire like your call, no longer so I am in total agreement with you, but not questionnaires.

When this paragraph, conversation, people always calm, well almost always say or Jesus during Martin at our direct wants or how would you answer that McGettigan is a lavage announcer. Yes, yes and is it's a very fair question as best as we can tell he drank one and he certainly at the Last Supper. He drank one but as best as he can tell he would've drank wine as was customary with with meals or with with special occasions or holy days or fees for things like that and we know he change water into wine in Cana of Galilee.

One answer is will wind was different than it was in this fermented that seems to be true, but either way people could get drunk. There were many warnings about hitting drunk so it was still a danger.

My simple answer would be that the culture was different, that it was a culture in which wine was pretty much universally drunk with with meals or as a part of life or in religious ceremonies and is not our culture. Now we have a culture with much more alcoholism wherever culture with many former alcoholics in the church and therefore what we have to do is follow Paul's guidelines that he lays out in Romans 14 Reese's hey I will meet me I will drink wine that because my brother so by eating meat. It's because not that they were vegetarians or vegans, but because the that you would buy in the marketplace may have been sacrificed to an idol and even appalled it doesn't mean anything.

It's just meat some and also I think what you're eating meat that was sacrificed when I do less bad and wrong and they would stumble over so because of that the Prince was don't even drink wine. This can cause someone to stumble so simple answer different culture different culture way of life. It was not encouraging people or opening the door for them to be alcoholics just as I've mentioned being in Italy where in a year. Having dinner with the family and you've got no maybe a 12-year-old in their having less little glass wine is just it's it's been a way of life and you you do have drunkenness, but you don't have it on the same level or alcohol abuse on the same level in some of these countries that you do in America and the other the other thing would be a great question, but let's just this is ask this you think there people in the church that her former alcoholics who struggle with alcohol is should we consider them yet so shouldn't that be the question you know as as opposed to a Jesus that why can't we what we can we can work were commanded not to be drunk at an end to only use alcohol in moderation so we can drink but here's what we choose not to.

I'm free to but I'm free not to. Here's why choose not to answer and that way I thank you so much. Thank you very much I appreciate it right.

Let's let's go over to Jenny and Indiana. Welcome to the line of fire and thank you for taking my call.

Dr. Brown sure thing on I have a different perspective. My brother four years ago on his life with that sort it. Alcoholism EK preachers kid had been pastor and quickly it came from alcohol daily. Now that were example, people looked at. I just never know you may be looking at are you know you are surrounded by you may be struggling with what we don't know about you know. And now I can. My struggle with anything and you always have the right answer. And coming from it. Probably a little more emotional with it being the home, but you know a lot of friends and leaders. I fell hard on the topic to drink as if it were the most amazing drink they could ever drink in their life and that my question now is, often, is it really about a or if it has something out that a lot of times we get it back and well you know some people struggle away, obesity and overeating so I could not eat in front of you. Now that we can allotted out kind of think they come back and ask that you know that I can bring that perspective, the agreement with you. I appreciate it and sorry for the things that you strike so close to home number one. I am convinced that when people fight for this liberty and make a big issue that something is wrong again is a sin through the broadcast I understand people are burned and hurt by legalism understand they turn away from God understand they leave the church because of legalism.

I get it understand as of said the antidote to legalism is not license its intimacy with the Lord. It's knowing the love of the father, it's understanding God's grace years back when I was teaching a lot about the abuses of hyper grace. I would first teach about the beauties of true grace. Knowing that many believers don't understand Grace and Benjamin stand the love of the father the rights of people fight for this. What what you what you fighting for a look at it be one thing if there is this new teaching that if you're married once you have a child that you're not allowed to be intimate with your spouse.

Rest your life. But it's okay that there's an abuse that is wrong. That is something beautiful and healthy and wonderful that God gives in a relationship but but to make it about having a drink that you might for that or it's that important. So if the taste of it. If having a drink is that big to something's wrong start. There, but I'm almost sure that in the in the vast majority of cases, it's not even about the taste of the drink, but about this quote liberty and being free from religion free from bondage free from tradition and NI. I have not yet in 50+ years seen a single example of a church that is a culture of throwing off religious tradition of throwing off the spirit of religion, of throwing off bondage to quote man-made rules and that's that's what they're saying. I have not been in 50 years, at least in all my experience in the states ever seen a single church where it went well for them where it it produced holiness where it produced discipline of never once seen it and up. I don't just assume it's always good to go that when those many times they will babysit. No, maybe they are free with and every time it it ends up in shipwreck and disaster and the problem is you. You see it coming. You want to get serious religious may just try to put us into bondage and and worst of all, in many cases is open drunkenness like okay, you've already crossed like you know this is not on trust. So what about obesity yet all obesity is is is wrong.

Other adverse there are many people that hate being obese. I would imagine most people are obese. Hate being obese. Many recognize that their lifestyles are contributing to it, but that's a real weakness in the church that we don't teach against gluttony and we don't model self-control in eating and it is a weakness in this a problem and a sense in a heartbeat.

Okay so what I will leave healthfully that was going on eight years by God's grace, he transforming but otherwise I never I never thought twice about going out to restaurant getting every unhealthy thinking of the special night out right.

Every unhealthy thing that unhealthy appetizers and then unhealthy meal then unhealthy dessert. I never thought twice about it or that it would cause someone to stumble but if if I realized that if I thought about it back then.

If I if I sent you other people here… It is, I think I would've had the sense that if you were going out to meal with me and silica really struggled with my weight and a and I'm having a hard time here and and is just so hard to be in a restaurant that hate see what I'm gonna eat some healthy so we can be strong together.

I hope I would've had the sense to say that then certainly now you better believe it. So we don't need to drink alcohol but we do need to eat and drink. So that's the difference so if if I'm concerned about causing someone to stumble on to eat in a healthy way in public and that's also in private. It's my lust on but their analogies the right officers. Some people struggle with obesity than what I should need well if if you want to help them out struggle then eat in a healthier way set a better example noticing don't be in again.

What is what is Paul's word of the seas explicit. If you have this liberty have it to yourself before God. But don't cause someone else to sin because they'll be emboldened by your liberty as a result of it. Do something which may not be sin for you, but a symptom is is that for the sacred calling to be in gospel ministry for the sacred calling to be used by God, the sacred calling to to minister God's words to other people and be his representatives. Is it that much to say it to have that privilege still drink in public and and and let your private practices be private is is that so much to ask.

I mean, most of us was cut off our limbs for the privilege of administering the gospel, how much more a little sacrifice like this when people fight it, and not willing something is fundamentally wrong.

Convinced of it and it may God open hearts and minds because there are a lot of casualties that don't need to be out there and may God bless you and your husband is your minister and the other great client and we appreciate you, thank you so much I appreciated our friends were out of time. Traumatic health have you visit his vitamin this week. No, this month no, do it right now. If you are driving vitamin healthy supplements from our sponsor Dr. Mark Spengler was America's natural doctor. These are great supplements for healthy lifestyle benefit you in so many different ways is the wide-ranging a special discount is one of our listeners and intern donations made to on this so we should go there vitamin back with you tomorrow. Another program powered by the Truth Network

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