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Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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March 25, 2022 4:50 pm

Dr. Brown Is Here to Answer All Your Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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March 25, 2022 4:50 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 03/25/22.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. Phone lines were wide open with the questions we got answers for the light a fire with your host scholar and cultural commentator Dr. Michael Brown your voice for more spiritual clarity called 866-34-TRUTH to get him a lot of wire and now there's your host Dr. Michael Brown to our S634 truth 866-348-7884 is number to call you got questions. We got answers any question of any kind that relates in any way. Anything we discuss on the show with the guest, you name it. 866-348-7884. It is our delight to answer your questions today before I get to the phones.

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All right. Let us start and go to Nashville, Tennessee, Koch, welcome to the line of fire. Hello yet I yes I can. Thank you.

Any word from God about any Bible or America and had the Lord spoke about Bible ridiculous people to thank you for asking as far as the former revival in America I have great hope. I have great expectation. I certainly believe God desires to do this if you wasn't desiring to pour out his spirit will more time. In other words, if it was too late for us, and there was no repentance possible. I don't believe you would've put the desire into so many of our hearts to pray for revival. I believe he would've burdened me and so many of us to preach about revival or to write books like revival or we die so it's it's interesting you ask about those. I was just talking about II don't know that I know I had a word clearly. Years back that I would be involved in revival that would touch the world, but I felt it clearly, and in 1983 in 1996 God called me to be part of the Brownsville revival is a great historic move of God. I don't have that same level of assurance now, but I have great hope.

I have great expectation, might we hit bottom first, but we have revival then hit bottom may both happen at the same time I don't know I just have great expectation as as a and with that word I've carried in my heart not not Bible but something believe God spoke to my heart. Years back that we get to be on the front lines of the gospel based moral and cultural revolution in America, we see that happening on different levels. But what I'm expecting is far greater than it as as for Israel, there is definite promise of national salvation. At the end of the age. It's the plain meaning of Romans 11 2526 is the plain meaning of passages like Jeremiah 31 one. It's the plain sense of Zechariah the 12th chapter. There are other indications like X.3 beginning verse 19 the Jewish repentance will bring the Messiah back so I have great assurance because of Scripture that ultimately will be a master revival among the Jewish people worldwide. Now that doesn't guarantee the salvation of a single Jewish person today and is much as I would like to say I can prove it from Scripture.

I can't prove that there will be an increasing number of Jewish people coming to faith the Messiah more and more and more and more until it culminates with all Israel being saved. I'd like to believe that to be true, but I can't demonstrate that scripturally. So what I do know is that we've had times in history where many many Jews, a disproportionate number two other times came to faith like the late 60s early 70s and the Jesus people movement when I got saved. I'm really expecting to see things like that in the coming days, but I can't say I know it and it's certainly not written clearly in Scripture. What is written clearly is the final turning of Jewish people, but even then the mist rolled up evil and chaos and attack.

We don't know what world numbers of Jews will be weak.

We just can't predict that so we reach out to everyone with great burden today to help them know the Lord and we know the final end of the story is great between here and there.

I have hope that I can say I have work. You are very welcome, and by all means let's appeal to God to the nature of God, who loves to bless who loves to save says in Ezekiel 18. Ezekiel 33 that that he is no delight, no desire to see the wicked die, but rather they repent. Hey heads-up Newman the beginning of the show is the busiest time, but we've got some open phone lines now so it's a great time to call in those if you want to get through 866-34-TRUTH and for those of you who will just post series of attacks on the ministry work online and rebuke me with various videos and call me names will call later enlighten all of our listeners. Let them know who I really have this terrible fraud and heretic, why not have a public conversation rather than hiding behind some Internet name and and trying to take over whole threads with attacks.

I'm smiling. We can ever friendly conversation but I think I have a nap to give a shot anyway.

All right let us go to Isaiah in Gainesville Florida. Thanks for calling the line of fire azalea. There I am the boss to, or something else happen. Let's go to Gregory in Darien, Connecticut. Welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Brown I thank you for taking my phone call. Sure I I think you're great. I'm a newcomer to your ministry. I've been watching you know II get into sometimes looking at current threat to YouTube to debate and I thought this was wonderful because I am a Catholic I love everything you've done. I can't get enough of it. Okay. Thank you for no getting into it after Brownsville and one of the debates working on a couple of the arguments you had with the Orthodox Jewish rabbi. They brought up very quickly. The prophecy of Elijah coming before Messiah at the McKay and so you know, I haven't had a full your full response that seemed to have because maybe you're in the heat of debate. You've only been able to give it a quick quick go there but you have of a more complete response to that and I would love to hear that you absolutely and thanks for your enthusiasm and listening and watching. So the end of Malachi's the end of the. The fourth chapter in our English Bibles in the Hebrew Bible, the end of the third chapter, just different numbering. God does say urges the people of Israel to remember the law of Moses and that he's going to send Elijah the prophet before that great and dreadful day so we know from the New Testament writings that Johnny Mercer John the Baptist came in the spirit and power of Elijah. He himself in John one denies that he is Elijah but Jesus does tell us that he comes in the spirit and powerful IQ. So he is a forerunner he does prepare the way for the coming of the Messiah, but the size 1st coming was not that dreadful day of the Lord was not the time of your schedule and of course your spirits judgment that comes to Jerusalem with your 70 so, roughly 40 years after the crucifixion of Jesus, but my own view is that there was Johnny Mercer as a prototype is a forerunner, but that there will be something similar at the end of the age before the Lord second coming will literally be Elijah will be someone else in the spirit and power of Elijah would be a company of prophetic voices like Elijah. That's all open to interpretation. In other words, just like Ezekiel 37 God references David is the king who will reign over Israel in the future will we know it's not literally king David. It is the Messiah, who is the greater David right so could there be a greater Elijah in the same what you have by the analogy of Scripture.

Many Jewish interpreters. The great majority recognize that it's not David himself risen from the dead there but rather the Messiah called Davidson Hosea 3 with a massage called David so I don't know if they'll be a literal Elijah or an individual in the spirit and powerful Oz like on the Mercer it in my mind it, it's more likely that it's a company of people representing him simply because the nature of the body today, but that remains?

I don't see it as completely fulfilled with the first coming just because of the nature of what's described that when Jesus says no if you had received him then then he would've been Elijah will obviate it. In other words, you would have recognized the role that he was playing if you if you had spiritualized to see but she did so that's that's my view that's my expectation. Great, thank you so much that it you are very very welcome and obviously in the context of a debate about the massage of Jesus. So these future events are relevant, but a bit secondary, so we may not answer a slipper thank you so much for asking the question, 86634878.

A full come right back and go from Florida to New Zealand Texas DC all around right the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown got on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown thank you so much running us in one of my favorite hours of the week you: with any question of any kind. I love it. I wish we could do this, day and night ever. I wish I could just stop time and sit here and take your questions.

It is my delight to do 866-34-TRUTH truth. If you can't get through by phone at this workout with your schedule.

You can always write to our ministry and ask Dr. Cascade your brother and remember several emails if you don't get them mom you sign up you get a really neat free.

Many e-book and then you get more stuff about my testimony from Ellis to the PhD was stuff about the different ways our ministry can serve you. So make sure you sign up when you there.

S. Dr. all right. Let us try to go back to Isaiah in Gainesville Florida walking to the line of fire.

I question I like the 300 make sure that the right way that felt. What happened in the Old Testament so that I would be operated by sure absolutely great question so we can start going through start going through the Torah and we we notice the very first prophetic word that comes about the judgment on the serpent and that the seed of the woman will crush his head, and he'll he'll strike at the heel, so there is a battle in that battle. This is a costly one. In terms of injury or damage to the seed of the woman you say was that a direct message approximately debate that we get to the binding of Isaac throughout Jewish literature that's depicted of Isaac's hero of heroism he's 37 years old in Jewish tradition he goes like a lamb to the slaughter, and he's willing to lay his life down. That's the way it's understood in Jewish tradition began in many ways that's a foreshadowing of the death of the Messiah, God's one and only son just as he asked of Abram is a test. His one and only son meeting, the one through him and Sarah. The sufferings of Joseph. Also as a as a prototype of just looking at types and shadows and figures here so so we have that believed in as as well and we we see there that Joseph is rejected by his own people, then, becomes the Savior of the. The Gentile world in the form of the second time around his people recognize him the whole sacrificial system of the innocent for the guilty of life for life is pointing in this direction as Nahum and later Jewish tradition says that the.the concept of the atoning power the death of the righteous also goes back to the sacrificial system into the binding of Isaac of the death of the high priests carrying atoning power and in numbers 35 if someone unintentionally kills someone the blood is still been shed and that means that people have a right to put that person to death because nothing can pay for the shedding of the blood, but they can be released from the city of exile.

Where were they going for refuge when the high priest dies and commenting and that the Talmud says that it was his death that it's all not just the person being in exile so you have those images, and in Torah you have Messiah being one with his people in our own peoples hated, rejected, castaway, and he's he's one with us in our history, but you have other passages in the Psalms where there is betrayal and so as it happened to David so what happens to the Messiah like Psalm 41 you have other other passages like that again with analogies with types with shadows. You also have an Isaiah the 49th chapter that the Messiah seamstress failed in his mission to Israel, only to be told by God that will be a light to the nations than in the 50th chapter the servants of the Lord there the same service, the Messiah is smitten and beaten, but he doesn't back down. See you have in the 49th chapter the 50th chapter the end of the 52nd into the 53rd Ebenezer lengthy passages hear him coming meek and lowly running on a donkey. Zechariah 9, which the rabbis of the Talmud.

Contrast with them coming in the clouds of heaven in in the end of the seventh chapter in your which would be of course it's it's both and the the spiting of the shepherd in Zechariah 13 betrayal in the 11th chapter. These various passages could also point to his suffering. So those those are just a number that are relevant in this is a whole picture in terms of of suffering from people Messiah being one with us is therefore not surprising that traditional Judaism developed the idea of the Messiah, son of Joseph, one who is suffering waiting for for redemption, then dies in the last great war of even the look to him of a peer. Zechariah 12 subdues the piercing of the Messiah. There which rabbinic literature. So if it applies to the Messiah, son of Joseph, so this is really quite a rich tradition on this anomaly so because the Messiah is priestly as well as Royal Caprice River.

If there is no concentric according to Psalm 110 then what did the priest do that.

The priest made atonement for sin that the police interceded for Israel. The priest took the place of the sitting nation and their intercession and then there atonement right so obviously that's part of the Messiah's mission so that was really quite a lot. Isaiah when when you look at it a tremendous amount and then you say okay how many passages are there that specifically speak of the Messiah, being a king who will rule and reign on the earth to bring about peace only handful. There is a picture of this error that's coming with only a handful of passages that speak of that way as well so that their lot really on both sides. Once you understand correctly, so this is a helpful producer yet you figure out right then. Good luck with liking up Isaiah 9 But in our solar pilot cured like I was suffering I okay yeah yes I think it is so Isaiah 2 things. One visit I Jewish website.

Real watch the debates with the rabbis we has these things out look of the various objections and questions look to the resources their real you find super helpful. The other thing is we have the answer that resolves how the servant of the Lord is in Isaiah 52 is going to be so highly exalted that the people be stunned and bow down before him yet. First, he separates terrible disfigurement sucked two different messiahs.

It's one first the suffering than the exultation he appreciate the question 866-34-TRUTH it's go over to fill in New Zealand. Welcome to the line of fire of your ministry. I have, we are going to represent you. Typically, temporary well available. Joe is but but but go to? Automakers plugging in my heart and mind for you. It touches on the problem of suffering and how and got publicly, but upfront by the pick me up against the shore. Please do God's will that none should perish but all come to expect knowledge of, but you should go to the road and by the gate that leads to destruction, and management throughout narrow gate that leads to life, computer, others find it by my question clearly one of how it got government will ultimately achieve the K and hacking the eternal punishment of the majority make the salvation of the few with it, two very important questions, and I'm glad that your family came through this this battle with with cancer and and obviously was young kids of these things are no very very trying very difficult so thank God that you come through together.

So let's start with your first question about God sovereign will. Calvin us will talk about God secret will versus is open will so his secret will is that he may be doing something behind the scenes to accomplish certain things with his open will is is is just declaring what he desires was right wrong. I don't like to use those terms and for various reasons I don't put it like that but certainly God does not ordain or bring about everything that he desires. In other words, he truly desires all people to know him and love him and serve him, but he does not ordain it that that comes to pass necessarily that there many things he desires and Scripture makes clear that we did the opposite of what he desires and one of the verses we quote most frequently from Matthew 23 Jesus says to Jerusalem, so speaking to the city. Speaking to the leaders how often I longed to gather together as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, but you were not willing, so I wanted to bless you. You want willing and now terrible judgment was gonna fall on you. You have that expressed in the Pentateuch of Moses saying it now if only we keep the commandments of in Deuteronomy you have God saying it it in Isaiah 8. If you would listen, you would've been blessed so God's will in the midst of all this is not to make everyone a believer or force everyone to believe, be a believer or ordain before the foundation of the world you get in and and you don't get in. I don't believe that is what Scripture teaches, rather his sovereign will is that in the midst of the entire human race. He will get for himself a people who respond to his gracious call who have chosen by grace to love him. Love cannot be coerced and who will be with him forever and ever centerpieces woman was told he works at everything according to the purpose of his will is this mean that everything that happens on the earth is his will is his desire but rather in the midst of human choice of sin and rebellion. All that he is carrying out his will to get himself a people for himself. So now your second question, which is well. How can you justify the bulk of the human race will not be safe if that's what Jesus was saying brought us with the structure possibly worth it to create the world universe. Knowing this is going to happen and now some majority to be punished forever so that what there can be a minority with God forever has at work.

I'll answer that as best as I can use a line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown minder revival we die said, I believe the most important book of written revival in over 25 years we will stir your heartburn, your heart and increase your faith challenge you to go deeper in God as you read it, reversely giving it away right now on Amazon Kindle $0.99 have no idea how long the publisher will keep this going. So 1699. So grab it at a look to give things away where we do to get a Matthew biome is worth buying is worth paying full price for five times over. I believe it's important book, but get it now revival or we die we creep click on Kindle you semi-become the reader. Just download the app computer, PC, Mac, this matter smart phone any format they see get Kindle for tablet so grab hold of it. Take advantage of that you will be blessed as we write the books to help lessen Street okay I will go over to fill in New Zealand.

So fill first partier question in terms of how God sovereign will is accomplished. Recognize that human beings still have a choice.

That's what we get judged by a moral God based on the choices that we make, but that God is always working out his will in the midst of our choices and in the midst of our rebellion or obedience. His work as well. Is that part of the equation makes sense to you. You bend it over combined with the fact that the account of a girl got it will not include everyone being fed right so his sovereign will is not the human being will be saved with that Jesus will die from human being and that he will give a choice to every human being as to what they do with him, so that opens up a million questions. What about those never heard what about those who lived at different times in the world. What about the race and religious Jewish family in the midst of a corrupt Catholic Church are in the midst of the whatever it is always questions those roadway questions and told the fair that leads to the second part the second part being how can you justify okay what were going to have this beautiful family. As can be with God forever and ever and ever loving him, enjoying him seeing everything for which human beings have been fashioned in glorify him in the process, but the price of that is the majority of human beings being tortured forever and ever and ever and ever. So that would be a very logical question to his restaurant to start with the nature of God, which is expressed most fully in Jesus is if you see me you seen the father. Start with the compassion of God seen throughout the Bible where he always seems to wait and be patient and long-suffering before bringing national judgment and that the culmination of who he is us even across that he enters into a world and suffers for us rather condemns us wouldn't have to do any of that.

So that gives me confidence that were not dealing with some demented dictator tyrant egomaniac who takes joy in hurting people this way someone presents almost start with the nature of God. Secondly, I want to say that he is perfectly just, and whatever happens, whatever the fate of every human being. Those never heard those who heard the wrong gospel. Those were scandalized within the church. Whatever it is that he will deal with them with perfect justice unlike any tell you what happens to every human being because I don't know every human being.

I know God and his word on the review and being so that that's my next point. Whatever he does to be based in his nature, which we see full express to the cross and will be perfectly just what is clear in the Bible is that there is an end to the wicked to the rebellious to those who refuse to follow him. There is a final destruction you have language about eternal punishment and some passages in the Bible. Most of the Matthew 25, 46, give many other passages that speak about destruction.

For example, John 316 of those who will believe will perish many times in the Old Testament people will be cut off, so I know that future judgment will be horrible will be irreversible and will have eternal consequences. But is that final judgment a just punishment followed by final destruction. Second Thessalonians 1 Jesus returns that the disobedient will will suffer eternal destruction in the presence of war. Is that what happens or is the punishment eternal because people continue to rebel eternally. Those are questions that we can debate the my point is that whatever happens is going to be absolutely in harmony with the nature of God and even expressed in his desire that all would be saved. So if it is that there is punishment and final destruction of some would refer that is annihilation. That's a position I can be argued scripturally and that means that the only thing that will last forever and ever and ever and ever, is God's family, enjoying him forever and ever, and he shows his justice by judging those who wouldn't believe the other thing some of said that eternity is people continue to rebel that they lose human consciousness and it's that that was just demonstrated is God's fair judgment, but I because I know him through his word and personal relationship as you do have a certain confidence in his goodness and his grace is nature his patients and therefore while I warn people about the consequences of rejecting him I'm not painting a Dante's Inferno you know and the people yelled and held by their toll and it was swung over the flames is God laughing at it, were supposed to say oh that's beautiful. Oh, that's wonderful. Not I will see that and I don't think we need to go there is a really precious it's a look at you lot. I would give both potential arguments in terms of eternal punishment or final destruction say some say this final judgment. That said, but what about your sword but your life and come back to that the side approaches are directly from us but ran on the defendant all right great you are very very welcome and look I can give a shorter answer, obviously, but these these are such weighty issues. Such life-and-death issues.

I think it merits take a little bit more time here all right. Let us go over to show in Cambridge, England, United Kingdom, welcome to the line of fire Brown hello regular lots of the ministry would not a biblical truth and on. Think what, when everyone else got it.

Yeah my question. About the thick of the mother at the muscle, putting the church. The Bible wanted a finger built onto figure out the basis of the mother could pick him look good. Three infantry BP will go about it, but the octave ball, the Septuagint with minimal welcome at the bucket mother comedy on how to incorporate about want to know what I want the big book that of their lot with a thing of it being taught how yes yes soon. Septuagint's third second century BC's of the Dead Sea Scrolls second first century BC little bit after. Think of the Masoretic text is the Masoretic textual tradition, such as one text textual tradition among the various families of mass REITs and you had several different ones with many thousands of manuscripts between them and Masaru means that which is preserved by tradition, so did give some being passed on by tradition must sorriest it is to to pass on to to transmit the Val excuse me, the verb there are texts that follow the Masoretic textual tradition among the Dead Sea Scrolls. So for example you have the SAA scroll, which is the whole book of Isaiah and it's written in the river freehand of scribal style yes ARB scroll, which is only parts of Isaiah that is in most places letter for letter the same as Masoretic texts from the thousand plus years later so we know that this was in an early tradition of the text that was passed on in terms of the consonants the spelling and things like that and then obviously when you're reading it you're pronouncing it just because it's written without vowels this minute spoken without valve rights a whit when you're an Israeli today reading a book reading a newspaper. It's without vowels, but you say the vowels in your mind and and if you're if you're reading it out loud you read them out loud so the specific vocalization which which has minor variations thousands of minor variations in the various Masoretic texts, the accents to say, here's where you pause or if you're chanting it. Here's where you say things a certain way of all. All of that comes about. Centuries later, and it is simply passed on by tradition so we can take issue we can say we believe in the in the tax. The letters that have been passed on and believe that that is the most accurate Texel all modern translations base themselves in the Masoretic textual tradition. The noise was that and then you look at restitution varies with Dead Sea Scrolls very things like that and you try to circuit what would seems to be the most accurate reading here the vowels in terms of putting them with the letters is more secondary.

There's more debate about that, so scholars even conservative scholars who believe in the inerrancy of Scripture will say we differ with the Masoretic Val here we differ with the placing of an accent here, but overall the recognition is that the mass REITs preserve things with great accuracy and great care in the vast majority of cases or giving us accurate vocalization and things like that so it's so that's been passed down through the Jewish community, which is so devoted to the Scriptures and the transmission of the Scriptures through the centuries and then the more you have people memorizing Scripture reciting Scripture. The more you have a common tradition. It's just like singing the ABCs. It's hard to get that wrong a BCF seatbelt Nokia hatchet so oral tradition is very strong in Jewish circles so the editing in the vowels was a some foreign thing is coming in later. But again, we don't look at the vowels and in the access even more. Secondarily as being infallible or inerrant.

We understand this is part of a of an oral tradition, things being spoken being spoken, being spoken and now finally finding a way to write that out to bring greater clarity.

So the tradition itself measure textual tradition is ancient is ancient. This is any that we have preserved and we can tell, sometimes with the Septuagint, got something wrong or deviated through the scribal error based on the theory Masoretic text with tradition. He thank you sir for the call from Cambridge will come back and let civil go next go to DC next North Carolina, Florida, New Jersey, fifth time the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown is going on in Washington DC. Thanks for holding look into the broadcast. Thank you so much Dr. Brown my marriage so good to talk to you. Been a while. Thank you for taking my call event. Dr. Brown had a question if not necessarily layered but a little commentary to explain it better. The initial question is do we remember loved one in eternity. And it gets kind of nuanced a little bit because in a glorified state. Do we have a purified memory meeting will be only have your memory.

If so, if we do have a memory of loved ones and friends and family in eternity.

Yeah, so what. What if we had bad memories of things we did with people right and what if the thought of this person with you not here are they lost what happened to them brings us grief or or confusion or something like that. It's a very fair question. In fact, when Jesus is talking about the resurrection and the Sadducees.

If I met a woman she's married husband dies buys another husband does most of the seven ultimately it which is the husband in eternity that the other the Sadducees try to be cute did to ask a question, disprove the resurrection, but it's a fair question. Of course Jesus responds to it by making clear that God is a God of the living Abraham, Isaac and Jacob will live to him the fact that he refers to himself as a God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob would indicate there is memory of of loved ones in previous generations. At the same time he makes clear things can be different is this woman is getting married to anybody and in the world to come. So I honestly have more questions than answers when it comes to this. There obviously has to be memory if there's no memory if there's no memory of who we are, then were nobodies flexible waking up with amnesia and and there's no purpose, no meaning to her life. What about the relationship that we develop with the Lord all these years that ties in with other people. So certainly there must be sufficient memory to know who we are to understand our relationship with God to to know why he saying well done good and faithful servant or why there was correction we were given evaluation before him because our lives are intertwined with others, you absolutely will be some memory but how far it goes. That's the mystery right below is the Jew American or something bad there, but it's blotted out, or do you know okay this one never made it in but I know that God is fair so I don't grieve over it.

Those of the?'s and that's why I say have more questions than answers.

But there has to be some memory is memory of who we are, has to be some memory of loved ones the way Scripture speak of God. The multigenerational way.

Even in the world to come, indicates that there will be that memory, but she is in no it will be sanctified and that we will have unholy thoughts.

Some guy will think all while I committed adultery with this gal. Now she's in heaven.

We both repented.

Yet know that won't be there but what memory will there be, how will I have a special relationship with Nancy to have been married for 46 years without being her husband in the same way. I'll have answers for those things but I do know is that the presence of God will be so amazing. Our state will be so amazing it will be trouble, but I wish I could help more just want to see anything in the Bible. It tells me more here and I don't think so much Dr. Brown El Greco McGregor group preconfigured American auto electric load will alright sounds good.

God bless. All right, let's go over to Jonathan in Williamston, North Carolina.

Welcome to the line of fire, a Dr. Brown good to talk to you again. I know you love you just real quick to get into it.

Pastor Abba Doris. Second Peter and second Peter 13 is that I think it's right along with them in the body. To start you ball your monitor sent another putting up as much in will be saying and one of the calling verses that my Bible has their second printing stopper pulse as we know that the tented is our earthly home was destroyed.

We have a building from God house not made with and eternal in the heavens and the temple ground logging to put on our heavenly dwelling not to be naked are unclothed would be further cloaked so that the moral may be swallowed up by the light so it seems what they're talking about both Peter and Paul mentioned the tent in the human body and that we put off the tan when we got Internet glory. We have a new glorified body and Paul seems to be describing that as a building from God, a house not made with hand, eternal in heaven and you know you want the Scripture to interpret Scripture and use easier passages to help interpret the more difficult passages so with these two passages in mind, going to John 14 but Jesus said L&I heart trouble believing Gottlieb also me my father's house are many rooms and so what up toady like or prepare a place for you to prepare, but I'll come get you. Now this section in John 14 is Jesus also referring to the new glorified body because we know that every time the Pharisees asked him for shot. He would always point to the resurrection I was going to the resurrection. And Paul said we have a guarantee because of a down payment of the Holy Spirit and Christ raced and fell from the dead. We too shall be raised from the dead or thought body like that what John 14 talking about that in the father's house are many rooms of the really saying you will have a new glorified body, and John.I don't believe that John 14 is talking about that many points with is a pretrip rapture versus going to come for us is got a place prepared process. God help us to be with him so right. I don't really like that either because it makes no sense. Will you be there seven years and that that's it. The key there. The key there is the Greek word mom I which is used only twice in the entire New Testament only twice the beginning of John 14 in my father's house are many rooms right and then if you go down to two John chapter 14 verse 23. If anyone loves me, he will keep my word and my father will love him and we will come to him and make our home with him. Same word the same word their rooms so that seems to be him saying I'm preparing a place to come back and dwell with you in that place that that this is the place of fellowship and relationship that we have with God in an intimate way that it's actually he prepared a room where he and his father could dwell with us here in this world and it obviously would mean by the spirit that he does that. So I would see that is different than sick with his five different than in second Peter one different from some of the heavenly hope to be close their prescriptions 50 and the mortal puts on immortality would see that is different based on the unique usage. There are okay so been updated so that a lot of people say we talk about managing out kingdoms and in my father's house are many mansions right eye thinking so we not talk about an actual dwelling place in heaven as the no no I know this is also a metal bar out right wherever you have inhabitants can be better than any earthly mansion mansion there would not be the best translation. Rather, a room or place the many rooms and and when you make a room with you that's that's was being spoken of you so so the mass is in heaven. Hey of your beautiful home here. I'm sure whatever there is in having the very worst, lowest home and have it if there was such that it would be a trillion times better than anything on this earth and in the big thing is, as we know as you preach, I'm sure we would be with the Lord you get better than match the word about all right, thank you so much for the call serving the Lord's blessing be on your ministry, and all right. Let's go over to David in Florida.

Time is short.

Maybe get your question, go ahead.

Please talk about that gunner time is short. Appreciate it on the boat you got it or but my question is on or observe it, and it's really on how to combat it or argue argue against that. There's a lot of confusion around though.14th that if you love me, keep my commandments. And that's kind of a go to person for that.

If you do a background that down with a messianic rabbi of the month. Back in the our debate with them over this topic and difficult for the high point basically told me that if the temple was still standing and would have been destroyed in 70 A.D. that we would will be offering sacrifice to you.

The book ablation fever 789 are very clear to me as far as how how we move away from those things but another one click in Zechariah 14 the tabernacle that that brings a lot of credit to the argument of it so soon limit and I just respond only so I can respond to hear more.

The point okay. Number one is clearly under new and better covenant if we were still under her obligation and there'd be a death penalty for failed failure to observe the Sabbath. Then we be stoning disobedient and rebellious children, then you sure cannot be a high priest because he comes from from a different tribe from Judah versus Levi and of course he was 79 that's part of the argument there. So I agree with you, David.

That's very that's very strong typical messianic Jewish rabbi is not looking forward to sacrifices being offered in the temple because they recognize the once for all efficacy of the sacrifice of the Messiah, but we start there were hundred new and better covenant if we were still under Torah law then then we'd be in big big big trouble and then Yeshua could not be a high priest and the more you press with the messianic rabbi resources which are observed at this tons of stuff they don't do this, written, and in the tour that's that's an aside is the first major thing of the second thing is this, I've no problem with the idea of of a rebuilt temple in the millennial kingdom were Israel to be a light to the nations, and the problem of the feast of Tabernacles being celebrated have no problem with Memorial sacrifices potentially being offered.

In any case, does not detract from the fact that in this age. This is not required of us that there is nowhere in the New Testament were Gentile believers are commanded to obey the law of Moses to the contrary, asked 15 sets forth a very different agenda there.

Paul warns in Colossians. The second chapter but anyone putting you under pressure to observe the Sabbath, especially as a Gentile believers. And that's just the shadow the substance. The reality is found in the Messiah, so we preach him, saw him share him, glorify him and that is he staying away from legalism wrong teaching about the law friends was back with you on Monday. In the meantime below website*around the Lord take advantage of the great resources that another program powered by the Truth Network

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