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What This Legendary Rabbi Said About the Messiah

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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March 24, 2022 5:00 pm

What This Legendary Rabbi Said About the Messiah

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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March 24, 2022 5:00 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 03/24/22.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. So is it true that this recently deceased reviewed Rabbi Israel had meetings with the Messiah's time for the light a fire with your host biblical scholar and cultural commentator Dr. Michael Brown your voice for more savvy and spiritual clarity called 866-34-TRUTH to get him a lot of fire and now there's your host Dr. Michael Brown fire Michael Brown delighted to be with you and here's the phone number to call any Jewish related question you have any kind regarding the Messiah messianic prophecy regarding the Hebrew language regarding Israel today regarding rabbinic tradition. If it's Jewish related, especially if you differ with me on something become wrong on a particular issue. Think by lease about Jesus being the famous Jewish Masaru misguided medications give us a call 866-348-7884. The earlier you call in the better this way we can get your calls over the course of the show first so I want to talk to about the death of a major Israeli Rabbi, Rabbi. I am kindly asking the age of 94 he passed away on Friday but the time he passed away was to close the Sabbath have a feeling you're supposed to have it within 24 hours, but if you have Sabbath and Sabbath disrupts that so that has to be after the Sabbath, so the funeral over the weekend months on Sunday ended up drawing some estimates say close to 1 million people.

In fact, of for those that are watching. I'm just gonna put this on in the background you can see some of the crowd as I'm speaking won't hear anything. You just hear my voice, but we can put that footage up. We will and you don't you'll see it's it's absolutely massive blocks and blocks and blocks, and of course it's all black, meaning black hats and black coats because these are ultra-Orthodox Jews just looking out of the fresh it's still stunning so he was the most revered Rabbi in Israel at the time was passing. He was born in what is now Belarus and then moved to his room with his family when he was a boy and he has been famous for his learning for his study.

So to to be a greatly revered Rabbi in the ultra-Orthodox community. In particular, that would mean that in through the centuries that you know the literature really well and that you understand the literature really well and of course that you live by the Torah at a very very high level so it was noticed as a child that he was called in Louis which is a child prodigy and by the time was bar mitzvahed, he new stuff that many, many scholars would not master in a lifetime and basically instead of getting involved with other things, communal affairs and lots of things like that and being an actual rabbi, synagogue or even the head of yeshiva. He was devoted to studying his father basis. It's the best thing you can do is sit and study and that would be again for the special scholars that have the discipline and that gift and for them.

This is this is how they worship God by studying Torah and all of the commentaries and all of the related literature and and and on and on. So he developed a habit of study is a married man kept this up through his life. Basically, where he would wake up at two in the morning we go to sleep maybe 10 in the evening. They say have a 20 hour day he would wake up at two in the morning because he decided not I can't fully convey the weight of this I can imagine it actually. And I'm sure Alysia will know why he was so revered and then tell you about some of his statements about the Messiah that are very, very interesting. All right, though he was. Not a secret messianic you know he did not have a revelation of a few others.

We have no knowledge can't of anything like that, not hinting at that. Okay I talked about the traditional Jewish Messiah that he's been waiting for will get that little while but the picture reading through the Bible once a year, easily done right, no problem.

Many, many people do it right after certain pace, but read through the Bible once a year, easily done Craig Keener when he was a young man and came to faith before he was Prof. Craig Canada famous New Testament scholar. He realized that if you read I think 40 chapters a day. He could read through the New Testament in a week in the whole Bible in a month so he did that over and over again many many times. Probably for period of years you try doing that. Try to read through the Bible once in a month. Imagine doing something like that. What Rabbi Comiskey decided to do is more like reading through the Bible once a day with 10 commentaries to it. I mean you can't fathom what he went through so heat, he not only went through the Bible, but he went through the Mishnah. He went through the Talmud once in a year, but then he went through law codes and inky writers by modern these and and other key pieces of of rabbinic literature that to read through all of it and to understand all of it very, very few of the most elite rabbinic scholars, we do that in a lifetime and but to go through it on an annual level, not just the Tom on an annual level. That's that's almost incomprehensible right it's so complex and so detailed it so difficult to go through it and to have some type of of understanding what you're looking at very difficult but to go through that.

Plus all the other stuff any year is mind-boggling. So that's how became legendary for his study routine. His devotion but then his service to the community because everyone would write him letters asking what about this what about this legal decision about this, which I do here, which I do, who was the right thing because the there were the law codes of the commentaries and the response literature were rabbis or answering questions that answer so many things within something maybe you don't know where it was answered your question but you haven't mastered a literature or maybe there is a clear answer in several states come up with it so once a week, his pattern would be to do dorm room and there would be stacks of hundreds and hundreds of letters written to him so he would go through every one of them in the right response in his response were famously short. Yes no don't do it, do it quickly. Okay.

And then he may have scrawled a few references so we did that through his lifetime and he was ultra-Orthodox Arabi, but not acidic. So if you think of the stock market see them or the Bob surface and he was not conceited so that the Hasidic Jews look more to grand rabbis, the community leader called Debbie was like with mystical powers with God, and they they may be more into aspects of like fervor and worship for things I'm oversimplifying maybe a bit more emphasis on mysticism insert literature. But the fundamental beliefs are the same.

The fundamental scholarship is the same, so he was considered to be the giant of the generation because there is no few guys died before me, the age of 100. This 98. This is so.

He was now the revered leader of of a large percentage of ultra-Orthodox Jews in Israel, which make up the 12 1/2 to 15% of the population of the nation. So this meant with nine something million people in in the state of Israel. 6 million, something Jews and 3 million Arabs and others that your you're talking about a very large percentage of the community came out for his funeral. The vast majority of the men would been there. That's the level of esteem in which result he got a lot of flak at the end because he said go along with Torah study go on with you she was when Coburn hit so there a lot of deaths because of that 90 pulled back a little so he was in controversy more people who are the sole Rabbi will who is this guy giving decisions and is somewhat common and read things and same in his ear. He just listened to skip the supplants and remain sharp rose we can tell very sharply to the end of his life, but I assure all that because it is major and its as is was the report of the largest funeral, Israel's history, but with interesting is how much he talked about the Messiah now let me assure you few headlines. This is from July 31, 2020 on Israel. 365 news Rabbi Connie Askey announced the Messiah is here among us. Please outline Rabbi Comiskey announces the Messiah is here among us. That's July 31, 2020 right. How often did he say things like this.

Now this is a body here's an article Rabbi Connie Askey, the Messiah is already here with this. July 29, 2016, the Messiah is already here will then how about about this article.

The river 21st 2015 Rabbi Chaim Connie Askey on the Messiah is really going about their Rabbi Comiskey said the speech that he gave him a day to commemorate the day of the cause on each another famous scholar was his father, and I believe he spoke powerfully and said that the shift the Messiah is coming with a shovel. We should prepare us as ballooning tore through saying shovel on the outset of of of shovel Pentecost the Messiah is coming, so get ready by learning Torah.

This is 2015. How about this one from 2020, October 15, 20, 20 Israel today is really Rabbi says he's ready holding meetings with Messiah as the citizens during covert snapshot of his real spiritual hunger is because rabbis are afraid to leave the country less they miss messiahs coming. Here's another story. This is Baltimore Jewish life and when does this one go back to March 22, 2019, according to Rob colored XT rock on Connie Askey never predicted when Miss minutia is coming will what, never predicted when Messiah is coming.

He was giving dates he was giving Todd is not on on on the with the son-in-law said is is that he believed the confessional of the 13 principles of belief from Moses mom on these. I believe in the coming of the Messiah, and even though he tarry believing perfect. The coming Messiah. Even though he tarry under the wait for him every day believing that he will come.

So therefore, because he believed it.

Just like Chris to say Jesus could come at any moment Jesus could come at any moment.

So you live say is right at the door he could come at any moment and a year later saying the same thing continuously missing the same thing, and 50 years later saying the same thing is almost think that's the same thing he was doing his coming is coming very soon.

You better get ready. He's about to be revealed. And remember this if your traditional Junior not waiting for him to come in the clouds of heaven waiting for him to be revealed here on earth, which means if you think is in revealed any amenities here this year and so also could be the Messiah.

This one could be the Messiah who knows. So this is part of the constant rhetoric from the Rabbi about the Messiah.

When I when I told ultra-Orthodox Rabbi friend about one of his predictions, his eyes Miss Anna for years and years. There was because he believes eminent a second any moment she could be revealed to better prepare ourselves in February so because he really believed it. That's how we talked and that's how he live. I will be right back asked the question what is this have to do with the rest of us in this villagers there is this interesting, but the rest of us will talk more comebacks and some really interesting quote size of the times. Ultra-Orthodox. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

Joe is clearly Thursday hate you might great team here because I just sent you an email a text to pull up with the 13 principles of faith, we can read what traditional Jews confess a daily basis. General faith and the coming of Messiah, 866348700 hang on. I didn't hit send. I didn't hit send. That's was still looking at the screen there at me. So get your calls in a moment, 866-348-7884 little bit more about Rabbi Chaim Connie Askey and the Messiah. This is much March 1, 2022. So this is just a couple of weeks before this revered Rabbi dies is what the soul of the that's a God.

I am not here to pronounce judgment on the another human being.

You say, look, he was so God-fearing and and caring for the people live so sacrificially a tremendous compassion and heart.

Recall Yisrael for the for the nation of Israel, the people of Israel, and so on.

It I'm not his judge each one stands before God, not before me why my hundred percent sure that there is no salvation outside of the mercy of Messiah. That's what we preached every every person on the planet at the same time we leave each individual to God. They give account to him. The judge not to me.

So I relate the stories of his life and how revered he was with appreciation, not in a demeaning way and I leave his soul to God so Rabbi Chaim Comiskey on the Ukraine war look for the footsteps of Michelle.

This had lemon looking at March 1, 2022.

Look for the footsteps of the shift look for the footsteps of the Messiah. In other words when he sees his other major world events, just like a lot of a lot of Christian leaders know this prophecy being fulfilled in that seem to be the way he thought the Messiah is coming is imminent, the Messiah being revealed is imminent. Live every day like that and therefore these major world events happen mutual shaking, look for the coming Messiah movie after that.

That is my Rabbi friend told me years ago put this in the context of what he's been saying for years and years and years. I just pulled up quotes go back 56 years seven years and and he's obviously been saying that in other settings for years before that. So it's always been told what we oppose been told by the fourth decade, so that the 13 principles of faith were developed in the 12th century by Moses Maimonides, the 1135 to 1204 was the most influential Jewish philosopher in in history and the code of fire. The first major coat of fire of the laws in a systematic way in the post-Talmudic era.

So you start off so each each confession on the monoamine bit a ménage flame. I believe with complete faith. I believe with perfect faith complete faith. This creator blesses his name is the authoring God of everything that is been created and that he alone has made does make and will make all things I believe with perfect faith of the creator blesses his name is a unity. Some of this is understood as a pushback against Trinitarian believes that there is no unity in any manner like onto his that he alone is our God who was and is and will be, I believe, with perfect faith that the creator, bless his name is not a body so that it in traditional beliefs cause totally non-corporeal that is free from all the accidents of matter that he is not any form whatsoever, for I believe with perfect faith of the creator, blessed be his name is the first and last five ugly with perfect faith that the creator, blessed be his name to him alone. This right to pray is not right to pray to any being beside him, so most all of these great majority would be able say the same way so we left the nuance ugly with perfect faith the words of the prophets are true. Seven.

I believe with perfect faith that the prophecy of Moses or teacher P spent it was true that he was the chief of the prophets.

Both of those that receded and of those that follow him.

Eight ugly with perfect faith that the whole law in our possession. The same was given to Moses or teacher P spent to him that I believe with perfect faith that this law will not be change that there will never be any of the law from the creator, blessed be his name, 10 ugly with perfect faith, the creator, blessed be his name, those every deed of the children of man and all their thoughts of the said this, he that fashion is the hearts of the mall that give heed to up to the older diesel courses. We prayed Heber 11.

I believe with perfect faith that the creator, blessed be his name towards those that keep his command keeps his commandments and punishes those that transgress them. 12 ugly with perfect faith in the coming of the Messiah, and though he tarry, I will wait daily for his coming so so get that that even though is not here yet and and the Jews doing is been praying for his coming for thousands of years on and expect every day and expect everyone to wait expectantly everyday so people say that's what Rabbi Comiskey said that's was costly saying will Messiah is coming any day number 13. I believe with perfect faith. This will be a resurrection of the dead. At the time and shall please the creator, blessed be his name, and exalt to be the remembrance of him forever and ever for the salvation. I hope the Lord. I hope the Lord for salvation or for the salvation I hope okay so here's the big question. What about the reports that said that he has been meeting with the Messiah not only heard that a few times I did not dig deeply. I owe Doug as deeply as I could, but I don't go so far and from this distance, I can't tell you anymore, except that those words were reported. Is it true that he made that claim, or was it reported that he made a claim on the qualified to say but was it that he really thought that he knew the Messiah was that what is that what it means that he knew the Messiah was and he was no meeting with him and any day. He was going to be revealed. That's why he was looking even more possibly, or was it his way of saying he's here any minute that somebody among us. I've been meeting with this is somebody among us is is about to be revealed as the Messiah. I can't say what I can say is this. When you lose someone of his stature in the community there is a tremendous sense of grieving and a tremendous sense of loss and and even a desire that his death would somehow be an atonement for the sins of the generation based on the rabbinic teaching that the death of the righteous makes atonement for the sins of the generation of that generation will repent than their sins will be forgiven because of the death of that righteous person. There is even more talk about Messiah coming because of the grieving and and it's got to be summa. How many more people like this, we have to lose before Messiah is revealed and he said it was he was coming soon. So to me in an atmosphere like this. It's of the opens the door for us to talk more about the Messiah because more people are talking about the Messiah to explain why we believe what we believe and if the concept of the atonement how the death of the righteous comes up. So yeah, that's what we believe except will think there was one perfectly righteous his desk atone for the sins of the whole world is not some later Christian Catholic pagan Gentile doctrine is not human sacrifice. This is substitutionary atonement that the innocent for the go to the righteous for the unrighteous that's that's what we believe and and perhaps use this as as a good time to share the gospel to share the good news the Bassar and just like the rabbinic communities can use this to say, we need to learn more, we need to follow his example we need to be even more devoted we need to do even more minutes was good deeds to bring in the Messiah, so our perspective is so great time to talk more about the Messiah, to pray for open hearts and the Jewish committee's big news of the talk about it on through the Jewish Thursday with that we go to the phones, 8663 for 87884 Baylor in upstate New York. Welcome to the line of fire Brown welcome. I had a Jewish question.

I'm sorry that a biblical one mono are all Jewish questions. Okay what you you I called know a lot of the Jews were scattered throughout 01) portable and throughout. Growing up, you will be told we were to my parents and grand parents were beleaguered. How you do put your teaching me about the shoe that was the feeling that I got older and only that everything came out. I went that I what I want to move Israel how do we prove it by current the board yeah okay also's ability to remember with the DNA came up the three Europeans you Jewish okay swim bus 42 so it was Ashkenazi. It was Ashkenazi on the Safari as you think with Portugal would be my Safari yet think that I like to get that out myself. Later got it okay.I sort so let's back this up. What Israel wants to know was is your mother Jewish that the DNA is important in terms of your own knowledge but will it function as legal proof in Israel than the big question is was your mother Jewish right now. They could always say, will your you converted to another religion your Jesus followers try to keep your place than it was to say they didn't know any of that. Did your mother have a formal Jewish wedding. Okay that's good to be the problem right right now.

I mean, obviously as a believer or she didn't, but otherwise what they want to see is they want to see your mother's could tuba which is the the Jewish document, the Aramaic document that is written out and signed by Rabbi for the wedding and that would only be for a Jewish couple of Jewish woman that that they cancel so if that's added in other words, if you excuse me if you have that evidence than that's what the that's what they're looking for. So what I would do is I would get online and sell A one moved Israel theoretical one with Israel. I don't have my mother's could tuba Katie TBD a a I don't have a motive to the have DNA records. Does that help without that, it's a bit problematic.

That's the simplest way to prove it with the generations of believers. That's wonderful.

So the harder to prove.

Maybe can get other info about your ancestry in writing the Cipro DNA, but check. I have no could tuba 10. I do The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown welcome friends Jewish Thursday, this is Michael Brown absolutely delighted to be with you using to call 8663 foray 7884 any Jewish related question of any kind, and a quick reminder. Have you been to vitamin you checked out the great health supplements from our sponsor Dr. Mark Spangler go over there share with friends, family, get the word out because there's a 10% discount you get to use when you there as one of our Atlanta fire listeners and then intern doctors thing that makes a donation to our ministry to help us get a more stations reach more people. So so will partner together so we partner with you for better health vitamin mission.calm so a quick word about making all the resist becoming a citizen of Israel. If I went in there as Dr. Michael Brown will mow messianic Jewish apologist, etc. "missionary seek to reach our people and others with the gospel barring absolute divine intervention, barring God just stepping in and say I want this to happen. I would not get citizenship. Why because I'm a Jewish believer in Jesus is real, but all the awes for all Jews. The view would be because of the influence of the very religious, who wields a lot of political power in Israel. The view would be. I have converted to another religion. And this is been debated in the courts gone to Israeli Israeli Supreme Court and ultimately they would be the ability to push me out and exclude me as a Jewish believer in Jesus, and will you converted to another religion. Even though I could give a stack of other Jewish rulings and rabbinic thinking that would say once a Jew always a Jew just like you could be a Jew for marks. You could be a Jew for Buddha. You could you could be an atheist gross talking to Dennis Prager the other day and and we'll talk about our differences and things of this look. II ask Yost tell about having more in common with me. Then he would say with a leftist Jew who did not believe in Jesus, but he said look Jewish when there's a problem with you through Jesus does have a problem with use for marks. Great question to ask, but in any case, I would not be able to get in. Even if I could Marshall strong arguments on my behalf. However, because I have legitimate proof of my Jewishness. Both my mother and father being Jewish and going back generations being cute have my mother's could tuba. I have the the the certificate might my parents could tuba there. There wedding certificate could tuba just means a written document so I have that and it it's legit on every level of it have a copy of it. I have that the physical itself. So if no one knew who I was. Then I get citizenship easily so sometimes messianic Jew will not make a big deal about the fact that there messianic and likely shouting it from the rooftops and wearing Jesus T-shirts, but the just quietly go because the Jews there. Part of the nation of Israel.

They want to serve the country there and there's no reason why they shouldn't be there.

That, for example, if you're born the country and and your parents are Jewish believers in your race is usually were in your 100% welcome.

There legally or or if your is an atheist or rabbi and you become a follower of Jesus as a Jewish person and you're an Israeli citizen.

His neck and kicked out over that this is really just a way to exclude people so you converted to another religion. Therefore, you can't gain citizenship coming. As always, making this a simple as I can, but I do not know how much emphasis can be placed on DNA, so when the caller asked and said look her mother was, not marriage the traditional Jew because her mother was a believer, even though they are Jews but I don't know what legal ground DNA has right now because you don't have the documents that they're looking for. And if you go back a generation futures person in marriage this overwhelmingly common that you would have a could tuba a marriage certificate. Otherwise, of four or call before the break, otherwise you you have to see is there other proof of Jewishness and your family.

What other proof of Jewishness can be accepted. 86634. Let's go over to Fred in Ridgecrest, California. Welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Brown everything is going well. Thank you. It really prepare your ministry. I have a question about Abraham and his background before the call record think Joshua 24 two word it references grandfather grandfather that third other God and I just heard about that. Therefore, the birth heard that Abraham was an idol worshiper and God called the reasonable great kind of cold. From that wanted to get what the traditional Jewish you and in your you and believer would be on that sure first. This has zero to do with irresistible grace, not a fraction of a syllable mentioning irresistible grace is that God just called him and he was drawn because of that it it to the contrary, Abraham's faith is commanded. He believes God in Genesis 15, six, and is counted to him for righteousness. Hebrews 11 makes much about his faith in the book of Isaiah, God calls Abraham, his friend right now. Of course, irresistible grace would say lets the results of irresistible grace on same as the Texas zero about that. So even if Abraham started this it as an idolater, which, nowhere does the Bible say that but even if he started as an idolater because his father and grandfather were. There's nothing in the text that says he wasn't seeking something in the text that says he wasn't recognizing something is wrong. There's nothing in the text saying that that he was not drawn to the truth is, God was calling him that. He then responded so factor irresistible grace. This is really a Calvinistic point into the text that based on pure speculation.

So leave that out as we Jewish tradition. Oh, there's a ton of Jewish tradition about Abraham breaking with idolatry. In fact, some of the most famous midrash themes of the most famous homiletical stories that go beyond what's written in the text are about Abraham's courage know there is there even traditions that Nimrod through Abraham into a fiery furnace because he refused to announce idolatry, but probably the most famous story is this one students is purely Jewish tradition. This is storytelling passed on to illustrate points not, is it possible the story has some historical background. It's possible but there's not a stitch of historical support. This these traditions exist independent there was as far as I know is good storytelling.

Many rabbis resisted storytelling to this report. Others and say no really happen sooner tradition. It really happened.

Okay so according to most famous report a Abraham's father, Tara had had in an idol shop and he sold idols. That's that's how he made his living. And he had smaller ones in the bigger bigger bigger bigger and people would come in to buy an idol to buy statue and Abraham is running the store for his father and just according to Jewish tradition, and a memory committee say how old you seven years old Abraham would say this statue was built last week was carved last week and and your seven years, so your bow down to them. Worse, written guy would you realize while that's foolish and he would leave you know what Jimmy would try to get people to realize that there was only one true God. So at one point he decides he's going to stage something and he he smashes all the idols except for the biggest and and he leaves the biggest along and his father comes in and sees all the idols and sweetly smashed and says what happened and Abraham said well the fight started in the two smallest one started fighting and in the bigger one beat them and then a bigger one beat that one in a bigger one beat that wanted and they all dismissed each other until just the strongest and the biggest was the only one standing in taxes. What about these dispatches is one stone.

This dispatches they can fire as they exactly they're not God's will. You worshiping them and that was when Tara Sizer are open to the reality of idolatry. So they're all kinds of traditional stories were why believe well I believe that his father was an idolater because the text tells us at some point Abraham understands that there is only one God, or that there is a supreme God communicating with him and he follows him and he steps out, not knowing where he's going but obeying that calling when it happened, how it happened. Lots of beautiful rabbinic traditions, but I don't have a clue. The text doesn't tell us anything and there is no tradition with any historical value that tells us anything, so we don't know how Abraham came to this revelation what God did to open his eyes but consider this, you've got Genesis 5 genealogy from Adam through Noah in Genesis 6 is the flood. So God finds one righteous man on the earth, through whom he can repopulate the earth through this man's sons, three sons and daughters in law so he finds Noah destroys everyone else because of their wickedness and restarts the human race through Noah's offspring.

Now you get to the 11th chapter of Genesis, and you have the Tower of Babel and God scatters everyone around here is what happens at the end of Genesis 11 we get introduced to Abram who becomes Abraham and through Abraham's seed, the whole world is blessed so there was something about Abraham that stood out something about his response God.

Something about his righteousness that got God's attention. God said okay I'm going to bless the world and bring redemption to the world through his seed. The point of Genesis 18 God shares more behind the scenes information with Abraham about Sodom and Gomorrah about the coming destruction say look, I know he's he's gonna command his children to follow me so God saw something about Abraham, but we we don't know what. So if you just if you just search online Jewish traditions about Abraham or Jewish midrash M IDR ASH about Abraham you feel fine some really interesting stuff again.

Beautiful stories advisors. I use the idle story was preaching in India. I actually used it. Preaching to Hindus about the one true God. The story I just told about the idle shop and they were smiling at what I went over to the tree.

I said okay is just a tree.

I kick it is nothing as if I carve out a piece of wood that we bow down to the becomes a God or manifestation of God, they were smiling get the message for Fred, thank you for the call to the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by calling 86634 true here again is Dr. Michael Brown team beautiful transition from skillet thoroughly drew through the music 8663 for a 784 with any Jewish related questions. I said early in the broadcasters can share something with you. Very interesting reports of the last role last few years. Hearing more about the signs of the times usual things happening in the Jewish community were special messages being sent so good I just look at this is about. It's about the Messiah, God continues to prepare the way traditional Jews would say the coming of the Messiah that so they're waiting for I'm saying for the return of the Messiah and and we seek to use these as bridges to talk further. What we have in common. What we see differently but your viewpoint, so this is from this for real website I read it widely reported couple years back on the exact date. An article by Mordechai Lewis of the beginning of the redemption and the thought and the three final hours seven read this to you on the one Mordechai Lewis posted this but the events about about this point Nathan and things like that in 2015 as the initial reports go back to when I read more about this. I don't know how long will couple years back. So two years ago. This gives written 20 1715-year-old Nathan had a near-death out of body experience that took place on the first night of Sukkoth. September 20, 2015.

He describes his expense exactly what was written by the prophets in the holy books run the end of days. He said of the following one of these days the whole world will be involved in a war over three the personal start that will be somebody name dog so from Ezekiel 38 the first several fight over taking possession of the slime Jerusalem and the nations of the world unite to fight against us in this war ritualist for two weeks a few million people with our nation will cease to assist their approval must be say the screws they study tour perform acts of kindness and teshuvah as we transition return to God in repentance during the first few days of this war, the IDF is really defense force will manage to keep our attackers at Bay and then will be obliterated afterwards or enemies will begin a killing spree at that point we will simply rely upon no one other than our father in heaven is to stop there for a moment and according to Mordechai Lewis of his hey this is was written in the prophets. This is were sages of seven and ultimately Israel comes to this crisis. They can only look to God.

There are many Christians who believe in a similar scenario with the B world of people that Israel will come under attack that that many will be killed with the people look up to God and the stress, the gobble, and destroy the enemies of Israel and rescue his people so they would say. With the coming of Messiah, we would say, with return of Messiah.

So now the report mode for Shabbat. So after Sabbath, July 20, 2016 rubber Schlumberger asked Robert Rabbi Kenny Askey what must be done to prepare for the coming of the Messiah. Rabbi Caskey give an unexpectedly direct and super response weight now to Robbie Caskey only can be done is to anticipate the imminent arrival of Bashir. That same month of July 20, 1631-year-old Carolyn Talia and orthodoxy from birth had a near-death out of body experience. She describes the following them arrested earlier that Rabbi Kenny Askey's viewpoint for many years was any moment, any moment, any moment. Three in first year.

Okay so according to this report. I saw my family and our nation stand get in one place.

Glancing towards the heavens than the sky transformed into this giant screen which began to expose the sins of each person. Everyone who became extremely embarrassed as I'm watching their embarrassment. I begin to feel embarrassed as well. I they were so embarrassment is nowhere to run or to hide you turn back you see yourself. People start to cry and they don't know what to do with them selves.

Then I see this rainbow that comes down from heaven and hits the earth.

The aftermath of that was a Johnson on was destroyed much of the earth, except as Israel the land of Israel, and Israel people running and running while thousands of rockets discuss Passover had sirens blaring. This cast everywhere so Nathan, this is the board's report, ISIS will kid that people import to them like they did to kill the obsolete, who was a long-term prisoner of war held by Hamas Carolyn ISIS is at work, beheading, stabbing and slaughtering people individual skating. All family members review more for them. The main concern is just to save themselves.

I asked what is all this Rabbi.

They tell me this will be what it looks like three hours before the revelation of Bashir. There may Jewish traditions that say everything will fall apart get really really bad before the Messiah is revealed as I continue to run behind me I see people being slaughtered hang some of these people I know some are strangers that I hear this voice that screams out.

Michelle has imminent until people run a muscle from running to search my family so I can help them. I know that this could be something very difficult and I see my mother screamed, her mother Ron. I keep running and screamed at her Shem.

He is God help me. Shem running faster and faster than so their fellows. This huge amount moment falling.

I turned my head towards disguising an image of Rabbi of officer Rabbi Roger safe was the leader of Sephardic Jews in Israel who is looking at me with a warm smile. He says everything that happened through the rounds. He was the truth, it's me.said being at work that the attribute of divine justice at work now arrived and we slime Jerusalem, so she she's at the Mount of olives. It split into two Zechariah 14 once them the Mount slits Mysia will instantly reveal himself before everyone will know that he is the she will stand at the entrance of heart is aching.

The Mount of olives and determine who can, he cannot enter anyone he doesn't have the merit enter will stay outside and died and goes on and on it of this this report. I'm just reading it's it's yeah just go to the end.

Skip ahead. Nathan and Carolyn both had near-death out of body experiences. How can we believe them within the V, the prophet states the show will not do anything unless he is revealed the secret your servants the prophets elsewhere.

The prophet says it will happen after this the port my Spirit on all flesh of men will see visions. Rashi, for most biblical commentator in Judaism explains that it will happen after this is referring to the future that is the end of days, the Rambam Maimonides, so this will be a restoration of prophecy before the actual manifestation of Sheila sofa Zohar Jewish mysticism system in the days of Messiah approach.

Even children will be able to discover secrets wisdom and through them be able to calculate the end of time that will be revealed to all for the specific hour was coming up the shift does not appear to be known to anyone, even the Michelle himself Camara Tallman state since the days that they to McDonald's. The temple was destroyed. Prophecy was taken for the prophets, and given to both sages, so the rabbinic leaders and show team mentally unbalanced people. Okay, so what I make of all of this. What's my commentary on I have no reason to doubt that these individuals had these experiences, we could be dreams is figments of their own imaginations based on their knowledge of Scripture that could be genuine dreams from God preparing the Jewish community for upheaval in the coming of the Masai which will then ultimately the revelation of Yeshua, Jesus or it could be just demonic deception, even though it's in harmony with a lot of Scripture I don't know and and I have not even spent time praying to say, God, what is this about because the obvious is what gets my attention.

The obvious is the thing that matters to me that more and more people in the religious Jewish world or focus even focusing even more on the coming of the Messiah and they are expecting him to be revealed at the Mount of olives at eight, so is there so much Scripture, with which we agree and great shaking and upheaval that I expect for the whole world and for Israel and for God to deliver the people of Israel as they look to him whom they pierced as they cry out so it this to me is very excited because the anticipation grows and grows. And with that we can lean into it now. Please hear me as as clearly as I can communicate in no way do I ever seek to give the impression that rabbis in the past believe what I believe it unless they were open believers, or that this Jewish tradition has been preserved secretly by the rabbis to point to Jesus. No I am not trying to be deceptive. I am working hard. I have worked hard for decades to be anything but deceptive and to make things plain and to say this is who I am. This is what I believe is plainly as I can write up front. However however that being said, I absolutely believe that God in his providence has left many traditions in Judaism that can be bridges over which a Jewish person can pass to help him or her leave in and understand Jesus Yeshua the Messiah. That's what I believe." We have the Hebrew Bible.

That's the primary that is the big issue which has to do with obviously getting what we just look at Scripture and say hey. According to Scripture, Jesus, Yeshua is the Messiah, so we have the Bible, but then Jewish tradition not to claim the rabbis believe and I believe but say look at this parallel look at the same way of thinking or is this an interesting concept and I believe a similar thing that we are we have deep deep differences on the points in a relationship to torrent views of God. You understand that but but look at this and consider this to me is just good the more Jewish people talk about the Messiah, the more I have a conversation to enter into friends avail ourselves of our Jewish website specifically to educate and inform you and for Jewish outreach real real visit there if you want to help us with more Jewish people with the good news.*Around our click on donate dissipated for Jewish outreach and you will partner with us in helping to hasten the day when all Israel will be safe. So check out real visit it exploring the resources.

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