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Can We Trust Modern Bible Translations?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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March 22, 2022 4:40 pm

Can We Trust Modern Bible Translations?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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March 22, 2022 4:40 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 03/22/22.


The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network suit. Can we really trust modern Bible translations use time for the light a fire with your hosts a biblical scholar and cultural commentator Dr. Michael Brown your voice for more insanity and spiritual clarity called 866-34-TRUTH to get on the line of fire and now there's your host Dr. Michael Brown. I encourage even inspired today as we dig into this question about can we really trust the Bible, can we trust the Bible as we have it today. Can we trust modern translations or have things been lost in translation and if you really were the original languages, then you'd see how things been lost in translation or perhaps we really had the original original manuscripts not copies of copies. We can know the Bible really said, but we can't really know otherwise. I believe we can to help you build your faith strengthen you to bring on a guest at the bottom half of the hour talking about people deconstructing questioning their faith leaving their faith. Solid answers those things so here's the phone number to call 866-34-TRUTH 866-348-7884 that is the number to call and if you want to ask me anything about this Bible translations or the original languages were the original manuscripts or questions about people leaving the faith by all means give us call it if if you're struggling yourself. It's fine to ask it. It's perfectly fine to ask if I the key to coming out of struggles may be asking those questions. Maybe in a church environment. We are not allowed to ask the pool, we don't question your questioning the question in the Bible.

What if the Bible struggling to question her, but I don't know I'm gonna quit well, your questions because there is solid answers for all your questions out only give you little background that I think would be really helpful in the really dig in deep rights of your seatbelts on his relieved a lot of useful, helpful information today. Again, these are fields I can address with some degree of authority because of my academic background studies in having interact with so many who believe differently over the decades.

Okay this is what is happened in recent years. This is a major reason as to why people today are asking more questions about the Bible and its this is one of a number of factors, but it's a major factor I use one example, Prof. Bart Herman.

He is a highly respected New Testament scholar, a specialist in ancient New Testament text manuscripts things like that so respected scholar in his field for scholarly work is taken seriously and evaluated by the scholars.

As such, a number of years back. He writes a book and it's about the Gospels and its questioning whether Jesus ever said this, or whether this is reliable or that will just scholars.

This was nothing new there was the questions he was raising had been raised by scholars for decades or for centuries and people like me. People who have a background biblical scholarship who studied with people who don't believe what we believe it was all my professors didn't believe what I believe.

I never had a professor who agreed with me theologically, biblically and all my time in college and grad school so more outright hostile to my face so I had everything to question throw my way over through a PhD and other other conservative scholars that we we believe the Bible is reliable it were familiar with the arguments of the questions and their solid answers right. No big deal to question Prof. Herman Ray question here is what we feel is a great answer and were good right your average Christian wasn't asking those questions. Average Christian didn't know many of those questions existed.

Why will have a Bible and its they assume it's authoritative. They assume it's trustworthy is the holy Bible right after all.

Their church uses and the pastor quotes from it so it must be good and find real a while go through speaking to me and change my life and so beautiful and rich in a few verses seem to contradict and I have a question here and there but but otherwise like. That's the Bible will books I Prof. Herman's books became suddenly very popular and it within the same number of years you have the, the new atheist Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens and and Sam Harris and others in their books become mega popular and now they're raising philosophical objections to the existence of God and philosophical objections to the Bible, which again all of us in this field that we been aware of these for years and dealt with these fears. They made like the answers, you may not, but were confident there is solid answers for these questions and many of us really dug many of us went through crisis.

Many of us really had to say that it is by faith, real or not. It is the Bible true or not. So we wrestle through these things, but your average person is now bone getting hit for the first time is like about this is about. This is a reliable and and so they're all good questions that are all legitimate questions, you don't have to keep the questions in the closet near enough to fear the questions because there are solid answers but suddenly a lot of stuff is out there and then maybe you've got a gay cousin, the nicest guy in the world's in the and and he comes to be gay Christian is to say, you know the Bible's misinterpreted all these years like well maybe I wonder after I can't read Hebrew, I can't read Greek so what really know so this is how a lot of the stuff has come to the surface now and then it gets transmitted through memes with little sayings and a 12-year-old kids are saying in the Bible is like a Bronze Age garden, no Bronze Age book and we can't believe it. In God's will to kill people in so the stuff trickles down to kids who haven't even processed a lot of itself. It's created a real crisis in faith for many.

That's the bad news. The good news is all the standard answers remain standard so I want to first talk to about the reliability of the Hebrew Bible.

Okay, the reliability of the Hebrew Bible, you might say, okay, what is the earliest complete copy of the Hebrew Bible, we have let's say the final books were finally written and edited In the fourth century for Jesus right so just use a rough number there of a round things out.

The site 400 years before the time of Jesus is the culmination of the final writing, editing of the Old Testament.

What we call the Hebrew Bible, or we call the Old Testament skull school Hebrew Bible. Traditional Jews call the turnoff was just a man around the figures at the base that was rounding off 400 years before the time of Jesus are what is the oldest complete copy of that Bible that we have will. It is the Leningrad Codex. It is called being 19 a, that those registered library Leningrad Codex being 19 a, which is about a thousand years after the time of Jesus. Is it what what you kidding me 1400 year gap and you expect me to believe that that's accurate or reliable, but is more the story that is also the Aleppo Codex which is even more authoritative stored in the synagogue of Aleppo but was partially damaged during the war of liberation for Israel in 1948, so that's not fully preserved but still that you're still talking about the same time. But it's it is not the way it sounds.

What we are all the other manuscripts roll the centuries where the other complete copies of the Bible through all the sensors because we know they existed because they're quoted in other Jewish literature over and over and over and over and over, and church leaders are quoting them over and over and over in the New Testament writers are quoting them over and over and over so we got a lot of evidence for the Hebrew Bible being quoted in the verses are being quoted in similar fashion over and over and over and over and over and MEF translations into other languages into Greek and Aramaic into into Syriac into Latin. It is the applicant of the languages so we have that we we know what it existed, but without all the copies will be reconsidered to sacred by the by Jewish community. So when we get really old and deteriorate that they would be buried so there lost right that is deteriorated or be stored in the back of the synagogue, and in most of those no longer extant at and then those would deteriorate. You say but how could you know they're being copy accurately. That's the requested that's the big question so if you have a Hebrew Bible today, right at Ed, let's say you come to the end of the of the toward the end of the five books of Moses, here is the note from the scribe. This is what's written. The sum total of verses the first five books is this the sum total of words is this the sum total of letters.

Is this the middle verses. This the middle word is this the middle letter is a sliding that's how meticulous is, if it's off by a letter it's disqualified. You can use so that's how scribes were transmitting it, century after century after century. Now let's back up the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls in the 1940s that was a wall eye-opener because some of the manuscripts they are dated to 100 and even almost 200 years before the time of Jesus. Right. And in some cases letter for letter. They are the exact same text exact same letter for letter. In some cases to the manuscript from a thousand years later meeting. They were meticulously copied, meticulously copied, meticulously copied the other. The other difference is that you have not letter for letter. A lot of is the spelling changes or scribe writing with a more freehand, but then you say will how do you know the exact right textual. We not only have all these Hebrew manuscripts thousands from the Middle Ages and then some of the early Texas preserved in the Dead Sea Scrolls, but we have a translation into Greek, called the Septuagint. This was done a couple hundred years before the thunder Jesus amusing the figures we have the Aramaic targums that they are often paraphrased itself and paraphrase the text. Which of those and and some of those date to before the time of Jesus like of the target to book of Joel part of that in the Dead Sea Scrolls then rip translations the other languages.

The mention Latin, Syriac, which is for the Aramaic family and and others soon comparable and when you look at all of the reels. Okay, this is been preserved accurately at we have some differences and have some questions but nothing that is going to be a life-and-death issue like you have Genesis 1 right.

Genesis 1 is written with written you don't have a dispute in the ancient manuscripts are versions.

What is it actually say there are usually look at Isaiah 714, there is a debate about the meaning of the passage.

The actual words will have a debate on the all the main themes of Isaiah 53 to like messy major messianic prophecies or Psalm 110 you have debate the key debate about wording phraseology that we know the Hebrew says yes you can have berries here and there spelling variants things like that but you don't have variance of substance so you got this massive amount of evidence he say what also when I'm reading from the Hebrew Bible and now translated with great pains into English you compare 50 or hundred different English translation, see whether the same the same thing. The differences are minute you really be confident nothing is been preserved in the ancient world, like the Bible is been preserved with amazing accuracy and detail in and you can be confident while in rehab work, right! New Testament ethics across the right now the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown got on the line of fire by calling 866343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown) on the one for this is Michael Brown were talk about the reliability of the Bible that we have will make a distinction between texts and versions.

The text is the original text. The original Hebrew and Greek that we have copies copies of the original manuscript.

You have the original manuscript we have copies copies of those right this original text version is a translation King James version. The new international version that the Septuagint which is the Greek that's a trend. The ancient Greek translation that's a version so version is the same as translation right so we have the original text Hebrew some Aramaic and Greek that we have all the versions. The translations of those texts into other languages got it all right. I want to get to some New Testament evidence be first go over to Ethiopia. Chris redoing Ethiopia. There I was here. My parents are very and I'm basically an eight and I had a couple question I agree that we have been reading your way more and more details and I happen, but a lot of the packages that I've looked at.

Often time that I had entered at messianic. Often times when I look at them again. I feel like I'm not entirely sure that I'm not entirely sure that it is referring Eva and sometimes like a lot of the pop into her new eight messianic kingdom of economic sample and their 31 week at talking about a new covenant, and I might make that sound exactly like the bidet in the neck after it talked about it. Covenant negative and one may be a different one where were going to be Israel and Judah dwelling securely and knowing God, and I might or or similarly we have informed 22 well that think that the scribe did that but in this paper specifically to translation is likely at a here and eat but then a lot of the acting day. A lot of the ancient Persian think they they are like a lion at my different and so Chris, these are wonderful questions and we answered every one of them in great depth. So I want to encourage you to read visit real real look for some your specific objectives like Psalm 22, for example, anything you cannot find a shoe. This is no through website, through the main ester to run web service, real Messiah and got a colleague brain colleague who will respond individually to you, but let's just mention Psalm 22, for example, the Hebrew text as we have it says like a lion. My hands and feet. There's no verb there.

This is like a lion. My hands and feet, so some of the rabbinic commentaries is like a lion tearing at my hands and feet, but the oldest Hebrew manuscript, we have from the Dead Sea Scrolls little time but after the thunder Jesus says they pierced my hands and feet, the Septuagint, which is the oldest translation says they pierced and then there are a number of Masoretic manuscripts from the Middle Ages that that say they pierced so one reading is like a line at my hands and feet meeting tearing ripping which works just as vividly an end, but the other trend the other the other versions manuscripts say they pierced that's that's wire English translations It appears but either way, it's the same disfiguring. It's the same attack and and with that the first question though is a bit more complex.

What we have to understand is when the Jewish people return from exile, when you read the prophecies of the term like Ezekiel 36 it says it's going to be the spectacular thing and God is going to change their hearts and all this, but he did come back.

They did rebuild the temple, it was miraculous but a lot of what was supposed to happen didn't happen. In other words, the down payment happened, but the mirror the big miracle the way supposed to be the whole world seen the glory of garlic is a 40 and lives hearts being dramatically changed that didn't happen and what was he that will now we see the rest of it happening.

Jewish people coming back to the land.

The restoration of the state and we know that in the future there will be a spiritual transformation. So we first got the down payment, the deposit right.

The rest will follow the new covenant with the house of Israel and Judah was established with the death and resurrection of the Messiah. We are enjoying the firstfruits of it now, but in the end it will sweep to all of Israel, the Messiah came as as expected on schedule right but the fullness of what was expected didn't happen yet so it's like the first and second comings were merged together and that's how the prophet saw them. That's what first Peter one says that the prophets ask. Okay, who's this about, we thought this was Ross now roses for another generation. So the down payment was made. Messiah had to come before the second Temple was destroyed as we can show prophetically so he came did what he had to do. That's the deposit down payment.

He was then rejected by his people become a light to the nations, then in the end his own people welcome him back and that's on the return establish his kingdom, and the rest of it will happen. We are sure the rest will happen because we really got the down payment and deposit is a helpful one I think about it a little bit of meat on time on the prophet need our mixing boat in both the first and second coming and some of them do actually.

For example, is a 52, 13 to 15. It starts with great exultation of the Messiah, but only if he suffers terribly and 53 focuses on the suffering Psalm 22 focuses on the suffering and resurrection, and have the testimony will be reclaimed to the whole world. It doesn't talk about the second coming.

There so most or or either or Isaiah to his fist future of Isaiah 11 is this future is in nine begins with the birth of English future. So most do not merge things. Daniel 924 27 doesn't merge things there. This is just about what has to happen in the past so Zechariah 12 ultimately future only sold in in that sense. In that sense, there's really not a lot of confusion there but start with this template, Chris future you're obviously asking sharp questions start with this template, namely look at what happened the return from exile because we know those were true prophecies by true prophets, the beginning happen the rest of.the rest will happen in the watch the debates. There look at the videos and if if you have further questions, please call again please do or write to us. We love to answer more.

Your questions all right, and blessings to your family there in in Ethiopia very much appreciate the call and yes we are live on our Facebook channel is one of our calls. Ask every day. This broadcast is live on Facebook and YouTube. You can actually watch as a smile and wave at you okay really quickly over to the New Testament.

I want to read something to you from FF Bruce in his famous book the New Testament documents are they reliable begins by saying that middle of the 1800s, scholars comfortably asserted that some of the most important books of the New Testament the Gospels asked did not exist before the 30s of the second century swallows like 100 years after Jesus. He is no saint and more that that's not the consensus now and anyone scroll down and Chris will go to the next page. Look at what liquid process. There are in existence about 5000 Greek manuscripts of the New Testament in the whole or in part, the best and most important of these go back to some around 8350. The two most important being codex webcasts etc. etc. he goes through with further details. There nice is perhaps we can appreciate how wealthy the New Testament is an manuscript attestation.

If we compare the textual material for other ancient historical books work so let's go. Think back to New Testament times and books that were written around the time.

Let's see how much attestation member.

We have 5000 New Testament manuscripts right for Caesar's Gallic war compose between 58 and 50 BC. There are several extant manuscripts, but only nine or 10 are good and the oldest is some X number of hundred is a typo here not do. Years later than season spacers hundreds of years later. Of the 142 books of the Roman history of Livvy 59 BC to A.D. 17, only 35 survive. These are known to us for not more than 20 manuscripts of any consequence.

Only one of which that containing fragments books 3 and four is as old as the fourth century so hundreds and hundreds of languages got a manuscript of the 14 books of the histories of Tacitus run hundred 80, only 4 1/2 survive. Of the 16 books of his animals tend survive in full and to impart the text of these extant portions of the house of has two great historical work depends entirely on two manuscripts. One of the night. Since one of the limbs you, a thousand years, 800 and a thousand years later you got a few manuscripts in support and he said did no classical scholar would listen to an argument that the authenticity of any of these authors excites a bunch more is in doubt because the earliest manuscripts of their works which are of any use to us are 1300 years later than the originals.

Is that how different this is the situation with New Testament so he is saying not only we have 5000 manuscripts, but we have many from early on. He says that the Chester Beatty biblical per part existence which is made public in 1931 consists of portions of 11 forest codices, three of which contained most of the New Testament writings. One of these contain the four Gospels lacks most of the first half of the third century. Another containing Paul's letters to churches in the past of the Hebrews was copy the beginning of the third century. The third contained Revelation belongs to the second half. The same century and you have some even earlier than this. Now so you have nothing in the ancient world that compares record all these other ancient works without question without hesitation. Why, because we have a few manuscripts hundreds of years later, a thousand years later, preserving them their well-known. The New Testament is like thousands and thousands and thousands of times more accurately preserved. That's in the province of God. And that's because people treasures. Is it word of God. Yes you confident you read your Bible reading accurate excellent translations.

People agree to serve the amazing care right back to the special guest Natasha play the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown got on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. We have a lot of time on this broadcast asking difficult questions and answering difficult questions we have for 13 years live online encouraged you radio the risk you take in the broadcasted to ask tough questions to challenge us, but there is a real crisis right now with with many Christians leaving their faith deeply questioning their faith.

Wonder if they can really believe God believe the Bible put their trust in what they've heard for years of people are deconstructing say this is good I'm I'm questioning a lot of stuff and try to take the religious wrappings often try to get to the original in the process. There there being led astray, so we we devote a lot of time to the subject asked the question.

The first half of the broadcast commit can we trust modern Bible translations now want to bring on the guest Natasha cream we've never to my knowledge, met her talk before, but she is an author, podcast or influencer and and she is passionate about providing solid answers for deep questions that people have and her new book faithfully different beginning biblical clarity in a secular culture Southall this is a great conversation to have today. So the tester thanks so much for joining us on the line of fire so your own upbringing.

Were you raised in a Christian environment, did you go through a period of questioning did you come to the faith. From the outside, but your own story in a Christian home and I never really thought about you deeply questioning when I was growing up and elected her life in my life either made me cry my aunt night that had and felt like a kind and I left, I think hundred hours in short, and I got the feeling that I really get at understanding the Bible any really like how I had and I really get gang apart equally and I actually got in the whole area of apologetic high. I started a blog about a decade else on Christian parenting and I started writing when I can prevail in light beacon for an hundred and I started writing plot and correct under anger take a deal with their young.

And I did back to getting back at the E on lot 50 entity making all kind of frames like a Bible filled with errors and contradictions. There is no evidence that God defendant that the department dictate all the kind of pain at a lifelong Christian. I realize you have no idea how to answer the question and fell, I discovered apologetic, did not earn my blogging felt like helping parents elegantly not like me writing we apologetic the appearance and not faith that one day played my first bright general question. I am not deaf parents. Talking about secularism part of the biblical worldview in the long point get that from my file that better. Yeah, what a great journey, but that is the world today.

In other words, when when you come to faith. Now your bombarded with a whole lot that may be a less generation was no through Internet and through other means. And then just fundamental things being question. So it's one thing when your kid asked mommy how come Jesus didn't answer my prayer or why did my friend die. Those are serious questions also was that of the hardest for me questions from children. But it's it's a whole other thing now when everything is being question and up for grabs. Have have you seen a shift yourself in the culture in terms of more skepticism, more questions and have you witness that yourself in these recent years absolutely and my first class and they were new to me even though I had grown up in a Christian, are all the I'm hearing all the kind that question from Holland in Iraq and over time I started hearing from more and more apparent nationally were saying that they weren't getting out.

He would become part or that their friend at church questioning and people were looking for more and more anther and I think that the world would become more politicized and polarized PC defendant coming out more and more, and my people just aren't sure how to approach that and unfortunately a lot of times when people are not sure how to look at the plant that will I don't believe any black man I definitely be more that you previously written this look at the list or keep your case on God cites a parents discipline alert you to these books. If you are not aware, keep your kids on God's side talking with your kids about God, talking with the kids about Jesus.

These were written between 2016 and 2020 in your own journey. Natasha, did you go through any things where you got hit with a question or an objection and it struck like all I have an answer or maybe it took a while to find an answer that satisfies me when I pray I actually interested in getting a question around in Oregon and Emily and I had never invited. I can understand that they're going well and I am and I cannot learn about malignant never learned about that than in my thought and turned and fell.

I went online I think the court a Christian art in a day to accelerate at back leg promoting the late-night work online and within three hour let in three hours that afternoon.

I remember getting on my back covering my hand with a blanket and saying everything I ever believe malignant trail. Everything that I never believed I had no understanding on never talk to me. I had no training on how to even look at the giant steps are yet and now I probably related feeling a lot like colored you got the condom here certain pain and aren't sure what you like that benefit planning that took me quite a day crying and obedience really worked it out and learn about all the different view that Christians have the fine Shirley Alda and so I happily relate yelling like the world is being pulled out from under you plan everything that you ever believe empty file and not on it and I'm personally very glad to hear that because it does give us a greater sense of empathy.

It it does allow us to put ourselves in the in the shoes of someone who struggled because I talked other people of faith and they just never struggled in the questions that hit others don't hit them.

So, that's wonderful, that's amazing.

When I got when I came to faith in over 50 years ago's is a heroin shooting LSD using hippie rock drummer Jewish kid and an brand-new believer my debts is Michael Glaser of drugs but were Jews. We don't believe this has me with a local rabbi.

This is right out of the gate and then after that go to college and erase my PhD I studied with all secular professors sought my got hit and I went through the questions and the wondering within the answers you get to have substance that's not just a cheap little answer to put somebody away so I I'm glad that you went through that because it does give you the heart of empathy and understanding friends, especially parents. If you've got a question. Your kids are raised, you try to figure out how to approach it mentions. The test was posted be great resources with feel free to give us a call 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884 it as as you are encountering objections or use.

I don't know if you know who you're dealing with on your blog. Ages and things but are you saying young people.

Generation Z they're having more issues than baby boomers or enable it to categorize it at all.

It really depends on what you can turn all that hot cultural aspirate L are there not what trail they're asking what work what helpful analyte keeps me from hurting someone out again from their own definition. Now I think that not anything really difficult because those are different questions then we would help. We want to know what is true about the nature of reality and fell. I would benefit people that I hear from who are older who are older, they are more aching to be more concurrently not question it is trail and coming with questions that would not trail they're looking at the relationship with client. For example, are asking their kind of questions are how do you reconcile the Bible, but I do feel like the questions that I books about lost the toss.

Is there not sure what happened to her feed so gossiping just communicate with me that would be awesome to figure out what happened to our fees here as we continue to talk with you. It is interesting this question about is it is a true or does it work that there is a difference there that one person said okay they look. My cousin is gay. He's a nice relationship. Another guy and I'm being mean, if I don't go to his wedding is a different question that were what we can do with the problem of racism in the church. This different question than is the Bible true. So of when we come back to this and will get Natasha back along the true or connection problem for many years and filled burden to help others. How are struggling so we want to talk about this documentary but we want to separate fact from fiction. So without further ado, Janet. Great to have you back on the line of fire. Thanks for joining us. Hi Dr. Brown Belisle yeah Michelle yeah but we did get to minister to get Elizabeth in June. I think right thinking Texas great souls. Janet first tell us about this documentary.

Why it's important to to address this over some of the fund.

The fundamental misconceptions in the documentary you know first thank you for having me on.

Once again about the title. Pray away. I remember back in 2000 believe it it it was difficult it it it produces a crisis and you know it when you tout the fundamentals 07 you like yeah you're talking to me it's very painful.

Is that your whole life is classes a massive kick in the gut and you can't get your breath back so that the tile should the process for you in terms of going from everything I believe is false.

Was it instantly that you started to get answers or was there a gradual rebuilding from the point of evolution that afternoon. Yeah yeah yeah I did take a lot of time for me meathead I I'm a person, and now I couldn't read one article are the one pot Now all of the counter and now I read. Enter out a patent on a flight between a lot of different block and it went that that the related eating out all the pain and coming to finance experiment had a grasp of what where the debate were lying and handling on season and I really think this is all for you, tell you it will host you as you talk to the music that you're sensitive.

Just be thinking of will be like that simply pursue this more deeply and then asked with faithfully different is the message here today will be like that.

The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown down the walls. Frank Couric others friends and colleagues who my speaking highly of the book so want to get into this for a moment the Tosha how does faithfully different now tie-in with this large request of dealing with apologetics in providing solid answers or people who were asking difficult questions after writing every apologetic about her parents.

I started to realize that Wolcott got it serenely important part understand. I mean a lot of people and I don't think the bread out are able to even clearly distinguish between world earth. I fell in other words, they are not even able to identify either idea or concept but I want a biblical worldview you back in the macular one, and you can't deal apologetic and for you have that kind of clarity apologetic take you to the next thing, okay. Once I have accurately characterized logically and bent on doing it with one how do I know which one an accurate picture of reality. Tell all the work that I dine in that many people are getting back without determining what to think. Worldview is more about understanding clearly what belongs in each of the different philosophical about equally different is about it. Help people understand very clearly at what in the biblical worldview looking for and went back to read them on the worldview and why do you come I didn't belong there and I did not belong to the modern Christian went baguette. I checked out every outing about progressive Christianity celibacy is a departure from the difficult faith in historic faith.

What once the powers that was appealing to so many today, especially the younger generation people beat hi all, rainy as they make the cake but it returned authority on the authority of God and were not being fired authoritative word of God and [Christian user a and I thank you Delaney tag you after hundred different people like that usually when it means that there no longer theory Doric Christian, a, and the Bible as their authority. They are moving away from that and feeling like they're evolving in their understanding and not the Bible Brought the wing you do that you're really just going back to authority just like secular culture.

It's not all that different in nature and macular around it's really a secularized urgent Annie run from that perspective. Yelling for people meathead of the Bible. I found out that we all want to color out.

We all want to revert to the authority are out and we want to gratify the craving that last one and you are on pain of the Bible is very clear that an act lacking everything a lot of people going to work. That idea, and it really got the right form of our faith. Yeah that that's a great way of putting it in the course. Ultimately, for the people go, the less relevance the Bible has for them. The less they care about it so it's the starting point for the journey back to self authority was interesting. My friend John Cooper, lead singer of skillets of the band's music is playing in the show here he was talking to a Christian woman and she was talk about deconstructing and it's fine to ask these questions and so on.

And NEC said he pointed out the recent. Isn't it interesting that all the conclusions that people are coming to as they deconstruct agree with what the world is saying and agree with the spirit of the age.

Every single one of them was about marriage with a buzz family with her sexuality was about abortion, whatever is that interesting, and that was a real eye-opener for for and what you're saying is you can put these worldviews in the same larger class together because they're going in the same direction.

Let last question for you often when someone comes to us and they finally speak out often.

They don't talk about things on the journey but once they've lost their faith or turned away in a car throw out everything was. I can't believe in a God like that who wants to kill the Canaanites and who hates gays in these modern translations will have the original Bible, how can only be one way to go this route, like 10 different things all different categories.

What's your advice about how to respond. This is that you just pick one area you look for deeper issues as to why they're having questions how would you approach that just generally speaking, a great question because it is very common when people walk away.however they want out Mabel at night when I called here.

All of the different pain and where if we get snow after each one about like biking and you'll write back or neck that they apologetic that all you got, usually there's one underlying thing that led down to the point of questioning always really helpful. I think you get people what part it your attorney here. What started you thinking about the question that you're getting me right now and not one thing and a catalyst for it because allotment that will underlie anything, you get clarity about what it is that they believe now a lot of people are very quick to walk away from a don't think about what their walk or you think that Mark now I'm just in the point of neutrality kind of floating out and elaborating.

Good luck with and now I'm happy and felt great, but the reality is that there is a reality and how we answer the question is going to be something that you want to better and we can people still believed in God.

Do you believe what you think that God is not in any way. People getting into, classic and Jack understand what it at a Marine and if anything, I don't now because I think the common people and out, then I would have to more questions.

I ended something that you want to know what you want to put it in your shirt right now or think that you'll continue to be ectopic. I think all of those kind help. I didn't help. Our current family more because trying understand the starting point for conversation rather than taking the tip of the night for the one powering up and trying stiffly that the was approaching obviously making the personally I'm taking interest in you as a person supposed to try the best you an argument, but we have to be secure in our own faith I find that some people just try to tackle the arguments because they don't want to raise the questions because they don't have the answers and then there more secure in their own faith silicate throw it all at me with talking through appreciate what you're doing and another new book is important, but what specially interests me is is what you've done for parents with kids so friends, check out the writers of the test clear what your website was the best place people can connect with you and Dr. and I got it.

Hey, thanks so much for joining us really appreciate it. You bet Douglas all right while I appreciate that very much. I just wanted to leave time to remind you about something very important. April 4 to all yes it's coming one with March 22 today with only three weeks louver three weeks, April 14, of really notified some of the secular media about a custom response. Like all interesting, yes. Not ashamed of Jesus to national not ashamed of Jesus to take a minute ago to not ashamed of not ashamed of Jesus or would you all that your pastors know about this pastors leaders. We let your churches know about this. If you're part of a network denomination. We help get the word out. You get all the info you need on that site is our way of as a body on a given day identifying ourselves as believers in the public square. If you're in the home and you look at the home can you do it social media. If you're in the workplace. Are you required to dress a certain way that I can you can you wear something that identifies you as a father, Jesus, can you bring your Bible with you. Can you go out of your way to just tell someone hey just want to know them a follower of Jesus is anything I can do to help her pray for you and anyway it's a simple day, shouting out to the world and some of us do this every day anyway, but this is a day to do it again were here were not ashamed.

We love Jesus we love you doing it together. This can be tremendously encouraging because you might find out a lot of other kids in your school believers. You might find out a lot of the people in the workplace who believes you may find your manager employee there believers, and even though it is just some I didn't come up.

That's encouraging mother, the more this year than we realize. Also for those who've been discovered reluctant to share publicly or you want to be involved in controversy. We don't want to be ashamed of the gospel right we want to be ashamed of Jesus and we are called to let our light shine so this is a day to just cross that line were not saying stand up on the desk in your business and start preaching to everybody and going around to them with holding the Bible and waving it if you don't believe this you're going to hell.

No, just let me know that your follower of Jesus and now people will know maybe you have a question or an issue.

The countries I don't have the answers great point them to those that they have more. The answers are say hey on the look that up to get an answer for you when they want to talk you about your believably, but this is a citizen of this day what you think signal not really surely think about the you know if this we teach our churches. Now you're out of the closet in that respect as followers of Jesus we have no business being in the cost so national not ashamed of Jesus to go to. Not ashamed of again you will be encourage lots of ideas. There please share with others. Would you help us get the word out.

I believe God drop this in my heart in writing the book the silencing of the lambs, but this only a spread as we sprinted together, and especially the first deer skin like throwing up a rock in the pond and there some ripples in each year we trust in the rocks can get bigger and bigger ripples more and more the stand together and make this known love Jesus love you not ashamed Silas muscle is another program powered by the Truth Network

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