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Should We Support Ukraine if Zelensky Doesn't Share All Our Values?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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March 21, 2022 5:10 pm

Should We Support Ukraine if Zelensky Doesn't Share All Our Values?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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March 21, 2022 5:10 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 03/21/22.


The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. Why on earth to some Christian saying that God is using prudent to cleanse Ukraine of immorality gives time for the light a fire with your host biblical scholar and cultural commentator Dr. Michael Brown your voice for more sanity and spiritual clarity.

Call 866-34-TRUTH to get on the line of fire and now there's your host Dr. Michael Brown was looking for the line of fire. Michael 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884. Later in the show.

I'm going to give you some encouraging news about cultural pushback things we been talking about for years and years, saying that was on the radical left will overplay their hand while it's happening in front of her eyes. I want to bring you some encouragement some updates on that but the first of a very interesting situation unfolding in the midst of the tragic loss of life in Ukraine right now in the midst of the bombings in the midst of the war with Russia invading Ukraine. There's a very interesting narrative that has developed and it is very disturbing to me as well and images is basically saying that some of God is using Vladimir Putin to to cleanse Ukraine of immorality or to bring judgment on Ukraine because of its its increasingly liberal values This is prudent standing up for what's right in prudent standing up for for ethics and morality and that's why he's slaughtering these Ukrainians. Now if if you think that Putin has justification for his actions.

If you think that in fact there is a good reason for Putin to be doing with you a good moral reason for Putin to be doing is doing. By all means give us a call. 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 7884 letter that is a view that I categorically reject and differ with, but if we can have a civil conversation about it. By all means call me and present your contrary viewpoint and I I got thinking about this more and more the more I'm seeing Christians posting things about this or conservative leaders posting things and think of him when I get is from looking at the same data I'm looking at the news reports from different angles. I'm looking at a went online, old, probably couple weeks ago already to pretty much Russian state TV as it is an English-speaking station but is this the Russian state TV and watch some of what was being presented there listed some links that are Christian from Russia want Beta to look at some of them trying to see where people are getting their different information from some of last week wrongly accused me of getting all the information for mainstream media watching that person watch TV, a wassail sports or they will settle or watch TV. I don't watch news on TV. I get my news from reading and then sometimes I will get certain clips and watch those clips but I'm I'm reading from all kinds of different sources must have Christian friends leaders those and could actually have different perspective. So try to sort through all this, like everybody else is unfortunately today there is so much skepticism towards mainstream media, which I understood. I understand it is a deserving skepticism because there has been so much misreporting and any "fake news, but now it's just well if they're all saying the same thing.

It must be false know it's not necessarily false. Just because all saying the same thing about Russian Ukraine, but by all means we keep digging.

We do our best to understand so I get sent different things challenging some of the status quo and one of them was this video from journalist Lara Logan. A friend sent me this link, let's let's listen to what she had to say. What troubles me about the moment that were in is that we have such selective and narrow reading of history, you know, Pres. Zielinski, maybe Jewish but he's not the only one in this suffix. During the second level is ANSYS assessment right and look at cooking. How many relatives that he lives in the siege of St. Petersburg. People don't know their history. They don't know what made prudent and I'm not defending I'm not defending him. I don't need to defend that prudence.

My job as a journalist is to try and understand what is the truth here. I don't like being like to I'm living line 2 on an epic scale. When we told you only choices you have to be 100% with the topics you can find on the Internet and black pants. You know with shirtless doing a spoof Dancing with the Stars had entertainment video that's a mark of Ukrainian group that does this kind of's tannic account type of music video in any selected, like so many of our meeting and honestly with ATAC and with election for these days, we don't know how many leaders all around the world selected for us and what actually voted and what we do know is that there are some problems with technology and digitization of our world because would look at what's happening with covet what is happened globally. We are fighting the same battles all over the world to pretend that this war is about Russia and Ukraine is just a barefaced right so when you have these radical statements being made that it's a barefaced lie to say this is about Russian Ukraine where is Lara Logan is is say look, you can't just make it so black and white injured totally with Ukraine utility is Russia now skinny black and white with you since rough Ukraine is a barefaced lie.

He's doing the very same thing and then also say Zielinski is just a puppet right in and you can't just because there may been election fraud than you and there's so much this digital stuff going on behind the scenes that you kept the question all election results. I could question that newscast I could say that there are other people manipulating data, making people say certain things. It's all me how far you go with it. According to everything we know and for people on the ground who lived in Ukraine now and and serve the people Ukraine from his 20 years now everything they understand that Ashley was understood. Zielinski was fairly elected.

Yeah, I know America's got involved in elections in other countries for years and try to manipulate things are prop up want to bring down another in other countries have done the same.

I understand all that happens but but I guess this is the biggest thing that I want to raise okay out front Bono had a poem. Nancy Pelosi read it. Basically, on St. Patrick's Day is now at St. Zielinski.

Aside from that I'm doing when it's making to say courageous. Yes. Heroic yes bold yes fearless yes inspirational yes St. now it is so to become a saint. Always moral value. Students of the change. The sublease is a secular Joe is seven. Become a religious Jew, God-fearing, and Sabbath observing and sharing all of our moral values that we have is as conservative Bible believers no.

He's a guy that's surprising. Much of the world.

This is known as a foul mouth comedian.

But how can how can you possibly stand was Zielinski in Ukraine when he was a video you perish bare chested and dancing and stiletto some mock video sub-Saharan beef. That's who the guy was before his comedian. He did stupid things like that. That's what was people knew he was in a votive room with everybody, supra, or many people surprising begin the duly elected president and now he shocking the world by showing hey this guy is serious this because not backing down in the sky did not take a free pass of the country. When we offered him an exit from the countries that I'll need a ride I need ammo so that's the guy we understand we was just like Ronald Reagan was a real one be great accurate Hollywood and became one of our greatest presidents.

And here Donald Trump like him or not stood for a lot of good things as president. It we all those false things. But surprisingly, he stood for a lot of good things pro-life and pro-religious liberties and others stood with Israel and delighted things despite his past which I would daresay would be far worse than Zielinski's past, but here Rolling Stone magazine elicits rare on your be in agreement with Rolling Stone but but they had they had a response to Lara Logan's video at and here's the headline Lara Logan Zielinski wore leather pants. So maybe the Russian invasion isn't so bad. Your little sarcasm there and this is what I'm hearing alone on the low play a 2nd to 2nd remember Zielinski's supports homosexual quote marriage. How can we be standing with them, Zielinski's supports abortion. How can we be standing with them and on the flipside, Russia, but when they voted on on on the issue of gay curricula in the in the children schools when the Duma voted for what was the most about 400 to 400-3620. I made references 404 zero there today when I went to check to get 436 to 0 against it in 2013. Know this propaganda will not be in our schools so summer say luck if if Ukraine is for same-sex quote marriage and and Russia has oppose these things in Russia's oppose gay curriculum schools and and and Ukraine. The liberal on this liberal abortions. Loss is the one listed may be we should just be standing with Ukraine right now and and maybe gods involved with this and and using put please friends you realize how morally bankrupt that argument is here to give an example America is redefined marriage in the courts. America exports gay curricula and get activist points around the world. America is the world leader in exporting pornography. America has slaughtered with the 60 million babies under Roe V Wade, let's say Russia started attacking us and slaughtering our children sorry our women slaughtering men not in combat, bombing places where people try to take refuge, refuge, what we say all well God is using prudent to cleanse us of our immorality and we should not fight back.

We should be appreciating what Rush is doing. Oh yeah, when it's your kids being blown up in your wife being blown up in your Sunday and all yeah right? I think like that or look will look at Israel aside for the very religious views. Israel's very liberal pro-abortion program, activism, various things many many of us would have high percentage of atheists and things like that will when Hamas terrorists decide that they're going to build a tunnel under Israeli kindergarten, with the goal of kidnapping or killing as many of these kids as they can and Hamas is anti-same-sex quote marriage and Hamas holds to many of the same conservative values that we hold. Also, we're going to say, well, good for Hamas but him do it, or would you say what an immoral ungodly despicable thing some friends this a very confused argument. Check out my new article Esther to asking your browser look like you with this head on. Check it out because there's more confusion here about this more in there ought not to be any more confusion to the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown got on the line of fire by calling 866342 here again is Dr. Michael Brown looking for the line of fire way in the world Ukraine to differ with me on that. It's perfectly fine foods. We have a civil discussion about it rate then littering the show we would be giving you some updates on cultural pushback.

But if you have an unrelated question or if you want to raise more broad Bible theology, etc. make it to some of the calls to 866-34-TRUTH truth so let me again give you an analogy of perspective to help us analyze the war, Ukraine, because people say no there other forces work. It's globalist working try to get rid of prudent or the right direction. The bio labs in Ukraine and and Russia's FIFA course. The narrator, they keep using is all they have to denounce if I Ukraine, of course, there are some right wing Nazi groups in in Ukraine, but they are very very much marginalized. They this is not the mainstream of the population just like in America, you do have these radical right-wing neo-Nazi groups, but they are marginalized they are French it in any case, let me give this analogy I have it in my my new article is like it morally confused when it comes to Russia and Ukraine you committed Esther to or or other places that posterior articles okay but sit your your cop your police officer. The born-again Bible believer, you completely reject the idea that two men," Mary right you are on patrol just driving around your community doing what you do and you drive past the church building code progressive church and even held ecumenical services with Hindu worshipers and Buddhist worshipers because were all worshiping the same God or gods.

Whoever he/she it may be right. That's what they hold and you notice the marquee in front of the building. Scott like up gay gay banner in a gray colored banner rainbow flag draped over it and it's announcing the quote marriage of two men right so you reject that you morally reject that you said Seneca marriage in God's sight. Even if these men think that they're making a lifelong love and commitment to doing the right thing got site there deceived, and you know it breaks your heart to see this okay so so at the same time you see armed vigilantes gay hating on vigilantes who decide they're going to take justice into their own hands that I can wait for the day of judgment to kill these people committing such abominable acts and you see them on really going to stop shooting what is your moral responsibility before God as a police officer and is a God fragment to stop those people, murder to start. The vigilantes is us is black and white is a clear is not disputable.

There is no either/or. That's your job and you know it, you know that's the morally right thing to do.

The others are not breaking the law. They'll have to answer to God for the choices they've made in the lifestyle there there leading them with the church teaches that all answer to God but is not up to us to go kill them God for bid. This is the same thing with this argument, yeah, but there's a morality, Ukraine this is that is using prudent or cleansings as if there wasn't a morality incident in rush either way.

There were innocent people die in this war happen. It does not need to happen all right and come back to this the moment as one gets some calls but there are quotes from Adolf Hitler as he appealed to conservative Christian values and have a fight against the secularism of the society and the rising tide of of immorality in the society he appealed. One of the same time persecuting other Christians. He may those appeals Saudi Arabia committee great appeals based on on on very few arrests and things like this and very little adultery and deal because the crime is so low yeah but it's is based on sharia law.

Legalism and not relationship to God and is carried out with great violence. I let's have a discussion about this. 866-34-TRUTH the start with John Michael in Ontario, Canada.

Thanks for calling on fire. Thank you so much for taking my call. Dr. Brown and first thing I want it. I appreciate everything you did, how much your ministry felt helpful for me over the years and I'd love what you do.

Thank you. On the Ukrainian issue at the thing I'm concerned with right now is a stream of information coming out from the media have been very different, they are reported in 2014 and I am worried that people are not getting the full story of what's going on and just so we have a Leica just unclear here. I have a degree in political times into in history. I have studied Ukraine in 2011 for 11 years now like I know a little bit of what's going on and when you say that the Nazis are marginalized in Ukraine that not trip so there's a group known as a thought metallic that used to be a police militia in 2018. They were formally inducted into the Ukrainian military. They are now part of the military fight their official logo has neo-Nazi root symbol including the black stun which was developed by Nazi Germany in World War II.

Many of their members, where the swastika on their helmet or have patented. They have been interviewed by mainstream media including the Guardian, they identify themselves as national social space that they want to fight cooking because he is a chip that is a quote they have now been formally inducted into the military. The link he had just given them an award for, who have fallen in battle, fighting the Russian. This is gotten to the point now where the media is now sweeping it under the rock sign and Microsoft has condemned the US for that used at the US you could ban funding to a cup Italian in 2016 they lifted the fan find myself liking something or condemned.

They've since reinstituted the band in 2018. But now they're not following it. Now the output footage of NATO arming and training Aesop Italian there many other groups like and I would get the analogy that this is like inducting the KKK into the U.S. Army where they are marching with Lightfoot and burning cross that would be the analogy going on in Ukraine right now and when you say there marginalized recently within a week ago on Ukrainian TV. They put up a picture like and I said we should do what Eichmann said genocide Russian shelter and we will not stop until all Russian children are nightly was on Ukrainian tepee your sin The six or so just a speck of appreciate the research. John was just looking at article freely mainstream the other day saying how can we be funding a soft brigade and raising these questions about what's happening.

It was spring much mainstream forget what what's new source, it was but it was nothing hidden I seen a lot of talk about this from what I understand if you look at voting. If you look at national ideology even to have a Jew, as is the president and and with such a strong vote. It does mean that the soul were going in there to did not survive the countries is really a myth because this is the hope the country as a whole.

I don't believe for a second that the Eichmann quote reflects the attitude of the people as a whole we want to kill as many Russian children as we can. Or that there would've even been the slightest possibility of putting out a viewpoint like that to the to the nation before Russia attacked six of them ask you this in in respect to the studies that you've done on a national voting level in terms of Nazi parties in terms of Nazi ideology that's reflecting other parties. Can you refute the idea that this is Mrs. a largely marginal or you have hit data that words that would all hear something intrusive voting national parties.

Please paint a picture for me of the Nazi demographics of Ukraine. Certainly there is a political party known as and that means freedom Ukrainian.

They had about 10% of the vote in 2014 and they have since petered out. They have lost their however part of the issue is that there goals have become more mainstream and some mainstream party had been trying to rehabilitate high not the bike collaborators from World War II, and that includes people like Stefan Bandera who formally announced that he would side with Hitler creating a new world order and fighting with a greater Germany to free Ukraine from the USSR.

This was in 1941, and his unit tragically participated in program in 1941 against the Jewish people in one city about 2 to 5000 Jewish people perished and his group was a part of that nowadays. It mainstream to show their symbols to participate in honoring him.

They had many marches nowadays. Maybe not politically, and like politicians per se. Actually, I think there were so large they praised them.

Okay see you giving it again appreciate the details very much and I'm not saying you're wrong in the presentation of details on those from the people living in Ukraine. The believers that we know the missionaries of the been there for 18 years and work extensively with the Christian community across Ukraine their perception and understanding is that this is very much marginalized in terms of national sympathies and you present a lot with with them and articulate and clearheaded voice that I like to try to rebut okay. I just encourage everyone listening to look into these specific specs. 15 seconds.

Is there a website somewhere that you would like people to go that would point them in this direction. What I would really recommend for this war right now but I'm to look up at Dr. John. It presented much evidence of the last eight years think that this war has been like for this goddess got a hotel you Johnny or shamus well-known intellectual today.

John Michael is very much appreciate the call laying everything out a couple thoughts of the other side of the break but not too rebut with you say this to present some of the thoughts that the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown got on the line of fire by: 866-34-TRUTH. Is Dr. Michael Brown line of fire. As always, we seek to tackle the controversies not to get more people listening or watching or going to our website and try to stirrup contention but to be your voice for moral sanity and spiritual clarity to help give you the tools to to stand strong and speak the truth in love to share other perspectives with you to let others weigh in and have civil discussion here and talk to each other rather than talking past each other. My simple contention is that whatever it is that provoked prudent to invade Ukraine and however much their other things involved in the process that there is no actual legitimate justification for him going in bombing Ukraine and in seeking to destroy the country in so many ways. Or bring it under Russian control. Whatever arguments are raised that we should be standing with the people of Ukraine not making them all into saints are godly people are making to the Lenski into a God-fearing man that that shares all of our values rather say there there is an ultimate right and wrong in terms of the invasion. Therefore, we support the people of Ukraine. Even though there other factors going on for sure. It's not that is only evil and Zielinski is only good. We don't want them put things in those terms refer the breakout a very clearheaded call from Ontario, Canada. The same look when I say that that Nazi ideology is largely marginalized in Ukraine. Yet you have the far right groups and you have the neo-Nazi groups largely marginalized, but that's really not true that it's much more mainstream corset begs the question as to how you can have a Jew elected as president that's that's a big question with Nazi ideology, but in any case, we want to have discussion here right in my view, even if that were true even even off even if there were there. There's more Nazi ideology in the country than were aware of or that I'm aware of. Okay, and that those telling me it's marginalized or just seeing things through their eyes is Ukraine or that Nazi ideology.

Allegedly there a threat to Russian anyway. This justify the attack. That's right still have the big?

But let's let's interact more on this list so let's go to Neil in southwestern Wisconsin walking to the long fire please. Windsor high meal with Scott like you Dr. Brown about to close my file and all you have played since 2002.

Plato really large component might formation his hand. The sister before stole a lot of what I was going to say to you, that's right.

Don't go for some combo here while you know we Jews know our history and I have both editions of your seminal book. Our hands were stained with blood and I read it through times. I have a stop at the third because I was.

I wanted to separate from the church. If you know what I mean solely and dumb. What's going on right now in my opinion we took to to its right sectors for bold the golfer gave you know how to show the Holocaust of the earthshaking event for us Jews, 22, June 1941 for the Russian for the Soviet peasant all residents to the Russian zeitgeist and what we've been doing.

I've dollars for since November 13 when I saw the first centrist protesters gathering in my square sir I watched live from February 20 to the 22nd 20 lit up my square the mouthful on the ground. They were toting around five and I can read Cyrillic, I won't say how, but if you kill the Russians killed the Jew.

Now you know as well as I do, you can put up puppet in the Lenski could be the useful idiot.

We don't know that you asked how you know their website about the house Albright factor. It's really funny because if you go to YouTube punch as all punch right sector punch Ukrainian far right, and even such left-wing liberal publications of the Guardian fixed seven years ago, splattering it all over their website. Now they're not. And the it's just what can I say mom or things are on listening with open thank you. This is the tragic fact millennia old war makes money. Did you notice speak only prime minister that did a flew up to Moscow flew to Berlin was not Collier Bennett.

The only one I listen well because I believe if you noticed when we had show a day when baby was still prime minister kiddo sat next to Beebe Vladimir Putin 7 feet down was vice president and since since Russia came in very known. It was blowing up Israel have to stop Hezbollah all the ayatollahs from home, getting to getting the Beirut and Israel. I believe have a on the ground, quiet coordination with Russian forces same to be conducting an operation. It should and OIR CG formation and so you know, Israel is a tiny little mouse but superpower all the blame and and always trying to prevent nuclear war.

That's what they care so let's say one more thing I've noticed that I've noticed that many of my friends who were but think Democrats and you know: Dan Pres., all the fun Facebook. They all have big yellow and gold.

I began by Ukrainian and I think that planets in the narrative of elected crop so Putin is strong.

Let's stand by him and I really think that they know what were getting into any nuclear war.

I see this Neil.

The last point is this a jump, you have to admit it's it's a jump could be true for some, but it still it still is, in an ideological jump it's I would simply say that the same media that these anti-crime people followed in the past that's immediate is now putting out a very sympathetic narrative to Ukraine so therefore it would be logical to to be drinking that in the and come to these conclusions, but let me seek to two things and responding again. I'm so grateful to God that that have been part of your journey is another Jewish believer in the Lord all thank you so that the point I was making my article was combating the argument that Russia is moral. Ukraine is a moral, therefore Putin is right in invading Russia fighting against homosexual rights. Ukraine liberal interviews, homosexual rights, therefore it's right for food to be better that that's the argument I was seeking to demolish and that's that stands just the same. That's that's untouched. The question that's come up from you in the and the previous coach on Michael is the question of is there another factor and when when Putin gets up with a rally in it pack stating whether and how to be there and thought it was a packed stadium and repeats as the knots if I narrative, etc. is there more to this more to the imagery we know our history.

We know of the massacre and Bob your where tens of thousands of Jews this in a period of a few days were slaughtered in buried in a massive ravine. We know that some you Ukrainian guards with the most notorious Nazi henchmen, but from all the participating nations with lots of bad apples, but here they would have on their belts. God is with us now and and thought they were doing God's work in slaughtering Jews so so we know for sure that that's part of Ukraine's past and this was the earliest things I talked about about their their pro-Nazi history. But things seem to shift a lot so the question for me to pursue and for others to pursue is the question of is there more Nazi ideology Nazi sympathy in Ukraine, then we may know it or is being widely reported. There is reference given to John Mir Schommer. That's MEARSHEIMER their previous caller referenced so is there more going on and when Putin appeals to this is the more that he can appeal to now to me there still not a justification to attack because I don't believe that there's anywhere in Ukraine's mind.

The third and try to attack Russia with dominant Russia something like that. But in any case, I appreciate these calls and it gives us further for the food for thought of before. Go back to another call. Yeah just it just a comment from some of my team here. My main skepticism with the entire war between Ukraine and Russia is that both of them are rated as the most corrupt countries in Europe on the corruption index of sympathies for the incident was being lost and considers the politics in which more complicated than when they realized yet that there's the excellent possibility.

The things are way more complicated than we know that's what I've written articles and why ultimately squinting. What is ultimately what's motivating this.

Do we know for sure until we know for sure.

Can we rightly combat what his goals and plans are. That's the big question. In any case of can take one more call or so and then will we get on with things. But appreciate the discussion and check out my article for the larger moral arguments I Robert in Mountain home Texas Washington on the fire Quickstart room complete rule out a logical components of the garage. Gog Magog basement from the north or some type of free fulfillment component. Secondly, I have ruled out the Pharaoh Nikko component that happened strictly Chronicles 35 point been other words, are we meddling with stride were not part of somehow got where you got got out and I'm not uninfluenced by that, while figures from why way that you had a yes. Read more yeah so anyway that I appreciate it if you read my articles listen to the shows. Ezekiel 38, 39 were we dismiss the idea that Roche refers to Russia supposed to spinning head were leader in in in the passage there and basically dismiss it as having any relevance. Now if this turns into some massive coalition that ends up attacking Israel little real value is that I don't see it at this point.

This figure reference to decide he got involved in submitted needs to cost him his life. Where should we go. How far to go. Those are questions were raising a regular basis.

I thank you for the call to the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by calling 86634 true here again is Dr. Michael Brown. This is one of the things that live radio is that folks can: with different perspectives.

You might say, well, as others of call then you can give as much time to talk if someone will launch insults if someone will Mott allow for baked back-and-forth interactions confronted talk over us is just not good radius is not fair, but I welcome different viewpoints warmly. In fact if if I could push a button and make it happen every week if not most every day I would have people calling and who differ with me. Yeah, especially on moral issues and theological issues where where it ought taking a stand and and and posting my flag, so to say you are willing to die in certain hills.

I live invited all the time. I'm hundreds thousands of times of invited but to calling the differ that's that's great and to have your facts in order. Everything that's that's wonderful or just raise a different perspective or challenge me or our listeners to think from a different I love it. By the way, by the way, just talked to my friend Dr. Mark Stigler this morning just had a medical quick medical question form. What a great guy.

He is so well-informed, loves the Lord such a strong witness and we just want to encourage you keep taking advantage of our partnership. It'll save you 10% on every order and then in turn, he turns around and is a donation to our ministry and just helps us reach more people.

So every everybody wins Rudy's blessed and help through it and you most of all with the discount so go to vitamin vitamin check out the health supplements there okay switching subjects that was promised for many years we have been warning about what is coming with LGBT Q plus activism or heart or model or mantra has been reach out and resist reach out to the people with compassion resist the agenda with courage say they can reach out and resist reach out to the people with compassion resist the agenda with courage so we been saying that those exact words. Sincerely, 2005, the heart of those words since 2004, and we been telling you where things will go. We've written books on this put out articles on the sink.

This is where things will go. This is the trajectory watch and see. And if here's the deal. It's a biblical principle you want to see the end from the beginning you want to see the final consequences you want to see the fruits before you go in a certain direction. Okay you want to march down that road. This is what it's going to cost okay you want to get into this relationship with this person will these will be the consequences. The way the flesh in the world and Satan act is gorgeous. Do it. Just do it. It feels good do it you needed Jewett to worry about the final consequences. In Hebrew, the author read the final and don't worry about that. This just do what you want to do now or only look in a shortsighted way.

So Aeschylus I got to do with activism. Simply this, that if you could see where things were going before they got there, the vast majority of Americans never would've signed up to get behind the activism as the new civil rights, gay is the new black trance is the new black. Then they would've done if they could've seen the American Library Association supporting drag queen reading our drag queens reading the toddlers if if if they can seen in advance. The fiasco was quote Leah Thomas will Thomas the the mail athlete competing as a woman in the in in in swimming in the NCAA and if they can seen that if they could've seen the horror of 15-year-old girls who had complete this ectomy is because they wrongly thought they were born in the wrong body only to say what what do I do now. This is rest of my life. What do I do now. If they can seen the horrors and how far things have gone then everyone who signed up in the first place, saying oh okay look to guys to gals that love each other. I should have the right spend the rest of the lawsuit. Why should the government recognize it wasn't their marriage any more valid than anyone else understand the arguments and emotional arguments behind in the fact that there are many people deeply devoted to one of those couples sure millions of gays relationship deeply devoted to each other and and wanting to spend the rest of the laws together. I don't doubt that on the race of family simply sings that marriage in God's sight. And it's it's never God's best for children to be raised with with two parents of the same sex.

It's in fact they can't both be parents. Obviously if they're the same sex of those children in any case we been telling you that the radical left will overplay its Hannah I want to give you some examples of that are in fact cannot I just I just lost my screen where I had almost literally go back for a second and find the book but a lot of the pushback really has to do with what's happening with everything with with quote Leah Thomas because it's this extreme even have Bruce quote Caitlin Jetter speaking out against this.

You have what you never true, never true, never true, never true role mispronounce come on one of the women, the greatest women's tennis players of all time. She herself openly lesbian activist she's speaking out against this. You have others so here's a headline read state March 9 Jakey wrote Vicki Rowley has perfect response to suggestions. She bend the knee, and gender identity at the debate because she's been saying I don't post something, say people mistreat its women demonstrate I don't know, confused, and she has been very much LGBT role activist in all of this piece say wait a second, women are still women. The store distinctives here biological to Ceballos woman someone else plastic surgery to become a bollards woman cannot do that so she's she's been pushed people tried to cancel her and Wanda M posted this you really want your legacy to die on this hell and she wrote back. Yes, sweetheart, I'm staying right here on the sill defending the right of women and girls to talk about themselves, their bodies and the laws in any way they blank well. Please write your legacy a word about my old, she rather than backing down is getting even more aggressive in pushing back against the insanity. Here's a headline ends. I sloughed on daily wire March 9, 2022. Elon musk condemns rising woke trend in corporate America again. Elon must not not looking to him as being a prophetic voice from God, but isn't that interesting. He's pushing back against the wall culture of today. Okay there some more and again it goes on and on here Carly Maybury in a Newsweek. This is a March 9 teacher suspended for not using students preferred pronoun sues school so she's suspended because she won't call someone the opposite of what they really are.

Won't call a biological male she were biological female he suspended say okay we go to court over this rerun on the sooner you. You cannot simply go around doing this when we are just standing with reality.

Another art article daily wire Bill Marr defense Florida bill baby kids that young shouldn't be thinking about sex all Belmar. The antireligious often God mocking Bible mocking liberal Bill Moore he's been saying more more common sense. This makes me wonder if we can get some other arguments to him presented to him about biblical truths and leasing so many things clearly, the comments this way. Maybe if you will see from a different angle and is is our heart will be open more to the gospel but with Gov. DeSantis in Florida passing the bill saying we won't talk about sexual orientation and we won't talk about about gender identity K through three right so kids up to what a nine years old. We won't talk about these things.

It doesn't say don't say gay anyone systems a straight he said well maybe because they have everything I say so correct correct so I'm telling you friends.

The pushback continues and I'm bringing you all these are the sources of synergist Christian voices to say we told you that that those in the radical left organ overplay their hand and is going to be a pushback we've written about it for years and years of been talking about how much more should we as followers of Jesus, believing the way about this.

March 19 on Fox feminist protesting. Leah Thomas say they are politically homeless. Democrats don't care about women said Democrats all these years you talk about women's rights, women's rights, now women's rights are being threatened. Women are losing to the will. Thomas there there there in Christian competitions being pushed out of the placement and where you your siding with a biological male against women Branson Rachel Levine Richard Levine women of one of the women of the year was a biological male attending to what is attained to Naga's men are even better women than women. So feminists are pushing back and they have at this daily mail Leah. We need people like you.

National women's Law Center is condemned for calling critics of controversial transferability. Leah Thomas massages us get this silver National women's Law Center, a single year biological male but we we need you fighting for trans rights in it and if someone has a problem with this biological male that person is a misogynist appeal is that what you what you talking about the insanity of the moment is being exposed and hear of another for you.

Note note just just read that one and is there one more that I had it anyway you can you get the feel friends pushback is here because the destructive nature of where the agenda actually goes is being exposed, my brothers, my sisters lets lead the way. Reach out and resist reach out to people. Those who identify as LGBT Q plus reach out to them with compassion, resist the agenda. Listen to these words. This is how we rise up another program powered by the Truth Network

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