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What Is the Right Thing for America to Do When It Comes to Ukraine?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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March 16, 2022 5:00 pm

What Is the Right Thing for America to Do When It Comes to Ukraine?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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March 16, 2022 5:00 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 03/16/22.


The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. So what is the right thing for America to do with Ukraine morally. What should we do this time for the light a fire with your host Google scholar and cultural commentator Dr. Michael Brown your voice for more savvy and spiritual clarity called 866-34-TRUTH to get him a lot of wire and now there's your host Dr. Michael Brown asked Michael Brown here some life-and-death critical issues to talk about unwanted far and you get 20 in your viewpoint with your conviction. 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884 historic day today as president Zielinski of Ukraine address both houses of Congress received several standing ovation is replace some of the clips from his speech today. What is the righteous response from America, the alleged leader of the free world. What should we do to stand with Ukraine. Should we continue to use restraint helping as many ways as we can recognize that hopefully everyone can ride this out. Yes, thousands will die along the way but we can ride this out.

The people of Ukraine will somehow survive.

Then in the end, things will go back to normal and we can help rebuild Ukraine and mourn the losses of Ukraine and Russia and others or is that an immoral position as an ungodly position. Will you do the right thing even if in the end you have hundreds of millions of casualties as opposed to thousands. You have to do the right thing so it will talk about that we talked about it before.

These are urgent matters that are before us, as was we see in front of her eyes. People dying civilians being killed. Terrible suffering right from her eyes. This is nothing that we can ignore what's the right thing for us to do so. You remember when the US offered to help get president Zielinski out of Ukraine at the beginning of the war and he had that incredible response.

I don't need a ride I need ammo I can imagine them saying today I'm only standing ovations. I need weapons I need planes I need a no-fly zone so let's listen to the first clip again excerpted from his speech today to Congress. This is Ukraine's president Zielinski Matos Baker, members of the Congress. Ladies and gentlemen, Americans, France. I am proud to greet you from Ukraine from our capital city of K a setting that is under missile and airstrikes from Russian troops every day, but it doesn't give up and we have not even thought about it for a second. Just like many other cities and communities in our beautiful country which found themselves in the worst war since World War II right now. The destiny of our country is being decided. The destiny of our people, whether Ukrainians will be free whether they will be able to preserve their democracy. Russia has attacked not just us, not just our land not just Alice said is it went on a proto-offensive against our value in your grade history you have pages that would allow you to understand Ukrainians understand us now when you need it right now when we need you right now.

Just remember Pearl Harbor terrible morning of December 7, 1941 when your sky was black from the planes attacking you. Just remember it. Remember September 11 at terrible day in 20 to 2001 when he will try to attorney a cities independent territories in battlefields. When innocent people were attacked, our country experience the same every day right now at this moment every night for three weeks now so present Zielinski which is a very powerful appeal very powerful appeal. Pearl Harbor 9/11. These are things etched deeply in our in our consciousness as Americans.

And the idea of this happening now daily for three weeks that the bombardment day after day after day after day. How can we not respond, that is his appeal, and for those that are what you want to put the clip up.

Now he he showed this video is about two minutes long, to say hey here's what our country was like before the bombing.

This is what Odessa look like this is what some of our other cities look like this is what life was at and now this is the reality and it's it's quite striking and overwhelming him. It really looks and feels like the ends of the world and it's hard for me to describe in words, what's on the screen here but it's it's an incredibly powerful contrast. You've got families and their playing and hugging kids in all of this and then the destruction then a caption.

This is murder and and then children being carried out of rubble and buildings just flattened and corpses carried out civilians children dying. It's this is the reality of what's happening and on every level. You could say that this type of attack is utterly unprovoked, even even people just thrown into mass graves. It's it's overwhelming to witness this so here's the question we are saying that if NATO NATO country was attacked then we get involve the minutes it's what the alliance is it's it's what the contractual agreement is that we get involved involve the things escalate. So be it. Okay and and we said well if chemical weapons were involved in and brushes are using chemical weapons on Ukraine that would be aligned to far and we would get involved in, and we as a things escalate the escalate. So I am putting on both sides of this argument here right but morally, why do you have to wait for those other things to happen. If you say okay have certain lines across then we do escalate, even if it means potentially World War III even if it means potentially nuclear bombs going off in a set of thousands of Ukrainians dying millions such as millions of Ukrainians, millions, tens of millions, hundreds of millions of of Europeans and Russians of others. How do you not get involve how do you not take a stand. Have you not say okay we will act, regardless of the consequences.

The only stop evil well you look at look at like this you've you've got a really dangerous neighbor and his neighbors always threatening an end one day comes and kicks when your kids in the head could to go to the hospital and he says you dare report this to police.

I'm coming up your whole family. Are you live, paralyzed by fear or even report the guy and then do what you need to do to get protection from them until he's arrested.

I think it is. Is this where you live, let's listen to one more clip from president Zielinski and in the end he actually said the translator speaking he actually speaks in English.

Let's listen to one more clip from president.

I have a dream. This was a note to each of you today I can say I have any. I need to protect our sky. I need your decision. Your help, which means exactly the same the same you feel when you hear the words I have a dream. It is true in the darkest time for our country for the whole euro I call on you to do more and in the air to some top today. It is not enough to be the leader of the nation. Jake's division leader all the walls being the leader on wall means to the base is in your concrete doesn't live there anymore.

You and your people to pass on the next few those who are strong strong doesn't mean me strong is brave and granted the 55 of his citizens.

Citizens of the role of human racks for freedom for the right to live his and to die in your time God's and not and is wanted by someone else by your neighbor today. The greater people are attending not only praying without fighting for the vendors of your role surprising of all leaves in the name of the future ex-wife today that America people helping not just Ukraine but your wall to give the planet live to give justice and history are now almost 45 years old today my page salt down the hearts of more than 100 children television. I see no sense in live if it is So did this and this is my main issue later. All my people rate Ukrainians and the leader of my niche addressing the president by the you are the leader of the niche you I wish you be the leader of the walls being the leader of the old man's to be the leader Orpheus and style. Yeah so moving appeal and it must be incredibly frustrating to think okay these nations have the power to help us and to stop the slaughter of our people and they are not acting, don't you have to do what's morally right because it's right even if there bad consequences.

Otherwise you then held hostage to this other nation. A person always going further, always take it one step beyond your freight if if you do something, then it will get really bad is not being held hostage to someone else's tyranny to someone else's madness to someone else's violence on the other hand, what if we have to suffer the loss of thousands of civilians Ukrainian people have to suffer great Lawson Russians suffered many losses while submitting the soldiers that will be out doing what they're doing but in the end it will save hundreds of millions of lives, don't we have to weigh that in the balance. This is the challenge right now that America and other nations are facing 866-34-TRUTH what is the morally right thing to do today. I light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown got on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Special announcement to make about 414, April 14, something that every one of us can be involved with that. I believe this is going to be a very special day moving forward here in our nation of making that announcement shortly, but come about Ukraine you get to weigh-in 866-34-TRUTH Outlook were just talking when I'm influencing policy. I have no access to the president with the Congress.

It's not like what happens on this radio show when I'll be able to take and then in play for the whole world and the whole world and say okay this is the consensus but what I want us to talk these things through to try to give us a moral understanding. Again, we all have to make certain decisions as to when you draw a line in the sand and when you let something go.

We have the expression you know this is a hill worth dying on. But that's not every hill there are things that are so convictional to me. If I lose everything for that conviction. So be it. It's not even a thought. I don't even have to evaluate it because the conviction is so deep brother things we have to soak is this is this a fight. I want to get involved with. We had a staff meeting earlier for staff birthday party for me in and hang out today and want one comment was raised by some of the staff that when you see the secular media lighting up almost completely unanimously. Also, this is horrible. America needs to do something at and fight for the people of Ukraine. You wonder okay why is there such unanimity. What is it that is sparking that level of unanimity is it that it's that level of human suffering in front of her eyes was there because that's being espoused were side being taken at and were being bombarded with the emotionally that you cause us to have a certain reaction. But that's not the best stance to take the president Zielinski today said look no-fly zone declare okay Russia said if you do that said that's war.

Doesn't matter declare no flies in you forever Ukraine.

You cannot do there will be consequences. But even said he can't meet certain weapons.

We need his weapons now what I haven't gotten them yet. I don't know all the details president by the nest last night and more details today. This can be $1 billion more in a even overwhelming. That aid will be in the form of weapons and is understand that many of the interview, she displays down displays that are bombing the cities and also bombing and killing civilians.

But what's the right thing to do is it to suffer terrible present losses and took not look the other way, but just do what we can in a limited way to save massive greater losses in the future, or does that mentality of MiFi weight if I don't act if I if I hold off is that the very thing that paralyzes us is that what Europe did with Hitler in the in the lead up to World War II. 866-34-TRUTH let's start with Deborah in Maple Grove, Minnesota what your position hi Dr. Brown I have strong strong feeling like hell but we have to do something we cannot hear on two scriptures that keep coming my ironically, I can keep hearing in my. The work of Mordechai Mike, do you not that you have been given one thing America that you have been given strength and and all the artillery and you have the you have been put here for time and if you do not write will deliver Ukraine but you will care. I mean, I think I was going to make any other scripture about whatever you do want to delete my brethren, if this were cheap we just sit there and do not just horrifying and trying to get myself but I honestly feel like the length of the prophet the world right now and I hear the prophet to the world and the Ukrainian people are spending an example of one week. Don't take action there were no point world war by sitting back and doing nothing. Nowhere in planing worth that my feeling. Deborah said thank you for bringing us to clearly and so passionately. Deborah's position is morally we have to do more. We have the ability to we we have the weaponry to we have the freedom to and therefore we must do what we must do what is right is supposed same. But if we do than this. This the blast doesn't exist in this case, endeavors, view, and many of your views as well.


Let's go over to Daniel in Flagstaff Arizona which retakes are from how and doesn't really bow down to is money and the world order that pushed by the bank who control America. They have spent already the British military answered its LGBT rights were fighting for Ukraine and the Metropolitan I forget his name material that were fighting dark for two there that has to do with all day Paris Ms. Naito is encroaching on Russia and it been to Russia and coming to long time to stop building nuclear stop building military embankment near our country stop encroaching on try to join NATO. They would let them because why Russia doesn't have the those in control of the banking control over their country that the Western countries do.

And that's what they're trying to impose on Russia trying to submit make them submit and subject them to the dollar to our banking system and then change their politics.

That is what this is about the about the darkness mistreatment on the LGBT all the filtered abominations that have taken over America and Western Europe. There trying to get in there that's what's going on, as did Daniel just assign a specific so you're saying that Russia is slaughtering civilians innocent civilians and embalming buildings like maternity centers and things like that because they're afraid of of gay activism spreading from Ukraine into Russia. Your you're a little bit misinformed about the issues that are going on there and the people have been given going there fighting going to do their fighting father, not innocent civilians. And beyond that Ukraine so I got in your Daniel. How is that you're properly informed. But I'm doing organizing their eye on a watch. I don't want to Daniel. I don't watch the news and wants that somebody might be informing you is what community but all of our sources are wrong. It doesn't trouble you with all that all the research we do and have a deadline of Daniel Daniel Daniel Daniel Gerard so here's the problem with people like Daniel.

They don't listen.

I have no problem with someone coming on the air and sing something I radically different with right of a problem with being told that all of my information sources people on the ground to live in Ukraine. Okay. And then other sources. Some of them are are much more sympathetic to prudent interacted with someone Russia trying to tell me that everything worth seeing now is fake news. My issue is someone like Daniel who he has the right information and nobody else does. Right. It remains for me. I don't watch the news right something atomic this Nancy Mesa hate watch this report for moment, but that's I don't watch TV news I haven't for years and years and years and my new sources are very very gems were getting information from but when I try to interact and just try to raise questions to Daniel and is not in your here that's what troubles me and then Daniel just a word of of loving input to you, sir, if you want your position to be taken with any degree of seriousness, then you have to allow someone to question it and it's better if rather than telling me and everybody else in the world that believes that Russia is committing atrocities against civilians are. It's not every second of every day, but it is certainly happening. The best thing to do is not to dismiss it as we are all misinformed. Best thing is to say no never seen this. You may have heard this, I have other sources.

Otherwise you just don't get hurt and I would gladly interacted but when we can't have.

We can have a two way conversation.

I can speak back to than it it's just not so polite for everyone listening so Daniel just a word of advice is a better way to present things okay and I am not saying or thinking that the people of Ukraine have suddenly become all Saints or the president Zielinski is the most righteous man on the planet that everyone in Russia's evil not saying that at all I am saying this attack is unjustified and to my knowledge. Although Russia may be paranoid about an attack from a NATO country Russia may be worried about. Okay the right on our border. As far as I understand every bit of information I have is no threat of polling physically invading and attacking Russia starting a war with Russia or Ukraine is a non-NATO country starting a war with Russia and and why would anyone want to provoke with the Russian bear to use nuclear weapons and their the there that the provocateurs they're the ones that are setting the stage for violence and death. There are many, many sides to the story and I still don't believe that we fully understand why prudent invaded up. I wrote an article about that the other day but it was the right thing. You my thoughts for the announcement to make. You then want to bring to your attention some happening with kids the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown transferred us on a lot of fire in a moment want to give my perspective as to what is the right thing for America to do in light of the crisis in Ukraine will come to that in a moment and then want to let you know about a book you should know about parents, you should know about your brand-new article about that. But first first in the recall. 866-34-TRUTH 866-348-7884 is the recall. You get to weigh in as well. April 14 for 14 was the significance of 414. Will Esther 414 in the Bible when the Jewish nation is being threatened by Haman and the Jewish people to be potentially wiped out in the Persian Empire to the murderous heart of of Haman because of his hatred of Mordechai and all of Mordecai's people. Esther the queen has access to the king, but she goes in without him requesting her presence. The penalty is death, and in less he says come in anyway so she's hesitant more cusses look if you remain silent help can be raised up from another place, but who knows you come into the kingdom for such a time as this for 14 April 4 14 we are declaring April 4 to April 14 414 every year we are proclaiming this national not ashamed of Jesus day a day when we tell the whole world were here.

We can't be silenced. We can't be canceled. We love Jesus and we love you take a moment soon as you have a moment if you're driving your car. Wait'll you have a moment, but everyone else as soon as you have a moment, Gordon not ashamed of not ashamed of go through it. Take a few minutes to look at the content. Their goal in the bottom there's a PDF you can download there's a leaders kit that you can download.

There's a short video that a minute long with me sharing more about this national not ashamed of Jesus to go to. Not ashamed of and start spreading the word. As I was writing the book the silencing of the lambs which came out couple weeks ago was writing that book. Suddenly I I got short with this idea. I felt like the Holy Spirit dropped it in my heart proclaim this see why because there is an attempt in the culture to marginalize us to cancel us to silence us. This is a way when every single one of us from the timid to the bold can cross a line and do something to tell the world that we are here that we love Jesus that we love you we are not ashamed of our faith. You say should we do that everyday. What will, of course, in one way or another we should do that every day but here's the thing. Many of us confined to the rater.

Many of us are stealth.

We are believers we go to our churches. We see Teresa from his godly ways but you know the workplace. We discomfit in, and so on.

This is a day to cross a line you say how well if you don't have is a uniform required dress to wear shirt that are T-shirt that proclaims your faith.

You could bring your Bible to work with you to school with you another snow day later in your kids bring their Bible school found out about that. Actually, after God laid this idea my heart I believe godly this idea. My heart and you could bring a bottle with you. You could post something on social media just Romans 116 not ashamed of the gospel you are just make clear who you are, you could look for someone to share the gospel with you could look for some is hey can I pray for him a follower of Jesus and in you see, once the cat's out of the bag. You know, people will be watching you more. That's a good thing we are to be witnesses.

The more eyes on us in that sense, the better you know that people may come to you about one thing about this I saw this news is that we think about this, they may come to because they see your integrity or your love for your kindness and could you pray for, can I talk to you baby come to argue or debate and if you're not up to that you say hey let me introduce you to others that they're happy to argue or debate with you but I love Jesus and if I could be of help in your life. Anyway, I'm here.

Just the other thing that happens. Not only does he get some of us out of the closet in in the public eye in that regard, and again we Jesus says don't take your candle and hide it. Put it under the desk. Put under the table, put it in the closet, but it under a bushel. Know let it shine there when see that's our calling is it but but not only so, not only so maybe working to become thousands of employees, and it's his business like you're in and out. You see your boss in and out and all of this you may have hundreds of believers. There, but you don't know it. You may feel intimidated. You may feel overwhelmed.

You may feel pressure you may think I'm the only one in my department.

That's a believer and maybe there 30 people in Europe department and assisted maybe hundreds through the whole company. Or maybe your boss is a believer, so it's a way to create solidarity sitting in your class or your school, you may know, the kids that are most your classes but you know other kids in school, you know, the kids even your grade in it while your believer to follow Jesus, that while you encourage each other. Ecclesiastes or two are better than one.

A threefold cord is not easily broken. So let's stand together.

Let's tell the world were not ashamed of our faith. Let's let our light shine. Let's be there as witnesses not ashamed of Jesus.Ward will be sending out a lot more information. We got means other things to post if you want hashtag to use its hashtag Jesus for 14 hashtag Jesus for 14 there is. You also say hashtag not ashamed of Jesus hashtag Jesus for 14. I really believe that this could bring great encouragement.

I really believe that many hearts and was good because I really believe that this is going to help us push back against cancer culture.

This can help us push back against intimidation this going to help us push back against the pressure that is just not worth it better to appease better that to this not rock the boat better to just smile and avoid conflict know you lose your soul when you do that yes were called to be wise. Yes, we do not walk around as troublemakers we are peacemakers, not troublemakers that so we should live right. But as followers of Jesus and inevitably will be rejected will be misunderstood will be hated will be persecuted. Pulses in second Timothy 312.

All who live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted will suffer persecution. That's reality.

Jesus says in John 15 beginning the 18th versus the world hate you never hit me first, and if not for the world hating me.

It wouldn't hate you so I do my best to love people to walk with grace walk with kindness walk with respect in the midst of differences. I do my best to live like that always. And to be a godly witness but I know this is a follow Jesus alone is a Jewish father to Slidell as a Jewish follower of Jesus with a daily controversial radio show little is a Jewish follower of Jesus with the daily controversial radio show was also writing articles of all the key topics or other just as a follower of Jesus. I know I know that will suffer persecution rejects. But here's the deal if we stand for what's right today. Our kids will not have to go to jail for their faith tomorrow. That's reality.

866-34-TRUTH we go back to Crandon take another call in and give you my own viewpoint, which is just my viewpoint. I can't say categorically. This is a biblical viewpoint. I am not claiming I am not claiming I am not claiming to speak for God. I'm simply giving you my thoughts as they stand now, in light of how I handle smaller situations. How we handle this situation but scribble more called let's go to Virginia surgery welcome to the why of a fire you on the answer. Are you there Wallace was eager to talk to. I let's let's find out what happened to our caller. There, but I was very eager to speak with you in case you were from Russia or from Ukraine so not sure what happened there. 866-34-TRUTH the surgery if we get you on the air.

No problem. Even after I give my thoughts we can get you on the air. In any case, okay to retry again.

Let's see surgery. There ARE dark brown hey what sure what your background with you think surgery from though originally from Belarus.

Okay, the anger in the state without God ago yet what your perspective though regard job and that the question actually a lot as couple weeks and kind of a made to the bloodshed of any sort on Peter started. I'm not not good game does still people but there same time. You know I got rented onto Ukraine or actually help administer or ready to receive God's will grade you know everyone and on about, doubt all is not deftly hungry for the word on your congenital.

Loss of everything and you know you country, you know, a lot of us are listening. Believers are things we could do and we sit there and watch them all about a lot of stop but maybe prayer goes a long way. We will all agree we absolutely all agree we should be praying and bringing the gospel in humanitarian aid and we can help.

Should should we escalate our support with with no-fly zone with fighter jets should be escalate our support even if it puts us at risk of World War III.

What you think all honestly yes but same time you know it not clearly not need right right on Main Street counsel on general subject, but to reduce it back to me.

I grew up on the outside world. I know that when people say look, don't do this if you do this is people don't want to suck solder so you're gone searching when you place your thoughts in their lives. Take Alyssa Hart right that the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown thank you for joining us on the fire. Let me grab one more call with Ukraine.

We lay out my views and tell you about this children's book that you should know about all this, go to and that in Detroit Michigan.

Thanks for calling the line of fire. God doing well thank you you think escalating with Ukraine and brush over Ukraine and terrible idea considering the history of the region. If the power play between 22 empires and where people are getting caught in the crossfire think they should just use it as an Ukraine over so just if Ukraine sacrificed so be it.

I mean yeah the call didn't even exist. So this is my viewpoint simply based on how if approached things in life. Over the years and how I see scriptural ethics and that's basically you have to do what's right because it's right regardless of cost or consequence that again three hills that we don't die on their issues that we let go of them in our everyday lives.

So to me I would need to know for sure that there's not more going on in the rest Ukraine conflict that I'm aware of.

I would need to be sure, is an American leader that we have the facts correct. We had a caller challenge earlier and just cut them off because he was that allow me to even raise a question timber speak without shouting overly, which again is just not polite radio for you. Listening but having said that, said that to me make sure every angle is covered. Make sure there are not other narratives right there not other narratives.

Other points of view that we need to factor in this. Not more going on.

Ukraine was not involved in XYZ that caused Russia to do ABC that there's more to it that it is as gross a violation as much of the media is reporting that it is as unjust an invasion as most of the media is reporting that it is just as Pres. Zelinski is presenting it and that if we don't stand up against Russia and simply draw one so you don't get to do this. Pretty recent and if you have a gripe.

If you have a concern then bring it to the world through other channels. This evaluated together if there is really a threat to your well-being or threats to your security in this evaluated together so in my mind. If you say okay if it goes. If we knew that Rush was using chemical weapons and Ukraine. If we knew they were using chemical weapons. Then we'd escalate, even if it meant potentially nuclear war orphan NATO country was attacked. Then we'd escalate, even if it meant potential world war potential nuclear war, then how can you not use that same logic here is people are being slaughtered without provocation again this is my point of view and only share it here because just a point of you and Nancy said to me in on the past, like who cares about your opinion many years to give context many years ago a couple was at our house and asking something and citizen is God shown you anything about this and I said no but I give you my opinion, and she quickly said, who cares what your opinion was they were asking Mike what you think what you think this has God shown you anything. No, God is not shown me anything on this, claiming that I got a prophetic word or had a prophetic dream, right or that one Scripture jumped at me and I know based on this really of one course of action sharing Susan why sure point of view at all for your question simply to say in many other areas of life. This is how I have process things in many other areas of life when when push to okay if you do this, the consequences will be that right if you act in this way then you pay does not have to do what's right afterwards right but once more. I would need to be absolutely sure through all the intelligence we could gather the things this black-and-white, as we understand a give you one last example this is the most petty example compared to the.

The crimes right now and that and the heart was happening in Ukraine crimes. As I understand them in the heart of what's happening just this one. One little one little example, nursing a football game and okay so let's say a lot defensive on your an offensive one right and after the play, I shove you in the face.

I may not. I slam you right and you get angry you pushed me back. You get the penalty. Why because the referees only saw the second thing I made it happens frequently that they didn't see the first thing right right right executed it in a dangerous place to hurt you know the back of an ankle or some just try to hurt you a certain way and you got value range you stronger, faster, and as you hit me in the chest or something. The official see the second thing so I don't I don't think my knowledge that there is a provocation from Ukraine. This pushed Russia to do what it's doing but I would want to make absolutely sure that nothing a righteous nation range righteous rush is on righteous Americans, righteous, look at that all you crazy is no nation, just another nation that better or worse than anybody else. Are you like Christians there but I look at is not better or worse than anybody else. Just another nation if they have been wrongly and unjustly and without provocation been invaded by Russia without seeking to subdue them, destroy them, subjugate them take over certain parts of the territory to liberate Russians were living in certain parts if it's that simple. That black-and-white then to me. We have to do more so rush you just can't do this with a hoping Russian as well as hundreds of millions of people around the world either or many tens of billions of its own and someone go up in a nuclear holocaust, either. That's my take. Take it for what it's worth, is released.

Think it through in terms of personal application in your life right or such Jewish rabbi who is on college campuses SP Avenue about this book because he discovered it in the local school library is from eight number one New York Times best-selling series on children's education is called who H.

Q and it has books on who was or who is this famous person who was George Washington who was Albert Einstein was Tom Brady who is Michelle Obama in a wide-ranging and and what was this and what's the story behind this and it right in Tufts is the number one New York Times best-selling series. There is the book who is RuPaul yeah this is history.

He is a trailblazer. He is a pioneer. Why because he is a famous drag queen who became nationally popular, who won an Emmy award, the first ever drag queen to win an Emmy award and your kids, especially your boys they can follow in his footsteps.

Check out my latest article center website instructor stream recruit many many other sites many many other sites that carry our articles review read them. Check it out. I've got many many quotes from the book you've got it you got dragged drag queen terminology and looking back to when drag was a crime in those terrible days that somehow this ties in with the March on Washington and Dr. King's speech and 1963 and in the tools of the trade.

The ill from the makeup to the course sets to the padding gives a drag queen wider hips best selling children's book any more confusion to young people. It's horrific enough that we have drag queen reading our in our schools, and it is sanctioned and approved by the American Library Association drag queens weeding to toddlers then go drag queen being celebrated. Hey I want to see RuPaul come to the Lord, and find wholeness like anybody else, and he may be creative. He may be brilliant in different ways. He may be many years of his life, a decent, caring person, but he sees a lost soul that needs the war is the fact is the book tells us his parents divorced at seven so so upset she wouldn't get out of bed at times and in spirit raised by his older dog the older sisters does that tie in with him wanting to dress like a woman couldn't reply everybody's drags you to close on so your putting on some kind of public display public act, no real close on to be functional and to cover our bodies that you present ourselves as the opposite of what we actually are more about the fact that a large Lord large percentage of drag queens are also openly gay as a factor. No celebrate RuPaul so this is when the become at last year only found out about it. This is by the way, in this adds to a large collection of books that I have of books indoctrinating children with LGBT Q plus plus plus activism and now celebrating being a drag queen friends. This is why we been raising her voice since 2004 about these issues.

Reaching out to the people with compassion, resisting the agenda with courage. It's not too late to speak and act. It's not too late to make a difference. But have we spoken and acted in a corporate way. A larger way to clear away and more loving way. Decades ago we would not be where we are today.

Stand strong for your faith today friends so your kids have to just go to jail, standing for their faith tomorrow another program powered by the Truth Network. Another program powered by the Truth Network

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