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March 11, 2022 4:24 pm

Dr. Brown Tackles Your Best Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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March 11, 2022 4:24 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 03/11/22.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network commentators Dr. Michael Brown your voice for more spiritual clarity 866-34-TRUTH get him a lot of wire and know your host Dr. Michael Brown Brown delighted to be with you. It's Friday, which means you've got questions, we've got answers so any question on any subject that relates in any way to the line of fire broadcast.

Give me a call now.

Phone lines are open, the earlier call, the better chance we have of getting to your calls, 866-3487 884 broadcasting still from Texas, this time in Fort Worth, Mercy, culture Studios rubbed teaching today at the spiritual leadership school all right go straight to the phone. Starting with Sean in league city, Texas. Welcome to the line of fire. Arterburn are you doing today doing very well thank you good good pay and dispersed the first thing I had something interesting to tell you.

I'll never forget April 14 and not because I was born on April 14, though there all right so so will be announcing just starting next week. Why April 14 is significant not just because Sean from league city, Texas, was born on 414 not just because of Esther 414 but because of the special holiday were going to be announcing so this will be a holiday on your birthday Manso right also limit what will share more next week.

Okay. Thank you. So I would ask you a question about Isaiah 25 verse 68 okay if there any connection between the marriage supper of the Lamb and Isaiah 25 fixed rate.

Yes, I but I believe there is, I believe you can make a good case for the marriage supper being a feast that we have with issue with Jesus when he returns and sets up his kingdom here on the earth. If you're pretrip or then you believe that this could be a marriage supper of the Lamb in heaven and wall all chaos and hell is breaking loose on the earth, tribulation, great tribulation that will be feasting with the Lord enjoying his presence in heaven. I yeah unsighted and taught art on target.

Yeah, I don't see that taught that this could be a heavenly merits of vitamin C much about quote the marriage supper of the other than the animals feasting on on the bodies of those that are killed in rebellion against the Lord at the end of the age.

But Isaiah as you read it from the new JPS the Lord of hosts will make on this mountain speaking Jerusalem for all the peoples a banquet of rich clients a banquet of choice wines rich fine season with net marrow of choice wines well refined and he will destroy on this mount the shroud that is drawn over the faces of all the peoples and the covering the spreadable donations he will destroy death forever.

My Lord God will wipe the tears away from all faces will put an end to the reproach of his people. Overall the earth was the Lord who spoke so as I see it as as as the Lord returns were glorified with him. He sets up his kingdom on the earth. That's the time that will move a feast and supper together with him, with his kingdom on the earth, so that's I think you can make a good case for that sir yeah yeah I was reading it this morning.

I got no indication that we would be in heaven when it takes place correct and not and I'm I don't believe in biology. Found it be what you'll be a note to to just basically sharpen myself because I don't agree with this division spoke and if it is one of them leave the marriage supper of the Lamb and felt I was just wondering because later on and when Isaiah 2620. It says the hide from the coming judgment and that indicate this of you have 24 through 27 men call the apocalypse of Isaiah. It's it's it's the end time shaking is prophesied by Isaiah, and it's not that it goes in order for 2425 2627 that there's there's interest for it, goes back and forth so this is after the rafters is poured out that we then enjoy this time with the Lord which interesting is that that many of our friends who hold her pretrip rapture will really push for Samaritan support was the marriage supper and endnotes is very important to them, but when you look to see where Scripture talks but doesn't talk about it much week.

Sometimes we we make a a lot of noise in a positive way about something that the Bible doesn't talk about that much. Hey, thank you for the call. All right, 86634 let us go to Tamra in Stafford, Texas. Welcome to the line of fire Brown Mary doing very well thank you I question about a whole thinking I yelling God telling Abraham that he and eat it great, rather than remain free cattle have a look at that and I understand that plaintiff bacchanalian if your name will be calling now, it looked like it like that lever part of Egypt and all the way encompassing the entire Arabian amygdala on the way up. My question is from looking when Josh Lynam conquered the land on making common problem that establishment all the tribes going to be given land and felt my question with Ms. Rivera that in God speaking specifically to Abraham's been through Abraham and Jacob suggest Israel but is he talking about Abraham being. I know later on in Scripture that he made a place for health and welfare care west of Israel, but violent bank. Mention though if you talk about all of Abraham's defendant land in the huge area or am I getting beyond geography know you're knocking the geography wrong and your question is totally legitimate. Israel never fully dwelt in the land that God promised so we believe in the millennial kingdom.

It will come to pass under several different passages with with little Minard minor differences in and geography was promised but yes it is a promise to the physical seed of Abraham, through Isaac, and Jacob. The words that the physical promise of the land that comes into the 12 tribes of Israel not to other descendents of Abraham through through others. Through Ishmael be through Esau. So they have their own inheritance and other parts of the world, but it certainly is not a promise to the spiritual seed all all believers in Jesus that we are promised that geographical place of the promise was made and Abraham and his descendents through Isaac, Jacob, the tribes of Israel never fully possess that no under the under David and Solomon. They ruled as an empire over some of those different areas. There was a kind of a small empire that that Israel had that, but those promises have not yet been literally fulfilled and because Psalm 105 reiterates that these are lasting promises that God gave an insight about the law under the law, you could be Kirsten sent out of the land. Galatians 317 says the promise that God gave that was before the law was given and the law does not stop that promise. This and abrogated so we expect it will still be fulfilled. You also say Israel was never fully obedient. That's why Israel never saw the fullness of the blessing.

I thank you for the question. I really appreciate 866-348-7884. Let's go to our buddy Eddie in Madison, Connecticut hey Matt how you doing today.

Dr. Brown along the door doing great. Thanks. While you will grow stronger. Dr. Brown Bible buddy. We actually when my friends a Jewish guy firefighter Michael Kerry was walking 343 Dr. Bromwich private school lunch of the article 3 Bible studies that what is it that I need that I don't have*talk about Christ, the Messiah is of you believe that the Torah is God promised his people thought that the Chronicle does one measure your answer likely after a phone call… The people with return from our wicked ways, humble ourselves and you know the Scripture at the end he said I'll be your God. You, Adam will be my people, so respect them.

He would also argue that I have a God in economics, one of his children. So what what what I need but Little League my credit audience like that. Well, going to the back of the total promise to me that he's my father on his son. 101 at I don't know for this first first thing is, is he misquoted the Scripture. He put a few different verses together in one stream from memory. He he misquoted. That's the first thing the second Chronicles 714 doesn't doesn't say that the this verse and the second thing is if you say okay so you you believe in the Torah yes okay so let's just go through things you are required to love God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength and love your neighbor as yourself to do that every day of his office he has to say fall short. Is he a religious Jew by the way, to see my dog is like a regular guy to me… Okay so 99. Print .9% sure he does not strictly observe the Sabbath. Okay. And when you write to the other commandments in a document.

Adultery can say you note Jesus explained that if you commit adultery in your heart if you listed your heart guilty of adultery. So based on the Torah. He's condemned to death based on the Torah he should die and and not live disable what it is we do what God gave them an atonement system, God gave them an atonement system with blood atonement with sacrifices and the substitution that an innocent victim. Take your place. Do we have an atonement system know so he is under a death sentence under the Torah and without an atonement system so that's what he needs the Messiah that's that's why the Messiah came because we needed forgiveness and mercy see. But what about second Chronicles 7. My people are called by my name will humble themselves and pray it goes on there that then I'll hear from heaven, forgive their sin right that is with the temple standing you start a couple verses earlier.

Regards, Sr. Solomon, I've set this temple opposite Bates Avenue off as a house of sacrifice so if you turn and you send and pray towards his temple, where sacrifices are being offered intercessions going up then I'll hear that all forgive but if you sin if you cross the line as a nation and rebel that I will destroy this temple is a sign that the whole nation is under judgment in the temples been destroyed. It was 2000 years so something is terribly wrong. That's what we need a Savior. If all was good with that of been scattered all these years the temple to be functioning all these years with had an atonement system in place. All that failed. And God said, I have a better way and God sent the Messiah. So without him we are guilty of sin under a death penalty without atonement.

I would say that's a pretty good reason that we need Dr. Dr. Brown good after I needed you.


Hey, let's find out.

That's why we're here. This writer wrote five items on answering Jewish objections to Jesus and looked a Hindu person could throw something at me, I'm not used to or Buddhist. But I've got good answers for Jewish objections and you may be good with Muslims.

Some are good with atheists. That's why we will be right back. Remind me to tell you about our website that will help the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown show 866-34-TRUTH when you have a Jewish question what about this.

What about that a Jewish objections. Don't you Christians worship three gods. We don't need blood atonement. We when the Messiah comes with peace on earth. You know the how to answer these questions go to real real your financers to over 100 key questions. You'll find them in writing a fundament video. You'll find debates with rabbis all kinds of resources and it's free. For those of you that love the Jewish people and want to help us with our outreach to the Jewish people, help us make these resources freely even more and more people with your generous giving one of become a monthly support or a torchbearer a dollar a day or more per month.

So $30 more per month and report back into you with all kinds of additional resources new things every month. Classes you get access to discount online bookstores our way of pouring back into you as you help us reach more people to go to ask Dr. Brown's k your brown.

Double click on donate and then monthly support and the website real all right. We go back to the phones and let's go over to Sean and Akron Pennsylvania. Welcome to the line of fire.thanks for taking my call and I admit I miss being in his role with you.

Okay. Got Jean yet yet yet you have tried with fire there so you don't real quick question, why is it that the role of pastor is like an over and does not hurt the most emphasized in the church today. What what you're thinking on that what is good and bad reason, the good reason is that the pastors are shepherds and there there called to help gather the flock and strengthen the flock administered to the flock and things like that and and nurture and grow the body that's good, that's positive in the pastors I know feel called to do what they do. They certainly don't do it for money, they they work sacrificially to see God's people touched and blessed in health. The negative is the very question you're asking why just pastor what what happened to the evangelist. What happened to the teacher and of course I was able pastor teacher go hand-in-hand. Many of us and said what about apostles. What about profits so unfortunately, many of our churches everything comes down on the on the pastor and there's not really a team function so you should have at the very least… Just a brand-new church plant with a people in it should have elders and the pastor is the senior elder.

He's the chief among equals and even there, the elders are doing past responsibility to compress responsibility to help shepherd the flock. Some are better teachers.

Some are better evangelist so they work together with the senior leader is not a one-man show and and then you recognize the need for other gifts and if you don't have them in your own Mets then you try to bring in others from the outside.

Here and there to supplement so it's yes the fact that you have one person primarily is as the point person that makes sense.

And that's how teams function. They have a team leader but we really need to function as teams and to the extent we do then the body will be healthier.

So Ephesians 4 explains that we have apostles profits avenges pastors and teachers than that will build the body up to a place of wholeness and strength, and then the people can go out and do the work of ministry, so we have kind of the solar pastoral model that everything is the pastor pastor should be the team leader and there should be other expressions of gifts that come in as well for the health of the body. It is remembering our current universe is about to get the lift area not have apostles and prophets, and unlike workers are what all burgers are administration of the fight at different different colors Erica pastors kind of maybe come down for the bottom there started to know if we were doing it wrong or enough, there's just you know it's it's just a matter of of too much on one person to central focus in that way. So absolutely you know who the team leader is by fear and accuracy of the things on it.

It could well be that the team leader is is a tremendously gifted evangelist that feels called to plant a church.

Will the only way that that can possibly succeed is if that that leader has others on the team with them that are really good shepherds and that are also good teachers.

Otherwise you'll have like an evangelistic center.

All these people come in and get saved and then the other end up in other churches to get nurture. You may have another congregation where the, the, the senior leader is really a tremendously gifted teacher, but doesn't have personal skills will or doesn't have a burning heart for the lost. What year you can get a very ingrown intellectual congregation.

Unless you have people that are that are helping in a more practical way and others that have a burden to reach the lost, more so we need each other and that's why team ministry is important and again to the extent we can get the fullness of fivefold ministry in the church maybe not every local church but in a region.

At least that's healthy and good.

Hey, thank you for asking. I appreciate that the committee said this when we go to India and work at the ministry work with Dave planted over 70,000 churches in tribal regions so some of the churches may have 10 people, some 30 or 50 different numbers and some in a very very poor outlying areas so you could have pastor and that that pastor is the one he's is winning the lost he's making disciples is caring for the people. As it grows you get other mature men that are raised up that function in different ways and you recognize people's gifting's and release them in their gifting's all right. Let us go over to Jared in Dallas, Texas. Welcome to the line of fire. I do not around doing very well thank you I would think taking my call. Hope it's not too much. I had kind of a three-part question on idolatry that okay if I do not report yet go for okay so you know that Deuteronomy 32, worldview that Dr. Heiser had the and you know he even talked about Deuteronomy 400 talked about you know God at babble giving donations over to maybe Lester you know the spiritual being fell out, part one. What you think of that part two was you think there any true worshipers of the Yahweh at the time of Babel or like before Abraham you know got on the revelation of God. You know like Nick Melchizedek like how did he hear about God. In that time. And then lastly did God ever for bidder. I get in the nations for idolatry and I know Paul talked about an act that he kind of with patient and their ignorant like did he ever. You know I get judge them for that round of a long question but it's it's it's it's a great question and it's it's all related, so first thing: Romans one God gave people over to the said in other words, it's not that God said okay Israel you have the true God and everybody else gets idols know people turned away from the true God, and followed idols and certainly when you read in Genesis the fifth chapter you have someone like Enoch who walk with God and he was not for God took him or the end of the fourth chapter than people began to call the name of the Lord.

So there were people who were true worshipers who were crying out to God.

Romans one indicates that they then fell away, and worship created things rather than the creator. So God then gives the nations over to that that's what you want fine, but on the call at Israel that Israel will be a light to the nations, where did these of the worshipers get their knowledge from how could milk it said Eric know about the most high God and things like that so it's one of two ways one or one of several ways. One could be God's revelation through nature, cause someone to seek after him. Another could be that that they learned it from the righteous people that are on the earth be Enola or someone like that because there were righteous people, God-fearing people before God calls Abraham right. So for example I mentioned in the fourth chapter.

The same thing in the fifth chapter with with Enoch six chapter Noah and the fifth beginning six with Noah, so these are all God-fearing people before Abraham, God dousing a set Abraham and through his seed is negative reveals of now it's different now we have something generational.

It's also possible that you have in the ancient world.

What's a missiology server referred to as redemptive analogies, where God put something in a religion in the culture to ultimately draw attention to him.

And when people begin to have that open up to them than they they get the full revelation did God ever approve of idolatry. No never beheld Israel to a higher place of accountability.

And yes, acts 17. It does say that this time is past of ignorance God winked at Simmons he didn't bring the full judgment for idolatry that he would have had it been his own people, Israel had more like but certainly God is constantly speaking against the idols read Isaiah 42, 48 were God is speaking against the idols of Babylon. The other nations and and send there nothing there, nothing to nothing.

Read Amos wanted to the beginning of the second chapter and you'll see there that the nations and their idols are being judged. So the nations were not held to the same level of accountability as Israel was God did not carry out the full judgment that he could have as Paul says in acts 17 but they were still guilty of of idolatry in God's sight even even then it still was sinful and it was still contrary to God's revelation through nature so appreciate the question very much the fact by the way that this reference to a most high God even in the New Testament the demons recognizer, the son of the most high God indicates that there were other so-called gods, other deities that people worshiped. But no, Yahweh is the one true and he is the most high, and then as we understand the only one who is eternal. The only one worthy of being called Dante thank you for the question like that. On the other side of this break as best as many calls as possible to light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown welcome welcome to the line of yes you got questions, we've got answers one phone line open doesn't often happen on Friday, 866-348-7884 and hey, if you have a hard time getting through. Keep trying will get to as many calls as we can. Let's go over to Jason and Mechanicsville, Virginia. Welcome to the line of fire burned hey question about the parable of the wedding feast. In Matthew 22 okay good servant of the Kindle Outlook. The highlight of liberty and all the guests, whether good or bad, but when it gets to the question I have had a question about was the wedding guests who did not have wedding clothes that was thrown out of the wedding. What exactly did he represent right in and that's one of the most interesting parts of the parable, so you do well to draw attention to it.

So you have the people that are invited don't come and those who be like into to the nonbeliever right. They hear the gospel they receive the invitation and they ignore it. They neglected so these other people come in they they do respond when there invited more forcefully caught everyone use everybody just come on in, but it would seem to be someone who's in the body, but is not a true believer that we could point to someone who's a believer and is not walking worthy of the Lord.

But the fact that there cast out the fact that it's so extreme, would indicate that this person was not a true believer so again there is debate about exactly what this means. But as I've read, it would seems most natural to me as this is someone who's in the church. This is someone who surround the believers.

This is someone who has outwardly responded but they're not really a believer that not really wine with the Lord and went. When the rubber meets the road. There exposed.

As such, that would be the most logical reading of it to me irregular someone who it here like you do your people right on time.

You are to their Savior, but there are not quite bearable work thing. The baby there responded some way. They're not truly repentant doctor similar to the those who the parable of the soil.

Those who receive but are choked out or washed away. So, that's right. That's the debatable part.

In other words, the parable of the sower Matthew 13 more for Luke eight. You've got got those the seed just falls in the wayside. They noted that on receiving the heart of the store and Satan pulls that up so their nonbelievers, then you have those that it's it's it's shallow ground right the sea falls, and shall run instantly. The plant grows up with them when sun comes out it with this because it is the root that's those who hear the word receive it with joy but with persecution trouble come because the word they quickly fall away where they saved or not worthy ever saved and now they fall away enticed testing or this proves they were truly saved, so it could refer to people like that again there's the debate with a truly saved or not and then the other, it falls among thorns, and because the thorns choke it it brings.

It doesn't bring forth fruit to perfection.

So this seems to be believers, but believers who don't really grow. So you could make a parallel application from the, the parable of the sower that that could well be the case. Or you could look at this is coming from a little different angle and look there are plenty of people that are in churches that think they're right with God that have no idea who he is and when you are old and test a little bit you find out what their lives are really like, and we don't have as many people in America today saying there Christian never sat a little. It still around 75%, but a decade ago was like 85% and we know for sure that a whole lot of those people cannot possibly if America was 85% truly Christian. Our country would look very very different now that being said, is there something for all of us to look at our lives in and that would be yes. Look at your own life.

Test yourself to see whether in the faith. Second Corinthians 13 be sure that you are in right relationship with God and that you are clothed with his righteousness, and living in harmony with him.

That's a good application for Omar to say thank you sir for the call 866-34-TRUTH hang on. Let me go over to Joe and Fresno, California. Welcome to the line of fire. Hello, thank you for taking my call. Sure thing. I have a question somebody called last week. Speaking of Daniel and Jeremiah in the book of Nehemiah and all, right he was going through the list of exiles returned from Babylon and so there was an annual so there is Jeremiah and I pointed out you get other names are, you got the roof you got a whole bunch of names and some you know for fact could not have been the same people is in the Bible and some it could have been yeah right what I found and I am Michelle and Azariah in Nehemiah 8 through Nehemiah 12 and the question I had could I take Jeremiah 24 verse eight and it says my eyes will I'm quoting the verse now my watch over them or their good and I will bring them back the land is right.

So the question is how how old were, could they have been in. In other words, the same with Daniel. They were taken as as youths over to Babylon so you you have you have the major excellent 586 you have a previous one in 597 BC right so that say they were there in the previous one, or you have some select exiles a few years before that. Could they have still been alive when the exiles returned in the 530s that they could, theoretically, another words they they could've been in their 80s or 90s and the coming very old man but they could have survived that and for sure what you doing Jeremiah 2024 is is that the the good ones went to exile and doesn't bring them back right that you never have a look at it the opposite way. That's the point you're making. So it's it's definitely possible.

The chronology would work they would be old men, but the chronology would work okay. You answered my question all right while I appreciate the question and then the clear question you raised, 86634 let us go over to Todd and picking on Mississippi. Welcome to the line of fire.

Thank you Dr. Browning. Thank you so much for your magnificent ministry sure I've got two questions about the tribe of Simeon etiquette that are connected first is in Deuteronomy 33 Moses blesses all the tribes of Israel by Simeon is not mentioned among them is wondering if the get any idea why Simeon was omitted, omitted, and then the other just has to do with the geographic laydown of their boundaries. There kind of the inserted in the middle of Judah, but then after King Solomon passes Israel split and the northern tribes or 10 tribe but geographically Simeon purportedly one of those 10 tribes is exactly well south south of Judah, and especially when Israel gets taken by the Assyrian what happened with the tribe of Simeon is a become part of Judah we know. So let let's start with the second question first. I was speaking at a conference in my different from Israel of their Barsky of known his wife Rachel dear friends there at the conference and I mentioned the southern tribes of Judah and Benjamin writes of the 10 northern tribes in the and the two southern tribes.

Judah and Benjamin.

They are frequently mentioned in the Bible as the southern tribes and part of the southern kingdoms. The Bible does explicitly say that and other said no, no, that the two tribes are Judah and Simeon and people always get that wrong and look at it geographically. I had never looked at it in that way before. So the general listing that you see right when you see the tribes listed at student and student entrance at the 10 northern tribes and Benjamin and yet you're right Simeon geographically would've logically been included so to my knowledge we do not have a specific narrative that tells us exactly what happened to Simeon and to the degree that how much of Simeon was incorporated into the southern kingdom. How much was incorporated into the northern can how that would've worked itself out out we we don't have clear data in Scripture that I'm aware of when history so it put it as a big question, just like why they're not mentioned in Deuteronomy 33 in the same way you can ask why the tribe of Dan is not mentioned in Revelation 7, Revelation 14 with the 12 tribes of Israel that that are mentioned, we don't know now in certain cases, we do know why the numbering is different, right. Do you have the tribe of Joseph or do you have two tribes from and the NASA O'Casey of Efraim and Manasseh will then who doesn't get listed or maybe Levi doesn't get listed because they don't have an inheritance with the other tribes.

Construction of 13. If instead of Joseph. You have Efraim and asked, I have 13 so it's it's understandable that some it gets bumped out but why one in one place one another. I will have a good answer for you. Those are great questions but I don't and I don't know that anyone has a definitive answer. For now, here's what happens. To be honest with you want to get off a call like this when it's something that I've discussed with others in the past and we just don't have an answer I was looking get a dig in again and could be that I discover something I wasn't aware before, in which case a come back on the air. Try to time it for that next Friday. Note that's when the persons listed previously right you know whenever they call try to time, and for that dated next week.

If I discover something is IK II this makes sense to me but right now your question is a great questions and I don't know that there are definitive answers for them. But on the other look again if I come up with anything. Maybe next Friday doubling up. I'll bring it up. Okay dear Sir, oh thank you so much. God bless you. Again, thank you for all you do for the body of Christ will thanks and in your gracious to speak of my magnificent ministry and here I can answer your questions but I don't know that anyone has definitive answer. But anyway, thank you very much appreciated and let us go to Acadian and Delaware Ojai or Delaware, Ohio.

Welcome to the line of fire at thank you Dr. Grant actually did Delaware Creek is still right okay Delaware, Ohio.

All right yet. I like what kind of people because the follow-up on your answer to the first okay with me. The first is when I read what I listen to or read through the Bible team that genealogies our patrilineal date go to the father by direct I hear modern. The hot hot state that the boat betrayed through the mother line on the nonviolent sheet not genealogy Jewishness. Yes, I agree with that.

Zero here and I'll respond and said genealogy is still traced to the man was Jewish or not, is traced to your mother why is that is accurate will pick it up and the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown is a quick follow-up. Looking at a few things. I was reminded of this. So, of course, Genesis 49 because of Simeon Lee was ruled in Genesis 34 with the coming of the men of Shechem. Jacob speaks against them in. In Genesis 49 and cursed be their anger so fierce their peers across scatter them in Jacob and disperse them in Israel. So then Simeon's territory gets included in Judah and which is why it's not mentioned separately and Levi also has its territory scattered throughout the nation which would then be a fulfillment of Genesis 49 and would explain why Simeon is not mentioned. Deuteronomy 33. Although Levi is mentioned, but that's that the sketch is partway to an answer there. Okay, let's go back to cade right so Kayden according to traditional Judaism Jewishness is determined through the mother now through the father. You wouldn't know that reading the Bobby wouldn't come to that conclusion and the rabbis deduce this from Ezra Nehemiah. When the men of Israel and Judah had to divorce the wives they had merited married pagan wives and the wives, yet they did they divorce the wife and sent away the children so the rabbis address Internet right that the children were therefore not looked at is true the Israelite arguments can be made against they could be. They set the children away because the children need to be with the mother the dads out working. It's so he got some skin care for the kids. Just the logical thing the kids being with the mother, but yet that's the traditional Jewish view, most messianic Jews do not accept that and would say if you can trace your Jewishness to mother or father and have been raised with Jewish identification, then you Jewish and liberal Jews, reform Jews also say could be patrilineal or matrilineal. So anyway, back to you.

I got back into perfectly in my follow-up question and so took a DNA test in about 20. I think and came back mostly like Northwest European whatever, about 1.6% Ashkenazi and faint similar stuff popped up on my mother there and one of my cousin who authored it at cat which means that at least my mother died like aunt. I don't know yet whether through like my grandmother's mother's mother's mother line, etc. so, and I would not rate of the type of knowledge, though, that I be able to at least in many Jewish circles identify a batch or would be thicker not to like no way you can identify as Jewish. If your 1% Ashkenazi know that would mean that there's some in some relative intermarriage somewhere. Generations back, but under no circumstances with any Jewish group liberal or traditional recognize that as Jewish descent. The good news is in the Messiah.

It doesn't matter in terms of our our standing with him our status is is unique is the caste system or class system and males are higher than female or Juden Gentile, etc. but no that that we just indicate somewhere, some somewhere down the line.

Generations back somebody intermarried with somebody and and that could happen and that that person could have been separated from their Jewish tradition by generations of that point is well so you deftly would loan it identifies Jewish it would be misleading to people I you bet.

Yet just tell it like it is mad but it's it's always very curious interesting to see out when when we did our our tests, mom, my wife Nancy was basically entirely Ashkenazi. I think I was 90% Ashkenazi, 10% Sephardic. So somewhere Sephardic Jews intermarried with Ashkenazi Jews still have the generations back. All right let us go over to Jeannie in Jackson County, Ohio. Welcome to the line of fire.

Hello hello. My question is can I have a relative believe that it's wrong for a Christian to and to take anxiety mad or in any kind of magic like that they paid or mind altering and therefore you're pretty much a go to hell because the thing is being a drunkard writes well it's certainly not a biblical approach.

In another words a drunkard is his drinking and in a way that they are addicted that it is destroying their their body and it is people initially drinking for pleasure, etc. it's it's the difference between that and a prescription pill right but so you have migraine headaches and you have a prescription pill for it was one thing is medicinal and the other is purely destructive so it and and the drunkard is unrepentant with some of with anxiety. There they want help. They're looking for help and this is how to get it. I would say that that anything that we take that can alter our mood that can do things to your mind is not ideal, righted its best to not have that in its best to just be leaning on the Lord and and be peace. However, let's just say that I had panic attacks every time before I flew in Illinois I could flies by taking Dramamine.

Once inside deal, but I'm I can go to hell for that. 05. If I get on the plaintiff to go feed the starving children, you know that I can do and get on the funds with grandma. It's inside deal, but it's is where we are the same thing if you break your arm is ideal to cast but that's that's reality. That's the world in which we live also wears it say in the Bible that if if I commit a particular sin you know if my anxiety meds. I really shouldn't be limited.

Go to hell for that know there plenty of believers in an we don't pray enough.

We assure the gospel enough for where were judgmental or arrogant or greedy your you know we addicted sweets were wrecked going to hell for that were saved by the blood of Jesus would go to hell.

We willfully reject God's grace or willfully cast off his Lordship and seven to do what I want to do the same way someone struggling with alcohol. Think God help me want help and is struggling not condemned for their struggle.

So the person with anxiety which you want to do. Ideally is through prayer and through godly counseling help to get to the root of the anxiety and then find ways without meds to overcome that. But if you need the meds. God would rather have you with peace than suicidal guff recovered rather have you coping and now try to deal with this issue.

Rather, think okay have to go all of all my meds. If you want to be right with God.

That's that's a strong way of doing things and there's all my mind altering it in a way this destructive nice to take LSD as a teenager that's destructive mind altering a but you may take something that just kinda knocks you out. You take an antihistamine tissue sneezing and not shot you get drowsy your minds that thinking is clearly but that's not mind altering in a sinful way. So you're in a relative may mean well, but you lay that on people that are really struggling, that could really hurt them. So let's meet people where they are and look the brain is part of the body to sometimes their imbalances.

Sometimes the things are not functioning rightly and and until we can deal with them more holistically and spiritually tackle them as you can.

Medically, not ideal, but certainly nothing to be condemned over whatsoever and may be the help that somebody really needs a given time in their lives. All right, let's just see here of this credit Peter Island, Ohio, but time is really short so dialogue is a real really felt Dr. Brown, in the middle of a series of spiritual warfare and swearing, effective treatment, not omniscient, is perhaps wrongly over influenced the prevailing theological progression of the demoniac can never read Aardvark right so Satan is not omniscient, but of course he works through demons and and who knows how much accessed information demons have. So the question is, more broadly, can Satan read our mind, and you ever think that I don't think the Bible addresses it directly. I have wondered myself that if you're going to a spiritual battle sometimes and you're almost having it seems like a dialogue with the enemy in your own mind, then how is that happening so I have suggested this, that Satan sees how we react every season. The spiritual realm. He sees how we respond to certain things that he does or temptations or lies that are spoken to us and based on that, then the or or the way that we respond to what our minds think it may have an outward affected can be seen in the spiritual work so to be vertically honest in my own practical life. Whether Satan could read my mind, the way God knows our minds or whether he could quote read my mind by reading me it it doesn't matter. There's no real difference there. Your I heard some of what we should pray in tongues because Satan can understand tongue. I don't care what Satan can understand God. I'm not concerned though Satan is going to listen.

In figure it out though I are praying tongues for other reasons but not to hide things from the devil, nor do I think if I keep something to myself like okay I got this vision to minister going to tell anybody single know about think he has tremendous access to information and because he sees in the spiritual realm. He sees and knows a lot about us or to be honestly I don't think it matters with the sink to read our minds are not, we live the same way we live before God. The big thing is to me.

God knows God knows God knows the car your heart right now God knows when when you pray, and I'm not worried about Satan intercepting the prayers as they go up to God so let God be glorified. You can preach that with absolute authority again to me it doesn't it doesn't change the equation. The way I live the way I function the way I do spiritual warfare to remain in that direction.

I'm with you on that, Sir hate. Thank you for the call we had more time, but we are at a time. I can just remind you stop by Dr. Mark Stegner site vitamin uses great supplements that I've used for years. They will help with your overall healthy lifestyle or help you get to a healthier lifestyle limit is a special code using a 10% discount and send donations honestly help us do the very thing today the Lord bless you another program powered by the Truth Network

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