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What Are These Counter-Missionaries Afraid Of?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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March 10, 2022 5:15 pm

What Are These Counter-Missionaries Afraid Of?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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March 10, 2022 5:15 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 03/10/22.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. So why is that some counter missionary organizations have to rely on sensationalism and even lives time for the light a fire with your host biblical scholar and cultural commentator Dr. Michael Brown your voice for more savvy and spiritual clarity called 866-34-TRUTH to get on the line of fire and now there's your host Dr. Michael Brown Thursday welcome friends to the fire. Michael Brown delighted to be with you. Here's number to call with any Jewish related question of any kind can be about the modern state of Israel. It can be about rabbinic literature. It can be about the Hebrew Bible, it could be about messianic prophecy lost its Jewish related to you with anti-Semitic issues, 8663 foray 87884 that is number to call is rebroadcast again for more Dallas studio in Christ for the nation's we will talk a little bit about the war in Ukraine once again heavy on all of our hearts. When you have this human suffering right in front of your eyes and you think of the unimaginable hell that people are living through an all for what every level. It seems to be unnecessary and an unprovoked. We will talk about that is in intersects with Israel and the Jewish people, but I want to focus on a different area first, and that of counter missionary misrepresentation and lies. I have worked with interacted with rabbis for years, who are men of integrity who seek to be honest, who seek to be careful in what they communicate. Obviously, we have very deep and profound differences in some of them are known as counter missionary rabbis and I am not speaking about them. I'm not speaking in generalized terms but in specific terms about others that we have called out and exposed before like Rabbi Tobia's finger or some others that will mention today and I I fully get it. I totally get it is a Jewish believer in Jesus as one who has written extensively on the history of anti-Semitism in the church is one who understands the perception especially in traditional Jewish circles that Christians or Christianity is directly responsible for the Holocaust. I understand the mentality that even says Hitler wanted our bodies you want our souls. I understand how deeply there to be a rejection of Jesus, at least as he's understood by these traditional Jews. I fully get it that someone like me.

I'm looked at as an apostate of the worst kind. They would Sammartino finish bear a child that was born in captivity. Meaning I grew up in the traditional Jewish home.

Therefore, I was more easily picked off. I didn't have the right upbringing. That's their perception, so I'm not as culpable as someone that was a traditional Jew that then became a follower of Yeshua, so I get understand the opposition understand the hatred understand the concern understand the fear what I'm drawing attention to is when counter missionary organizations and people like Rabbi Singer will bring these exaggerated and ridiculous charges that then all these evil missionary couple more they try to do next. For example, when God TV was going to be broadcasting on Israeli cable channels.

This was to be the first ever Hebrew gospel station with in Israel TV network within Israel. Sid Roth owns Middle East TV, which broadcast on cable in Israel and there's content in English with Hebrew subtitles and things like this.

This is going to be fully in Hebrew Israelis reaching his release from with Israel Israel to give your first and in Ward Simpson what might your colleagues made an announcement that we can reach everyone in Israel want to reach all all X number of millions in Israel that he was not sinking as he said that will wait a second certain amount or under age here because they want targeting kids. None of the programming is targeting kids noted that of the programming that was on station's nonchalant TV on on the Internet because under government pressure and pressure from counter missionaries that the station had to drop the contract that they had with God TV and Ward felt hey we love Israel we don't want to start a fight make his riverbeds will just back off and will go digital only, which they've done and it's reaching Israelis.

Thank God.

But Rabbi Singer poses a look there going after Childress settled. He was so Joshua launch everybody in his men and women want to reach Arab Jew we worried about it.

We can reach in Israel was talking my cousin and there's no children's programming on an Israeli believers in the land know full well that you're not allowed to proselytize a minor. If you want to invite a minor to use event you get that minor to get parental position of permission. Otherwise they don't come are so that that's fully understood fully understood. Rabbi Singer makes like they're coming for your children and nobody here.

They target the elderly.

They target the Holocaust survivors, which of course is 100% false.

We reach out to whoever we can reach out to and we don't ignore an elderly person. We don't ignore the Holocaust of our all because your Holocaust survivor and you're an atheist now reviewed your Holocaust survivor. We should share the good news with you what all because your elderly and there's no want to visit you or help you with your budget and food we should ignore you and let you suffer no will reach everyone but Dedrick target daily target challah customers is complete nonsense as the world I live it. I know all the major Jewish outreach organizations.

Virtually all of them around the world I work with Smith closely. Nobody is called to target the old target the vulnerable targets children. So now you have these stories as as Ukrainian Jews are fleeing Ukraine so there are ministries that I work with the whole thing they do is humanitarian help.

That's the whole thing. They do, they they help in humanitarian way they raise funds to help needy Jews in the land, and other needy to be Arab Christians in the land they do their best to reach out and help and that's what they do. If people want to find out more about Yeshua great will tell you but we're just gonna meet your needs and be their love and what is this what believers do, Christians around the world lead the way in humanitarian work. What were there.

It is a crisis tsunami.

The aftermath of that is some terrible earthquake who the first was there with really felt Christians because that's what we do in Jesus, but a high priority in caring for the needy and other organizations that do that and evangelize as well. They were followers of Jesus were Jews who love Jesus and were here to help you and so that's residue as Ukrainian Jews to what what they can ignore them. They let them suffer if they have the ability to help.

So let me show you how this now gets reported in the Jewish world of this is an article world is real news for March 7 aggressive missionary group targets Ukrainian Jews in Israel already baptizing 15 with his 15 number came from I don't know.

I talked to the head of the organization is not sure either of the head of chosen people ministries.

So here's the article chosen people ministries warmly welcomes refugees rapist about those 15 arrivals before Passover will assist them with their physical visa. First, the we are followers of Yeshua we help everybody you have a humanitarian crisis you have people coming from around the world right and they are in need.

They come to so you have a ministry based in Israel. This is a we love you we will help you were Jewish followers of Jesus court.

They're not supposed to help is wrong Or their prayed on the trailer refugees there helping refugees like they help others like they help others in need across across the border and an end across the board across all working classes and zones and things like that and on top of that, most of the people that you're reaching are just fellow workers friends. Good job with someone fellow student on the campus. Your neighbor just like outreach here. That's the same way it's done chosen people ministries merit-based messengers nonprofit open engages in Christian evangelism produces not targeting Ukrainian refugees fleeing to Israel. Notice the way it's worded targeting Ukrainian Jews refugees again do not targeting anyone there helping people in need.

In this case Ukrainian Jews in the they have the resource to help. They're not doing it in some secret way as if we are Orthodox Jews up all posing as Orthodox Jews are all dressed as Orthodox youth to try to trick these refugees and their targeting them and then at a certain point you said by the way, were really Christians and we want you to convert and leave your your people know the say we love Yeshua we love you and and be love to help you and is were helping you if we can help you spiritually as well were happy to do it. Shouldn't we do should we do that is followers of the site so the way kits represented here. Of course, Rabbi Singer gets quoted and then a woman that says she was a former evangelical Shannon Newson has up an organization being a new she says with a crisis situation. I'm just scrolling down the articles is targeting minors again, so there's the charge again. No one listened. No one doing Jewish evangelism in Israel is targeting minors. Nobody normally minors are being reached as if a kid talks to another kid. Then tells the listener to come to a meeting with me or whatever you need to get parental permission. That's how it's been done for year it's the law. It's the law. No real crisis situation, but the same time we have an obligation to her Jewish brothers and sister Newson said there fleeing from a very physical real physical threats seeking to take their lives over the land and the whole event and be greeted at the airport by those seeking to destroy their souls that the work of chosen people ministry is clearly crossing lines on both of these fronts is that's that's the first article. Then I see this next article and let's see.

This is also March 7 and this is in the yeshiva world. This is an Orthodox Jewish publication get your calls right after the break. You're gonna come back. This creature causes looking at my screen and we got some great questions already, so look at this headline now and in this is from yeshiva world Orthodox Jewish online publication troubling missionaries planning mass conversions for Jews fleeing Ukraine.

What would you think if you read that this terrible missionaries to convert these men. This is great. Refugees deleting everything they're being bothered.

Terrify the other coming. Are these evil missionaries agreement with airport mass conversion why the sensationalism is not what's happening. I know chosen people, which places a dear friend. We work together closely for years. There's no special mass conversion planning and those in the time of conversion were saying as a Jew remain a Jew stated you put your faith in Yeshua is the Messiah so you can read all of the reports of Christian missionary groups planning to perform a mass baptism on Jews fleeing Ukraine's Israel yelled our theme is what you're looking was one of the worst, missionary organizations, very nefarious, very diabolical work behind the scenes to try to get passports revoked or things like that are messianic Jews exposed in an even threatened to pray for God to convert these people to the truth and open their eyes play mass baptism why the sensationalism pay. You know your list still is truth. The stills truth will ease the exaggerations that the false characterization in the lives it was the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by: 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. It is the youth through the Michael Brown delighted to be with you is the call with you Jews would question for 663487884. I've interacted for many many years with Rabbi Yisrael Blumenthal.

We have very, very deep differences. If you published everything we've written back and forth to each other probably be several thousand pages. I do not put him in this class of sensationalism and misrepresentation simmers Rabbi Moshe Schulman, the counter missionary Rabbi we've interacted for many years we've if you published everything we've written back and forth to each other be for many hundreds of pages and I do not put him in the same class. These men are dealing with text.

These mentor dealing with interpretation of texts and laying out their issues where they think that we are in error and I'm doing the same with them at each of us as time permits that others have interacted with that I found to be people of integrity, so I'm not rushing with a broad brush on the making a broad breast accusation about counter missionaries in general. I'm suing people out because of the ugly work that's being done at any again. It's one thing to lay out the differences. Plainly, it's another thing to exaggerate it smoothing to sensationalize and ultimately to why and and that's when wines are crossed that we will address all right. Let us go to the phones and will start with Dennis in Clovis, California. Welcome to the line of fire.

Thank you Dr. Mike August 1 of all I want us to understand the characterization I was going all Ukrainian Jews but want to go on record was going on for mass salvation, not baptism of Ukrainian Jews nonetheless. But yeah mask. For every Jew on the planet. Mass salvation's recognized issues, Messiah and massive immersion solidity for the glory of God. I'm with you. Yes area gifts are and then I wanted to point out, yes, I understand that there are a lot of fatalistic property mongers out there that are saying that Rashi no means Russia night. There is no semantic connection. I fully understand that that brought the worker had noted this is really talking about that in the Prince of God, but what I want to ask you to consider if you haven't already probably have.

But the book of Jubilee date 25 chapter 8 verse 25 to 30 mentions that that the region of Gog is the land that came forth with Jacob after we noted Japheth of the northern areas you mentioned about their northern Turkey, but will receive Josephus and antiquities of the Jews 61 that it says that Magog is like the and we go to wicking you look at citing you see that it is just southern Russia and Ukraine. Here's the point.

There's a point we are devils in the details when it comes to property when you know you know shout, with the Bible shout whisper with the Bible whispers and when it comes to the minutia Bible prophecy. We shouldn't be connecting all the.fantastic scenarios, but no, it was decades ago when the USSR dissolved when a lot of people millennialist, historical premillennialist like your post trip that they they would. They all look at Russians no longer understand they were all well but what I wanted point out is that it appears that others northern King which you which could be coming from Mesopotamia from the Fertile Crescent. I understand that we do see that northern enemy being threatened throughout Scripture starting in Numbers 24 with the obscure bailment of Micah 52 Daniel 11 of the northern enemy of the Jews of Israel and we see that Ezekiel 38 and 39 but but what I want to say is that in light of current geopolitical dynamics between Russia and Iran in Libya and any other entities are mentioned. It seems very likely that Russia will play a role coming from the north and coming down against Israel there and that there's nothing all that fantastic about being this potential fulfillment. There, in Ezekiel 38 and 39 yeah actually I have not looked at the evidence in jubilees before I may have seen in passing, but to be honest, I had looked in that as far as this Gideons and their location so the Siberia etc. course it's it's a people that no longer exists is people but the larger thesis your mentioning discarding the Roche part that that's Russia that if it is speaking of an enemy coming from the north that the most logical candidate for many years now would be Russia. Yeah, could well be in one reason that Israel has to walk very carefully in terms of negotiating with Russia and Ukraine. Not only is there the issue of Jews in Russia and see if Israel gets directly involved with Ukraine supplying weapons and out Ukraine is using Israeli weapons to attack Russia. What happens to the Jews in Russia but Russia all largely controlled Syrian airspace. So that's why Israel has to be careful that the potential alliance between Russia and Iran right now. We'll see where it goes but that's that's been a closer alliance for examples as opposed to America and around Russian around the been partners in crime in certain ways regarding the Middle East.

So yeah it it makes good logical sense that Russia could be a major player in the final war against Israel or that Russia could be a major player not because of the Roche part is to say because of larger things of an enemy coming from the north in Ezekiel 33.could well be that II was resting on it is nothing in the this is a can't be. My issue is every time Russia does something start point to Ezekiel 3830 that all this must be it of this is the fulfillment right all or Russia specifically mentioned Russia's definitely not specifically mentioned but could Russia be included in a major way in those passages you certain nothing nothing to say that's not the case and and for many years. I think back to the 1800s when there were late 1800s when there were dispensational commentators saying that Russia is going to play a major role the end and you have the same rush for Russia near what one thick brush is because they just were not the superpower. Then that they are now.

Yes, so the way you came at it, even putting the sites Gideons and other things just the larger question of an enemy coming from the north and could be literally from the north and could it be Russia make perfect sense that he could fit. We just can't be dogmatic about it. As you say shout. The Bible shouts whisper what it whispers when it comes to things about the future. In this way, we have to walk carefully and if I did not interview yesterday for the Washington Post about these very things. This is the end of the world and succumb on reef. We've been there for decades and decades and Jesus coming any moment and an here's the latest sign so the angle for mature approaching it.

Certainly a good possibility the angle of you… You go hit nor really good.

I appreciate your product out with regards to NATO in Europe.

The armament of Germany in capacitors Germany and being the main aggressor of World War II and all that you not also Steve again for setting the state not this is it not because of the battle of Armageddon not ill but but it's setting the stage for a restored European power that we read about that for our in in in the in the book of Daniel chapter 7 there and that is a revived Roman power bear the setting the stage as well for the it's Dennis. It's possible but here's just my have to have caution. It wasn't that long ago that I remember hearing about you had 10 European nations, and these were the 10 kings and this is all prophesies and of course the number changes that the support and then during World War II. The prophecy experts haven't figured out you had the renewed Roman Empire under Mussolini, and then you had Hitler who is who is like the false prophet along with Mussolini who is the antichrist that people had it all worked out. And of course it didn't happen. So that's that's the big concern again when when you step back even look at interpretations of Ezekiel 38, 39, Prof. Lisa Jackson sent me this a few days ago that she's written on this and in academic circles about holiness Pentecostal interpretations of Ezekiel 38, 39, and how it shifted from one mentality and suddenly everything was fulfillment of prophecy news headlines. So to me, many lines would have to be cross that have not yet been crossed in terms of absolute clarity that this is that and then the world stage would have to be set in a way, it's nowhere near being set good things escalate overnight that could happen, but right now the last thing on my mind is the end of the world. The first thing on my mind is the great commission today and in the crisis in Ukraine today and human need and a blessing you disagree with anything. Hey, thank you for the call and raising his points very much appreciated. Sir 866-34-TRUTH, by the way.

Fridays are always the toughest days to get through us sometimes gets remaining. Get your calls in because normally that the phone lines are lit up from beginning to end.

Thursdays can be like that and some days we have some open font so we are actually few open phone lines right now. If you call in now. I can always guarantee that will get your call before Dennis is a great time to call 866-348-7884.

Let's go to Adam in Montréal, Canada. Welcome to the line of fire hey baccarat are you going doing good.

Hey, can I ask you a quick generic Canada question.

Sure, okay, it's not Jewish related to larger question in America. Now conservatives are looking at true Joe is a dictator looking at in returning Canada into Cuba overnight and that's the way it's commonly said very much sympathetic to that the freedom convoy and an very much pushing against what we feel are really overreactions to covert and things like that but we know that when elections came true, was reelected in Windows live division and the government are is there a general climate in Canada that that is pro true Joe and she true Joe or saying things have to change dramatically. Or is that conservatives see it one way will see another way that the great question so I'm one of regarding the elect Natalie my I have. I apologize I did not have my client does not itself come back withyou, but had a stricture question calls for lazier line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown question of any kind. If you differ with me on something as a Jewish person.

Give me a call 86634878841.

Go to Adam in Canada first to get the perspective of how your average Canadian man or woman on the street views the current government to the current restrictions per Mr. Trudeau, step back from the emergency Powers act when he realizes I can get through both houses of of of Congress. They were Parliament. There, but did just curious Adam to get your perspective they want to get your he requested sure. So what happened is that where I live by it open very provincial so print if you go to Alberta, where it the problem that you know rely know that are really rich in the oil industry.

Trudeau has there no mission to go like net zero admissions and all that like there really leaning toward conservative but in my province. I live in Québec so Québec is like. Basically Trudeau's, you know, I would think they probably his strongest province because of you know his origin and also there are many people here don't speak English and the only news they get would be from like the French network had to support him not you can be that people are generally pretty tired of the covert restriction, like even while the auto event was going on to work pro cut in different provinces, including here in Québec, which again is one of those prime minister kudos like strongest province and even greater beginning to loosen restrictions now because of the pressure.the people had begun putting on the government can't highlight eyepieces to perspective.

Obviously, it's your summing things up as best as you can, which I really do appreciate okay overture question yet so lately I've been writing Janet Chapter 11 on the power bottle which I find to be one of the most vaccinating chapters personally, but I love Bible prophecy but the question that that's related note, Jewish Thursday is you know Babel like the word Bible. It beamed like confusion right and the document to my mind that are not accurate or not, but it there any connection between the word Bible and old people nail the pagan God because we don't bail. Also like if you look alike is worship impracticable with a lot of confusion that was also involved. There, in the words bail in Bible kind of down similar. I was just wondering if you poop understand the Hebrew and all that. Is there any connection between the no questions but distant connections by all in the Hebrew has three letters bathed IN lame and travel three letters bait bait mom and through the word for computers is three letters bait mom and vomit us so BLL in the last and DBL for the second one of the first when I mentioned is is be in the and I and NL so it's it's distinct different consonants so and and there is there would be no connection if you heard them both spoken and Hebrew, you wouldn't connect them you would relate them, but there there absolutely from different roots.

And there is no specific connection between those those roots and ball has to do with with ownership meant being a master being boorish possession and the law has to do with confusion. Now the barbell Babel and then from there we get the idea of something just being Babel and confusing, but they are the Hebrew word by Val is related to the Akkadian, which is ancient Assyrian, Babylonian, Bobby E. Lou gate of the gods, so that's a distinct different name and the debris just a play on words, the biblical authors will sometimes do this. Have a play on words like I was is an example. They call me Mike because I always talk behind the mic rights of this bike are found in Michael two different words.

Everyone knows it's a play on words so it says in Hebrew.

It was called by Val because they are God while walled begin mixing human English Ebola walls of the languages so very confused language so it's saying barbell rhymes with ball all play on words, but the origin above LX is is it is gate of the gods in and we know that even if Hebrew or Aramaic above L would be gate of God so no connection between bail and Babel or the word for confusion and even there. In Genesis 11 there is a play on words in the original and it's it's bringing out again. God confusing the tongs and that that word resembles the word for avail. Babel so that's what's happening there. Hey, thank you for the call. Note, there was a time when I didn't understand the plays on words and the mentality of the biblical authors and I thought that I have to defend that barbell was somehow related to ball all it was no it's it's it's obvious play on words just like they call him Frank because it's always very frank, just same thing.

Is that okay. We've got an anonymous caller in Seattle Washington. Thanks for calling the line of fire, greetings in the Lord. Dr. Brown from so my I'm sure he got a question a lot of time praying about waiting for the question itself doesn't cause you and anyone stated we often wrestle with the difficult part of the Scriptures and submit to it and we know that in the end it, God will do what's right. You just even if we don't understand it in our justice sent but it's number 3117 now this in the card that I struggle with that right now. Maybe perchance my now therefore kill every male among the little one, and I'm just wondering because when the babies instructed me like like your ears.

Her work on the orchestra look that because I do ministry of the abortion clinic save lives and reach out to the women and men that are there and one of the arguments they will say is you know if it's a unwanted child and have a miserable life and nobody wanted you know they're there set up for failure there to be born into poverty nonsense arguments like that, but but some of the commentary of a few of the commentaries I read kinda said something that it be children were killed because they would have miserable lives.

They would grow up in horrible circumstances that Bill is merciful to kill them, but wanted you to shine light on that it's it's a legitimate question that people ask, it's a fair question. In the Hebrew here for children's toss which is a little child so much like Nancy and I were just talking about this. We look at, say, Russia, and here's report of the bombing, a maternity ward and hearing, object, or their bombing of the line of refugees, and what's the ultimate outrage that innocent women and children are killed, right or could you picture any soldiers today. The most righteous soldiers on the planet going through an area and killing little children obviously not were all appalled by so some would point to this essay okay this points to the low morals of the Bible or demonstrates that Yahweh really is a murderer and it it's again it's a fair question to ask, especially if you try to go back in those times and and think of this actually happening watching a movie that shows actually happening. We know the abortion argument obviously is there plenty of people ready to adopt that they be and longing to be able to adopt a baby and would care for that child and then in many cases most Charles Boren it so did want to have it will want to have it. But even putting that aside, you have those answers as she said those are this week. Objections: as so many people have grown up in poverty of shine like stars in the world exactly exactly and and appreciate your pro-life worth so let me just say a few things here. There were a couple places in the Bible where this was instruction here in Numbers 31 the conquering of Canaan and then in first Samuel 15 with the Amalekites of the licenses never commanded Scripture adjustment start young and answered had on this never commanded elsewhere and secondly throughout the Bible God is revealed as caring for the orphan caring for the needy and will judge other nations because of their sins against pregnant women and children and things like that and then the ultimate expression of the character of God is in the cross so we seal about how do we reconcile it have scholars like Greg Boyd, pest report, Dr. Boyd, who would say that this was not really God speaking. This was Moses.

This was it, the lower revelation of him not doing justice disposition, but that if I want to see you guys. You look at the cross and anything that substandard is has another exclamation I understand it like this is the rarest of rare commands in the case of the, the coming of the Canaanites, according to Genesis 15 God waited for hundred years longer than America's been a country for hundred years until he said go ahead and write met. Even though Israel suffered an slavery in Egypt. It wasn't right. Get the this sin had not grown to a high enough level to justify this. Some believe Dr. Michael Heiser and others that these people were half breeds that these were offspring of the nifty name sent with the Canaanites and that they were part human and part angelic, and it was a cursing race that had been wiped out and destroyed now for your average nonbelieving person that sounds pretty weird but you know if they watched X-Files in years past. Maybe they're more sympathetic to these unusual paranormal kind of things. That's one thing that they were to be wiped out easily generally apply here because the women could marry the women okay so let's put that account over there and look at this. The other possibility that could make sense to me is that there are studies now that indicate that character can also be passed on through DNA that there is a literal bad seed. In other words, this person is is born with a propensity to do certain evil things, and in this case it was very very extreme and if you allow this to live in your midst. Soon enough the cancer would spread soon enough Israel would be falling away soon.

Love God would have to destroy Israel which means no Savior coming into the world so is an extreme measure like amputating the leg with gangrene, but it doesn't end there because of my theology is right because these children had not actually acted out their evil Deuteronomy 139 says the children don't know the difference can good and bad.

Having come to the point of maturity that even though they are chilled in this world they will live forever with the Lord in the world to come. That that there still will be eternal mercy so that is the only way I can understand it, that there had to be a legitimate reason for fulfilling these children and it was a form of divine judgment unless they go off and bring it instruction but still the Providence mercy of God, they would live forever with him in the world to come. That's the honest answers like wrestling with this text, nor the thank you for calling the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by calling 86634 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown transition team has them video. I love it going from skillet to thoroughly juice.

There is the music got it down to a science 866-34-TRUTH 878840. It's interesting that for many many years people would read the Bible and not notice certain things and not be troubled by certain things are just hey we know God is good and these are bad people and and and then it's almost like something happens and gets brought to the surface and you have to think about it and you have to answer it, you have to address it may throw something out to. There are many reasons many different reasons why people are turning away from the faith many different reasons why people are co-deconstructing and and one is that objections to the authenticity of Scripture. The reliability of Scripture, the inspiration of Scripture objections that were discussed in an academic level for decades for centuries are now trickling down to average person and an because they have not been in equipped to answer these or have the academic process to work these things to us is that their background the minutes marches that their background is very troubling to manager you can be a seminary and you are doing your PhD working in New Testament textual criticism, you know, determining that the most accurate reading of of the verses of the New Testament and you know all the variance inside out. You know the arguments for the for this text with tradition over that use just to write and its doesn't phase it off. I think while God's list of the so many treasures of manuscripts is incredible is that it's the best attested book in the ancient world. It's amazing.

Or you could be going into a college class with Prof. Bart Herman at University of North Carolina Crescent in Raleigh. You could be going into his New Testament intro class and he starts throwing these things out and your brand-new you been saved three years you raised in the faith, but just never dealt with these issues and you get hit with this like what all know and and he does so much is brilliant, and so on. So what's happening now is that same effect on large numbers of people at a debate with Dr. Herman. What 10 years ago so on just about provide an adequate answer to the problem of suffering amusement good time talking before and after the debate and you know when he wrote his first book that became a bestseller and and problems in the Gospels and problems and sayings of Jesus.

It is not expecting it to be a national bestseller.

He's known as it is a New Testament scholar New Testament textual critic and scholars. Some of the books of the Bible of why certain things were included why others excluded from New Testament texts.

He writes his book becomes a bestseller now. Stuff that we've dealt with for decades.

For centuries that I have worked through and I was in in college and grad school that apologists abort through and we have our answer should be like answers not but it's all been answered the system responsive. Now it's tricking out to the masses and it seems that the world critic, skeptics, nonbelievers, people once believed in. Don't or challenging us with text like numbers 31, it's a fair challenge. It's a perfectly fair question to ask. Now Rev. John Piper Pastor Piper has answered simply by saying God has the right to kill whomever he wants to kill because here he's God and were guilty sinners that everyone lives by mercy that a baby lives by mercy that the only reason we have breath in our nostrils is because of the grace of God and it's all unmerited and of God says death sentence for this one or that one so be it. Not II appreciate his perspective and his answer, but I would still say okay when it is a child who has not acted out on any of these things in a woeful way of understanding the difference between right and wrong there three months old.

Is there a legitimate reason to kill that child. That's the bigger issue, but when I wrote the book has God failed. If you don't have it encourage you to pick it up.

Has God failed to find facing the insured God is real. I address these questions right there because we need to address them.

Honestly and there is something to this.

Also my book compassionate father consuming far is the God of the Old Testament in the new addition that deals with some of these very issues.

Well in a trust as you look at it will help you. But remember, remember, there is an overall revelation of God throughout scripture of compassion, mercy of of standing for the orphans for the innocent of standing for babies in the womb and outside the room, and the ultimate revelation of who he is, is that he sends his son to die for us on the cross to take our place that's massive.

That's ultimately who he is. If you get the clearest picture Of God, look at Jesus. That's how it breaks down. Yes, there will be judgment for the wicked. And yes there are some things we may not fully understand, but we have every reason to trust the goodness of God and his character. 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Charlie in Dallas Texas probably pretty near IM talking to the line of fire. Are you there Charlie. I don't know what happened to Charlie, but the question I see posted did Moses lead the mixed multitude out of Egypt. Yes yes the bulk of the people the massive great bulk of the people were the people of Israel but there are also many others that came along with them. And of course that was part of the rabble part of the trouble. For the difficulty part of the grumbling, so it is the children of Israel en masse plus a bunch of other people and that's the minority that came out with him alright so that's the short answer if there's more to it may be a be able to reconnect and explain the question there.

It's very interesting. In Ukraine, that there is a city called Mann in that city. Rabbi Notman of Breslau settled and ultimately buried there. So this goes back couple hundred years and we just secretly type this and I don't have it in my head when he died, but he only lived to be. I think 37 date consists try typing the regal Rabbi Notman. And maybe I'll see his death and give you the exact date for it Swansea die 1810. Yet born in 1772, dies 18 tenses 3838 years old. He was a mystical rabbi for acetic Rabbi. He had a very devoted following and that following has continued to this day, so they still follow his teaching. There is still a major movement in Israel of his followers and once a year they will go to Ukraine to his gravesite in memory of his death, and I was flying back from India once, and if I'm correct we were flying through Schiphol Airport in the Netherlands and we so so we stopped there in Amsterdam and then we get on the next flight coming back to the states and their all these ultra structures. In fact, I was sitting next to one of them for good part of the flight and I asked them where they're coming from. Will they had flown in from Ukraine because they were there at the gravesite of Rabbi Notman.

So right now from what I understand are very few Jews living in that city and and people have have fled even though it's not under direct assault.

As far as I know right now, but there is a connection to Ukraine with many religious Jews. This is kind of interesting. There is a connection because of the history with Rabbi Notman and you can see those procedures you will still see them sometimes dancing on the streets and in celebrating and singing in that's part of the express there.

There are a few different maybe two different groups similar devoted than than others. Others may be born to the dancing and even smoking pop together very very devoted ones very, very religious and living in ultra-Orthodox lifestyle. So be interesting to see what happens with war going on about making pilgrimage there, whether they do it or not. Okay this question up on the screen and I can answer it without without taking the call because were mercy at a time was homosexuality. The primary sin of Sodom and Gomorrah. No, according to Ezekiel book of Ezekiel the 16th chapter, the primary sin was self satisfying wealth, selfishness, lack of compassion for the poor lack of hospitality and the committed toys are an abomination. Referring back to Leviticus 18 homosexual practice.

A man like another man is a toy for something detestable. Homosexual practice was the manifestation of the sin of Sodom. The sin of Sodom was not primarily homosexuality homosexual practice. The manifestation of the sin.

The thing that brought to the attention of the angel sent there to see the city was the degree that this had gotten totally out of control to the point that they wanted to rape of these these visitors that were there was, not just lack of hospitality roots of the sexual sin.

Ezekiel speaks of it by sending committed toys that deftly goes back to Leviticus 18 with the same term is used in this eco-certainly aware of the Sodom and Gomorrah narrative. But that was not the primary sin that was a manifestation of the sin and the other things laid the foundation for I systole to America.

There many other sins that our nation and then part of the sexual revolution that is now, along with the manifestation of homosexual practice is widespread as it is and with his aggressive a desire to change thinking that's not the biggest in America. That's a reflection of many other sins that have culminated with that or at present have culminated with that white friends. We are at a time, silencing of the lands you haven't got it yet really encourage you to this this book will incredibly eye-opening and then suddenly that strategy of strategy as to how your voice will become sons. Remember it's on sale at Amazon Kindle a few more days at half-price right get your questions ready for tomorrow for Misty today.

Give us a call tomorrow you have questions without answers here. Another program powered by the Truth Network

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