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Should We Pray Down Judgment on Dangerous Tyrants and Dictators

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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March 8, 2022 4:55 pm

Should We Pray Down Judgment on Dangerous Tyrants and Dictators

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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March 8, 2022 4:55 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 03/08/22.

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Does God still speak today outside of directly through the Bible is time for the light a fire with your host biblical scholar and cultural commentator Dr. Michael Brown your voice for more savvy and spiritual clarity called 866-34-TRUTH to get on the line of fire ML is your host Dr. Michael Brown welcome welcome to our theology Tuesday emphasis 866-34-TRUTH 866-348-7884. That's the number to call to tell you how you can weigh in. In a moment of broadcasting from our studio Christ for the nations in Dallas is redoing now once a month while here teaching their wonderful students at this wonderful school but everything is always same number to call and same friendly voice for those watching friendly face was flying to Dallas yesterday, sitting next to a gentleman.

We had our mass on Houston when he was doing. I was doing what I was doing as route right at the end of the flight.

He said to me, can I ask how it is the true reading Hebrew which her interest in that we began to talk. I began to share my testimony swayed I follow you all the time. I know all your debates and all this and don't you have and I took the risk of it is just a mustache.

It's just funny sitting next to each other with mass. He did recognize me.

So we had some really good fellowship was codified, but for those watching the same :-) they must distribute when listening.

I remained by God's grace your voice for moral sanity and spiritual clarity. If you listen regularly you know Thursday is thoroughly Jewish Thursday and Friday and I did. I got many many years ago.

From Rush Limbaugh people call in with anything. So Friday colored free-for-all Friday if you like, and over the years, but sometimes we've leaned into different emphases on different days and I thought about what about theology Tuesday that we got names for Monday and Wednesday will roll it out little bit later but I thought what about theology Tuesday unless there's some world shaking news.

We need to talk about unless there's a special guest. And that's the day that we can get them on. What about theological emphasis on Tuesday when we talk about theological controversies but not to divide rather to understand that there are controversial controversies that are outside the pale of orthodoxy. If someone says will.

The Bible is not the word of God or Jesus is one of many ways to God.

We didn't really rise from the dead will that that is outside the pale of orthodoxy and we will divide over that we will say no. If you hold to those things you are not part of the family of God, you are not in the faith. We want to warn you.

We want to help you. We want instruction, but there many other controversies we have within the body as brothers and sisters and we may hold to our view very strong. You may be in a Pentecostal church, and you deeply devoted to Pentecostal beliefs in a Baptist Church Presbyterian Church Lutheran Church wherever it might be and you really believe in your doctrinal distinctives and yet they are not matters that we divide over. Rather, we seek to understand the conflict so would gonna let sparks fly okay were going to touch controversial issues we may do this if you stray Tuesday's we we keep we may keep doing if we feel like were really helping people and it's really edifying and Emma really strike your corridor. In some cases hitting a nerve irascible at the sparks fly. I may explain why I don't leave once saved always saved, and you may want to tell me plainly what you think I'm wrong. Phone lines will be open. We may even have some special guests onto debates.

Some issues, but my goal is that the will be more light than heat.

My goal is at the end of the day though be better understanding maybe we can help.

Some people come out of their maybe we can deliver some people from some misconceptions. Maybe we can sharpen one another, but in the midst of it, we can say hey, there are brothers and sisters with different views on this.

There is still part of the body.

Then again, heretical issues you identify as heretical issues, so the number to call to weigh in 86634. I was watching a video of recently and one of the gentleman presenting on the video. A brother in the Lord was talking about the sufficiency of Scripture and NSAID that he believed in the sufficiency of Scripture and that the way that God speaks to us is through the Bible in any claim of God speaking outside of the Bible is a denial of the sufficiency of Scripture and numbers if you say will the Holy Spirit spoke to me today. I received a prophecy yesterday, then that is a violation of the sufficiency of Scripture adjusting Peter's with whom I've had really fruitful interaction with honest, good interaction in the midst of our differences as brothers in the Lord.

He's famously said if you want to hear the voice of God. Read the Bible. If you want to hear the audible voice of God. Read the Bible out loud it's it's acute little way of saying it. Representing his position and of course he means it quite seriously, with all respect to that I differ with it and I would say, according to the Bible. The Holy Spirit continues to speak today. According to the Bible, God continues to give prophetic words today. According to the Bible, God continues to lead his people speaking to our hearts, giving dreams and visions speaking through prophecy. Now again phone lines are open and if you differ with me, I'll ask you questions I may get you to clarify your view, but my goal is not to shoot you down now if you come up with some ridiculous unscriptural point in your presenting it in an arrogant, nasty way I will do my best to lovingly put you in your place and put your view in your place, but my goal is not to insult you or humiliate you or control the mic in such a way that I make you look bad. I want you to be able and in short focuses life talk radio to be able to tell me why you differ with me or to give me reasons why you agree with me or to even give personal testimony as to why you agree with me so again I am convinced, according to the Scriptures and then secondarily confirmed by experience that God continues to speak to us outside of the Bible never contrary to the Bible. Any voice claiming to be the voice of God that speaks something contrary to the Bible, we reject on its face right then and there is not being from God. If you say the Holy Spirit told me that my adulterous affair is fine because he understands I'm not getting my needs met at home. That was not the voice of God that was you the voice of that person's own mind their flesh or it was the voice of demons or the devil is not the voice of God. However, if someone's really praying for guidance and and there in the midst of a life-and-death situation and someone calls them on the phone and said God just laid on my heart to call you. He told me you're in a real crisis and they want you to know XYZ and it's a life-giving word from the Lord. I would have every reason to say praise God for his love and kindness. And again, here's my point. According to the Scriptures, according to the Scriptures, God speaks today outside of the Bible itself.

Let's look at the word in one moment first, the concept of the sufficiency of Scripture was that it evening. Those words are not specifically found in the Bible so we need to define what we mean by let's just think out loud for a moment when we say we believe in the sufficiency of Scripture that doesn't mean that you don't need to be married because you have the Bible and the Bible is all sufficient. You don't need to work a job because of the Bible and the Bible is all sufficient when you're lonely you don't need a friend because of the Bible and the Bible is all sufficient. Nobody means that nobody means that for a split second right what they mean is that everything God wanted to say he said with in the Bible, and therefore he will not speak outside of the Bible. That's what they would mean by the sufficiency of Scripture. My question is, doesn't the Bible tell us everything we need to know to be saved for a fundamental lives in God but because we have a relationship with God because the word of God brings us into a relationship with a living God that out of a relationship. We continue to hear his voice. We continue to be led by him.

We continue to have intimacy with him and relationship with him. It is not as many of said the father, son, and holy Bible, but the father son and Holy Spirit. So the Scriptures are 100% sufficient for what they are intended to do their intended to show us who God is to show us what sin is to show us how to live and please God to show us what our mission is here on earth.

All those foundations are found there and we need nothing outside of the Bible as far as those basic foundations. That's why the word of God is there and through that we come into relationship with God we worship the Bible we worship the God of the Bible and we have a living relationship with him and his word tells us that he will continue to speak of this, take a look and ask chapter 2. Acts chapter 2 and wants to see something really interesting.

This is Pentecost shovel the Holy Spirit has has come powerfully and and hundred 20 filled with the spirit speaking in new languages. The astonishment of the hearers to the mockery of other hearers. Some say outages drunk so acts 214 says this. Then Peter stood up with the 11, raised his voice and addressed the crowd, fellow Jews and all of you who live in Jerusalem, let me explain this to you listen carefully to what I say. These people are not drunk, as you suppose. It's only nine in the morning. No, this was spoken by the prophet Joel so Peter is now tying in the South point of the spirit was what Joel prophesied Joel to beginning verse 28 and he adds in in the last days.

That's not found in the Hebrew which is operating after this is not found in the Septuagint, the Greek translation. It simply says this is prophetic word of God speaking. Peter adds in the words in the last days why he's clarifying that this prophecy from Joel is now being fulfilled in the spirit called the last days, which is from Jesus death and resurrection until his return.

The New Testament very clearly calls at the last days is not the last days of the temple.

Accreditors teach absolutely not the. The entire New Testament. In which we live today is called the last days in the last days, God says I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and your daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams. This is God continuing to speak. Even my service. Both men and women. I will pour my spiritand they will prophesy okay so based on the Bible when I talk about false prophecies today. How about that, by the failed trump prophecies. The fill covert prophecies and I was in flaky charismatic church work much on my experience right now normally listing all the true words of the true prophecies were just looking Bible Bible only the start. According to God's word in this. Which we now live the last days, God is continuing to pour the spirit and continuing to give people prophetically so that they hear God's words and speak them and people are continuing to receive dreams and visions from God, according to the Bible speak today right line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by: 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown dog today according to the Bible, according to the word of God in the spirit of the last days.

He pours out his spirit is not about preaching when it says sons notice will prophesy people receive dreams and visions he continues to do that and it's confirmed by him doing this beautifully gloriously around the world are our team in Kurdistan in northern Iraq shared a powerful testimony number against call 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884 they met a man as they were sharing the gospel in different settings in the mosque on the streets sharing the gospel and they they meta-of a Muslim man who in a dream heard the words of Jesus spoken if you save your life, you lose like some of the basic gospel words. He got up from the dream remembered that the sentence is distinctly type them in online and discovered old. These are the words of Jesus and then subsequently received at the gospel of Luke and then now Bible and they were sharing the gospel with him in more depth of God does those kinds of things. That's not adding to the Bobby Sewall in this case, it was Scripture verses yes but came by way of a dream.

And then it drew him to people who were preaching the gospel so he could hear the full gospel message, but if I just started telling stories of people that I know that I've had very real prophetic dreams that were shockingly accurate or leadings from the Lord in my own life where I heard the internal voice of the Lord were times when I felt led to give a prophetic word to someone these various things in it for years and years and years we've seen them but Scripture says they will be happening. Hey, let's take a look and John John chapter 10 John chapter 10 and in verse 27 John 1027. Jesus is rebuking the religious leaders were not among his sheep. But then he says this my sheep hear my voice and I know them and they follow me.

My sheep hear my voice and I know them and they follow me now. I've heard people say will that's in salvation that we know his voice calling us to salvation.

We follow him in salvation.

The issue is here though the Greek is his ongoing it's is present continuous. My sheep hear my voice in an ongoing way and they follow me.

I would ask the question where does the New Testament ever say that that he stopped speaking to us. Where is there a hint of that. Where is it even suggested once you have this Bible complete the Holy Spirit will no longer speak to you directly everywhere, as even the logic were not talking about getting more of the Bible anymore.

The Bible say no anytime the Lord speaks that's the Bible know it's not how many thousands of prophetic words to give in Old Testament times were true words but one part of the part about many thousands of prophetic word city give in New Testament times that that were not part of the Bible were not recorded as as the Bible so every time God speaks is not part of the Bible clearly and when you reach church history, you will run into example after example after example after example, we are very, very specifically, the Holy Spirit led someone a missionary and non-Pentecostal non-charismatic missionary heard the voice of the Lord leave the city go to this city only fun at the just escape with their lives in doing it when they got to this other place this miracle provision happened May 7 through church history here, but let's think of something else right a couple more verses that will take your calls. This will be clear, I may get to your Bible related questions later in the show but specifically I'm asking the call-in to interact with me on this subject.

Okay so those calls are the ones I'm taking first 866-348-7884 if you think I'm wrong if you think this is a dangerous position out or if you want to give a short testimony verifying something God did in your own life where it was clearly the voice of God speaking.

By all means give us a call. Let's take a look in first Corinthians chapter 14 and let's let's go down to old let's see here will go down towards the end of the chapter 1st Corinthians 14 verses 39 and 41st Corinthian's 1439 and 40 he says. So my brothers earnestly desire to prophesy first with his 1439 earnestly desire to prophesy, and do not forbid speaking in tongues, but all things should be done decently and in order and for Paul if you read earlier in the chapter decently and in order means in a small setting. One person is a prophecy one person is a tongue one person is a him one person's interpretation, this little be done in proper order.

If we were in services is that many of us who think, what in the world is this that was good order. According to Paul bad order was while I'm giving a prophetic word. Three other people jump up and start giving prophetic words or were all speaking in tongues at the same time and some stranger comes like what you doing that was out of order.

According to Paul, but this will having a tongue. This would have interpretation this would have a prophecy described in Revelation is laughing at him having a teaching that was wonderful. Order this little be done one after the other, but he wrote here earnestly desire to prophesy, and do not forbid speaking in tongues who changed clearly for scripting's 13 never change that for scripting's 13 plainly means that these things be with us until the second coming detritus. It would be with us until the account is complete is is one of the weakest biblical interpretations has been out there and hardly known through church history know when Jesus returns. We won't need these other things we know in part will know fully that we prophesy in part, will have full understanding that, but she said earnestly desire prophesy, and do not forbid speaking tongue could change that.

I'm a Bible guy.

I believe in the authority Scripture to change that. Let me throw this out. Also, according to second Corinthians chapter 13 verse 14. This is a a benediction.

This is a blessing that Paul speaks over the church and current second Corinthians 1314 his his words are made. The love of God and the grace of the Lord Jesus and the fellowship of the spirit be with you. That word coined in the year fellowship his word. We know in English right. We know the Greek word coined in the as we hear it a lot that's that's a special fellowship we have in the Lord it's it's a participation in one another's lives.

So Paul says that we have fellowship with the Holy Spirit. I've I've been led by the Spirit. By knowing I know that I know that I know this is God.

It's gonna happen. I'm as sure as as I am sitting here and it happens just like that and other times a tremendous lack of witness, no, no, that's not the Lord. Don't go in that direction.

And sure enough it would've been a big mistake and and then other times there is this clear, leading, or this clear directive and no II can't just sit around say okay hear God saying this in this I can just turn it on like that. There is the close relationship he speaks when he speaks how he speaks and we don't rely on prophecies. I did get a prophecy for today. All I can do this love for prophecy. So it's just immaturity and lack of understanding, lack of understanding of our relationship with God. But according to the Bible prophecy is for today. According to the Bible, Jesus is still speaking to his sheep in an ongoing way know his voice and follow him. According to the Bible, we have fellowship with the Holy Spirit mentally.

So the pattern in acts is not given is a one time only pattern we are not all of the temple in Jerusalem being filled with the spirit was tongues of fire and and crowds are hearing the speak in foreign languages, and that's the norm that so we just do evangelism. We don't learn the language well on the culture and enters no admissibility church did that either something God did the Unique Way, Pentecost praise God but but witnesses say that the way Paul and his team were led in acts 16 with internal leading the spirit of Jesus speaking for bidding and then with a dream and and a message in a dream. Witnesses say that stopped. I'm a Bible guy show me where it says it stopped. We shouldn't expect it, and then in a secondary way because as Bible first to make when you look at church history, and you look at the writings of church leaders in the second and 31 for centuries, many are talking about the Americans, healings, exorcisms, prophecies, saucy had stopped Mr. church history is documented and there out what will will go to the phones will go the phones momentarily, but I may have mentioned this to you on the air the other day one of my colleagues read for ministry school was taking a new position in the ministry school in Florida will be leaving the school or initially thought not to do it, prayed more than a year later felt okay on a minute, take this position and as he was driving to move his family from Texas to Florida.

He got news that really changed everything and he wondered. While this is the right decision or not and that schools would be open when your later etc. so he got to Texas is about to move into his new house with his wife and two kids and feels strongly I'm not supposed to do this is trying to make the decisions best as I could but I'm not supposed to do this.

Based on this information and he says God can't take this position so that what he did his motor failure. So just move but he didn't sell this house and move back in one day later he gets an invitation to take a position in Springfield Missouri kind of a dream position for him. That was the dream of decades of our many many years for the 20 years burning in his heart. Now while what a dream come true.

He gets them to text from people who don't know him but don't know the situation at all. They don't know he's not taking the position Florida and one tech says I know you just getting settled there. But don't get too settled because I don't believe you're staying there. I believe God is calling you to Springfield. This is immediately after the thing happens they have no clue about this and then and then sure thing happens. Moments later he gets another text in this fellow says I don't see you in Florida. I see you moving to Springfield Missouri. In fact I see move into a neighborhood right outside of Springfield will that's the neighborhood. They were looking to buy a house to sleep the way God doesn't. Why deny that that's not adding to the Bible clearly right back with her calls. 866-34-TRUTH the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown, a friend theology Tuesday will be doing that for some Tuesdays and maybe just keep it here for a while.

I solicited questions on Facebook and Twitter couple weeks ago and said hey if we do a focus on theology. What are some of the controversial subjects you'd like us to discuss and got hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of comments between our different pages with lots of really interesting topics to discuss. That would keep us busy for years, and again, my goal is not to be divisive, but to be informative and that you try to understand why different views can be held within separate truth from error or did division between the difference between brothers and sisters to say here is that we approach it differently, but was still brothers and sisters in the Lord and I see many people react against extremes and they are grieved by extremes and they see people hurts a bike by Kara's mania and flakiness in the swing the other way when I wrote my book authentic fire in response to Pastor John MacArthur strange fire people began to write to me or post reviews and they said you know actually, you've convinced me by the Bible by Scripture with the gifts of the spirit are still for today, tongues, prophecy, healing, things like that are still for today.

You convince me of that.

I have to admit I had bad experiences and and that's why I abandon it but according to the Bible. You're right. I just don't know how to process it. Now, aren't we start there. We start with Scripture. We move out from there.

Hate the phones in a moment. Remember visit vitamin check out these wonderful health supplements from my friend Dr. Mark staying there. My personal doctor as well. But by the Association professionals doctor of the decade not just bring in a traditional medical approach, but an integrative medical approach that works with the body even more to heal the supplements really excellent so check it out.

There's a special discount to use to convince her that for you and your family and then with every order. Dr. Stenger turns around and blesses us with a donation okay. Does God still speak today outside of the Bible. Let's start with Christian in Lakeland, Florida, which are take good afternoon Dr. Brown, Shirley thought you'd like a guy and a continuation and I agree with you entirely aboutů Speak today outside the Bible but never in contradiction to it and I take that to be the plain teaching of the Bible. What I wanted to be. If I may use are two things.

Number one, there were those who knew of the cessation of persuasion who would say that well if we allow that God speaks outside the Bible that threatens the efficiency of the Bible threatens solar Scripture or Scripture alone. My rejoinder to the is well with Scripture, sufficient, or that's the question what you Scripture deficient for and upright go to second Timothy chapter 3 verse six verses 16 and 17 back to me is the primary text which establishes the sufficiency of the Bible I think that clearly teaches that the Bible teaches a gun proficiently but it says in verse 16, chapter 3, second Timothy all Scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction or training right so the nurse the purpose clause so that the man of God may be adequate, equipped for every good work. Well, the Bible teaches about spiritual gifts is not so well.

I take that to mean to a client typically requesting spiritual gift got begot by the Bible, physical Scripture makes me adequate and equipped for every good work. Will that would include the good work of understanding applying the gift of prophecy or speaking in tongues walking healing.

The Scripture insisted Abaddon gives us write the guidelines that we need that we can walk these things out and that right minimum wise decisions in life. And so we can tell people who Jesus is. It it it it is perfectly sufficient for what it intends to do yeah absolutely obliterated. Yeah, absolutely development my rejoinder to that argument still among the good work of Scripture is to equip before without understand quality time healing miracles and thought go back to me as the that's kind of my understanding of how we can hold a continuation position and the sufficiency of Scripture at the same time and are not contradictory to the complementary right as I sit at the outset is the term sufficiency of Scripture is not found explicitly in Scripture. So we have to ask what we mean by it and then we have to let Scripture the expense of area so quickly. Second point second point is that for Bill. I am troubled by a lot of contemporary prophetic ministry that seems to major on world events and of course there was the debacle of those many group prospect that Donald Trump would be reelected, and put a lot of egg on their face, and rightly so, you know, some of them were very contrite and humble and repentant, and others double down. I would suggest that in the New Testament we see very little profit find (most of the emphasis of property in the New Testament. I would argue that personal prophecy is local, not meant to be applied globally so that the only possible exception to that might be in acts chapter 11 of us are prophesying coming salmon even that was for practical response, not just evaluation.

You know the severity we could help out with the collection and we have in the book of Revelation the 10th chapter where John is told he's going to prophesy about nations and things like that but that's that's not necessarily a paradigm for New Testament prophecy.

So in a Christian I I absolutely agree with you and obviously you you thought these things through and in a clearheaded matter, so I appreciate your contribution, I I wrote about this when the covert prophecies failed innocent, why does it have to be critics of the charismatic movement that are pointing this out. We should be cleaning house, or so you say well covert was relevant yeah but this sitting around with a bunch of people. What's the Lord showing you about the future. I don't see that as as a New Testament function of the prophetic gift and it it's almost like we have access to all the special information and you press the right button and get the answer because here's the thing.

Again, thank you so very much for the call and you articulate presentation of things, 866-34-TRUTH. I will write back to the phones in a moment, but let me say this first if you look at this through the lens of a noncharismatic and you see all these failed prophecies over the years, you know this was going to be elected in their not, or this economy is going on this direction that the Sgt. things are so general. How can even test them right.

But that one the many prophecies that Coburg would dissipate by mid April 2020 as opposed to four years ago.

It would dissipate by that. Obviously that didn't happen.

And then all those guaranteeing Trump's election in a Christian said somewhere contrite hobo very few, very few said we got it wrong and deeply repented. The majority prophesy just went on to justify the door or spiritualized or whatever. So from from the viewpoint of a noncharismatic were bunch current loonies praise it what what is this USA to Syria.

How can you be so na´ve but at the same time.

Some of these people who got the Trump thing wrong covert wrong you can sit in a room with them, and pray with them and they just begin to speak to you and you be shocked you know how did you know that or who told you that because the Holy Spirit was reviewing. It was a very real gift. You think will help you work so well here in a local church context right it works so well here in another context doesn't, well maybe God intends a gift for one thing and not for another. Maybe it's a matter of getting out of our proper lanes is. Isn't that an issue to consider. Right.

Let's go over to Milwaukee cane, welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Brown night. I might question concerning the practicality of hearing God boy and with the culture my church so on paper. My church is continuation of our practical patient I'm about to start my ministry I got credited but I want to practice the prophetic and I want to hear God boy and but my question is my church.

Our practical patient and a shy away from hand on the boy would not speak to like the outcasts who want to clear so cane in God's sight. You're just one of the sheep right that is in the church you shape your one of his chief so good on an outcast or his child, and certainly he wants to communicate with us. He wants to lead us.

He wants to guide us was to commune with us in different ways us so it's not it's not so much so so even if you're not the culture that believes in that it still your own walk with the Lord right and there's no reason why you you can't be in a church that has some different views and cultivate your own intimacy with the Lord in your own gross in the Lord. So that can happen in in any environment when you're around others that are flowing these things, and believing that it can be encouraging and reinforcing but that that being said, you can still be led by the spirit and and hear his voice, but I would encourage you to do is this cane start start here. Don't be looking to hear the Lord says to do today or hear an audible voice or the room starts shaking start with what you know. How do you know that you know that you know the true born-again what one of the great things that that tells us that is the Holy Spirit bears witness with our spirit. Romans 816 the Holy Spirit bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God, and I find that that the first way of of intimacy with God is recognizing the witness of the Holy Spirit in my life and from there I then have that sense of this is how he's leading. This is how he's guiding this is how he's confirming and when I quote hear the voice of God. I've never heard the voice of God audibly. This never happened to me and I'm not looking to her expecting to but and I don't I don't get along and just shut my eyes and systems can listen to listen to some people say pray get quiet in the first voice that you hear is the voice of God less of work for me.

I get along, pray, and just get quiet, not the Lord you want me to go go don't know.

No logo, it's like okay that's my hearing and maybe your mom busy with kids at home in the UK.

Okay, I got a few minutes. Quiet is going to quiet the first voice I hear is the voice of God. The first voice year is Manet kids need you. For me it's as I feel moved on by the Lord.

I feel stirred up. I feel the strength of that witness and then out of that something rises with information is truth looks like, okay, culturally speaking, this stays there. I give you a couple of book recommendations. On the other side of the brakes and stay right here it's more calls the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown silencing of the Lamb that came out last week. If you've read the book and been blessed by it.

A post on social media post a picture the book you hold in the book encourage others to get it head over to Amazon which is the most used book website and post review there or reading or my previous book revival redye the came out October few been blessed by that shirt with others report allotted to these books. I feel tremendously gripped and in writing these books I really pray about what to write and work on next with a whole team of publishers publicist.

Everyone does their best to get it out put books ultimately spread by word-of-mouth. So if you been blessed share it with others because we know the messages in these books can be life-changing.

866-34-TRUTH so I came in Milwaukee a Jack to her story remains really fascinating and GE are E and is very candid. He's had many ups and downs, challenges such as like dancing through life because you have the gifts of the spirit. Jack dear DER E you can get why I am still surprised by the power of the spirit, why am still surprised by the power the spirit that's a recommended read and then the beginners guide to the gift of prophecy by Jack dear the you find these things solid scripturally.

Jack was an Old Testament scholar teaching at Dallas theological seminary very proficient in biblical languages so those books will be helpful.

All right let's is as we talk about hearing the voice of God today. Let's go over to Clyde in New York. Welcome to the line of fire.

Hello Dr. Brown your buddy like hey man, good to hear from your friend, man. You are one of the greatest generals in the body of Christ. I mean that with all of my heart. I have an awful lot of debt, but only what you want in support of what you believe it, yeah. Years ago years ago I was invited go do with the word of knowledge reduce hearing from God.

I would ride yes so on. What it taken place. I was invited to go to a church in Paris. We did our work and had a wonderful time and it was time for me to get up and preach what I have I felt extreme happiness on bonding and I finally got vocalized without feeling like that something is wrong in the church right now and I can't go on until it taken care of.

So I waited a couple minutes but waited a couple minutes and been the holy. I believe in pray very wrongly on me that the pastor is white and him talk with Betty, my right. I looked at them and I that I can't go on the pre-because there's a problem here and you two are the problem it a thought or fate defect by you got hurt from God, and you have a gift that my wife and I at, but you argument before we came prepared and that's what God upon you. So I believe that God thought good people, even apart from then that would be very much, and thankfully it wasn't that they were both in adultery or stealing money from the church is something they can immediately publicly suggest we blew it, but it set the atmosphere in an obviously you sense that because of the spirit yet and does not adding to the Bible. It's not editing of the books of the Bible or or or anything but yeah that's it. By the way, not the easiest thing to do, what you did, but we know overlap when you feel overwhelmed. Do I where they would throw anything at me know. Thank God that you had that outcome. Hey Clyde, thanks for your faithfulness in prayer.

I really appreciate as I call are one of the most generous, merciful, trying great individuals I have ever met in my life and I bet that before. Not another man of God privately that I know of that I read back more than you. The only other person backward in my heart at that level babe, it will and that's what you really mean. I mean all of my heart. Thank you for what you're doing and thank you so very much for standing up to those individuals that propped up by all work I've been built by the width of the individual, but I don't blab it one of your caliber as comp port to deal with those individuals.

Thank you Dr. Brown for your faith in God like blessed clients.

Thank you for your very gracious words. Let me just say this to two leaders out there pastors, Christian leaders, we have a lot of weight on her shoulders. Because we represent the Lord to people and obviously we want to teach people to look to the Lord not to look to us, but we are to be examples as well. We are to be able to say the others follow me as I follow the Messiah and and because of that, if if we fall and we mess up brings disrepute and dishonor to the name Lord but it hurts believers as well. Your parents. It's the same with your kids. If they've known you to be godly moms and dads and they grow up and find out that you are hypocrites. It could shatter their overall faith. So there is there is a responsibility that we have and when I hear someone speak words like that. It's a reminder to each of us.

Let's walk worthy of our high calling in God, let me ask you one question and then go back to the to the phones. How would you explain this if you say that the Holy Spirit is not speaking today there's a young man I knew for some years.

He helped administrate a a prayer ministry have large prayer gatherings and he was always very laid back casually interactive all kinds of major Christian leaders, but very laid-back, casual, and the stress and I run into a few years later he suit and tie, a look, you have never seen him in a suit and tie. He's interacting with government leaders. What happened mean major government leaders, national leaders in America and major connections in and you know on the phone with different ones and what happened so he a woman had a prophetic word for him. I worried about him shifting into into a net and of you some examples several times. There hundred thousands of examples but these just been. Once I was writing a document in the other day looking into controverted details so he he gets his word from her God's gonna transition your ministry to be working in politics, government, with major leaders, etc. and you gonna needs three suits. A few days after that within a week after that a man was no knowledge of this whatsoever calling us a God told me to buy you three suits and then the rest is history was all just coincidence you have one example after another example no the living God is in our midst and he continues to communicate with us today it rather than rejecting it. Really it's it's a beautiful thing is something which is a price, east of speaking this wonderful art, but some let's go over to Jesse in Twin Cities, Minnesota. Thanks for holding through the show of what's on your mind. Okay so for all I want to say I am pretty much on board with where you are with etiquette and everything like that so this is a separate question from Matt, but my question is surrounding things like Proverbs 21 one, where it became hard. The waters in the hand of the Lord returns that were everywhere, and then you see examples of God turning the heart of this king or that came in favor of and against Israel, and some cancers and I'm I'm wondering what is your perspective on those things because from what I understand, it creates a really big problem for things like libertarian free. Well it which is basically the ability to do otherwise. In terms of everything the same. Even your mood is the same but you know how the ability to do something different so that that's my problem because I stated examples where God has control over. Can't you see he has Provident over what you do so you try to jump in knots interrupted. Just make sure I can answer in the limited time that we have so okay number 1Z versus not sing every decision a king makes is ordered by the Lord, right because we have many times were God rebukes kings for sinning against him for doing things contrary to his will and is displeased with them so that's that's the first thing the second thing is, God also knows who is dealing with. It's been pointed out that the same sun that melts the wax bakes the clay so God can simply move in a certain way, knowing that a person will respond a certain way when it comes to say Faro in the hardening of his heart, and I got a whole video on that actually to a longer one of the shorter one to go to ask Dr. and type in Faro. You should come up with those videos when you break it down. Initially it says God strengthened his heart. That's the humor that's used without sake, to strengthen and and then the next is to make heavylift debate at end and then the, the final one to hardluck short that's that's now the giving over Faro to send it. In other words, this reaping and sowing. Here you got a man whose resistance, sinful God raises up for that purpose. And when he's gonna resist God's is fine. You want to resist and help you resist, you will be obstinate to help you be obstinate and gives him over to his sin. So the big thing to me though is even apart from this, Jesse. God is God and he is sovereign and there may be times in his will, where he overrules or liberty for a purpose that does not take away from our human responsibility.

All the rest of the time and it doesn't take away from our ultimate responsibility in terms of rejecting his grace or receiving his grace but he is God and he can intervene when he chooses to. However he wants but ultimately the direction and course of our lives will be set by the choices that we make.

Ultimately, the direction and course of our lives whether we know him or we reject him with receivers graceful objective that falls on us. He is not going to preordained that for overrules, or will he friends back tomorrow. If you do not believe the shroud of Turin is real. Be ready to call in because my guess say it is another program powered by the Truth Network

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