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Did Ezekiel Prophesy About Russia's Invasion of Ukraine?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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March 3, 2022 5:15 pm

Did Ezekiel Prophesy About Russia's Invasion of Ukraine?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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March 3, 2022 5:15 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 03/03/22.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network to the prophet Ezekiel, Dick rushes invasion of Ukraine for the light a fire with your host scholar and cultural commentator Dr. Michael Brown your voice for more spiritual clarity 866-34-TRUTH to get him a lot of wire and now there's your host Dr. Michael Brown joining us. Here's the phone number to call with any Jewish related question of any kind can be a specific Hebrew Bible. Hebrew language question.

It can be a question about Jewish practices or beliefs. It can be a question about Israel today ascetic prophecy Jewish background to the New Testament if you're Jewish listener and you don't agree with me about Jesus.

Yeshua wanted tell me why you get my response 866-348-7884 is the number to call recently with the events of Russia's invasion of Ukraine spent a lot of attention drawn to Pat Robertson saying listen what gluten is doing. He's doing by divine compulsion to fulfill prophecy people pointing to Ezekiel 38 and 39 saying this is in the Bible. This is something prophesied and laid out in which case we are in the last moments of the last days is really truth to that, I would look at these passages in Ezekiel 38, 39, with tell us about Russia's invasion of Ukraine again 866-34-TRUTH 87884 before I give you my perspective on that if you missed yesterday's broadcast. Please take the time to watch it to listen to it because of my podcast if you watch our YouTube channel.

Please take the time to check out the Wednesday broadcast March 2 my interview with mail. She's a female to male Christian can actually go from female to male, but put female to male transgender Kelly Nugent known to others as Scott it's it's a must listen it. It really is. Everybody's busy but I'm urging you to take the time especially if you care about the children of this generation is about eye-opening, painful, shocking document absolutely relevant I'm talking about very very courageous, so be sure to check that out and then share it with your friends.

Okay the first thing is putting prophecy aside, people are suffering people hurting people are dying. I was charged one night last week to think what you second so the people are dying that no one thought would be done though that happens every day, but not in large large numbers and innocence city or town is somebody dies unexpectedly.

That happens but otherwise many deaths were expecting some is older someone's been sick but was more so they have all kinds of casualties that you wouldn't have the death rate goes way, way, way up in the how many of those people know the Lord how those people step into eternity. Knowing him and how many step out of this world and return the not knowing of the gravity of it is very intense, so putting prophecy aside, there was humanitarian crisis right now people are dying people hurting and the impact on the globe could be massive. What could come out of this could be massive implications. The potential of World War III, which we discussed week ago. What will the world order look like after this will will it be much of the world against Russia and China, Russia, China and North Korea wrong. Countries like that is is that what's gonna happen as I can be the global shift.

Where is this going to land will talk about Israel's role in all this was there have been request for Israel to moderate intermediate the peace talks, cease-fire talks between Russian leaders and Ukrainian leaders because of Israel's unique relationship with both with so many Jews in both countries, and so much history in both countries and Israel wanted to do what he can to stand with Ukraine as far as humanitarian ways medical help and things like that various food supplies, etc. as opposed to sending weapons because of the situation with Russian Russian Jews, etc. so revisit that in a little while. The first, let's take a look in Ezekiel the 38th chapter Ezekiel chapter 38 you look at it on the Safar real website. We really be looking at our accordance Bible software but were going to because this will bring up some other Jewish sources for us. So the first verse for the drawer that I lightly more word of the Lord came to me rights is a sick speaking, what's the word been done, all mortal or Son of Man simply L Goldberg, carrots, gold the seacoast mesh Expo to fall between Nevaeh love so reading from the new JPS translation all mortal were familiar with Son of Man turn your face toward gold of the land of my gold, the chief prince of Mesha and to fall prophesied against him right so notice, chief prince of Mesha and to fall.

Let's go over to Bible Gateway Bible Let's look up Ezekiel 38 to but let's look it up in all English translations that are carried on Bible Gateway so if you look at the ASV Son of Man set thy face toward Gog, of the land of Margo, the Prince of Roche Mesha and to falseness the Prince of Roche Phuket to amplify the Prince of Roche. If we scroll all the way down to KJV so the sentiments of the Fisk and Scull blend of Margo chief prince of Mesha and to fall if you'll see the vast majority of translations do not say the Prince of Roche, but rather the chief prince of Michigan to balsa mostly the chief prince of Mesha and to ball some limited number of translations say the Prince of Roche Mesha to balsa lift let's just go back over dysphoria for a moment, you'll see. About halfway through the verse. If you could read Hebrew and the sea Roche now that could mean the Prince of Roche and then Roche what's Roche well that must be Russia correct Roche is Russia and also Mesha and to ball or he is the the sea Roche, the chief prince of Mesha and to fall. The vast majority of translations understand that this has to do with gold. Margo so gold. The leader of this land Muggle. What's that was represent is just abstract is just powers of chaos and darkness the end of the age invading Israel.

Revelation 20 puts it after the millennial kingdom when there's a final war and again Revelation sparring all kinds of imagery from the Old Testament, not necessarily in a chronological way of but there will be this entire invasion of Israel and God will fight for Israel. We have it elsewhere, etc. 12 Zechariah 14 double delete deliver Israel from Israel's enemies but is this prophesying that that Russia will be part of leaving the invasion. So first thing is no it's not the right translation is not the Prince of Roche in a row somehow equals Russia but rather the chief prince of Mesha into ball. I just want to pull up for you a rabbinic commentary about Rod Doc Rabbi David Kimsey which is old 800 something years old and for those who can read Hebrew wonderful if not I'm just gonna translate for you.

This is how he understands the sea Roche Mesha to fall.

He says go who Mela Muggle. He is the king of Muggle who Mela stay how a multi-daily Mesha to fall and he is the king of these two peoples Mesha into ball so it is a mistranslation to say, Prince of Roche Roche equals Russia that's number one. Discard that number two. What does this have to do is Russia invading Ukraine even if it was about Russia. Russia is been involved with invading different nations for many many years and expanding its territory for the Soviet Union and all of that you could disable the expansion in the past that was going to go. It's got nothing to do with it Sindona, but if you study it through you see that it's people coming from the north.

Okay. When Jeremiah prophesied Jeremiah 1 and God showed him a vision of destruction coming from the north right so went when that happened. Jeremiah 1 destruction coming from the north that was actually Babylon so I don't get that because Babylon is like. To the east, and even maybe South of Israel and Judah correct, but in order to invade. You had to come all the way up, run the Euphrates River and then come down see you came from the North either you might've been the president mean that you had to be geographically north and then cell phone in Hebrew, North, that was it in an mythological literature, Canaanite literature that was the place where the gods dwelt in cell phone mounts a phone that they dwelt at the top of this of this mountain, so there's a little mounts a phone but in mythology is where the gods dwelt and then in the Bible. Trouble comes from the north it.

It's it's the place of darkness is the place of disaster doesn't even have to be a geographical place, or the Bible say forget the myths but there is destruction. The comes from the north and for Israel and Judah invading nations measure each of coming from the south or for philistines from from the Southwest otherwise eat you be coming down from the north, even if geographically you were just Easter even south you come around Euphrates and commensal.

The idea that somehow these prophecies relate to Russia's invasion of Ukraine in less civil was given supernatural insight and was told by the Lord that this can lead to this which is really to this, which can lead to this one's ability to this was going to lead to eventually Ezekiel 3839 if we take them literally which I do, even if the symbolism in them.

Ultimately it's it's a little more. This can happen at the end of the age there. There is nothing in the text to connect these I for the life of me I don't get it. With all respect to Pat Robertson about the sins to bash him but I see no possible connection. By the way, when you look up scholarly commentary on gold Muggle there's there's a lot of discussion in terms of who gold was in the past represented in the future what will be, but Mesha into ball appears one cultural background, turn the Old Testament. At the end of the century. These two Anatolian kingdoms ravaged by internal warfare conquered by Sargon on the second of Assyria invaded by the covariance from southern Russia so they are not Russia Michigan to ball without Russia they were Anatolian. Today, we equate that with parts of Turkey, and in those kinds of areas but but not Russia there so so Mesha into ball without even rush it. In any case is just is no connection if you want to come calling and argue for and present your case is whether connection for module 866-34-TRUTH but is no connection zero connection and I've no idea what people think there is a connection as being candid figure because we come back to the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by: 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown locomotive friends like sick and thoroughly Jewish Thursday, that happens not the end of the world. She will get back in the next segment, but it is like what your horrid tissues get shifted because you're ready for the Jewish music that reminded was their leaders. There is a rich budget. It's Thursday and you like what day is it is well maybe listen a different day.

Listen live. It's Thursday, March 3, 2022 2022.

Christ 866-34-TRUTH 87884 by crazy I mean it's just crazy how time really does fly. Sometimes it feels like it's standing still. Who thousand feels like it's fine but I think back 50 years and I got saved Wintergreen to be here 50 years later, no way no how Jesus is coming any minute. How Lindsay's book late great planet Earth lays everything out.

It's there, the prophecies being felt the good part about likely planet Earth. It made many people realize the bottles relevant the Bible speaks to our day. The Bob's on antiquated, on the other hand, what the anticipated stuff didn't happen on schedule with the next people wonder if the Bible is true relevant so I do believe the Bible speaks very definitely to the day in which reliving, but not primarily by pinpointing the headlines, not primarily by the identifying cold with a plague from the book of Revelation or today's events in Russia and Ukraine with the book of Ezekiel chapters 30 and 39 Knollwood speaks to us by showing us who God is showing us how we should live speaking words that are relevant to each generation and then the closer we get to the final generation things will become even more and more relevant zipper how we do know well as it unfolds will know.

Until then, no reason to speculate hasn't help us help it. Even if you could find this in the Bible which was awfully can and it may be onto something massively bigger and then there may be exponential change in the next 10 years. And then Jesus may return the barring something like that which case it will get clearer and clearer. How does it help with the crisis right now how does it help people suffering hasn't help us respond prophecies often given future prophecy to teach us how to live today 866-34-TRUTH 87884 by the way, if you were listening. Our life feed on radio, you would've heard two consecutive ads for partner Dr. Mark Spengler and his wonderful health supplements of it somehow played twice a look and make sure to remind you go to vitamin check out the wonderful health substance of their you do it you cancel it healthily at the supplements in or let them help you along with eating healthily. Great great thing to do and so many just relate to everyone all different walks of life and memory get a special discount on user code and then in turn, Dr. Steadman makes a donation to our ministry to help us reach more people.

So it's win-win when as you do it, okay I'm straight to the phones and will come back. Look at biblical texts a bit more of let's go to Jasmine in Miami Florida. Thanks for calling the line of fire around grafting town Walla Walla dear God bless you, thank you. Can and I am not apologetic. I had taken about it in my community and that I've spoken with Brad. I feel he had that well-known rabbi at one of the eight immunity and I would challenge you look at Scripture and admit the Scripture that they felt depicted at the Christian faith should not worship G that and leaking out of the Revelation 1910, and depending on the version that you me when essentially Dragon As a way to think that and that God alone is worship and share and that he emigrated. Meaning he didn't create that he is not God and that your only choose worship. Father God. That's not you can give me a Christian and you first.

It's a most bizarre interpretations of ever heard say that Jesus is the spirit of prophecy means he's the essence of the spirit of the prophets who prophesied about him. That's what needs that that the whole purpose of prophecy is to point to Jesus right so if you think of spirit as is essence here the test and in this essay. Jesus is the spirit of the part of the testimony of Jesus telling the story of Jesus is the whole spirit of prophecy. So first is it's completely butchering the reading any translations.

I it's the testimony of Jesus. Its bearing witness to him which is what the prophets are about to so that's the first thing complete misinterpretation or secondly, the reason that the angel refuses worship is because the angel is not God but go back with me to Revelation chapter 5 okay Revelation chapter 5 and let's start in verse nine to the 24 elders others.

They sang a new song same worthy are you to the Lamb of God to Jesus to take the scroll and to open its seals, for you were slain by your blood ransomed you progressive people of God goes on then verse 11, Revelation 511 then I looked and I heard around the throne and the living creatures and the elders.

The voice of many angels. Memory myriads of myriads and thousands of thousands, saying with a loud voice, worthy is the Lamb who was slain to receive power and wealth and wisdom and might and honor and glory and blessing. Now get this. And I heard every creature in heaven and on earth and under the earth and in the sea and all that is in them, saying to him who sits on the throne and to the Lamb be blessing and honor and glory and might forever and ever. And the four living creatures and a man and the elders fell down and worshiped, so it doesn't get any clearer than that. That everything in creation worships the father and the son and that he is worthy of our worship so you don't bow down to a man or to any created being the fact that they fall down and worship the Lamb proves his divinity because you only do that for deity. You don't do that for an angel or for a man so that that that's one of the best verses to use that completely demolishes their own position because you said why would say worship God and then for the spirit of for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.

If not for the fight that he is God.

That's the whole point. Not only so if you looking Revelation chapter 1 right. Revelation chapter 1 when you scroll down in that chapter. You have relation 18 I am the Alpha and the Omega, says the Lord, who is and who was and who is to come, the Almighty, so Alpha and Omega. That's the first to last, the beginning and the end be like the a and Z right is Revelation 18 when you so that's that's the father speaking that's God speaking. When you get down to Revelation chapter 22 now Jesus is speaking. Beginning in verse 12. Behold, I'm coming soon, bringing my recompense with me to repay each one for these none. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end.

So a complete identification with his father in ways that this can only be said about God, the beginning and end the first of the last that can only be said about God's revelation is the last place they want to go to try to disprove the deity of Jesus, you are truly you are very very welcome yeah you threw me a real nice slow ball to hit out of the parking.

That's that's that shocking questions that shocking because different ones will use all kinds of impossible arguments to try to refute her position. We just have demolished the mistruths of thank you for the call.

Much appreciated. 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Tamra and Stafford, Texas. Welcome to the line of fire.

Like all I really appreciate your free hand here show Aramark Scripture. I have a question concerning the new covenant and the covenant of the estimate or any act accurately around, therefore covenant that God made no Abraham a covenant that Mosaic covenant and the debate when Jesus came and died for our stand.

We were given a new covenant on better promises. Now my question is not which of the old covenant.

Get a new covenant come in to play that which one did it come to a plate and, if I am thinking absolutely yeah and if it gained. I don't think anyone can hide Abraham, and it felt like Jewish followers of Jesus are obligated to continue beautiful questions, just like Leslie's. This is such excellent question.

So yes read Jeremiah 31 versus 31 to 34 which is then quoted in full in Hebrews 8 and insurer form later.

This is the longest straight passage quoted anywhere in the New Testament it's Jeremiah 31 versus 31 to 34 God explicitly speaks of the Sinai covenant or as you refer to it of this to the Mosaic covenant explicitly speaks to that and says you broke that and obviously Israel is going to continue to fall short under that God set the standards, Israel continues to fall short judgments become so God says the new covenant will not be like the form one and this time on to write the laws in your heart. So rather than saying do this, but not empower you to a minute give you the power to live differently and I'll forgive your sins will remember them anymore so absolutely that was the new and better covenant replaces mosaic of many of the same laws are written on your heart but your precise question is the right one. The Abraham a covenant was given before and that goes back to Genesis 17.

Circumcision therefore is that still apply to say the land promises that apply. Usually this confuses obligated to circumcise their boys on the eighth day they cut off the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown got on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

We have a breakdown with a sick on thoroughly drew through the guys don't worry about it. On the last segment we will does not have it but not sure that I was waiting for the federal and as we transition from skillets resistance into leaders Thursday music but there must be a computer issue so we we move on.

Undaunted, welcome to the broadcast friends.

Thanks for joining us. 866-348-7848 6634. Truth is the number to call okay of Israel is in a very delicate situation when it comes to Russia and Ukraine because Israel is always thinking first about Jews around the world, at its own country and Jews around the world. If we do this, what happens to the Jewish population in France and England and America. In Russia what happens in Ukraine. What are the consequences. So it's always balancing that feeling of responsibility for world jury and not wanting to act responsibly in a way that could cause pain and suffering for Jews in other parts of the world so if Israel says okay we can send our weapons into Ukraine which many of us would want them to do with the level technology and the weapons that Israel has him submit an import from America but that would further inflame things with Russia to the point of potentially endangering many of the Jews living there is still substantial populations but is approved.

Israel remains a substantial population in Russia up.

They don't want to abandon the people of Ukraine in general and in the Jews within Ukraine.

So thus far from my understanding they been trying to work behind the scenes to get the leaders together to broker a cease-fire while sending in doctors, medical supplies, acute humanitarian supplies to do the best they can to care for people on the ground but that's when I saw that Prime Minister Naftali Bennett politely told Pres. Zielinski's are. We can send weapons that some of the dynamic to it, whether right or wrong. Best decision versus is very hard to say when lots of things have to be weighed out most of us. I would imagine our sympathies are very clearly with Ukraine and I just got level reactions okay send whatever weapons we need to push Russia back in time. You just can't do this. You can't just march into another sovereign nation and do this and if you try the penalties when I can let you do what Hitler did in the past take over this country. This country this country than all of Europe is threatened in the world's potentially threaten rock like that happen, on the other hand you do that it may provoke something much bigger, which would lead to even more loss of life. So you save a few thousand lives here and you cost if you really live somewhere else so it's the newsreel of wisdom.

There needs to be a lot of wisdom we need to pray for leaders to have letters over but I didn't vote for Joe Biden, either. I am not pleased with many, many, many of Pres. Biden's policies and statements and things like that, although you don't hear me bring it up on the air every day because my goal here is not to dispute conservative voice bashing Biden or praising Republicans. That's so while on the air. So I'm here but II want Joe Biden president bind to do the right thing. I'm praying that he will praying the color given wisdom and the gobble will restrain human suffering. We know there's war and conflict.

That's just part of this world. Tragically, human beings doing that of human beings, but anyway I meant I didn't mean to go off on that and leave Tamra hanging with the question want to come).

Joe just got caught up in in the moment. Okay so so number one I do not believe there is an obligation of circumcision on Jewish believers in Jesus and their sons as if if you do not circumcise them, you were cut off from the people because we are now not simply physical descendents of Abraham or by intermarriage and some points married into being physical descendents, but first and foremost in Messiah. We are spiritual dissent. So yes I am a Jew in terms of my ethnic identity, and my religious history but on first and foremost in the Messiah, and a brother and sister with other believers in Jesus either a Jew or Gentile. I believe that it is a good thing and a right thing in the way of ongoing identification that is very positive and in the whole messianic Jewish community that's practiced in many Jewish believers in Jesus words would practice it, even in churches, but I don't believe there's an obligation. I believe we stand in a different relationship to the law into that covenant so it's it's a reminder it's a good thing it's it's part of our tradition and history but I don't look at it as obligatory somewhat different with me on that. But I feel quite sure that Jews through history that came to faith in churches and kind of left a lot of Jewish identity hi, I'm quite sure that they didn't lose out on salvation or knowing the Lord because they simply thought that was part of the old that you say it predates the Sinai covenant.

Therefore, I do believe it's it's a positive right godly thing but not an obligation so hope that answers your question though I went with the labor requirement to be baptized by you don't get back from day no no thanks for for pressing deeper. If you refuse to be baptized as a believer I question what are you really a believer because you are casting off the most fundamental commandment to a believer.

What believe and be baptized repent and be baptized, to refuse to do that is out of not having opportunity for being ignorant but you refuse to do that.

I question whether that person belongs to the Lord. If they hold out refuse to do it. I question that they can call you sure Lord where circumcision is not a New Testament command and Paul makes explicit in first Corinthians 7.

Galatians 6 the source of salvation.

It does not matter either way absolutely does not matter either way. Paul's very explicit on that efforts were Gentile. There is no requirement, so I'd encourage you to check out first within seven starting around verse 16, 17, and then Galatians 6 chapter 8.

Thank you again for the call.

Much appreciated. 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Josh in Ohio. Thanks for holding welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Brown, my uncle. He is kind of getting into the anti-somatic area because he talks about how all that you nowadays than from the cart cop cars like kingdom and that that you know all of the leading individuals in the upper echelons of society are Jewish and that how they troll and run the world and this is a man that I lived with her pretty much my whole life while and I love them and he's probably one of the light of the guys that I know what Scripture and you know my bike. My question is that how do I you have any references of material that I yeah sure, of course, of course, so you have of my book. Her hands were stained with blood, no okay. The new addition to that I address many of these things, the myth of dissent from the house ours, which is been refuted over and over again and now with DNA of things like that that and and some of the other major myths about the Jewish people to say what I want to do that in my book Christian anti-Semitism. They have lots and lots of references so you're going to take the time to sit down, learn these for yourself.

Look up the references that we have in the footnotes and things like that you take the time to do that and incidentally your father correct okay so here's a limited want to send you those two books is a gift and you can even tell you that the author these books is radio host sent them for fruit. The two of you to go through.

Now some of the material in the books is not directly relevant to these questions, but I take the key anti-Semitic lies in the being circulated today. I take on those key lies and then I address them forthrightly in his books and then II make reference to other books online articles you can look up for free other resources from other authors.

You can buy. So which one do is go to those relevant chapters and in our hands were stained with blood. You'll find lies lies lies. It's one of the few chapters, but flip through to find it easily enough same Christian anti-Semitism, and like I said, you will have both the.

The facts within the book and then okay Deb.

Let's let's read this online resource together. It's also worth asking your your your dad different.

Did you ever see the movie further on the roof that ever see that you think know I know I've never you've never seen okay so it if you verse you haven't seen it though. Some seen it it it shows Jews in terrible poverty situations like they were in East Europe Russia in centuries past and the pogroms where there attacked and have to flee to another country.

This is been Jewish existence in many parts the world for many centuries, impoverished, outcast the whole idea that Jews control the world or Jews control economies. Like many Jews, it was in the high places in America. China is a superpower resave the Jews control China used a start throwing the Vatican's dozens influence to the Jews control the Vatican.

The phenomenon when Jews are being slaughtered around the world. Where's all the Jewish control of of all the world you have to expose some of the craziness of it that we deal with because our myth and we blow that out of the motor and some of these others so here's what to do Josh stay right there. Grayson is going get your contact info and then we are going to send you our hands or stand with blood and Christian anti-Semitism, take the time to read the relevant chapters look up the relevant references and then you can sit with you, dad go through these things and separate myth from fact hey friends, this is only going to get worse lies about Israel and the Jewish people, at least during this season or we can get worse. I'm frankly surprised that Jews were not scapegoated more in Israel is not scapegoated more for covert because primarily when you need a scapegoat. We need to blame Sue by the Jews get blamed that happened in the black plague where no massive populations were wiped out in a large percentage.

The third of populations for just people dying and Jews.

Following typical quarantine five traditions didn't die and has high number still died just to start it just wasn't well crazy stuff like that. So there was some scapegoating that is not expected all right will bring tactics more calls. 6634 truth the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown Thursday broadcast the Jewish music today, 866-348-7884. Again, I just will you be prospective and go back to the phones because the Jewish people have been without a homeland for much of her history. Actually, most of our history. If you think of it right, you can scholars date the Exodus from Egypt and in the conquest of Canaan. Some put it in the late 15th century. So 1400s others about two centuries after that. But let let's just say this to say that the Jewish people or people of Israel were in the promised land. It's just give, Max figure from us 1500 years until the destruction of the second Temple then some years after that scattering out of Jerusalem.

Let's just get babbling. Exodus is 1500 your.

Most of our history we been out of the land. We've always had a remnant of people small numbers of people. Sometimes large numbers but in terms of that being the national homeland and then under Jewish sovereign control that's been an even shorter period of time so we been scattered. We been persecuted. We've been rejected. We been exiled from other countries, killed so it's natural that a lot of things are seen through the lens of how does this affect us this and the Jewish question this politician get selected has an effect of book in a similar way, many black Americans who have only in a shorter period of our history had full voting rights and full rights as citizens and equal opportunities, etc. that's the shorter part of African history in America. The longer part was deprivation and equality. Things like that slavery different parts the country worse other parts better, but is ring natural that African-Americans will still be okay if this person is like to has that effect. My people has affect our community and we all do that on a certain level and evangelical Christian of this most like to has affect me, but Jews have done is historically in a worldwide way because of all right as affect us.

That's bottom on so it's understandable that the Russia Ukraine conflict were so many Jews have lived in some of the Jews have died in some of the atrocious were horrific ways over the centuries. How does it affect us, and what's the alchemy. How should we as people of Israel be involved. So that's why things are sifted through through that were seen through that grid 866-34-TRUTH let's go to Josh and Saginaw, Michigan. Walking to the line of fire. Will Josh be there if I am hi Dr. Brown yeah go ahead. I have a question clinically out of the English standard version as of an errant's account of Leviticus 16, eight, and Aaron fell over to go warm up for the Lord in 14 of the evil. I was curious I've looked up a lot about it and goes into you know, maybe some people think it a Hebrew demonic goats kind of thing out of. With your take on this so and humorous is also sale which you gave a good shot read in English. There are students translations with a scapegoat right. What is it mean some have argued that etymologically, it is the A's the goat that assaults that escapes and then it's the goat that escapes which comes into English. The short form scapegoat right the a scapegoat is the scapegoat and then we get the. The larger idiomatic understanding that that's the one that gets the blame and the bad stuff and so on scapegoating so that goes in some way so there are different arguments.

One is that that's what it means. Etymologically, it is the goat that escapes and that's that's all that the word means the other interpretation is that also sale is a demonic figure and we know, for example, if you go to all say the book of Isaiah chapter 33 you'll find reference or 34 and 13 chapters will you'll find reference to animals in the wilderness and then some. It seems are not just animals but but demonic creatures, as is a 3413 Thorne show Grover strongholds metals and thistles since fortresses attribute the heart of jackals and about for ostriches and wild animal shall be with hyenas.

The wild cultural crime was fellow in the there the night bird settles there.

The owl nest inlays and hatches, etc. the Hawks are gathered, others translate at least one of those words is like a night demon or a Seder supply that's part demon part animal so that these the spiritual creatures are depicted in the Hebrew Bible. The problem is there's no way that there could be a sacrifice to demons. That's not possible, so what would have to mean is that because this animal is now unclean right when you lay hands on it and lays hands on with the high priestly Tesla confesses it over all the sins and transgressions of the nation right and then it sent out into the wilderness. Is it sent out to us as well, meaning because it is unclean and full of sin it goes out into the dark place to the demons or to the specific demon because the unclean is going to the unclean. In this way, Israel is purged that the problem would be if there's any notion that a sacrifice would be made to a demon which would be completely contrary to biblical law, but that's that is one of the arguments that scholars give that it was sent out to this demonic power in the wilderness and that was the way of banishing sin from the nation, and it could it could well be true to it could well be what it means, but it's debatable. That's interesting at such a major thing and it's of debatable, but we don't know for sure. Now let me just grab one other note for you so I'm undergo to the IVP Bible background commentary diversity press Bible background commentary.

You can actually get culture, turn the Bible and it gives extensive Old Testament, New Testament background, just in in that that one text but I'm just going to go over to Leviticus 16 and also sale 16 eight the Hebrew word translated scapegoat is also sale this translation results in dividing the Hebrew word into two words an unlikely solution.

The gate the goat that escapes this is unlikely since verse eight identifies one goat as for Yahweh and the other goat.

As for us to sell is most consistent to consider also sale a proper name, probably of a demon, early Jewish interpreters have the same standing as is demonstrated in the book of Enoch, second century BC.

The goat is not sacrifice to also sale consistent with 1770 Leviticus, which is don't sacrifice to demons, but released to us a sale. Verse 26 Babylonians believed in all blue demons that lived in the desert wasteland and this may be a similar concept in Ebola tablets. There is a an ever tablets there's a purification rite from mausoleum using a goat which is then released into the step country, but I just want to read Leviticus 17 72 you, which had to get to the right screen here of Leviticus 17 seven is very explicit and it says there is 17 seven so they shall never sacrifice the sacrifices to go demons, after whom they horror shall be a statute forever for them throughout the generation.

So for sure this was not a sacrifice to demon, but it could have been released to this demon in the wilderness representing uncleanness and this is where Duncans goes less point by the time of Jesus from what we can tell Jews had change the tradition so that the goat was was beaten and then driven off a cliff so it would actually die, but that was not originally what happened. Thank you so much for coming part. Dr. Brown marketed originator, you bet you bet my joy to be of help yeah and and by the way a lot of people like more dogmatic answers right can give them. I give where I have them. I have them where scholars have debated things for centuries where religious leaders have debated things for centuries. Sometimes he considers this view and this is for you and were not entirely sure how someone so short that they may think they're sure I okay on skillet share for my heart these last couple minutes. It is very frustrating, as I'm sure you know to have knowledge of an expert level in a particular subject to hear someone who has no real knowledge on that subject.

Get up and talk and to see that masses of people follow the misinformation much of a debatable issue on the talk about scholars way it in how humans go one way or another and no I'm I'm talking about the moon is made of Swiss cheese.

And if you study of the find out there's a message the way it shifts the message each month rest during the full moon and you're sitting there is an astronomer with a PhD in astronomy who lectures a leading university and you hear the stuff you think who he believes is that you think get all of the videos gone viral. And now there's the Swiss cheese moon theories. The tell. So I had to live with it with certain biblical laws for decades. You had to live with it. In other areas when you're in the know.

But you just can't snuff out all the error that's the reality sweetie put out the truth put out the truth is always good to be deception, lies, misinformation. That's the reality. But to the extent we put out the truth by the truth.

We won't be deceived, and will help others not be deceived, and then we leave the rest to the Lord. Mark April 14 on your calendar April 14 more to tell you I said put a mark by April 14. In the meantime, read Esther 414, Esther 414 another program powered by the Truth Network

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