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A Male-to-Female Transgender Shouts A Warning About Transitioning Children.

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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March 2, 2022 5:45 pm

A Male-to-Female Transgender Shouts A Warning About Transitioning Children.

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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March 2, 2022 5:45 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 03/02/22.


The following is a prerecorded program. My guest today and I have a lot that we disagree on. But we are absolutely passionate when it comes to the subject of kids being transitioned time for the light a fire with your host biblical scholar and cultural commentator Dr. Michael Brown your voice for more savvy and spiritual clarity called 866-34-TRUTH to get him a lot of fire and now there's your host Dr. Michael Brown friends and this is going to be a tremendous eye-opener. My guest and I can spend hours and hours and hours during our differences about the Bible about God, about sexual morality about homosexuality about transgender issues for adults, etc. but there's something that unites us together and I want to read the beginning of an article. This came out February 9 of 2021 so arrearage amount need balance when it comes to gender dysphoric kids. I would know and the author Scott Nguyen who I've gotten to know is Kelly and this is this is what Kelly writes I am a 48-year-old transgender man. I was thrilled when the medical community, told me six years ago that I could change from a woman to a man I was informed about all the wonderful things that would happen due to medical transition, but all the negatives were glossed over. Since then I've suffered tremendously, including seven surgeries pulmonary embolism and induced stress, heart attacks, sepsis 17 month recurring infection.

16 rounds of antibiotics three weeks of daily IV antibiotics are reconstructive surgery, long heart and bladder damage, insomnia, hallucinations, PTSD $1 million in medical expenses, loss of home, car, career and marriage. All this and yet I cannot see the surgeon responsible in part because there is no structured tester or widely accepted baseline for transgender health care and this is what has made my desk so I absolutely passionate about the subject of transitioning kids so we been joking. Hey, just a reminder, no profanity on the air and then for me. The request was no speaking in tongues and we been joking about our many many differences, but in point of fact, I don't know a more passionate voice on the planet today than the voice of this individual. Most know Scott. I've known as Kelly and NRL all want to give maximum time to just ask a few questions and and let my guest speak with absolute freedom.

So, thanks. Thanks so much for taking time to join me on the air today Michael, no problem. Okay.

All right.

That's the anti-profamily button of the row that I like okay, great. So here's what happened. You ended your article you list. It's medically documented is that you two years to get someone in mainstream media to publish her story and you document especially dangerous with kids. It's it's irrefutable scientifically continues to look all join with anyone. These evangelicals left right for this cause I reached out to you. We then dialogue pastor differences or areas of commonality, so first your own experience you detailed that there but painted a broader picture of what you have lived through and how little warning you were given about what you were getting into your note in that article I did stay at the end everybody needs to come to interact explain why we need to for kids but you didn't say that when you first reach out to me. I kind of told you to go pound sand member yeah will initiate a great and then you found out who I was and then you tell me to go pound sand show that it it weighed on me for couple of days and like how can I write an article like that in the first person that reaches out the attic you so yeah that was ever our starting it's it's hard right it even I don't agree on a lot of things but I think it our friendship over last year. We realize that we do. At any rate, I'm quite infused things, but super important things we doubt. But you're right we meet we need to separate this we need to separate our differences for kids.

The separation of the communities is the reason why were medically transitioning kids you know I talk about the politicians all the time that Dick try to one community tries to bring it up but when one community brings out to not medically transitioning kids. There's too many holes for that big word get circled around. Unfortunately, as soon as bigot comes in into that.

The scope and as soon as there's a Christian or still is there's a conservative.

Nobody listens so that's what's happening only people are talking about medically transitioning kids are people like you and the other right wing conservative people and it's weird in our society that we can't just go ahead. I don't agree with Michael on this promise what I do so it doesn't matter if you're right or wrong and and unfortunately you're right this time. No reason to say no you and who suffering kids and look there is we all recognize common humanity and shared values and know when there is a famine in the restored nominee or crisis. Another part of road we don't know. Ask first what are they Muslims the atheists the Christians know those people suffering and we come to give us this is one of these common humanity issues. Where were we do come together as we got to know each other. When you reach out to me. If my wife I called with checking to see how we were doing.

I've asked about your health. So we care about each other as fellow human beings, which is Milosevic in our differences, we want to love our neighbors are self comes to the kids. It's it's outrageous. It's a moral was going on. Like I said I don't know a more passionate voice that than yours bringing this forward. So just take a few minutes though to paint a picture when you felt that transition was the right thing for you to do as an adult much warning read. Given how much explanation is this, as we went out wire. Is this common know I was in my transition journey is actually very common across we'll talk about this but don't give people air that have had bad transitions but I transition solely because of homophobia. I was realize how homophobic I was. I was in a relationship with one that I married, that was it your very very strict Catholic and growing up I never really fit in right and a lot of kids feel like they don't fit in, but I had a whole bunch of comorbidities right attracted to girls.

You know I was. I was skipped and in levels of the risk that the note gifted election. Anything going on on top of. I had other things that I had to deal with, so for me I was a year and half younger than everybody else in school wasn't the same. I just did not connect with with It's so growing up, I desperately wanted to fit in and everybody wants to fit in and when I first started thinking about this.

I remember a conversation I had with my uncle I was probably about nine years old.

He said what you want for Christmas and I said well I want to be a boy and he looked at me and said well that can happen.

You want an Atari that yellow metal dip but the reason why so many girls are transitioning because we are not talking about what happens in puberty. What what happens in puberty with almost all girls is at some period of time there that I say to themselves, and I wish it was boy man I wish I was there so many things that we still hold stringent on a girls that every woman that walks the planet.

At one point or another has thought that you, I wish I was a man, think so. That was always in the back of my head and I was in business sales in IE. I never really looked like a butch lesbian.

I mean, I went to finishing school twice because I failed that was a great phone call from my grandma.

You failed so I learned how to be a woman.

I was never an overtly butch woman but again very alpha and so alpha females are not really appreciated. And so I felt different. As an adult to an when I started to see Jazz Jennings started watching her show and I and I saw Jenner and I saw the sink to start clicking in the back my mind will make maybe I am and I just kept running things in my head like that would always save you do that so much like a mailed you purchased your mail, trapped in a females body like your womanhood is so confined and so I made an appointment without the therapist happened to be a trans woman therapist, I felt no comfortable going there and I'll never ever ever forget this because it's a pivotal time of one of the first things that she said to me was how long have you been dressing like a man down. I looked up in hindsight I had female slacks on I had a Yugoslav blouse. I had hearings on the makeup. I was in and to sue your trailer out note flyers around. I had let I was wearing male attire right. She was just trying to connect to maybe feel better about herself right.

So remember, when she said that I looked down and up and I felt so stupid that everybody else had known but me. It was like at that point I was like I was born robotic and then the fantasy came in in in.

After that, like you let family will extent me if they don't know and I just transitioned like living in society. Straight is always whole face became in this fantasy that when I got your in a fit of it kind of projected into medical transitioning and then every doctor that I went I went to a gynecologist and and he said to me if you've been tested for intersects you have like a job or something like that. Every step of the way had medical people saying yet yet yet, I went to the therapist and said to me well you know what's the difference in and finishing your surgeries now, or doing it in a year from now you could be some kind of somebody that younger transgender people can look up to. So everything was all the authorities in in this. Even I was four years old. All the authorities only.

There was something wrong with me when I accepted that I was able to jump into this fantasy and that fantasy is something that feeds and feeds and feeds and feeds and feet and tell about 7010 years after medical transition, and then you get into what's called the trance of suicide, which was is that 70 tenure suicide. It's that nobody talks about the only long-term study tells us that the whole BS of your better and alive daughter than it in a dead son is absolutely BS is only one long-term study to follow trance for 30 years from 1973 to 203 and they found exactly what every trans owner trans I've ever talked to is that it's a fantasy it's a process and one process leads to another when I have start testosterone for better when I have my tops or drills better when I had this all feel better when people stop using wrong pronouns. When this will happen when that'll happen when that happened. When you finish all of it you Kyle Hendrix. And so it is at that point you kinda go well affect all these health issues. It didn't fix anything and now I have to still fix everything on the inside but now I have more problems. I fit even last so that was my major extraordinary. I'm just going to jump in for a moment here. We got a break. I appreciate your candor and I know you told your story number times publicly. Even though you'd rather not put your shouting out so others will hear more focus and will lead us to have no so fast. His wife is medical friends so the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown on the line of fire by: 866-34-TRUTH Dr. Michael Brown.

Imagine coming your way coming out of my program, but exposing a lot of myths in terms of transgender activism. This is somebody does not just have personal experience, but is done massive research and is demolishing the arguments of other trance activists with truth and with science so you mention in your Newsweek article: there is no structured, tested or widely accepted baseline for transgender health care for 42-year-old enough of many minors embarking on medical transition in record numbers is not trance phobic or discriminatory to discuss this. We as a society need to fully understand what were encouraging our children to do the body. So here you're speaking as an adult over the pain of what you've done and and how you were not adequately informed comes to kids it's far, far worse, but it is this proven science or is there a experimentation going on. No medical transition is experimental. The hormones are experimental security blockers are experimental surgeries are experimental. The only thing that's not experimental is his top surgery so I got sick after my bottom surgery and I went to the doctor by the name of Dr. Chris Crane, who moved to Texas. Now Dr. Chris Crane had nine medical malpractice cases in the state of California was banned from conducting surgery in San Francisco. If you read his is his staff what he is done were not just talk about an extra infection were talking colostomy bags for life were talking some really serious stuff that this guy did well he goes to Texas and Texas has a tort Reform Act, which means that you can't sue or it's very hard to super experiment procedures. If an attorney or takes it on have to create that baseline. If that's not there in a second $10 million yelp process to do so when I got really sick and when I had a 17 month reoccurring bacterial infections awful. I mean, I knew I was dying I knew I was in an inning in the ER. The doctors either will laugh when you know the laughter or nobody cared and I couldn't think my whole logic in my brain when you have a really bad infections. Mika told Peter that about a wet paper bag not you. So it was all these things combined where I I'm set 17 kn with 6 inches of hanger going in the inside of my urethra.

So think about this way you save you get like a little ingrown hair right.

I had those all for my urethra.

I was in pain, screaming, and I've passed out from pain. I'm not I had a month-long IV antibiotics that didn't clear it but nobody knew what to do for me and the only thing that I could do was go back to the surgeon that hurt me in the first place. Well, I wasn't to go back to him is after I did some research I figured this guy is a is is a rainbow bursar column honey and heat flying solo. He's gone to Texas which Texas is the new hub. By the way up for transgender health for children and it's because of the tort Reform Act, but let's go a little bit further affect your governor's campaign is almost fully funded by gender clinics, gender surgeons, the scum of the earth. People that that were doing appendectomies for two and maybe $200,000 year are now making millions because they just got a little side business plastic surgery. They know that nobody can assume they know that you know their given money to cure your invalid evangelical Christians to have its history is a wonderful Christian guy right he's funded by transgender people and that is the hub that is of transgender care keys are often three or four no medically transitioning kid bills just threw off the table like five days after he accepted $250,000 from a gender clinic instead all you know what we just need to when you love everybody. We need to accept everybody will know it's not that it's because there's a financial terms what you guys need to hold people like this countable and in the next week. Here is trying to bring an abortion bill which side you want. Do so we have this experimental procedure. I finally figured out what was wrong with me and it was it was the worst part of my life was when they figured out what was wrong with me. I know that sounds terrible but I had lost everything right everything and I don't think people understand that workers underwear to my name. I can't go back into business sales because I'm too I'm to on the Internet. So I do a little small little job I find most the stuff on my website. It's crazy. But for me I can't sit still, knowing what's happening to these kids and that's actually what saved me, which was helping me come back getting a note getting back person that I was was when I started to steam what they were doing with children and that 17 months that it was dying. I read everything you possibly can read on medical transition. Each level was a lot. Oh my God oh my God oh my God yelp talk about W path which is a basically slow speed of the baseline for careful for transgender people right has never held up in a court of law anywhere in the world never.

There's no long-term studies, we have no clue what puberty blockers Oregon do these kids but the people that that came up with puberty blockers Lupron was sued in 2003 and deemed credible criminal enterprise by US government that if a 874 million move more than a company that that did OxyContin. They paid more than that, but somehow that they can't they can't write a $10 million check you studies on on. Blockers for kids know they can't.

They know if they did that. Blockers for kids. Altogether, no Dr. gender that we got yeah that city I'm in a sign that so it's experimental it's not approved by the by the FDA were seeing early-onset osteoporosis 19-year-old a minute and 19-year-olds suicide note. Parents daintily basically said mom, dad, why did you let me do this.

I was just a gay boy, I I my dating post is cut by 99%.

Early-onset osteoporosis I can't have kids. I'm ostracized on the outside. Now I'm in the wrong body and he shot himself in the head, where are those where are those new stands and you're right. Every time I come on your people are gonna tear me up Jeremy at feminist area evangelical Character Map transparently up no get a people trek everybody does what here's here's the good part. Nothing to lose and I really don't care. So for me it's about truth. It's the fact that you blockers are causing major, major problems to kids. But notice talking about that because that's red velvet right strand phobic. There's just so many things that people really don't understand those.

Blockers by way Michael had an eight times higher profit margin and when those are prescribed to two adults that was that that medication was prescribed to adults that were dying that were gonna die within a month or two to extend their life a little bit.

It wasn't made to fix anything you know and so when they write that scripture to that child and adult. The revenue generated is $4400 for one child a year on its $55,000 per child or to an adult yelp so people don't belittle don't know that they don't know that once you you do this your body I will be at the beck and call of synthetic hormones for the rest of my life and and a person that started 19 and goes until $61.3 million goes to Pharma there is not an entity or corporation that has ever sat and looked at $1 billion and said yeah but I could go down that road now. Here's what there's saying, listen more to get protected because you have the rainbow unicorn parts and nuclear bombs to stand behind us anytime anybody says a thank just yelled through your core part, but it may have been a big and then we have other people are scared lose their jobs. The only people that are bringing it forward are evangelicals and people like that. Unfortunately, as soon as evangelical system LG gears goes so it's it's a perfect marketing scheme that they have so we we want, we wouldn't really focus on some of the issues with kids and again just to be candid you been on my show and you basically saying hey will you be confused with you just didn't accept yourself as a lesbian, etc. were even recognizing that city roughly 80% may be a better figure of kids who identifies trends before puberty. If you just let them live normally won't identify after majority may identify as gay that work without Brad arguing that disputing that was whatsoever were were were time of the area of commonality we have, but I assure you that a lot of folks listening and viewing have great compassion for you and and yet they will take the warning and run with it in the right way but for use in individuals will have compassion for you and in one of the things that that we've always sought to model the midst of our differences know it's the agenda. I've always felt with and the people of always try to reach out to his care and with compassion. We got a break coming up. You mention your your website. It is candid. It is salty. It is just laying everything out there again with science and was passion so if they want out if our folks want to follow what you're doing or get more information. What's the best place for them to go to my website its TRE voices pray witnesses that sucker went from 50 hits a month. Last month we had over 21,000 hits a month and is so TRE voices for an initial article is where you stand today is the name Scott so well for his I will know that this is the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown on the line of fire by calling 866343. Dr. Michael Brown is not missed naming her dead baby's two friends with a common cause of the midst of a whole lot of differences, but our common humanity are common care, especially for kids in our common opposition to madness the sweeping society that that's hurting destroying the lives of young people, and then they can't fix it when they realize what happened. They can't fix it. That's what brings us together of the website to find out more is TRE tree voices.Lord keep reading from your article, you say, here's what I could not comprehend before transitioning so this was in your 40s is a woman transitioning to mail the switch want to do what I honestly believe no child is capable of consenting to and each link is a hyperlink in the Newsweek article and click on it and get the documentation decreased life expectancy increased risk of premature death from heart attacks and pulmonary embolism bone damage possible will endeavor to increase mental health complications increase chances of roots in dribs and drabs higher suicide rates in non-trans population, 12% higher trends the non-trans-population to develop symptoms of psychosis, chance of stunted brain development, which reduced transfer lifelong sexual pleasure, higher chance of sterility and infertility. No improve mental health outcomes are completely reversible, so how how young or kids. We encourage noun parents being encouraged to put the kid on puberty blockers and then once the youngest that girls are getting full vasectomies youngest that I have come in contact with is 13 and again it's in Texas Texas. This is the hub right after this made it an absolute hub all the transgendered surgeons go down there so it is 13 is is the earliest I got a residence for meniscectomy for meniscectomy what's what's 13-year-old girl can possibly conceive what that means in the one about how younger kids put on on puberty blockers.

Blockers God, nine, 10 minutes. It's not what they're doing with that. There's no long-term study under those we have no idea what's what's happening with them young people and in Europe like the UK they had a case in and it was hilarious.

It was Larry's just love the judge that were not met. Blockers with kids right and so the judge was like okay, let's talk about. Blockers are going.

Let me see a study and you get aside for a study down she is okay. This was been retracted yet another study.

That study okay, this one's been retracted.

Okay, give another study, what about a study that said is that it helps telehealth. Here's a study oh yeah this is been retracted to insulted tribes were not to go there is basically it's a bunch of nobody knows what were doing ticket. Nobody and and so that that is how they did that UK how to have a stop. What is virtually here in the United States. People make way way way way way way way too much money on them. So you're saying that you review and having been inside the industry as a victim, that the way you were treated in the complications and the lack of warnings, etc. in the lack of care. Afterwards, the inability to sue that you don't feel that this is primarily driven by compassion but by grief. Now it's absolutely great and here's here's the kicker you and I talk about you and I do not agree on homosexuality you believe that conversion therapy works.

I believe that if an adult doesn't want to live that life and that you want to going to converse and that she'll learn how to live… That's great. I don't think that internal eternal flame ever changes any of us have fought for so long that it is something that can be changed its mental health and change it. Unfortunately, society has realize it that we don't agree on that and it looks like you're not correct on that on the percentage of people that that would come out of that. But over the trans side. What it tells us is that kids that have gender dysphoria are documented to have an 82% recovery rate with talk therapy so exactly what you said about homosexuals 50 years ago is now happening on trans so now you guys are bring that same narrative and pivot on our hike to listen to you. This is about love and then we have this campaign of all always. Blockers that are making money to money a little bit study in in Europe and in UK there is a 4400% increase to kids that medically transition over like a seven year period of time for pre-400% increase. Now if nothing changed from when that came out, which means that if if as many people that said that they were trance the year before and that's seven years if it just change it to grow.

It did go down to state and then retweeted the population of Australia. We did United States we did Canada and that said we don't do the whole world. The average percentage of trans in our society would be 18 to 22% would be trans transgender. Now put on $1.3 million, and everybody said in a time when businesses Netflix just went up two dollars and they were emailing me about 12 times. Here's what you're getting for the two dollars more than even the two dollars and I'll jump up and down.

We made two dollars and that whole business model is whatever everybody wants to know how much there to make everybody. Nobody wants to lead by red bull. They want somebody to sign this paper get four rebels a month right so that's that that's the business agenda so every child is 1.3 million in 20 years if we don't do anything. 18 to 22% of the population is going to be France and here's the kicker, the only long-term study tells us it doesn't benefit anything the truth about transgender medicine is this in a very loving loving loving way of how to pay a lot of transgender adults and it really makes me angry that they don't speak publicly, but it doesn't help very many and I am I am one for honesty and not the hundreds of trance, and I know to that it saved their life or really enhance your life. Most people to do it go and I was waiting to do this is embarrassing you think. I think this is embarrassingly singing for you, but I was 42 years old. Somebody said I could fit I could be a straight antibiotic you how absolutely absolutely embarrassing. It is well I have kids at the age they're doing this to kids. I made a promise to God or the universe.

You passed out on the bathrooms.

What happened, and I will my own blood in urine and I just I said please if you if you let me be here for my kids. I promise I will scream as loud as I possibly can.

And I thought it was just to be about the surgery. But as I started to uncover things I like whole league cannoli.

This is to do this is to be like to sit back 100 years ago people died that medical condition how how did that happen exactly that. That's what I refer to his trans sanity, not the struggle with some kids go through some adults go through the agony of which I don't pretend to be able to relate to for a minute, but rather it was being done to kids were biological males during bathrooms with knowledgeable females are competing in sports or were those things you know I did.

I did watch the jazz Jennings stuff followed.

It just from a distance, then you realize okay this is one of the most influential teenagers in America and that and this kid is the stories going on now obese and suicidal.

In the past and depressed to think how reality TV Michael how many years is is jazz into Janice's tenure plays good already. I did realize was that for long okay and she's going through it. Everybody goes direct and you go through again and then you have a lot of people that try to be trans or people pushed them to defense will Jimmy D.

Trance and I could not take another drop of testosterone.

What I do not look feminine. I know my boys do sometimes when what would I do spend my whole life in the grocery store about X ma'am Dr. you know you have to just I just accept what I did and I'm moving on with it, but you're experiencing a Jack 70 tenure suicide it and I hate that for her eye. Her parents, I would like to have in a padded room. Just slap the job good job good job because you know human being has a right to choose this life for anybody there's nothing lifesaving about medical transition, medical transition with you like it or not, plastic surgery, it's changing the way that you look it synthetic hormones to create an illusion. You know what if there's somebody that wants to create an illusion of something else.

Women do their hair make it look you got a mustache on your Honeywell do things to make yourself feel better if we just stepped back with reality and just say you do, you makes you feel that you do you leave my kids out of it. Don't make me pay for for it as far as insurance is a like that is in the cosmetic surgery and tell women to run down the street without the shirts I got. I was born my life. I just got rest know it's funny and it's it's about in the light, but it's what's happening. Michael is that people are telling people that medical transition is like sitting know it is not it's cosmetic surgery. Here's what happened is we have created the business model for for horrible doctors for a rainbow but your doctors doctors we have governors like adit that are allowing them come and taken money. We have all this money from pharmaceuticals coming in and then what's the kicker pride. We need to make it into a prescription. We didn't make it into a place we take my kids and hate my kids in support of the wrong body well let me get your prescription once they give you a prescription, and they say it's lifesaving you have to. What does that do Michael and transgender people for for hundreds and hundreds 100 years. Last five or seven years.

Something is happening, what happened to me. There's been a cultural shift is been the medical prescription pad daughter. There is a fixed, there is a fix to something that is wrong.

This is lifesaving you have to do this if you don't do this, you're a big. The fact is, is that if it didn't make all this money if you know there's no way anybody in the world would be promoting this the only reason why the promoting, it is because of money and I'm not a conspiracy theory person but I'm telling you, there are some real evil evil. I know you'll connect with evil, evil, evil people that are pushing this forward and their take.

And here's the kicker they're taking advantage of the kids that were supposed to protect the most. All these kids have comorbidities all these kids have things in common probably grew up gay autistic illness. I want to say that I will light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown on the line of fire by calling 866343. Dr. Michael Brown. Well, you can't listen to them at all this and they're all evangelical Christians are conservative Catholics or whatever will what's your excuse for not listening to Scott Nugent or, as I know Scott is Kelly so back to comorbidities among kids. Just remember, if you're just tuning in, that we disagree.

My guest and I on many many issues about homosexuality Bible God, etc. so this is not a fundamentalist Bible bashing Christian Bible something Christian that's speaking to you. Quite the contrary. So go ahead please so what were finding is that is the kids that are medically transitioning have a series of comorbidities going out to be homosexual autistic for girls autistic for boys, mentally gifted, musically gifted, abused, and the one that we don't want to talk about, which is his mental and we have some of the creek. The easiest, easiest people right now running in the gender that are actually delusional. So we have all these comorbidities right and you have to ask yourself how come, is it why is it that that autistic girls are wanting to transition so much, why is it mentally ill people. I received a photo of the other day and I swear to God I got that Baltimore talk like here's the floor-year-old girl got her breasts cut off, and she had cutting scars all over her like a like to write were talking DGD scars around her stomach and stuff and so some doctors saw that might put her on her is really figure out and then let's give her more surgery because that's can help just jump in. I heard from mother of an 18-year-old girl who's identifying this mail and just got a testosterone truck to see skating with her parents out. She believes that she has multiple personality disorder, self diagnosed yourself after watching a tick-tock video refers to herself as the system and all the other identities within or on the alter egos, the altars is because some of the altars are males snug and sex change surgery. Whatever the doctor gave this girl who's obviously troubled gave her a testosterone shot in the mother's flipping out like how could this happen, but your speaking things even more radical and it is his criminal. It is absolutely criminal. Go ahead like you are are diagnosed with borderline personality disorder seems like yellow. Yet the ones that are are mentally ill and the ones that are drug to be homosexual only that but there's some core comorbidity about it from from that angle. Most most likely the question okay so not know you were addressing comorbidities why I've been noticing and we been corresponding about this that some well-known transgender activists, doctors, surgeons, etc. are now stepping back, I was on Tyra Banks with 10 years ago and Marcy Bowers was on and and then you can compare some of think her name was and advocating for for trends change for kids etc. I could say what's the test what's the test of the September hat is where's the proof this that was it all the way back then. And of course on the big white conservative Christian guy all of Islam on the enemy breakups and the compassion tells us to look deeper.

There's gotta be a better solution than what were doing this before we know everything that you've pointed out that we now know as the years gone in and I said look, compassion was to help somebody from the inside out will in any case recently. Now, Dr. Bowers, who performed surgery for Jos Jennings and that that had complications and issues in another well-known transgender activists. They said what you know we should visit we probably shouldn't do this for kids were directly involved with that your directly irritates me that you're taking.

Here's why they have come out with that article basically said you were not really for puberty blockers. But what people don't know was two weeks before they came out with this revelation we refilled the documentary and within that documentary. Basically, this is rumor, but it's basically got back to her and they hired a PR team and I looked at my videos and everything is that you are.

You have got to get out in front of this so it's not like she could almost hear they're all absolutely demolished the unicorn farcical in their bombs is just it's ridiculous. I said my life and in business sales, so debate and pulling down things you know is is what I've done my entire life. You cannot talk to somebody about medically transitioning children that knows what they're talking about with an open mind and come away from it and say yeah I'm still fermenting and kids and you cannot you can't do it. The problem is that we need that 10 minutes that 10 minutes is is is basically not given because LG BT Q what are the more at some point somebody in those meetings to stand up and say hey we got enough sexual offenders, flat right where somewhat worse you will be decent out what let's talk about helping people. I don't care if you like to have sex of your dog's gross. The people that are are leading the LGBT you are infiltrating our school systems. LGBT Q has no business in our school systems, none whatsoever, why people get sent back ago that if you think we can't religion out, which I think it'd be kicked out. It's my response really teach my kids what I want them to believe it's their journey, it's more my child, don't talk to my kids about the LGBT Q and on top of it. They make it into the spinal rave party and they started Q, which is okay you're not attracted to the opposite sex you can be clear to. Here's why it's a party and you were were throwing these rainbow skittles and was going these parties at least drag are you kidding of course people coming out trans of course people are coming out this that their kids eat from me if my child ever came out and said that they were day or or or trans tendency will day. I was a list your can write right now right. Let's focus on that. You know, I know you don't realize.

But things change is not close any doors. I would not be extended or jumping up and down my kids room. Sex was a hard life it's it's weird, it sucks to be on the outside but we have to disengage and you think you might be. What should we do, we probably should get you a whole bunch committed no talk about sex with kids. Kids are socially having setbacks so why are you talking about it and that's what's happening is is that this is all starting from the inside out and you know, we throw trans onto being about a human right and we attach it to the LGBT Q and we have society, to just read headlines and here we go. We are both strength or the 13-year-old we have surgeons that can connect surgery and other places that are doing some of the hardest surgeries. The bottom surgeries are akin to brain surgery parts of the most talented surgeons are called for in the septum.

What are we getting were getting the surgeons that you appendectomies that are terrible at the little transgender surgery cited button on the thing that people around the building in the bloodstream people they'll see what they're doing and people that medically transition from 70% have PTSD is not this whole fairytale that people think it is. It's hard mentally physically and emotionally hard to transition it's not a piece of cake. And when you go through it go far enough, you will have to finish it yet you go holy doesn't help anything and that while now I do deal a whole bunch of so PTSD G.

Did you know that most people at your transition, have some form PTSD you mean a friend of mine put out a website's exchange and is now in his 80s and said you know. He does not know love as long as people keep writing to me with your stories in and out. I was speaking of the church and try this on the radio and then at the church that ask you to talk about sexual identity and transitions about 6000 people be church and I read the story of a young lady in England and and she said okay here at Solano's 15 and I went into so they should push back was a stubborn 15-year-old was all my problems right to be trestle. I started reading restored and was three times and I can't get through without break down crying when she say okay I'm now 1920 and my voice is permanently lower and and I will probably never going to be able have children and I'll never have normal sexual relations and basic she's just a kid still young adult and this is James a certain point, like you said were going to wake up and see what we do. Dr. Paul Matthews who opposed transgender surgery when he was at Johns Hopkins years ago and of course consider trans phobic wrong with himself and his 80s of the Catholic he said look, if I'm wrong then I will have been responsible for slow down some of what happened to raising questions. He said, but what if the others are wrong and they been butchering kids I'm paraphrasing is who's been asleep better at night so solicit you said so much and I know it's been difficult for you all are so passionate but it's so easy just to kind of fade away and not speak with you made that promise you care about your kids you care about other kids friends to follow more. Again, you'll get it glide no good salty TRE this is a voice that can't be ignored. While people can ignore me because I'm trans phobic homophobic Bible thumping evangelical fundamentalist hater. Big did not see him at some of the brand is an all-around horrible human being my Excel exactly it's it's it's a lot harder to ignore this voice so we been one of the do this for some time, Kelly. I'm so glad for you being you. You getting a lot of people praying for God's best for your life. God's blessing. Thanks once more friends.

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