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These Lambs Will Not Be Silenced

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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March 1, 2022 6:45 pm

These Lambs Will Not Be Silenced

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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March 1, 2022 6:45 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 03/01/22.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network stone truth about the Russian Ukrainian conflict is this evil is remaking them seem in the West will separate fact from fiction today it's time for the light a fire with your host biblical scholar and cultural commentator Dr. Michael Brown your voice for more savvy and spiritual clarity called 866-34-TRUTH to get him a lot of wire and now there's your host Dr. Michael Brown friends yes proud child of the 40 something is my joy to share the news that the silencing the Lamb Llamas rise of cancel culture and how we can overcome it is now available.

Those that have been waiting for the e-book or the audio book, though, should be available now wherever you ordered them. Of course the print copies. If you got from us. Hopefully they are on their way to you right now. I will be taking calls. I want to show to bless you. I want to show to encourage you for those watching. I just want to put a graphic of the book cover up for you.

I want you to see what it actually looks like I was really super blessed by for those that are listening yes of the top the softness the silencing of the lambs and Texan subtitle under but then there's there's little I am a meat is the real picture of a lamb. It's got American flag sin. Sin of the fold up then wrapped around its it's now know, silencing it from speaking and and it's conveys the urgency of the moment that were in friends. So I want to talk about that today I want to encourage your hearts want to share some strategies with you and let the table of contents of the book as I talk about the book I want talk about things that will help you.

So yes, I want you to know about the book and if you have an order did I encourage you ordered just go to Dr. Brown, and their links to all different places were you can order the book and get get extra copies are, I believe you want to. When you start reading it you will be stirred some of the reader. Some of the endorsers that looked at it in advance said you know they work.

They felt they were stirred on the front lines before but as they read the book it open their eyes and challenge them even more so here that you're the table of contents in the book the first half of the book part one. They are trying to shut us up. Who are they with these forces these people that are trying to show support is coming from many many different angles, but ultimately it's the devil who wants to silence God's people.

So this is going to come through many many different angles which we then break down explaining first that there's a target on your back if you're conservative in America is a target on your back if you are Christian conservative meaning a follower of Jesus, who has conservative biblical values or values that the society we call conservative missionaries of Scripture there, especially a target on your back and then the next seven chapters canceled that this thing that's happening in the culture today where you are not just rejected or even marginalized, but court disappeared that that's been used as a verb for some years and was disappeared in China or Russia so they are gone. What happened to they are gone under the Soviet Union under Marxism. You have examples of people that were well-known and prominent and then fell out of favor annexing the gone and in it when you read the history books. There the stories of changed or their eliminated.

It used to be friends that you got a new newspaper subscription or magazine subscription.

I didn't want anymore.

Sue cancel subscription. We still do their or you've got some video program Netflix or something is like Anna want anymore. You cancel the subscription today were canceling people looking example Barry Weiss, journalist with New York Times, she would be classified as a liberal millennial feminist lesbian married to her partner to her female partner right. She found herself under tremendous attack at the New York Times.

I just described her ideology right so she is not a a Bible thumping conservative fundamentalist Christian. Quite the contrary. She saw cancel culture working New York Times. She saw what happened, not criticism, which is he said that's that's part of the job, but canceling. She called it social murder is what's happening today.

Look at this. Whether you like Pres. Crump or not. The idea that the president of the United States with 80 million followers could be canceled on Twitter gone and then suspended on Facebook we had about 30 or 40 million followers to spend on Facebook until 2023 something like that and maybe it will be permanent, and then others. They had platforms they they had their YouTube channels removed. They were taken off radio they were taken off TV career opportunity shut down like his submissive 10 years ago or so. They did 15 years ago and there is no forgiveness Nick Cave strain singer and songwriter said that that this cancel culture's mercies antithesis is the exact opposite of mercy. So that's the first chapter cancel the reality what's happened and friends. It's not just people like me who are speaking up against this and this has to do with the gospel. This this directly has to do with our religious freedoms. This has to do with what we teach our children and were allowed to practice, you better believe it. This is this is not some abstract issue and when I feel burned to write these things and speak because we must address them. We have no choice but to address them.

So it such as voice like mine calling attention to this is a measure people like Barry Weiss, like Nick Cave. People like the irreverent atheist liberal Belmar or in a reverent Jewish comedian Sarah Silverman or actors and actresses Alec Baldwin Sharon Stone educators like Miley Cyrus. I mean, these are not exactly people that you have in your list of those godly, holy Jesus loving people we know, Mitt. May the Lord bring them to a knowledge of himself and there will speaking up against this the next chapter is called the campus thought police and friends. The restrictions on free speech on campuses. The pressure on students and administrators and faculty not to go against the grain is getting more and more extreme and there is data that I have in the chapter friends that will blow your mind. It in terms of how liberal campuses have become, how far to the left. They shifted then big tech takes control and it is worse than many of us realize the level of restrictions. Look, I'm not an anti-VAX or okay and I've urged everyone to be responsible and enter prayerfully decide about getting vaccinated or not.

In making for medical decisions, etc. I I am not one of those campaigning against the COBIT vaccines by I have colleagues that simply raised questions and said is this the right thing to do or is it really health and and they got deep platforms on YouTube. They're reaching probably millions of people to the hundreds of thousands and they got deep platforms on YouTube why because they they raised the narrative. You're not allowed to raise any think that from it.

It's one thing to say, while the vaccine saving lives. We don't want people to have other information but there's all kinds of information, day and night that's out there that people listen to it would be detrimental to their health are detrimental to their spiritual life or religious freedom of speech, freedom of communication with other certain lines.

You can't cross Dr. Joseph Nicolosi Junior was was on with me recently to talk about this here he is, he is sharing and series of videos on YouTube. Data from reports it in in peer-reviewed studies indicating that just trauma counseling has helped people resolve same-sex attraction issues is going back to other traumas of the laws that seemingly were unrelated to sexuality that in doing that. That they found blessing of same-sex attraction or the removal of same-sex attraction. Whatever it was and and for talking about this YouTube took Dennis channel. It's completely outrageous, but it's a topic we are friends that have ministries to help people with unwanted same-sex attraction or with unwanted gender identity confusion. They've had their pages removed Facebook. I know others that simply posting scriptures about what the Bible says about some of these issues had their pages removed.

It is really very very intense friends can't underscore that and then the BLM Jezebel connection. Say what in the world is that about that. That's what comes next.

As I lay out the issues that were facing so I want to shout from the rooftops lab as loudly as I can. Solidarity with my black American friends, colleagues, and those I don't even know that every black life matters that anything our society does systemically or otherwise, that gives any other feeling that every black life is important. I stand against that I oppose that and I want the truth of our history, the good and the bad taught kids appropriate ages. I want them to know the whole story to be ashamed of some things in our past and to be very proud of other things in our past.

All right, I want that the BLM organization is Jezebel like what I mean. It was founded by radical feminists with Marxist training at least two out of the three. At least two out of three identifying as lesbians when you were queer when you read through their initial statement which is not removed from the Internet that is found in other places we view many others documented. You don't find references to fathers. Isn't it the only reference to man those those negative you find far more about about queer affirming entrance affirming that then you find about affirming healthy families with moms and dads you don't find that at all and this spirit of intimidation. This spirit that says you dare cross this line at and we will push back even with the violence that is very Jezebel like so we we open that up the difference between good and righteous civil rights consciousness good and righteous care for every human being in our society versus the BLM movement.

We expose that Jezebel connection and then the next three chapters why these lambs so dangerous what lambs all day. On the other side of the break.

The all-out assault on our children. The whole when you think about what a kid has up against them.

These days it's very intense and and then off with their heads. That's the first half of the book they are trying to shut us up, but you'll notice that seven trap strategy for the rest of his fellow grace so you is a little line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown got on the line of fire by: 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown bag friends that day and another form of e-book then it should be in your library right now, check for if you preordered on audible or another audio format should be in your library right now is this is the official release date March 1 I am not taking calls today, but I am going through the content of the book not simply say the book is about this. The book is about that if you were interested you by the book no but to share some of the key truth to share some of the eye-opening material and to share some of the strategies because friends in Jesus we overcome the fact is that the church of Jesus.

The messianic community we cannot be canceled if you snuff us out here were going to grow more. There is an and an extra trillion said many centuries ago that the blood of martyrs is the seed of the church was fast.

She cut us down, we grow back we go back even more so the last three chapters in the that first part of the book or these why are these lambs so dangerous and then the all-out assault on our children and then off with their heads so these why these lambs so dangerous which lambs in my talk about ex-gay experience. People who been through a lot of pain a lot of rejection have had to do a lot of healing in their own lives. Think of it, you struggled maybe as a kid think of why my gay my attracted to the same sex. How could that be and then you finally come to grips with it maybe develop a theology. This is how God made me we going think about God you come out as gay openly. Maybe your family rejection, especially in older days there be more of that and and and friends don't want to deal with you. Gotta find a new circle of friends and new way of life and over time, God begins to deal with you and and you realize something's wrong and this is not how he made me to be in theirs, there is a better way and and you begin to see Cameron and and he begins to convict.

You know you got a break up this relationship you move out your boyfriend or girlfriend if that's painful you sharing everything and now you go to tell when your friends and I don't want to live like this on though if I could ever change my desires, but I can change my actions on want to live like this. Now you get rejected by that community right now you go to church the people or church or wall. You sure I mean disagreed gay Alana. I'm a guy I am I give you a hug and give your idea and are you sure you're maybe you're just here infiltrated. So instead of in the second habit everywhere of course, but maybe you greeted with suspicion in the church.

The so you've lost role gay community. Many of the church okay we love you, but we don't quite know where to put you what what category to put you in. I was sure they can deal with that and and and now okay let's do it. Let's hook you up with a really sweet gal the church and she's beautiful and she's single 300 than a courier of your homosexuality. Now, everybody's getting hurt.

So this is not exactly the kind of person that you think is some aggressive nasty in-your-face trying to scare you, hurt you, person to person just trying to live their life and honor the Lord and many of them find resolution to same-sex attraction radical change in end up in healthy heterosexual relations, etc. but what what so dangerous about BMX gay what's so dangerous about saying yeah I used to identify strands but I don't anymore because the whole narrative is born this way and can change its innate and immutable. Gay is the new black trans is the new black.

This is the mindset it's a civil rights issue is no different than skin color or ethnicity born that way. You can't change can be ex-black or ex-Hispanic or ex-Asian can't because that's just who you are as ethnically or skin color by if there is no scientific documentation, reputable that they can demonstrate that endoscope born gay or going trans, and more importantly if change is possible.

It undermines the whole gay is the new black trans is new black civil rights argument and effort must be snuffed out. The very denial of ex-gays that the very existence of x-rays must be done, that the very existence of extras must be done and yes there are some people who been hurt by counseling to try to help them come out of homosexuality would help them come out of gender identity confusion.

Just as their people and for counsel for alcoholism or obesity or other things that end up more depressed. Drinking more, eating more those things happen to people gotten counsel help for every kind of mental and emotional struggle and sometimes unsuccessful sometimes is not, but a recent major study is indicated that when would people retract that went through unsuccessful talk therapy to help them with him with someone same-sex attraction that long run they were hurt by in any case, why the attempt in an in country after country, not to ban all counseling for someone with someone same-sex attraction of any age band all counseling for someone with unwanted transgender issues of any age except to encourage them to embrace their homosexuality, or embrace the transgender's why and why this massive effort in country after country and state after state to make it illegal for kid with parental approval to get counseling to help the miniseries. It is utterly out rages but these lambs must be sought and sought. I have a whole chapter on that and then the chapter, the all-out assault on our children pressure. Some of it with you if you sneak preview again this is for my brand-new book, the silencing of the lambs, which is available for order right now and I can ask you for a favor publishers more and more reliant authors these days to get the word out about their books that you know the number one way that book so number one way her mouth yeah you have this massive advertising campaign. But if the readers normally like with their reading cut ends right there so word-of-mouth remains the number one way to get message out about messages about books. And if you've appreciated what I've written and now appreciate the brand-new book the silencing lambs. Once you get into it.

If you enjoy you tell a friend or better still, your social media following whatever the format platform is an auditor little video just told whole, the book up to him reading this book really encourage you to get it is the best way to spread the word so if the book ministers to you blesses you share it with others.

Okay, chapter 6, the all-out assault on our children that we read some of the street.

Satan is not just Renaissance next-generation is seeking to wipe it out declaring an all out war. Our children there are being slaughtered in the womb. They are being kidnapped and sold into sex slavery. They are being raped and abused and neglected and used their being brainwashed by their teachers and bullied by their peers.

They are lost and lonely, depressed and suicidal. They cut themselves and kill themselves. There instances being robbed in the securities being stolen by exaggeration to say that no generation in American history has been subject to such concerted demonic attack just put yourself in the place of a child today. Starting your dangerous journey to adulthood from within the womb.

From the moment of conception.

Your life is at risk. We make it out of the womb. Will you be like the multiplied millions who been cut down before they could breathe their first official breath. The demonic attack against was especially cute if you're a black baby have less than a 75% chance of making out of the womb a lot because of abortion. If you're black baby conceived in New York City, you have less than a 50% chance of making out of the womb alive. As a result, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Abortion kills more black people than HIV homicide, diabetes, accident, cancer and heart disease combined spares and tears your case. Thankfully, you survive your mother's pregnancy and emerge from the womb to take that first breath a beautiful girl you were born. Are you born to a broken home. We know your biological mother and father were your mother's boyfriend abuse you physically or even sexually wreck your father's anonymous sperm donor who are you really never know for sure once again the year. Among the fortunate ones you have a mommy and daddy and they love to do special things with you like take you to the library was a toddler of the highlights is an event called red Queen story.

Our stray queens are so fun couple of years later in your pre-click pre-k class. The teacher read story books you pretty books with colorful pictures.

Some future boys wearing dresses of the others depict the little girl with her two daddies in your teacher first.

All of you was friends Scully boys and girls makes the necessary gender distinctions.

Whatever those are Washington during the first regular more about gender and you find out that some boys are really girls and some girls really boys. Maybe that applies to you soon enough.

You discovered the wonderful world of the Internet so many games to play in so many movies to watch one day when your estate rescue mommy one of those people have any close on now been introduced to porn when you reach the age of 12.

The boy, like in school pressures you text him a picture of yourself naked. Soon enough the other kids are giggly as you walk by whispering things to each other your pictures now spread throughout the school before you know it you're cutting yourself to deal with the pain. But when that's us working attempt suicide. For the first time just turned 13 but if your parents have a lot of money so they're able send you to a brand-new school. You be the Holman group of great new friends there so cool to the boys just cannot escape the really popular now as for your best girl from within a year shall get pregnant have an abortion or suppressible anything about it just an STD housekeeper that a secret attribute can keep your minds clear by putting on your headphones and dancing along to songs like Walt.

Now you have some role models to follow kid brother that was meant to music and city police violence or sexual explicit Excel is a muscular parents to his political views to see her happy. Have child processes the beginning is was a one dollar to light of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by: 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown copy of it chapter for free go to Dr. Brown Dr. Brown books.calm and check out the information about the silencing of the lambs. The first half of the book.

The problem is so many different voices powers in our society are trying to silence us in the second half, which has more chapters. The shorter chapters in their full of strategy and inspiration and encouragement were your parent with your pastor with your professor all laid out or people have another P there right all laid out one after another, that virtually every one of us can do something to push back and to make a difference.

So the last chapter in the first half of the book is called off with their heads.

Do you remember as NT foot had taken over part of one of our Western cities last year that they call that the autonomous zone and then there was an abbreviation for an the workshop was being used or the acronym chop within others began to say chop as an off with your heads, even at a guillotine set up in their shouting off with their heads up. Some of these people are really extremists you have extremists on all sides. Some of these people are mentally unstable.

You have that on all sides left right Christian atheist have them on all sides. Some of them are very violent again you have them on all sides but here you have groups actually shouting that off with your heads chop chop it and it was not that long after. Towards the end of last year that Christians just setting up ministry time of worship time it in in one of these cities ended up getting physically attacked by the groups so there so how far will the silencing attempts go. How far will the canceling attempts go you tell me you tell me do you really think that some of these extremists organ use restraint when it comes to violence really think that there's not going to be some bloodshed.

If these forces continue to take over and influence more and more. Where is it written that America will be exempt from the bloodshed of believers in countries around the world are experiencing it right now when Jesus told us to expect it does happen through church history, where, how do we know that modern Americans could never have been a whole lot of stuff as happened in America.

We never would've thought it happened so I believe some of these are extremists, be they radical NT for members, be they radical BLM members be the be radical of other groups.

Radical insurrectionist. I believe many of them are getting a gloriously safe and become godly leaders and in helping many in the body, but others get darker and darker. Right now, here's the good news, good news is as very dark out, but the light shines in the darkness and the darkness cannot stop it.

The darkness cannot overcome it.

Darkness does not have the power to block out light if the light is shining rightly.

Nothing can stop it. Friends sometimes it's so easy to be intimidated by the cold giants in the land that we forget that greater is he who is in us that he was in the world. We forget that entirely, so this is how we overcome part two of the book and a and I get to go through these chapters 8 through 1900 and read them through quickly and and then start to talk about some of them to. I will inspire you friends or encourage I'm here to do that day in day out we talk about the hard things the difficult things that we want to build your faith would give you the mindset of an overcome her in Jesus more than conquerors no matter what comes our way. So here are the chapters, chapters 8 through 19 and silencing the lambs stopping chickens." Dr. Ben Carson, the word of God cannot be bound is what Paul wrote to Timothy I'm unchained in prison unbound in prison with the word of God can't be bound or changed. Tell your story moon time for professors to practice kamikaze academics was at me. Parents take a stand calling all evangelists. We do not fight with the weapons of this world. We must be better than the canceling culture. The church cannot be canceled bow then he only did Jesus turning pitfalls the platforms announcing a new gospel holiday to help overcome the silence, silencing of the lambs. I'll tell you more about the last chapter in the days ahead but just just put a mark on April 14 on your calendar.

Spur Mark there tell you more about as we get closer and then look up Esther 414. When you look it up.

You see you that verse may be the one verse from Esther that may believers know and have memorized but Esther 414 and then just put a mark on your calendar or highlighted April 14 414 will tell you why. As we get closer and get the book you read it in the book, you'll know the whole story. There get excited about it in advance and be praying in advance and tell your friends and sharing the word in advance so the word of God cannot be bound youngling John Bunyan right, maybe not as well-known in today's generation than previous generations, but John Bunyan, one of the best-selling Christian authors of all time. For many, many, many years, probably. Of a few hundred years. Pilgrim's progress was the best selling book in the English-speaking world after the Bible and the story of John Bunyan. I'm incredibly poor and then first wife dies during the her name. She had inherited a couple of books, Christian books and Bunyan reading them the to the beginning of his salvation journey. But if you've ever read Grace abounding to the cheapest of sinners in a back-and-forth saved not say does he really believe doesn't he believe until he finally breaks through. It's a well-known classic focus progress even better known so Bunyan ends up in prison and basically the way you survive in prisons.

If your family would bring you food and things like that.

Otherwise, you could you could barely make so he's in prison because there's a crackdown. The state church permitting certain people from preaching proper licensing, it he goes on preaching.

He's he's going to do what's right in God's sight and pay the consequences. And while he's in prison. He begins to write and if you wasn't in prison and miserable difficult conditions, but if you wasn't in prison he would not of had the time to do this right because he would've just been busy with pastoral responsibilities, ministry responsibilities and things like that so this is meant to destroy him and silence him.

We all want this guy preaching anymore thrown in prison there in prison. He begins to write is the origins of the Pilgrim's progress so think of this by imprisoning him and I get into this later. That second to last chapter, turning pitfalls and platforms for more contemporary people is as we talk about a lot of this for today but Bunyan by being put in prison ends up reaching hundreds of millions of people that he would not have reached if he just was allowed to preach freely in those days and didn't have time because of his busy ministry. Crabbing speaking caring for people in his own congregation counseling, etc. visiting the sick, he would've had time to do the writing.

So by sale Guerrero silence to John Bunyan and put you in jail. He is up reaching hundreds of millions of people, the word of God, the truths of God cannot be bound cannot be changed. Say yeah, but look so so used to have this platform. This Christian leader they had this platform on YouTube that 1/4 million subscribers another band from YouTube and in there on the southern platform with only reaching a fraction of the people or this one have all these open doors and then they got canceled. The media will have them on doing interviews anymore because their viewpoints are considered too dangerous.

So instead of speaking to millions of people through the media being being on on news TV and things like that that there platforms much smaller in the natural, it could be. But God, but God is.

I've been seeking the Lord in monthly prayer retreats getting along so what even talk about what you do in private to make a statement to say that I know that the most important thing I can do is be with God, and it being with God is more important than doing for God and for me.

My problem is not been the doing.

I I am a chronic overwork or chronic overcommit, or a chronic push too hard or apartment of a chronic take too much of my shoulders person that semi-issue my shoes to step back, turn out the outside world and meet with God and he's reminded me in these prayer retreats that no one knows how to get the word out like him. No one knows how to get the message out and think of this time it shall blow the feast of Pentecost in acts two as their Jews from all around the world that come right at that moment in Jerusalem still astir this whole thing of Jesus of Nazareth was crucified. People claim he rose better to choose from all around the world are drawn to hear Peter preach 3000 converted that same day, and those it stuck around more converted the days ahead.

They now go back with that message that spread around the world home you have something happening that never happened before, didn't reach the whole world at the all the nations that, but many men were reached and individuals in those nations. Animals time the word of God cannot be by hate look who wrote that Paul boasted I'm chained in prison, reread his prison letters when you read Philippians. For example, is writing it from prison and at the ends is by the way, those who see Southold, reaching hundreds of unbelieving, the guards to Jesus and now locked up in prison.

We read words that Paul Roche society government trying to silence him, marginalize him Jewish leaders against the Roman leaders against the results of the gun be put to death by Nero to tradition, beheaded for the gospel and yet around the world. We read the words of the road by divine inspiration. So these are God's free words word of God cannot be bound therefore like a bow down to the system of the agent and the spirit of the world and and what people tell me I can and can't do on a bow down to the Lord and I encourage you bow down to the Lord and do what he has called you to do and trust him to open doors that no one can shut not big tech campus because government force is the force itself on friend wants to get down. Nobody gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by calling 866342 here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

I have about the lease today cover disturbing you see the cover. The content should be stirred in and as we lay out the issues and problems in the first half of the book we keep doing so with hope we keep doing so with examples of courage, both those in the secular world and believers in the second half of the book is just encouragement, encouragement, expectation, challenge, opportunity here.

The second to last chapter of the book is called turning pitfalls into platforms and perhaps the example that comes to mind today. That is the clearest example is that of Prof. Jordan Peterson recently resigned from his position as University in Canada. I had him on the radio show right before his incredible rise around the world, where he became a some said the world's best-known conservative intellectual professor of psychology and Dr. Peterson was on the show and I just assumed that he was a born again Christian, who is being harassed by his University and Connor felt like a victim. Boy was I wrong. Now, we actually had actually had many Christian perspectives whether he is born again or not. God knows he didn't claim to be back then for sure, but certainly he holds to many biblical values and biblical truths and principles, but the big thing was he was anything but poor me for me and that's what surprised because normally it's like yeah Kimberly what happened so wrong it was calling you what was wrong, but not for the mentality of a victim.

So what happened was when Canada was about to pass a law that would require you to refer to a man who identified as woman as she or on campus require you to use the chosen pronoun personal pronoun of the student if they wanted to be known as they or G or Z something else to refer to them in that way that he stood up against it. Why he had studied communism. For many, many, many years. Brilliant thinker get studied communism. He hit it at one point been very strong socialist in his younger years and worked with different socialist communist organizations in Canada distributed their materials so he understood from the inside. The more he read, the more he looked at things, how oppressive this could be and one of the one of the big issues was controlled speak that you were told what you can say in cancer so when he push back against the yes there was the absurdity of of referring to a single person as they or having to learn all these new personal pronouns right but he was will try to accommodate individuals and be loving and all that but there was an interview he had on a noose TV station we was noose TV station and and in the clip on viral and irresistible. What if you told you have to do this, the new Canadian laws passed, you have to do this you must do this. He said if that's the case, then I'll go to jail and if they they put me in jail a go on a hunger strike with them. I can capitulate.

That's the man that was somehow radio show wall. This is anything but a poor me, got one. Next thing is work explodes.

In fact, just to check on this.

He had written a book and it was. I think he worked on it multiple hours a day for something like 10 years or longer. Just just absolutely extraordinary amount of work went into it and let you see here was the name of the book, maps of meaning that was it.

The architecture of belief came out September 2002.

It's got a couple thousand plus reviews on Amazon.

I can almost guarantee you I can almost guarantee you it had a handful of reviews of very small number of fraction of this before because it's an intellectually dense book that would only appeal to certain people, but once he became so famous with his 12 rules for life just an international bestseller and in face-to-face.

These he speaking the so many groups, hundreds of thousands of people is dressing in the at an indifferent nation speaking through the media. Different nations you talk about turning something that was supposed to be a negative into a positive and now here's here's one of his recent books here on a mission a path to a meaningful by him so that's that's about him missing meaning in Jordan Peterson, a Christian perspectives of people writing books about Peterson and on and on it goes as daughter.

It seems this has had a real experience with the Lord-based video of her eye saw a few months back. But here is an attempt okay. The University says we will not stand with you. Dr. Peterson, we will not stand with you if there were court cases that come against us. If their student student complaints they come against you, we will not support you and stand with you as bad. That's bad. And now you can be effectively silenced. Instead, I believe the hand of God was in this. It wasn't just random. He is now speaking to millions of people and getting a lot of quality information out as well and we look to him for gospel insights right yet, but he has a whole lot of insights that are very much in harmony with Christian values and perhaps is growing in his own relationship with the Lord.

God knows I haven't followed in close enough to know more stumbling blocks become steppingstones. We see it over and over that needs to be her attitude. The more different forces of society did big tech be at some other group be at the media be whoever the more that people try to silence us if we will walk with the Lord and not compromise our message friends. The pitfalls can become platforms. The stumbling blocks can become steppingstones okay. Just a few more things as as we go through some of the contents of this book, this Chapter 11 time for professors to practice kamikaze academics was that about what those are not my words, kamikaze academics owes the words of an Australian professor, a tenured professor who had the temerity the boldness to differ with some of the prevailing scientific narratives of this I climate change essay whether different scientific perspectives is not a flatterers or is not holding up his Bible yelling at people as they as they drive by and screaming are going to hell is not doing that is a respected professor getting out.

Another point of view about a scientifically disputed issue whenever the areas were being disputed so his university basically did their best to cancel him and he push back. Now is a tenured professor. It's harder for them to fire. But when he talks about kamikaze academics what he saying is what you have to speak up ever get have to tell the truth you have to go against the grain. If we lose our jobs. We lose our jobs if we lose our reputation, we lose our reputation look.

It isn't that the very beginning of the gospel friends is not gospel 101 for followers of Jesus. What is he say if anyone wants to follow me. That person has to deny himself and take up his cross and follow me.

For whoever saves his life will lose it, never loses his life for my sake and the gospel will find so what does it mean that means that if I order my life based on the opinion of others, I lose my life if I order my life based on what's popular was not popular which can help my reputation was given her my rotation as opposed to us can honor God or not, was obedient to God or not was pleasing to God or not. If if I order my life to please people owning please them like how can I be a blessing. Life would please them like well if I say this, there are likely if I post this on a lose friends and social media.

If I take this stand.

People turned against me at work if I have that man pleasing mentality. I lose my life. I'm I'm no slave to what other people think and trust me the news only gets tighter. Winston Churchill said something to this effect. Appeasement is like feeding the crocodile and hoping that he eats you last so this is what were dealing with friends Martin Luther King set a man dies, we refuses to Center for that which is right.

He dies and refuses to Center for that which is true, Center for justice, what, why, because now you're a coward now you're fearing consequences more than fearing God. Jesus in Matthew 1028 don't for those who kill the body can kill the soul. Rather for him can destroy both soul and body in hell. That's the only fear when we fear him, then we overcome all other fears of people and consequences, and then you're free. No one can fire you in that sense because you serve God and he's got another assignment for you people say you law okay you're out here when I can have you here anymore because you're acting on your convictions find you work for God they obey him and help in a better door. You can be more effective.

But this is what we must do in the solace of the lambs will help you there strategies for parents, their words of encouragement fruit for ex-gay ex-trans individuals and churches courage to stand with them evangelistic get out and share the gospel and and. And then this new gospel holiday. The last chapter the book is market on your calendar will tell you more about it tell you the name of it and why I felt led to do this April 14 work on your calendar. But then Susanna second read Esther 414 that will tie directly since you have the silence of the lambs don't skip to the last chapter get the full impact of the book, but some you may want to skip this to see with that last chapter is about two friends, we are hearing Jesus call to overcome the gates of hell cannot prevail against is greater is he who is in you than he was in the world, not so that we can be wealthier.

Not that we can be more famous. Not that we can have more earthly possessions would greater in us staff costs can honor Jesus, although my messy life. Another program powered by the Truth Network

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