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Russia's Invasion of Ukraine: Separating Fact from Fiction

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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February 28, 2022 4:34 pm

Russia's Invasion of Ukraine: Separating Fact from Fiction

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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February 28, 2022 4:34 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 02/28/22.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network stone truth about the Russia Ukraine conflict is this evil is remaking them seem in the West will separate fact from fiction today it's time for the light a fire with your host biblical scholar and cultural commentator Dr. Michael Brown your voice for more savvy and spiritual clarity.

Call 866-34-TRUTH to get on the line of fire and now there's your host Dr. Michael Brown one right now reading about the protests, but to many of the Russians think that P is doing a good thing right saying they somehow feeling threatened by Ukraine.

Is there a side of the story were not getting here in the West where separate fact from fiction today will do our best to do that right now.

Aside from China and North Korea. Countries like that around it in many ways the rest of the world.

The bulk of the rest of the world is really really tighten the screws on Russian put I'm in Germany, which is very reticent to get involved militarily because of its past history sending arms to help and and then Switzerland also only being neutral freezing assets and all of the banks where the source Russian money in the World Cup for soccer football. The biggest world sporting events in Russia cannot participate in 2022. Just coming from different angles. Apple pay saying so, no one working Russia Elon musk silk him on the open satellites for communication with Ukraine and so on it.

It seems as if everyone is standing up to evil, prudent in this evil invasion of Russia. I got an email the other day a Facebook message dear dear brother in in Russia saying hey I'm praying for everyone involved have low verbal involvement. The story really wrong so a minute to sort that out with one of our missionaries Leanne Peterson.

She is an American who has lived in Ukraine for mistake you should be there right now if not for flights not going in a she's been serving their serving orphans helping the churches together with with another American missionary graph more school that we are able to help send out the other is married to Ukrainian pastor and she's in touch with with many believers in Russia and Ukraine, and I simply can't take, could you come on and give us a perspective of someone who's lived there. You know the reporting of the West, you know what happens in Russia so so good to have them with us.

Thanks much for joining us today.

I will you're very welcome.

Okay, so Leanne how did you end up in Ukraine in the first place. Let's start there. Just personalize this little bit while I ended up in Ukraine because directly missionary for many years and I kind of an when I went to fire going to my internship there is an opportunity to go to Ukraine and at the end of my first week Ukraine it was very clear to me that the Holy Spirit asked me to stay and serve Ukrainian people and that is how I got there I would never picked it on my own.

But God knew that. So what were some of the obstacles culturally that you ran into things either ethnically spiritually or just culturally that you found very different hopelessness and Ukraine, especially at that time because coming out of communism you know that self-worth that value that so many people have waited that rent a lot of the current trend in alcoholism or drug addiction fell much more rampant there. You know than I had ever seen here in America and you know it was getting people to start standing up for their own belief back 18 years ago. You know they existed not much of what they were told that Ukrainians are not afraid to stand up for their rights anymore and to stay we are valuable as the distance and you know we are worthy to be honored and it live by the laws of our land, not like so that the can-do spirit in America, anything's possible. Make your dreams come true that's that's not really found in countries under communism, Marxism, there is that oppression that that hopelessness that that you mentioned and it is interesting to see changes, as the cloud starts to lift whereabouts spiritually. Where is there a lot of religious tradition there is there a lot of vibrant face what you run into the believer are now Christian, they were definitely despairing on fire for the Lord because being persecuted for something here really get infected deep hunger and closeness to God that was you know I'm amazing to see off knowing that Think Different cutting I went they had faith for something it wasn't that they question that they just stood on that date because they knew that God is the only answer that they have an culturally in general. Most Ukrainian buffet. They are Orthodox Christian. But it doesn't necessarily impact their life in any way other than some of the holidays.

They will go to the church to get things blessed by the priest starts things like that but yeah that charismatic evangelical Baptist Christians, the limping economy. They are very their faith is very real to them is what I would say that would make sense saying Solomon manuals these Christians from the West flowing in the sheets remain in church and suggesting someone that was in change for 20 years. Never deny Jesus might have something to teach the West, so the soul. How did you end up working with with orphans and start working my fair there was a group of people that was already doing work with orphans. Ukraine had a large work and problem that was over 200,000 orphans in the system at that time there so that it became you know something I put on our card and then we have now we have a church there been there eight years and through her organization and the church was started to really read to the workmen because they're still stereotyped and mistreated. You know by many others and never felt comfortable going to the mother church is that we wanted to make a place where they felt they had a family and that they were at home and they were not to be treated any differently than anyone else, so 18 years now, you see many of them grow up and get on with life or are you seeing transformation. Yes, we do see a lot of transformation know we have to start a bad story. Now we have kids who are on drugs and God miraculously set them completely free overnight. Waking up the next morning at zero drug addiction zero desire to smoke or to drink all of it broken off of their lives overnight. You know some of our ministers are. They grew up in orphanages and they remember us to protect yourself in their in their late 20s now and they come alongside of us to help us with our ministry and it's just yeah it's great to see what God is doing in the lives excellent excellence. I just wanted to get the personal background and paints the picture there so we interact via email of these points, but of what to do with on the air now and again you always have to ask okay am I getting accurate news right and often in America.

If I see the same things being reported in a very liberal left wing white web website very right wing conservative website websites in between, and also the same thing that this could be a bit more confidence of things are accurate, then if I'm seeing it in world news and always say the same thing in Israel say the same thing in England and a few others like okay this this could really be the same story here being reported as always just on how much bias there is. So here's a Christian brother in Russia and he was responding to the show last week Roy had Fred Merker on with me is ministers the hundred 50 nations used to be the international director for use with the mission that he was bringing some of his perspective. When I asked is is some of his desire some type of megalomaniac driven desire to reconstitute the former Soviet Union. Something like this.

So he wrote to me first. I like to say the Pruden is not pursuing the reestablishment of the Soviet Union. These are not the sentiments rush at all. When asked many times about as he always said no, and moreover it's not infeasible since XO be countries already different economically and in their mindset all put wants his good relationships with them economically and militarily totally respecting their independence. I would say his actions or megalomania driven either. He very well knows from his own experience with terroristic threat to the nation's Swiss foreign policy is simply national defense oriented.

So what's your take on that I'm Ukraine first started making that better economic relations with Europe. Not saying that we didn't want to start economic relations with Russia, even at that moment like no lately you know you have entered your interfering with our politics that client's revolution started happening at the fighting started happening because it was just like no absolutely cannot be Western thinking in any way because too much of a threat spell it.

You know they still just want to be the one controlling, but it always been. If we make any step away from their control and they do everything they can to stop and so this is something that you have seen, then reaching years and that the man or woman on the street would confirm in terms of this is the reality in Ukraine. Yeah, definitely. They would say that any yeah if we don't have a Kremlin backed authority then there Derek and not be okay with that. They're not can I just let it slide right again.

That's been my understanding just wanted to confirm from within your borders there and then wrote link with a great heart. Great spirit humble, loving Russia loving people Ukraine and not not writing to correct me purchasing. It is just another perspective your soy wants to challenge the prospectus is perhaps that's what you're being told within Russia, but the rest of the world of the people.

Ukraine will see it like that either.

So he did agree that that Russia does not want Ukraine to come in to NATO because that would be sent to all the neighboring countries are virtual to neighboring countries are in NATO and that would be threatening to prudent just wouldn't have any reason to feel threatened from that the neighboring countries. I mean, and we were able to be more democratic and more part of the European Union. I don't we have no ill will against Russia most Ukrainians have family and Restylane else but not like we want to turn on our brothers and sisters and hurt them, but we want ill just the ability to live with Craig knowing that no I don't think he would have. We would be a threat to Russia. There way bigger and way stronger than Ukraine as we know that. What's Ukraine's current situation was with nuclear weapons with those all turned over years back in a peace treaty. Yes, plan Ukraine became a free nation that was yet that was one of the agreement to render all of 11 right so the idea then that if Ukraine came into NATO that there would be nuclear weapons, right next to Russia. It wouldn't be Ukraine's left be somebody else's them theoretically got it yet.

Got right we come back. I want to go through a few more these points but but then I want you to paint a picture for me as best as you know it, what life is like right now for the people Ukraine cycling start there. What what his level of suffering. What else can be done aside from prayer praying and how America rested will look to Ukraine right out does it feel as if we've abandoned them in the midst of a real crisis. What appears to be as radical rush of power right back to light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown got on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH. Very good is Dr. Michael Brown on my studio desk copy of the silencing of the lambs just came in for all who preordered the sign that was caught copies signed them all were getting right.

Ouch we did this ready today.

Our team jumped right on it. Good videos about this on Facebook and on Instagram tomorrow. The book goes live. So if you have ordered preordered somewhere the audiobook or the e-book will have those waiting for you so check it out. Silencing lives all tomorrow, but you know how you can overcome this attempt to silence us sounds or voices okay will go back to her focus on Ukraine right now with Leanne Peterson who served this fire international ministry there for 18 years and really looks Ukraine is her home. How bad are things nationally right now for the Ukrainian people is a just key cities was the whole nation feeling feeling that the power of this invasion, the entire nation and feeling the power to right now from my home. The first night we had air) there though they're acting to pray for the safety of Cree Baroque but right here is directly affected in the East there's definitely a bit affected in the South. There is a lot of fighting going on and that first morning at me and my errant military bases bond everywhere. We had a bombing that morning about just outside the city. Thymine, the pressure is really intense right now and that it specially what heartburn are believers in our pastors and our leaders because so many are clean any networking a one day it was noted at the grocery store but now there's back on the shelves. Again, thankfully, but there's no cash that gas by like her.

My personal life and my church. Many of us young families there and there's a lot of young kids are going do we try and leave. We try and escape day, and I mean right now.

If your family went to leave the men have to say peacock behind because all men of fighting age are not allowed Crane that would be sending women and children to the last try and get them out into Europe and so I mean it definitely you can just talking with all my friends I can and make the AR can tell that there is a whole there is a price being paid in it when it's wearing them down a bit. I air doing the best they can, our churches, there we have tons of supplies ready regarding how the house refugees from Kenya and were just there, ready to help in any way that we can you work your tickets to fly back knowing that what was potentially imminent, but what was that while I'm in my life is been back to their.

These are my people. Now God is given the park my heart and that you know so many people here keep telling her so happy that I'm like yes I appreciate that. But my heart there and if there is anyway I helping my Ukrainian program to be. But God has stopped me for now.

I'm glad you're safe but I'm eager with you to see to see you back there with your spiritual family and and what has been home for you these last 18 years, and that your American and at heart Ukrainian as well. Identification with the people how you feel about what America's done and not done so for I am support you know things are being lit up with blue and yellow and you know Ukrainians they feel that they feel the prayer amine definitely met so many testimonies about rockets that have landed that having exploded.

Crane now not sleeping but at the same time. They say can you do anything more because you know where we obviously cannot hold it off forever honor out and just recently died and offered our present: check it out and he said no I don't need it to get what I needed help and ammunition you stand right there in the middle of the fight. He's not leaving yet and now when we do we need more help, that's for sure yet and that's probably as a single line that is been the most repeated.

I don't need a ride I need ammo and slaying of staying exciting and obviously the world is no taking note of this man that was the comedian Jewish community that ends up unexpectedly.

The president now is becoming a international hero. The people in Ukraine holding off rush of the this long has been a surprise to many, as well, so let me get back to this perspective from Russia. This dear brother writes since Ukraine is been heavily pump with arms for the last few months, but US and NATO foods go through recent intrusion is to de-militarize and Dean not supply Ukraine was his real threats rushes for existence. The targets of Russian troops in Ukraine are exclusively military facilities and disarming nationalist groups with strong Nazi ideology which you been tormenting Ukraine coming people and committing various kinds of atrocities with impunity since 2014, the Odessa master being one of them. When Ukraine government was forcibly taken over with her strong support back but you are certain European governments.

In fact, when that happened the Republicans crummy in 2014 didn't want the nationalist rule over it.

That's what decided to vote for truly rush what you did with Russian troops protecting the citizens from nationalist Walt. The vote voting was taking place. There's a whole lot there. It seems quite outrageous to me what your take yeah I may not sound like a Russian propaganda methane doing a job helping Russians believe you live because you know any and Crimea friend and all the information we thought about that boat part of Russia was already it was all about pre-yes we have many people who told us they went about the matter because the boat was already done for.

I'm not a guy after Crimea was an million and left Crimea accompaniment Ukraine because I did not want to be part of Russia.

Sure, there were some Russians there that would have Russian pies but I can't say that the majority Crimea that wanted to become part of Russia and denitrifying Ukraine. I mean, you must be referring to the fact that people for the right protested illegal election thing that is just people standing up for what they believe and that's not Nazi-ism that saying we have rights as citizens, not to be lied to and not to know we have a right to vote and for our vote count for something and I bought so that you have neo-Nazi groups were outright Nazi groups in Ukraine like you do in America for my understanding these. These are marginal and marginalized groups as the country so heavily noncertified. Why on earth did it elect Zielinski a Jewish man as president of and this is completely unprecedented so it if you take this old enough I think that's that's been one of the greatest outrage of reading reports from Israel and stuff like that that that that word is being used because it's such a dirty word in Russia because of the war that ended up between Germany and Russia World War II so costly a between them, but it is is is there this hyper nationalism that is actually Nazi oriented.

It's tremendously influential in Ukraine and that Hazlitt Zielinski in his back pocket know I can't be any of that happening. The only thing you know that the war was started in 2014 happened is that it brought more unity Ukrainian evaluator country and or nationality or love their country more than they ever haven't realized other way from Rothstein at values that the only thing that happened at you know they are still loving of other countries, and loving of other people at their being exclusive from anyone else and collecting billing that was the highest voter turnout they'd ever had and he won by over 70% of the vote. I made a once the chosen people of Ukrainian people overwhelmingly did you knows and before this is one style mouse comedian playing a Jewish teacher on TV get you where if we was yet in his office. From my pretty felt like I do know about here and is comedy.

I had seen some clips here and there things that he had done. I had no right yet so when he said he was running for presidency people take it seriously because he made this TV show. You know, and it and that he what he would basically do as president.

It was kind of his platform. Basically, you know with which humor in it, but the people had already been watching this and letting it be like we need a president like that one not corrupt Senate want work on the road and do all these things and fell and he said he was running. I think know people thought okay. She just kinda told us what he wants to do in this TV show and what you 61 when the ultimate election came after one officer whatever first came to 70% of vote.

What what was it positive about him are negative about the others are negative about the other people are Ukrainian ethic of corruption and so since there was so much in his speech about anticorruption.

I think I was you know very attractive Ukrainian may were hoping that this guy was not a politician may be he could think that other president had not done and I have to say he had done a lot like the status of the road the last few years in Ukraine are unbelievable. I mean he has redone all of the major highways. It was they were still bad. I mean it's just pothole compatible pothole.

I my car. I had 12 years.

I did change the shock free time because the roads are terrible and he years.all these wrote checks you know and my dealings with the government officials. When I turn in paperwork. I don't have to.

I just made us that government fee and get my things done, you know there's definite changes happening amazing and I remember just chatting with you about bribery of what you stuff by police you this is that everyone is expecting a bribe in as much work, I know the countries in Eastern America. We still have issues but in any case it was her more specifics we could get into it and and all she did note back to this brother promotion. He deserves to hear that some of the or email interactions but we appreciate you there. We appreciate your heart appreciate your service. Can't wait for the door to open up for you to go back to Ukraine and keep minister. This is thanks so much for joining us today. Alright so friends support we have mentioned this fire international Gabor.

Yet Peterson still with her to pray God will best Russia to light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown on the line of fire by: 866-34-TRUTH your is Dr. Michael Brown 34 truth we been focused on Russia and Ukraine.

Now were switching back to America.

We give you special announcement tomorrow grabbing something here for those watching it is the latest book. My latest book has just arrived by have been counting the days with us to come in the silencing of the lambs. The mistrust of cancer, culture, and how we can overcome it. This will put your hands practical strategies things you can do is an individual student school as a pastor, preaching from the pulpit as parents is business people's churches steps you can take to make a lasting difference and to overcome this attempt to silence as you find it eye-opening that you find it inspiring, practical, edifying encouraging, so we just signed the first preordered copies were getting them right out to you. So those are on their way to you any any moment out of our office. Coming your way. So really excited about that tomorrow take you into the book not to. So here's is about my book but to really use much content as I can over the year to give you as much meat as I can over the year to be as much inspiration and practical instruction as I can over the year and then Wednesday will be playing a very very special interview different than anything I've ever done a modifier.

Some of that, I've come to notice Kelly, the world goes to Scott is a female to male transgender shouting at the top of her lungs. We must do something to stop the abuse of children through transitioning through puberty blockers to pierce drugs to surgeries through the ideology that they're being taught. This is not someone who's a born-again Bible thumping Christian. Quite the contrary. When we talk before the shows remember the no profanity checks at profanity but like the size of the squeeze that and then she begets it to post this and brotherly not at all offended by re-referring to her as is Kelly is not being insensitive in any way and she began to post will be having this discussion. So what is silicate we made a deal on the shoulders that she won't use for family.

I will speak in tongues.

Only was about the smile. Of course there was very very different ideologies befriends this. This can be an eye-opener. Trust me on this. I don't normally hype something like this in advance. Trust not because it's not hype okay are you ready for a little controversy here. You ready 866-34-TRUTH so former Atty. Gen. Bill Barr whom I really appreciate it.

While he served in the trump who seem to me to be a no-nonsense guy who seem to have many strong Christian values. His speech at Notre Dame about religious freedoms was very, very important and one of my friends said men by agency but I grovel to be like Billboard just talk about while he's been so rocksolid and so steady now would be looked at as an enemy of Pres. trump and he has a new book about to come out. I'll slightly modify the title to make it more acceptable on national Christian radio one door and saying after this is just a slight modification of the word. There and according to Jabbar and he said this before the looks was not stolen. Trump lost it and then he says that that he believes the former president would've been reelected by quote moderating even a little of his pettiness and he urges the GOP to move away from trump." His erratic personal behavior ahead of the 2024 election season.

Now see pack is a very very large conservative political conference and organization.

They just had their recent conference trump spoke, Santa Cruz spoke of the dissent to spoke some of the big heavy hitters in the straw poll was taken.

Among those there as to who they want to be the Republican candidate in 2024 and trump came in first.

Overwhelmingly, even got more percentage. This time than what was your goal. I think 59% not that the census was a very solid second. What in the high 20s I noticed that even cracked 2% so here's my question for you, regardless of whether Republican or Democrat conservative liberal because of how you voted in 2021 of know your opinion that in particular, if you did vote for trump.

I like to hear from you or you do consider yourself a political conservative, or you vote Republican. In particular I like to hear from you. Do you agree with bore that the Republican Party needs to look for another candidate, Donald Trump, that whatever the benefits are that the costs are too high that when you when you weigh the good versus the bad that there's a lot of good and we know what to expect in many ways, that would be important and we would find valuable and positive, but that the bad the negative. Ultimately outweighs that the collateral damage.

Let this paint a picture for let's let's say your your husband, your your wife is calls your your out-of-state. She calls in honey a really sick I got to get to the hospital now. The been trying to call mama want to kick it through use okay will highlight your friend your friend who lives down the block. I will call him.

He's like is a NASCAR driver and will get you there quickly get to the quickly well. She does you know it's an emergency and you get this guy and he did get you there quicker than anybody but along the way he kills two civilians and and crashes into another car and embed the interest-free children to get you there okay you care about your wife slicing that you want to get there but at what price. So that would be the question for us as followers of Jesus. This is very very fresh news. This is all fresh news with the last two days.

As followers of Jesus. Can we say will be voted for him and we voted for his policies. We don't like a lot of his behavior and the erratic nature of his behavior, but that's not who we have to be. We can be godly. We can set good examples we can be careful in our speech we can we can do the right thing above our neighbor report from just for the policies and all this other stuff we don't like but watch us live as followers of Jesus or was it that we so identified with him and so defended him and became so known as the trump people that it heard a witness and even though he did a lot of good Supreme Court appoint to standing with Israel fighting for religious freedom. Standing up to international terrorism.

These are big things and maybe this is obviously totally open for debate to be very different perspectives on this but maybe if use presidents a rush would not have invaded Ukraine and perhaps China is getting ready to take over Taiwan, China might not of thought of that of trump was Ebenezer big massive humanitarian issues that affect potentially hundreds of millions of lives by. If the church in America compromises its witness and that further leads to the deterioration of the gospel in our country and the deterioration of the nation as a whole then that's it. Of even greater consequence than the good that would be done. This is just questions to put out and what about the degree that the example of trump trickle down the visa questions you may flatly disagree with what about the degree that the example of trump trickle down and in many ways polluted much of the church is often said when when you go to your social media sites. We sound just like throughout the we did before I been grieving over this for years and years is not that I'm perfect okay but there are things that are clearly wrong that we can address and and for the most part, when you go to work or social media pages. Maybe we don't have as much blatant sexual contents of hope not.

Maybe we don't use as much profanity's role. Hopefully that's of the biggest issue the world but hopefully our speech is more careful, but our attitudes. The sharing of misinformation for the slandering attacking one another, to the point that were not known for our loved one for another book for hate or mistreatment or anger towards one another and against one another was the negative example of trump in the White House just who he was bringing constant controversy, conflict, and there is hardly a resting moment and the idea was that if there wasn't a conflict.

The present start one.

Just the way he operated was was that not worse. All the good or you'd say those were choices then but now we have a fresh slate with a different candidate for 2024 so what's your take 866-348-7884. Agree with Bill Barr.

If you don't agree with other points that he's made you agree with him that it would be better to move on, especially if you vote for. Trump the first time around you consider yourself a conservative Republican of the future. Take about a white the reason I'm asking for your input is not so we can have an echo chamber. Here I the last thing that I desire is for you to call in and just so can we agree with you on this fact. I just give you different points of view. Yes, I agree with Bill Barr for the on this. I agree that of trump adjust been more than a decent human being would have 2020 that he will be reelected as to whether the elections were stolen. My position has always been that if there were stolen that the court system would reveal it that the truth would come to life with that. Not happening. I have a try? Just where they were stolen not, but either way that doesn't affect my point of view, because I believe with all the prayer that went into this that we can say with election stolen a lot that God put Joe Biden in the White House, not Donald Trump. Yes, that's actually him is not a shape shifter and all the other nonsense that I've heard over the months and in the and after I believe God put Joe Biden in office.

I believe that is much as I believe God put trump in office in 2016 that was so unexpected and so out of the blue. I believe God did that. You might say will everyone is in office, put the fair enough. You believe that, but I believe that there was an unusual degree of sovereignty in bringing Trenton's office in 2016 and I believe God very specifically pointed Biden 2020 know was that judgment was that was just people voted this way, whatever you could argue that, but from my perspective, I absently say Shirley's God put trump in office 2016 Gothic by the office in 2020 was blessed was a judgment both ways.

All subjects we can discuss but I agree with Barr. I believe trump adjust been a decent human being. He would've been easily reelected. What he couldn't stolen in 2020 and on top of that, I do believe that we can do much better with the candidate that there are people out there that will hold all the values strong leaders for all of America better off without the bag away just the presidents of the Savior, God is this what you feel free to differ. Agree or have another position so that the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by: 866-34-TRUTH very good is Dr. Michael Brown friends. Every week we dig into the Scriptures. Every week we take your questions on a wide range of subjects. Every week we catch up on Israel and usually it subjects every week we look at what's happening at the world and the world around us and we do our best to service your voice for moral sanity and spiritual clarity. So in the midst of all the craziness you get your bearings here you can come to clear your head, get your faith strengthened that you go out in your world and shy like a bright light that it's Jesus in us. If you can use me. He can use you if he can use you.

He can use me use us.

He can use anyone to make a difference right up to similar comments here again not look there is no right or wrong answer, but okay. In God's sight. There may be, but on the show right now were just talking. Just sharing our views. I will start with Brett over in Asbury Park, New Jersey. Thanks for calling the light a fire, Dr. Brown, thank you so much for taking my call and thank you for discussing the subject today. It's also something that grieves my heart. I am a lover of Jesus that I have a YouTube channel focused on ministry and equipping people with the gift of the spirit and it's something that I've talked a lot about with a lot of the people that tune into my channel. I'm over the last couple years because I've noticed that there had erupted almost this pent-up anger and frustration amongst a lot of my brothers, sisters, after Biden got elected, I noticed that it was almost like this just rage that this couldn't have been you know an accurate election and had to be stolen and there was so much stuff that were not of the spirit that been corrupt and people that kind of threw me for a loop. And it makes me sad because especially I follow a lot of different teachers in the body of Christ that you know for years preached hard-core truths about the fate and principles of integrity, and in truth. And yet when it came to trump. I felt like many people that I looked up to. I'm sort of compromise there their value to follow after a candidate that looked very Christian and sort of you know, promoting the ideals of of the Christian faith.

And yet personally lips so many things contrary, it seems that I'm just leaves me confused and and I'd like to know where we go from here.

You know you will. Obviously we have to do is recognize that many of us to get off track in our emphasis something trump trump suit. Yes I'm on the spot for my actions and Christian leaders responsible for their actions, attitudes, but we first have to recognize we got off track of just some of my brand-new book, silencing the lambs with the book coming out in September is called the political seduction of the church. How millions of Americans confused politics with the gospel.

So somehow this thing became like the gospel issue for us and trumps redirection.

The faith issue for mid August minute info from but but many who did it it it is. If the fate of the nation depended on him being reelected in the our freedoms in the estate of the gospel depended on it, and then with it that anger. So we got in the flesh, and we have to recognize that we did gift to humble ourselves before the Lord and recognize we got off track somehow that we got way to politicize not only say that trump otoscope way to politicize a believer church as a whole got caught up in that we have to recognize that and then major on the majors again in life if you major on the majors put the first things first, in terms of relationship with God loving God, love your neighbor great commission making disciples, a lot of other things fall into place right will appreciate that and you know what when I go back to myself personally as I look at other major nations like Iran or North Korea. And I see that you know their government dark, hardly ever in alignment with the Christian faith. And yet some of those churches are flourishing greater than anywhere in the world.

That's what I go back to it. You know what I don't need a president that aligns with my faith or even a president that aligns with any kind of Christian value for me to know that I can function as a Christian, following the will of God and the challenge.

The paradox is that it's good to have freedoms. I'm glad that I'm not being tortured in prison right now.

I'm glad I go home and lay my own bed next to my wife and talk is supposed to be having seen each other in 20 years.

Roaches were taken away from us when they were little. I appreciate the freedoms we have in America but we also know as you said that often the churches that are growing the most thriving, most of the ones under persecution that are enduring hardship that don't have freedoms so we said okay for the good of the nation as a whole. These are good principles, biblical values or good values that will help for the nation as a whole and if we can have freedom great, but we must preserve it diligently because our great issue in America is not been so much of your slack and freedom.

But too much stuff that is taking her eyes off the gospel. He thanks for waiting and I appreciate it out. Let's go over to divorce Jamie, let's go to Deborah in Raleigh, North Carolina. Thanks for calling the line of fire bouncing have me on shore. I would like to say it would be immediate right about now. I would love to lick, but it's going to be a red and distracted by before I really appreciate all your comment that I'm thankful for the things that he did for the black community for Christians, but usual particularly want, but I did feel like they did gave him Every step of the way and that it could only get word that that's quite an interesting observation and of course some of the prison reform helping historic like colleges of the things economically that many black leaders felt were helpful for their community that that's another factors. Again, those humanitarian issues and of of concern to all of us in America but let let's let's paint a different picture.

There's no question that there is extreme hostility towards Donald Trump from the secular media the left-leaning media.

In fact that's what you got.

Day and night, day and night. Even the whole thing trump derangement center that's that's awesome could talk about what if trump. So yes, this next time around could be expected to be even worse.

That would be the ultimate outrage get rid of with brother Peter Bryce. We tried to defame them and that was back there. That would be the ultimate nightmare.

What if he was a different kind of person just didn't respond, didn't get in the trenches and in the dirt and starts throwing his own dirt back and then just try to govern with that make a difference where you feel he still be hindered. What cop way back When he made a date with him back now.

Yeah, I didn't know that much about him. Maybe I should have but we get up to whoever I'd let you know what that was back in the beachfront think he is going to be trump and they call them out.

Yeah, Deborah barding divine intervention in his life.expect trump to be trump.

Thank you.

And you're right. That's what a lot of Americans liked about about the way I like to to point towards okay you're Donald Trump you get misrepresented you to get right back up 10 seconds later and say okay here's what you said is not you came at me with one fist on come back he was to it was in the misrepresented and will have to be a gentleman in presidential so I appreciate it. Two point but then when it got just as fleshly and carnal and out to me it's like okay you're the president not to get down in the mud and get even lower in circle people, dogs and whoever it is that you don't like his room under the bus. That was the problem, but Deborah appreciate a lot of what you had to say a lot of a lot of insight there. All okay let me step back and say this I just want to make an appeal right there a million other places literally you could be listening. You could be watching all kinds of other things you could be doing but you have taken time to sit with me, which I appreciate and trust me I really really pray for these broadcasts.

I really really pray for God to use us to be a blessing to it, really, really matters to me and to our team that were having a positive impact on you and I'm not about to give your financial appeal okay is where is he going with this. This is where I'm going that that there's real stewardship we have in the Lord there's real entrustment that he's he's made with us and it again. Anyone on the air.

Anyone preach from the pulpit and will with an audience. You have entrustment but to say what I take it really seriously before the Lord knows every day even though it's 13 years it it's it matters because this is that we often talk about life-and-death issues. If I can help you if I can bless you if I can strengthen you. If I could give you perspective if I can answer questions the emails we get from people who are losing their faith get disoriented and we help them back on track that they mean the world to us because we want to see eternal good come out of these broadcasts so I just want to make an appeal. I'm not trying to provoke controversy.

I do not live by.

Oh, any attention is good attention. So let's just get people talking and get all worked up nothing of the sort for more and we don't do that.

That's fleshly and carnal. I just want to make an appeal to you to ask yourself if in the 2020 elections the time leading up to it. The time since is possible that you put too much emphasis on the elections. Is it possible that you put too much emphasis on who is going to be in the White House as if that was going to determine the fate of the country for the next hundred years.

For our religious freedoms forever or as if only one person could quote save America is possibly get your heart into it too much. Your emotions into it too much is possible. You became world and carnal in your attitude, just putting out questions I want to be responsible before the Lord to ask these search your heart. If that's the case has to work washed clean from anything filed and then to renew that first love for him and for your neighbor major of the majors keep the main thing the main thing in your list back with you tomorrow.

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