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Trump, Biden, and Canada, Russia, and China

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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February 21, 2022 5:10 pm

Trump, Biden, and Canada, Russia, and China

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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February 21, 2022 5:10 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 02/21/22.

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So do you think that Donald Trump would be doing a better job with international affairs right now been present, but it's time for the light a fire with your host scholar and cultural commentator Dr. Michael Brown your voice for more Centerview and spiritual clarity 866-34-TRUTH get him a lot of wire and now there's your host Dr. Michael Brown delighted to be with your line of fire guarantee between daily and you will get a daily dose of moral sanity and spiritual clarity will get built up in faith and strengthened in the Lord, 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884.

I have a question for you. Once you weigh in on this, but I did give some perspective to explain exactly why I'm talking about this today.

In your view with you voted for Donald Trump or Joe Biden or someone else or didn't vote at all. In your view. If Trump was president today. Forget everything else in terms of domestic issues and domestic policy, but as far as international policy. As far as dealing with the Russia Ukraine crisis. As far as dealing with communist China. As far as dealing with the conflicts in Canada right now. If we looking at those things were focused on those things.

This was doing with the wrong Middle East.

Do you believe that Donald Trump would be doing a better job right now as president in terms of international affairs than Joe Biden which are viewed 866-34-TRUTH you say well he's not the president right now regardless of what happens the elections. He's out of the White House right now so wife and brings up a table and bring it up. There is a narrative that is becoming increasingly codified by the media.

What I said by the media.

I mean, primarily the left-leaning media that basically says this if you voted for Donald Trump than you are a gun toting if not gone, waving white supremacist violent Christian nationalist insurrectionist and that's what you voted for Donald Trump who was the chief white supremacist. In other words, there could be no valid reason for a God-fearing Jesus loving Christian to vote for Donald Trump. Because of this narrative that's been put forth every body is being caricatured everybody's being put in this particular box and in the narrative is getting more and more fakes and of course, these accusations were coming during the Trump presidency. II address them numerous times during the Trump presidency to show the fallacy of this generalization, of course, some people would fit that description just like they were violent Black Panthers that voted for Pres. Obama didn't mean that's why most people voted for Pres. Obama right as they were black supremacist violent anymore. The reason that most whites voted for Donald Trump was because there were violent white insurrectionist, but this narrative is is getting more and more locked-in and of course the events of January 20 January 6 which I believe Trump was quickly responsible for with his irresponsible rhetoric about the elections allegedly being sober. They were not God knows I'm saying allegedly right because nothing is been proven and demonstrated but I felt his irresponsible rhetoric for months and was throwing Mike Penson to the bus that they that that led directly to the things that happened generally sick so I don't believe Trump wanted that. I don't believe he was trying to primarily cater to the violence insurrectionist or those that that simply were out of control and storm the capital but was his irresponsible rhetoric that led to that and I said, this asceticism voted for Trump in 2016 and 2020 and I do not want them to be the Republican candidate in 2024. I seriously doubt that I'd be able to vote for Democratic candidates of the one with the best chance of winning would be Republican candidate.

I was not on account having voted for him twice.

However however many of us had very legitimate reasons for voting for Trump which we could get a loan in the presence of God and say Lord you know I care about the slaughter of the unborn, and I believe Donald Trump will do a better job steadier for the unborn and Hillary Clinton or Joe pod Lord you know I care about our religious freedoms that are so foundational to America's well-being and I believe that Donald Trump will do a better job of standing up for religious liberties than Hillary Clinton or Joe but Lord, you know, I'm concerned about the situation of Israel in the Middle East and in Iran's terrorist threats in the rising scepter of communist China and I believe that Donald Trump will do a better job pushing back against these foreign entities and standing up to the strongmen than Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden. So for reasons completely unrelated to Christian nationalism, for reasons that completely repudiate white supremacist.

I believed that Trump would do a better job.

These other areas, and many many other Christians felt exactly like this and that's why we voted for Donald Trump. Yes, we had concerns about his character. It now and what is the positive characteristic of keeping his word and maintaining relations with with evangelical leaders, many of whom are anything but yes men and their relationship with him. That's to his credit, and that is to his character credit, but there were the irresponsible words that were spoken words have tremendous power. Proverbs 18 tells us that life and death are in the power of tongue actresses death and life are in the power of the tongue, so it ended and we also know. Proverbs tells us about what type of person should be leading a nation sold Trump's failures and flaws brought great division and and is much of the church followed in his footsteps. We became very very carnal and became better known as cult followers and Jesus followers so I knowledgeable but I bring these things up today to say luck luck is much as I was concerned about his character flaws is much as I didn't like the way he treated other people in the division that he brought in the chaos that he brought as much as I didn't like that I felt okay as followers of Jesus, we can say we don't agree with that. We separate from that we differ we differ with that we can show a better way. Tragically, often we did show a better way. We were just as divided full of angry rhetoric and hate is as the world was. But in my mind, it would be harder to fight against bad policies and right now right now as we look at the world situation. We know that that premise to true Joe for the first time in the nation's history. Invoke the emergencies act. This is really to fight against terrorist attacks, or some internal civil war that has to be put down. Even the New York Times called it a rare step will, according to published reports.

I don't know the accuracy but said that he did this after conferring with the Biden administration, then decided to crack down know. Maybe he would've done it anyway. We don't know how directly. Pres. Biden was involved, but if these reports are accurate. I purse have a hard time imagining the Donald Trump were told to go yeah crackdown on the freedom convoy. Yeah bring out the mounted police. Yeah and and and freeze bank accounts.

I personally have a hard time imagining that scenario this about Russia and Ukraine. Obviously we want God's intervention.

We don't want to see bloodshed, people are even talking now and and there there saying hey, this this could be the bloodiest war since World War II Army.

Things could explode in Europe. One of our missionary friends. It's lived in Ukraine for public close to 20 years. Maybe over just on the way back there and saying the people in the Ukraine don't seem quite as concerned that something is about to happen, but all the reports are indicating this could be terrible. So obviously out. I'm hoping that Pres. Biden is the right thing. I'm hoping the president prudent steps back, but when you look at this circuit who is perceived, the stronger it after our failed withdrawal from from Afghanistan.

The horrific acts there which you showed weakness to much of the world, especially to the radical Muslim world would would Trump be perceived as strong earlier I love your input. I love to hear your thoughts with you voted for him or not, 866-348-7884 but let me let me read to you in article from the Jewish press, July 24, 2018 by Daniel Greenfield.

Now there are many who felt that comp was was too cozy with with prudent some felt that that he admired prudent was even intimidated by him, but here is an article dated, Greenfield Trump stood up to Pruden Obama appeased him at any says the architects of Obama's appeasement of Pruden have been some of the most militant voices denouncing Trump instead. Pres. Trump is steadily reversed. Obama's tide of concessions to put he said the media's outraged over Russia's invasion of Ukraine. But when that happiness is peers back Ukraine asked for weapons and the only aid that Obama offered their country was MR ease it's closer Obama comes reboots and tires.

Meanwhile, Trump has delivered actual weapons what Obama refused to prepare provide Ukraine with weapons, according to senior officials to avoid antagonizing Moscow compass and afraid of Rusher. Obama, however, was shaking his loafers will Trump approved antitank missiles for Ukraine. Obama slow walk shipments of boots putting them on trucks instead of plants that they took months derived so as not to upset the Russians. Meanwhile, the Trump administration cut the red tape by dipping into its own European stockpiles in the time it took Obama should boots Ukraine Trump ship Javelin missiles, Greenfield close with this article. Unlike Obama, Pres. Trump sold weapons to Ukraine. Unlike Obama, he bombed the sodden took on Russian mercenaries. Unlike Obama, he provided Poland with working patriot missiles like Obama, he didn't base his foreign policy around fearing to offend Moscow. Unlike Obama, he stood up to rush not know my point in reading that is is not to bash Pres. Obama is to say that many felt that with the Democrats of the Democratic policies had failed and the leadership had failed. Trump finally stood up and when I asked a Chinese driver Chinese national who is now an Australian citizen early 2020 when I was in Australia right before the complete covert travel crackdown the picnic from the airport.

We were talking as to what you think about Pres. G and it's very dangerous and he was very concerned for the well-being of his parents still lived in China possibly think about Pres. Trump is that he's a hero.

So there was a perception in China among Christians.

The Trump would stand up and stand up for the protesters in Hong Kong. He pushed back against communist China and a colleague of mine who's lived most of his adult life in China and is very well connected to the underground church told me that all the Christians he knew were fervently praying for Trump's reelection, and that when Trump lost, they wept, so this was their perception from within China so I bring these things up. Not to be bashing Pres. Biden, if you listen regularly read my articles, customer best present but I'll bring them up when there's a major moral issue that I differ with a cultural issue that I differ with was this is the best Biden ships that were about.

There was a price Trump show many of you are upset when I said I don't want running 2024. This is to say this to say this, many of us felt when it came to international policies which reflect hundreds of millions of people Trump would be better than five SI Christian nationalism premise the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown got on the line of fire by calling 866343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

We have even participated in the Chinese Olympics in Beijing.

We've even done that 866-34-TRUTH by the way if you if you called in earlier and or student had to disconnect you because of some technical problems on RN feel free to call back will do her best to get you to the front of the line 866-3487 84 see if you're on briefly and we were unable to take your call. You can try to reconnect. Now if you're able, I'm going to go your phone calls in a moment I check out this poll I did on twitter. Let's see it's it's still got a few hours left, but it's got all 668 votes. And here's what I asked on twitter. Given Trump's relationship with Pruden while he was president or better or worse.

Julie, the Trump would do a better job of standing up to Pruden today than Biden is doing indicate whether you were a Trump voter in your answer, so all let's see little over 70% were Trump voters and slightly under 30% were not Trump voters of those who were Trump voters at 66% to 5%. So in other words, about 13 to 1 of Trump voters said that but of the Trump would be doing a better job than Biden's. Among the not Trump voters, which was almost 30%. It's 17.2% 11.5 so it's about two out of three distro two out of three saying yes we believe Trump would be doing a better job than than Biden's.

Overwhelmingly, yes, from a from the Trump voters, but even a strong majority for the non-Trump voters feeling that Trump would be doing a better job than Biden and just wanted comes to to China. CNN is said yeah Trump did one thing outwardly but privately he was in bed with China.

It's in whatever there there there critical of his policies, but others have said, though he was the man to stand up to China. So for example I did a search on being yesterday how Trump stood up to China and their pages of articles and videos with headlines like this.

This was the hill.

December 6, 2016 so as Trump was elected in about two to be inaugurated.

It takes a Trump to stand up to China. This was an article on the hill which mother is not a conservative political website. It takes a Trump distended to China and then Townhall August 28, 2019. So to 1/2 years into the Trump presidency. Finally, a president stands up to China. Finally, a president stands up to China now. Our athletes were told to participate in Beijing to see you care about athletes. It's been years and years training and they want to represent the country and do well in and achieve things for themselves won't be sympathetic to that, but there are times when consciences you have to boycott obviously so athletes were told no public protests go but no public protests and then we had a diplomatic protest. We aired things saying that China was guilty of ongoing genocide and crimes against humanity. It's a strong statement but is the strong statement. If it doesn't have teeth just asking questions, putting a questions to say Mike. I just wish you would teach doctrine.

Just open about we do that constantly, and part of the purpose of a radio show is to intersect Bible morality cultural issues spiritual issues because the world that we live in, and to be your voice for moral sanity and spiritual clarity that the fact of the matter is there's no shortage of of radio stations, TV shows, Internet sites, you name it, YouTube channels with this Bible teaching only, and we have thousands and thousands of messages for you to enjoy and tons of books and articles with this Bible teaching part of our calling. One reason that many to Hernandez because we intersect with culture, politics, the world rose that's the world in which we live.

So question for you. 866-34-TRUTH a question for you if we believe that China is guilty of quote on going genocide" crimes against humanity. Should we have participated in the games and all are we saying it's terrible that you're committing genocide in trying to wipe out a whole race of people or whole ethnic group.

It's terrible that you doing that's what genocide is and and it's terrible that that you are guilty of crimes against humanity that terrible soil games are on let's play just put the question out for you okay let's go over to the phone. Starting with John in North Carolina.

Welcome to the line of fire what your thoughts are drawn. I said John which would be you. You know whether it would be better Biden are current for all this are pretty competent.

There I worked on their okay now did you vote for Biden Trump matter is engine under just purely curious. Dozens just really curious to provide.

So it in my purpose is not to argue with you but to get perspective so you feel it's just he has more experience or he's he's not as erratic or what you feel that that he's doing a better job than Trump would be doing local experience. Also, through their experience. Those values are foreign diplomats, diplomacy, history is attention. The fact dips from our diplomatic and from other countries leaders diplomatic authority because I think the values real information in making foreign policy and other.hey John, thank you for weighing in unappreciated and getting your opinions of that some of my thoughts.

I'll give my final thoughts after but thank you for for weighing in. Let's go over to an anonymous caller from Raleigh, North Carolina.

Welcome to the line of fire hi good afternoon daughter and I appreciate what you do like and you and your sweet help of the five wallet, college and be frustrating concrete block phone call and in my heart of hearts I think it was the date results that were warm in my altered bond. I think my not happy with. I and you not to picture social gatherings are. Who did you vote for in 2020, okay, got it yesterday so go ahead, so the reason you think you fail.

Biden is in bed with China, Russia and Iran is currently found in aquatic can be handled not even a pocket out of people are running the country and you know I will Biden if it should be his name alone but I'm so and by Olympic to China. I not I thought that was acknowledged strange. It really hit me creepy.

How far things are gone so that I love the Lord and I know come up angry Othello looking at maybe it turned out to people that are not Christian but I'm just unflawed.

More than man that our country gotten good shape elected well on Mexico but thank you thank you thank you for the call. I see you got you two very different views there and you can feel free to weigh in.

We pray for whoever is president right and we honor the office of president. So you're not going to hear me using demeaning names when I talk about Pres. Biden or VP Harris or Pres. Trumper VP Pentz Pres. Obama, it's at your your vice president by by the get it. I can assure me using mocking names, demeaning names, because to me that is dishonoring of their authority in the position that they are in and I don't believe that God is sitting in heaven, I'm quite sure he's not wringing his hands, like all know what we do, do he is ultimately overseeing the affairs of men letting us make choices, even disastrous choices, allowing us to reap what we sow. He set up the universe to work like that. Things up on our planet were sowing and reaping our real real principles that will always work themselves out buying repentance and mercy in an intervention. We will reap what we sow we can make decisions. We collect different people and in less the elected official tells us to disobey God tells us to disobey our conscience before God, then we obey the authorities and in fact when we disobey.

It's not out of rebellion make this clear. We are not rebellious people.

We are law-abiding submitted people when the earthly laws and the earthly rulers tell us to disobey God. We say no. We must obey God rather than men is obedience to the highest authority.

I am never going to cultivate rebellion here. I am never going to cultivate shake your fist against the government call people names on the cultivate obedience to God above all that's how we rise up.

That's how we stand. That's how we are unstoppable that something about cancer silence obedience in any cost to God and overcoming the good like that. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown this about the extreme hostility towards Christian conservatives on college campus campuses around America, drawing on the researcher Prof. George Yancey called a university professor's sobering picture of anti-Christian bias in American today I drawn some of his research with a few years ago to see how much worse is a gotten today. And all this is excerpted from my book the silencing of the lambs, which is due out about a week out really know exactly what's coming out. We know the e-book in the audiobook will be out but printing has been a little funky these days because of covert. We had publishers announce books on certain days. Since a few days later, with her printed so soon as we get our copies and will be signing them, sending them out if you like to order discredit Dr. Brown order wherever you order online. If you like assigned number copy.

You can still get that only our website is a beautiful hardcover so good. Ask Dr. not only will this book open your eyes. The silencing of the lambs open your eyes to what's happening in the world around us and it is sobering at listen, I'm not a conspiracy theorist and I am not chicken Little say this guys following us all over through but be assured. The battle is real. Be sure the censoring is real and when you read silencing the lambs. The opening chapters. You'll be yes II knew some of this. All I know I died know I all I had no idea then throughout the call to courage and then strategy after strategy were everybody moms, dads, kids in school, businesspeople, preachers, gum pulpits, every one of us can rise up and make a difference and overcome cancel culture and the sensorial spirit of the world with the truth of the gospel all yeah that's ultimately where the battle is going to be fought so go ahead, go to Esther to you can still preorder your signed number copy. I'm going to stay a couple more minutes in the political realm and then shift gears so any question of any kind which will bring up to me anything you want to probe about anything biblical, theological, get to some of the calls as well. My own view that ongoing taking your your calls. My own view is that Pres. Trump would be a stronger figure in the White House now than Pres. Biden which is another reason that I voted for Trump. Although I do not want him to run in 2024 and I do not believe I can vote for him again unless he really was a different person is too much collateral damage when it comes to international policy. I believe that he would be perceived as a strong leader.

He called out China in ways that other leaders have not yes it was a policy to withdraw from Afghanistan, but the way it was done under the Biden station was absolutely tragic. So for many reasons. I believe Trump would be doing a better job. Certainly when it comes to Iran.

He ripped up our policy nuclear policy with Iran. There is continued talk of the Biden administration, renewing it an honor on the list go so I yeah I could sit here and give all the criticisms of Trump understood but just asking because were in the midst of critical situations in Canada only in Canada, and Russia, Ukraine, terrific Europe and the world. China Ron, there's a whole lot going on and obviously there's always a whole lot going on the world is always shaking the world is always in some level of disruption because of human sin in the fall and Jesus is Lord. And every generation has had its challenges right now were were in a very volatile season. The best thing for us to do is pray God your will be done.

Board your best in the situation intervene may live to be spirit and the people turn to you I take one more call on the political realm will go to Warren in Charleston South Carolina which are take care gotten behind on. I'm going to get directly rendered in China for about a year and years ago, and quite I can get gotten much worse (especially under he can handle. Yes, absolutely. That night it had to point that I was curious about the first one is that I'm not entirely sure that the Christians in China are very concerned about politics. I very much feel that they they pray for more persecution to come upon them and maybe they pray for Americans to have it as well, that Christ is glorified all the more. Maybe their focus is not that much on affairs of the world of politics on get because maybe they're still used today and they just they want. They know that the Lord intervene nationally. I think to help his church and he want they want the Lord to be glorified over there.

Not to mention any earthly political or prosthetic event Anthony. My impression on and also something I am curious and I'm limit troubled is no, surely Trump knew that China had been growing and growing her belt and laid the initiative earthly Pearl in the Indian Ocean on the coast of Africa on I think it would have been smart if he wanted to keep American military presence in the Middle East, Afghanistan taken a buffer against China are between our presence in Japan and South Korea, and 90 Afghanistan I I'm curious why he did not want to do that right is your second point, I can't comment simply because of lack of expertise. I don't rank details. I don't know the sink in a little larger strategies so my comment would be utterly worthless. The first point, I can deftly interact with their simple question your thought. Yet there's no question that the the way that this Christian nationalism in America and the conflating of the gospel with the flag you have that in China were the Christians been so oppressed and yet things have gotten much worse of the presidency. Even in the last five years things have shifted are in fact many of the Christians were were seeing the. The government say were changing policy we want to work with you and and major three self churches were hosting underground churches.

I was there with with the 40 leaders Protestant leaders for America with the delegation, Franklin Graham and we spent several days just meeting with leaders the three self church leaders, government, religious leaders, and try to sift through propaganda and reality and I asked endless questions and then came back and interacted with. We had we had colleagues there a center for ministry school years past, but colleagues who been working in various ways. In business and education in China for 20 years and have some of them are incredibly well-connected. I mean that they know virtually all of the major underground church leaders, and in the hottest places in the country and are in constant interaction and and and some still there so I mean they are incredibly well-informed and and and went out of their way to get informed while being involved so this is is on the ground even longer experience what I listen to a lot of what they have to say and for sure, over the years the Chinese churches been concerned about the state of much of the American church because of my materialism and and worldliness and and even though many American leaders of help that the Chinese church through the decades and and until now, yet I have heard those same anecdotes about they were that they were praying for persecution to come to us to make us better Christians.

And yes, it's true that that they have embraced suffering for the gospel in the New Testament Way and that the church in China has has been through living hell on this earth continues to grow and and thrive in an extraordinary ways. At the same time they understand where things are going under Pres. G and many of them really appreciate it stands the trunk. The cookie stood with the Hong Kong protesters you know and and that's why my colleague was with me a few months back. He has spent most of his adult life living in China, so went over there to be 20-ish been about 20 years and incredibly of incredibly well-connected with Chinese house church leaders and Chinese house church historians, and I mean the key people in the know I will always been impressed by how well-connected he's been and he told me to a person every Chinese Christian he knew was fervently praying for Trump to be reelected and wept when he lost he said it was endless across the board so I guess they just realized where things are going under G.

The part the potential crackdown, the persecution not just for them but hardship for others. With the release or Trump or someone who could stand up to them. So I agree that there is not the politicization of the. The politicization of the gospel in China. The weather is in America.

This platform for their certainly a love for the country of China and my friend was telling me if you just want to get national sympathy just yell Taiwan. It was their outrage at all, and everybody got us together you know and and there is the social harmony is as you are there you tell if you agree with this but America, our greatest value national vice freedom when independent people. We want our freedom and our rights in a massive country and ancient country like China.

It seems that social harmony is the greatest.

The greatest value and and therefore that the blade of grass that grows too high gets gets cut down. So when you are going against the grain, looked at as dissenters and you can easily be demonized and vilified so I agree with much of what you're saying in terms of the Chinese Christians don't don't confuse the gospel with politics the way we often do in America and are not Christian nationalists. In that sense, know they don't have all this is a Christian country riff Christian origins and those guidelines at the same time. From what I understand they really thought the trunk would would be a much better figure than than Biden, and again this is just River well-informed source. God knows ultimately but thank you, thank you for the call. A thank you for weighing in. I appreciate it all right 866-34-TRUTH toilet so as not to cut anybody off with a question for you got a break coming back coming up on a minute ago your calls run on the other side of the break.

And yet if if we have time. I'm going to take calls with folks over very different perspective with me about Trump versus bite and by the way, to say again case just in I'm not bringing this up to bestial Biden were to praise Donald Trump left not a law and bring it up to say that this whole narrative. Well, everybody voted for Trump there is an angry white supremacist Christian nationals insurrectionist gun toting bigots that false narrative is being put forward ignores the primary reasons why most of us who voted for Trump voted for him in international affairs was one of the reasons abortion topless religious freedoms high on the list is real international affairs as a hunter listens well so that's why I bring these things out not to say all praise, become volatile filled life. No more than people's lives. And I would not want to be in resident but had a line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by calling 86634 true here again is Dr. Michael Brown joining us will start with Gary in Whiting New York. Your online fire ground.

Whiting, New Jersey we we were close.

We were close okay this is what happened early on the collective simple good time. I knew that went into a lot of call that apologetic looking hotel me. Oh don't believe that without now kind of wondering at plucking you and and will wrap what I give and I know you're both not backward or thing going good apologetic the money definitely good apologetic and bad apologetic letter quickly have better idea of looking at church so it's it's it's a broad question, but to to answer it simply, when it comes to apologetics.

One, you have to really understand the issues you dealing with. In other words, we can we can so easily set up the strawman, where we superficially understand the objection or the issue that someone is raising and just smash it down. You need to present the other side fairly need to understand what a Muslim believes what a Jewish person believes what Catholic believes were charismatic bullies with evangelical is whatever subject are dealing with to to argue for or against need to understand it rightly and fairly so that if someone else hurt you if a Mormon or a Muslim or Rabbi heard you presenting things. I see you that's accurate that's what I believe. So that's the first thing then the second thing is no cheap answers answers of substance, not just a quick soundbite answer that the flex the person right so you say some to me and I say some to ha ha ha I got the upper habit, but I didn't really deal with the substance of 1B well-informed about the subject you are differing with whether it's Darwinian evolution. Whether it's something else. Philosophically, whether it's a Jehovah's Witness issue with occult view B well-informed understand what they really believe they give answers of substance, not just cheap soundbite. You may reduce an answer of substance into a really good soundbite right friend, Dr. Frank Turek is great at doing that when someone says where is no absolute truth is it is a true test, throws it back on the person but then the last thing would be due solid research so that when someone pushes back against your point. You you've already dealt with that you already covered that when you quote a scripture verse you know what the Hebrew says you know what the Greek says you know what the different interpretations are so one present the other side fairly and accurately to give answers of substance. Three.

Do the research. Well to back up your position that would separate good apologetics from that hey Barry appreciate that New Jersey spirit.

Let's go over to Jean and North Carolina. Welcome to the line of fire. Michael sure thing to do right now all, we'll not. "For it. Just like them or their extreme Black Panthers and in filing flex apprentices that voted that voted for Obama, you owe you will talk international college and just one thing were talking international policies. The only thing were discussing about Trump today international policy okay okay you earlier that the Lord and that will prove a portion of what the company is what life what support we get off topic here.

That's not the issues are when not talking about American policy or white wine one for Trump was very, very specific and and I want to be fair because I am back to previous conversation we had on the system within the matters set that some to some of the poor that the full set of going out for more school in a ministry around the world spent an incredible amount of time caring for the poor true for the needy, taking in orphans feeding the hungry, incredible amount of time. My closest friends in the world is a part of his does more humanitarian work and is raised up more people to do more humanitarian work than than any human that I know on the planet terms of just directly doing and we pour into that every month the firstfruits of money that comes in for ministry. We give out today and by the way, in many ways I think Republican policies if worked out in city after city would help the poor more, but that's a complete misrepresentation photosensor complete misrepresentation and completely off the topic of what we are talking about international so again I'm thinking back to a previous lengthy conversation that we had in this is not what I was talking about. So got to stay on top but thank thank you for the call. I appreciated this over to Jeff and Ohio. Welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Brown the privilege to talk to you sir?

I'm sorry but this is not healing well that's that's funny.

We've shifted and open the phone so we could appreciated Dr. Brown Providence because I'm off today and I've been wanting to call and ask your thoughts on this because I respect Dr. Brown when I hear some of the Bible teachers. I think it's Mark chapter 6, I believe sometimes a joke inthis diverse that Kenneth Hagan wrote about speaking to the mountain is. I mean Dr. Brown is is therefore everybody is that scriptural way the present that most of you talking about the best in North 11. But you also have it in Matthew's gospel. So yeah let's let's read the actual versus in these these are for everybody.

These these are not just for the apostles right so I'll go over to Mark 11 and some people so you that's you know that your because Kenneth Hagan's "the verse that they joke and he didn't even write it Jesus, Jesus, in fact, biscuits with different screen here and there we go and yeah I'll read it to them and then will will look over in Matthew the 17th chapter. So Jesus is his teaching as they pass by in the morning they so the fig tree withered away to its roots. This is Jesus just curse the day before Peter remembered and said Rabbi look the fig tree that Eucharist is whether Jesus answered and have faith in God.

Truly I say to you, whoever says to this mountain, be taken up and thrown into the sea and does not doubt in his heart but believes that what he says will come to pass will be done for him. Therefore I tell you whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it and it will be yours.

And then the call to forgive those that we have anything against so this is for anybody. As such on the literal mountain and there is no example in Scripture where Jesus actually cause the mountain to physically move for Moses cost amount to physically move so there's no example that it's it's obvious the metaphorical speech Jesus often engaged in these is very vivid. Metaphors and analogies but there are all kinds of mountains that stand in our way, they can be endless, endless number of possibilities financial mountains relational mountain stores that need to open gifts that we don't have and we believe God's calling us to do a particular thing or there's something standing in the way of of of healing, something some mountain of some copy we all face them and Jesus is saying if we can take hold of faith if we know God's will is to remove that mountain. We can take hold of that by faith, we can order that mount to move in Jesus name you see in the Gospels and even acts that healing often came to us through word being spoken as opposed to same father were asking you to heal this person, which of course is valid, something we do. But sometimes it's a matter of ordering demons to leave sickness to leave or mountain to move in Jesus name in the we know in our heart that it's done that it's done. We Manufactured and were just saying the words doesn't manufacture it but we are in harmony with God's will and speaking forth his truth.

According to his will. Yes, we can say this mountain persistence I order you to move in Jesus name and it will move and will know that we have in our heart sick and you can't manufacture that you can't disable I did it.

Therefore it's done in the mount doesn't exist anymore. That's just denial and spiritual fantasy, but women only family of God, go ahead, go ahead and ask your doctor about Micah also like some teachers do not believe the dues are genuine born-again brothers in Christ I don't I don't think their false teaching here, but maybe they have something wrong but also sated to call things to be not as though they were stuck develop say I'm battling a autoimmune disease here cannot speak to that duty to be gone and can I say this not to be that okay I'm jumping just because were coming up to the end that this is very important. This teaching is abuse a lot and many people have been hurt by just thing okay whatever I say.

This is just is and they deny reality. So there is a dangerous abuse of this here's the key.

If I know that I know that I know that God has spoken something in his word. I am sure it belongs to me. And faith rises. I can speak it and it will be and that autoimmune disease will disappear, but to simply deny it is like me saying I'm speaking that my hair is black. I'm speaking that my nose is small.

I'm speaking know that's that's not true that's not reality. God has written it and spoken it in his word I take hold of it. Faith speaking will come to pass doesn't come to pass these savings were not faith on his speaking to the another program powered by the Truth Network

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