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Dr. Brown Tackles Your Best Bible Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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February 18, 2022 5:00 pm

Dr. Brown Tackles Your Best Bible Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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February 18, 2022 5:00 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 02/18/22.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. Phone lines are open questions. We got answers.

Let's do this for the light a fire with your host Google scholar and cultural commentator Dr. Michael Brown your voice for more savvy and spiritual clarity reports route to get on the line of fire and now there's your host Dr. Michael Brown transport 487-8843 just tuning in, this is the day when you can call him with any question of any kind.

There is no subject to be on so everything can be off subject because it's on the subject. On Fridays, Bible questions biblical language questions cultural questions theology questions questions about the Jewish people in Israel anything. When asked about and yes I got the idea of doing this on Fridays. Many years ago for Rush Limbaugh's open line Friday.

So here you go.

866-348-7884. You can differ with me on various things perfectly fine to call and we will have a civil discussion. We will start over in Mexico with David, welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Brown I appreciate my call.

Longtime listener, called this really enjoy all the wisdom that you bring the byproduct underappreciated. Thank you. Psalm don't, questions about after being first 20 workers in the bed with that. Counsel Jerusalem bit about it. They should write to them. Pain from things polluted by idle sexual immorality. Things that have been strangled and from blood spot you're out the patient today.

How how do you see that because I know that you don't think that Christians, for example, have to keep the dietary laws of the Old Testament. How does that apply today right. Most people don't ask how it applies today which is really an important question. So for the context. All the first believers were Jews and there were customary things they did whether it was at a deep religious devotion were just out of their tradition that they observed many of of the laws of Israel and some more devoutly than others so they would keep the Sabbath they would deserve the dietary laws and things like this. Now you have Gentiles coming to the faith they are part of the same community with these Jewish believers and the men there's no requirement to circumcise them, there is no requirement for the men and women to observe the seventh day Sabbath, or to keep all the dietary laws so it created a conflict to created a bit of a crisis will have how we live together and as Craig Keener says Prof. Kaner is IVP Bible background commentary quote a few requirements that James Jacob suggests they impose or representative of the handful of laws. Jewish tradition declared that God gave Noah. According to the more lenient Jewish position any righteous Gentiles who kept those basic laws, but I'm sure the will to come because even stricter Pharisees had to get along with the majority of of the more lenient people. These teachers did not try to invalidate other teachers rulings.

If they had majority consent so back then. It's clear that there were certain things laid out the most fundamental requirements that would be expected of a Gentile, God-fearing person right so soon. In other words, this is not a matter of a full convert. You had in the ancient world, which is called God fears and they would turn away from idols. They were turned away from adultery.

They were turned away from eating blood of animals and things like that but they were not required to keep all the Jewish law, but they were considered full converts now through Jesus.

Jew and Gentile equal playing field in the Messiah. Even though the Gentile Christians are not keeping all the laws that Jews would that's that's the ancient context. As far as today. I believe it applies just the same. Not for salvation but for practical God-fearing reasons. The idea about not eating the limb of of an animal that died on its own strangled something like that.

That's found in in Genesis 9 and that was before the law was given the sacredness of blood even though we understand that what we put in our mouths ultimately doesn't spiritually defile us right you know if you work out you were blindfolded. Her hands were tied in some import something in your mouth and it was blood or it was something else that does not spiritually defile you, but because of the sacredness of blood we should abstain from it. So I believe it applies just the same, even though the circumstances have changed your drink. It really hooping for morality and idolatry that that would obviously still be something that other believer correct that we need for now that makes her think in the world are are you think of four separate thing like Edmonton for separately right right okay so when I was saying the things that don't follow some talk about food. Obviously, sexual morality and idolatry defile us. We cannot be practicing followers of Jesus wall committing sexual morality as a lifestyle or worshiping idols as a lifestyle. The things we must repent of. So in that sense, they are clearly of a different hierarchy right there certain things that will exclude us from the kingdom of God by practicing immorality or practicing idolatry. But I don't believe that eating something forbidden would exclude us from eternal salvation in the kingdom of God. But at that time. Those were the basics of the basics for everyone today.

If you want to look at them as four separate things.

That's fine because again, this was just for table fellowship for gentile followers of Jesus to be able to sit together with Jewish followers of Jesus and and these were the basics of the basics that you say, what about the rest of the New Testament. Yes, the rest of the New Testament tells us how to live the rest of the New Testament reinforces sexual purity reinforces worshiping one God, one got only.

It does not make a major issue of food laws or food regulations and the rest of the New Testament.

So there's definitely a more important and less important are already interested sure thing. Thank you for your question and it's it's relevant is that theoretical. It's awfully relevant. 8663 fortress. By the way, every so often.

This happened on a Friday we will have some phone lines open. We had it yesterday in the was too late to take calls with a bunch coming in at the end but: now many times before the show starts.

We have all all the lines lit up, but we have some open license so it's a great time scribble: get a better chance of getting to your question.

Over the course of the show.

Let's go over to Patrick in rock Hill South Carolina. Welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Brown. He was good to have a moment to speak with you. I wanted to reach out today.

I have a question for directly related to some things you've dealt with in the past and something to you and I have conversed about all fear as well. I wanted to ask about the concept of Shekinah glory not recently been a lot of conversation that I've been involved in some conversation that you've spoken into regarding the use of feminine pronouns for God other than academics and writers of been promoting that that's what you handled that so beautifully.

A lot of a lot of your writing and in your applicant will show dedicated to. In fact, inspired by one of our conversations. That said recently in a resurfacing of the idea that the Jewish concept of Shekinah is a reason that it would be proper and almost only proper. According to some to use. She or her for the Holy Spirit in the Old Testament context.

Now that to me seemed a little confusing but it seems as if the language is being used as a hiding place for bringing in this concept of the feminine pronouns for God and then sometimes the mystery of Jewish tradition can be used to conceal things and so being open on Friday, I thought. Who do I know that can answer a question about both Jewish tradition and the language you have.could help us out. So if you're the guy.

So you're both on Shekinah glory and that concept of that being a reason to report to the Holy Spirit. Actually short so let's let's first look in Jewish tradition and then in Scripture so there are thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of recorded prayers in the Bible and and in Jewish tradition and putting them all together and you will never find in Jewish tradition where people pray to God as she. He is our father and our king and our Lord, etc. so masculine pronouns are used so we understand that God transcends gender cannot be put in our biological categories, but he revealed himself to us as the heavenly father and the father of Israel who cares for us.

The mother like Paul said about himself that he he cared the Thessalonians, like a nursing mother, but he was identifying as transgender and saying that so Jewish tradition. You have the 15 which is the manifest presence or the earthly presence of God and you don't have that now in the Bible, but you have the verb shock, which is to dwell. So for example in Exodus 25 of Moses, God tells Moses. Most of the week – have the make for me a sanctuary holy place shock on TV till, and I will dwell in their midst now in Jewish tradition is not in the Bible nowhere in the Bible is the shifting not specifically identified as such.

But in Jewish tradition, the shifting out represents God's presence on the earth, and also some of his motherly aspects right so this is the tender side of God with his people in exile and things like that but these are just various aspects of God like I can compare himself. Also a tool to a mother caring for her children while he is revealed as heavenly father and never once prayed to her referred to as the heavenly mother and and that's important because his father, he's the origin and the source of all things in the same way.

If we now want to look at at specific aspects of Bible in Jewish tradition, the Holy Spirit in Hebrew rococo – is never spoken to or addressed in feminine terms in the later rabbinic literature. There are no prayers to a she.

So what it is is a real confusion and misuse of the sources. It is it extrapolating something that you can extrapolate if you wanted to find within Jewish tradition, all kinds of aspects of God being referred to a she and prayed to as she events ahead of the supply fine, but they're not there because that's not the way God has been addressed or recognized or understood. So a lot of this is a misapplication of the tradition misuse of Scripture and to be the biggest thing is pushing in a modern cultural agenda to read Scripture in the light of this will need to draw a line in the sand to Patrick and are you doing that Douglas man work like that. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown transferred his the number to call you got questions. We got answers hate just reminder the newest book, the silencing of the lands. The ominous rise of cancel culture and how we can overcome it is filled with Diwali. I get choked up talking about the new book filled with divine strategies things you can put the practice as well as I opening data. I really believe this book will bless you will stir you will encourage you will and bold in you. Yeah, I really believe that you can still preorder assigned numbered copy were coming to the end of that window by going to ask Dr. ask a GR encourage you get a couple copies, one for yourself and one for your pastor or for another friend and if you want once decided to multiple people whose each one assigned a number. Just let us know who were signing it to and will do it personalized for each one, 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go over to CJ in Gulfport, Mississippi.

Welcome to the line of fire, a Dr. Brown how are you today doing very well thank you. Hey, I did have a comment I've heard several times where you know people would say you should call other people out by name and I've heard you know your response. Quite often, but often wonder. I know you've debated you, you had a James White to team up with you and debate other people. Is that correct yes debated each other a bunch of times and we've teamed up against others twice. We we do it more.

But we have had more opportunity was so what the reason I say that are asked that question that I think the main parties, but it kind of reminds me of the Democratic Party. What's good for Liam is you know should be good follows but why don't they call out Dr. James White. Not that he should team up with you but not thing it seem like that's a double standard.

I don't hear him say and will Michael Brown does it condemn these people. So James White shouldn't be hanging around with LOL I actually's you actually CJ I he gets a lot of slack for there are websites attacking him as a heretic and a false brother because he associates with me yet so it that's the really troubling things are that here.

James is is a Calvinist. Here James is non-charismatic here. James has not had a history of being a friend or colleague with many of the people I been a friend or colleague with and yet because he's my friend and we work together and we honor the Lord together in the midst of our differences, I consider him a real friend and I believe the same of me that yes he is called out.

He's called either privately people have given Flach yes so so he knew that working with me with would bring Flach now in my circles, people would batten out eyelash that I'm working with them because it they don't know him and my circles as as well.

This is, I may not be as well-known other circles but yet that's how far it goes and by the way there many times when I'll call out specific things went. When it's appropriate by name, and with that with the false trump prophecies. We play clips from Hank with her management had occur in from others. Jim Jansen played the clips and address them when I was writing my hyper grace book I interacted at length with different people in." You we have the quotes there and then there are other times, you have the same pattern in the New Testament were sometimes names are named right avoid this one and this one, and other times it is references false teachers, false apostles, false prophets, so that there is this a place for for both the other thing CJ and I know you not asking this, but all the time we get people writing to us. What about this one about this one about this one as if that was our ministry to tell you she's good he's good she's bad he's been right and and it never ends.

It never ends. If we spent all our time doing that. We never do the other things with CJ. Sadly, the standard has been capped the hypercritical standard so I'm not saved, even though there's nothing I preached or taught that violates anything fundamental. Scripture and in 50 years in the Lord and they can't point to books or articles or messages. Rev said anything it's allegedly heretical because I was on someone's TV show to get my message out there for him heretic going to hell or high on an James White is he's my friend. He's a heretic on how it at and now you see more and more critics attacking each other more, more, the hyper critics with putting out videos about others and calling them hypocrites, etc. so it's it's an unfortunate circle. Constructive criticism is wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, and one of the best ways we expose error is Batista the truth hey CJ, thank you for the call which appreciated 866-34-TRUTH.

Let's go over to Karen won't go there. Let's go over to the anonymous caller in New York.

Welcome to the line of fire. Thank you in regard to divorce and remarriage that the control of adultery. I think a lot of it happened so quickly right okay so here's the argument in favor of that view and then I'll explain why. Don't accept it.

The argument in favor of that you is in Mark and Luke, Jesus simply says if a man divorces his wife and she marries another, she commits adultery. If you marries another, he commits adultery. It doesn't put any any qualification on it and by the way, you will give a speech to be from old but I getting some static underlined salt I get a chance to respond in a moment, but there are plain teachings of Jesus in Mark and Luke that have no exceptions. Given that we give the impression that any divorce for any reason. As long as there is remarriage while the original spouse is living put you in a continuous state of adultery and the beginning of Romans seven is used to make that same argument. Others would push back and say wait. Matthew five and Matthew 19. Do give a clause do give an exception, sexual immorality, so you can divorce for sexual morality, which was unknown recognize Jewish practice in the first century and then first within seven says that if you're married to an unbeliever succeed you and your husband were not saved. Then you came to faith, but your husband wanted nothing to do with you or the faith moves out divorces you moves in with another woman that you are free and that would be a legal term there that you are legally free. So I do believe in some circumstances that there is legitimate written possibility of remarriage, even when the spouse is still living as long as there were grounds for divorce. Sadly, the tremendous amount of divorces, even within the church today have no possible biblical grounds and therefore it seems based on what Jesus said that there are people who are in illegitimate marriages, and in an ongoing state of adultery and if someone says okay look, my husband and I are married, were following Jesus, but we have to admit that we we had the fair remarriage other people and so we divorced our spouses and I remember try to get serious with God.

Well, getting serious with God's getting stepping back from that relationship.

Right now it's in God, look at what we do because we we got married in adultery. So there are cases where that is the situation people get to sit need to sit down with with her pastor, spiritual leader and get it sorted out through the cases right believe.

Let's say for example, married woman husband commits adultery multiple times, divorces his wife remarriage someone else. I believe she is free to remarry. The set answer question okay thank you's yet you are you are very very welcome so please hear me. Many of you live under a shadow of divorce. There's divorce you were you really were picked know it's perfect but you really were victims try to hold the marriage together repeatedly. You were your score and spine multiple adultery purses left you the remarry. There's that stigma divorce of divorce even though you want to preserve the marriage and even though adultery was committed against you. The first thing is in Jesus, but the weight lift off. Because you're forgiven for your shortcomings, but the divorce was not your doing. In any case, and someone did that to you so receive that cleansing and wholeness and I do believe if if you study Scripture and say I believe in free that remarriage is a possibility.

The key thing. Just be sure that you understand what Scripture says, before moving forward. Hey, thank you for that call and and those who find themselves in a situation where you think what yeah I mean really didn't do it right. We did have legitimate grounds for divorce never married when we do will step back in suburbia just what you will with whatever that means. 866-34-TRUTH go to Robbie in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and I may have to answer your question on the other side of the break would go ahead and get it out. Dr. Brown hey Robert, your film loving man also mentioned. Awesome. Good to hear from you but again you are my friend have a question for you could learn Leviticus 25 a blog about the year Jubilee she would want to know what the current or upcoming year. Jubilee is one understanding of that from Leviticus probably writes in question, yes, yes or so. According to Leviticus 25 every 50th year on the day of atonement, so you have 7×749 years of the 50th year, the day of atonement, you proclaim liberty throughout the land, so loans would be cancel if you're an indentured servant sorcery for life. You go free.

If if you had lost your land because of debt to someone else would be returned. There's no record of that actually being kept in biblical days and we actually do not know for sure. Even Jewish tradition when it's happening today so there are seventh year Sabbath laws that many religious Jews in Israel seek to practice but no one knows for sure where David and where that piece of tissue may come up with some ideas, but actually one of the flies for Jesus spiritually puts it in notion of claiming liberty, freedom, forgiveness and spiritual and him thank you for the call magically to hear from the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Looking back, delighted to be with you. Good questions, we've got answers will get to as many phone calls as we can, by the way those it was right before the break.

Young men identified himself as Robbie from B RSM and I recognized what was immediately say B RSM was not Brown's revival school of ministry.


And did you have at the largest point 1175 full-time students. Yup. So how do you know Robbie from B RSM Robbie was maybe one of our few sit the first Native American students and just over the years we been in touch here and there. So when I heard Robbie and identifies it's gotta be that Robbie that was interesting. He asked for friend about the year of Jubilee today during the break I pulled up a website so this is kebab ultra-Orthodox Jewish website with tons of information at all from an ultra-Orthodox Jewish perspective and highly reviewing their their founder or their their last great Rabbi Rabbi Menachem and Schneerson died in 1994 the age of 92. But here's what it says. In short, the answer to your question is that the Jubilee year is currently not observed or commemorated that goes down to the belief that in biblical times was in such which which I see no evidence that it actually was. Then it says, and now for the extra question at the end. What is next Jubilee year we eagerly await the day when God will bring our entire nation back to her homeland, including the 10 lost tribes and we will again resume observing the Jubilee year as well as so many other peaceful commandments which were incapable of performing until that awaited today so again there is no 50th Jubilee year that is observed in Israel and there hasn't even been an attempt to of course being out of the land through the centuries. This is a land-based commandment 86634. Let's go over to Stephen and Tampa, Florida. Welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Brown thank you for taking my call.

I wanted a birthday been a real blessing in my life. I've gone through four years of college up for your internship and now I'm married and all throughout the year. I will encouragement. I appreciate you. Thank you so much. Glad to hear that I will. My question is the God giving us the ability to have a memory you don't have to been thinking about Fatima collecting on my life and that the cognitive simply dawned on me I'm like man that the real blessing to be able to reflect on the past are things that are happening be the power of memory and the power of things happening in people's lives and meet up with United Jesus reflecting back to the Old Testament all throughout the Bible of the power of God giving us the gift to remember something you know that happened that I just wanted to get your opinion. Maybe you know why that might be because I could think of it out. Sure, it just be very very special right so first functional level we could exist without memory. How do you know how to communicate how do you know what words mean, how do you know how to drive a car had to have you with with food to eat or not eat what's poison and was not poisoned.

How do you learn anything so obviously just to exist we have to have memory liquids when someone wakes up from some brain trauma and and they have amnesia complete amnesia. They have no idea who they are, that there is human beings like who am I one family. So on that level just to function just to to live in this world you have to have memory and meet even animals remember certain things. That's how they don't just all die out instantly, but from a spiritual point of view it's really really important to me over and over. God tells us, remember, remember never forget it. It's a model and in in Judaism. Never forget in the history of the past and the suffering of the past of what happened. Never forget so Scripture is very plain. Romans 15 for whatever was written before him was written for Ross to give us comfort and and hope and assurance, and in whom God is so memory is very important spiritually to remember who God is to remember his faithfulness to remember mistakes we've made and learn from them to remember the past to repeat the good and avoid the bad. Remember the lives of others so that they they live on in our hearts and lives of the deposit that they've made in us, so it is again you think of that, having memory of a perfectly functioning brain bejeweled member anything I mean.

Think of how far he could go someone hands you a meal in his response, like what do I do with this right in and you where am I your hospital was a hospital you think of how far the think you go suggested we don't really think about a lot, but memory is very very important Type.

One quick thing yet. One quick question I whatever it I forgot to call you all what if the one thing that you want everybody to know that you want to leave behind that I love God with all my heart soul mind and strength. That's the that something yet to attain to. In other words, we all are seeking to do that on one level or another.

But if I could have any goal that would be the ultimate goal and obviously if I truly love God with all my heart, soul, strengthen it with me on love my neighbor as myself, starting with my own family. But on that day, when I want to hear is not good job writing all these books or great job doing all these radio shows or pay you travel the world is amazing good job of the Bates number was done good and faithful servant someone here, by the way, this reminds me of a story brother told he he had never married felt that marriage would distract them from God's call in his life he felt he had sacrificed a lot for the Lord had a dream and the dream he was appearing before God and went to several boorish you not done this and of sacrifice. This Lord you have never married and and to be devoted to you in and the Lord said to him, little close. I want to see how much of Maysan. I could see in you and woke up in a cold sweat right back to the phones stew in Charlotte North Carolina.

Welcome to the modifier studio there… Route are my my phone book got under the name of my company that's you. If you are stew. Go ahead.

That I'm.

The gentleman I brought up the Shekinah glory question earlier this idea of what the visible manifestation of God and then as it relates to Jesus, reflecting colostrum, pimping beauty in bodily form and diverse talk about him being like the radiance of the glory of God in the back and front of his nature. Mom and I want a good product to the new Jerusalem and its idea of a throne in heaven and in 2122 Reimer… Groening and my God sitting there and wiping the tears from I just had a question about Hartnell years of light, who I know you said you can adjudge and he sits on a throne, but like how it God to manifest in the new Jerusalem.

Like when we get the fear and face-to-face. I was gonna have the cell does that relate to the article, I believe it relates to the Shekinah glory. He was 15 that is dealing with the issue of of God being enthroned in heaven, and yet manifesting himself here on earth so that be in a different way.

One rabbi, decades ago we were talking about this and he was understand my visa so Jesus is like a walking sheeting. I said yeah that's that that's a great way of putting it. But here's what's fascinating.

You can ask Christians in eternity. So, new Jerusalem, being with the Lord forever. Do you expect to see father, son and Holy Spirit just father just son just Holy Spirit or father and son only the sun, etc. you get many many different answers. There are no references to seeing the spirit which is interesting because his role is to work invisibly behind the scenes and point everyone to the sun. But here's what we do see in Revelation 22 saw want to read it through out when Gwen went off off the call but read through all of Revelation 22.

You'll see throughout Revelation, there is reference to the throne of God and the throne of the Lamb and the land sits in the center of God's throne orbit but it it's always just be two separate thrones, but when you get to Revelation 22. It speaks of the throne of God and the Lamb. One throne for God and the Lamb. And then it says his servants will see his face, not their faces so it's it it remains mysterious on a certain level.

First Corinthians 15 seeks seems to speak to this as well.

With the sun is fully submits to the father God may be all in all. So it could be on that day that we see one God and one God only. Others would say that the father is is always hidden in glory, and the one that we see is the son of I would say for sure. That's how he is been revealed. Up until now. John 118 no one seen God at any time with the one and only God is in the bosom of the father. He's made him known. First Timothy 616 that God dwells in unapproachable light, which no man has seen or can't see and yet we know God has been seen so it's something that can be argued or debated, it will do a little twitter pole later and see what kind of response that I get in eternity with God.

If you're Christian you expect to see the father son and Spirit father go through the office only or four choices on portable try to make it work.

A thank you for the question and meditate on Revelation 22, 866-348-7884. Let's go over to Eric in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Welcome to the line of fire. Thanks for my cartogram lot hamlet in her first time caller officer exit there. Think about your ministry been blessed a long time. My question was about Luke two verse 12. I know people like enter time will point to that and say hey you know this was a signal to the shepherds brain that are you sure with your newborn in that specific kind of pasture or plate were there breaking the Passover lamb and I like that reading but I noticed that most of evangelical commentary, but absent that you were not there. I was wondering do you agree without reading it or any basis for that or is that Mayor is essentially an error. To me it's reading something into the text was written on the left to finish the answer on the other side of the break out for you to shine was a Hungarian Jew who came to faith in the 1800s and wrote some tremendously significant works. The most important being this two-volume study about 1500 pages.

The life and times of Jesus the Messiah is very, very rich background sometimes something in the on single RightFax take the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by calling 866342 here again is Dr. Michael Brown having the skill of using 5 to 830 John Cory Cooper do great to have you as part of our daily show. I know your you're enjoying being part of it as well. 866-34-TRUTH just reminder.

Have you gone over the vitamin if not check it out before the special discount you can use to give you 10% 10% off on some fabulous health supplements made in the highest-quality way with great great contents of been taking a number of them for years that the supplement my healthy lifestyle. So this is vitamin is a code you can use your 10% discount if you love or broadcast great place to go for your health supplements because a donation is made with every order back to our ministry to help us reach more people on the line of fire. Alright so just want to get back over trip Eric so reading either shine there always rich reads always got books on the Temple in and other lectures on messianic prophecy and things like that and he was very learned in rabbinic literature, there is a science of using the text today that was unknown in his day, but again he he knows the text very very well, but sometimes there is speculation written as if there was more truth to it. So I see no evidence or anything compelling that would say that the manger is anything other than a manger were that it was a place where passive lands were being prepared for for sacrifice, etc. know that that would that would mean then that he would've been born in April which you have some some believe some leave October than of course the traditional date with less support in December but if he said that the way I would've said it would have been if he was born at this time with Linda been amazing if this this this a bit. Even the timing of it would seem a little odd so he argues there is been a long time since I've looked at life and times of Jesus the Messiah never read it all the way through.

Anyway, but does he argue for you should being born in April. That's hard at March March April graphic requests and tiered timeline. The whole McDonald leader argument Howard Flock linking it with Mike right yet there's there's always a lot essence of it and in any event, it seems to be he may have arguments for it on each review. To be fair to him binder in insured definitely reading something into the text or speculating beyond what the text says it's best just to leave it as is with with what Luke does tell us, you'd think that if there is more to if you might've even mentioned that that point.

That would've been quite a point with a thank you sir for the call. If been a long time listener.

Alright 866-34-TRUTH we go over to William in Wilmington, Delaware. Welcome to the line of fire. I got pleasure of Dr. Brown library. Books I ordered and on my fine caulking arrogant sweet from you and I think I have a question re: him. The euro was 23 when the Pensacola Florida revival took place. I was skeptical about it so I misted no I regretted I got two questions but I have researched buildable the revival in general line is also what was I was there. New York, by the way, so when I was in my after questions how, why, and Raymond Moran and what speaks were made that you all advice that they will happen when it happens again. What what you say. Right suits of the Browns revival was called the church to strengthen its assignment. The longest running local church revival in American history and it is began Father's Day of 19 95 x 2000, and it was it was waning. Now interestingly early on I was talking to David Wilkerson and he said the smartest thing you could do was raise up the school because the life of any revivals can be for five years, which basically was how long this what and revival by its very nature cannot go on forever. It that the point of revival is is to get us back to where were supposed to be kind of with a jolt.

It's it's almost like if you're 50 pounds overweight. In four months you lose 50 pounds but will now you want to live in a way that you can maintain healthfully. At that point so revival takes us from the point of being compromised or lukewarm or discouraged or lacking power intimacy with God takes us to a place of being obsolete on fire burning right now the goal is to continue to live with fire with passion, but the intensity of revival your you're talking about. I can send in my own life that between being in the services teaching at the school, traveling, speaking, writing other ministry related responsibilities. I was going between 80 and 100 hours a week so you can only maintain that intensity for so long. Nonetheless, there were ways it's revival ended or waned, that I believe could have been avoided.

There was a split between John Kilpatrick and me the pastor who was the senior leader over everything happening in the lead in the school was a split between us and of course reconcile be administered side-by-side together and endorse one of his books and things like that but we had a split and as Pastor Kilpatrick said to me will be reconcile the supply curve. If we want so exhausted. Hopefully the enemy could have gotten in so exhausted and was deftly one issue of how you pace yourself better. Can you involve more people on the team. Can you cut back from other activities that's that's one thing. Some felt that we spread ourselves too thin.

Steve Hill would not take any preaching engagements at all. Yet thousands of them would not take any during the revival I would take maybe 1/50, but I was still out a lot and we we do these events called awake America where we would go to different cities where people for whatever reason when coming to us or we just wanted to reach them in their city and we go there and reach thousands of people may begin convention center. They could see 10 15,000 and hold meetings there Monday Tuesday so we be going in the revival Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday now traveling out now doing meetings Monday Tuesday now flying back to start again Wednesday and some said you were restricting ourselves to sin that that was again part part of it is as well and then whatever can be done to have really really deeply based relational leadership structures, governmental structures, as it is, God brought different people in together and I used to joke with the guys in the midst of it.

Hey, that the greatest miracle of the revival is that we all get along so well because in that in the midst of the tension the attack and the criticism of the misunderstanding and you're seeing God move in extraordinary ways. And remember the lines would form at six in the morning for the doorstop and six at night for the service we can seven in the service go to midnight one in the morning and and that was love of hunger and thirst around the world around the world. We see the fruit of the revival to this day as those touch the revival of bearing fruit as missionaries, pastors, leaders moms that business people living exemplary lies in making incredible impact for Jesus. We must trust the guys can do something fresh even greater in the days ahead.

Not just in one location but in thousands, may we be ready. May we be found worthy. Thank you sir for the call. God bless. Right. Let me try to get to one last call Baptiste in Atlanta, Georgia.

Welcome to the line of fire loan documents) Yep Yep America one Microsoft concerning inquiry. Chapter chapter 10 chapter 11 actually okay all about repentance, I do worry about them beyond the point of repentance about the crime and not on. Of endearment it your position on this or so called in sick within seven does describe true repentance as being a godly sorrow that leads to life was the sword of the world leads to death. Here's the question do you want to serve God.

That's the question do do you want God as your father you want to be with him forever. She wanted to be your Lord in in this life.

Okay then you have not send beyond the point of recovery.

The whole Bible, sir, tell stories of Israel sin in Israel following other gods and God divorcing Israel and by the law. Israel could not come back because it married other lovers and he said yet come back yet come back read Jeremiah 3 and four and see how God keeps offering cut. Even so, even with all you've done come back come back come back what's written at the end of of James Jacob. Chapter 5 to just look at the last chapter of James chuckle. Jacob, the last chapter the last two verses.

If someone turns away Butrans when Sonos brings them back save a soul from death and cover a multitude of sins. Read Luke 15 over and over and over to saturate your heart and mind that Jesus goes after the one lost sheep, the one lost coin meaning us will be turned away. The prodigal son who has lived in all kinds of sin and the bow tree when he comes back.

The father is running to meet him achieve your own mind or Satan trying to lie to you, but God remains forgiving Jesus paid for your worst day sit on the cross. He says: sure, come back to me.

Look to me, not yourself. And I will wash friends of friends. God bless you. Talking with you on Monday so they could ask a round the Lord visited all of our resources. There another program powered by the Truth Network

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