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February 17, 2022 5:30 pm

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Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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February 17, 2022 5:30 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 02/17/22.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. I am so excited to tell you about what you will find on the real Messiah website for the light a fire with your host scholar and cultural commentator Dr. Michael Brown your voice for more and spiritual clarity reports route to get on the line of fire and now there's your host Dr. Michael Brown fire number to call with any questions you might have. 866-3487 84 any Jewish related question of any kind. If your Jewish person of this believe that if you what Jesus is the Messiah love to hear from you can tell me why you believe as you do. But again, if it's Jewish related Israel today Jewish literature, rabbinic Judaism, Jewish background to the New Testament, messianic prophecy, Hebrew issues fertilizer open 866-34-TRUTH 7884. I am really excited about the new completely revamped updated fully available real Messiah website. I want to explore what's there for you and give you some background I want this to be very interesting. Not just can be talking about a website for the next hour, but I want to tell you some really interesting background and open things up to that I think will really bless you. But if you've not yet been to real Messiah is real real if you've not yet been there. Check it out today. Share it with all your Christian friends or your believing friends who love messianic prophecy love to understand the Scriptures more deeply who want to be able to answer Jewish friends and share more about Jesus. If you are a Jewish believer in Jesus is the place for you is the place real get answers to the major objections. Real gets us very, very specific videos dealing with specific issues where you get things that really open up principles of interpreting the Scripture.

And if you know a Jewish person that has questions, send them there or even someone that's antagonistic if at least the woman to study send them there real Messiah.calm and before we get there, open the Scriptures with you and talk about the place of dialogue and debate do we know when Paul went to Corinth city that was so famous for people with rhetorical skills great oratory skills and great philosophical arguments. Even though Paul could engage. He may not of been like a powerful preacher based on on what's written in second Corinthians the 10th chapter without some of the critical Corinthian said yeah well it was letters are strong, but his bodily presence is weak and is nothing special about a speech. I think the living Bible paraphrase you've never heard worse preacher but he was obviously utterly brilliant and could get into complex dialectics with anyone and knew the Scriptures inside and out and could quote Greek poets, but we got to Corinth, he said, I determined that that my message would be Jesus the Messiah crucified that was it at and in my speech and preaching were not in in wise and persuasive words of human wisdom, but in demonstration of the spirit and power so that your faith might not rest in the wisdom of men but in the power of God that we could say while Paul was amazing, Paul.

When the arguments but it would be. Jesus was exalted. This Yeshua died for sins and rose from the dead. At the same time there was a time for dialogue and debate, and at the same time.

Even first Corinthians to a little bit later in the chapter pulses all there is deeper wisdom.

We keep going deeper.

This is the foundation we keep open things up to those who are deeper themselves but let me take you to review Scriptures and historic just read these quickly beginning in acts chapter 9. This is after Saul.

Paul has his life-changing encounter with the Messiah and the road to Damascus. We still in that city of Damascus. The notice Jewish leader rapidly persecuting Jews who believe in Jesus and says this acts 922 but Paul Is good. Saul kept increasing in strength and confounding the Jews who lived at Damascus by proving that this Jesus is the Messiah, so this is what is doing open up the Scriptures and say look this Jesus is when a dog rose from the dead. He is the Messiah then asked 17 first three verses that when they travel through Amphipolis and Apollonia came to Thessalonica there is a synagogue of the Jews according to cost-plus Paul's custom, he went to them for three Sabbath reasoned with them from the Scriptures, explaining, giving evidence that the Messiah had to suffer and rise again from the dead and say this Jesus, who I'm proclaiming to is the Messiah. Here is another of this is from acts 1716, 17 says this fellow Paul was waiting for them at Athens spirit was being provoked within him as he was observing the city full of idols. So he was reasoning in the synagogue with the Jews in the God-fearing Gentiles in the marketplace every day with those who have to be present. So get reasoning. Let's look at let's talk about. Let's think it through. We seek to do that here on the line of fire a daily basis as people call in engage in dialogue, then ask 18 for and he was reasoning in the synagogue every Sabbath and tried to persuade Jews and Greeks, so he kept doing it because it was a right way to to witness to minister dislike there is that relational related evangelism right you spend time with people you build relationship with them to pray for them in secret.

Little by little, you share the gospel with them. There's the street preaching evangelism right there is the power evangelism with the sick are healed in Jesus is exalted through that and the message comes and there's the debate, dialogue, reasoning, back and forth.

Let's take a look at acts chapter 18 and for those watching him to put this up on the accordance cords Bible software wonderful software use. If you will really want to dig into the Scriptures digging to the original languages digging to background very very easy to use and continues to grow with resources so ask 18 verses 27 and 28 and middle of verse 27 it says about Apollo's may not be able to put on screen that's okay. It says this he greatly help those who had believed through grace, so there are other Jewish believers in particular in the city and Corinth and he greatly help those who had believed through grace, for he powerfully refuted the Jews in public himself as a Jew, demonstrated by the Scriptures that Jesus was the Messiah use in my translation say Jesus was the Christ, yet really English translations in any of these verses are just Richard said the Messiah because that's that's what we dealing with.

That's with the focus is on Jesus being the Messiah in the Greek Aqua starts the Christ would rightly translate into English, or as the Messiah. So many English translations to render it like that you may not be used to seeing it that way. But notice this that Apollo's was, not just reaching out to the Jews who did not believe as he did, but as he did, debate and dialogue. It had a positive effect on the believers. I've often said that my first reason for doing debates with rabbis and putting together materials that ultimately came a five volume set on answering Jewish objections to Jesus that my first reason for doing that was not outreach that was the very very very very close second. The first reason was to strengthen fellow Jews who also believe because I had seen for so many years, as the objections came from the rabbis as the objections came from counter missionaries that many Jewish believers would have answers. It would hurt their faith.

It would confuse them.

Some actually fell away and and I I was confronted by the same objections from early on from just be in a few weeks old, and the Lord a few months old and the Lord and in the years that followed. I'm getting confronted and challenged by rabbis who cared about me and the thought here. I'm a zealous young Jewish man who loves to pray loves to read the Bible, but I'm very much misled and they want to get me back on the track and and keep me in the traditions of our people that in their minds they've been keeping since Moses on Mount Sinai. So it was out of love that they reached out to me, but some use different tactics of very kind would sit for hours and open the Scriptures at some more trying to intimidate some with more emotional appeal. Some of my intellectual appeal, but we met I met with Rabbi after Robert Herrick.

I could barely read Hebrew and in the objections were strong in the objections were coach.

I remember sitting with a law professor who also did apologetics hold this with the be in the late 90s and early 2000 something like that and he was saying will what objections to the rabbis have limits so clear that Jesus is the Messiah who could argue against it.

So when I finish my introductory comments and sublime good God called you to do this, not me. I was a law professor who did apologetics, but this whole realm was completely new and different from so so my point is that I've seen people picked off of C people heard of C people stores apologetics in general. One of its major roles is to strengthen believers were seeing people fall away. Today the say hey I'm not getting answers. In many cases take. We had the answers for decades.

Somehow we get them to you or you can find us, but it in many many different areas. The authority of Scripture. Science and the Bible be philosophical issues be Jewish objections Islamic objections etc. so the answers have been there. We provided them so as Apollo's debated in reason and dialogue with his fellow Jews about Jesus being the Messiah based on the Bible that they had the Hebrew Scriptures. Okay, that was that the common Bible that the New Testament had not yet been written. Some some C are in there in the Gospels passed on an oral tradition in that it written at this point, but in any case, using the same Bible that they agreed on was God's word. He was, he was demonstrating that Jesus was the Messiah and its strengths. Then the Jews who believed it strengthen their faith and and that's the first thing that I've seen is of done debates over the years, and even the first reason that we have the real Messiah website up. It is to strengthen you as a Jewish believer to strengthen.

He was a Gentile follow Jesus that's been hit with questions and Jewish objections and then immediately right after that immediate close second to reach Jewish people who do not believe that Jesus is the Messiah here citizen I know. If you are strengthen your faith you will be a more bold witness. If you are strengthen your faith you will be encouraged to grow on the side of truth. Have you ever gone through a season of doubt. Maybe your M1 right now that you're struggling right now. Maybe. Maybe that's the reality which you find yourself zealous can you be, how much can you step out in confidence how excited are you to go on that mission trip.

How excited are you that to get with his young adults and open the Bible with them. How excited are you to preach from the pulpit. How excited he is sit down with your children and homeschool them and go through the Bible lessons. If you go through a season real doubt you're struggling that's painful it it it's it's almost like an athlete with an injury trying to compete at normal oven can't do it. But when the conference is restored.

The boldness is restored. The seals restore the passion is restored. So we do this debates we put out these materials. First, to strengthen you, as believers in particular Jewish believers with our Jewish objections material strengthen whole body build a home with them also come back behind the scene is less the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown got on the line of fire by calling 866342 here again is Dr. Michael Brown so now's a great time to call me with any Jewish related question you have of any kind.

Some Thursdays. It's really hard to get through Fridays almost always hard to get through with as many calls as we can to get some open line so will encourage you great time to call now will be able to get to your calls during the course of the show so we could go over to real Messiah in a moment, but as I'm looking at my accordant software and I'm looking at acts chapter 18 we often get asked people and okay which itself was good use. There's a lot of really good software out there, and in each one has different feature accordance it in. In many ways is the best if you just want to dig into the biblical text in languages.

Now it keeps getting more and more resources extra books commentaries locus is a massive amount of those, of course, you can dig into the text with that. What I'm going I'm just doing Scripture study and and get into the languages accordance will often be my first choice. So as I'm looking there, you'll have different windows that you can open an inherent acts 1827 and 28 so I'm looking on the English side, but when I just hover over one of the words in English then that will immediately light up her highlight I should say the word in Greek and then just clicking on that will take me all the dictionary so there other software's have that function as well records you just keep making different workspaces window so I've got multiple different ones pendulum study. Okay. Over to real Messiah. We've had this website up for many years but unfortunately it got stalled many years back we were developing it. It got stalled and then something happened with the YouTube channel that was storing the links and somehow we got locked out of it when we cannot figure out how to get into it, no one else is using it, but we can figure how to get back into it. So we discovered that many of the links were were not working you click on it and the link wasn't working. So, our team has completely redesigned the website working on it for months and made everything incredibly accessible for you.

So again I'm not spending all of our time on the radio just talk about the website but I wanted take you behind the scenes alright so when you look at it you see on the top left of find answers, ask a question that on the right study and prayer of redemption. So when you click on on find answers or you hover over you see that there six different categories and these represent the six categories of major Jewish objections is how I broke them down and this would be helpful for you to understand is why don't Jews believe in Jesus so general historical, theological, prophetic meaning messianic prophecy New Testament and traditional so when we break these down again, these are the categories that I made in my series 5 volume series answering Jewish objections to Jesus. I broke them down. The first book general was not a general deck.

What I mean. Well, Jews don't believe in Jesus, I'm Jewish. I don't believe in Jesus was born Jonah diet you not going to forsake my people abandon our traditions. I'm a Jew and and many Jews feel this very very deeply in their gut, especially the more religious there. But even a secular Jew feels like a I'm a Jew and we don't believe this or we don't believe that here. If you ask a Christian want you believe Mohammed what most of never studied the cross. If yes Christian want to follow the teachings of Buddha. Most of never studied them Bible were Christians same way. That's how would you feel some and you I don't believe in Jesus so our goal here, then, is to open up the trues that Jesus is Jewish. There is Yeshua.

Christ means Messiah's mother's name is Miriam as his father Joseph yet this drug is being slaughtered in the Holocaust, or for men in the murderous days of Pol Pot. Cambodia if it were to rise up and and were to pass laws to stop this word to stop the slaughter of the innocent men, along with women should always be involved in passing most to protect the innocent and that's what it's about the woman's body, it's the baby's body inside the woman that's all were seeking to protect and a good man a godly man a compassionate man should do that very thing. Thank you sir for the call 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Renée in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, walking the line of fire. There are you talking straight in your phone go through it we recount a lot of we don't deny we don't downplay that we show how this happened by these professing Christians breaking away from the teaching of the New Testament them and we show how Paul warned about this happening with Gentile believers becoming arrogant, as if they had replaced Israel. We also show the stream of Christian love. It's been there sacrificially through the centuries and even address the problem of the Holocaust. No obvious obviously with with the horrific nature of the Holocaust and the level of suffering involved in the insanity of it.

I didn't think you have some definitive answer. Obviously, and and those that were closest to it have the most right to speak about but I know that sometimes when you're talking to Jewish person. This I can talk about God as you can explain the Holocaust will get just explain right is one Rabbi friend said to me decades ago. I can't explain the Holocaust with God. I can't explain the Holocaust without God. Right, but I saved that answer for last because I thought what what am I gonna say I have no right to comment on this and it's too sacred in terms of the deaths of so many people. How can I say a word about but I knew I had to address it. So as I was writing the book, volume 1, Jim was general historical objections.

I kept that one until the end and then the light went on one that I remember writing.

It's almost 5 in the morning.

Know not to solve the problem of the Holocaust were to answer the issues of of the suffering of the innocent, especially children and babies but rather to say look, our Messiah suffered innocently. He was perfectly innocent and not like the rest of us adults and he was rejected and put out by his own people and and if you looking for the Messiah, rather than looking for him, riding a white stallion and destroying Israel's enemies which will happen one day as he returns from heaven get on a literal horse or that's the image the picture he will come ultimately to destroy the wicked and set up his kingdom on the earth. You will do that and he will fight for Jerusalem. But rather than looking for that image.

What about an image we could relate to what what about an image of the suffering Messiah. What about this man hanging undeservedly on the cross and suffering the worst death that was known in the ancient world was not that Messiah that we can relate to in our suffering and pain and I recount this brutal story that LBB cell tells being in a concentration camp and a young boy maybe 12 years old but but thin. He course than in the concentration camp were little weight on him. He is guilty of some infraction. So the Nazis were to make an example of him, so that hanging from the gallows, but he sold like his neck doesn't break and he keeps twisting and and kicking in and the Jews of the concentration there Have to watch this have to watch this and there there there there watching and in agony and one to avert their eyes was God to stop the suffering. This just ended and someone yells out. Where is God's response, there is hanging from the gallows he said what in the world is that mean and how do we explain that while I sit here, you want to see where God is hanging on the cross and the person of Yeshua dying for your sins and mine so that's what you find in general historical objections, theological objections have to do with the nature of God is tri-unity. The deity of the Messiah, the person of the Holy Spirit and then what about blood atonement is that necessary Arthur versus it's it's not so these objections you find these up on the website not yet get the five items if you want to go deeper we get some of our series countering the counter missionaries, but the objections and answers are there.

In short, in the messianic prophecy will Jesus didn't fulfill the provable messianic prophecies or when you read the rightly they don't refer to Jesus or the things he had to do.

He didn't do in the New Testament objections while the New Testament misinterprets the Hebrew Bible, the Old Testament and this translates it misunderstands take things out of context. It's even anti-Semitic at an and some of the anti-Semitic objections we deal with in historical. This will recover and New Testament objections. The genealogies are hopelessly contradictory.

Those kinds of things and then traditional Jewish objections.

We counter the idea that there is an unbroken chain of tradition going back to Moses on Mount Sinai. We counter that false notion, even though there are many beautiful traditions of Judaism. They do not go back in an authoritative way to Moses on Mount Sinai and we counter the idea hey Jews have everything we need in Judaism without your need for Messiah so all that time Some writing. Okay, talk about seven secrets and he'll decide to light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown got on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown and friends joining us in you, call 866-348-7884. If you've not yet been to the completely revamped Times new material on that. The completely revamped and new real Messiah website check it out if you enjoy this broadcast, especially Thursday you want to visit and will stay there for quite a while. Real

If you click on the top of the screen on study you'll see debates videos so this is some of the classic debates of done over many years with different rabbis there to watch for free debates with rubbish removal task. Other debates my debate with Rabbi Toby Singer on Sid Ross broadcast many many years ago, but he refused to sign an agreement to let it be aired on TV on CBN that was what will agree to before before it happens. The 700 club.

They came in with a camera crew will studio and they video the whole thing. We signed Sid. I signed an agreement to let it be used on their TV show. Toby knew it was being recorded and he said all sign after and then after the show. He said no wonder why well, listen to the debate for yourself is no Toby Singer, Rabbi Singer has told us expose what really happened that you and said edited out parts of the debate.

No false God is our witness false. Tobia said and I edited the debate together to get rid of some extraneous phone calls and things that didn't seem germane.

Why, because in those days had cassette tapes, and we wanted to get in on one tape and the longest cassette tape you had was was 90 minutes for commercial get 60 minutes management. You have even shorter right so we need to gather listen to it and cut out different parts and agreed on. So that's that's the story that's the reality read in a previous debate at at at the home of a Russian messianic Jew that we both brought in knowing what was going to be a debate.

First time we met, and that was recorded, but Toby asked me not to release those tapes that was recorded as people had tape recorders on the table.

It was informally done informally recorded right. He asked me not to release those he did not sign the agreement for to air on TV. The subsequent debate was a type and then, sadly, has since cut me off because we've offered to debate the many many times he he's called different places or the sum of working from skull places and said hey Toby Singer like to debate this Christian professor with this Christian leader etc. or if you know someone who would be willing to debate the subject. Dr. Mike Ross Adobe want to debate so there you have it.

In any case you listen to the debate. We did on Sid Roth.

There's also a paper record unequal weights and measures. You'll find it really interesting.

I find this with with hyper critics of the church.

I find this was some kind of missionary rabbis is the use unequal standards. In other words, they will condemn you for doing something they justify their own circles. What I mean. They will say like this contradiction in the New Testament, and you can't reconcile it's okay will.

How do you reconcile what appear to be worse contradictions in the Old Testament, all will be to this visit. Also, we do the same.

Let's just apply equal weights in equal measures when the literature is comparable. Let's do that is to be fair, so that's a real eye-opener and then secrets of the Messiah. This condenses decades of study about how God can be infinite and you come in our midst. How he can be transcendent and untouchable and yet right here with us. Touchable real interest based on the Hebrew Bible, how that happens and then that it gives the background for the incarnation of Jesus aspects of God's oneness how God can be one. And yet we speak of his complex unity or tri-unity so those are there. This is a shorter form of what you get in the back of the real culture. Jesus and then keys to messianic prophecy. They may seem really basic but thereto that's the result of a couple of decades of reflection on messianic prophecy and how it develops 80 when you dig in which you see is that the coming of Messiah was always in the mind of God. But it was only revealed in stages to the people of Israel and and much of the way it was revealed was to to bring about the line of David and the kingship of David and Solomon with all their exultation and they even had many empires ruling over some surrounding nations and collecting taxes from them in the hope of an even greater David may be the next guy will be that one who will will be that King that we been looking for that righteous canyon and when he comes, will be peace on the earth and and now the northern kingdom of Israel is is exiled and largely destroyed in the southern kingdom of Judah goes into exile. They come back in there under Babylonian rule that under Persian rule that under Greek rule that owner under Roman rule and and now there's no king on the line on the throne of David. For centuries she go back and read those promises were to see this is how the people begin to long for the coming of this greater king, the Messiah, we open this up and we open up print explanations as to why he had to suffer and die. So as you scroll down you'll find secrets of the Messiah, keys to messianic prophecy answer the rabbis.

This is where we are taking some of the most popular Internet videos by counter missionary. Starting with the videos of Rabbi Toby Singer and demolishing the errors and exposing the falsehood, one after another after another after another responding to any strong objections he has exposing the fallacies sold. It is a real real eye-opener and in the series is in progress.

How many do we have that so far guys this is it 10 or 11 something like this takes a lot of time to prepare them, put them together and make them really user-friendly and Tobia Scott. Scores of videos out and in the year is since our debate many, many years ago. What he's done now is not just go after Jews who believe in Jesus but Gentile Christians. So I hear from Christians a regular basis so their faith was getting task is in the region exposed to these kinds of objections and is were providing solid answers there. We can strengthen in their faith again so check that out. The full-length debates we even have or TV series. Think it through. Rerun the inspiration network for two years and this role that this was a lot of time and effort and energy.

We had about a 10 person crew. We would we would broadcaster or film live in different parts of America and then everything would be edited put together so we Michael II did one in search of the fountain of life right in and talk about people looking for ways to live forever, etc., and how Yeshua says if you believe in me will never die and and and on the bread of life and on the water of life and of the resurrection and the life and on the way the truth and the life those wonderful words that that Jesus spoke, so we were in California for that shoot and we where you think we did it to Beverly Hills yelled next all these Botox places and plastic surgery places that out of the hoity-toity areas shop so that that's were recorded that your different locations, but we have to get permits one person be running ahead. Make sure the truck parked at all the equipment out and then you start early in the more you get makeup on it because of the camera lights on you and everything seemed normal. As you look washed out and then it was like 22 minutes of of show at and then you had other segments that were in their we would we would do we send a crew out ahead.

And they would ask questions of people on the street stop people get their season get their opinions.

We would merge those in as well and that I talk to someone spontaneously on street we go back and forth with. We pull clips from their but the restaurant was scripted so I have to write out the material and it could be 1/22 spot a 45 second spot a minute and 1/2 spot and if you ever memorized memorizing a minute and 1/2 a set of lines is it have to work at that but each day would be a new script and others. We did one show per day and we had people with us that the cameraman that with the steady cam and we recorded these on thinking back, probably 10 years ago longer this goes the bit heavier. At that time, but that the steady cam guy. So he's got the camera on a shooting as he's moving right he had been the cameraman on Dancing with the Stars and the amazing race. He was a thin guy but really strong because it's it's a big contraption to hold and then you can't be movies you're walking backwards and shooting it. He was amazing. We had other really good guys. But remember, you're the amazing race and dance with the stars. You must be one of the top guys industry that he got the audio guy also did all your for ESPN and so we have to go okay 20 seconds all right redo it.

Not sunlight and angle here in after their long perfectly and it's it's gotta be the right cadence of snow. Okay, now I remember was like a minute 45 long and and out each time. In my monthly at this point goes to this point was to this point is member Susan them with that know you do another another set right.

Okay, this was a minute this was 30 seconds.

Remember we are in the streets of New York one time and it was towards the end of the day in and we would do them based on location, so the script would be done out of order, then put in order afterwards is like okay we need the sun herein and we do the whole thing and I think tired and nailed perfectly the first time.

No glitches. No one cut in the head of Oscars are on streets little people move in none of that happening nailed it miss it up so that run you go to redo it because something happened with our quick or the light changed here with you knowing the go from the start the whole the whole subject segment again but think it through. We did two seasons inspiration network produce the meat we never would've had funds at that point.

To do that great production values and really edifying shows and I would pray because I'm used to debating rabbis and villas objections. Lord, how do we how we reach this to more secular Jew or Jew into the New Age or Jubilee Jewish, Buddhist, or people just that.

Not that religious and enter and gobble drop these ideas in my head just come out of Newark journal writing delicately all five shows for the week and then write the script and go out with team and it was amazing, but they're all there are free on the website so check it out here with friends, real The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown is a Thursday, 866-348-7884. I have talked to many Jewish believers in the Messiah and they came to faith through the messianic prophecies.

Someone open the Scriptures that they saw the prophecies they said this.

This must be Jesus and they became believers. My friend and colleague Dr. Michael Adele Mike, longtime Prof. at Moody Bible Institute, and in one of our top messianic Jewish scholars.

Michael had an interesting experience. He has parents who were Holocaust survivors. His mother became interested in Jesus he'd known as a boy going to Hebrew school, getting spat on as a Christ killer or what role does that mean that was mother is believing or inking about you sure wash. How could this be so, he's an older teenager he's going to open the Scriptures and he's gonna prove that he's not the Messiah, and as he got into the Hebrew Scriptures and as he read the arguments for Jesus being the Messiah. He himself became a believer so I've heard that with many and it was certainly a New Testament method and and my friend Mitch Glaser which Glaser who the chosen people ministries in New York with branches around the world many years ago. He invested thousands, tens of thousands of dollars.

This is where it with the ministry dozens Jewish outreach. This is where your funds go to to take out a full-page ad in the New York Times just with the text of Isaiah 53 from a traditional Jewish translation or from a modern Jewish translation. I believe it was either way, it was a Jewish translation that a Christian translation there.

It was and it may have just had a question. Who is this or their website or contact information. But, in other words, it didn't have all the explanations of why this is Jesus just that text read it and let it speak that outcome a missionary subsidiary after reading contents of your reading context unlawfully in context. Read the chapter before we the chapter after read several chapters before several chapters after start as it afforded rewrite through 22 Isaiah 66 button reading context start Isaiah 1 reading context greater context, greater points of the Messiah convinced of that. So it in any case just think that you're that confident in the power of the word and of God to open up Jewish hearts and minds. And of course Mitch subsequently wrote a book. Isaiah 53 for this. It will go deeper and that may have been conjunction with with that ad campaign.

He also was able to get a really good deal to put up these big signs. These billboards coming in and out of the Lincoln Tunnel. So depending which way you're going to New York and New Jersey leaving New York going to New Jersey or vice versa. She'd see it one way or the other as you drove in and giant billboard got really good deal. In doing this so is been very frugal and it was just a quote from Isaiah 53.

Who is this man just does that, just that, or who is this Chris is described in an again the concept is that God's word bears fruit that these messianic prophecies are tools that God is given to point us to the Messiah so there. What a great great witnessing strategy for sure so many Jews have come to faith in this way, the Scriptures of opened up and now they know he's the Messiah and the put your trust in him and asked for forgiveness of sins and new life in him for me. It was totally different for me.

You could've shown it to me in the Bible, but that would not necessarily have changed my viewpoint. Why because I love sin because I had no interest in God didn't believe in Jesus. Jesus, I was just Christianity church Catholicism and that's all synonymous to me that I thought basically Catholic Gentile Christian. They are all synonyms I remember asking my friends when we were in Hebrew school. Before getting bar mitzvah a member asking them a joke is because I heard some inkling some rumor that Jesus was Jewish like what I love you like say Mohammed was Jewish or or was Jewish or why sing so far it is not her summer guy's got her to and was now I was Jewish, so I come up with my big jokes and when did you become Catholic after he rose from the dead, confuse Catholics to have the Catholic Church and that's what I knew right so I don't care. Get some prophecy in the Bible like I want to send out one of the get high at one of the live the way I was living on the play drums in a rock band and trust me there is no Christian rock. I knew about right that so stressed I will abuse it is sinful rock rebel and end, and it was the Holy Spirit making me aware of my sin. The Holy Spirit making it understand that Jesus died for my sins before I knew the prophecies that came after that and it was it was then that God save me and forgave me and set me free from drugs and sometime after that is, my friends, reading the Bible more because the base play guitar player Ben got saved Friday. You must be provided to the reading the Bible more than one of them said yeah I hear there's like this ancient prophecy supporters in the Old Testament, and it describes Jesus suffering and all that and I thought while really if you set Isaiah 53 it would never had any meaning I would have to look up okay where is Isaiah in the Bible was the 53rd chapter just didn't even know it at Mike and James Bible.

It didn't have sections marked off your study sections or tabs or anything so I was just find a way around right and no study notes, nothing. So I'm sitting at the dinner table one day with my father was a senior law assistant in the in this New York Supreme Court so was a brilliant man and a great legal debater and could it just lovingly pick apart my arguments are us will know they so whose they are just little things challenges challenge me and rescinded the dinner table one night and he was objecting to it to my believer having a discussion and I don't know if he said you where is it in the Bible or if he is the Messiah. Where is it an ice I said to him I said why here there's there's this prophecy is ancient prophecy about suffering Messiah to go through. Where is it find that got understand this was a needle in a haystack for me right II did not have familiarity with the Scriptures at this early point it's before I'd read the Bible cover to cover it in those next two years. It was before. I was memorizing 20 versus day for six months was it was it was before that so I know is okay if it's old is probably in the back.

The bigger back-and-forth in the front part so II get my Bible and I come downstairs and happen to open to it literally happened to open to it, and when my father read it. He literally got red in the face and angry is totally unlike he was a very even keel guy took on all these pressure cases in the court and he would he would tell me we can watch the news and said yeah this is how I ruled on this one. When he had ruled out he was so trusted been in the courts of the years he was a senior law assistant that the judges all Heather there are losses since the clerks, etc. so he would he would write out the ruling okay this is how it goes… You know the results of it and most of the time the judge is reading to sign off because they liked it so much and you could write in their particular style with the most famous one most famous decisions, the court made that that he wrote it. The judge assigned his name to you. So anyway, he was sharp and he's reading this little he got red in the face red in the face and yet, ironically, that it in Jewish homes. Jesus Christ is profanity if you're angry you will say his name. Many Jewish homes. That's what we Jewish believers. It takes a while before they can see Jesus Christ insistence on bad their ears, and you just ensure the Messiah that elicits a more accurate and and and more Jewish and more biblical but doesn't have that negative staying of Jesus Christ. But that's what he said and I thought how how ironic that's it is it is Jesus Christ.

It is Jesus the Messiah. This other words just jumped off the page and of course we had lots of wonderful dialogue, the days years after that until he left us of a heart attack and in 1977 but the point is this, the Scriptures are, they are either before you come to faith that you understand the messianic prophecies or after you come to faith is a Jewish believer will extend the messianic prophecies and they play a key role they play a key role they deeply strengthen my faith over the years and they will be attacked. There will be attacked by the rabbis that will be attacked by county missionaries. There will be attacked by atheists or mockers of skeptics. There will be attacked by people who sincerely believe the Bible is wrong.

It says misinterprets the old etc., fear not, we have the answers. The prophecies of solid, when rightly understood, they are unshakable. So check out the check them out. You will be richly blessed share them with your friends. And yes, we have more resources you can purchase to listen to to read study, but everything you'll find there is not a pay wall to get through and it's there through your generosity through your through your donations and our desire to make this freely available to everyone tell you Jewish friends about it. Explore together you've got apologetics groups watch some of the debates watch the videos read the material you Messiah, there are you calling me by name. Tomorrow all your questions, always question another program powered by the Truth Network

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