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Who Gave Go Fund Me Ownership of Your Money?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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February 9, 2022 5:20 pm

Who Gave Go Fund Me Ownership of Your Money?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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February 9, 2022 5:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 02/09/22.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. So who gave go fund me the right to take your money and decide where it goes time for the light a fire with your host biblical scholar and cultural commentator Dr. Michael Brown your voice for more Centerview and spiritual clarity called 866-34-TRUTH to get on the line of fire ML is your host Dr. Michael Brown most welcome friends to the bona fide delighted to be with you his number to call 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is rebroadcast from our studio at Christ for the Nations Institute in Dallas Texas so great to be with you today.

Before we talk about the freedom convoy in Canada before we talk about what go fund me did with $10 million in donations to the freedom convoy. One of had a question for you. I put it on Twitter the other day to do a poll and I want to give you the opportunity to respond just what I posted on Twitter.

Here's a poll unmask mandates. Do you believe they should remain in place especially in public transportation like planes and buses. Schools, stores and the like. Nowhere feel free to explain why not. I was in timeout for all time and I should've made that clear.

As I reread it. Of course I ran out of words but terms of how much space I had in in the post, but I I should have said for for now that's what I meant remain in place but what's your own opinion, Dr. found she is in and I go there a lot of mixed feelings about Dr. Fouts with Dr. Fouts. He is said that could be a few months and I give exact timetable and the restrictions will be gone, but for now, while covert still here in a real way while people still getting sick and still dying at higher numbers than we normally get was just average flu and things like that, especially this time of the year.

Do you personally believe that we should right now.

Do away with all mass mandates everywhere all around America right now is that your view, it is so why you believe that may be in like hospitals at it and give that a salicylate for options and I wanted to give the nowhere option on twitter, but maybe healthcare hospitals still wise still should be mass mandates. There were or maybe public transportation you're flying sitting right next just to the people on all sides. Your your car get-together airport. Maybe you're on the bus to the next people maybe keep the mass on public transportation about schools or get rid of them entirely or everywhere. Everywhere. After mass 866-34-TRUTH eight 784. What's your take on that. I'd be curious to know and should I tell you the poll results from twitter okay a little while in a little while. Have you been following what's happened in Canada.

I understand that hindsight is 2020 and even with hindsight. If we go back a little over two years when reports came about a virus out of Wuhan, China and things like that if if you remember when Pres. trumps it okay no travel people coming from China people ready. Had they come from Wuhan into America, but when word got out. He said okay travel ban of China if if if you remember Pres. Biden when he was on Pres. Biden: xenophobic what's trumped doing this is just attacking China unnecessarily look at how things change. But even if we knew back then everything we know today. I still don't know that we would've got things right. I still don't know that we would've handled things the best way if you remember the lockdowns just me for a few weeks right couple weeks trump present troubles. Even hopeful that we go back to normal life church is open for Easter. This is Easter of of 2020 were talking two years ago right, almost 2 years ago so these are the expectations. There is a report out of Johns Hopkins University's history professors for the places with out of Johns Hopkins highly respected university saying from their research. The lockdowns did almost nothing to stop covert, but they terribly hurt small businesses so so here you have a situation where the insurer may have been worse than the disease and their other countries like Australia have had very low numbers of fatalities overall, but the lockdowns have been so extreme and people so isolated that the question about suicides question about depression than financial loss.

What about all the people that didn't go in for regular cancer checkups.

What about all the people that didn't go to emergency room because they're afraid to go out and be exposed, so there's a there's a lot to balance out again. I'm not saying that everyone involved was foolish God for bid, whom I sent under the radio show a minister the gospel. I teach the Bible but III can't dictate public policy nationally after note 70 expertise, zero expertise if if I was somehow put in charge of making decisions about color for the nation.

The first thing I do, aside from pray for God's help is get people in that they were they were doing because that would not be me so I am not saying this when you wrote that we are all because a lot of things we still don't know it may take years to sort out what worked, what didn't work was helpful but was unhelpful but for sure there are things that may have fixed the problem. A and in the process created problem be in problem C and problem D so there's there's a lot to evaluate what I had Prof. Jay Richards on the radio with me fairly early on in this and he was singing a lockdown strip your time that this about right and get get back going because otherwise the economy gets hit. This economy goes down, then people of less money.

They have less money the less inclined to to take sure their health the way they sure they get the checkups in this and that. The other thing and before you know it you've got more people dying for these other reasons.

I mean, these are real things real issues. This really does happen. So there's a lot to balance out and sift out.

I believe many people have been working hard and sincerely trying to do what is best for their their city, their state, their country.

I believe others really enjoy exerting control others are motivated by greed there all kinds of other motivations I I think the best.

Unless I have clear evidence to the contrary. So I don't just assume that some of us trying to take over some of us try to make money that may be part of it. But that's not just my initial assumption as I learn more or it's obvious or wisdom tells you certain things phot there we go by when he comes to Canada and the crackdowns there. There have been things that that are simply unfair and unjust in many churches have been pushing back. It is a liberal agenda, a very strong leftist agenda with Prime Minister Trudeau is really shifted the country in different ways and he has been reelected in his party in power.

So either the. The bulk of the people think he's doing a good job or fear has gotten the better of their judgment and because of fear thing you have, the more restrictions the better. But here Canada will be talk about this more in the days to come. Canada passed a ban on so-called conversion therapy. That's the negative word that others chose.

We don't use that okay but it is a ban on helping people of any age with unwanted same-sex attraction in this band could literally affect the pastor and the church. When someone comes in a homosexual man that the Lord has saved an Asus pastor. I don't want to be attracted to men. Can Jesus help me with this. It would be illegal for that pastor to get professional ministry counseling to that person illegal for a professional therapist to do it if if a woman came into the church or all went to a psychologist and set him tormented by this idea that I'm a man I II hated night, but I feel like like a male in a woman's body but a normal woman in. I want to have children and I want to be married to a man I'm attracted to men. Can you help me know it's illegal I'm at this a lot throughout Canada. God willing it will be overturned, God helping when I see God willing we know God's will is is against this bad but I'm not prophesying that it will be overturned. I am hoping that it will be in the most logical way is a ghost of the court's most logical way is a court case comes up that protest this and then as a result of that protest, the, the courts look at the thing and say hey this is not right in the overturned it it's it's in place and in many states and and municipalities in America today for children from minors, which is another outrage.

The 17-year-old kid wants help the can't get it professionally and get it with a church, but they couldn't get it through a licensed therapist or counselor of the pastor was doing things in a professional level with the church and was a professional counselor that could be a problem and and I'm quite sure that pushback will continue. What happened in Canada with vaccine passports and things like that is is that truckers said enough is enough. What happened was January 15.

Just a few weeks ago.

Now January 15 of this year.

Canada said okay for truckers coming in and out of Canada can come back in and was revaccinated.

Many of them are not vaccinated. Many of them just say hey we don't like the government telling us what to do.

It's still our choice to think of how this affects your livelihood. This is what you do. This is how you make a living is how you support your family so in protest. Many truckers launch what is called the freedom convoy. So these truckers driving from city to city and thereafter driving side-by-side, and thereby restricting traffic and thereby blocking certain intersections and Prime Minister Trudeau has basically stepped away from the scene mean the critics. His critics are calling him a coward, where are you your your fleeing instead of coming out and and and and interacting and in he's referred to swastikas and is ease of media is reporting. The group is if it's a cult and tried to compare to the violent people is a totally non-violent national protest that continues to grow farmers and others have been joining it so I read about a violent act in some of Kristi Carner that was someone protesting the freedom convoy.

A self-professed NT for member who according to records has been accused pedophile sex offender. None of the details of that, those of the accusations on his record, but self-professed NT footman. That's where the violence was so right now there's been there's been a breakthrough positive note, what is it tell you the side of the great stay right here to Canadian provinces in the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by calling 866342 here again is Dr. Michael Brown unmasked mandates time to get rid of them everywhere across America, starting now. Should they remain in place temporarily. Maybe next few months. Hospitals, doctors offices, places like that you got more vulnerable people that we need to be thinking about the mass actually do anything. Another question about planes, buses with other schools.

What about right now many places in America, schools are required.

Schools require the kids to wear masks as an outreach is that protecting the teachers that are right for them. You get to make your case, 866-348-7884. Okay so in Alberta and Saskatchewan in Canada. These two provinces have announced that they are dropping the vaccine passports.

In other words, certain places you can go certain things you can do only if you have this passports anger vaccinated. They are dropping those regulations, saying it's too divisive and we need to heal that that's that's a response that's the government recognizing who were here to care for the people and and what were doing is dividing and hurting us on a deeper level positive response. Glad to see that and and of course the freedom convoy is going to be demonized in the worst possible terms.

Remember there is a rightful national reaction shock to the storming of the capital on January 6 of 2021, I said is a horrible, terrible day. I don't believe it was an insurrection. Some use that word. I don't believe it's the right way to describe the story of the capital was a terrible, horrible, shameful event or history, but the same people who are outraged over that outrage to this moment, looked at that the protest with NT for the extremes of BLM and and and and setting cities on fire and though there mostly peaceful. Come on, friends, equal weights, equal measures here have. How about that equal weights and equal measures so here's what happens now, the plot thickens and when I look I'm used to things that are crazy and out thereof on following the news a lot. We talk about controversial things on the show here if you're just tuning in, and we reground everything in Scripture we do our best of a biblical perspective and ultimately encourage us as believers to make a difference by being believers by living out our faith by being disciples but certain things. Still, what in the world who gave them the right to do this so there's a go for me page set up so here's a cause you could be got medical bills could be you just wanted on a missions trip somewhere in your love for people to give big all kinds of things some political cause right got out of how many things thousands, millions upon go for me at any given time, so pages put up for the freedom convoy to help raise money for those involved in for the larger cause and ultimately $10 million comes in and go fund me says that were shutting it down.

They said were shutting the page down and we will redistribute the money to charities that freedom convoy choose those we will take your your mother, your money, we will take your money that you gave first is particular because because we say it's violent when you take your money and give it to a charity that freedom convoy choose the what what in the world have that I miss reading something it can't, it can't be who would ever think they had the right to do that.

I mean it's it's mind-boggling. So this is the first time this is happening want to go through a few headlines with you all that we find this one here okay going in the wrong direction. I will find it in a second. Not here.

Not here. Okay I'm getting there it here we go here we go this this goes back to 2019 and have before this go fund me takes down fundraising effort by Christian ruggedly rugby player sacked for posting Bible verse, so this is one of the great players in his nation Israel. Follow outspoken Christian and he he posted on social media a verse from the Bible that said homosexual practitioners will not inherit the kindergarten with adulterers or fornicators, or others. I just hate the Bible is clear on on this. Just give a little worried about just basically said what the Scripture said okay so ago from the pay schedule these legal expenses and things like that to raise more than $760,000 in legal fees and go fund me shuts it down. What homophobic is because of the book he was quoting the Bible sorry shut it down. I am Matt will anyone imagine everything is up and go for me, but I can guarantee you the whole of anti-Christian causes. There have no problem getting money right.

Here's a report daily wire, November 10, 2020 go fund me derails fund raiser for whistleblower mail carrier from Pennsylvania so he's he exposes something they don't like what he exposed the exposed something that there favor of so they they derail his fundraiser. Page habit this I just saw this. Of every seven okay since two days ago. Also, this is Washington Examiner five times go fund me shuts down conservative fundraisers to get your call shortly to go away and en masse mandates 866-348-7884 okay five target and this is happened many other times I was trying to find last night. Some examples were were people with the message about change the possibility of change. You don't have to stay same-sex attracted were things they had were shut down my go from just couldn't place it was going through my emails trying to find references but here 5×5 examples here so the let's see here. The first example to give. Of course, is the freedom convoy. Not now, ultimately, because of pressure because of threats from Ted Cruz threats from from from Rhonda Santos so similar, Cruz Gov. DeSantis two to really bring criminal charges against go fund me and to investigate their taking your money is a now or you use it for this because they said it's going here. Another change of note is going down the right to do that.

That's the thing that boggled my mind. It's one thing to shut everything down. That's but that okay.

It's bad enough wanting to shut everything down.

Another thing entirely to denounce it would give it redirect your money so freedom convoy. Okay, next Kyle Rittenhouse in 2020. Go fund me remove fundraisers platform that supported Kyle Rittenhouse, who was arrested at the time for shooting Kenosha, Wisconsin, that dealt Rittenhouse was found not guilty by jury.

So went through our legal system and was found not guilty of murder not guilty of unintentional homicide not guilty but go fund me didn't like his caused it. Like his situation and shut it down. He ends up being found not guilty… Here conservative students harassed on tick-tock go fund the remains to fundraiser set up for September for two conservative students at Arizona State University who were harassed on tick-tock. One of the students had a police life matter sticker on his laptop that had a T-shirt that said did not vote for Biden in the they get shut down. I mean, these things are utterly outrageous. There was an anti-vaccine mandate lawsuit Texas nurse who had been fired by her hospital reviews the covered 19 vaccine set up a fundraiser she gets shut down for legal fees, etc. lawsuit anti-mass campaign June 2020 go fund removed and refunded a campaign by conservative activists opposing mass mandate Alaska public media reported that brew that will's original 5000 for campaign featuring videos videos and other content showing local doctors question the science behind mass mandates and that fundraiser gets shut down so I'm it's it's really extraordinary thing it it is it is go fund me making ideological choices and saying were posting this you're giving to this and that was it. Not sorry we don't like the cause who it's one thing if you're raising money to build bombs to kill people. It's one thing if if you are say okay we want to start a new Hitler youth group to kill Jews in America. Of course, never should see the light of day, but the diversity of opinion viewpoints here and no one breaking any laws involved in an and money being raised.

Accordingly, wow dear Sen. Ted Cruz calls for investigation into go fund me for ending fundraiser for Canadian truckers at an and then even before they hit the 10 million go fund me freezes 4.7 million in funds for protest of Canada's vaccine mandate that an article in the quote from minute we got a little satire to play for you as well go fund me becomes go fraud me this one just one further $10 million that was raised for the freedom convoy that ultimately ultimately would go fund me said the final outcome after the outrage of the pressure there you redistributed to charities chosen our freedom convoy and will give you some analogies for that about right now you go your favorite restaurant you order your favorite meal and then they bring out something else. We were out of this we brought you this you don't get to do that your tickets for New York Knicks game basketball game and money goes further than they said actually literally have tickets for that. So we got tickets instead of blessing and asked for the electricity you can outrace another disabled we funnel the money back. Wow, your calls will come back to the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by: 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown, the line of video in Dallas Texas in Christ for the nascent run teaching this week Tuesday Wednesday Thursday yeah for the students only of the day but Tuesday night only once a month. Open service will be able to come to 866-34-TRUTH 87884 should mask mandates remain in place. Maybe insert locations, hospitals, doctors offices to be planes run school. Should they be removed everywhere right now 866-34-TRUTH a few minutes I want to play some clips from a satire about go fund me taking your money and putting it somewhere else other than you intended. In it again it's it's shocking, outrageous, and you wonder what are they thinking is it just power influence that that warps people's thinking up because I could imagine anyone think they have the right to do it 20 to shut down the page we funnel the money think that's terrible unless there is real clear universal justification for doing that. There hasn't been in the cases that have cited earlier, but beyond that, wow, wow okay we get to Sharon Alina momentarily, but first let's go straight to Canada. Christine, thanks for calling and where in Canada are you I'm in Alberta Alberta okay yes so were not in Alberta today or yesterday, Alberta and Saskatchewan that they're gonna drop the vaccine passports because of the divisiveness involved. Yes. So tell me what you're thinking while it's great that they're doing that in the Prairie provinces and we are the first time in a long time. I was a proud Canadian last week I had almost on the coddling cabinet thing hanging my hand when we did thing man because I I thought we were lost but it looks like we have a revival here and no one thing I want to get reliant on any areas and come to mind that these things are going to crumble, but this is a test this is a test of the church.

This is a test of pro-life agencies. This was a test of academicians and the doctors. From what I've seen, the dividing line was whether you are going to ask questions and and and take risks like you might lose your job you might lose your YouTube platform in might lose something by taking the risk and that would be where you would stand against the vaccine and you have your research straightens or you would go along for one reason or another era going to accept what you are told without doing further research. You want to visit a dying parent you want to keep your job.

And so they were all these reasons, and I wonder what can happen when we have the mark of the beast. This is so close to the mark of the beast that everybody needs to start reflecting at all the pastor leaders need to start asking what is it going to be that I wanted go out there and tell people the truth in sentencing will make up your own mind, but actually take a chance and tell them this is what it is and you have to decide if God is with you on this because we used fetal aborted aborted fetal tissue and there's a lot to it and leaving get the whole exclamation but it million dollar industry and we are morally compromised by taking that and I'm so disappointed that the churches didn't say anything to any of their congregations about it, Christine. You raise a lot of important points that the first thing is, let's just say that the vaccine had no connection to aborted fetuses and let's just say that it it was proven to be helpful that the issue is when you come with mandates and the issue is when you say people are not allowed to ask questions or they're not allowed to come with their own research, or they're told, categorically, you're fired in this you do this when there are so many related questions when there so many other questions. I had a guest on a few months ago, Dr. Jonathan Saar Farsi who's a young earth creationist and and who is a PhD in chemistry and he is very, very strongly pro-VAX over in Australia very, very strongly pro-VAX, but absolutely opposed to mandates and in so there there's a much wider discussion here and the key things that that you say that I think of the heart of it, regardless of one's views of of of of vaccination at the heart of it is this question at what point do we draw the line in the sand say of the mark of the beast is a totally separate animal, but it's the same principle.

If I stand up for what I think is right, I lose my life if I go against the grain. I lose my head and and this really comes to the corporate not discussed one specific question you mention.

Obviously, the freedom convoy people rising up but you mentioned the church rising up and pro-lifers rising up. How does that connect to what's happened with the freedom convoy or are you just about parallel streams here are not talking about the church rising up and pro-life groups rising up at all. Back to Chuck. Put us to shame, and the one thing that all you mention is that my husband and I started a group to challenge pro-life ministry and church leaders because there is nobody who had a voice saying this vaccine does use fetal tissue. In this way and this is the industry that it involved and you can't make people well by killing babies.

The principle is that and it had it it it not going good on a Ford path and from our position. It's just like where were just like when no wait, we truly are antibacterial and we would we would love to have been able to make a strong point which hasn't been able to be made.

It's all about what you decide in it may be a distant bank want even if you do more research to find out that it actually very bad.

It goes back to all children sacrifice karmic and sorcery got it debate the undisclosed consultant so again I think the key points is in our own lives. Whatever the point is, are we willing to do what's right, even if it's costly or we willing to follow Jesus, even if it brings reproach or we willing to hold to biblical principles even if it means losing a job. Jesus said if you save your life, you lose if you lose your life for my sake and the gospel you find.

That's when you find freedom because you are not living for what people say you're not living for the praise of man, you're not living for the honor of the prestige or the wealth that comes with luck, it's easy for a pastor sellout. But paint a picture for you and then I want to come back to a couple of the things Christine said and then we go right back to the phones about mass mandates.

It's not as easy as it seems. Let's say you're pastoring a congregation let's say over a 20 year. You build up a healthy congregation and you are now funding missionaries around the world.

You have a thriving program reaching out to the homeless in your city feeding the poor.

You have just brought on additional church staff because you've had gross with with water babies and children so you need more help with children and with youth. Is there growing up you've added some staff members brought them in from some other cities old spiritual sons and daughters, was now coming into work side-by-side and L a very controversial issue hits the society in your church needs guidance on it and you realize okay if I address this head-on in the biblical way. I know I'm going to offend some people. So what okay but if I offend some people and in the budget drops over this, then some poor person is not getting get fed in my community or some missionaries not get as good supported organ have to lay off someone that we just flew in that relocated to be here. You say what doesn't Mattie have Donna got yes I agree with you have to honor God. But people are they. They always find a reason like if I get blasted on social media and call the bigger hater racist or homophobe, or transferable, whatever I get blasted I get hated. Now people want to come to the church to hear the gospel. So how does that help so there's always this reason, I do want to point out that that the Greek word for Michaela does mean sorcery, but it does not connected the meeting of sorcery is not connected to pharmaceuticals today. That is a exclusively medical term going back to an earlier medical meaning of the root okay so pharmacist is not a sorcerer and we know that these companies are actually making multiplied multiplied billions of dollars vaccine.

As for aborted fetuses have read different things. In other words, no one is killing the baby today to make a vaccine.

There may have been a baby that was miscarried or aborted. That was frozen. Whatever the reason, and then research done from that than the question is, is that ethical but very fair question to raise the key thing. The key thing is this and I'm not anti-VAX.

I'm not anti-VAX in any way. The key thing is this. It's time to rise up and speak up for what's right and yes many times people in the world will do that and put Christian leaders to shame.

Thankfully in Canada, many have risen up many, many hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of pastors across Canada a few weeks back on Sunday mornings. It really preach on biblical sexuality and we are going to defy some of that the language of a new bill that's been put forth, banning us from doing certain things stand up. Yes, many more should yes it's shameful.

So if you have but more and more are rising up and let us be known that as the anti-VAX people not as the anti-CRT people not as the anti-Biden people or whatever let us be known as the Jesus people.

That is the Jesus people. Let us walk out what is righteous in our society right. Let's go over to Sharon and Eleanor. Thanks for holding welcome to the line of fire down okay U will thank you. Cannot I live in Illinois and break it down in your picture to court and I found out that masking children in schools anyway. I don't know about thinking that in school is unconstitutional and I didn't have to wear them out and this is this is throughout the entire state and in our individual schools pushing back against this everyday that mattered what I've heard them, and how and when this is decision made. I'm just trying to track it happened at exactly not happen this Monday.

Got it okay that is done and I didn't have to wear many more done on I wore a mask. Every cabinet went outside at Cove at the same time that I run a lot around Christmas. Now you and I had to get a break here, stay right here is that I will play the satire fully away. If he's wearing a mask. He said my latest life government is not the question is what works was effective with this line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by calling 866342 here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

I'm not sure how I missed the news in Chicago just looking Chicago Tribune from one day ago Chicago area school districts are relaxing their covert 19 policies reviewing the plan stay the course of the wake of an Illinois judge's decision to temporally prevent Gov. JB Pritzker school mass mandate of the safety measures for being enforced. State what obviously the goal is to keep everyone safe and healthy. And even if it's restrictive on the kids.

What about the teachers you can understand some people with comorbidities are afraid to be exposed to these things, but see for the kids sake that there are many many reasons to be concerned about force them to wear masks all day for many many reasons. So I I am not a scientist, I am not a specialist in epidemic disease or anything like that note, nowhere near about Amanda Lehman and I just nowhere near it. So you have to trust and pray that right decisions are being made.

Certainly there been overreactions but I say again, if I knew wearing a mask with say my neighbors life that were mask right wouldn't you do that if you knew that if he also knew it wasn't saving everybody's lives and it was unnecessary to come off okay let me go over to Joan in Greenville, South Carolina. Welcome to the line of fire. You have a couple comment about the aborted issue or in the back time I learned the prolapsed website that there are a couple of company mount company that make the vaccine that do not fatal to you in either the research date or the development and think that maybe they don't focus on family are one of the other car lack that I there are couple of of company and the other thing that out in a blanket that I had my shot in April of last year and I had for Dana Medina and at the time I it never occurred to me that they use beetle tissue date. They only used in the development not they are in the research stage and not production but if I had known at the time, I would not have taken it even even understood tissue from years ago. I mean I would get on that currently had another unit at yes I would.

I would say the vast majority of pro-lifers would feel exactly the same way that you feel about the chain of Joan sees me hate.

Thank you for calling and yes I'm again I would see the vast majority of pro-lifers feel the same way you do about that. Of the square one more call then I get something very important to share with you before them and replace some clips. I think you'll enjoy. Let's go over to Alina in Charlotte, North Carolina. Thanks for calling the line of fire doing just great.

Thank you. Go ahead, we lost you what happened.

Discrediting Army that I can hear you now go ahead, go ahead. I found out that I am a parent until I can regarding child care dealing with an act mandate prior to the fiscal year starting, I already had an issue at that the whole side of my son being in school for eight hours at time that mean it just so six is 95 okay so you are in there now. I actually pulled out a ischemic district. Public-school up the road from our house. I went through a lot mom group on Facebook. China located school that had a mask optional option that they were doing and I was recommended a charter school, which is actually about a 40 minute drive right now and I was willing to give back just until I can have a little bit of freedom for Mike to break. We start we go to the am open after school and very same day I get an alert from the school that they decided to mandate the man realized charter school they follow.

Let Mecklenburg County.I have been battling since August 23 and let me tell you quickly reversed the cards as part but on my client has never ever had any issues with migraine headaches in his life. If I didn't like since the first day of school.

He got the car and he told me that he had a headache and okay honey night. Probably overstimulated. There's a lot going on at school despite the other headache turned into a full throttle migraine meanings within 30 minutes. Although I talk you know what he wanted.

He started throwing up all over the car, fell asleep just within a few minutes after that and he was asleep for the whole entire night and didn't wake up until 530 the next morning.

This has never happened 21 times August different almost every other week or a weekly occurrence limit the Alceste to have some have you researched connection between masks with children and headaches.

Yes, I have one of the adverse reaction having to wear a mask or breathing constricted especially for that amount of current is getting her confusion and headaches is one of the main things that popping up as well and also developed a cough that I hear frequently and managing yeah yeah Collier carbon dioxide. Not to mention he hardcoded wife while wearing a mask so that with that being said, what irritates me the most, and what makes this even more stressful is how difficult the medical system has made it for us to just be able to exempt mask. You know how the hell I went through his pediatrician eye from the start of the school year and half and if there is any way that he would be a way to start a medical exemption from Exxon. I print actually it was more of a personal exemption at that at that moment and he had told me that the that their medical office instructed them that under no circumstance or date because I is this where things stand right now. Yes okay I'm, I'm only asking just because of of shortage of time of okay this is why people are frustrated. This is why they feel their irrational decisions being made. This is why they feel the soft five year old boy and if these things really are related to the mess that you're a kid thing that's your kid and his mother willing to go 40 minutes back-and-forth twice a day just to get the kid out of the situation, but we we really need to look at this while mail be over in a few months about today about raising more serious questions today.

How about looking really nationwide and doing deep research now can be done. The data is there schools without mass versus with massive what's happening. What about the teachers have been on. I'm so sorry about this mate.

May God give you grace. May he touch her son and me find a solution to this quickly.

Hey, thank you, thank you for cook for calling in of. I had promised, I wanted to share something with you about this larger outreach about go for me.

Taking people's money. I promised I would do it so I want to do it and Alina got the shout out that we needed to boy did she get the shout is only a mom can of this is a satire on YouTube. The gentleman is pretending to be go fund me click number one go fund me or the world's number one most trusted fundraising platform which is easily provable because we wrote it on a website with us, you can easily set up a campaign or contribute to a cause that speaks to your heart so you can assist someone who is in desperate need of help. We make it easy you just simply set up a campaign for your cause, make a donation share with all your friends to get them to contribute than once all the donations are and will decide if we want to give the money at your concert, your money, our choice exaggerated. I think not. In terms of what they attempted to do with the freedom convoy money clip number two. Go fund me, we've taken on a little heat recently, very unfairly, with regard to the Canadian truckers because we decided to redirect $9 million from them to well not them after $9 million in donations came into support the Canadian truckers who are taking a stand for freedom against the mandates we realize that the truckers who are acting out of peace, kindness and a love for freedom are really acting out of misogyny, violence and a love of racism and we felt we had to do something about it to save Canada once we decided that hundreds of thousands of people don't really want to support the Canadian truckers we announce that if you don't proactively reach out to get a refund. That would just gonna redirect all your money to a verified charity of our choice in here and rest assured our top verified charities are ones like BLM, the DNC and research that goes to solving the infertility problem but a small percentage of men suffer from that keeps them from getting pregnant. We had to abort that plan. We first some reason got a ton of backlash from the public on this people being selfish with the money that we've taken from them and trying to give it to someone else. Some people just don't want to give okay slightly exaggerated, but you get the point.

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