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Have You Truly Experienced God?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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February 8, 2022 5:10 pm

Have You Truly Experienced God?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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February 8, 2022 5:10 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 02/08/22.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. Jesus said that eternal life is to know God and to know him, the sun. Do you know the Lord.

Personally, have you experienced him in your life. It's time for the light a fire with your host biblical scholar and cultural commentator Dr. Michael Brown your voice for more said of you and spiritual clarity called 866-34-TRUTH to get on the line of fire and now there's your host Dr. Michael Brown yesterday friends on the modified. This is Michael Brown absolute delight. It to me with interest on the call 866-34-TRUTH 866-348-7884. I will take calls on all questions will try to get to some random questions later in the show, but in particular I want to talk about what the Holy Spirit is doing in the earth today and I want to talk about your relationship with God. As a follower of Jesus, and if you don't even know him what God is calling us into and offering us as part of his family. As we serve him and live for him so if you have a question about the gifts and power of the Holy Spirit today. If you are wondering about your lot of red stuff I've heard stuff about the Holy Spirit, the gifts, there's certain things aren't happening today.

I got burned in a Pentecostal church.

Maybe you've watched a video of someone that we would refer to as a critic of the charismatic Pentecostal movement. We've seen some weird things you have some questions. I gladly take your calls and questions as well of this recent video was sent a link to a only wants to snippet up with the stupid I watched was was totally false and misleading. Just fall slightly false.

The snippet I watched, but it's unknown. Our some some critics of modern Pentecostal charismatic movement and critics of me. The video together friends sent me a detailed outline of the contents of it and and totally misleading in terms of overall recap. The watch it and you got a question are you agree with it. By all means phone lines are open. I'm happy to speak with people who differ 866-3487 84 I'm talking about the question of experiencing God today for two primary reasons.

By the way, if you're watching like where are you now can we get different headphones on.

Still, your earphones, I am in the new studio that is just been put together for me at Christ for the nation's Institute in Dallas Texas. I have the great joy and privilege now of partnering with two schools. About 30 minutes away. One of them over 50 years old, CF and Iran.

Here the other less than one-year-old. That's mercy culture the school of spiritual leadership. Spiritual leadership school and foresaw in Dallas Fort Worth so the only way that I could make a commitment to be with the schools on a monthly basis. I deeply sense God is called me to do I get to this one of the great joys of my life pouring into the next generations of those that are good to go out take the message of Jesus around the world into every sphere of society and to those who've never heard the gospel before so the only way I could do this and I was asked to do it a monthly basis was we have to have a studio for me so this is our first day and hopefully everything sounds the same. Those listening on radio by podcast. Hopefully everything sounds the same to you room watching yeah things look different 866-34-TRUTH would have three studios and our our home studio brand-new so everything new and we will only by God's grace get better in the days ahead as we continue to travel and set up different locations, but I'm I'm speaking about this issue of experiencing God for two main reasons. Two main reasons. One, as I've interacted with those who were believers known as believers professing believers Christian leaders in ministry committed believers by their own description, as I have interacted with a good number of them who no longer believe some are outright hostile, hateful, mocking the Bible mocking the God they used to worship mocking us for following him some just a hat.

I don't believe those things anymore and try to process a new way of looking at things and I'm doing it openly, and other saying I just in the how to get back. So a wide range but what many of them had in common. Not all not all, but what many of them had in common was a conspicuous lack of experience in God.

In other words, talking about walking with him fellow shipping with him. Seeing his miraculous hand, watching him moving in different ways and and having that deep sense of fellowship, communion and and and things that they in the past could only explain is this must be the hand of God that I have a new explosion for didn't have that that when I talked to Brady Goodwin that Christian hip hopper and an apologist letter to Brady Goodwin couple weeks back and asked him these questions, just tell no metal. He very clearly talked about his experience in going really clearly talked about knowing the Lord really clearly talked about things that seem to be miraculous than that he doesn't have an exclamation for before but one after another that I talked to before him had a very different story. It if you asked me okay talk about some of the most significant spiritual experiences you've had the last 50 years will how many days how many weeks do we have, to recount them. Sure, we all walk by faith not not sitting here with my body glowing on not having all kinds of visions and hearing audible voices don't know. Of course I never heard the audible voice of God in my life and 50 years, but just the way I got saved. The way God brought me to himself. The dramatic nature that the months leading up to it. I have no explanation other than God at work in my life and the way he worked in my life. In the immediate days after I was newly saved immediate weeks. I have no explanation other than the hand of God in some things and want to share with you from the lives of others. I have no explanation other than the hand of God and the daily relationship I have and what I ON prayer retreats and commune with him for hour after hour after hour over over the weekend. The fellowship we have is real is as anything that than a touch or feel so that's one reason I want to talk about this when it Ravenhill who lived from 19 072-1994, author of why revival tarries the classic books we became very close. The last five years of his life. He told me that on average, he would see 20 people or more every week and he would give them a half-hour and this is what I was spending a few days with him at a time so was blown away that he took me in like this. I was 34. He was 82. But he said he gets young ministers, pastors, some undergrads coming in from around the world to meet with him in the first question is, he puts his bony finger in their face.

First question is do you know God you should not do you know about him, but do you know him. This is about knowing him, which is also experiential.

It is when the Bible says Adam knew his wife, Eve. It's it's a Hebrew idiom for had sexual relations with her is a certain knowing that speaks of an intimacy of fellowship. A closeness Jesus said in John 17 three praying for his father and this is eternal life, that they may know you the only true God and Jesus the Messiah, whom you sent and in the same way Paul talks about his long in Philippians 3 that I may know, the Messiah, they may know Christ that I'm assuring the fellowship of the sufferance that I know the in of the power of his resurrection is that I consider everything done, refuse didn't translate with a stronger work. I consider absolute John that I may know him knowing him and experience him. He said the to know him make everything else I had struggle with.

That's not just a mental affirmation that that that's something deeper second Corinthians 1314 the the benediction that Paul offers. There was he say he he says may the grace of the Lord Jesus made the love of God and the fellowship of the spirit be yours is paraphrased so the pet that that the fellowship of the spirit that that's coin in the year. That's a participation that's a sharing so that's one aspect, the other aspect is having spent a good number of hours interacting recently with one versus your brother that you would call a critic of much of the charismatic Pentecostal movement and one concerned about extremes in revival and abuses and things like that as we've interacted a lot and as of interacted with others that I would call quote critics and some of them in a dangerous way that I would call hyper critics not mentioning names now, but what I've seen consistently is this lack of experiencing God in their own lives is as we've talked as we've interacted nothingness to attack.

I'm just saying something's missing and without missing it, it changes a lot of things I want to read something to from my book authentic fire and and I've got some really edifying things to share with you and then phone lines are are open phone lines are open 866-34-TRUTH not just to talk about this, but a little later to written questions and are some news items I want to interact with as well, but we can be one-day cultural issues that are the theology of the day Israel another day of a political issue. So as you know, we cover a wide range of things here.

This is from Prof. Prof. Daniel Wallace right in that when we reach US. It's like paraphrases your exact grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you. Also virtually solicited second Corinthians 1314 are you enjoying the fellowship of the Holy Spirit. When Paul says that the deposit that we have from God, assuring us a future resurrection and being with him forever and treasures stored up in heaven. The assurance, the deposit is the Holy Spirit is he that real in your life.

I'm not timeout people twitching or shaking or falling. I'm talking about a precious intimacy Jesus of the sheep know me and they hear my voice, and they follow me that's ongoing and Greek, not just by way of salvation June no voice of the Lord.

Can you tell me about some of your most precious intimate experiences in God that this is, this should be part of life. Now if you believe it's true. Scripturally, but have experienced not condemning the criticizing God for bid I'm inviting. I'm inviting listen to New Testament Greek scholar Daniel walks, not a charismatic okay this is in my book, authentic fire, which was a biblical and loving response to Pastor John MacArthur strange fire. I honor him respect him. Thank him for all the good that is done, and take strong difference with some of the stands on the charismatic movement, which I believe are exaggerated and inaccurate, and often do much more harm than good. And of course it's been a public dialogue or things are put forth publicly for many years now unable to meet privately, but I've tried so Daniel Wallace writes this through the experience of my sons cancer.

I came to grips with the inadequacy of the Bible alone to handle life crises we step back and say this before I go on reading from Prof. Wallace is not the father, son, and holy Bible with the father son and Holy Spirit. Yes, I know God through his word, but I don't know God only through his life more from vendor laws we defects can be eye-opening for the regular line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown in Dallas Texas will be teaching printer in the area tonight should be a great service for the young people come from surrounding communities will be preaching so love to see you 866-34-TRUTH 87884. Okay, back to Prof. Daniel Wallace solicited through the experience of my sons cancer.

I came to grips with the inadequacy of the Bible alone to handle life's crisis work, getting Revelation outside of the Bible that is the same as the Bible were not talking about getting information about who Jesus is or or who the father is outside of the Bible supply. Contrary to the Bible but the Bible helps bring us to know God and that we walk with him. Okay Wallace that I needed an X essential experience with God. I got in touch with my early years as a charismatic, so he left that and began reflecting on how the Holy Spirit works today I subscription a new light and began wrestling with the question if the Holy Spirit did not die in the first century. What in the world is he doing today that me pause here of friends that watch the entire video of these two critics attacking me over various stands for stands. I have taken haven't taken about charismatic Pentecostal things they quoted me on the air saying look, you're missing these amazing things the Holy Spirit strewn around the world today. They then proceeded to talk about the weirdest wackiest stuff they had seen on on Christian TV in charismatic circles and say this is what is talk about now wasn't talk about some of the glorious supernatural salvation to Buddhists and Muslims and Hindus around the world and the most dramatic and credible and extraordinary ways. Glorifying the name of Jesus and peoples as God. What a shame right so Daniel Wallace why still consider myself a sensationalist meeting this believe in tongues and prophecy and gifts of healing today. The last few years have shown me that my spiritual life had gotten off track that somehow I along with many others in my theological tradition have learned to do without the third person of the Trinity so I can ask you what's the role of the Holy Spirit in your life if if you took the Holy Spirit out of your life. How would things look differently that that's that's the question to ask to talk to me about fellowship with the Holy Spirit talk to me about leading of the Holy Spirit talk to me about the spirit working supernaturally in your life today where is it in your church. How about that in your ministry. He said that this did not hinder my academic work. My had become a cognitive faith of Christianity from the neck up.

As long as I can control the text. I was happy so that he gave 11 tremendously helpful insights on disk" few of them.

One although the sign gifts died in the first century, the Holy Spirit did not know I district different with the sign gifts continue right to this moment and explain some of them in my own life. He says of the sign gifts died.

The hole in the first century, the Holy Spirit did not we agree on. Second point to all the charismatics have sometimes given a higher priority to experience than to relationship true rationalistic evangelicals have just as frequently given a higher priority to knowledge than to relationship.

Also true. Three. This emphasis on knowledge over relationship can produce in us a bibliology.

In other words, father, son, and holy Bible verses father son and Holy Spirit. A book relationship with God rather than a personal relationship with God for the net effect of such bit bibliology is a depersonalization of God. Seven. Evangelical rationalism can lead to spiritual defection is true. That's why many fall away, they get into a rationalistic faith. They run into rational objections. They don't have that intimate experience with God to fall back on here something really interesting major study was done by a survivor of the Holocaust, himself a Jewish psychologist and one thing that he learned what was fascinating. He he said that the people that overall survived made it through. Nessim had no children visit their basely liquidated. Upon arrival, but those that were able to tough it out make it through almost all or a large proportion that the clear clear majority were those who had other family members to live for, either in the camp or outside the camp and it gave them the incentive to live on and they had that connection with that person. The ones that faded the most quickly and were most prone not to make it were the ones whose identity was primarily caught up with their position. You are the mayor of the city you are the head of this bank. You are famous musician you are this you are that and now they're in the camp and they're reduced to nothing that their heads were shaved their their bodies were shaved. They have a number tattooed in their arm and that's it. There a prisoner with nothing to live for and everything saying it's over social relationships or the meaning of life and relationships or experience relationships are shared what is your experience in God.

I didn't ask you if you speak in tongues. That's very rich in my own life and very wonderful and brings me into a deep sense of communion with God, and during that time the Holy Spirit will often speak certain things to me. Bring certain scriptures to life would lead me in certain ways and that I'll pray very specifically in English or sometimes it'll lead to deeper intercession in Groningen and travail. Some of these terms are far and few others understand I'm not saying once more light than the other route we just have different things were use to but I'm not talking about did you speak in tongues.

I didn't even ask you, did God usually heal someone until about you and the Lord talk about fellowship with the Holy Spirit.

Talk about going deeper in him and maybe as I'm speaking. The Holy Spirit is challenging you and inviting you and St. there is more go deeper.

There is more so let me say what I got this email today from a colleague or graduate from Brown's revival school of ministry in Pensacola. We've watched him grow in the Lord. He came is as a new believer, the court sentenced him you go to jail you go to service church surfaces ended up or your own rehab. Whatever it was he got sentenced to go to church service at one of the faculty members of our school was speaking got wonderfully born again sometime after that came to her school's we've known him since his earliest days in the Lord. Joe Oden now is a nationally leading evangelist served briefly as a missionary overseas so he's been based in the Texas area's good number of years now sold his home moved to Orlando, Florida that settled in in the in December right before Christmas arrived with his friend, his wife and his and his young kids and he was going to be leading Christ for the nation of Christ for all nations met Christ for the nation's Christ for all nations, which was founded by Ron Hart, bonking his ministry in the lead by Daniel Calandra. Another red from her school in Pensacola. He was going to be leading their new school will something shifted and because of which the opening of the school was delayed one year so he gets there to find out these dramatic changes have taken place and thinks I'm not supposed to be here is merger family is merger family so he thinks will not things." The text that this can happen.

We are human beings we don't all here perfectly. Or sometimes we take a step of obedience this could just be the horses go here testing our obedience. Okay, good. I zero bank now go here. It happens in next 16 up all the steam they want to go. Only those verses no one ago this was. Jesus is no than this dream. This is where we go. So these things happen and sometimes the Lord does tell us to take step a radical upheaval to see if will obey him now. First step be another radical upheaval.

So he felt the Lord led him to step down from the position that helps to work together with Christ relations in the future, evangelistic efforts, as is this the day after I stepped down another door officially open.

I was asked to serve the Assemblies of God as their new national prayer and evangelism, director. This is the day after he said this is a dream come true and honor of a lifetime.

I knew that this was the will of God and for what God has called us to do so. He sister were moving to Springfield Missouri so they uproot move from Texas where they near Waxahachie something like that and from Texas seeking to obey the Lord over the Orlando things shift okay.

Change of plans. We don't feel were supposed to stay here under the step down next day.

This call, but here's the here's the reason I'm sharing it with you. He said in this transition. We've already been given to prophetic words from two different people who had no clue I was moving to Springfield okay how to explain this one. Here's a text I received just today so he has not announced this just announced it today. Hope you guys are getting settled in Orlando will even though I think you don't really need to get settled and you are going to end up in Springfield so he thought, or whoever's he or she thought, and sending him this message that they were in Orlando getting settled and said but I don't think you really get settled because you're going to Springfield.

What do you know and then here's another one you're moving to Springfield to work with Rick Dubois when you get your truck. Call your wife and tell her it's a done deal.

Actually not moving to Springfield by the suburbs southeast.

He said, which is the exact geographic region will be contracted or next home.

This person had no clue. God knows when you need encouragement. And boy did he give it to us now, here's the deal, you're not going to tell Joe and his wife Tricia that that was a coincidence, it just happened and when you multiply that by tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands millions of events like that. Both of the Holy Spirit is still speaking today will be right back to the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown claims modifier Michael Brown lighted down with Texas Christ for the Nations Institute school over 50 years old with a great legacy all around the world, and a great student body that I got to speak to today, 866-348-7884 is number to call any subject under the sun is nonsense relevant to our broadcast will get some calls hopefully later in the broadcast. One major thing happening in the culture that I want to go back to this issue of experiencing God one major thing happening in our culture is the freedom convoy which continues to grow in Canada been watching it with great interest because Canadians just in general as a nation, or don't have so much of the. The aggressive nature of Americans missing that in a positive or negative way. We we tend to be more you know, shouting our freedoms and ready to fight, and even the church more political politically involved and Canada. Just as little different personality and for better or for worse, but the mandates the lockdowns the restrictions that things are just gone on for so long and been so extreme that many in a peaceful public way or pushing back with destructors driving in it. It's it's quite an event. It is really something historic. The need to step back and and step back from look at evaluate and then write about do some shows on but one thing that happened.

One thing that happened was really really interesting that millions and millions and millions of dollars for the freedom convoy have been raised through go fund me in the last week of funguses.

Sorry to shut this down and will donate the money to charities that freedom convoy agrees to but they're not getting what what who who gave them the right to do that with your money that that you donate cuckoo who gave them the SII Sen. Cruz to Chris as he misses the need to be investigated now that had to back down. But how does it happen, who gives them that that right that control over money that you gave to cause other website and it's not that the cause now shifted. It's not that everything a radically changed and this is good to be used for some violent illegal purposes, though it is for what it is so II mean, if you think you understand what bases go for me. Did this they had a right to do. Give me a call because that would be news to me, not on that front, and remind you there's still time to preorder your signed number copy of the silencing of the lands.

The ominous rise of counterculture of cancer, culture, and how we can overcome it. II feel very confident as you read this book throughout early March would get a signed number two hardcover's beautiful hardcover, gorgeous cover with when you when you get this book. I deeply believe it will not only I open your eyes and alert shoe what's happening. I mean in ways you think while I did know was this bad. The steep you will be so encouraged and so charged with what we can do, how we can stand what we can make a difference friends we can in Jesus name, not by doing what the world does that with more hatred or anger or intimidation.

No, but with overcoming evil with good.

Overcoming hate with love overcoming lies with truth, overcoming the power of the flesh with the power of the spirit God's grace.

The tide will turn this book will help.

There's even a new holiday.

We have announced that get everybody involved in making a difference, yet will share more about that as we get closer to it in April.

That's one that the special day is going to be so go to asked Dr. if you'd like to preorder a signed number copy asked Dr. Otherwise, you can order the hardcover or the e-book or the audiobook where you get your books online. Otherwise, ask Dr. okay just just tell me what you would what you would make of this. Okay I'm in. This is happened so many times, when administered to call it a coincidence which would be would be very odd because it a certain point here. If you're flipping a coin right and and 91 times out of 100, comes up heads and that coin is perfectly balanced in an okay well how I explained that happy some somethings up here. It's not just a coincidence or if you do it a thousand times a million times or take 100 different coins in 100 different people flip them, and each time you get the same results. 90 something out of 100, all coming up one way something's going on so when you have these little providences over and over and over and over. It's just an indication of the reality of the Holy Spirit. So one example I gave in. In authentic fire during a time of corporate prayer that are in our home church. One of our leaders, who oversees our missions department prompted to read from top Psalm 27 while that was the text that another leader who is preaching that that night was going to use okay so he reads the very tax that someone is going to preach from that night then before the message course had no idea about that before the message, a visiting pastor would be miraculously healed of inoperable bone cancer. More than 30 years ago was asked to share his testimony preaching in microcosm of the very message that was about to come from the pulpit, so he gets up and brings a message almost identical with the league scampering okay dozer little things in themselves could be coincidences but when you see them happen over and over and over again. You don't rely on that.

You also will now Psalm 27 string of Psalm 27 is always been true, but he said laughing or something to that sum, it's just that little sign of God being with you at and there been times that I just laughed out loud with what he's done slick father your amazing not read your quote from Smith Wigglesworth from 1859 to 1947, died at the age of 87. You may hear things about him today some crazy story read his writings with his writings firsthand. Somebody had to say and then you evaluate what kind of man of God he was listening to what he said here it is on my screen 1859 to 1947 did not remember. He once said I can't exit Pentecostal pioneer. He said I can't understand God's can we get this right. I can't understand God by feelings. I can understand the Lord Jesus Christ by feelings.

I can only understand God the father and Jesus Christ by what the word says about them.

God is everything.

The word says he is. We need to get acquainted with him through the work. This from a Pentecostal pioneer.

This from a manner according to reports, raise the dead. This from a man who heard the voice of the Lord in very unusual ways and did things in response to that, that would take a lot of faith and yet this is what he says without the word versus the spirit is the word and the spirit. The word in the spirit working in harmony Wigglesworth. I didn't hear this firsthand Odyssey done 47 but from someone who knew the story Wigglesworth is in South Africa. He is taking a walk through a nice community.

One day is really speaking at a church that night.

She feels the Holy Spirit says to him, go to that house's nice house in a nice community and shout. John 316 through the keyhole of the door shout shout for God so loved shout.

Mrs. Laura can't do that. It would be a scandal in the Lord very sternly tells you have to do it so she yells. John 316 through the keyhole and then runs his that's not God. That's crazy that's that's it's trespassing that says that was disruptive you come up with all your reasons okay. He knew the voice of the Lord were told to do all that night is conducting the service well-dressed man comes in. He wants to testify. He said I was at my house today.

He said I was standing on the chair I had the noose around my neck. I was about to kick the chair out from under me and kill myself when suddenly I heard John 316 shouted through my door and I knew God's love for me and I decided not to commit suicide, and it happens to be at that very service with a man who shouted through the door was speaking you tell me that that wasn't God but I don't like that that the style of it's not the issue. He broke no laws. He obeyed the Lord in a man's life was dramatically saved. To quote Daniel Wallace against the Holy Spirit did not die in the first century ought to grow a metal to metal here for a moment, under metal. What happened to demons what having to demons.

I've no desire to prove the existence of demons to an atheist.

I've no desire to design a divider for Christians about the existence of demons, but did the devil just make a deal with the Holy Spirit you stop working miraculously with signs and wonders and miracles and prophecy and tongues, and interpretation of what you stop doing that and I'll stop doing what I do with demons. Obviously not obviously not. So you read in the Bible. Some accounts of the Old Testament, but a lot in the New Testament about demonic activity in the Gospels with Jesus and the disciples and then in the book of acts with the disciples and the apostles read about demonic activity read about people being set free from demons remote all these things happening, the longer ending of Mark, which, if it doesn't reflect the original words of Jesus in Mark. Most scholars would say it does not reflects an early tradition of the words of Jesus that was that was accepted as true and scriptural by a large portion of the church that Jesus said that believers, not just apostles or or first century of preachers, but believers would drive out demons and then one of the gifts of the spirit mentioned in second Corinthians Sunni prescriptions 12 which Paul nowhere says will die out until Jesus returns. When Jesus returns. We won't need these anymore will know God face-to-face.

Until then gives her operative poultry clear on that. So he says that one of the gifts that God gives is discerning of spirits. That means to discern demonic activity to discern the difference between the demons and the human spirit and the Holy Spirit is I was crazy charismatic churches. They describe demons out of each other, day and night that I haven't heard a place where you bring a paper bag and you you throw up an occasion throwing up.

Teams are the crazy stuff like that crazy just because people do crazy things is of interest is in true effectiveness caliphate money visiting real money is real will be right back to the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by calling 86634 true here again is Dr. Michael Brown 866-34-TRUTH going to the phones momentarily just a few coastal regions will find my book, authentic fire, W. H. Griffith, Thomas cofounded with Lewis Sperry chafer of Dallas theological seminary. He said it is of course essential to remember that theology is not merely a matter of intellect but also of experience. Theology is concerned with spiritual realities and must include personal experience as well as ideas the feeling equally with reason must share in the consideration of theology because theology is of the heart and the deepest truths are inextricably bound up with personal needs and experience. How about Baptist evangelist fans have never your Christians and churches that boast of being mature when they really are spiritually frostbitten. We have developed a prejudice against feeling and emotion until a man's would be no scarcer if they cost $100 apiece in the real truth is we have lost our first love. This accounts for a lot of church troubles will be love the Lord. We love the brethren will be break up the follow ground of our hearts. We uncover roots of bitterness. There is a reckless enthusiasm about first love is not cold and calculating. When a grave and no one said you can have all of your doctrines right it's still not have the presence of God. Or how about Jonathan Edwards great leader of the one of the key leaders of the first great awakening in the 1700s in America America's premier early, philosopher and theologian. He said true religion consists so much in the affections to the desires and emotions in a holy sense that there can be no true religion without them.

He who has no religious affection is in a state of spiritual death and is wholly destitute of the powerful quickening saving influences the spirit of God upon a sort is there is no true religion where there is nothing else but affection so there is no true religion where there is no religious affection will more textbook on American history notes that Edwards became the ablest apologist revivals in Britain and America when Boston's Charles Chauncey very much a man of the Enlightenment attacked the revivals as frauds because of their emotional excesses. Edwards replied that although the will know emotional response. However, intense could prove by itself. The presence of God, the person's life. He insisted that intense feelings must always accompany the reception of divine grace for Edwards and unemotional piety could never be the work of God in effect. Edwards counter Chauncey's emotional defense of reason with his own rational defense of emotion a W toes are a symbol more, but were more than going to the phones in spite of the undeniable lukewarmness of most of us, we still fear that unless we keep a careful check on ourselves. We shall surely lose our dignity and become howling fanatics.

By this time next week we set a watch on her emotions less we become over spiritual and bring reproach upon the cause of Christ which all if I may say so is for most of us about as sensible as throwing accord the police around the cemetery to prevent a wild political demonstration by the half, and snowbirds. Most of us were believers. The last thing we need to worry about is becoming too fanatical or too emotional because were so cold and held that no please limit we walk by faith not by sight. We walk by faith, not by feelings to go Wigglesworth. I am not moved by what I feel or see I am moved by what I believe.

So what we believe is based on the word, regardless of what we see or feel. We believe God, and we may go through extended periods of times we feel all alone. Marie have no sense of fellowship with God we feel abandoned when our bodies are hurting. When prayers are not being answered and were going through the deep valley that we persevere by faith, but that is not the always norm. We are to enjoy his presence and his presence is fullness of joy. There is a peace that passes understanding. There is a love beyond knowledge, there is an experience of fellowship with the spirit there is watching the Holy Spirit work actively in your life if you serve him.

This is to be the norm. It's not your norm. No condemnation, but invitation there is more to be had in your relationship with the Lord. Read through the whole Bible see if what I'm saying is accurate and true, and if it is say God I want everything you have for me so I can do everything you called me to do right 866-34-TRUTH, let's go to the phone. Starting with Greg and Cary, North Carolina. Welcome to the line of fire. Hello Dr. Brown to talk to you. I question her alligator could take on this is for our court syndrome wasthere were a recording of it better. So some effect that that excuses are not covered by the blood of Jesus. When I first heard about that sounds so good that I thought about about being a minute. I think that they are coming or not, get puzzled by that but I just wanted to get your take on that right so just hearing that little line as the larger context. What I'm understanding she's saying is not that there is no forgiveness for doing wrong.

I made an excuse to supposed to do. I asked the Lord to forgive me and and he won't because I made an excuse. I'm sure she wasn't saying that, but from again just going based on the quote giving me I would understand it to be saying that that we have no right as just because were saved and forgiven.

We have no right to make excuses for gobble gobble discover that there Lord I know you called be to fast this week but I really like this food some conga eat anyway. I'm under the blood of Jesus.

I think she was saying you can't use it as a copout based on what you're saying out right so that felt good, but probably were elaborated maybe are misheard what I did want to go cry to for your came in on when you start talking about the good guys who are was at prophetic words spoken over them.

As far as going to Springfield but Janet and I didn't know what it's like and also I could fly Knute Rockne Liked its people sight up in a minute.

The football players get all spiked up for coaches and stuff like a psycho pervert for Christianity, almost like going out into the very few negative trauma into the faces of the just something Greg about it I remember is a significant time in my life God called me to quit my job. It was June 1983 I came home from a church service and I said to Nancy.

I said don't call me to quit my job to move out that 50 miles away to teach the new Bible school knowing Christ for the Nations and she laughed out loud that it shouldn't. Believe me, but just as like that's that's a lot of news know and and she had a sense about going back there that I be called to teach. This is something I call my mama symbolic to be moving about an hour away. Shoes will be with about an hour away on the island and be teaching a new school with my job.

I called my boss and I said I'm to be leaving sometime later this year. Don't know exactly when will be, but can be going teach a Bible school knowing all to great Mike and all that and out and then pastor friend of mine was attending some summer classes. They just started in the summer than to be full-time students in the fall and he said hey Mike once come out with me for one of the means he had felt God was calling me. There is as well. Before I knew it, so we we go to the to the class and it's just not a lot of people so the teacher is grieving.

Any any guests and yellow llama guest your first time visitor and he said what are you doing I sublimed.

I'm doing this and that for living but you know I'm just waiting for God to call me out to full-time ministry know yet.

I'm a basically said that and then he says you can be called you to be doing this you be stepping up, gave me the description of what I was to be doing next, Ed" when we drove away my friend about the pastor. We were laughing and rejoicing and we said he's alive, he's alive in us so that says this is just that sense of of the of the living God. Hey, thanks for the call.

I was in in it an a and a book a scholarly book different religion scholars I got is to be part of this about prophecies and failed prophecies and different things on giving an insider's perspective is a Pentecostal charismatic about the failed trump prophecies so writing this article I want to give examples of the type of prophetic ministry were used to and and I mentioned this one young man I knew he was an administrator for major prayer ministry that would have gatherings of tens of thousands.

Even several hundred thousand people, times, and he, coordinated, ran things every child around him. He was always dress casual like shorts and a T-shirt red reverie, easy-going laid-back able handle the pressure so I'm in an airport outside DC and NIC him and is in a really nice suit like what happening you what you doing and he said well I was at a meeting in this one sister prophetic sister had a word over and she said God is calling you off what you're doing is calling you into DC and you will be working with political leaders and government leaders and cultural leaders, etc. and and and you get in the three new suits no services that happen and he's like, or what is going on. So is asking the Lord obviously have to know for yourself right.

This is the Lord so not long after that totally different place setting. A guy comes up to Mrs. I'm supposed to buy you three new suits and he had just gotten off the phone. Then we three governors where they were planning out a Christian response to hurricane that he just taken place ended up working in the in the campaign presidential primary campaign for Newt Gingrich. So many of us on the road with new Dallas like how wild but but this is the living God, and there many times we don't get words like that. Many times we don't get confirmation. We just have to press forward anyway.

But God so often does these things. The Holy Spirit is living and active and working today and Jesus said in Luke 1113. If you being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more the heavens support.

Everything you have for us to know you best bet is we asked for back with you friends.

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