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Whoopi Goldberg and the Holocaust

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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February 3, 2022 4:40 pm

Whoopi Goldberg and the Holocaust

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network was the view right to suspend Whoopi Goldberg over her Holocaust, it's time for the light a fire with your host biblical scholar and cultural commentator Dr. Michael Brown your voice for moral sanity and spiritual clarity called 866-34-TRUTH to get on the line of fire and now here's your host Dr. Michael Brown Thursday great to be with you today this is Michael Brown number to call with any Jewish related question of any kind. 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884 that is the number of calls to Jewish related was about the Jewish people about Israel today about the Hebrew Bible. Hebrew language, reduce religion or messianic prophecy Jewish background to the New Testament, all those qualify as Jewish related to get 866-34-TRUTH for those listening by radio on our great stations. We had an interesting situation.

The last two days before this where our radio studio in Winston-Salem was about an hour and 1/4 from your had to be evacuated because of a potential chemical problem. Potential explosion problem anyway.

Folks really get back in an engineer the show today so glad to be back with you live to prove it's alive it is February 3 right of this. 3:04 PM and 23 seconds. Of course, not 23 anymore right Whoopi Goldberg's comments. It's interesting she is a black woman, but she just does claim some Jewish blood in her family lineage and has often identified as Jewish. Her original name Karen Johnson that she took on the name will be Goldberg, but it's one thing to take the name what beads the unusual name to it to give your child. Sosa chose name for the reasonable history be Goldberg very evident Jewish name, so she obviously does not have a Jewish mother and father, but in some of her statements over the years she has identified as Jewish will not a an observant Jewish person, so she she would understand. In that context that you can be a Jew and be white or black or be Asian right. In any case, she made these unfortunate comments the other day on the view and of course there's been a massive firestorm over it. So here's what she had to say the Holocaust isn't about race now about a rancidity.

It's about man's inhumanity to man, but days until my groups of people as white and missing the point you're missing the point. You turn it into race goes down this alley, let's talk about it for what it is. It's how people treat each other right. Let's do the same. Slavery black seven slave whites.

Whites have been saved and say Blacks like seven save enslaved Blacks, whites have enslaved whites. So the general phenomenon of slavery transcends race, so let's just talk about man's inhumanity to man will know no big because in America it was every racial. In other words, the Africans, the Blacks were looked at as an inferior. People are right that it was you can't just say it's man's inhumanity against man. You miss the biggest issue. This is not random inhumanity against man and just happened to be people with Jews know this was a systematic attempt to exterminate all Jews in Europe and ultimately the goal of the been all Jews in the world if possible and will see in a moment what Hitler's own views were about Jews and race okay further comment from Whoopie the American experience tends to be based on skin yes and so that is what race means to me when you talk about being a racist. I was saying you can't call this racism. This was evil.

This wasn't this wasn't based on a scale you couldn't tell who was Jewish and they had to delve deeply to figure it out enough to delve deeply yet to delve deeply to hide your Jewishness as Jewish identity was well known in the Jewish community was well known and it was not a secret among many German Jews, in fact, many German Jews. It's been said of years were more German than they were Jewish.

If there was still recognized as Jews. You can even be in a church baptized but if you are a Jew you go to the concentration camps and their identity papers in all of this in and it was known so in any case, there's an outcry over this and will be Goldberg issues this apology. She tweets it out and she reads it as well.

On the view I sent that the Holocaust wasn't about race and it was us instead about man's inhumanity to man, but it is indeed about race because Hitler and the Nazis consented Jews to be an inferior race that words matter and mine are no exception. I regret my comments as I said, and I stand corrected. I also stand with the Jewish people as may now and we all know because I've always done alright so the comments were severe were ugly were ill-informed.

She did give it apology clearly was right for the view to suspend or watch the view with your overall ethics or I don't believe that she should be fired upon apologizing and then really educating herself enhancement from the ADL, I believe antidefamation league to talk about these issues so you eat true repentance for something done wrong either in ignorance or willful is as you go. On the other direction you going the other direction to fix things and educate yourself better you help others learn and get educated is a good thing. It's a positive things this cancel culture. You do something far less than that you in some playful way with your friends Arriba's get made up and putting on these silly outfits and you put on black face and you don't realize it's offensive to people and then 15 years later, it fired from a job over that's that's outrageous if if it came out 15 years ago Whoopi Goldberg made these, so I knew it now comes out today and she's not had a history of that and and she publicly repudiates the comes you don't, you get fired over that, but we shall see how this plays out to suspend her. That makes sense but would slap on the wrist and and and we want everyone to know how much we are poor. These comments and then back in good favor, but as far as the race issue. You have to understand that being Jewish is a religious thing, potentially, and or an ethnic thing and that since a racial thing so you could be a traditional Jew practicing Judaism learned it from your ancestors going back right you could be a Gentile who converts to Judaism and now you become part of the Jewish people and your kids or considered Jewish or the kids that you have after or considered Jewish or you could be someone born into a Jewish family but no longer practicing Judaism having any connection to Judaism being out at atheist and you're still a Jew right so I want to read this to you.

This goes back to 1919 Adolf Hitler and he certainly built on this mentality. In in the years that followed. So this is from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and September 16, 1919 Hitler issues his first written comment on the so-called Jewish question in the statement.

He defined the Jews as a race, and not a religious community characterize the effect of a Jewish presence as a quote race tuberculosis of the People's and identify the initial goal.

The German government to be discriminatory legislation against Jews. The quote ultimate goal must deftly be the removal of the Jews altogether. Hitler's years in Vienna 1908 1913.

His military service are important stages wrist development of a comprehensive racist ideology.

There's a discussion of the British TV show is an author who's written about this himself a Jewish atheist and he weighs in on the question.

Listen to what he has to say. The problem is, that wasn't so many issues final Whoopi Goldberg is a winner, but there are some issues. What assignment does reveal little flaw about confusions the people have around anti-Semitism. The audits go to my book and the principal one for something's going on here is the resistance to the art of anti-Semitism is racism and nothing want to smoke ago but think it is what it will allow people to get is his religious intolerance in the problem with that is.

I'm an atheist and the Gestapo would show me tomorrow. My great uncle all night who died in the walls will get with no an observant Jew and in the national just learned that the Holocaust now neo-Nazis marching with torches thing the Jews will replace us in Charlottesville.

They would not also do with that he kept kosher before they sent letter to the house and all interested in faith in the notes is more interesting fight there interested in racial purity ultimately goals the new rebuttals will they were racial purity comments suggests that there are people who think racism is any about the color of his skin. You know that's true. A little specific thing. I think going on here, which is the Jews of the whiteness of Jews is a very complex thing. I use this phrase in book stability for this by the Waco Schrödinger's white so what I mean by that is, Jews are seen as white or nonwhite, depending on the politics of the observed right fall right groups on it for years and your centuries of sin Jews is not the fault of the white race is absolutely puppet with project to say Jews all not part of the area. What race is for me, will, on the other side. On the far left. The Association of Jews which is a racist thing with power and privilege some kind of super white and what ends up with it similar to those in the black large metal thing with all lives matter because it takes away from the specifics of the racism to something very bland in general like man's inhumanity to man. Okay, but what's going on here is actually a very particular type of genocide.

She told him Stephen Colbert shine about two sides fighting smelters on pointing this was an ethnic grouping walked out to be destroyed left ministry industrial machine so the thing that is extra disturbing about the would-be comments is that that she she dug her heels in further on Colbert and expressed and articulated the real error.

The real problem and understand. No, I take her apology for what it is and hopefully with true repentance with wanted to make things right.

You go out of your way to address things in it and up positive, constructive and educational way was David Betty L Jewish comedian when you mention his book.

I had not seen his his writings relative to the Jewish people. Perhaps it's his book Jews don't count but I'm not sure, but his comments are right on point. And of course there are Middle Eastern Jews, which would be the most original Jews right there are African Jews. There are Asian Jews there. There are white Jews right so so we come in many shapes and forms. In that sense it is not just one race, meaning skin color. Okay, but ethnicity and skin color are not always synonymous and if you target a group based on its ethnicity. That is racism. This was an attempt to exterminate the Jewish race stop there. That is the reality and that is the fact that is the truth. Okay you will be right back 866-34-TRUTH phones are custom open lines any Jewish related question Lake date: the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown transition again team skillet or Jewish music that was in Hebrew.

Praise the Lord all nations, all peoples, so 866-34-TRUTH 87884 for your usually the questions let's go over to Michael in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Welcome to the line of fire you, what display am a white person in the right.

I'm disgusted by racism against Jewish people, black people, American Indians, Asian any any group and anyone in the United States.


Racism can only get electrical that is not that is not practical yeah of course and and and the thing is that those who have been discriminated against, mistreated, those of been the objects of racism should be very sensitive to that as well.

Sometimes we become blind because were so conscious of our own suffering in a Jewish suffering through the centuries were so conscious of that that we we don't recognize. No, maybe we get little ascendancy okay were not as sensitive to race and other places but was interesting is that liberal Judaism in America has worked hand-in-hand with black activists for for many many years and Martin Luther King famously marched together with actually conservative rabbi and scholar Abraham Joshua Henschel himself of orthodox background so there was for years a much better relationship between Jews and Blacks in America and it was the Jewish people & have we been under we been down we been oppressed discriminated against simply based on our or race or religion and were sensitive to the plight of African-Americans. There should be great unit since one thing Michael many years ago in New York City about 40 years ago. I confronted some Black Hebrew Israelites with the message of hate on the streets of the city know I failed to calculate along with the guy next to me. My friend X me that a Jewish believer that we were the only whites in the crowd that the message that was coming branding us as Devils in all of this white man is the manifestation of Satan that that would've appealed to some of the people there and when I spoke as I spoke, I was the outsider. I don't mean all all-black serenity, white, of course not understand that crowd was sympathetic to their message of hate soul. I said to them, you preach a message of hate amount is yelling out because they had that the Mike's said you preach a message of hate. Jesus preached a message of love is a Jews and Blacks were gonna find ourselves in the bottom of the bell you need each other. That means my harsh that we need each other in and let us walk in grace and honor towards one another hate.

Thank you for making that categorical statement, 866-348-7884 I posted on Twitter and Facebook earlier today asking people to post the most difficult questions and objections to the faith that they get in I would get to as many as possible in tomorrow's bronchus rather taking calls we get to as many as possible.

I'm to get to some of them now and then will make a note and let them know a we answered this on the Thursday show rather than the Friday show so I'm going over to twitter and let's just see hear someone heal CH objection from Rabbi Tobia Singer Jesus was against the law when he said what goes into someone's mouth is not to file them but what comes out of their mouth that is what defiles him. It was against the law did his disciples then go out and kill a pig needed did did Peter change his lifestyle so that he immediately began eating foods that at that time were prohibited by the law no fact asked 10. He'd never eaten anything on Clinton's entire life 310 chapters into the book of acts.

Jesus simply explaining a spiritual principle which is true you she was explaining that the food that goes in your mouth does not spiritually defile you. For example, if if you are blind Jewish person religious to and someone told you they were serving you certainly eat food that was kosher and you ate it and that maybe had a bad cold. You could taste you found out afterwards that that they accidentally reached in the refrigerator and go to the wrong meet the food itself does not defile you that was that was the point she was making. It's what comes out of our heart that the faucets he was giving us a deep spiritual truth. Now you could argue based on him inaugurating the new and better covenant with the things have changed that as an argument and discussion to have the right Jewish traditions that say in the world to come, that all foods will be clean. So there is no objection, no issue there. By the way, if you'll check our YouTube channel is get your brown or on the website asked her to round out or just typing Singer you'll find that we have many videos specifically demolishing the errors in the false information that he so widely puts out on line. I will go back to the phones without answer some more. These Old Testament Hebrew related questions Beth in Queens. Thanks for calling the line of fire. Dr. Graham Norton my thing. My question is about.

Leviticus 2310 I'm the Jewish people had when he came into the land that I will give you and reap its harvest will bring a sheaf of the firstfruits of your harvest to the priest. Now, obviously, the Jewish people and typically Jewish believers don't have to do that but would the equivalent of this be giving the first paycheck of the year to your church or something like that yes theoretically it. In other words there. There were annual things that happen since coming into the land and then each year at certain times of the year you take the firstfruits and offer them up to the Lord but the principal is giving the first and giving the best so with Cain and Abel.

What was it that that Abel did. That was better than what Cain did. You could say will Abel offered up of an animal sacrifice, and Cain just offered through the ground, but I don't believe that was the issue. There rather just as cambric for the for the grant.

Abel brought from the firstlings he brought the best if you look in Proverbs chapter 3 verses nine and 10, it urges us to honor the Lord out from our firstfruits, so tithing is a way of doing that. In other words, that the whatever you're convicted to give her feel led to give so when you get your income. The first check that you write is back to the Lord's work at your local congregation would be the same concept or if you say we do something over and above the first paycheck we get the new year. We give all of it to the Lord and in the first portion, the rest of your those with those would be spiritual equivalents, not by the requirements of the law, but by the principle that we have just like Matthew 633 seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things will be added so it's a good principle to live by God first and then everything else following right okay thank you and you bet you bet 86634. Let me go back over to some of these twitter questions. Let's see, and I'm trying to just you one per person write another question was asked what about the nifty limb in Genesis 6 and apparently that's a question that causes this person. The stumbler of that they know there is nothing to stumble over.

In other words, Genesis 6 gives us an ancient account which can be read in one of two different ways. It could be read that the sons of God represent the godly line of Seth and the daughters of men represent the ungodly line of Cain and that they intermarried which is sinful, would be like the Israelites marrying pagans or a born again Spirit filled believer marrying a Satanist that it was a wrong mixture.

It was a defiling of the godly and bringing compromise and, therefore, that was one of the things that led to the destruction of the world. Things were so evil and corrupt and God had to destroy. That's 1 Possible Way to read the other way to read it just the way I read it is that the sons of God or angelic beings that fell took on human form and they intermarried with human women produce children, and this was absolutely abominable. This mixing of the of the species. Or you could say the heavenly with the earthly.

This mixing was terribly ugly and wrong and that's one of the reasons that God wiped out the human race and restart it with Noah and his family. You say, why is that's like crazy all first thing is you could just say if someone struggling with it. There is debate as to the actual interpretation could be the other way notional for someone to lose all faith in God over that. On the other hand, you could say who's to say that these kinds of things don't happen, who's to say that there isn't some type of of intersection I can happen between the spiritual and natural use of the don't know, but it's some of the fight over or divide over what you can disable. I'm not sure about it and go on. That's fine is not the issue. Whatever. The Bible records is accurate, but sometimes we don't understand all of the details of what is being recorded. Hey, quick question for you that you get to more of your calls and tweets and Facebook questions, but quick question. Have you visited vitamin or did you go and forget to go back right. I really encourage you to check it out.

These are the health supplements of Dr. Mark Singler was also my personal doctor and I take a number of these the multivitamins and immune vitamins, and other things like this. So when you go to the website you'll see a special discount code to use that's Dr. Stang's way of being a blessing to you are listeners and viewers and Dr. Stabler turns around and donates back to our ministry.

Every single person so let's partner together to extend the work of the gospel.

One more Jewish people and issues they need healthier in the process. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by: 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown Brown delighted to be with you hears them to call 866 three 423-663-4878 84. I am going to respond to some questions that were posted on twitter and on Facebook that relate specifically to the Old Testament that relate specifically to questions that are appropriate for thoroughly Jewish Thursday but if you'd like to call in and ask your question is always 86634 is the number to call right. This one was posted on twitter and it's a long time colleague coworker friend of mine Steve Ault longtime professor at fire school of ministry you can still take his classes online with but he also teaches at some of the schools now so it's it's one of the major most penetrating questions is a similar one that was posted on Facebook as well.

The God of the Old Testament commands the killing of men women and children without mercy destroys Sodom and Gomorrah and punishes unbelievers with eternal torment. Who would want to serve such an angry, vengeful God, and then looking at the question asked by Jim on Facebook Israel being told to kill entire nations when adopt the youngest of the children and wait raise them in the ways of the Lord instead of killing them letters easy to screw with what we teach about God today and unbelievers take this discrepancy as evidence that the Bible is just another book of its let's accept the fact that those are serious questions I deal with them in my book.

Has God failed you. So I did. I do treat these head on in writing the book has God failed you. But these are serious issues. We can't just no big deal, and I appreciate someone like Rev. John Piper who so affirms the holiness and justice of God and so recognizes the sinfulness of human beings that when he's asked about this. He's responses God can kill whoever he wants whenever he wants really does is right and good. From his perspective that is a satisfactory answer, but obviously for the perspective of an unbeliever, a sincere unbeliever or Christian struggling with their faith or someone who's very very sensitive and caring and compassionate that would not satisfy, and perhaps Dr. Piper would phrase things differently and in an in an outreach type of context. In any case, I want to say a few things. First let's start with the overall revelation of God in the Bible. He is incredibly patient he is incredibly long-suffering heat. He tells Abraham that his descendents are are going to be captive in a foreign nation and they can be there for hundred years and they're gonna suffer, but that's because their promised land that their homeland is not ready yet because the iniquity of the Amorites has not reached full measure and in other words, the people deserve to be punished and judged, and even wiped out but God won't do it until their sin reaches a certain level and throughout the Bible, God's praise is merciful and compassionate and the father of the orphan and the husband of the widow and caring about the poor stranger and immigrant throughout the Bible, and then will be coming to the New Testament we get the full picture of who he is when he sends his son to die for all the evil things that we did every single one of them, the son of God took on his shoulders so here he is the absolute perfect, eternal son coming into our world and and not not just having to live in our world but dying. The criminals death openly shamed it in horrific suffering to pay for what we did so we would not have to pay for.

That's the same God that ordered the killing of the Canaanites. So, I first want to point to Jesus. This is not a copout know this is the heart of the message. I first want to point to Yeshua and say that that is the full expression of who God is. I remember wrestling when my dad died suddenly at the age of 63 in 1977 and I had been praying for sees me. I been praying for him. He came to some church services and heard me preach up gave a New Testament memory was reading it and he said to me, so what am I gonna feel something.

I thought, okay, good God's working in them is bringing him to faith and then died suddenly.

He never made a clear profession of faith, some was going on this heart that it know about God work in his life right before he died, but I had no certainty of it in oh years later.

People said to behave remember the principle that Jesus gave whoever receives me receives the one sent me your dad received he was a believer. Therefore he received Yeshua through that sets bad theology. This issue, your dad and I wrestled with it.

I wonder in that and then I thought okay the day I stand before God and look in his face and the day that I hear if my dad is with him or not and and if will be together forever.

I know that my father, my heavenly father will do what's right. I know that the one who's been so incredibly long-suffering and compassionate with me and not treating me as my sins deserve that that God will do what's good and what's right and what's just and what's loving and that with all my being, I'll be able to affirm it on the day and of course normally keep deepest hopes lie okay this first thing the love of God.

This is this is an essential part of his character and credible, long-suffering passion. Second thing we are more sinful than we realize we are more evil than we realize.

We compare ourselves to ourselves and we think on on pretty good. I wonder if God just took our thought life for the last week for the last month and put that up publicly a wonder how we'd feel. I wonder how we'd look wonder if God just counted every lie we've ever told everything where we will fully colored the truth and deceived every lustful thoughts or desired, greedy, angry, but whenever it is river greatest weaknesses are. If if we just had a record of those start pilot we would be devastated here.

Have you ever looked in your your your history online say with with Windows PC hit control H on the what is with with Apple and it'll just bring up all the websites you been to recently and maybe her what was that thing I was looking for is like an hour ago I was there and you find it you been like this for hundred sides like what how did it accumulates God sees all of it.

We all deserve destruction. We as a human race deserve destruction. Yet when he came to Sodom and Gomorrah when it came to others, God waited and waited and waited until the iniquity was so great until the ugliness was so great that you think of the violence of Isis that and and when we hear that that we successfully bombed and ISIS enclave. We we think that's good news because there they're not gonna kill so many people and they deserve death.

What we all deserve death that that's a fact. Don't be so self-righteous. They walk basically person. We stand in God's presence, and we are evaluated by his desk as he created us right does not explain himself to us. He created us were all guilty inside you say okay okay fine, even if if I saw things that install how bad they were.

I would've said please God judge them.

That's the right thing to do, that the evil is is so ugly and so destructive.

But what about children, what about babies. That's the biggest question I mean picture the scene tossed monstrosity of that there are a couple of different ways to look at this. I actually was reading studies, scientific studies and preparing for the book has God failed to that talked about things that can be hereditary on a moral basis.

In other words literally bad.

See that just like children of alcoholics have a much higher percentage of being alcoholics and it's not only upbringing that there are arguments for genetic morality. Obviously were all born fallen and sinful and in need of a Savior and Redeemer, and obviously Jesus forgives us and changes us. We come to him, but this could have been part of the problem. There was deep seated corruption and/or demonization of the other thing is this, as I understand Scripture. This is the other side of it.

This could have been ultimate mercy in that if they would have grown up and lived at an evil life in been destroyed by dying his children. God does not hold them accountable and therefore even though they die in this world there with the Lord forever disable what about the question of eternal torment I would approach that also in two ways. The first I would say what if we continue to rebel. In other words, what if, upon being judge. We continue to rebel and therefore are continually punished.

Others would say is sin against eternal and eternal deity deserves eternal punishing others, however, would say if you look at Scripture carefully doesn't talk about eternal torment. It talks about destruction.

It talks about cutting off talks about putting to an end and that the fate of the wicked. The fate of the unrepentant, the fate of even the most evil people who ever lived. They will suffer for their sins, but they will ultimately be terminated. They will perish. Whoever does not believe will perish. So some are resurrected eternal life of others or resurrection skews me resurrected to destruction. If someone's whole objection to hearing the gospel is the question of eternal torment I would present some of what I've said and I would reiterate that many Christians do believe that the final end of the wicked is destruction, not eternal torment and that sometimes allows this person to hear the rest of the message and then to study the Scriptures and come to the wrong conclusion. But let us not belittle that that seriousness of these issues, but speak the truth in love, and then when people encounter God and get to know for themselves and find the extraordinary lovely more in our lives that results most the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown do it on the earth 866-34-TRUTH walking through the Jewish Thursday before that you heard the resistance from skillet to become good friends with John Cooper get to know the whole band impeccably will see them in concert in Charlotte North Carolina on Sunday night. But that theme, the resistance ties right in with my newest book friends on strongly encourage you to get a copy comes out March 1, but you can preorder it on her website is called the silencing of the lambs, the ominous rise of canceled culture and how we overcome it.

Friends, your eyes will be open is much as you follow the news in the what's happening in in the world.

Your eyes will be open as you read what's happening on college campuses in America.

If you read what big tech is doing if if you just look at the larger attempt to cancel our voices. The good news is the Eckley see the Ka hall the messianic congregation.

The church cannot be canceled and the word of God cannot be bound, and after laying out the seriousness of these issues.

I then take the second half of the book, but most of the chapters in the book with practical strategies.

Parents professors in in schools, people in the business place kids in school the whole wide range preachers, pastors, leaders, practical strategies, one after that.

Not just practical, inspirational, and picture stand that there is even a special new holiday were announcing a day to celebrate our faith in the public and bold way which I talk about in the last chapter of the book. I have no question that this book really impact.

In fact, one of the folks that wrote an endorsement for this, John Cooper, the lead singer and songwriter of skillet and and he was moved and stirred it. He's a bold public witness book moved and stirred him so you can skews me. You can preorder your signed number copy on a website, you can order rib you get your books Christian book. Amazon, Barnes & Noble by you can pre-order assigned number copy on our website that is asked Dr. Brown WC run on the homepage in the sky become a collectors item because each one's numbered.

If you ordered the first copy of the 50th or the 75th hundred 20th. Whatever. So it's number and then II haven't come up with the Scripture on the use yet but I think about it that they what's the right Scripture the rightness from the book put that in the describe it to you and sign it yet do it myself. It's my joy to do it. We pray over the books and and one request remake when you get the book if it blesses you take a picture the book are you holding it and post on social media tell other people and then go to Amazon and post a review skews me post a review or leave a rating their soul. You be blessed the sister you, I believe that we continue to see rising up not with us. Eric take over and preach, even down force you to believe what you believe that is nothing that spirit.

That attitude has nothing to do with the gospel, absolutely not. Rather, we cause her light to shine in that light, changes lives in that light, try spec darkness.

That's what we do in your shoe.

So this book will stir you must you help you equip you preorder your signed copy. We normally get the books in right before the general public does with Colby printing of books is gotten very iffy, but hopefully will have them in advance. Sign them and get them out to you early in March if not before. Okay, back to the phones, 866-34-TRUTH.

Let's go to Joan in Greenville, South Carolina. Welcome to light a fire. Thank you McQuesten air enter 90 American perfect Christian you may have been addressed before, but I'm not sure, but what people believe today will get them to heaven so Jewish people don't think about having as much as Christians do. This is not as much emphasis on the afterlife.

It's more a matter of pleasing God in this life and living a righteous life. However, they do believe that is righteous people. It's good in God's sight and puts them in better standing. So maybe we could say what does a Jew believe they need to do today to be right with God and to receive forgiveness of their sins so they would believe that to the best of their ability they need to observe the commandments of the Torah in the light of Jewish tradition was the rabbis teach they would believe where they fall short, they need to repent and ask God for mercy and forgiveness and that by repenting they would demonstrate that by turning away from those wrong things they would also believe that doing good deeds and giving charity that those are positive, virtuous things that praying is a positive and virtuous thing and that they may go through some suffering in their life and that is part of a way of paying for their sins.

So obviously we would find those answers sadly lacking in saying that without the blood of the Messiah. There is no atonement with with no temple in an and no means of atonement. You can pray and repent all you want but it's but something is still missing but that would be the Jewish perspective.

That's why we as followers of Jesus share the good news of the Messiah with Jew and Gentile alike. But that would be a Jewish perspective. These are things a Jew needs to do to be in right relationship with God of the Old Testament thought that was an earthly kingdom know they are yet yet so so basically, many of the verses that we look at as messianic prophecy like Isaiah 53 or four telling of the Messiah's death in Psalm 22, they don't read as messianic. The ones they read as messianic would be about. I like Isaiah 11 where the Messiah will rule and reign on the earth, so he will be a highly exalted human being and powerfully anointed by the spirit. But in their view.

Yes, you would still be just a a human being not to find and they would not believe that the Messiah would die for our sins.

So when Jesus came and fulfilled the prophecies of the suffering servant and died for sins and rose from the dead. Many of them rejected that they were looking for someone else and they even rejected the witness once he rose from the dead, and the spirit was poured out, and that's really where the greater judgment came.

In other words, okay, they didn't get things right.

Initially, but when he rose from the dead, that settled the argument and the leadership as a whole or by large still rejected him and still praying for the coming of Messiah.

When you see it through Jewish eyes it makes sense when you read the Scriptures through Jewish eyes it makes sense.

We have a very different perspective and an through our eyes. We really think how can you not see it. They read the same text to see it very differently, especially the race a certain way.

Read the scriptures a certain way just like if someone was raised a Jehovah's Witness. That's what they're taught, so they read the Bible wrongly, they would say that's what we're doing, we would say the Jewish people. That's what you're doing.

So we pray for Jewish people to be saved civil. What about this God-fearing rabbi who lived in in Iraq and who had no connection with with Christian community and all he knew about Christians were there Jew haters. He feared God and prayed all of his life in pray daily for the coming so will God will deal with every person fairly. I believe God to be the judge of each person but I do declare that salvation is found only in your shoe. Okay. Thank you, you are. You are very welcome. All right, my habit, I was going to give out number but with two minutes left. The broadcasters make sense.

All right, this happened in America. In Orlando, Florida.

That wasn't tens of thousands of people but just important to draw attention to the so I'm looking at a headline on all Israel news that's all and says this shocking videos captured neo-Nazis rally in Florida chanting the Jew is the devil, the pictures, you know it's it's us it's just a handful of people, but the fact that this is still there. The fact that this is being shouted out must be mentioned and must be plainly and categorically rebuked me these people wake up to reality and come to repentance and repudiate these destructive ugly hate Phil demonic views. The article says horrifying videos of neo-Nazi rally on Saturday in Orlando Florida have emerged on social media with footage of about 20 participants chanting anti-Semitic slogans such as the Jew is the devil, and use rape children and drink their blood and other video shared by stop anti-Semitism doubling the group to be seen stomping on the Israeli flag and assaulting a driverless car engine will post the footage and asked why our local PD allowing this. Yes, so the problem is okay this is crazy extreme group 20 people but a lot of the sentiments are widely held onto me by the majority of Americans, but I mean by countless thousands, maybe even millions in America and certainly around the world and we deal with it because the moment we confront certain anti-Semitic prominent teacher speakers on YouTube, especially if they profess to be Christian we get blasted with all these kinds of comments from people who profess to be Christian as well.

May the light expose the darkness we never again see the evil of the Holocaust in our world. All right, friends. We got special broadcast answers of your toughest questions tomorrow. No one in this. Another program powered by the Truth Network

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