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Antisemitism in the PCUSA

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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January 27, 2022 5:20 pm

Antisemitism in the PCUSA

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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January 27, 2022 5:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 01/27/22.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network anti-Semitism has raised its head in the church again, this time in the PC USA time for the light a fire with your host biblical scholar and cultural commentator Dr. Michael Brown your voice for more savvy and spiritual clarity called 866-34-TRUTH to get him a lot of wire and now there's your host Dr. Michael Brown is thoroughly Jewish Thursday. That is her focus today. If you have a Jewish related question of any kind can relate to the Hebrew Bible relate to messianic prophecy can relate to Israel today or the Jewish religion any Jewish question usually question 8663 foray 87884. In a moment I want to bring on a friend and colleague from Israel Orthodox Jewish leader Jonathan Feldstein were going to address this issue of anti-Semitism in the PC USA Presbyterian Church USA, which has been bleeding and members for some years now, so I give you this very brief background. I did not grow up around a lot of anti-Semitism.

The neighborhood were I grew up just Jewish kids Gentile kids hanging out together didn't run into a lot of it.

When I came to faith in little Italian unaccustomed church late 71. These people prayed for Israel and love the Jewish people's was a brand-new believer.

It was a shock to be given a book by the local rabbi about anti-Semitism in church history's absolute shock and end my most translated book so to open the eyes of Christians around the world to the horrible realities of anti-Semitism in church history post-Holocaust.

There's been a tremendous amount of recognition of this tremendous amount of repentance of this the restoration of the modern state of Israel.

You got a large evangelical movement in American worldwide standing strongly with Israel. Nonetheless, anti-Semitism still exists within the church. In particular, in the liberal wings of the church that depart from the plain sense of Scripture, so a few days ago Jonathan reached out to me and pointed out some very shocking statements from leader in the PC USA this is a conjunction Martin Luther King Day, and end it. There were attacks on Israel, that you would have to call anti-Semitic so it Jonathan, thanks so much for staying up late and calling us from Israel tonight, welcome to the broadcast regulatory alright so Jonathan, how does it feel to you as an Orthodox Jew in Israel working with Christians worldwide were friends of Israel, when you see this kind of stuff Mark would make me want to vomit because I noted there are black outward Christian friend who grew up in an experience that you like. But you don't need to empirically build academic and then you have the church leader and it's ironic duping the talking about the acronym for the turkey Lafayette really heartbreaking to hear that it "the that that the head of the church without an not be nothing more to call it other than it can call it out every outgoing update you for partnering with. Getting the article out to let people know how bad it absolutely friends.

You can read it asked Dr. and other places theological sentences, anti-Semitism at home of the Presbyterian Church in a great picture of Jonathan and me together there.

I want to read a quote that you can respond to this is the Rev. Dr. J.

Herbert Nelson, the second stated clerk of the Gen. assembly of the PC USA quotes the continued occupation in Palestine Israel is 21st-century slavery should be abolished immediately. Given the history of Jewish humble beginnings and persecution.

There should be no ambiguity as to the ethical, moral, and dehumanizing marginalization and enslavement of other human beings. United States of America must be a major influence of calling this injustice both immoral and intolerable. I hope that the Jewish community United States would influence the call to join US government and ending the immoral enslavement.

Please respond from the heart from the heart.

You know no more and more older and what man wrote the ball admitted anything regarding slavery.

Israel the growth category Goliath not referring to how Eagle Creek not on Arab weird. They are good in about $70 million to integrate Israeli Arab technology you don't do that quickly. Don't elect your leave your Parliament you don't have the court noted no abatement for that about Palestine/Israel is delegitimizing the very victim of the data and I don't think he mentioned what with particular growth without the PDP a bit statement calling out all kind but won't people on Martin Luther King Day at it in the name of Dr. Corbett and about buying it, love it, who understood that the doctors that the Christian but of the black American and an Harnish docket memory and legacy in the integrity which Dr. oh it and then he took a burger though.

Remember week and half ago there was a topic incident in the synagogue outside of Dallas and one of the pink of the carrot cleaning of the Jewish people have unlimited control and accosted call called because of the United States, but the font and Brandon DeFalco (talk about Jewish control like the 200 and influence Joe Biden get back off of the flavored truly one of the most growth elaborate in the right wing when he was challenged he pushed back, and any set. They said this one to give you an opportunity to respond. He said no one who was informed regarding the use of military power and racial bias to control the lives of Palestinian citizens can honestly avoid the truth of the situation. He said I made special reference to the injustices currently suffered by the Palestinian people under Israeli domination, marked by confiscation of rich land there farm for generations. Destruction of their crops. Barriers to the act access to the holy places of worship, lack of access to certain types of employment and other forms of economic opportunity. So there's obviously a lot there but what about the confiscation of rich land there farm for generations, and destruction of their crops is is Israel basically just going around doing this to the Palestinians because they have the power know you're not America were your myopic right now and it will a lot more like Outlook outside my window would be the object to the amount they were over the green line. The left bank of the bogeyman that look those who consider that the optical or problem like no but if you look out the window beautiful cultivated how he and Arab owned land that just outside the window to my apartment, but the audit yeah there are growth that happen that Jewish that were Jewish resident in the area and other you do from time to time but if you look around where I live and you drive around the track with the PAL Arab year than work here and corrected shop shop and the important work in the Lord will be coexisting won't be the capital usual back.

A lot of the time it doesn't make it up given me all love each other but no abject confiscation of man. Someone like Dr. Nelson elected should be a little bit more educated when Israel explored Auburn 72 Samaria, there were there were very categories of land. There is private arable land. Another statement elect a member of the Jordanian looking up the thing one on such a great Democrat controlled all of the majority of the land and didn't let Palestinian Arab, land over Florida that it that is there. I hear a blur Jewish community are market data is that it always the case.

No other big they should be called out. No question with Dr. not being driven at that time which can't be tolerated if the vision and at work magic will yeah and and the fact is within Israel. You can publicly openly say to the government don't like what you did. There's challenges on both sides always the left and right challenging each other energy you could be an Israeli Arab and burn the flag and didn't get. I can be killed by a mob where is under Palestinian control. If you dared challenge anything the government did or individuals did that I could do it for you know when you mentioned Dr. King.

He said this when people criticize scientists they mean choose talking anti-Semitism so we can all freely say you Israel could do this better.

Israel is not perfect you're just like every nation on the planet. But when you delegitimize the nation when you demonize the nation when you tell lies about the nation. That's anti-Semitism on apartment and Dr. Nelson vision there again should know better what is not yet absolutely and and that's why it's a privilege to to join arm in arm with you in the midst of our differences about Jesus and other things as Jews's at working with the Christian world to call these things out and speak out against so thanks for bringing this to my attention hate we've got about a minute and 1/2 before the break any project are involved with that her listeners would be interested in what I want people going the other part accurately recorded with a quote you the inspiration from Brian podcast on any of any network and for sure for sure now. The back were relaunching our laundry line program for Christian program oriented around the group. A marathon runner, the walker and for people like myself like the film guideline and applaud about going hunting and walking the truth of it is a really really exciting being away at night they could let Israel every step interactive you're not excellent friends inspiration from sign. We had a tremendous discussion.

Jonathan and I about whether Jesus was a Palestinian martyr. So anyway we will continue to get the truth out and all of those stand with Israel. Pray for Israel. Of course you love the Palestinians as well. We want to see God's best, strong, healthy, Israel will be the best solution for the Palestinians well hey Jonathan, thanks so much for calling in for Ms. regardless thank you God bless you. All right, 866-34-TRUTH we come back we're going to go straight to your calls also want to give you an update anti-Semitic incidents in England, France do that later in the broadcast 866 Jewish related calling the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown is their leaders Thursday.

Yeah, that's an interesting sound as we fade out of the power of skill is resistance into beautiful messianic hymn 86634. Truth is number to call if your question is Jewish related. Today's the day otherwise Friday. Tomorrow, God willing. You got questions. We got answers on a wide range of subjects I we start with pastor Lonnie in Parkersburg, West Virginia. Welcome to the line of fire. Thank you Dr. what an honor it is to be audit with you today. Thanks, I appreciate your ministry. Actually it was in Brownsville years ago apology for a long time. Wonderful. My question is this. I had preached a sermon to recently. The book of Daniel.

Daniel went to interpret the king's dream and one of the things that he said was that God raises things up and set them down, I was challenged on that particular message about God use because it just point to me was was that Joe Biden God would not put somebody like Joe Biden and all and so I wanted to hear your take on that as far as you know, God raising up setting down people to put it that the main question and there was something I had sure absolutely. Scripture is very clear that God at times does race of wicked kings for certain purposes. Know someone argue he raises up or sets down everything that was that no one is king or ruler without his sovereign will believe even if we put that aside and notice I could be interpretation of Daniel to adjust God's sovereignty and general concepts, ups and and removes kings walking but let's just be very specific heat. He says in in Exodus 9, which is then quoted in Romans nine to Farrell for this very reason I raised you up and caused you to live so I could display my glory in the land so by raising up a wicked king God and for the hardened him in his wicked resolve. And through that again glory through the plagues and in delivering his people he calls Nebuchadnezzar who committed all kinds of atrocities against that the people of Judah. He calls them my servant Nebuchadnezzar and explicitly in the book of Jeremiah takes responsibility for raising him up you go to Isaiah the 10th chapter where Syria is explicitly referred to as the rod of God's anger and that God raised him up to to bring judgment and to take certain kingdoms, but he went too far and and became proud because of which judgment came on him so the Bible is very explicit on that now. Aside from the sovereignty of God in this God determine the outcome of every election and and that debate was put that aside. In a democratic republic. There's also the issue of we get to vote. So let's say the. The election was fair. Let's not debate the weather was stolen enough then that would you could say God appointed Biden which could be for divine judgment. It could be for chastisement of the church for getting so carnal and and putting such trucks it in amendment namely Donald Trump.

I don't look at it is a good thing.

I look at it is a bad thing out of which good can come.

You could say God explicitly raised him up and and I would say this, he's committed less atrocities than Nebuchadnezzar or Shaman. These are take left police are some of the. The Assyrian kings or or Farrell in many ways, but you could say God raised him up in judgment or whatever reason or you can simply say the Democratic Republic God allows people to vote how they vote and they get what they asked for. We reap what we sow, so that that can be debated, but without question God explicitly at different times raises up certain people for certain purposes could be for judgment to be for blessing, but he absolutely does what I appreciate so much, only because I didn't completely. There's an undercurrent in the United States right now to to where there are so many things taken place and so goddess I believe drug addicted church to where it needs to be at by any means necessary that the number one need in America is for the church to be the church that the number one need in America is for God's people to return to their first love to love God with all the hearts of the neighbors as themselves to live out their faith.

According to the word, the fullness of the spirit.

That's the critical need in America and ultimately because of God's love for the world because God's love for his people. He will often allow us to go through difficult things that we can become the people were supposed to be an look, I believe that if Donald Trump had humbled himself just been a decent human being not been the kind of character that he was and if so many in the church did not look to him and in an idolatrous way.

I mean, is if he was the, the only man I could save America. I believe we could be having four more years of Trump and and there'd be a lot of good that we come out of it but given the state of the church and how politicized and divided carnal. We became given the, the behavior of Donald Trump that was not to be.

That's just my viewpoint.

I completely agree and do you have any suggestions on any books on church government start leadership board members, deacons and elders I okay number one me now stray away from thoroughly Jewish Thursday but because you're on foot. Now I just I don't read a lot about that. I really don't know like with the latest and best literature is on on that. I'll just say I'll just say this in a and the Bible does lease certain things out with clarity but with a lot of flexibility because the leadership structure that God raised up has to work in all different cultures, and in all different ages so there's this can be a lot of flexibility within a certain pattern so I'm sure that a lot of good books out there. I just want to mention on a related level of book I read your sky. Don't rely leadership books, but I read one leadership secrets of Billy Graham. It was it was a real surprise to glean a lot from us is that a very separate answer, but so at least I can bring you something constructive you might enjoy that book and find some valuable will address the question of specific church government structure.

Hey, thanks for calling by God's blessing be on you, 866-348-7884. Let's go to Luke and San Antonio, Texas. Welcome Sir to the line of fire around you; good news on I'm trying to get a little bit of rebuttal water is somehow salvific in the aqueduct is also looking at one Peter 320 goes… I'll be Christians have been persecuted and he talks about how just like Noah was persecuted and Noah constructed the art and the souls were saved through water on some commentators will take a good waterpark and say see you through water so water eventually was the means of salvation, but that doesn't seem to need a job with the context of what story because there was the art that was the means of no salvation coming delivered the water. If you think might be an answer so I get your comments a lot in the next verse is the stronger one baptism, which corresponds to this now saves you is removal of dirt from the body, but this appeal to God for a good conscience through the resurrection of Jesus Christ but never one entirely right. Verse 21 goes back to verse 20 and Noah was not saved by the medium of water through the medium of water. He was saved through the water, but it's not like the flood saved him.

The flood destroyed the wicked and the flood brought the separation but it's not like the flood. No would say God save me by the flood. Though God preserved me in the midst of the flood, so to try to say that Noah was saved by water. Like were saved by baptism. Obviously, that that analogy would not work, and yet is the very analogy peters making her so Peter is obscene not saying that just as Noah was saved from sin by the flood. We are saved from sin. Baptism. Baptism is very important in salvation. Baptism is fundamental and is something that should be taking place in a short pier of time. Ideally when someone is truly born again and among the early believers as fellow Jews are hearing the message that was in a meeting that was they knew respond immediately and and and to be immersed in an water and will be looking through the rest of the New Testament the entire emphasis of salvation through the blood of Jesus salvation through faith.

Salvation through the death of Jesus on the cross and his resurrection and are believing in him and confessing him as Lord.

That's were salvation is from beginning to end in baptism. Now is the outward sign.

It is in computers and hates something our bodies are being cleansed from dirt, but rather, this is now the reality.

This is now living it out. Acting it out. I am saved from sin I am cleansed now through baptism is a public statement of going down in the water, dying to send in coming up in newness of life. So it is very closely related to the message of salvation, something that we should emphasize that was strongly emphasized in the early church, but clearly, if you say, what must I do to be saved, then it is to turn from sin and call out to Jesus for salvation cleansing, forgiveness and baptism than is the seal side of that we have deemphasized it in many ways and need to reemphasize it, but those who teach baptismal regeneration. Those who teach that there is no salvation without baptism go beyond description to take a few verses and go beyond the overall test from Scripture often happens, that's our wrong doctrine can arise. So again, the simple illustration you're flying on a plane with someone and and the planes on its way down. This person is crying out for mercy and salvation can they not be saved. If there's a way to baptize them in the plane. Obviously his friends right back to celebrate Jewish related to the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown hello Melissa him literally peace upon you, and it's a way of seeing greetings someone says that to you Hebrew you respond the left from shalom. That's saying it backwards to the person upon you peace and it's interestingly it's in the plural as if you're speaking to many people, by the way, that's the exact same as in Arabic with Muslims would greet with some lamb and liquid him and then elect him some. I am slightly different pronunciations because of differences between Hebrew and Arabic Michael Brown welcome to surly Jewish Thursday. If you have a Jewish related question of any kind give me a call 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884 before I go back to the phones I want to draw your attention to the ongoing rising tide of anti-Semitism in Europe for some years now.

It is been at levels very similar to the levels before the Holocaust, which is just so shocking and unknown real I'm a member talking 60 7080 years later and we find ourselves in the situation. Yet again and and really my my understanding the way I see things because of fallen human nature because of Satan's desire to destroy the Jewish people that anti-Semitism is kind of the default human attitude and that it takes the truth of God takes personal relationships retakes the gospel to overcome and turn that now. I've said this before any group that has been persecuted. That is been beaten down. That has been a minority that is been hated that is been hunted. That is been killed in a minority like that could be paranoid or earth could pull out a card hey we can persecuted goat was really not the case right so as a Jew I say that sometimes we can pull the anti-Semitism card when it's not really valid but I believe it can happen with with black Americans because of of the suffering.

The history because of issues that remain to this day that that sometimes that the race card can be pulled as a legitimate, I'm Sam says is a Jew, but anti-Semitism. Understanding this can happen, but there's also stuff is just undeniable that there are there times there are trends there are stats that there are anecdotes that are just undeniable, and more and more things happen like this, so in UK today. 27 January is Holocaust Memorial day was just sent a headline from the daily mail from a Christian colleague in Israel excuse me in England at any's and any said look at this.

This is on the eve of Holocaust Memorial day in in the UK and the headline says this is got a video embedded in the articles video terrifying moment Jewish shops owners Seesmic are beaten up on the eve of Holocaust Memorial day. As promised, Boris Johnson calls attack on two men in the London street despicable and Priti Patel my family with him as an official or says anti-Semitic abuse will not be tolerated. Shocking video shows the pair walking up their shop in South Tottenham. The religious Jew so it's obvious the Jews when they are attacked in the street.

As the man walks past words appear to be exchange with the Jewish men prepare to defend themselves. Video then shows the man launching astonishing attack on the two men, one of which is it to the ground.

Metropolitan police are investigating incidents hate crime, an 18-year-old man is currently in custody so because this one incident if it was just one then I'd agree. But these things are happening with increasing commonness in America and in Europe and in other countries. Here here's a report from France. This is in the auger monitor published yesterday news report shines light on endemic nature of anti-Semitism in France. There's a reason many French Jews are leaving and emigrating to Israel. It says this an in-depth study of anti-Semitism in France revealed that the vast majority of French Jews 74% have experienced some form of quote anti-Semitic behavior during their lives from mockery to physical aggression, including insults or verbal threats post on Tuesday. The city jointly conducted by the American Jewish committee and the Paris-based fund Depaul think tank surveyed more than 1500 non-Jews on their understanding of the death and extent of anti-Semitism and over 500 Jews on their experiences of bigotry study found common agreement that anti-Semitism in France is on an upward trajectory 64% of non-Jewish and 73% of Jewish respondents acknowledging the steep rise in prejudice targeting Jews over the last decade. Now there's one obvious reason, a lot of this is happening is that there are more and more religious Muslims in France and in England and religious Muslims by large will be hostile to Jews extremely hostile to Israel as a whole and then Jews around the world get blamed for any perceived injustice with the mistress of some surprise, but as you pray for the peace of Jerusalem pray for God's best purposes for Jews around the world and of course the number one greatest prayer that they would come to know Jesus. Yeshua their Messiah, 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Thomas in Webb city, Missouri. Walking to light a fire hello Dr. Brown hey I have a quick question for you about Judas Iscariot I came across a minor discrepancy and like I told the lady that Heather checked my favorite one bad habit change too much to turn back now. My father, my father was killed from pancreatitis under terrible praise God that that medical science just vacant.

But they can never throw it out.Hilton just like that before rolling the floor Beretta were at a youth camp and that I but the singer here is an Matthew chapter 27 verse six it talks about how the chief priest after due to storms free throws. The silver on the ground storms out a dozen things himself. But in the book of it talks about how that Judas bought the field. Hated. It talks about how they didn't start out. He actually took the money went and bought the chief priests yes so many times you'll find in Scripture, old and new Testaments were very common that if if someone is the agent in doing something, even if another or if someone is the one who begins a process of someone else finishes it. They may just cite the one who begins the process, they may cite the one who finishes the process. For example, God commissions Elijah the prophet in the Old Testament to anoint the next king of Syria around then to anoint the next king of Israel and then to anoint Elisha as a prophet in his stead. Those three right.

It turns out he only anoint Elisha, who then anoints the next king of Syria and then who send someone to anoint the next king of Israel, so Elijah only anoints one of the three in your Scriptures.

Speaks of him doing all of them is ultimately it comes through Elisha and then through someone Elisha sends soaked it in the in the same way here because Judas was given the money and the money actually went towards that field is just written like that but it's very calm you got lots of examples like this it in the Bible. Your one account may say that someone sent a messenger to asked us in such nether account, they just say the person themselves asked, and especially in in ancient writing bringing these things together would be very very common so you find a not just there, but in other passages as well because it's just just a way of writing it just a way of kind of combining things together in simple form and remember that that these documents were often known to one another, and another was Luke wrote Luke's gospel and in acts was a careful researcher so he would know about what the early gospel traditions said and things like that and he certainly not just gonna write something that's politely contradictory to what's out there so that's that's the simple explanation for you okay also I have one other quick question about your yeah it refers to him as Simon Moreno, Mike wait, the only fireman I know Peter other times account was a common name, there by quietly Peter Stern wasn't wasn't Peterson.

They were they were there were peers as opposed to father's another funny plenty of Simon's mutual Shimon would be the name 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go over to Natalie in Detroit, Michigan. Welcome to the line of fire. Hi Dr. Brown letting it talk with you today. Great.

Come on yeah you guys did an amazing job. Thank you so much. It feels great. It's like very warm and nice and and you're just noticing I'm nearsighted right and for many years is because of lighting things like that reposed in the show without me wearing glasses and so my computers were just set back a little and it was always like slightly, but I be reading Hebrew text sometimes. And like stumble on a word because is like slightly person. I got everything right up close so it's it's sweet. Yeah, thanks. Yeah yeah hello my client for you in regard you Hebrew word for repentant dipping anything contact repeating what I think our youth group tonight about faith and repent and stand and expand that Greek word for a parent I met anoint with me to change one's mind, but if you more anything about Hebrew word any that's all I have a great but Mitch Inouye's is not simply change one's mind that you test the New Testament usage is to change one's mind and life. In other words, it's a recognition of wrong and turnabout it is a wrong teaching is very common that something is a change of mind.

For example, if I if I'm in the car with you and were driving down the road and you say Dr. Brown you're going the wrong way and I say no then this way.

Many times it's the right way and we go to Melissa Dr. Brown look like with the sciences and you going the wrong way and I said you're right. I now recognize, and I'm going the wrong way unless I get off the highway and turn around. That's not much.

Inouye is a change of heart and mind and like okay so should move is the fundamental Hebrew root for repent. Okay shoe, which means turnaround so this is the simple concept you're going in the wrong direction.

You wake up to it. You turn away from sin and you turn back to God and then God says turned back to me and I'll turn back to so the picture is God is turned away from Israel because of Israel sent when Israel turns away from it sin. God turns away from his judgment turned back to me. God says I will turn back to an about-face turnaround is to fundamental for repent publishing them right back to the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by calling 86634 true here again is Dr. Michael Brown that's a great job in the musical transition to the right be skill is resistance and moving over to some beautiful Jewish sounds as we play those Jewish clips on thoroughly Jewish Thursday. Thanks for joining us here friends.

Do you want to reach Jewish people with the gospel. Maybe you don't have a lot of Jewish friends or colleagues or you don't know how to do it but you believe it's important you believe that the Gospels, to the Jew first you believe that there is a sacred responsibility that the church has having received the gospel of the Messiah himself, would you from the Jewish people to reach back out and you believe that that the Jewish people play key role in ushering back the Messiah will let us, let us be your hands and feet. Let us be your voice every single day through website through bookstore video store materials.

We are reaching Jewish people around the world. There are some of the frontline ministries on the planet today in Jewish evangelism really making an impact. And in one of the leaders told me the other day and is rose is because so much of of what we put our mission is your material, but in Hebrew so if you could stand with us. Not only are you helping us serve us as a voice of both sanity and spiritual clarity in helping equip believers in America and around the world metal you helping us stand up on the front lines of the culture wars but together we are reaching Jewish people with the good news of the Messiah. It's a very sacred special, beautiful, wonderful thing and countering the counter missionaries and videos online that are stealing people's faith were hearing from us.

People sing hey I watched your video of come back to the faith.

I denied Yeshua, but I've come back so partner with us going to ask Dr. Cascade your Click on donate monthly support become a torchbearer. It's a dollar a day per month. So many of you can do that easily, some by faith can do it Esther to Click on donate monthly support be one of our partners are broadcast is listener sponsored everything we do is is sponsored by you are our friends. We don't have rich donors underwriting us this. This is how we do we do by God's grace and through your generosity. We love to reach more with your help we can reach more because it's up at the sacred partnership as we work together and as you stand with us as torchbearers.

Every month we stand with you to send you a fresh new audio message we send you an inside prayer letter give you 50% discount in our bookstore. We give you access to a number of free online classes which is what you have to register for and pay. We give you exclusive video content, so I think you will be richly blessed but will report back into you as you help us reach the lost sheep of the house of Israel and that way by God's grace hasten the Lord's return.

Yes I computer talks about that help through holy living legacy through the great commission, we can hasten the Lords return. Let's go over to Paul in Southern California.

Welcome to the line of fire. Good afternoon, so I'm a question that Moses wrote the Torah, I believe Moses lived in the 15th century BC and in the Genesis 128 talks about Abraham born in Ur of the child in my quick study that I did. The child is apparently one of the people until the eighth century BC to the question is if poses with the 15th century, and shall be in arriving soon. The eighth century. How could Moses write the Torah right so let's let's look at more conspicuous example. A few verses later in the 12th chapter that says the Canaanites was then in the land right.

It says the Canaanite was then in the land so that that would be like allegedly writing in the year 1300 and I say Columbus had discovered America yet, like what how you do that. How could most of the Canaanite was in the land when Israel had take the land or how about the last 12 verses of Deuteronomy that talk about the death of Moses, so for for many many centuries. You can go back into the 12th century with the rabbinic commentator have a been Ezra addressing some of these things.

It's always been accepted that Moses did not write every word.

Yes, that there are ultra Orthodox Jews who believe that everyone in the tour was dictated by God to Moses. Thus, he could write anything right with any historical reference or pattern, but employment in point of fact, Paul there. It has always been accepted. One of the strongest conservative Christian scholars. Old Testament scholars late 1800s and early 1900s. Robert Dick Wilson said of course you have these additional glosses you have these additional words or sentences or things like that explanatory clarifying that are clearly after Moses could be centuries after Moses clearly after his life, and they are equally inspired, so that's that's what we need to believe we also need to believe that anything that says yeah and if I thought this got out the jewelry you can hear me but not respond because were just getting a lot of feedback from your call and it's it's hard to listen so I apologize for that. But then he said it's number one. What ever the Torah says Moses wrote then if if we accept the authority of Scripture than we believe that an end and we can back that we have reasons for that, but in any case, though it says Moses wrote this in Exodus 24 or in Deuteronomy 33 and Moses wrote everything down and then Joshua 18 is ready mentioning the book of the law. So things are clearly written down so first everything it says he wrote me, except that he wrote and while there may be certain additions will there may be certain passages that that were were then at something added to them were clarify remarkably drunk. We have no problem with that. We still refer to them as the five books of Moses, but no doesn't mean he wrote every single word. It's actually knowing the Bible that it explicitly says that is clear that there are some later editions yes but as I probably don't have to defend that those were also inspired by whoever wrote them. Hey, thank you for the question certainly relevant.

I appreciate it. 6634 truth. Let's go to Eva in Dallas Texas just need to turn the radio down, can you turn the radio down Eva. Okay, maybe stepped away.

That does happen let's go over he was gone of its culverts, Carlos Carlos is gone but it's okay because it wasn't really a thoroughly Jewish question so so that's all right but let me come back to a point I made a couple months ago when I was encourage you to stand with us. Jesus brings a strong word of rebuke to the hypocritical religious leaders in in Matthew 23 with seven wolves on the hypocritical scribes and Pharisees does mean every scriber every Pharisee was a hypocrite.

These rebuking the hypocrites in the strongest possible terms in them becomes the end of Matthew 23.

Beginning verse 3070 there. There's a lament, Jerusalem, Jerusalem, you kill the prophets and stone those sent to how often I longed to gather your children together as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, but you were not willing, I was willing, you were not.

I want to bless and gather but you were defiant and refused, behold, he says the house is left to you desolate. So judgment is coming on for some, he weeps over it in Luke 19 he prophesies the destruction of the temple in the city prophesies that the destruction of many of his people and many taken captive into the nations at and think to this day. The temple still not been rebuilt in Jerusalem 1950 years later that he says this for you will not see me again. Do you say Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord in Hebrew word you may have heard the roof above the shame of the nine from Psalm 118. It's really we idiomatically what he came to mean is we welcome you King Messiah was a word of greeting welcoming the one coming in the name of the Lord. But over time, idiomatically came to mean, we welcome you King Messiah. That's what they said that with the triumphal entry of Jesus just a couple chapters before that when he came into Jerusalem and the role hailing as the Messiah. So it's a negative word sort of judgment but notice you saying that you will see you will not see me on till you say Blessed is he who comes in the Lord.

In other words, let's only see me until you welcome me as King Messiah. Now here's what's amazing relation 17 says when he comes write a second coming every I will see Jesus tells us in Matthew 2339 Jerusalem will not see him until it meaning that the Jewish leadership of the Jewish people until it welcomes him back so if Jerusalem will not see the Messiah until it welcomes him back, at which time he will come and every eye will see him when he comes, then no I will see him until Jerusalem welcomes him back the Jewish people welcoming back the Messiah is the culmination of the great commission. This gospel of the kingdom. Matthew 2414 must be preached as a witness to all nations, and then the end will come. So we continue out of love for people desire to see the Lord return and to glorify the Lord.

We bring the gospel to the ends of the earth want to see every person but opportunity to hear the message of salvation and fervently pray for the salvation of the Jewish people and reach out to spouses in Romans 11 that Israel salvation will be life from the dead. Put another way, resurrection what happens with the second coming resurrection. Yes, that is what we are looking forward to Israel is the blessed friends visit ask Dr. Brown double check out all the resources with us. Remember them with us by clicking on helpless. Another program powered by the Truth Network

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