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The Resistance Is Rising!

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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January 24, 2022 5:20 pm

The Resistance Is Rising!

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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January 24, 2022 5:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 01/24/22.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network friends. It's a new day and the resistance is rising time for the light a fire with your host biblical scholar and cultural commentator Dr. Michael Brown your voice for more savvy and spiritual clarity called 866-34-TRUTH to get him a lot of wire and now there's your host Dr. Michael Brown welcome welcome friend the line of fire last or new musical introduction and audio introduction. Yes, those who no skillet recognize the resistance I tell you about that connection tell you about the music we were ready to launch January 3.

Not knowing that I would get cold with that, I and Chris, my producers would get cold with the butcher of the staff members would get hit with other things, some literally hit.

I'll tell you about that more in a moment. We've had our new studio ready. Are you guys have worked tirelessly to put this together. So, at long last here we are new studio, new music, new audio introduction new day, modified, if you like to call and talk to about anything under the sun. Later Michelle gets some calls 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884 but today primarily, I would encourage you to build your faith. I want to help you believe what I believe. In terms of of a holy faith in a holy optimism in the midst of a crazy world in the midst of all types of satanic madness will proclaim once again Jesus is Lord and the church of Jesus cannot be canceled and the gates of hell cannot overcome it and we in Jesus by life or by death, or more than conquerors want to talk to today about why I remain convinced that we will see a gospel based moral and cultural revolution, not a revolution of hatred, not anger, not rebellion, but rather overcoming evil with good. Overcoming hatred with love overcoming the works of darkness with the power of the spirit. In fact, we are seeing many many signs of that today so I want to bear witness want to share some of my own story with you to encourage you, but first request. If you watch it on Facebook or YouTube put up a note. Let us know what you think of the new studio for those watching wearing a blue shirt. They say Dr. Brown now that I think of it I haven't seen you wearing a blue shirt. The radio show before. That's because we had a blue screen. And if I were blue shirt you would see a head kind of hanging over nothing but raise my hands as these hands appearing as wife is the front of the book had a blue cover.

I couldn't hold that up so no blue screen and I can wear blue shirts. Now isn't that wonderful for those listening on radios like an it didn't really matter to me what color shirt you're wearing because I couldn't see you anyway. But so Facebook you to tell us where you're watching and what you think of the studio and let us know what you think of the new introductory music with skillet.

The resistance effect Monday start there and then I want to share some of my own testimony. Some of the things I've seen the Lord do and things that encourage me day by day in my walk with the Lord want to take you back to last week's March for life.

The tens of thousands of DC in DC in and for the first time this this overwhelming optimism that this could be the last March for life before Roe V Wade is overturned with a fresh hope want talk to about some strong leadership from Pastor John MacArthur setting an example getting some flack for and how we can stand together with him on biblical truth. But first, start with the new music I was not familiar with the Christian rock band skillet even though they're very, very well known and if had I think over 2 billion downloads on YouTube and platinum selling albums but I remembered the name of the leader of skillet John Cooper because when a a Hill song leader of worship leader of a couple years ago was is Marty Sampson.

I think when he said he's publicly questioning his faith in this new environment really talk about these issues. I read this very strong response from this Christian rock band leadership of skillet John Cooper sink what you mean there's no place to discuss this and we been discussing these issues for centuries. These are live issues and things we talk about and so on. The one on the sky.

But what a great response. What a strong answer, well, last year I get a direct message on Twitter my dear friend Dr. James White and he said hey I want to connect you and John Cooper of skillet Nessus all I think I remember the name from that article. He said I just saw he's reading your book and you began Christian and I think would be good for you to connect hey James, that was the Holy Spirit leading you to do that. Okay so John and I connected and ascent of a bunch my book sent into the band since then he invited me to speak at a gathering is so's church leaders invited to speak at a gathering of older churches in what was around July, so got to spend time with John's wife Corey to get the growth through the night to be back with me one morning to meet and the drummer of interacted with Seth the guitarist so we we got to know each other in a new book I get I'm sending their way in pouring into them, and if so been so blessed to to see John's public stand preaching Jesus without compromise. Addressing that the Wolk ideologies and the pump theologies with the truth of Scripture. So we got to know each other pretty well now interacting, and last year a centaur team. Hey, I think it's time we change your studio look at this. Yet we been thinking about it. So Kai and Chris and with help from from marker graphic artist they they envision what the studio would look like a mankind.

Chris built this themselves ordered every piece which was sub I'm blown away blown away by how everything looks and if I do have a guest in studio. We can actually see that guest is man Trachsel. There's a lot we can do and hopefully even our overall presentation from listening on the radio will benefit, but others came and said no. We should also change your introductory music. I wanted to change the intro which was somewhat outdated. For a while so we talked about it and for years of performance through the Meinhard Kreider is no worship leader at Gateway church in Texas parented written a song from one of our missions conference is called shake the nations and it's a great mission song.

It's a great song about Jesus revolution so that has been our theme song. It's always good to be a song I love and promote and use as our theme song for years and my friend Linda Cooley who was the worship leader the Browns revival does a contemporary rendition of William Booth's famous song send the fire hit his his him from the 1800s. So that was part of the musical interlude you coming out of the shower coming back and so was okay let's let's look for some new music.

The problem is, will you pick the problem is if it is from a well-known artist or group I secure the rights to use well one day I hear the music of the resistance. Once I got to know John asserts it to what some of the YouTube videos listen to some of their music.

A note that was one of the songs are like feel invincible became my favorite meant the resistance was what I really liked in the passion of it in the by life or death with and follow the Lord message in it so I'm listening to and I just hear it one day just you know in in my mind I hear and I thought that's it. That'll work for an intro so we had worked on the new text for the that the intro we had one with a few more words with a few less words. So come in one day. I I I play the song for for tumescent will start right here at this point this is what I heard an argument undiscounted say the intro she can. Write send the announcer that will get to do it.

So I did it didn't quite fit.

I said means the shorter version leaves the shorter version home it perfectly so that it at the exact right moment, there is no this is how we rise up and we looked at you like this is uncanny. This is a perfect fit. So it took the help of of of John and his team his management to work with the record label for us to come to agreement to use the song so were were thrilled that that's worked out but but to me, that was another little sign and hearing daily. This is how we rise up is another reminder just how hearing Aron song every day with another reminder that I truly believe that God has laid on my heart over these years that there will be pushback to the godless agenda that a lot of the ground that was lost in the 60s through revival throughout pouring in the church through aggressive evangelism, a holy evangelism.

The fleshly through making disciples through living out the gospel that a lot of that gravel be retaken now. It could be that things collapsed totally before Jesus returns. It could be Jesus return sooner than some of us expect. Or it could be. This is what I'm contending for believing for praying for that we will see another great national revival member revival only comes in times of spiritual declension is Charles really said revival presupposes declension presupposes the church sometime in the backslidden state and revival consistent return to the church from her backsliding's and and in in the conversion of sinners, so I I have been believing for this for many many years and I believe the gods put it in my heart to believe for this adjusted years ago in 1989 when I wrote the end of the American gospel enterprise.

It was a call for repentance in the church of America with the promise of revival that would come if we would repent and and it was looking at church history and American health awakenings had impacted us over the generations. When I wrote the book.

I was a start writing it when I was loading the prayer retreat in in 1989.

Some of 1989 and really felt in my heart that Leonard Ravenhill would write the forward to the book that he was completely I was completely unknown to him. He was the famous author of why revival tarries. He was a close friend of a W toaster. He was one of the most prophetic in terms of bringing sharply cut messages to the church writers of his generation. I heard him speak once and in 1983 when the 76ers old but I just knew that I knew that he would write the forward to my book and when providentially he proposed to write the forward to my book. It's amazing story may motel a bit more later. What excited me was not just that he was going to write the forward.

What excited me was it was a confirmation to me that this revival. This outpouring would actually happen in the same way a lot of what's taken place in recent days. The fact they were able to work together with skillet every day on the show and proclaim. This is how we rise up to serve the fact that we can do that is a further reminder to me. God is not God America the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown got on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown the silicone 7884 a lot I want to talk to about today a really want to encourage your faith and strengthen you in your own walk with God.

We are here to help you, the healthier you are the more Jesus gets glorified healthier you are talking spiritually of course.

First and foremost, the healthier you are more people you will be able to touch and help so as I can help strengthen you in your walk with the Lord and supply resources and give answers to the tough questions all the more. Can you go out and be ambassadors just just as I receive ensure you receive and share. Be sure to go to the website asked her to check from the latest articles.

There is a well-known and greatly loved Christian hip-hop artist and apologist Grady Goodwin known as fanatic was unfamiliar with him myself but again influential greatly loved who has now put out a video renouncing his faith of 30 years and were planning to interact privately, but I think you benefit from a public response. You can read that this new article should be up on our site or elsewhere online coalbed fear and demons think you find that interesting as well like to call in with the question of any kind. 866-34-TRUTH truth okay as as I'm speaking those watching you get to see with the March for life in DC look like last week of tens of thousands gathering there in their frigid cold as they've done for many years now since Roe V Wade Gen. March for life and it's January 22 every year in memory of Roe V Wade, Pres. Trump was the first sitting president to address the group of I guess by video VP Pentz himself spoke of is the Pres. Trump's appointees. Whether you like him as a person and not his Supreme Court appointees very very important so Gorsuch and Kevin on 20 Barrett soul. These these appointees now shifted the court to the point that there are many who believe that with the Dobbs case from from Mississippi that Roe V Wade could be returned unless the not the end of abortion, but it is something major it. It is another example of cultural pushback to just understand when really we became law in 73 that was it. Amending the matter settled is over. I was, not I did not apply consciousness at that point was not really aware of the implications of what of what happened, but those who were in the movement. Then tell me there's tremendous discouragement in the political that largely fraction up broken up and and and not not in a harmonious place… Blue for a minute was a difficult time and in evangelical consciousness was way behind The consciousness of the pro-life movement back then so be it. In any case. In any case, the fact that the pro-life movement stayed strong.

That is gotten stronger, that public opinion has shifted in many ways that that many millennial's are more pro-life than their parents or grandparents. This is this is eye-opening.

This is important. This is another example of no it did. There's nowhere in the Bible were just as from when Jesus dies and rise from the dead until he returns only gets worse this. A lot of people live and think well-known you were the last generation. Are you sure what I had saved over 50 years ago we were told this is it. This is the end Jesus is coming any minute this were told how Lindsay spoke like recliner that that was the big seller back then so hey you know this is said I was talking to a colleague of mine whose is in the 70s now and he got saved in the Jesus movement a little bit before I did ever talking of the day, did we ever think we be grandparents on the verge Great Britain golf cart that is just a comes before that but isn't the light already shining in the darkness. Isn't the New Testament mentality than in the midst of calamity, disaster upheaval, shaking, even divine judgments at the end of the age that the kingdom of God continues to advance. Isn't it interesting that in terms of per capita may be at the end of the first century missiology's of of estimated maybe one out of every 300 something people on the earth were believers today. If you just take those professing the Christian faith. It's more like one out of three. If he's okay, maybe only half of them recorded for the boy again. Still, it's astounding growth, while we emphasize more what God is doing.

Then emphasize what Satan is doing and what people are doing people is really what it does not surprise me when godless people do godless things is not to surprise me when, say, a secular and often godless industry like Hollywood movies puts out bad stuff doesn't surprise me. That's what sinful fallen human beings do this surprised me when Satan does devilish things, which surprises me is when God's people seem to have more faith or more focus. I should say on the evil around us, rather than more focus on Jesus and who he is in the power the gospel to set captives free. No I do not believe that the church is supposed to take over the world before Jesus returns to me that is dangerous and un-biblical.

No I do not believe that America will ever become a totally Christian nation, or is it ever been a totally Christian nation of the Libyan nation on the planet is totally Christian before Jesus returns. But I do believe we can see great change come through the power of the gospel. I do believe we can see the kingdom extended in amazing ways.

And just as there was no shifts in culture but is never told the goods of totally bad that I believe that were in the midst of seeing a positive shift.

Hey, if you're watching on Facebook or YouTube. Let us know where were you watching from and how you like the look of our new studio if you caught the intro tell us how you like that sound of our new intro, I've got a bunch more things to share, and I'm gonna share some of my personal history. First, we will go to the phones 866-34-TRUTH but start with Andrew in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Welcome to light a fire hello Dr. Brown how are you doing well. Thanks for I'm really excited that you are really excited about your new intro because I am a big Buick go and I love her so when I heard that you got the good work on here.I'll tell you love it. Thank you. Yeah and awful on a bit of it. Okay. No I didn't I wouldn't attend the March for life tonight will print out about it. Are you as we become a good bet I wouldn't go and I feel like I missed out on it big time and eating looking at it online. Make me feel like a dog on getting to know if it's great people and being a part of something good disappears. Just what you do and don't beat yourself up by don't don't walk around condemned is a cloud hanging over your head instead. Give yourself to prayer even more Supreme Court decisions and then asked the Lord to help connect you eat what you can do is go to some of the websites the purple sash revolution is a great place to go over the Facebook page and maybe repost things that they post or just share with others different things or look for opportunities to share with people from different viewpoints.

So take that feeling of man. I missed and I've done the same think I should have been there, take it to burden you all the more.

Pray and then get Yvonne you still get involved this playtime and the bad news. The reality is, even if Roe V Wade is is over current suite we deeply hope it will be the pro-life battle is going to continue educating open people's hearts and minds and states can then pass different laws can be massive if that happened, so the Lord use you to be a blessing on the front lines of the pro-life movement. And you can do it first and foremost in prayer, then check out purple sash revolution there. There are others who were strong pro-life leaders like Lila Rose on Twitter or on twitter, retweet these different things and just take another step forward in holy activism. 866-34-TRUTH let's go to Omar in Canada walking to the line of fire. Hello about route.

Yes, I admire: are you what, but not all peculiar about about the end time bump along my Bernard Boulevard 14 is at the very end family filling got all the world of money laundering done vendor and come in my gospel is not complete both of our acting. You know predict how you look yes so so just to jump in only so I can answer before before the break of the gospel of the kingdom is another way of just saying the gospel it's even connected with the gospel of grace in the book of acts.

And yes, we should preach it as Jesus preached that Jesus came to die for our sins. Jesus came to set the captive free. Jesus came to bring us into right relationship with God so that we can be reconciled with God and be has ambassadors declaring a message of reconciliation.

He never taught that were to take over society never taught that.

But as we are transformed we are to be the salt of the earth and the light of the world that is part of claiming the gospel of the kingdom. Jesus is Lord lettuce: his name and make disciples to thank you for the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown got on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown welcome welcome to the this tuning in. Yes, new music from our friends skillet John Cooper and I didn't interact regularly. Okay, so the dealers the deal that the way that we were able to secure the rights to use this music on the air was that I promised to tour was still in play. Don't know I'm joking. I know some you take me seriously and every lot which I'm glad it was joking.

There, but is on my bucket list one day to privately jam with the band and they drove there privately ups the traffic publicly but but anyway were were blessed to be partnering together for the kingdom and it is time for believers to rise up, not in anger not in her chair down as I look you go to my website Esther you go to your social media feeds Esther to Brown on Facebook DR Michael L. Brown on twitter DR Michael Brown on Instagram or Esther Gibran YouTube go to any of those you will not find me consciously bashing and attacking this political leader that political leader you will not see angry means of it were mocking me know the sudden we are the some overdue or our goal is to lift up Jesus. Our goal is to strengthen and edify you or goal is to openly discuss the challenging difficult issues of the day so that the church can rise up to be who God called us to be over comers and Jesus first on five rivers born of God overcomes the world. And this is the victory by which we overcome the world, even our faith. That's our goal take you back to Isaiah the 10th chapter of verse that's often quoted from the King James that the anointing breaks the yoke it it's it's based on a misreading of the Hebrew that the he was very concise and could be read different ways but I agree with the vast majority of translators and commentaries that what he says is the yoke will be broken up because of the anointing because of fatness. In other words, when you speak in the Bible about the fattened calf for the cows about Sean would profess that that meant they were healthy. They were thriving. They were strong, and what this is saying is that when the that the animal that has the yoke on the yoke of oppression. In this case of Assyria when it gets so strong and healthy poem the yoke breaks. That's our goal to see a healthy church, unified around Jesus, shining like lights and dry places we may die for. We may end up in prison for we may see a cultural revolution. We may be like the abolitionists that that saw dramatic change come in the end of slavery.

We may be like the William over forces of previous generations the pro-life movement that's been so tenacious, so many years that he has that ability and in the midst of all this.

Everything we do is Jesus based in other words, pro-life and that means we care about the mothers we care about the father's we care about the babies in the womb. We care about the babies outside of the womb but but let me let me encourage you and will go back to the phones but you know I got saved and 71 in a time Pentecostal church was my spiritual roots late 70s early 80s I really question a lot of those roots. I was pursuing my doctoral degree and for me, I became intellectually, theologically proud. That was my experience, I became a Calvinist, which tied in with some of that intellectual theological pride that was me.

Last thing I'm saying is that if you're Calvinist, major, intellectually or theologically proud. Not a chance. Not saying that that was my experience and in 1982, the Holy Spirit began to convict me that I had left my first love was as much what I believed about my walk with God by intimacy. The hours I used to spend with him alone and worship and prayer and adoration.

They want their I was reading the Bible and in so many intellectual ways supposed to just hearing God speak to me through his word every day and I was very active. I was a strong witness for the gospel in grad school. I was active in Jewish outreach. We we were strongly pro-life in our church at that point we took in the refugees and the poor live in our home for years and we lived out the gospel in many ways, but left my first love in the Holy Spirit began to stir me in May 1982 there was going to use me to preach a message in my home church, which was largely predominantly non-charismatic and that we were open to the spirit theoretically, but not not walking in these realities, and that the Holy Spirit would be poured out on the church and that happened November 21 of 82.

The pastorate had stepped down. Discuss a burnout some other things I was asked to preach and he was very excited about what could be coming in the Holy Spirit moving and God radically change. I mean radically dramatically changed me, and in the months to come. We saw a great repentance among many, many filled with the spirit. Ultimately, the church leadership differed. There was division is to whether this was the spirit are not ultimately things were quenched and shut down. As a result of which wife and I left the church rather than undermine the pastor or different.

He's he's the leader she's the authority he felt. One way now many years later he came to me in tears and said bike the next time God moves.

I don't want to miss it, but he is the leader. It's not my job to challenge through the leader so we left the church in an hour, separated from friends and it's it's difficult time started going to another church just so I could mutely be part of the body and and I'm in prayer and I am groaning and travailing the Paul in Galatians 419 talks about being in the pains of childbirth for the Galatians because they had that fallen away from the faith and many times read about the prophets weeping and grieving, so I'm in this intense overwhelming time of prayer and I hear the spirit say to me you will be in a revival that will touch the world.

My immediate reaction was, you've lost it, your deceived, you've gone off the deep end like William Branham or John Alexander Dowie. These men who were gifted and used by God and went off the deep end.

That was my initial thought. The more I prayed, the more I spent intimate time with God and read his word, the more this reality became a promise. I went and talked to true leaders to share what I believe God spoken to me.

One was my pastor. The new church and I knew that by nature he would agree with me because of his church and he likes me. The other was an elder consulting with our old church which had a very negative view of me at that point and who I thought would question me and challenge me. Instead, they both affirmed Mike of God has spoken this to you should believe it in years that followed God sovereignly connected me with Leonard Ravenhill, author of why revival tarries is amazing connection, praying with him was like praying with no one else ever knew, and we were close the last five years of of his life. So from 89 to 94. He died at the age of 87.

In November 1994 and his words are the things you're living for Christ dying for still challenge me his words. No man is deeper than his prayer life still challenge me and that was further confirmation to me that God indeed send revival I get to be part of it and then got connected me through Leonard Ravenhill through friend Steve Hill that I got to know whether Ravenhill got Colby to serve as a leader in the Browns were revival where more than 3 million people. Cumulative total from over hundred 30 nations came to the services where we have the names of different individuals over 300,000 responded to the altar calls. I would say the largest number of those were Christians under conviction of sin to grow closer to the Lord. The next proportion would be backsliders who were away from the Lord and came back in the last would be new believers.

People who got saved for the very first time and and we've tracked that because we know them.

Many of them became students or ministry school. Some of them are serving as missionaries around the world.

They been out serving the poor, preaching Jesus planting churches, fighting human trafficking, caring for orphans around the world out for over 20 years serving to this day as I travel I meet people who just have to tell me what happened to them with revival. I was speaking in Texas for some grads last year and a woman came up to me and she immediately broke down in tears set out once the revival I was 17 years old. She and her friends from some church youth group just going to go and have fun. And they got deeply confronted by God and she got radically transform radically born-again has been loving Jesus now married, raising her kids in the fear of the Lord in tears of Sigma happened for over 20 years ago I got to be in the midst of it and and friends that knew me from when I lived on Long Island, which is when God spoken to me that that word gets out the by the Bible is the Bible the Bible is God's word.

Nothing touches that the thing adds to that or takes away from it all. Doctrine is based.

It was written in the Ruby knew God's wisdom was written in the work, but the Holy Spirit continues to speak is Scripture clearly says, she said she peers was it's an ongoing thing, we have fellowship, communion with the Holy Spirit speaks to us of never heard an audible voice, but have heard the internal voice of God. Many a time, and some of you may have not even realized what was in these afterwards what it really was the Lord leading show me this, but I told my friends back then. I told them I'm good to be in the midst revival touches the world I knew it and they would come and visit Brownsville and see what God was doing and see lies change and fear the baptismal testimonies of of of extraordinary transformation, salvation, deliverance to the glory of God. They see Mike, you told us about this. He told us this was can happen while as as the revival went on something begin to rise in my heart pretty deeply, that is surely as there was a civil rights movement in America, there is going to be a gospel based moral and cultural revolution in America that retakes some of the ground that was taken in the 60s and beyond. I don't know how far it will go. I I am not claiming this is a scriptural revelation of sin.

This is something I believe God's promise me tested. We shall see. But When summing up all the talk now in the church about LGBT issues. All the conscious pushback against some of the rat account of the in the society. This was not happening. 10 years ago this was not happening 20 years ago the possibility of overturning Roe V Wade. This was not happening, 10, 20 years ago that the Casey case with the Supreme Court could have acted and didn't that further settle things was that back in the 80s so things are happening in the midst of the darkness and chaos. Things are happening and know the other thing the Lord laid on my heart Lord laid on my heart recently in the late 90s.

Be on daily national radio is a force of his.

We are sustained. This is horizon line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown got on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown) for hearing us on YouTube or Facebook issues. Note and let us know how you enjoy the look of the student just blown away when our guys did absolutely blown away everyone listening.

Let us know how you like the new introduction and get the here skillet every day. Okay, 2004 God burden me to get involved in dealing with LGBT Q activism it.

This would have been no more skate gay lesbian.

The tea were transgender is not as prominent. Then God burden me to get involved and also why me I don't come out of homosexuality of their gender identity confusion. I don't have a particular burden to reach those in the gay community I could use a Jewish community of my PhD's in nursing languages and literatures from York University don't have a formal training in anything related to family counseling or sexuality issues that animals preached holiness but my emphasis was to fill heterosexuals about the dangers of sexual sin in porn and adultery.

All that the why me, but then I sensed no one gets to sit this out. In other words, this is some pets can affect everybody and in the more I looked at this, I began to see very quickly that gay activism was now the principal threat. This 2004 I so clearly the gay activism was the principal threat to freedom of religion, speech and conscience in America and I knew I had to resist the magenta that was part of my calling. How successful it would be. I don't know but were called to be witnesses right written we will succeed if were faithful we may not see outward success in many things we do, but her success is being faithful witnesses. Yes, by life or by death. So, I don't mean that gay act was critical my disability by death generically. That's how we follow Jesus, but I knew to have God's heart. It was not simply a matter of resisting an agenda what other people but the people God cared for. What about those room Jesus died so I really sought the Lord to have his heart for those who identify as LGBT QI knew the word said, and what was right in society that was unambiguous to me but I sat with local gay activists to hear their story. I read book after book by those who were pioneers in gay activism to see through their eyes that they were just fighting for equality and freedom like a this is who I am. I relationships white wire minor legitimate year is legitimate. I read stories of gay pastors who said hey I thought this for years. I did not even at shock treatment and try to get demons driven out to me to realize when they hate this how God made me an ounce serving the Lord and loving the Lord. I read the stories to the point I was in tears. I sat with people in tears as they share the story with me and what I heard the Spirit say to me in January 2005 what wall praying and fasting silent prayer in front of the Supreme Court for the overturning of rape Roe V Wade are the spirits enemy reach out and resist reach out to the people with compassion resist the agenda with courage well since that everything's going the wrong direction. By and large, right. Supreme Court redefines marriage radically with with your purchase all decision that's extreme is, is that right 2015 and just gay themes, gay activism everywhere present binds us transgender rights are the human rights issue of the day on the one hand, things have gone societal level way way wrong us to care about the people Jesus died for the people, but the agenda is really taken hold. So our efforts have seem to be futile at the same time people rising up people saying enough is enough. Even people who are not Christian believers say that we can sign up for biological boys competing with college girls or sharing bathrooms with that week with the Center for that or seeing how extreme things have become so in Canada.

It's much worse is much more restriction there. A recent radical bill was passed in Canada with the help of conservative politicians who didn't understand what it was about thing that anyone of any age who wants to get professional help for unwanted same-sex attraction or gender identity confusion.

They are not allowed to is banned by law and and you will be fined if you try to help someone supplies the pastors were counselors as well as to professional therapists so a couple weeks ago Sunday.

Thousands of pastors across Canada stood up and preached on Sunday morning, the truth about biblical sexuality and they got a big boost because Pastor John MacArthur encourage them to stand.

Encourage others to stand with them so so this is this is what happened. We just take you to an article on CBN website YouTube labels John MacArthur's sermon hate speech after he said God made us male and female. So the same Sunday that these pastors in Canada were doing what they did. John MacArthur and Solidarity preached it from his pulpit as reported on CBN January 19 to five days ago when his sermon was posted on YouTube.

It was branded hate speech. YouTube has sensors a Bible based sermon, labeling it as hate speech because it isn't Pro LGBT Q plus so I I tweeted this out earlier today just right before the show and Solidarity was John MacArthur and the word not to mention reality. Let's declare it together. God made us male and female in a biological female can never become a biological male, nor can a biological male become a biological female. This is truth, not hate.

So I'm encouraging everyone to assure that to retrieve that.

We just got started with that but let's make this declaration publicly. At the same time Lisa look if you identify as LGBT Q love you like me love anyone else.

You are welcome to hear the message of the gospel through us and to sit with us and talk with us. We would love to help you see our perspective about who Jesus is what sin is what salvation is and to bring you the biblical conclusions about sexuality and family is not hate that draws us is love. The trust is not. I've made these statements on YouTube for years now and and what happened was we got over 2000 videos on YouTube, but some years back had baby 1700 I noticed something on YouTube and NIC. Oh these videos have been de-monetized when when we put a video up on YouTube.

It's got me a few seconds and adds that play so that generates return. That's watched generates funds for the ministry that worked were talking fractions of pennies okay were not one of those YouTube channels of spring and tens of thousands of dollars, but if we did great music for the gospel right so it would be hundreds of dollars per thousand dollars a month was his minor okay but he'll get you through the gospel so I get this note. These videos have been demonetized and I look in its go down furtherance without further keeps growing.

They demonetized all of like 1700 so I got on Facebook. I was laughing out loud as to believe what just happened. All of our videos got the mom has another one band they want removed, but they're saying even if 10 million people watch them. You don't get a penny of revenue through so I would. I was laughing out loud over it.

I just praising God because he's bigger than all of us will then one by one. Most of them got restored and some didn't, but became the custom virtually every day on almost every subject immediately. Our video gets flagged by YouTube is inappropriate for all advertisers okay and certainly some content certain days would be inappropriate for allotment. Not all advertisers will be associated with okay fine, but then they get reviewed hate.

If you're the reviewer, and you got this from the video welcome. Glad to have you reviewing it. They get reviewed and analyst say this overwhelmingly on 790% plus videos get approved for monetization right and and we look at sensors could penalize not put out one video one day, but 30 seconds long to sync.

Have a nice day a great day Beverly good day all, that when they get flagged, but virtually everything else gets flagged, but when they get reviewed even when I talk honestly about transgender subjects you want to talk honestly buds of the things they get approved. Sometimes an abortion subject get approved. The one we did last week about the synagogue shooting for some reason didn't get approved. I'm not sure why. Sometimes I think the contents being misunderstood. But I'm saying that although I have colleagues whose whole stations have been banned from YouTube. Their whole channel band hundreds of videos they had up gone. It's happened to them. I can only say that YouTube has been very fair in dealing with us but if making the statement that God made us male and female, gets a sensor or band or demonetized, let me say what the Bible says so. YouTube understand if you sensor this censoring the Bible, Genesis 1, God created us in his image, male and female he created us. The fact that you have someone intersects where there is ambiguity about their maleness or femaleness as part of the broken world we live in.

It doesn't change the reality that there are only two categories, male, female Lewis change the reality that our sex is not what we perceive it to be.

But what are DNA and biology declarative so I will say this, a biological female can never become a biological male, a biological male can never become a biological female. There are only two sexes/gender superuser. The science of sex male and female.

The good news is there is a pushback, the very things of which we have been speaking are happening. Let us rise up together fully faith full of love.

This being disciples and let us make the site that will another program powered by the Truth Network

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