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Dr. Brown Is Live, Taking Your Calls and Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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January 21, 2022 6:10 pm

Dr. Brown Is Live, Taking Your Calls and Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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January 21, 2022 6:10 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 01/21/22.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. Phone lines are open. Let's do it. The questions we got answers stalk for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Burrell your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience have president of fire school of Ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH your job is Dr. Michael Brown.

What a joy to be with you today on the line of fire. God's grace my voice getting stronger by the day getting more back to normal by the day.

Thanks for your prayers were support person or call 866-34-TRUTH 866-348-7884. Any question of any kind that in any way relates to any subject matter we ever cover here on the line of fire. Give us a call. That's what we do on Friday for lines wide open 866-34-TRUTH 878841 other thing if you differ with me if you think I miss informed if you have read or heard things about me that distress you and you want to know if they're true or not.

Give us a call to do that than just a basher attack. Or, swing in the darkness, which brings things into the light. I promise not to bite 8663 for 87884. Let's start over in Coppell, Texas Jared, welcome to light a fire. Dr. Brown.

I'm glad to hear that you are doing way better, your code yet. Thank you. We have it at our house. The were doing. Good job there. Okay what kind of a two-part question about okay so the first one was like point-blank that it is not what you think about how hand on in like creating people you know critic in the calm to talk about that God nicked the mother's womb, and bring like that and I get the why masking is like no flight birth defect and you know genetic things that that people are born with no blindness or whatever like you think I God you know creates them like rat or he allows it happened naturally and not for that commitment because it's it's very very relevant subject. Fact I got a brand-new article up on the screen called sicknesses and enemy right. You acknowledge that in the Scripture, God does take responsibility for his human creation. So first is first forming us his unique human beings who we are. I absolutely believe that God is massively hands-on because that's that that's us. I mean he's at and of course he's working through human choices. So who marries who and what child they produce all that is not overruling. Another words, but they're not could be to ethically Chinese people that give birth to an ethnic Native American.

I mean that he's either overruled DNA, but certainly he is our individual creator in his hands on and he'll also's is this not the context is God speaking to Moses and and explaining to Moses why he can send him and use them even with a birth defect, but as as Moses is is protesting in the Lord. I've never been a good speaker. The Lord says in Exodus 411 who gives man speech who makes him dumb, or death, seeing, or blind, is it not I the Lord.

So on the one hand, God takes full responsibility for his human creation. And if you have the that the tragic events of having a child with a birth defect that that will not live out a year.the creator of the child got to say well I made you, but only partially. On the other hand, we know throughout Scripture, that healing is good that health is good, that long life is good in and of themselves, these things are good that God is revealed himself as the healer of his obedient people, not the smite of his obedient people, and in the case of the man born blind.

Jesus simply says it wasn't due to his sinner is a piece into the womb for the sins of his parents. Whether this was that the works of God might be manifest. What were the works of God healing. So in other words we say yes God created every human being and in some way we say yes God created that person blind another person death. We also recognize without the fall. This never would've happened. We also recognize that if Jesus encounters that blind or deaf person he would've healed them.

So there is the sovereignty of God. But then there's the revealed will of God that he is the healer and blesses us with with health and long life right like you know who is applying right you think God like that, let that happen. Know what I keep.

You know what I believe we will know you will know in other words, you don't know if there was something in the in the process of the physical birth of that child development of the child that went wrong because it does happen in a fallen world, and that God didn't stop it. Did God actively make it happen. I don't see that specifically even the language and in Exodus 4 is not that he made but rather appointed so in other words, okay that is your lot in life. But God's will is still healing right and okay great and then I get parts to kind of goes with like praying for the sick and things like that but you know Jesus. The Scripture talks about, you know, ask anything in it will be done for you like always great promises about like whatever you ask him.

I think we done according to client will you know and it and we ask, believing that Jesus is you know wanting to heal people you know and I get like an email obviously doesn't always happen, but what of the Scriptures actually I could just talk the five she's not just talking to his disciples, absolutely not charged when he says in John 1412 whoever believes in me said I do he do also the father.

That is all believers.

That is a comprehensive whoever believes in me, so that there are several specific answers. One is mushroom or praying in harmony with the will of the father right with Sotelo healing for my Lord, make me an express in the United States or make me the top baseball player in the nation will know that's God's will, so we can't pray that faith without God directing us to pray that were taught that we have to persevere in faith that many times the answer will not come for protracted period of time, but we must persevere, or even simply told we must pray in faith, so there must be that holy confidence in God and some of that can only be given by God's love that grows out of a relationship with him, but because I see Scripture teaching so plainly healing as is a blessing that he wants to bring to his people. Healing is a way that he receives glory healing as an expression of his compassion. I will continue to ask God to heal the sick, even when I don't see them healed. That's still the way that I pray I don't know why we lost our friend in his 50s. I actually another yesterday that in his 50s.

I don't know why they wanted healed. I don't know why the prayers were answered. But because I'm a Bible will revert not experience base believer.

I'm going to continue to pray for healing and asked for and believe that sickness is an enemy in of itself until Jesus returns less point.

Some of the godliness people on the planet or sick.

Some are chronically sick.

Some deal with overwhelming physical challenges.

Some of the most wicked people on the planet are super healthy so health and of itself is not a proof of blessing sickness and of itself is not a proof of the spine, divine disfavor, but sickness in and of itself is an enemy and healing and of itself is a blessing. That's why we have hospitals and doctors in medicine because we agree we need to work together against this terrible enemy sickness.

If you want a comprehensive statement check out my book, Israel's divine healer, 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Dustin in White Lake Michigan. Welcome to the line of fire obligor Dr. Brown going great. Thank you sir, I thought my question is did not object. I've been really struggling lately really struggling. I out like, doing mental health issues. Although I can't get a grasp on my truly a born-again believer evident in my life have been perfect but I believe in the son of God, how how can I know.

I mean how can I know yes doesn't yell for something, so sorry to hear you going to the struggles and obviously some could relate to the mental health challenges. In other words, that your emotions are getting messed with your your your thinking process is getting messed with. So it's belief forgot to really give resolution to that but what I want to encourage you to do.

Dustin is to ask the question. Is Jesus trustworthy and just Jesus keep his word.

That's the issue. Every one of us is going to have that a born-again will all have evidence of salvation but then evidence that were not fully sanctified right you see you I am a changed person. While I do have communion with God within. Why did I give way to temptation the other day and why was I so prayerless the day after that and how come I didn't feel as close to God, so for me overwhelmingly day and night.

I know that I know that I know that I know that I'm born again. I also know that there were times of temptation or trial and difficulty with that assurance gets challenged. So along with asking God to give you a deeper assurance.

I would put all the emphasis on who Jesus is and what he's done and what he's promised and I went I would put all my eggs in those basketball right you promised. I I have put my trust in you. I believe Jesus died for my sins and rose from the dead.

I've confessed it was Lord. Therefore, I put all my trust in you as Savior. Your assurance comes out of who he is. If you know who he is than you know when you put your trust in him that he absolutely has saved you, cleansed you forgiving you and has plans for you for eternity. Put everything into leaning on him. Forget your own strength your own ability your own faithfulness throw it all on the faithfulness of Jesus. And as you do. I believe that there will be greater peace cannot pray with you Dustin. Is that okay yeah absolutely all right father I pray for Justin and I thank you for this great prayer Army praying with me right now around the world. I pray first that you would just help him to look to Jesus as he looks to Jesus either be that deep sense of assurance comfort his heart Lord you are faithful, no one who puts their trust in you will be ashamed whatever other issues he is dealing with mental health Lord. May you give him resolution healing, wholeness, way to live a fruitful life.

Without this torment, Lord set them free from everything attacking. We ask it in the name of Jesus, grace to you Dustin grace to others.

Dustin speaking as well write back with more calls, 866345 line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH dear again is Dr. Michael Brown is I am committed to never to healthy living. Yes, by God's grace I was very committed before, but all the more committed all the more committed to taking physical care of this temple want to be good stewards so so that I can honor God with my body so that I can run my race the best so I can serve you effectively so you be here from from my family and generations to come. Point to them as long as I have breath I can't boast about my next breath can boast about tomorrow, but I can boast about a God who is helped transform my life and I can only imagine what would've happened if I get cold within condition which I used to be in obese and with food addictions and high blood pressure and things like that so all the more committed and all the more.

Do I encourage you to check out vitamin three good things happen when you do one. You can find out about some of the finest health supplements on the planet to supplement your steps to healthy living. So some great products there to use the special discount mentioned on the website so you get a 10% discount when you order three.

Dr. Stigler turns around and gives a donation to our ministry intern so everybody's blessed it's it's a great cycle of life. So visit vitamin with that, let's go to JD in Richmond, Virginia. Welcome to the line of fire over, like Dr. absolutely perfect. Dr. Lockard remember God. Would be rare no matter what promised promiscuity would back you up. Now my question for you about a medic for about 20 years. Medic firefighter about 22 year of dollars buying a lot of studies over the years, and one of the things I found out during the study quote but the average human brain favorable alert for 10 minutes.

After that my questionnaire cannot ask other people's question in MS pretty much across the board and let you know your your heads up and literally move from your body. It's billed you're buying last minute did you think or do you have any idea. I may be crazy. I may not do you think that's the time that your judgment that you're standing in front of God because it's 10 minute meeting on average of nine minutes but then minute in your brain.what your authority, so I'm a drink to that aspect of things in the brain process that you just described that. Thank you for your services. Medic all these years you know what I don't believe that because we are and we are not immediately judged in the Scripture says his appointment once to die after this the judgment. The judgment is at the resurrection. So the moment we die. The saved are saved and the lost are lost, so the light goes to the light in the darkness goes to the darkness in which there. We are not given final evaluation or accountability. At that point, but the judgment clearly is at the time of final resurrection and when everyone stands before God, the great white throne judgment. The books are opened. That's when that takes place whatever this unique process is at this, the spirit leaves the body immediately does not. It is, is the brain just a physical organ that still alive but it's that the spirit is gone. Obviously, I can't comment that I don't know. But no, actually I do not believe that's the time of judgment based on Scripture. But what I want to nap, can I ask you for your trip yet. Can I ask you a question as as a medic.

Okay you know there's there's some questions about coal with vaccines, hospital treatments, etc. all hospital workers suffering, compassion, burnout just because they're so overworked and things like that as an insider in the medical profession. How did how do you feel when you hear people not to sing, stay away from the hospitals because they're afraid that you and I can get the best treatment of covert, but there try to kill you in the hospitals. How do you feel is a medical professional.

When you hear that I better not arguing about covert air corridor.

You look back when it first came around Detective population of it killed a bunch of people and so we figure out what it was a medevac port. We pick a flu vaccination every year.

Majority of people because I don't want to get me the covert is going to end up in the same way I be scared to death when I went into the house with somebody. You get the call the compound.

The next thing to remember about the way it used to scare me and the precautions and the fear that it is called people because of all of the appointment of Bonnie and be disrespectful from the Phoebe fee.

All of them. They put such a big, minor and brief, but but it's been overdone coming of the terrible disease but people have jobs made so much of it that everybody spirit that so where where Mac go where Mac when we find out what happened. But what we've known for months now, but the little circle map or the people call on your faith doesn't work you been in hypothetically a grocery store standing next to somebody talk on the attic Walkman phone and you're totally fine with that but it's done absolutely nothing for you but once you find out it does not all you you go on the pandemonium mode yet JG that that's next thing. Thanks for bringing that up. Everything is going so politicized.

Everything's gotten so emotional.

Understandably, many of God and and then you mix in the mandates you mix in government crackdown on churches you mix in questions about vaccines and then it's the whole thing just spirals as you say B becomes this pandemonium so what we all need to do say we all want the same outcome we want to go back to normal life and want people to stop getting sick and dying is much as possible. Let's work together for that rather than have some emotional reaction to JD. Thanks so much for the call 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Rauf and Niagara Falls walking to the line of fire. Dr. Brown, thank you very much for taking my call. Sure thing. My question is about Jude verse five okay II fairly recently.

I just came across on some water translation like he is to be under no translation verse five is translated as basically saying that it was Jesus who saved the Israelites out of Egypt and I was just wondering what you thought about that you agree with the translation, especially given some related path through the first grade. 10 where where Paul refers to Jesus as rock and then obviously we have in John 858 where Jesus spoke before Abraham was, I am right and the author of Hebrews basically said that Moses considered reproach of Christ greater than wealth treasures of Egypt so putting all that together, just wondering about your thoughts about this PSR translation so so you realize the two issues 011 issue is which Greek text is followed to follow the one that that has name of Jesus with one assist Lord right. The other issue is in the Septuagint, the name Joshua is oddly rendered as Yeshua is Seuss right so that's why.

And in Hebrews. In some places it's absolutely talk about Joshua but the Greek says Jesus in you the King James renders it like that.

So in certain places.

It deftly means Joshua doesn't mean Joshua here on the reason to question it is because of the textual variants that say Lord in another words, some some of the tax. Obviously said Jesus, and then it could be that some were correcting it true to say Curry's Lord took to so it would be ambiguous with Joshua so that's what would lean in this direction. The.

The other part is, so I want to remind you, although you once fully knew it that blank who saved the people of the land of Egypt, afterward destroyed those who did not believe was the Lord. That's the Lord so it can't be it can't be Joshua here based on that. So it's either originally said Curry's Lord war it said you Jesus. Jesus but not Joshua so it's either Jesus Lord Jesus or Lord, but not Joshua as to which taxes are best. That's a debate between textual scholars, but it seems highly unlikely that it would mean Joshua here just because the second half of the verse. Okay and and everything you said your reasoning, first with his tenant.

Jesus, being eternal, etc. all of that reasoning would plan perfectly. So you're thinking in terms of justifying this. This translation is accurate and of course the NET notes would get into that more so thank you sir for the call appreciate 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Joseph in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Walking to the line of fire hi Dr. hey remember my collar return and try to do a lot of Roman Catholic and hurtful thing that I'm kind of struggling with is one or more open to reading Scripture kind of recommending could a lot of them are just really wanting to read Scripture could have never done it before and actually go go to the Scriptures what what would you recommend for them to be able to actually be able to read it understand like a historical narrative for poetry and everything else like that understanding will compete with that right. I mean that's that's just a question for for any student of Scripture that's new to it. I would get a good study Bible unit which whichever translation there reading this probably good Protestant study Bible writes of them in the NIV the NIV study Bible is an ESV study Bible, NASB study Bibles and that will give them adequate information in the footnotes in the introductions to the book without getting heavily doctrinal. So that's what I'd recommend get study Bible go through with them. When questions arise and then keep saying hey I'm not here to bash your beliefs, but do see this in the Bible or not. Last thing my friend Larry Tomczak OMC CA K story clap your hands became a bestseller many years ago coming out of thousands of faith in Jesus.

Audiobook is available free online. Clap your hands, Larry Tomczak, minister to our Error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown joining us on the got questions, we've got answers.

If you don't have them by God's grace will find them together. Hey, remember Monday, our long-awaited debut of our new studio. So for those that watch on Facebook or YouTube. You will get to see that it is going to have benefits for our listeners as well and long-awaited got a brand-new intro to the line of fire. We been waiting to launch it.

A few things got away including begetting covert or to producers getting coded. If you are the things happening dotting every I and and crossing every T with the with the new intro music so gobbling Monday. Supposedly the first Monday of the new year we got pushed back just a few weeks and it should be a really really great day and words of real encouragement that could stir and build your faith as well. 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Daniel in Arlington, Missouri. Welcome to the line of fire are doing great. Thank you. What they were. What a blessing your ministry is thank you for taking my call in recently revisiting the subject about the ecology I've always held a futurist view and I've always been taught that B&H actually loving referrers mainly through the antichrist that Antiochus epiphanies would have been a type or shadow. However, I recently came across an article in which they were saying that when you get a 36 that this is actually referring to King. In the argument made a lot of sense and I remember in your book that you really Dr. Keener. You mentioned that you may not line up with the typical seven year tribulation view of of you can't pass it it is I just wonder where you stand on. But how would you interpret Daniel yes so I II was interpreted still the way that you historically have another words that you have an earlier reference to to Antioquia's epiphanies and she was the fourth that you have the earlier reference, but you have the the fulfillment the fullness of the passage with the antichrist and we know for sure that when abomination of desolation is first mentioned in one of the time, suspensions, and Daniel is talk about it. Antioquia's and yet we know for sure that Jesus applies it at least to the destruction of the second Temple. So it's giving us multiple layers of meaning there and many could argue its final fulfillment is with the final destruction of of what will be eight 1/3 temple when the Lord returns so II would read it like that to read it. With reference to Herod seems very very unlikely. I'm not aware of that being a, a prominent interpretation at all. To me it it if there is a reference to an earthly king instead to Antioquia's epiphanies and it finds it's at and he is like a type or shadow a prefiguring of of the antichrist but to apply to Herod seems highly unlikely for many many reasons would kind of jump out of context as well so I know people can make interesting arguments for many things but but that's not one that I would accept also cohort you you are very welcome. Daniel appreciated 86634.

Let's go over to George in Raleigh, North Carolina. Welcome to the line of fire dug around the stone: I was like to have a question, but I got a I can't give a donation of donated before Eric looked around Christmas time I been trying to the development of your ministry. I go to ask Dr. Brown.all/donate one time and I don't know what happens there but it does blank office when I'm at the minute I got hacked on my laptop storm blow wary of John donate my laptop on my cell phone is tell me hey George, thanks so much for your heart and for making that that effort.

So let's let's do this so that we can do it in the in the most secure way and there's there's no concern whatsoever. Okay, I don't have info in front of me at the moment in terms of how to in terms of how to text and give a I know we had that set up. Once I decide announced it on the on this if I can find that I have a staff member find it. But if you don't mind doing this are right because it's it's very gracious of you to be making the effort to to reach out as as soon as our call screener has a moment and ask him to get you are either phone number, email whatever you want to give out and one of our staff will reach out to you directly next week. Okay so we just want to honor you in your efforts to it to give it should work perfectly fine.

We've not heard other complaints or issues. So if you go to ask Dr. Brown organist first thing I would try again asked Dr. you'll see the just/donate or you'll see the button that says donate and click on out if it's one time or monthly.

I would encourage you to try that once again, however there's any issue whatsoever, but we will get back in touch with you. So grace is this going to get either your phone number or your email address will reach out to you directly and then if we can find our text to give info we give just by your cell phone. I'll announce that later in the show, so keep listening for that. Did the link as far as we know is working fine for everyone, so those that donate and help us. We appreciated I had to cut back some of my travel schedule which does impact or ministry income if if you like to help with the new year gift that would be a great blessing as well. Asked Dr. okay with that.

Let us go over to Andrew in Germany. Thanks for calling the line of fire. Hello Dr. Brown, of all I would like to thank you for all your work you have done about your really really great for everybody, especially Christianity and speculative story for my English.

My first language of something of unclear off me again of something. My question to you Dr. Brown's likely to fold some malt like all of them economic view of spiritual view of the world once. What are your fault if I live somebody after the question, according to to of the Torah and that the last time I wrote that F actually was from a from a rabbi on YouTube. Actually, Rabbi Joseph Smith taught to you with my might think something like that and he said he said quote on him just cold like that and that the cortical Torah like 6 1/2 billion people in the world which are idol worshipers mode. If you follow the Torah do not have the right to live at the pretty heavy and bold for an obviously. But what are your thoughts if if anybody, which has a really high position in the world like the financial system: big companies, big tech companies and you following such statement of any implication which are in your mind." Do you know the kind of statement in that book. I'm not under the didn't study the thyroid and in the detail, but I can't even tell of the 3D just like it's it's that's to choose a rabbi, just as Ms. Rossi is extreme town commission rabbi hotly opposes the gospel has refused to to interact with me publicly and his scorn be privately we've even offered to send them all five of my fines and strangers objections to Jesus. He has made extreme statements that have put the lives of messianic Jews in Israel at risk. So he is not representative of rabbinic Judaism is an extremist whose views should be denounced and in in point of fact, yes, according to the Torah, the five books of Moses. Idolatry is wrong. In other words it's wrong for the nations to to worship other gods, but it says in Deuteronomy that that God called Israel to worship the one true God and and gave the. The rest of the nations over to idolatry, all according according to Jewish tradition for Gentile to be righteous in God's sight they have to renounce idolatry and blasphemy, etc. and if we were in the messianic kingdom. In other words, if the Messiah son of David and Judaism was ruling and reigning on the earth and a Jew did not keep the Sabbath, they would be put to death for Gentile worship idols, they would be put to death. In other words, in the future messianic era when the full revelation of God is known to man, according to Judaism, then Jews who violated the total would be put to death Gentiles who violated basic moral commitments would be put to death. But that's not the time that were in.

If there were people in in in positions of authority or power that believed that that idol worshipers should be put to death that can be dangerous. A thankfully that's not the case that there are no world leaders who are well. I mean there some fanatical and like leaders of North Korea and things like that but this is not the position of traditional Judaism additional Judaism is not advocating putting to death Gentiles who worship idols and Rabbi Yosef. Ms. Rossi needs our prayers, but his his teachings and pronouncements or extreme and dangerous. Thankfully, those that would follow him in a fanatical way are not going to try to kill people, nor is he advocating for that.

But again, he's made very ugly statements it. It has a broad threats to messianic Jewish friends of mine in Israel and unfortunately he's been very cowardly. He debated one Christian leader years ago who with all his sincerity was, not ready to debate a rabbi. That video went viral and look at his great triumph.

He's refused to debate me another messianic Jewish leaders that could answer his charges so we we pray for mercy on his soul, but I would not worry about this that the system wide spread saying there.

There are no Jewish people in power in the world who believe this and are have the power to implement it. That does not exist and if yes, the vast amount of rabbis around the world to believe that Gentile idol worshipers right now should be put to death.

The overwhelming shouting not answer would be of course not. So thank you for calling and thank you for your excellent English, which is very common among my German friends.

God bless 866-34-TRUTH number to call. Okay, we got a break coming up momentarily, but but see Sean, Jacob, Samuel will do my best to get to your calls and perhaps a few more as well and thanks all of you who prayed for me when I was out sick.

It's just a delight to be with you must be the light to hear me without coughing and that a weak voice so so glad to be back. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown just to confirm once more that are giving link is working fine asked Dr. Brown, the Lord will either see the link click donate or Esther to Brown/donate and again we appreciate your giving it enables us to do what were doing it to all of you, or torchbearers or monthly supporters. Those who support us on Petri on those who help with one time gifts. Thank you for helping us reach more people if we help you. You are helping us touch more people, and God willing we have an aggressive plan. We believe from the Lord to expand into many more radio stations across America. We continue to do our best to spend our podcast in our online streams to serve and reach more people.

So thank you for standing with us as we been a blessing to you.

Just think of it as you pray for us as you support us financially as you sure the broadcaster article sure books with others. You are helping others you if if you have been blessed you in turn are now blessing of the so thank you for the partnership. Thank you for the participation it's a very holy thing to us before the Lord. Every dollar that's given to a ministry it's it's a very holy thing.

We know this is God's work. We know these are funds for which were accountable and by God's grace were excellent stewards and you get a lot of bang for your buck. Lotta people to get touched. So thank you once again, let's go over to Jacob in southern Texas welcomes the line of fire Lubbock around a government we all start off like everybody I want to thank you for your ministry and all your work done. My question was from currently in college ran out of baking psychology plot and I wanted to know is there any biblical ban on psychology could have been 13 on John MacArthur totally reject psychology of that memo could the Christians restarting that none of the things that you should arrive but in the thing that it very humanistic and degrades what the Bible is about human nature, right right so so if using a few things. Thanks for the call. Thanks for the kind words. Obviously there's a lot of pastor MacArthur's perspective that is important.

That should be considered. I'll just make my comments independent from that number one it is true that secular psychology does not recognize the spiritual dimension of human beings that we are body, soul, spirit, and it doesn't factor that in, and therefore will miss certain things so just understand that there's always going to be allaying through which all, or a lens I should say through which you see things that will be different.

There's an extra perspective you have. It may not deny other perspectives but it's an extra perspective sets. That's the first thing and then with that human sin human nature.

The power of the gospel to transform so there's a whole other category of how we would view life how we we would be psychological issues and problems that a secular psychologist will not have this.

The first thing the second thing is a lot of secular psychology comes from very worldly and and sometimes even perverse thinking some of a lot of it. Going back to Sigmund Freud and and other theories that are very humanistic and in some cases, as I said we would be perverted. Very bizarre sexual theories and things like that. So whenever you see that you need to you need to have the red light that goes on with a warning sign on the other hand, there are observations about human nature that people who have studied it have rightly learned just like someone studying bones and how they break and how they can be repaired right. So in other words, there are secular psychologists who have real insight into human struggles who have real insight into why people behave the way they do. And then there's the interaction with the human brain so that there are some physiological things that was our people have a chemical imbalance so there is good to be learned.

There is bad to be rejected, and there are other perspectives that will be missing so it's one of these things you have to take things with a grain of salt. You have to do your best to separate that which is secular, that which is simply not understanding the spiritual that which is worldly and that which is accurate and if it's a feel God's calling you into vanity.

The earliest stage possible. You wanted to read more from Christian psychologists so that a Christian worldview and spiritual understanding is then factored in to your study.

For me it was like studying the Bible with people who didn't believe the Bible. They had some interesting understandings. Historically, there has been just interesting insights into the language and culture and background, but otherwise had many presuppositions that I rejected. So I always learned with a certain tension that's way would be for you. Sitting psychology in a secular setting is a helpful are you there the person named Eric.Chris and I college about looking that you through writing.

He stated that all true, all all truth of God's truth and in all without mutual up on psychology and, in other words, if a psychologist rightly says that human beings when they are under stress will respond like this, like this, like this and fewer ways that they can deal with stress or here's a useful way to help with anger management.

If it's true. If it's a true observation about human nature and a true way to help people then you that's God's truth in Outlook. William Booth once said that the devil doesn't own a single note of music you know that the that music itself is is from God and then people can use it rightly or wrongly, but the notes the sounds right. That's he made that in the people use it rightly or wrongly, so it's it's the same with with truth, but someone can use mathematical formulas to develop a bomb that kills people some else can use mathematical formulas to to help get a rocket into space to save people's lives. It also all truth is God's truth. There is truth within secular psychology, but you have to look for it and sifted a thank you for the call.

Much appreciated.

866-34-TRUTH let's go over Samuel in the UK welcome to light a fire hello Michael Brown I'm glad you're on the mend from COBIT NetSuite encouraging my God help.

Thank you.

My question my question is about. John chapter 2023 John chapter 2023. If you could give the skin of any, they are forgiven them. If you pertain to think of any.

They have attained when addressing article, question about that, but what does it mean and how to fight. He could guide. Yes, it applies in two primary ways. One is in the preaching of the gospel.

We declare forgiveness of sins through Jesus until some of the state if they will repent and turn to God and put your faith in Jesus to save them. They will be forgiven.

We make that pronouncement, and when they do it, they are forgiven if they reject that message. We tell them you are still in your sins. That's 1 Basic Way this can be applied.

The second way would be in church discipline and restoration. For example, the Matthew 18 process that if if someone sins against you, and you know that person and they they don't hear you and then you bring other witnesses, and they don't hearing that ultimately there brought to the church if they don't repent and their sins are on them. They are, they are responsible, and if they come in humble themselves as as Paul discusses in in second Corinthians 2 with the 12 that the man who is discipline, apparently for strengthens five repents, then full restoration is offered in that person is assured that your sins are forgiven. It certainly has nothing to do with the later Catholic teaching, which comes many, many, many generations later saying that you confess your sins to the priest and when he says your sins are forgiven, forgiven, that that's certainly not the concept here.

So, in general, in our preaching of the gospel in the message of forgiveness that we bring and then more specifically when it comes to church discipline issues and things like that that the church has that power helpful and I really appreciate that. Clarification of what have been the same exact Prempro when the gate when Peter article Monday. Go back that be the exact same application.

Yeah, I'm immature.

The application of it when he sends them out and he gives this message. They are declaring the message of forgiveness of sins through the cross and water baptism is affirming that you have died to your sins, you have been cleansed that there's even the word that Paul stole Jill arise to be baptized, and wash away your sins so as as we lead someone to the Lord as they repent and cry out for mercy.

We tell them. In Jesus, your sins are forgiven you are.

You are free your cleansing and that is symbolizing baptism and those that refuse just like with the disciples were told when they were sent out in the Gospels right there were told of some of this, and receive you that then wipe the dust off your feet. Say, write, your sins are on your own head responsible.

You see Paul does that enacts out when his message is rejected by the Jewish community, your sins are on your own. Your head now. You are responsible for going to the Gentiles and then they proclaim forgiveness of sins through the gospel so those of the broad waste understand it for sure appreciate the call God's grace to you in the UK. Again, make sure to join us Monday. Be sure to be listening right from the very beginning of the broadcast. You'll know why we get here and thanks for standing with us Esther to is placed another program powered by the Truth Network

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