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Thoughts on the Synagogue Hostage Taking

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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January 20, 2022 4:50 pm

Thoughts on the Synagogue Hostage Taking

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network is thoroughly Jewish Thursday get some reflections on the synagogue hostage situation more stock for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown was the director of the coalition of conscience have the president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your Jim is Dr. Michael Brown) two more days. Officially what we are audio only, of course, everyone listening on radio and podcasts always audio only from watching our stream. Two more days of audio only, and then gobbling Monday you will see beautiful new studio and hear some great new music and a great new intro to the shows everything on schedule just a few weeks later than we planned.

Michael Brown, welcome to the broadcast. Thanks much for joining us on this thoroughly Jewish Thursday any Jewish related question of any kind relating to the modern state of Israel relating to Hebrew Bible relating to Jewish tradition as background to New Testament anything Jewish related were happy to take your calls, 866342. I do want to talk to in a moment about the hostage situation this past Saturday.

Coital Texas. Thankfully, the hostages, the rabbi and of the hostages emerged physically unscathed and the terrorist that was responsible for the hostagetaking was ultimately killed in a gun battle with the SWAT team there one touch about that. The moment play a clip from the rabbi on to be some reflections before I do that it's very interesting that Israel, which is one of the most vaccinated countries in the world and which has the passport Pat passport should be vaccine passport which enables you to go to certain places and do certain things, so there's that there's a lot of pressure to be vaccinated is even been pressure to the school system and obviously government thinking this is the best way to save lives. Interestingly, test results on a comprehensive test results that been done have said even with with four jabs so the initial shots and then boosters that they're really not effective against omicron against the current variant which is been so massively contagious, and many others. And what will happen will boosters animal vaccines. These continue to be interesting questions in Israel. Like other nations trying to process these to say again, I am not and have never been anti-fax I am not one who is tested don't get the vaccine avoided. I've never said that. That's never been my sentiment at any point on the other hand, are lots of questions, legitimate questions, and now more and more concerns from within Israel that reports of death and injury to the vaccine have not been adequately reported. In fact, the, the charges are that that the reports have been actively suppressed or even removed from public Internet sites with the government was try to say, did you have an adverse reaction after the vaccine and then got flooded and flooded flood with people saying yes this is happened that's happened in it then that was just removed so again many many questions as we all do our best before the Lord to be wise, as we all were best before the Lord to be healthy. As we all do our best before the Lord to love our neighbor as ourselves. I just encourage you be responsible whether that means being vaccinated with. That means changing your lifestyle. Whether that means being more conscientious behavior that means being more prayerful be responsible.

I was meditating the last couple days on Psalm 23 in Hebrew. What a glorious Psalm. Obviously the most famous of all the Psalms Lord is my shepherd of the Navajo Eloi saw listenership and a lack nothing, and end the second verse audit – they are but say the amendment included in the Helene he that if he causes us. It's it's not that he says hey this could happen for you. But as the shepherd of the sheep that the shepherd has a lot of control authority over the sheep right and it says that he causes us to lie down in green pastures. That's with the shepherd, does it bring the sheep to green pastures than the sick lay down here while that's this what God does for us. He he leads us beside still waters in the midst of conflict in the midst of crisis in the midst of cultural madness in the midst of political upheaval, God remains a rock God remains our refuge. God remains our shepherd. Think of it in John 10 Jesus refers to himself as the good Shepherd shoe identifying with his father, a shepherd says I'm the good Shepherd. I lay my life down for the sheep and then Hebrews 13 speaking of Yeshua calls him the great Shepherd the great Shepherd, how is that the Lord is our shepherd our good Shepherd. Our great Shepherd, how confident can we be in him in the midst of the storm friends you turn into the line of fire. You will be encouraged.

You turn into the light a fire, we will not hesitate from speaking the truth but the truth will always be filled with hope and confidence because of the Lord, that we serve.

86634 before we go to your Jewish calls. Let's listen to this news report. You can hear the rabbi. This is a reform rabbis, not Orthodox, the conservative, but reform so liberal rabbi in Texas that the. The service was being lifestream when not the hostage crisis takes place in the rabbi maintain real calmness in the mitzvah and said it was it was his training rabbinical training that kicked in, so listen to this description of what actually happened and how he managed to get out point about our right out investigation is underway to ingest Saturday's hours long standoff at a Texas synagogue were rabbi and three members of his congregation were held hostage this morning. The rabbi address the terrifying ordeal number. He saw an opportunity to escape. I asked Mr. that the two gentlemen who were still with me on that they were they were ready to go. The exit wasn't too far away. I told him to go through a share of the gunmen and I headed for the door and all three of us were able to get out without even a shopping fire that that's remarkable to me. In my mind of us. We don't know the exact situation with the guys armed right and he is ready to kill and wreak havoc. However, he can. So in my mind if you throw a chair at someone was to give you split-second ministry directly smashed the gun ahead and incapacitate him or knock it out for for for a moment they see you buying yourself a second or two right you throw the chair at the person let's say they don't see it coming.

So there stunned for a moment.

You move quickly. So who can imagine what took place there quite a few reflections number one. Let's not blow this out of proportion as if all over America. Jews were taken hostages and synagogues on Saturday. This was a one off event. This is a man came from England.

The Muslim came from England and he demanded that woman.

It's nicknamed lady Al Qaeda. So a Muslim woman convicted of terrorism demanding her release from prison.

His brother said he had mental health issues, and he also had a criminal record and is shocked that he got out of England. From what I've read. He was known in England, but no longer considered to be a danger. So those are major questions how to get out of England. How do you get into America.

Those are major questions themselves, but we don't over blow this as if it's happening all over America. On the other hand, it's extraordinarily alarming that it happens at all you have in recent years to synagogue shootings and NL hostage situation and we know for sure that there is been a rising tide of anti-Semitism in America and more hate crimes related to anti-Semitism in recent years in America.

We don't want to downplay that for a moment here, though it is what got many in the Jewish community concerned and upset the FBI issued their initial statement and they said that the the Muslim hostage takers demands were not quote specifically related to the Jewish community people. So what does that mean specifically related to the Jewish community you got a Muslim and a synagogue on the Sabbath, taking juice hostage in the making demands for the release of a Muslim terrorist is a wall that wasn't directly related with what would be directly related to Jewish community present. All Jews need to come to the synagogue and surrender or Israel needs to give up their rights to the lab and what kind of demands as a person can make this a Muslim terrorist making Muslim demands that was he thinking that the Jews have some kind of power control can make these things happen or that or the government will just work with the Jews.

But the guys last call that the transcript of the guys last call to his brother and FBI certainly knows about this right that the guy saying these blank Jews, using the F word is blank, Jews, and we need to come to America to come to American kill these Jews deal with these did I mean you talk about as anti-Semitic as can be the guys cursing the Jews. The guys wishing death on the Jews.

It's a synagogue it's the Sabbath he's taking juice hostage. So there was outrage in the Jewish community over the statement and the FBI revised it the next day, but imagine that a Jewish terrorist barges into a mosque on Friday. So on the Muslim Sabbath, the Muslim prayer day right, takes Muslims hostage and demands the release of a Jewish freedom fighter. It is no that's that's held captive somewhere for his crimes against Muslims, crimes against others and even some alleged Jewish freedom fighter. Whatever you so although some really directly related to the Muslim community. What what if one of those up an all-black celebration of Martin Luther King Day and a white supremacist came in took black Americans hostage in this white supremacist demanded the release of a fellow white supremacist wall is not related to the African-American community. What so this this was maybe the most bizarre thing that happened in Expo light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. I've missed hearing that music. It is through Brown. Welcome to the broadcast 866-348-7884's number to call with any Jewish related question of any kind. Lisa one last thing. Yes it is true that as Jews we sometimes overplay the anti-Semite card, just like I believe sometimes our American friends can sometimes overplay the race card when you have been through it when you have suffered because of your ethnicity or your religion or the color of your skin. You have been discriminated against when you have been treated as second-class citizens. And worse, it's very easy to to see something there when it may not be there right and and certainly there are times when Jews will cry out anti-Semitism is really not war or when a fair critique of Israel is called anti-Semitism is really not that does happen we can have with any group of people. It's it's understandable, but the vast majority of what we are calling out is anti-Semitism really is and and much of anti-Zionism really is anti-Semitism in that it completely delegitimize his and demonizes the modern state of Israel, as opposed to affirming the rights to existence of the modern state of Israel and saying hey in the midst of it.

We have some differences with the treatment of the Palestinians, or with your settler policy in the West Bank, it's okay to have those differences loving and anti-Semite, but undoubtedly the massive amount of what were seeing is legitimately Jew hatred is legitimately called anti-Semitism and and that's why the hostage situation in the synagogue on Sabbath in America.

Why that so draw hard the Jewish community. Understandably so. Understandably so okay with that. We go to the phones. Let's start with Ricky in Nebraska. Welcome to light a fire.

Dr. Brown government joy targeted her question.

Sure thing. So my question today is on the apocryphal book become a silly question. Maybe you got to work but I don't know how much you study to read them, but it appears as if some of them I think the book in particular equipment from psychologist work but the wisdom of Solomon. I believe is one of the deuterocanonical books and appears to have many messianic prophecies, but they seem to think ahead saying that clearly point to the Lord Jesus, in regards to life and what he accomplished. How do you how correct you, you don't do the apocryphal writings of inspired now how do we balance something that clearly has historical value and and clearly I think at least in my opinion, shows some messianic merit rebalance that than with with not being inspired and my question is making sense. Sure, absolutely one recognizes much of great value in the apocryphal books, historical value, inspirational value, wisdom, value in a like Ecclesiasticus. It was Ben Sarah's is full of wisdom. We realize that that this is one of the the powerful streams of tradition in the Jewish community and and that God was in the midst of Israel working in many different ways and in addition to that, that there is much wisdom is derived from the Scripture so to say that there can be messianic prophecy or words that point to suffer. Messiah things like that and wisdom of Solomon or great wisdom to live by or great inspiration, said Maccabees.

We fully embrace that the in the Reformation days when the apocryphal was was was plainly separated from the Scriptures was commonly printed in between the old and New Testament saying it's of great value ratification learning.

There may be a verse here to know that that would paint a picture for Dr. we differ with a prayer for the dead, etc. but otherwise these were to be warmly embraced red but not for four doctrine and and not as as divinely inspired.

So there can be all kinds of insight and indolence. There I could speak something today by the spirit and it's of great value and it's even accurately predicting the future present the Bible so the apocryphal can have all kinds of divinely inspired things within it, but it's not the Bible and that's how I look at it's it's very simple and in that respect. When you just say or think of this. There were many prophecies uttered through history that are not part of the Bible in New Testament days. Gift of prophecy flourishing. These were true words spoken, but they were not the word of God. They were not.

The Bible and that's where the distinction would be okay okay so it would be, would you take it then would you take it then that could be very evangelistic to the Jewish people predict the writing of the New Testament record it can be included with other arguments for the Lord Jesus messianic at ships and one yes and no to a Jew who is looking at things through more academic lines and recognizes that these were writings that were important in the ancient usual, you could say hey what's that points to what he think that saying it and we know that it does predate Jesus but to your average jute cycle. What's that you know it's it's it's not part of the Hebrew Bible. It's not part of any regular tradition of reading in the synagogue so yeah well it was written in the first century BC were seconds that whatever they be no different than the Dead Sea Scrolls like so this is not part of our Bible so you know it could be of some interest but has no canonical authority to a Jewish person a traditional Jew and therefore be like you. Some Jews may believe that so it's a part of our or actual tradition that would be their viewpoint.

Okay the same level of authority is like a career. Of course like that totally different dog told his employer right there. Thank you that appreciated you bet, sure thing 866-34-TRUTH by the way some Thursdays.

We are flooded with calls and we been flooded with calls this week as we been back live some.

Thursdays we are flooded with calls and just like a Friday. It's really hard to get through and some Thursdays.

We got open phone lines like we do right now. So if you been wanting to ask me a Jewish related question this is a great time to do it 866-348-7884 point let's go over to Cologne in Miami. Welcome to the line of fire:: Arriaga Brown, they wanted what I currently we were talking about the good Shepherd. Yes, but what I want to talk about all above the garage and I Google Isaiah 53.

Zechariah 11 should be the most important doctrine though it'll one when the thing to do all I'm telling you about what I do on your finger, cocked why did Bentham correct what I did been going on and I bring Zechariah 11 of the prophecy that I will lay out but don't bring the dog atomic… I'll confirm the Zechariah 11 was no sample for rejecting the shepherd of a social process of the top evangelical Old Testament scholars has a massive commentary on the book of Zechariah and in his view room. These chapters. Zechariah 1112, 13 were some of the most important chapters for the early church in and sharing the gospel and that they are rich in messianic imagery. So in many ways he would agree with your assessment of the importance of this. So here's my question for you.

We know that the rabbinic interpretation right up through that the top medieval commentaries it's it's very bizarre about the 30 pieces of silver in it. It's obviously struggling with the plain sense of the passage there it in so we know there's weakness in the rabbinic interpretation I get into that in volume 3 of the bus.

He resents Rangers objections to Jesus, but I want you to give the positive argument. In other words, if you're talking to Rabbi Singer you're talking to another Jewish person and saying hey, this points to Yeshua, can you give me that argument concisely and end up with this just to this we got a break coming up in less than a minute so what I just want to give it thought so. I'm a Jewish person and I don't believe that you she was the Messiah. And I want you in short form. Cantu really law seek to give me your best argument that Zechariah 11 is a messianic prophecy about Jesus really do that on the inside of the break friends have you visited vitamin no not yet, by all means, check it out. It's the website for my friend, Dr. Mark Singer Netra Pesek Dr. who was voted doctor of the decade, brilliant and a committed believer and his health supplements are second to none. You get a special discount. There is a listener to the line of fire then intern Dr. Stigler makes donation to our ministry to help us expand onto more and more platform so check it out benefit yourself right and you benefit us as well. Vitamin to become back and some great mortgage usually calls 866-34-TRUTH some comments I have about Gentiles posing as Jews, mission, eyes talk about that in will get a messianic presentation from: Miami the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown is thoroughly Jewish Thursday Michael Brown delighted to be with you. Look, I always love doing live radio it's it's the joy of my day, every day. The matter where whatever's going on its every damn excited to be here count the seconds before we start, but miss those weeks because the COBIT and stuff. I am all the more thrilled to be back with you. Thanks for being such a faithful and encouraging listening audience 866-348-7884 so I want to go over to Miami of: just give me your presentation. In short, that Zechariah 11 is a messianic prophecy of Yeshua are what I like what I remember so you're going about two shepherd yes yes okay now from God. Now on I will hold your micro agreement academic auto profit glided approximately because of a video marker of all the true shepherd.

Zechariah 11 be serious yeah yeah just as astounded as Michael got this is that while many Leslie that's very sweet. Yeah yeah yeah and I mean www.the true shepherd. Zechariah 11 by Joe Margaret also also I want to plan like the there's not a single missionary refusal of the grade 11 Butterfinger I want to have one like Clement, no one I'll do for you to have it okay.

The youth twilight now I'm only going under Charles debating on the corner.

You got all all Chapter 11 verse 11, defendant and before the flock kept my word, you got the word of the Lord. Okay, what did you do start my sheep hear my voice and the following okay you picked up your there's a pommel passage when they open. But all in all, no border opening and door very real article just yet so so there's an atomic passage that says this is somewhat pointed back to the time the crucifixion that the doors of the temple swung open. There was a sign of of divine judgment, but this will do just for for time sake, and in mature piece of the John MacArthur had mentioned the true shepherd just the MacArthur that's what I thought you said what I would be very interesting and in the break here, but if you just things get a great teaching audit a wonderful so here's what I want to do for time sake. I will step back because of what I've written on Zechariah 11 I want to do my best to condense the arguments and then present them and explain why this is been a challenge for the rabbinic community to refute and why would be good for us to look at these more so on other follow-up because obviously obviously there's a lot in your mind a lot of different angles were present to someone to do it become back on the future show in a more concise way and then explain what's lacking in the rabbinic response.

Hey, thanks for drawing attention to the passage and thanks for focusing on the good shepherd the true shepherd great shepherd of the sheep when came back from that died for us and came back from the dead.

Hey, thank you, 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Orlando and High Point, North Carolina. Welcome to the line of fire. Thank you Dr. Brown how are you doing great.

Thanks yeah but my question deals with when to eat when the Jews left Egypt and they went into the wilderness. They said that they stay there for 40 years now.

How long was it before they spend that spy so the young trying to grow a parallel between basically in the second is basically in the second year so it's it's 38 more years.

From that point on. When the spies come back to 10 I was welcome back with the bad report it since 38 more years in the wilderness, but a total of 40, which corresponds with the 40 days that the spies ring and cane okay and then is step is there a possibility that you could draw a parallel with the 70 weeks of Daniel Harris house note where they didn't believe you did at the beginning they didn't believe they could take the land so that they will believe the Messiah after 69 weeks in the last week instead of being weeks could be years in federal gifts, years of like seven years but actually 7 g, 360 years. No III wouldn't I would really like that II always love when people dig in the word and look for more insight and try to see if there's significance and specific word or phrase with the parallels but know why I would not see any any parallel there whatsoever losing I would say is that Daniel was focus on a period of 70 years is prophesy in Jeremiah 25, and Jeremiah 29 that the Jewish people would be an XL for seven years and Daniel being one of the first going to exile say I've been there 70 years, seven years now and he was able to pray for the return of the Jewish people at that time.

God then said something much bigger. This is a much bigger and that's what I want to talk about and it's not 70 years, but 70×7, 490 years or it's not specifically call years there, but 77s which then let as we we see must be a period of 490 years but no I would not without read the text in that same way that you are.

Although I appreciate you digging and looking for insight always. Thanks, 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Ryan in Raleigh, North Carolina. Walking to the line of fire called art of our sure thing you know something that's stuck in my mind for quite a while want to say it bothered me, but you know it is just up and I had never forgotten some time ago at church we had had a guest speaker who was a messianic Jew and during his presentation he had made mention of the notion that the Jewish community did not look favorably upon Christians as Christians do towards Jews know personally for me it all course of my relationship with Jesus you know I cannot find a connection to the Jews and the Jewish people and the culture you know I look at him as your brothers almost ill many cousins but but it just struck me odd that guy had mentioned that you know the feeling was mutual, so to speak. No, you're fine not to be truthful or through history when Jews were heavily persecuted by Christians when they were kicked out of countries as they went, baptized, when they were sometimes given the choice of baptism or death when they were treated as second-class citizens when they were made to where Jewish star of when they were called Christ killers when it after an Easter service in Eastern Europe in the late 1800s to the 1900s. They would fear for their lives knowing is for the Christian gang that's going to come marching into their Taliban brutalizing them so their view of Christians for the most part was very negative because of the negative behavior. Christians and and even though there are some positive situations. No, if I say what happened in 1492. You know you grew up in schools in America you say Columbus sailed the ocean blue. As McCamy discovered America if gasket Jewish person knows the history what happened in 1492.

They say all non-baptized Jews were exiled from Spain when you when you mentioned say to Jewish process very negative word and and on and on through history and a lot of demonizing of the Jews even beginning the second third centuries, and in heavily and for centuries as Christianity becomes a state religion under Constantine the Jews now suffer fresh wave of discrimination, and even ultimately persecution from the church.

So because of that through history Jews have not had the highest view of Christians and Christianity. The positive is that for for most all of America's history there.

There was not heavy anti-Semitism.

Some, but there is no Jewish bloodshed here and in the country and evangelical Christians for decades now in America and Europe and other countries have proven to be Israel's best friends.

So for four a couple generations now, especially post-Holocaust. With so many Christian leaders leaving and repenting over the Christian anti-Semitism in Europe that pave the way for the Holocaust helped pave the way for there's been a much more positive feeling that the very, very, very religious Jews would still be as negative, but the larger Jewish community and the more liberal Jewish community would have much more positive views of Christians would recognize Christians as genuine friends would have more respect for the Christian religion. So thankfully that's become much more positive in in recent decades, but through much of church history. Understandably, it was very negative. Probably still heavily on the Christian community to ensure that the you know any signal specifically at this matter.

Incidents are vocally announced that Mr. you know it's it's always healthy for Christians to do that as Christians and to say is friends of the Jewish community make acrylic we want everyone to believe in Jesus. We believe Jesus is the Savior and Messiah of everyone, but we unconditionally stand with the Jewish people we are. We have your back. We believe your rights to the land of Israel and if someone is coming after you then need to get to us first so so Ryan you you are 100% right in your sentiments and and words go a long way when words are back with deeds even more powerful, but look. People are people.

And when you hear in your own community. Christians speaking up on your behalf. Christians understand your situation. Christian showing solidarity and then acting as genuine friends. It makes a massive massive difference. Let's keep demonstrating that love Ryan five seated consistently for 50 years in order to travel around the world extraordinary love in the church hate. Thank you sir. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the light of ironbound by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown looking to thoroughly Jewish Thursday Michael Brown delighted to be back live with you 866-34-TRUTH okay two things we go back to the calls. Do you have my book or hands are stained with blood ridges came out in 1992 has been continuously and print we put out a new edition expanded updated 2019 the most translated book of any of written lease out the horrible history of anti-Semitism in the church and God's eternal purpose is for Israel.

If you cannot read it, let me strongly encourage you to get a copy of the book or hands are stained with blood. We ordered make sure you get the new addition because it's expanded and updated, you'll find it painful, eye-opening life transforming and and will further give you insight into what the word of God says about Israel and the Jewish people, a book that complements that if you really have are interesting but is Christian anti-Semitism right confront a lot of the things happening today strips I do that as well in our hands are stained with blood, but that's principally looking at the past with some on the present creationist Christian anti-Semitism was focused on entirely on the present and and we go through a lot of dangerous things being taught today in Christian anti-Semitism, so check those books out there on a website or whatever you order your books.

Second thing in the last year, but a few people been exposed to current everything we know were Gentiles Gentile Christians who then in engaged in intensive study in Judaism and then either God ordained without the people knowing that they were Gentile Christians in the early Jews or simply began to to proclaim themselves as rabbis but in a couple of instances. They lived right in the harsh of ultra-Orthodox Jewish communities for years and and now been exposed and of course test out of those communities. They may have been sincere thinking that that they were doing what Paul said in first Corinthians 9 to the Jews became Jews a Jew to when the Jews that they may have thought they were doing what he said to do it. In point of fact, it was ugly deception. In point of fact, none of the organizations with which I work be Jews for Jesus or chosen people, or one for Israel or others practice that they make known, we are followers of Yeshua. Now you may be a Jewish person who feels called to reach the religious Jewish community because of which you take on customs and traditions that you don't have to. Today, as a Jewish follower of Yeshua, but you do it to live among the people to have a kosher house to pick up and welcome but you make it known that your follower of Yeshua, that's fine. That's just cultural sensitivity, that's fine, and what Paul did was he took on customs and traditions.

He didn't have to to be among his people, but that's how you previously lived as as a Pharisee he surfacing on that under this this is not a command from the Lord to live like this between my people very happy to continue to live in this lifestyle.

I know ultra-Orthodox Jews who have come to faith who still live as ultra-Orthodox Jews because that's their lifestyle that's their community NSA have opportunity to share the good news with others, but they do it with wisdom and with care. Just like Christians sharing their faith in communist China after exercise wisdom and care they do that but the idea of a Gentile posing as a traditional Jew or rabbi to win Jewish people, something that I wholeheartedly reject and oppose, as do all the major organizations that I know and individuals. Jews involved in reaching our people with the good news right back to the phones we go to Dave and Dave in Canada is gone. Let's go over to Justin in Independence Kentucky yes hello yeah I wanted to start out, but I think I figured I got Job go to governor now I have shortness of breath. Start by I did want to play.

I found your your debate about a year have to go to your on YouTube and I just really like the I just bought, but your your ministry have has brought me back to the Lord just you know would be a real blessing solution rejoice with you when you have a moment go to website. There's a link to sis contact and shoot us a note with your testimony.

If you haven't done this ready and and how we were able to play a role in you coming back to the one rejoice together and we will share that with with others so they can be encouraged because this is always a joint effort, but I'm I'm thrilled only to hear that. I'd love to hear more, and on the health and you make sure you get plenty rest and drink plenty of of water liquids to get yourself a rehydrated there yeah okay so your question today? About the mixing will read a couple books I read a job all on one book object to it. You know, for sure course okay so it kind of kind of new.

This is all new to me. As far as like looking at Genesis of more of a material origin or I'm sorry that the Genesis 1 is is teaching how God basically says that the universe is a temple in which he dwells, etc. yet and I'm just it is John. What was a terrific Old Testament and ancient recent scholar really one of the top that we have the evangelical world of these series were Adam and Eve and things are also highly controversial.

So it's worth reading. It's worth investigating, but you always have to remember that is read the rest of the Bible is taken for granted that that God created the universe and six and six days knows that's that's the take away that spoken of, over and again that the New Testament writers seem to refer to and of course the historical reality of Adam and Eve being something grounded, especially in the New Testament.

So I find the writings fascinating worth considering, but I've been grounded in the biblical scholarship in ancient recent scholarship all these decades that I'm just kind of looking at that is.

Is there any insight to be gained from this is, there is a poster having a total paradigm shift for me after reading the book I would. I always take the literal, like I live in Kentucky so were really close to the ark and all of that you like I had. I had always taken out like a literal six day for the rest, but you looking at it from a literary standpoint like you don't framework theory where you don't like the first half, 76 of the second half is filling it or just all the parallels to the building of the tabernacle and the building of the temple see Justin I came at this from a different angle. I member I was in grad school and and I have no scientific background of often shared that when classes start to get serious and high school science classes.

I was getting high and not paying attention. Then I started this new school. This protest school called safe will be enough to have any formal classes I got born again at that time.

So using the word day and night so and then when I was in college and everything scientific classes. So to me. I was never troubled with young earth older scientific because I the scientific background but when I was doom ancient recent studies at New York University and then reflecting on cosmology.

So stories about the origin of of the earth and origin of the universe that when you were reading the accounts be at Babylonian accounts or Egyptian accounts. Whatever the purpose of the account. Yes, it was partially to explain how we got where we are and how the world is where it is. But it was really primarily to explain why this particular deity was transcendent. What that that that the cosmology was basically not apologetic for the supremacy of a particular deity and that the main thing over to learn from reading the cosmology was more about a theology NS as I start to read Genesis 1 and that life and then I begin to look at the great themes of light and darkness in order of chaos in day and night and then how does the and and victory over there. The chaos monsters in whatever etc. that as I read it completely ignorant of of many of the arguments that John will be bringing about parallels with temp: an tabernacle or any of that. But as as I as I read it. It's a quaint way. This is not here to teach. Besides, it may be scientifically accurate but may not. It may be six literal days. It may not. That's always there, is there teach about God is there to give me insights as to who he is and how he operates and then as I reflected to the rest of Scripture. Yes, there were statements made in six days the Lord made heaven and earth right which could be literal days are not debate won't get into right now and intimately familiar with the debates on all sides but the main take what you get is that God is the creator God is the one who brings light out of darkness.

God is the one who brings order out of chaos. God is the one who establishes his ways on the earth. God is the one who makes everything to reproduce after its kind. It is an guzzler makes us in his own image. These are the major takeaways Genesis 1 to offer the scientific faith is a distraction.

So Justin were thinking the same way here, make sure you send this New Testament. God bless another program powered by the Truth Network

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