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Here Comes the Pushback!

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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January 18, 2022 5:10 pm

Here Comes the Pushback!

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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January 18, 2022 5:10 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 01/18/22.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. The friends we told you 2022, the year of taking background stock for the line of fire with your host activist.

All international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Burrell your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown was the director of the coalition of conscience and president of the fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH paradigm is Dr. Michael Brown welcome welcome to the broadcast friends, this is Michael Brown come your way, live once again but were still audio only, here's the plan. Plan to be audio only today, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and then we plan to do at the beginning of the year starting like three weeks later Monday, God willing, we will be broadcasting from our new studio audio and video and with a brand-new intro that you are going to love.

Welcome to the broadcast. Here is the number to call 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884 because we have not been live for much of this new year and then the end of last year.

As plans were building the new studio. I'm taking calls on all subjects today like we do on Friday you got questions we cannot answer so all subjects you can continue the conversation were having yesterday about COBIT and call in any political, cultural issue, or any Bible theology subject whatever 866-34-TRUTH 87884. I've got a lot of encouragement to bring to you today. I I am starting now to have AAF file just of listing examples of pushback in the year 2022. When believers are standing up for what's right. When secular authorities are standing up for what's right now, please understand, the only way we will really see lasting societal transformation is through the gospel. That's the only way there is no political or cultural or moral cure outside of the gospel. Now we rejoice when righteous things are done. We rejoice when good laws are passed, we rejoice when people in the world choose to do what is right, but we fully understand that the only way there can really be lasting transformation is through the gospel.

It must begin with revival in the church must begin with repentance in our midst with us turning from our sin and our complacency in our hypocrisy and our unrighteousness in our process and our lack of love and all of that.

It begins with repentance in the church which brings awakening to the believers, we begin to live differently. We begin to bring the gospel to a lost and dying world. There is power in our message.

People hear the message and are transformed and as a result of that, then change can come on the larger scale right so as the light shines the darkness is dispelled at this same time there are many things that are happening around us that are positive and we been saying friends for many years. If you been a regular listener to the line of fire. We have been saying for many years that there will be a gospel based moral and cultural pushback that there will be a gospel based moral and cultural revolution. While I say it I I say it because I believe God put it in my heart and in other words, this is been something that in prayer over and over and over and over again for years has been stirred in the is a promise from God. I am not saying, thus saith the Lord. I guarantee this will happen if it doesn't, I'm a false prophet I'm say I sense this deeply. I expect this deeply, even being on the radio every day, even serving as your voice moral sanity and spiritual clarity.

This is a reminder when God put me on the radio part of him putting me on the radio was for this very purpose to encourage, to help spark health and transformation in revival in the church that would bring a gospel based moral and cultural revolution. The other reason though, that I say that the pushback is inevitable is not just the sense I have from the Lord. Obvious he that carries me. It's not just obviously something even more fundamental, namely the word of God says that the light shines in the darkness and the darkness cannot overcome it. So ultimately we know that even in the end with the return of Jesus. The gospel finally triumphed here in this world, but it's also my sense that Satan over places hand and and and that those that he seeks to work through go to for look.

Think of it, it says in first Corinthians 2.

That is, through his of this age had understood things there without a crucified the Lord of glory did Satan did Satan recognize that by crucifying Jesus by killing the son of God, he would now bring the means of redemption and salvation to the world did he realize that what he was doing was Judas betraying Jesus member Satan possesses Judas he betrays Jesus gives him over to be crucified. Did Satan fully understand that in doing that he was now sealing his own doom. It's possible that he did, but that he couldn't control himself. Not that that's a whole big question we get to all kinds of theological speculation. I want to go there but it's almost as if even if he knew what he was about to do with self-defeating he's a murderer. He had a chance to kill the son of God. That's the very thing God uses for his defeat and our redemption so I'm going to give you a bunch of examples about pushback happening in America and Canada in UK and other countries just to say hey look, this is inevitable, and a lot of it has to do with radical transgender activism. As you say okay we could start with some of the stories and then again your calls on any subject under the sun or have any expertise, 866-348-7884 okay this was reported on Breitbart January 3 and said this leading British girl schools won't accept legally mail trans applicants 25 British all girl schools won't be accepting applications from legally male transgender pupils that that's big. That is very very big. To say hey this is a girl school and a girl is a biological girl and if she's not a biological girl. She's a biological male who identifies as female. Sorry this is a girl school and girls are girls now these days even say that is revolutionary these days even say that is is radical, but this hate with the girls here and you can have a biological male here with the girls with scroll to biological and listen, you cannot turn the world upside down because of the struggles of an individual or few right look. We do our best in our society to help say some of his blind or someone who is handicapped, crippled, or someone whose death we do our best to help people who have various health challenges, but we don't turn the world upside down.

We don't say okay every every person that has to walk with her eyes closed, to accommodate some of his bicycle has an economy that know it it doesn't obviously with the point I'm making is you can't turn reality upside down to help one individual who was struggling so you have compassion on the boy who identifies as a girl but you don't allow him in an all girls school. Here's another report. This was on the daily wire.

This was from December 30 British newspaper cancels person of the year poll after JK rolling runs away with top spot JK rolling author of the Harry Potter novels is one of the best known authors in the world. When the most successful female authors of all time. She is much as she stands for court transgender rights and is very compassionate to people in the struggles says listen if you have mail private parts.

That's how you were born then you're not a female and and if the law is saying that if a man who identifies as a woman rapes another woman in the law says you cannot identify that person is a male is crazy. So there has been an attempt to cancel her.

There is been an attempt to remove her influence but here you so what's the good news about the British newspaper canceling persevered, say there's a whole lot of grassroots support on behalf of JK rolling. There's a whole lot of grassroots support of of people to say hey, there is a difference between males and females, cannot we accept that okay Canada a few weeks back passed an insane law, saying that anyone of any age who wants help with unwanted same-sex desire anyone of any age who wants help dealing with unwanted gender identity confusion cannot receive professional help they cannot receive professional counseling is now illegal. Not just for minors is tragically exist in many states in America and some of the countries, but all people of all H and it is absolutely insane and the bill just shoot what rights or even conservatives back so number pastors working with Liberty coalition said January 16, so this past Sunday they were going to stand up and speak and bring a message on biblical sexuality, even if it meant being fined or put in prison. Now what gave this even more impetus was a pastor John MacArthur stood with him and urge others to speak out. So, as reported by the Christian Post December 30. Also pastor and theologian John MacArthur Grace Community Church Los Angeles is calling on pastors to preach about the biblical view sexuality January 16 in opposition to Canadian law banning therapy for unwanted sexual attractions and gender confusion was awfully derisively referred to as conversion therapy, set to take effect next month. So, past MacArthur published an open letter calling another pastor speak this past Sunday. Thousands of pastors thousands of pastors in Canada brought a message that was technically illegal. The pushback continues. We come back and take a break from the stories. Restrict your whole spirit will light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown, the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH paradigm is Dr. Michael Brown joining us on one of our taking calls on all subjects been away from live radio for some of the last few weeks 866-34-TRUTH 87884 from you and praying for a strong recovery from covert depreciate that a test negative. Yesterday Cody's base that's behind me. It's just the way it affected my heart is a minor thing. Overall, believe, and by God's grace is a good way to get everything salsa with her prayers and and along with work with our doctors. We should be 100% back to full strength. Okay, I'm going to the calls momentarily. What happened yesterday as were broadcast remotely was a bad snow day and a few things to be overcome is I found out during the show. That is, I took a call. I could hear the caller but you couldn't see the herd be breathing or responding, but I just wanted to really quickly. I was talking about his bizarre spiritual taxa came under a couple times while I covert die come out of this and and all this masted if others had similar experiences. So, a woman called in as a social worker.

She had to be vaccinated. She was vaccinated. She got covert and she said it was no more than the common cold, but she got spiritually and emotionally assaulted. You're gonna die is crazy. It felt like no more than a common culture. That's what she gets hit with you're gonna die your Gaza can deliver you and the way she combated it was Daniel three. Whether I live or die, and worship. This God, so that was a call. I was reacting to. I just want you to know what it was about 866-34-TRUTH, right let us go to Peter in Montréal Canada. Thanks for calling the line of fire. Good afternoon Dr. Michael Brown hey thank you for taking my call today.

Sure, actually before I get to my question. I'd like to tell you that I have the privilege in seeing you in person when you visited Montréal over a decade ago, I actually got to meet you in person and during our meeting, I experienced something extraordinary. I witnessed it and I'd like to share that with your audience today. Sure, go ahead and I haven't spoken to you since that meeting, we haven't spoken programmer decade since you been declaring the good news that blessed hope of Yeshua the Messiah will keep his promise to those who love him and who preached his name with honesty with integrity and passion and it was incredible. Dr. Michael Brown that after your three shows when I met you in person in a closed room, I saw the Holy Spirit, the light emitting all over your body you were on apostle, but God had chosen and I was in front of that chosen apostle and and God chooses people, ordinary people, much like you chose the apostle Matthew the apostle Paul. So who wrote The gospel ordinary Michael Baird but he has written the law in their hearts, and you are one of those people.

Dr. Michael Brown where all servicemen, yes we get the privilege of being bond slaves of Jesus and every good thing that comes out of us comes to him a thank you for sharing your heart okay search your questions or now in regards to my question. I think this is a kind that we should bring this after I met with you. God blessed me with a lot of success financially and what work he blessed me in every which way but most importantly he showed me something over a decade ago which I haven't spoken to anybody and I started to prepare and now in my heart I know that it is true, I'd like to share this with you and I'd like to get your opinion and it's a question in regards to Matthew chapter 24 verse 32 to 34. He also had another witness in the apostle Mark who wrote it in chapter 13 verse 2030 and he also had 1/3 witness, the apostle Luke in chapter 21 verse 29 to 33 and he basically was speaking about the unkind things that learn the parable of victory know that when it starts to release again that this generation will not pass and I began going to Psalms chapter 9 the first time and basically spoke that Israel is the victory gave an analysis baronet I went to Hosea 9 verse 10 and he basically said that a generation has 80 years. So when we see that Israel was reborn again as stated in chapter 66 of Isaiah went Israel was reborn again in 1948 when we take Hosea is a verse that there's 80 years in a generation. Emily: to 1948 it takes is the 2028 and I began discussing that with a lot of people just to see taken a full time to present that. Let us respond many .22 is skews me Israel as the fig tree, 1948 and is a generation is 40 years since 1988. Now you're single generation based on Psalm 90 that's a lifespan it's different in a generation. By the way that a lifespan of your generation is basically from from beginning of one group of people to the next beginning of the other, which is not a full lifespan nursing, 20, 28, with all respect, Peter is much as you prayed and studied and looked at this, I would look at this very differently all Jesus is saying is look that the fig tree is really conspicuous because Luke also missed the other trees and say hey when you see certain things happen than that tells you that the end is near. It's not singling out Israel as the fig tree others and try to do what Jesus curses the fig tree was cursing Israel.

The primary images of Israel in the Bible are not so much victory, but the vine or the olive tree rather this is simply making a general statement that when used just like when you see for example all the leaves are turning color it means you're in the fall or the trees are starting to bloom again of the plants bloom again. You know you're in the spring, so when you see certain things happen just like the fig tree, which is the most conspicuous in its leaves that tells you that the end is near that this generation will see these things come to pass, so I would really strongly caution against setting any date or looking at the year 2028 and any specific way. Rather, I would continue to look at what's happening in the world around us. Look at the prophetic Scriptures and see as we are getting closer to the end.

But I would also caution Mike came to faith and 71. I was told this was it.

Jesus was coming at any moment.

The end was near.

And of course that was over 50 years ago.

So let's be careful let's do the will of God today let us pursue Jesus making a difference by touching those around us and as things become clearer and clearer will be no debate as those days unfold. Hey thank you sir for the call 866-34-TRUTH let's go to Oleg in Chicago. Welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Brian, good afternoon.

Really a great blessing talking to you.

Thank you Lord God bless you and restore your out and give you strength and peace for my question is related to the biblical Jake right now I am research.

I am a pastor and I am researching for my own benefit and for the benefit of my congregational life of Jacob, and I came to their very confusing you know reality. First of all I find out that is so reliable data showing that there early if you are supposed to storing Jewish community Christian father and many other Christian thinker of the past. They believe that Jacob was an example of godliness and the translate is named Jacob from the Hebrew wards and magi. Yeah, well, which means the Lord God will protect you but since there was formation time more and more to low Jim and preachers they connect G Caputo to the deceiver, and a general pointing out to that blame of his own brother.

I would also highlight that she was not chosen by God and my confusion is based on the biblical knowledge that I have could not be to absolutely different view or way of interpretation of the same individual or what do you think about Jacob. Okay, so there are two issues: consecutive questions number one is the meaning of his name. Number two is the quality of his character so as to his character, so question that he is viewed on the one hand as God-fearing and the other hand, leaning on the flesh and deceptive it. In other words, he is a picture of two extremes and in that deck, you know you can have a pastor who is tremendously prayerful and and preachers powerfully and then has a deep deep character flaw and he's kind of living a double life know it. It catches up with you. Jacob suffers a lot because of it. And then once he's really broken and comes to the place of desperation. Genesis 32 and his name is changed to Israel. That's what it seems he has a transformation that the conniving Jacob that the one who was going to trust God and yet rely on the flesh and lie and deceive that that that Jacob kind of dies. At that point as to his name on the one hand, it's tied in with a calve ankle because his grabbing his brother's ankle but you don't you don't like what skews me likely name your kid ankle grabber describes the play on words. So what's the real will come back on the inside, the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown transferred running us on the modifier. Michael Brown delighted me back live with you and just again full strength back getting my voice back and can't wait to broadcast from our new studio.

It was supposed to start the year with this, but we were expecting covert notice of the stuff so ready to start. Also, with exciting new musical and audio introduction. I think you're gonna love it so gobbling your promising it for a while but should be starting Monday this coming week I'm going to give you some more examples of positive cultural pushback 866-34-TRUTH but I'm taking calls on all subjects today.

I just want to finish up with a leg in Chicago sold on the one hand, sir.

Jacob is a picture of many of us your trust in God and yet relying on the flesh but in a very extreme way, and of course he pays for mightily what he goes through in the betrayal.

His own life, you reap what you sow. As for his name. It does Jacob does rhyme with a calve ankle. It would be like saying they call him Mike Brown because he uses a mic a lot. This is to play on words there on, on the other. On the other hand, there is the root cause of which means to deceive and Esau says he is like his name Yaakov he's a deceiver. Now here's the question. Would you name your kid deceiver know you and do that so other Semitic scholars have suggested. As you noted that the original name could be a that the the full expression Yaakov Ya, Yaakov L with a calm of meaning to protect which we get from some Amorite name some other Semitic names so that they named him and it's a short for that he will protect meaning God will protect Yahweh will protect and that was the original meaning of Jacob within the Bible displays on the plays on words, a calve ankle and a cause of deceiver, but so the origin was it like when my parents named me Michael. They had no idea.

In Hebrew it meant knee-high ale who was like honor.

Certainly that was in a major thing in their heads so that the naming of the child that's is one thing but clearly in the Bible. His character is deeply mixed because of which he experiences blessing, but a lot of hardship with it. That could have avoided if he had honor the Lord.

I hope that helps her you are you are very welcome 866-34-TRUTH right before the back to your calls give you some more examples of cultural pushback. In some cases believers in other cases, just know society in general. Say enough is enough. This is published on the daily wire January 5 by Megan Basye or Basham after public outcry. Facebook reverses decision banning conservative children's book publisher missives completely outrageous that back in November Facebook band from from its platform a conservative children's book publisher called heroes of liberty right so they publish biographies on Ronald Reagan's and Reagan economist, Thomas Sowell, others, and they built up their platform for many years on Facebook, they they advertise their command. Everything gone and the reasons are completely worthless when the publisher appealed the ruling their reports.

Facebook responded by claiming that because fears of liberty didn't quote comply with your policy on low-quality or disruptive content was permanently disabling the account what they give a final appeal. They were told after follow view of the said account.

We confirmed it didn't comply with our advertising policies or of standards is our final decision.

While thankfully I got overturned. There was a public out.

This is insanity. But the good news as we been telling your friends. Is there was a pushback couple news items about your calls about this one. Published on politico, January 10, Pope Francis hits out the cancel culture.

You Pope Francis known for many of his liberal views that of upset traditional Catholics. He said this trend is quote invading many circles and public institutions look at that the Pope uses this cancel culture exact quote is invading many circles and public institutions. As a result, the genders are increasingly dictated by a mindset that rejects the natural foundations of humanity and the cultural roots that constitute the identity of many people and one more example of pushback. This was reported to the daily wire January 8 a Christian nurse was forced out of her job in the South was in hospital for wearing a crucifix, actually a small crucifix she says will hang on. She said the hospital staff were he jobs someone went to mosques four times a day. She says yet my little cross was deemed so dangerous. I lost the job that I love.

It was handed down to her since childhood. She said every day. Every time I look at it I think of Jesus's love how much you love me and the need for him need for me to love him back.

So anyway she she gets fired from her job because of wearing the crucifix because she refused to take it off. She was moved to clerical duties became subject, which he describes us in staying campaign of bullying that left her unable to work. She brought a legal case against the health services and is earlier this month. Her case ended in victory when employment judge Daniel Dayal found that Mary had been constructively dismissed in a way that was both unfair and discriminating.

He said that the medical trust had created humility humiliating, hostile and threatening environment and that when Mary complained responsibility, offensive, and intimidating friends. Obviously, the darkness is gonna be here until Jesus returns obviously will be all kinds of battle, spiritual, moral, ideological, cultural, political, rehab center, I just want to remind you that there is a pushback that is continuing 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Armand in New Jersey. Thanks.

Recall in the line of fire. Dr. Brown, Michael sure with many of your debate against Calvinism and other things that matter to really appreciate it does and the books you written and are you and I are they mine. In our view of God's character. I think Calvinism really do cabinetmaking got the auger people. I think it maligned the character of God to be on make me angry to hear them talk about the Lord and that way I find myself frequently correcting Calvinist and from that I love very much. My question is I really feel that the God of their describing is not the God of Scripture, actually a different gospel that we believe it would believe that God died for the fifth of the whole project that I'm just wondering your opinion, how should we be dealing with brothers in the God so very differently.

What's the first thing Calvinist sees God as infinitely and amazingly good and gracious believes that all of us are worthy of damnation by her own choice and that God in his grace. Although he owes us nothing chooses to save some of us, and therefore he's amazing and wonderful. So in their mind and that's how I felt as a Calvinist. From late 70s and early 80s is not making God into a moral monster is not imputing evil to him. So even though I agree with you that if you ultimately say God ordains that which happens then you have to say God ordained the rape of a child God ordained the serial killings of these innocent women. God ordained this. You would ultimately have to say that and and ultimately, I do believe it paints a wrong picture of God, but you have to first accept the system from within the system. In other words, let Calvinism define itself and defines view of God and then from there, what I would do Armand's is ask constructive questions know if we want to focus on the testimony of Scripture that Jesus died for the world for the whole world for every person for Jew and Gentile for all people. You Cilla how else could gonna possibly expressed it, other than those words not I would I would lovingly challenge that I would point to versus regard plainly says I didn't want this to happen. I never intended this, I never thought of this meeting.

I never planned it for you.

It is contrary to my will and my desire for you. So how do you explain that you and I would just lovingly push you know, of course, Calvinist have answers but if I agreed with the answers. I'd still be a Calvinist solar you know it when Jesus says in Matthew 23 to Jerusalem by lessee.

Speaking of the leaders of Israel, how often I gathered your children together, how often I decide to get your children together as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, but you weren't willing to just I would lovingly press that what what is that imply I will assess this okay.

We preach to people.

God commands all men everywhere to repent. Right. And we tell whoever we we meet. You need to turn from your sins and put your faith in Jesus. So here's my question. Let's say that they could do that. Chris, this is the can't that be born again to do that of course very problematic to me but let's say we say oh okay theoretically one time a person's true right if it will turn from their sins, believing she still be safe if they're not elected to Jesus die for them, the answer would be no so, aren't I telling them something that is so fundamentally untrue because even if they could believe it wouldn't be to their salvation.

Because Jesus didn't die for them, so I would just press those points and and then look at the verses like Ezekiel 18 regard plainly says is no delight in the death of the wicked, but rather that they repent of passages in Jeremiah were God distances himself from Israel's behavior and setups. I actually never intended this for you the how can you say God ordained it I would. I would press those I would press the verses about God's grief because of human sin and and obviously didn't ordain us to send and grieve over it and into see if the Lord opens hearts through that but but always do your best to not present Calvinism as you see it to a Calvinist, but rather to present Calvinism as a Calvinist, sees it, and then to lovingly challenge it with Scripture.

Hey thank you sir for the call. I come back I'm going to an old friend, Pastor Jeff from Maryland to catch up on the other side of the break. If the restaurant because at least they it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker, and Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown to friends money encourage you strongly to visit vitamin so right through my whole battle with Kovic right through recommending that I went right over to the hospital to get a chest x-ray kiss at the money which you did check in with me regular infectious moments ago in another text, my friend, Dr. Mark Spengler think of it with this thriving busy practice in California, unable to keep up with all the needs of the patients covert and all of that texting me checking in on me the real deal so you'll be blessed by the special arrangement we have some of the finest health supplements you can get on the planet vitamin you'll see there's a code you can use it to get you a discount on all your orders and then was that once that's done so your you benefit to this great health supplements. Dr. Singh turns run makes a donation for ministry to help us get on more stations so there encourage you to visit vitamin so back in June. If I recall I got a text from a friend, Pastor Jeff Rogers to just watch the debate I had done with a colleague and that gay and lesbian pastor sent me a note about the debates a note. No need to reply this in a follow-up text and said you think that that sometimes this can be directly related to demonic powers and because the first text said no need to reply.

I never never replied to the text so so Jeff, I'm only about six months, seven months late in replying to you but how you doing man grew and grew up here. There were group will battle over the course-year-old herder I really regard prayer for your little note about people or prerecorded, but I believe it would probably happen there.

Thank you and I look fat man thank you so much and when I first got hit.

It was so minor I don't post anything because I know people here clover the Millie you take it seriously?

We were battling for the life of from the ultimate loss its role in the prayer focus to be there but it got a little bit wild for while man and it was noted demonic attack is one night with his meticulous and and the good news is, Satan is a loser and when we literally die.

Satan is a loser but with everything that we go through if we walk with the Lord become a better so pursuing my determination is is long-term to be even healthier to be even stronger to be even more full of vitality, energy vision is Jeff II know like you. We carry the same vision when I try to slow down were Travis and God work more and more in the days ahead and feel like there could be decades by God's grace in a solar don't boast about tomorrow man but but I am carried by the prayers of God's people and you right now is to scan strength back get my voice back.

So this is better every day and then just get a sore thing fixed, but in Jesus name.

It will be fixed amen to what you're saying and I appreciate thank you brother your brother were looking for new breakout interim agreement will battle role when I get a call or note.

Awesome. Lord have been praying for you to follow. Thank you so much. Yes, it was what's on your mind today all man rivet. But one might not be familiar with, but the comic book world color, followed all the people never euros remodeling Aaron.

Here's all large custard group of people with W comic book their production and marketing and people by buffering reduction because of the multiple in the comic book like public people are liberated to speak out that I don't really like the director would go along with all of the eligibility of fortunate Brown Mark Robert is buying Catwoman strand whenever it is everybody's buyer transfer day around Carol Lichter draw of Bill America go over parking world where there will be no installed gargoyle bottle or back there but can be found in the younger generation that excellent bottle of your warm breakout of an older along Cardwell Villa parable or year to year go darker and darker the churches become more more aware that we do depart respected Chronicle but Dr. burst forth. As Baron like a clarion call for many people that we need to really respond to their become the internal that when God told Israel about Richard Mugler though you'd pray big part. Her from your wicked what we further God and not absolutely Villa not going to far principal.

The carotid specter Chronicle chapter 11 challenge bear Nebo when we are playing work, North (which really been to go after knowing our, feel that what the shortage in general has gone Lord to forgive the church but not with Shirley internal law may be debatable question about really beyond the real person was praying for the nation and looks different. We have the mind of Daniel. Daniel playing for the nation. Though they may not of been and what brought them of the bog and like mere monarchy played for the nation.

They are applying what could be found their individual every formula for man barely got the right name the questionnaire. How far can we go beyond the individual that spring Robert here really have administrative beyond your spell it out like right right so just jump into them actually got a chance to answer most of time. Let's separate two things.

First, there is the prayer the church within the nation's of the prayer of believers within a nation, so Daniel was part of the elect nation Israel is as were Nehemiah and others so when we apply to ourselves today that doesn't apply to America is not chosen when Israel was for the pasta believers within America. So on the one hand we are praying for the church for repentance for awakening.

On the other hand, we are praying for God have mercy on the nation and bring the nation to repentance and salvation.

So there related, but their separate note, so second Chronicles 714 if my people, my name, that SunAmerica is the church in America but all we can do.

Jeff is to personally turn to the Lord with all of her might love a heart with all of our soul and we do double convicted souvenirs and allies a result refine. We just got comfortable with like what is that some is like look in the mirror after gaining hundred pounds, but you are where it's at, what happened so that's what happens as we turn to the Lord and and then with it. Got begin sister the hearts of others, but but I do not have the power to repent personally. Of all the sins of the church of America or even all the sins of the church and the community in which I live but I can pray for God to deepen the spirit of repentance and others and and you can liken it to a coal that if I can get my own coal burning red hot then it's gonna ignite the coals next to me and if enough of those ignite pretty soon you could be cooking something on the fire so what you also need to be conscious of is that you're never the only one God has a people God has a remnant and is much as it may feel as if we're the only ones as much as we may feel isolated.

I know I'm getting stricter. I feel very sure the Holy Spirit is stirring others to pray as well and that's what gives me the confidence that that is as I believe was Matthew Henry said that when God wants to send revival.

He gets his people praying. So when I see a rising tide of people crying out, young and old, of seeking God's face, I just read a book last night that I that I endorsed a passion book about revival by two young men who'd been impacted by my ministry over the years and it struck me.

Hey I just wrote a book came out October revival or we die. Many people are reading it saying yes my heart for smart. That's how I feel. They're bringing a similar theme revival or we die so the encouragement is no I don't have the power preparing for the home, the whole church but I do have the power preparing for my own life and to pray for stirring another hearts knowing that something's going on this beautiful verse in Jeremiah 3, where he calls the people to repent and then says he knew a ton of fury are come to use numbers bloodily the way, let's leave the land. Repentance sleep away in intercession, knowing that this could spark massive national outpouring and revival back with you going live tomorrow thoroughly Jewish Thursday another program powered by the Truth Network

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