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Dr. Brown Is Back Live with Thoughts on COVID and a Full Health Update

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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January 17, 2022 5:20 pm

Dr. Brown Is Back Live with Thoughts on COVID and a Full Health Update

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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January 17, 2022 5:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 01/17/22.


The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network, it's me. Yes back live with you share with you today.

It's time for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry under the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown absolutely have friends here we are back live, this is Michael Brown absolutely delighted to be with you, my voice is a little horse, but I'm feeling massive massively better at getting stronger by the day recovering well and so eager to to be talking to directly.

Again, if you're listening. Aside from the horse voice. Everything is normal if you're watching on Facebook or YouTube. We are still audio only. We will will be for a few more days and then gobbling will be back in the brand-new studio. We actually had snow and ice pretty heavily here in North Carolina right outside of Charlotte North Carolina.

Because of that the roads are difficult as well. Today but were audio only, but were live hears the recall, 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884. It is Martin Luther King Day, but won't be focusing on his legacy today but skews me but of the things we do want to talk to about but I remind you of such an important message that he brought the darkness cannot drive out darkness that hatred cannot drive out hatred only light can drive out darkness only love can drive out hatred. There's a lot of sickness in our society today, there is a lot of spiritual and moral disease and we the people of God. We know the Lord. We have the answer.

I'm not looking to to a party political party to a political candidate. I'm looking to Jesus and I'm looking to Jesus in you and me to gather we have the answer. Our society needs to gather we can make a difference. Okay I want to ask you a question about your own lives. Your own health and then want to share some of this very interesting journey.

I've been on. I think it's going to minister to you as I do, but is a question for you if you got covert was it purely physical.

That was it. You got hit with it mild to severe. But either way it's a physical thing like flus like cold but worse, but just a physical thing to break a bone yet another sickness and disease are diagnosed with this net. This is a physical malady was at what was if so glad that was the extent of it, or did you come under some type of spiritual or emotional attack did. Did you come under some oppression like die die to make it look at this one they done that one. They done or you'll never get back to normal. You will never get well again. Did you get it with that. If so, look your 866-34-TRUTH also does it seem to you that a disproportionate number of Christian leaders have been taken up by covert.

Most recently, prominent pastor in California Ray Bentley, loved by many a pastor to settle by my own friends out California history.

Bentley died. What two weeks ago Marcus Lamb DayStar TV internationally loan he passed away earlier on the beginning of the pandemic. Many pastors, bishops, leaders in the church of God, pastor women, a substantial number of you covert it is this a specific Satanic attack to try to take a Christian leaders. Is it that some simply refuse to be vaccinated and were more vulnerable to the been mistaking faith for presumption or could it be that it's just it appears a certain way that's misleading that the please hear me the last thing I would do is sit here in judgment on a brother or sister that's not my intent God for bid. I stand with my brothers and sisters when we have the same views on various subjects is not the issue, but from what you can see this. It seemed that the enemy has really been scheming to take a Christian leaders in an unusual way, or perhaps even the fact that that many feel for various reasons before God that they should be vaccinated under Godfrey people not presumptuous. Could that be part of an attack where we become more suspicious of the government and society around us.

Just thinking out loud. 866-34-TRUTH soon it will take some of your calls but but first, first, I just want to share a little bit about my own recent journey. You know that since August 2014, God miraculously worked in my life dramatically changed me and help me to come up with a completely brand-new lifestyle diet eating and living is healthfully as I know how every day of every week without exception ever. Even if I'm traveling around the world. Without exception okay so it's it's been massively life transforming on every score life transforming my my energy my overall health is been night and day and my only boast has been in the Lord because I was a chronic law pizza Holick just unhealthy lifestyle even on almost 63 I weighed 275 pounds and an eight month period through God's help, just eating healthily. I've been exercising before so I continue to exercise went from 275 pounds to 180 and the policy is basically been no exceptions ever and I've been striving, and I used to get several headaches we haven't had a headache in and what 7 1/2 years.

Mr. constant low back pain that's gone by had high blood pressure. My blood pressure change to ideal but but please hear me. I never ever posted in my health I boasted in the Lord and that's for two reasons. Number one I knew that it was God who change my life I knew had nothing to boast about. I knew I couldn't say hey look at me. Can you believe what I've done. It's like God intervened and he help me.

That's one thing. So when I would boast in the Lord and encourage other safety to do for me to do for you, it's because once you healthy.

Once you thriving. See you living out your life to the full floor cassettes them. The biggest thing to me. I want to be healthy and strong so I can run my race for Jesus so I can be here to do the max I can. The maximum damage to Satan's kingdom. The maximum advancing of God's kingdom, glorifying Jesus every breath I have, but the other reason that I never boasted of my health was because you can't boast about tomorrow. Hey Betty wife had endless tomorrows and she didn't know the whole nation ready to celebrate her hundredth birthday.

While this cultural icon is on the same example gone this with this cultural icon and then she gets her hundredth birthday. People magazine announcing it yielded all advance doesn't happen every one of us will die list.

Jesus comes first room of us will die and we don't know the day of our death, so I never boasted about tomorrow and when I ultimately chose not to be vaccinated.

It wasn't because I oppose vaccinations. It was it because I oppose covert vaccinations and it wasn't to be belligerent. In fact, Nancy and I went back and forth on it many times. Yes no should be shortly, and if she had said, and I really feel strongly that we should just on her track record with practical wisdom. Over the years was a fine successor like I hostilely resisted over this time and interest or extended family. It's like half as vaccinated half is but this is umbilicus of spiritual thing about doing more to be store suspect Fort know the South Bennett. My understanding and consulting with my with my primary doctor was that was no comorbidities, and with vibrant, thriving health even on 66 that colors are not a threat. In other words, the vast majority of people I know that God covert have gotten it not set a few had long-haul symptoms but otherwise the couple weeks you know and and or over it few weeks. There get back to normal so well boasting about tomorrow that that was my understanding. My doctorate also proved prescribe government informally say have it on hand in case you get it in a few the supplements to take with it so I was ready in that regard, and whatever the rules are program I followed.

In other words, if in this study required to wear a mask or mask, and if in this study known was wearing a mass anywhere mask and and I was run thousands and thousands of people in various meetings and and the vast majority some cases, virtually all of them unmasked and see that in contracted but I never boasted about tomorrow right but I just want to make all of that clear that there was no presumption saying this can't touch me or anything like that and when I first got hit so here December 25. Christmas of family lives nearby came over and we started today. My grandson Andrew 18 and he's he's now officially recruited this as a college baseball pitcher kids a good athlete right. We boasted 2000 m rose but he was little under the weather was cold so he didn't push actually beat him. I did. I had pretty good time for myself. Was he would beat me notes of this and that's how that's how I started the day with the family overheads through 2000 m row and then the next day because this post be vacation time, just chill time, relaxed time until the new year so I'm watching some football on Sunday and I'm doing these planks for those who know what they are and and I'm given a minute 15 I normally do a minute each one on the left side one on the right side one praying. Find one push reply, but I said hey I want a personal further and 75 seconds on each side which felt that art and then afterwards I so much energy put on these virtual reality headset and did these boxing matches this really good workout and I remember thinking, nice man. I figure so full of energy and then it's been my custom for years. Take a late afternoon nap.

I got up from the nap and select all and I'm sorry it was such as from almost planks at the selectman time can hardly move, came out of the blue covert did Nancy it started. Maybe it day before with some symptoms.

We both tested positive. Couple days later and initially I didn't post anything. I didn't say anything because Narciso Minard's I got body ache, sometimes going to pass.

It was only twins in the second week I got hit at the same time close friend got it filed line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown drawing his friend under special attack from covert some demonic attack or some natural explanation for it. 866-34-TRUTH I get your calls shortly.

II had been saying from the end of last year coming to this year that 2022 is going to be a year of taking background, not so much a prophecy as much as a mindset that that this is the attitude that we need to take on spiritually. My new book the silencing of the lambs comes up March 1, the ominous rise of cancel culture and how we overcome it is filled with strategies and filled with words of encouragement I promised you that in this new year that we are going to be giving you examples words of encouragement of things taking place in the news in the world. Positive examples of pushback so gobbling on tomorrow's broadcast got a bunch of items I want to go through. These are things not people are talking about but actually happening.

Signs of things progress and and I'm not primarily looking at this in a political way.

I'm not primarily looking at this in terms of one party advancing over another wickedness in terms of righteousness in terms of morality in terms of spiritual encouragement, so be sure to join us on tomorrow's broadcast. So it in the midst of me being sick. Initially I thought no problem affect the second week of OC giving going into the office. Nancy said no that's premature. Well, it was very premature. As I started to get weaker, but we even managed to do radio couple days and we thought, okay, get stronger, getting better and mentors like stopped. I've heard this from many white coated but it's like you just it doesn't progress in the normal way you don't say you think okay of cold and flu at this event that you know I've got this injury and each day you little better little stronger like the Jeep stall and then I started to get weaker.

I still feel completely exhausted at the same time we were fighting a battle for a dear friend, Brad Brad was a student of mine at Christ for the Nations on Long Island in the mid-1980s. So we knew each other since I was 28.

He was 17. After he graduated, he would often travel with me as I spoke, he would not use us as a younger friend, but he was an anointed worship leader's anger piano player and with ministry music before I spoke after Easter babysitter girls work with their federal and in of them would stay at our house we lived in Maryland then come stay at the house we travel out from there we did some overseas meetings together, but he never married, never married, and he was a handsome guy and you would get interested in this one and then that he wasn't interested get interested in another one that she wasn't interested is like Brad when you get married man and and he was the oldest of eight siblings seven sisters Brad and then seven sisters anyway. The years went on.

He's now in his mid-late 40s still not married, and he is playing at the funeral service is part of the church was asked to play at the funeral service of funeral service playing and ministering in looking out at this grieving widow thinking this is not right. This is not right.

Wouldn't you know it. God brings the two of them together.

He becomes a father to her kids. Casinos wanted to have kids of such important value to him and and they were just a wonderfully happy couple got to meet them September 2020 spoke in the church there in Winston-Salem and and without word.

I guess in a right before Christmas that that Brad was in the hospital was covert 50s in a healthy and strong and all that and heard about. It's like okay that's that's bad, but I didn't take it that seriously. Nancy immediately want more details what's going on in and just felt the seriousness of it was lost up about 1010 people that we know personally so that we had a history with that were part of a ministry team years ago or student or ministry school or just an old friend or colleague, or an extended ministry calling that that that's done of covert, so we know how serious this could be demonic and ugly. This could be but I just couldn't help reticence 50s I just couldn't even imagine anything happening.

What gets worse gets worse and you see what treatments to get all the treatments that you hear about from I've wrecked into model colloidal antibodies etc. the heat got that but he got sicker and sicker and now I'm I'm laying in bed I can barely move on completely exhausted and this things hanging over my head. This demonic law. You know me Mr. positive 01 at one of our our grandsons are your grandson economies. 14 he wants it to be grandpa. You're just too optimistic. Sometimes I I am so consumed with a sense of God's favor. I am so consumed with a sense of the goodness of the Lord. I am so consumed with this holy confidence that God has amazing things in store for his people and that as I continue to walk with him is going to use me in ways far beyond anything I've ever seen me. I'm consumed with that reality. On the opposite of doom and gloom. That's what I heard my friend in a Brad the hospital. He can't be that serious and realize it is serious and am praying that day and night, but this things hanging over my head. You watch you die, where the world did that come from it is so absolutely foreign to me. I'm you're talking about someone who gets on a 15 hour flight joyfully. Can't wait to get on the plane 50 enough, I mean that. It's just the way I have this built-in constant enthusiasm and joy and expectation, and I know maybe feel it. Many of you listen to the broadcast because of a sense of hope and encouragement that you get. But this things hanging over me. This is the way it goes to get sicker. You went up in the hospital and you don't come out, that's the end we have other friends very close to us lived by the grace of God and the family didn't know if they see them again and people really come in and to give last rights and stuff and they made God's grace.

This things hanging over me and then we can go Sunday so eight days ago and again I'm just really weak. Everything's gone backwards for me. Even, you know, just the simplest thing like stooges living a normal life.

You wake up in the morning you breakfast in a go to work you play with your kids. I'm look… Like how other people do that. It wasn't.

It wasn't thinking out of ever be well again. It was like this was so weak I couldn't even see just why you brush your teeth while that's a week I was at and then we get word Brad Scott lost all Josh and his precious wife widowed now for the second time married to Brad six years.

The first husband 6 1/2 years now Brad secures the kids bereaved against the know this can happen almost every day I was posting prayer updates and people praying for Brett around the world.

Now this is not the way it's supposed to be.

And with that song grieving. I'm crying over the loss in crime for the family and their loss and getting hit now in my own head that said so over and sit you don't get your 60s. That's it that things get worse and I shot a note to some of this is the weirdest thing of ever dealt with. Just the weirdest demonic attack and so on early foreign to every fiber of my being in God, but when it hits like that when you lost it in a lifelong friend and the enemies as their breathing down your neck and use a week at Geico energy and I shot a text to my doctor and he said you need to get a chest x-ray. Immediately you may have pneumonia's early next morning our daughter May came pick me up. Nancy is doing much better but still had the home should be out yet and pick me up brought me to the to the hospital and and hear the cigarette that set one should go this way, you never come out and once a man they said you you do have pneumonia but that's not the issue got covert pneumonia, that's that the issue your lungs or your lungs are okay. You sound you sound okay but the issue is that covert best with your heart and your in a fib's arterial fibrillation. So you see the heartbeats regular and blood pressures to Lois and so they said they would send you home but instead we can keep you overnight just to monitor the heart and to get John some meds to regulate things so was able to go home the next day for those blasting the hospitals. We tell you everybody there did whatever they could to make my stay as good as it could be to get me out of there as quickly as possible to be as courteous and conscientious as you can ask for this whole thing are you going to hospitals they'll kill you a compassion burnout because they've just pushed beyond the limit, but that it once was in the hospital. It was okay that I could die. Be fine and and we will address the heart issue slung on some meds now and and even there there some natural solutions. Of course we pray, but I fully expect to be fully recovered on every score run of my race everywhere in the house, never boasting about tomorrow but let me tell you the vision, the dreams, the things that God is put within my heart. They they affect all of us. I'm telling you extras of sitting here speaking to you today that holy confidence continues to rise that we will see a great move of God in America that we will see a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit that we will see a multitude of sinners come to salvation that we will see awakening within the church that then touches the society that we will see this gospel based moral and cultural revolution, of which I have spoken for so many years and in in seed form has been growing in so many places and in so many of your hearts.

So there have been losses there have been tragedies there are. There are people for whom we mourn right now, our hearts break for the families of those of Los Lobos to covert and other tragic things kingdom advances. Jesus is Lord and we are taking ground okay we come back, go to your calls.

Few of the things I want to talk about as well. 866-3487 84 will direct line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution there again. Dr. Michael Brown going to be back with you. Why last counting the moments of voice, little horse, but I am so energized just to be on the air with you. 866-348-7884.

Did you covert and in the midst of it get hit mentally, emotionally, spiritually, you will never get better, you'll never go back to die is get hit with that. I mean, it's the most bizarre stuff to go through but boy I get hit with Attica.

I was one quick time about the second day and then we can go Sunday day that we lost a close friend to covert, II had just kind of a afternoon and evening. That was miserable and hellish. Thank God for his goodness and grace and promise are going to the phones momentarily remember this is Martin Luther King Day.

Perhaps Dr. King's most famous quote that that we should be judged by the quality of our character.

The content of arc. I was on some vacation time within sick with covert so intentioned is resting extra was watching some football games this spend more time with sports and I normally would and I'm thinking it'll that's a team you got many black players would be number one in NFL than white players and and and other ethnicities and team and your hugging each other and you're celebrating it.

It's a team I think of life we could live like that because I need you and you need me and and and America needs us to be who God has called us to be. Remember to visit vitamin What a great time to get some healthy supplements into your body that will help you short-term and long-term, especially supplementing healthy eating and lifestyle vitamin you could choose a special discount there that Dr. Stegner has provided for you are listens okay with that. We go to the phone. Starting in Oregon normal.

Welcome to the line of fire or that that none of that is so remarkable though because you know shoot here we are, and for you. It is get hit with cold symptoms right for me. Initially it was small and had a bad straight stretch later. Rob initially was mild and you get hit with these thoughts. There's something demonic about this and that's about the origins and and the Wuhan lab and and and not denying the physical realities but it really seems it really seems that that there is something demonic going on with all this absolutely wild, absolutely wild. Hey Natalie, thank you so much for the call. Much appreciated and Norm excuse me and I'm so glad that you're on the other side of the Scott Lesch all right, let's let's go to Robbie in Alabama. Welcome to the line of fire. Robbie, are you there yes go ahead, go ahead, Robbie right today.

What will try to get back to a let's go to Natalie in Detroit. Welcome to the line of fire. Yes, I can. I can hear you loud and clear. I tell you it looks like we are having an audio issue here all right.

Hopefully we are good to go and let's try one more time here.

Natalie, can you hear me now yes can you hear me all right. I am not sure what is going on your broadcasting remotely today and okay so I can be heard to try to go to the phones one more time and if not I'm just can assure a few of the things on my heart with you a let's try again. Robbie and Alabama can you hear me Sir, you go ahead thank you, man.

I'm so glad to be back yet so this is something that I have also thought about written about so is in people, all of whom died of covert to his knowledge, not one of them was vaccinated. I can count right now and for those that we we just may have had some problems with recall connections of Robbie was asking. There are so many Christian leaders who have died of covert to his knowledge, none of them were vaccinated, and with all the conspiracy theories out there about why you shouldn't be vaccinated.

Okay, so I and and and some of these things may not be conspiracy theories of these things may be valid right could be that so many Christian leaders are saying we should be vaccinated for XYZ reasons. It's the mark of the beast or the vaccines are connected to aborted babies or the vaccines just the government try to take over or the vaccines are not proven and are dangerous etc. etc. so the question is, it could be that these leaders and choosing not to get vaccinated and some of them being very prominent voices, one against the vaccinations like Marcus Lam.

So the question would be how they die, not because of covert as much is because it didn't take a remedy or help that God had provided so were looking at some very painful difficult issues. These are brothers and sisters in Jesus. Some of these people minister to millions. Yes there with the Lord now, but you've got grieving families and the legacy of what could have been ahead of them. So my friend and I were comparing notes. He knows over dozen people personally died of covert none of them were vaccinated. Nancy and I as we go through our list. It was about 10 people.

I don't mean knowing about like Marcus Lam I maybe knew each other on the free ever met, but I was on DayStar with with his wife, Joni, but I don't put him on that list because I don't know him personally. Anyone on my list is someone that had a personal history with over the years, or let's say in the case of who is a pastor friend I knew yours back in NFL and and his daughter dies so for me it's it's it's over 10 and to my knowledge, none of them were vaccinated.

That's very serious that that that's that's very weighty note please him again.

The last thing that I'm doing is sitting here critically because I'd not been vaccinated myself I don't I don't oppose the vaccinations as possible the future that I might be vaccinated, but I in no way do I sit in judgment and I know that many God-fearing Jesus loving people have wrestled with this have wondered whether they should be vaccinated and and have strong reasons not to, and I know of story after story I can verify first hand the people telling me of family members of people close to them who died of as far as they know as a result of the vaccine and then very credible reports from Israel about suppressing stories as the government began to look into vaccine related injuries and thousands and tens of thousands of people began to respond that they then blocked it and and and and and remove the that the data from from public view.

So I am unaware of the arguments and the concerns brought if I could press a button and all these friends who died were not vaccinated. If I could press a button and have every one of them vaccinated year ago whenever the vaccine was available I would do it because maybe it would save their lives.

Now is this a perfect storm and the enemy trying to take out Christian leaders in particular because many Christian leaders have been skeptical about where things go and look even for pro-vaccine like Dr. Johnson so faulty that have on of the year with me to present his pro-vaccine case and and is very strongly pro-vaccine.

He absolutely opposes the mandates so the whole thing's gotten mixed in together. The government overreach the though trying to vaccinate children like five years old and I and all kinds of unnecessary restrictions being pushed in the churches view being shut down your gambling casino in Nevada. If you can, you know, it can operate a 50% capacity. You have a church building that seats 3000 you can have 150 people in it so there's been so much mixed together, but may God give us wisdom.

These are people's lives involve God give us wisdom will be right back.

Thanks friends for the wonderful brown delighted to be back with you live.

I apologize to everyone that's on hold or phone lines or jam, but we are having some type of problem taking calls today so I can hear you but no one else can hear you what everybody else's hears me sitting here breathing right so I apologize but I will not be able to take calls.

Hopefully tomorrow will work this out were still broadcasting remotely, but let me say again, I am thrilled beyond words to be back with you live and thank you so much for praying for me.

Know covert for the vast majority of people is very minor but for some it hits more severely and for some it's been fatal. So our heart screen for those who are morning and they God's grace prevail in your lives.

I wanted just tell you quickly the story and then talk about international covert incident many years ago I heard Rush Limbaugh on the radio and the story holds whether you loved Russia didn't like rush okay's chest. That's not the point. She was at the airport one day at baggage claim and Peter Jennings who is the famous anchor on was ABC news so famous news host he's at the airport as well as baggage claim and rush notices a bunch of people who has Peter Jennings and their pointing and that's Peter Jennings, but nobody goes and says a word to him what law they had a relationship with him. They they watched on TV but he's this famous guy and that they observed from a distance as Russia's noticing this. He next sees a bunch of people out surrounding him rush. How should dad he rush how this work, what, and he realized wow being on talk radio, you develop a certain relationship with your audience and they become family in a certain way and and you get to kind of live life together you can share things I meant it had crazy things traveling back from different your overseas get deleted really getting back in time to do the show.

I, come running to the door and you just you share this with been going on it and people can call in and interact and and I get to know you through the calls I get to knowing that a certain level I get to the store your perspective so there's just something about live talk radio.

Of course preaching here thinking like this, your pastor, you get up and you preached your congregation and they may interact with you certain way or a manner laugh for you notes, jokes or whatever you see there being impacted, but it's it's different than when you're sitting together with them in like a small group and that's the thing with radio so I discovered years ago I be get out of my car going through grocery store and I see a perfect stranger walking towards me. I mean a perfect stranger. I know that I don't know this person, but there smiling at me as if I've known them for years and I know it's common that the moment they they come up to greet me. I know what they do say Dr. Brown I listen to your every day there is that sense of camaraderie there is that sense of being together so I know you have a lot of things going on in your life.

I know that it's not like your whole life or on the song around and listen to what Dr. Brockett was the park as a chemist is showing.

I don't imagine that I'm that important in any of your lives that everything stops for Dr. Brown but I know that many of you have been regular listeners, some for years and we really are family there really is a sense of connection and on my hand unlike talk to life again.

I've got a beef last week it was drawn to do some shows or the week before.

As I was getting weaker. Remember sitting here we get the whole remote set up at my house in all of this is radiated and I told the studio okay sorry go to just repeat an old show, but I mean that's my heart that that's my devotion and in my love being on the year with you and God is really spoken to us about major expansion in 2022. Not just a little word on timeout with practical strategy and faith, and plans to expand to reach more people with this broadcast than ever before. And, God willing, regular school way to the end of this week and then on Monday start broadcasting from our new studios will have the whole new look. I think you'll enjoy it and some other surprises. Hopefully coming your way as well. In the weeks ahead. But last thing I can follow his real interest. The story of Novak joke Rich and the Australian open. For those not familiar.

He is one of the three greatest male tennis players of all time, tied with two others, Roger Fetter and Rafael Nadal for the grand slam told of each woman school 20 grand slams and he's been best at the Australian open Federal Express that will built-in the dollars invested at French Open but among them.

My favorites always been the doll to the extent I follow it I'm I'm a watchful tennis match your once or twice a year, but I've always like the doll so be ready for the doll versus joke. Rich and Fedor's is older and anyways because of injuries and things are playing right at the moment will joke of which has been known for years, since the whole vaccination discussion came up to say I'm gonna be very careful about what I put my body and he says extreme diet and practice things like that so answer choose not to be vaccinated is done some things that tournaments and people in master than PP them with covert surveys got criticized a lot in Australia of course is shut on the whole it really has shut down the whole nation. Because covert so they said not vaccinated cannot play in the tournament.

He got a medical exemption from the tenants Association because he tested positive for COBIT in December and they supported that that will be just as if you were vaccinated. You can play when he arrived, the government said no, no, you can fill out the visa properly and we don't accept the medical exemption. He was is kept overnight with underarm dark at the airport and brought to this cheapo immigration hotel. Not the best place to stay and is there than than the judge's I said you have adequate notice and and you were treated properly to review the sink and then the government comes down and says you have to leave that why did they say, ultimately, not because he was faxing. Look, if that's the rule you can come into our country was revaccinated. That's the rule. Where are if the Australian tennis Association or the organizers of the Australian open say yes revaccinated to play this matter had covert is not that's their call. They can do that in his case they said we are deporting you because you are well known for your stance against vaccinations personally and if you win the tournament.

This could bring undue attention to position and discourage Australians from continuing get vaccinated.

There like 90% vaccinated continuing to get boosted your example with not wearing a mask in certain says any which deftly makes mistakes and again I rather than the doll won the joke, of which one side of the personal about the sudden I'm not like a joke which supporter but it struck me as utterly bizarre and and and the court stood with the government so joke, which was deported and and and the strut and openness begun without him, but it struck me as utterly bizarre for for the government to say that it is an overwhelming risk for us to allow him to play because of his personal views about vaccine. I mean, doesn't that strike you as is overreach again if they simply said if you and I faxed you can come in the country right that's the rule.

Like it or not, you can play in the tournament if you're not vaccinated okay that's their rule.

Like it or not enough that it been the case and they told him that he can't play this revaccinated then I imagine us if you have said okay I will play when he got a medical exemption. He announced publicly all excited got the exemption ready to play in.

And then when he got to the country should know that even acknowledged that that the approval of his visa was by a computer. Mistake and joke of rich consultants acknowledge that his team fill things out and correctness of their errors on all sides, and I respect the rules. If you set them fine, but the idea that you have to deport him to think of it he's right now considered the than number one tennis player in the world and and for sure when the top three of all time. You have to deport him bust his personal example negatively influence others in the country maybe think the government did the right thing, but to me, that was extreme overreach to me that that was how can you describe that was simply saying that we do not want negative ideas circulating that will cause people to go against our mandates and decisions. Could you imagine that happening in America. So I wrote about that. I would some candy reflections on vaccines that many seem to have appreciated. Ask Dr. SK DR check out the latest articles again on tomorrow's broadcast or bring your words of encouragement and let you know of some pushback that's taking place some Major Pushback Took Pl. in Canada. Yesterday, Sunday, as Christian leaders, pastors basically said to the nation and said to the law review was right to preach the gospel will stand by our convictions regardless of cost or consequence. Be ready to be encouraged were back with you live here on the line of fire. Another program powered by the Truth Network

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