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The Line of Fire with Guest Host Stu Epperson

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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January 14, 2022 5:00 pm

The Line of Fire with Guest Host Stu Epperson

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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January 14, 2022 5:00 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 01/14/22.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network stage for the line of fire with your host activist.

The international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH and Dr. Michael Brown 7884 is a toll-free number nationwide for the line of fire.

I'm Stu Epperson sitting in for my good friend Dr. Michael Brown who should be back Lord willing, Monday he's recovering and he is extremely grateful for your prayers. I watched a cool and stew Graham video with him yesterday update nerve one and he is very, very grateful for all the support, love the prayers. He'll be back soon live right here in the hot see the line for the meantime, I'm asking the question today all day long. Should Christians ever use the words let's go Brandon know what am I talking about. If you don't know what I'm talking about. I would love I would love to talk to you and I would love to tell you right now what is going on in the culture. We have some headlines here the numbers 866-34-TRUTH I have been talking to people all day about this and I had.

I have Christians who are replaying large crowds, even one crowded a church yelled. Let's go Brandon know it wasn't during the church service. Apparently it was kind of like a conservative family rally for the family talk about our freedoms are being taken away.

People are upset at the that the socialism the communism of the, the, the stuff the anti-God pro-abortion and anti-marriage antifamily agenda of the current political leadership in our country and some people got just didn't flat out angry and vulgar and they're saying they're saying the F bomb with Joe Biden's initials F JB, they're saying that they're posting that are not even sand after spelling it out. In fact, in fact, check this out. People are putting the hashtag F JB but people actually spell the words.

I was just at lunch with a good Christian radio partner who was driving through North Carolina and a guy put up an entire guy put up an entire giant sign with the length of the curse words spelled out the F bomb and then Joe Biden and he was just a car so he wrote.

The guy letters a look. I'm a Christian I'm driving down the road and I see this and I got young years young guys in the cart. We you please take the sign down basics of a different, and so some people have said all I'm saying. Let's go Brandon so that I say the word and the costs and so so snug you know that's what other you know that's what so you're saying so then I read one of my Instagram friends post and the very graciously. They said they said very graciously.

They said no church, no Christian should ever out of the words let's go Brandon.

They said because it's the same as cussing. If you say the words let's go Brandon, your Kirsten you're using the F bomb so you think that is not true. And so then the next question is if Christians are upset with the way the government's going to fit if there if you really see that the Joe binds his rate of approval as it is below 33%.

They see these anti-God just really evil things that some of our political leaders are pressing right now pushing they see that they like or how I express myself, why don't Kusumoto Kirsten man so I say the words let's go Brandon. So is it ever okay for Christians to say those words I will hear from you and in the meantime, there is a man of God and the studios can help us sort through this.

I got some headlines here and I've got some other updates and I want to hear from you on a Friday. It's almost a little bit like like like a free-for-all and I know I Dr. Brown show he gets real on Fridays and you guys you peppered with all kinds of great questions and so you gotta a Bible question will back out around it. So it's very interesting topic today because were kind of seeing as. As our faith crosses into the culture and in the politics and there is no one that does that quite like a guy name Chris uses really a rising star with his own shoulder, let him introduce that Chris jump on here a grace let's get his microphone up okay Chris, welcome to the line of fire. It's exciting to be a lot of fire today while you jumped into the fire and I don't want to hear you pulled me right into the morning when any easy topic that you threw me well this is big time… Let me I should put the mic right in your chin and tell me what is telephone and name your new program it's launching nationwide.

It's pretty auditors a podcast to yes call the Christian perspective with Chris Hughes were to launch in February.

As can be a great new program stew were people can come on and learn how to what does the Bible say on issues like abortion and homosexuality. Or let's go. Brandon was about how say about these kind of issues and how can we apply that in our daily lives and have a biblical worldview, biblical worldview is just the lens through which we see the world and live our lives in us Christians that lands need to be through the lens of the Bible were we can understand what God's word says and apply to every facet of our life. In the topic you're talking about today. Let's go Brandon is that is that really what a Christian be should be saying and doing very go so were to look at both sides of that we want to take your calls it 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884 of your Christian and you like saying the words. Let's go Brandon call us and tell us why. If you think a Christian should never say that it should be off-limits, like I just literally the last three people I interviewed, I talked to out there truth on the street.

They said this is terrible.

Christian should never say that it's it's just like cussing is a let's explore that Chris so let's talk about that for second because you obviously are believer.

You don't think Christians uses words bright because you're saying the Bible tells us that when you pray for our leaders do and I don't agree with hardly anything, the president, Biden stands for. Does but he is a leader in God's given him the opportunity to be in this position now and I believe that we should be praying for his salvation, praying for God to give him guidance me. Can you imagine stew of present Biden got saved the impact that could have on our culture our world. So what are we doing when we say let's go Brandon effort maybe some blisters.

I came in late. Here, the studio don't know if you explained but what happened to several months ago a racecar driver was being interviewed up.

Did you cover that I heard no zealots also story this is the history of this idea so so MasterCard are smarter people than you want to show for the racecar. This racecar driver was being interviewed by a reporter and and what it happened is the week or two prior to that cross at a different sporting event is not just NASCAR across the country.

People started screaming and I want to use word basically F Joe Biden, but they weren't saying if they were saying in the real world word when this reporter was interviewing this racecar driver whose name is Brandon.

She said all listed the fans love you so much there shouting.

Let's go Brandon. But that's not what they were shouting they were shouting you have ever Joe Biden so people adopted so let me ask you this if you say you're a believer only take the devils advocate okay this is very system you may have. I may be unfriended and liked by all Kaiser people once they figure out what try to pin me down in the position, but I'm literally trying to as mutually as possible, which is of the long game on the show to the long game on the show today is we want Christians to think biblically, to speak biblically and to yes pray for their leaders and of course you avoid profane language. Avoid foolish things, like the Scriptures took no command and I'm glad you're here with you know so I can put you in the hot seat on this artist use with your biblical worldview program but here's supposing you're a believer and suppose you're very unhappy with how the government is is is is really literally the gene of their driving a communist agenda there literally just destroy our economy as it were, and your eggs are in this basket. Your your heaven bound and what you want to be a light and strips are likely in your your freedom of speech you want to express yourself.

You want to express disdain Michael. I don't curse. I never curse on what occurs when it was cursing, but all I can say let's go Brandon. Instead of dropping the F bomb so that way it's a way it's a clean way of saying it may be like instead of Geo using your GD saying you know, golly, darted like a lot of Christians do, or a lot of crystal say stink or or nor or snap you number my daughter hope when she was little is critical for officers and snap like it's going to cool or fell open.

Yeah, well, you know, so we start getting the flip and he started getting the freaking then you start getting into your I'm saying like that's like sounds like it. Let's go Brandon sounds nothing like you know the F bomb or the name Joe Biden okay so my son to say that's how people think of the like, look, I'm just expressing my my freedom of speech to show that that I am knocking a bow to into an evil regime but then again you got people say if you say that your cousins let's get some colors in your 866-34-TRUTH 866-348-7884 and I would love for you. If you're against it to say what's a good alternative.

Though your ideas out there and if you think it's okay.

Tell us why in and will have a good conversation so they love about this program or have a conversation were taught were love each other and is our ultimate goal is the point people to Jesus Christ. By the way, might not say that, if it's gonna cause my brother to stumble just like I won't eat meat at the end of chapter 8 of a first grade is all you know me because my brothers doubles it could be a weaker brother issued to so instead of you know, blasting in front of Erica.

May we should take pause on that. So were to jump all the way to Texas and working to talk to David and David, you are on the air. God bless you.

Take your call it what you I'm a pastor down here in Corpus Christi, Texas, and affected a podcast episode about this very subject all my and yeah on restoring your voice. Yes, and I completely disagree with any use of it.

Okay, look at alternative and I can give a biblical attorney to write this or so in the Bible says to pray for those who are in authority right I would like, we agree with them inspect the Roman government at the time was the most impressive government the world had ever seen up to correct it. Yes or so and thank the words of Jesus as pray for your enemies and also his people, and they may rightly see it, Joe Biden as an enemy. However, we are supposed to pray for him while. And yes, I'm to be controversial to many bless them according to the words of Jesus I say bless you 60 David you bring these verses up we like these verses when it comes to like my kind of like one of those enemies.

That's maybe a little more practical maybe on the bashful court. We don't like this verse when it comes up in politics because a lot of Christians. They need to bifurcate and this is why Chris uses so strong prescriptions like sometimes are leaving their faith to go to the voting booth and that swing swings both ways are voting for evil candidates with evil agendas, but the weight but on the other side there there there not a good testimony in how they're treating their opponents shot down Chris comment on Davis.

Pastor David is what he said affidavit. I agree with you. Thank you, Lord, it makes us blow ourselves at their level.

Got to take a stand and I'll say take your call more calls. 663 truth paying on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Dr. Brown who is covering and doing great on his way back Lord will and Monday. Back in his chair and he is very grateful to all of you for all your prayers. I can't think of three words that have made more Christians about each other from social media to in the church in these three words are let's go Brandon and the instant gut reaction knee-jerk reaction for a lot of people I talk of applicable clips from truth on the streets. I thought of you out there earlier is Leslie Cusson because it's the substitute for the F bomb in front of Joe Biden's name but send the other the other side is say will look it's just it's a it's a free speech thing and if I want to because I would say the F bomb but I'm not a customer owner got my speech I want to speak my free speech is speak my frustration with the government. So what's why I'm saying it and how dare you call me cousin Chris use stew I don't know Jan, I don't want to laugh about the cousin part is I'm on the side of saying that we as Christians should not say that, but did you see in the news a couple weeks ago, our present Biden was interviewing a veteran and he was going some ribbon-cutting or something talking a veteran at the very end. The veteran said you thank you Mr. Pres. for helping veterans about the way let's go Brandon present Biden himself said yes let's go Brandon support low scope and social media should get out our present use that kind of language but so so anyway.

I mean we say golly and Darshan and dog gone in and note Bobby Brown dad got it yet. We still say dad coming in on average of you know, 1800 times in one note 22nd interview to interview you know but we know what a great man of God.

He was glad he said that government do not use the foul language, but there are Christians. I grew up with people that literally I grew up with people that if I said oh my goodness where they put their babysitters very conservative by weight.

Now I like back then I would happy unhappy camper. Let's have some standards and values. My point is I still want to put me on timeout for single my goodness you know probably what 78.9 years old and was the Lord's name invest only God is good we say oh my goodness or my gosh or golly or your dog gone it or gosh turn it you're saying you're cussing without cussing right and so it's almost like so we say things like snap or you know or something harmless like to do the data government that unibody Brown popularized what is it like scope, you know, Brandon. Some of it's kind of conservative and Christian want to speak out is that their way of doing it so we got the calls come in and we have one line open it 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 7884 Chris use nasty syndicated talkshow host where the Christian perspective is with us yesterday shows launch of super chart have a podcast right SINCE June is called the Christian perspective. Chris use you confided the truth podcast network.

So speak the truth in these issues is so important which is why were on your day. Why were so glad your Conan and were talking to Spence Spence jump out in the hot seat. My friend welcome to show rate and what you think you know I greeted Christian possibly should be encouraging more, not say that. But I also find it considering the gravity of the situation America five to find a kind of a trivial matter to be discussed and considered some of the threat faith-based family than people going on in America there yeah yeah is it you know that's is comment and I and I think you know what were trying to do is take something that is very trivial, seemingly trivial, but it has to do, with no Jesus and out of the heart the mouth speaks what comes out your mouth is reflection of your heart and so you as to how do we address this at the heart level and how do we keep this kind of subject topic from getting people didn't keep Christians from strangling each other. I mean, when this church had a was a guy like a Chris use like you speaking it was a conservative Christian rally for the family and her church. It was in a church service was in the Sunday morning worship and they some folks chanted. Let's go Brandon. They were talking about, you know how the government is literally trying to make abortion more trying to destroy families, and marriage and all that, like any board like services suddenly I mean the fire back from me. The reaction from all kinds of Christian leaders like how terribly say those words, a church Christian should never out of those words.

So I mean I tell you the whole point of the let's go Brandon with the people that have the didn't want to say that they write. They say let's go Brandon.

What is selfish.if you Chris is knocking occurs.

Chris is knocking to say let's go Brandon because now all the other Christians and to say that wrong. What is what they say. Chris use I think is I think they should really take a look at where they fit into the political landscape a little bit more people of God. Don't really have a place in politics, and especially in the time they're going to come.

People are going to come to find that you say that what why do you think the Christians don't have a place in politics are you so I don't sit silently in the current landscape apologetic. There is nothing godly about some of the situations that these people are pushing it is not just a Republican or Democrat bets, playing the devil that believers run for office.

What about godly people like Carson, Mark Walker loves Jesus ensures Christ on the hill with other people. He's friends with people that are his party.

He's friends with liberals to see was the leader, the Christ Asian is gracious about it is not mean-spirited.

What about what about Christians being redemptive. Even in politics. Is it possible is what Chris use you think it is exactly what and in there and people or start your start Christian people getting involved in the and that's why they're quarreling over so you say let's go Brandon or not you makes me really that sort of a trivial trivial matter. Okay. Point all right love and appreciate a call. I think they've already took the vulgarity and people are no say in what they believe is America yeah okay very good Spence think it's it's a bit true and God bless you get here from Spencer little brother perspective. He thinks hey there there there saying something that's plain so they don't have to cost but they can express their frustration with the current regime which which has an evil agenda for certain and so what about that lessee would Laura says Laura you're on the line of fire Severson and for Dr. Brown know if someone else was to call in talk about this would not hear from you. 866-34-TRUTH 866-348-7884. Should Christians ever say the words let's go Brandon Spence doesn't think it's that bad a deal. What is Laura think about your work the way right now, thanks for saying that we like hanging out with you to look at Christian we need to remember who we are to me now. That's how I feel we are children of God.

Now we are in this world that and not just a cliché versus I mean really get into ball passing through. That's a can. Yeah, it can't encourage encouraging Tanner does not take any effort at all.

Thankfully, make any effort and make me feel better now and can keep it. Simply saying what about accuracies and think that's wrong when they're basically taking a cuss word using a different different term, but they're still basically saying if the present states are not what is not that what they mean because if it if they were saying that they say that to Spence is okay I guess it really is you Laura but won't let me tell you what Laura said that everyone should agree on is believers, we are in the world not of it and that should impact how we communicate and so we gotta take that very seriously. Laura, thanks. Recall in we can talk to Ross and if you want to jump in to the line of fire.

It's 866-348-7884 Russ you're on the air. I'm Stu Epperson and for Dr. Brown jump on in here my friend hi guys, great show. Thanks.

Yet Jesus was spotlight. He was in a great he will go and say you whitewashed tombs. He would go in and say you brood of vipers. He said it like it was he was a great and let's go. Brandon has so much more meaning than just Joe Biden that you know to say that it and call it that, is to miss out on a lot of the point that it that it conveyed okay when he spoke so much meaning there and mean it if somebody was like you said, after buying they would just say it is what is clear Chris what he say that because there are people that say like like in the early days of America when that the suppression oppressive British regime was was putting the putting that you know their vice grip on everything that there was a there was revolt in his good thing. There is a revolution, or we wouldn't be here and so Christians you and communicating, along Russ's liner say look this is kind of our expression to say hey we will not tolerate this type of oppressive regime and immorality. But Chris what what do you think that certain Christian testimony, though, when a large part of the public sector sees it as F Joe Biden. Do you think it's hurting the Christians testimony. One project likes to assaying a group of people were yelling at the church service because it helps what you're doing is you're using the tyranny of the bandit I'm offended therefore whatever I say goes. Now I've taken the moral high ground okay to be able to stay at and you got to be able to stay at in a way you know without being put down about it because that might not be what you mean to not let it let me so that wrinkle out there and get some callers on that Russ. I appreciate your call. There is a heightened sense of which what you can't netlist you can't see anything anymore without offending somebody so again you know that the whole the whole idea Chris and we got were coming up on a break. I believe Russ Gubler she thinks your call were to keep this going the whole idea of will.

How far do I go out of my way right to not offend people and matter what I say I love Jesus there, so maybe we should say that we said that as much is left Brandon with breakout, 8663. What say you were covered up on this controversial topic on the line of fire.

The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown as well. You're in a crowded room with a bunch of maybe like-minded folks conservatives maybe, but you Christians. Maybe you're a big church auditorium or something and you say your well say let's go Brandon.

So you say let's go Brandon for all you know your say they support it just was going up there work. We want to change. Well, a lot of Christians are deeply offended because the original thing.

They were chanting is they were chanting the F bomb Joe Biden is right on the line of fire. It is never okay for Christians to say these words 866-34-TRUTH 878-848-6634 truth now to get a selfie but these guys are doing a pretty good job dressing up Chris and Chris, we gotta get a selfie without wound to show the scars because we have a show this is real talk radio here, man. I got up with a semi-Instagram okay so where do a self of my story so the story see that when we see that – now see the bandage will want to see the raw wound you. We can't take It a Christian radio stuff guys use with a Christian perspective are always real quickly got a lot going on with the woodshed.

This well have a lot of fun just look at that awesome so we talk about the words let's go Brandon. This should Christians ever say those words to me what you want about this guy. We overseers of the weaker brother reason to stay in her closet all day. Is it a clean way for Christians to express their disdain for the. The regime really is. It is a clean harmless way instead of cussing because I think I really say what I don't trust if I meant if I wanted to curse the president, I would first the president but I'm saying this to say hey I'm not happy with what's going on with this is a kind of child friendly way of saying that you're in the stands rep makes a bad call crowd chance PS we know what they're saying. I don't see that is a believer right but I might be upset about that call because my teens about to lose.

I'm not going to customize might. Maybe I should do but I was a come on man you know someone you guys some glasses, he can't see anything you know so what is a Christian to do when it comes to this word. Chris usually Chris perspective is with me and we are going to talk to Clarence Clarence, guys.

Be quick with your comment.

We don't have a lot of time. We got a lot of callers and 866-34-TRUTH truth Stu Epperson in for the recovery Michael Brown Dr. Brownlee back soon or will and Monday on the line of fire.

Clarence, what say you welcome the show. Thank you will report to make okay I like to think that I'm intelligent enough to use curse words or cope words okay yes I've never had to buy said joke you know the customer on your anything else.

One, the only thing is, what if there was a song or something. So women or people color is it okay to say well I didn't say that I can say no black man know certain words it up her you don't have to explain what you mean it. If you set them around me.

You might be in a lot of trouble and the only thing is that and I think the biggest thing in America you don't call people Christians that are really Christian today Christlike is this something that Christ would do a lot of people really aren't Christians. But we want to call him Christians because while that's an absurd choice, Chris Hughes jumped up from you sent to Chris Lacey. I think you're right on the spot on and I was going to do is look at God's word. What were trying to develop a biblical worldview of what we should do what we should say Matthew chapter 12 verse 37 says by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned and I just believe that when we say that we are condemning were cursing the president. I don't mean cursing by the curse word.

But in the biblical sense. If you're saying if the president no matter how you do it you putting a curse on him. I'd much rather see us as Christians concentrate our efforts on praying for the fruit for the president praying for him to get saved and I'm glad I'm not glad that were using the word, but I'm glad it is drawing attention to the changes in the differences that we have an analytical process and what's going on, but how about we, as Christians, direct those efforts and get involved instead of saying let's go Brandon. How about we go down to register to vote. How about we pray for candidates and recruit candidates to run for office. How about we help candidates like you mentioned Stu earlier, Congressman Mark Walker, men of God who are taking a bold stand for Jesus on the public realm we could get involved in other ways in putting a curse on the present okay Clarence thanks your call really appreciate you and articulating three points on a national radio show.

You got me impressed and encouraged, and let's listing a car. God bless you my friend. Let's see, let's go to Brooks. I got Brooks on the line.

I got line open at 866-34-TRUTH you Christians ever are the words let's go Brandon. Are they in fact cursing early just saying hey I want to express myself not cursing and that's why I'm glad to say that or is that is it so is that is is that is a language so color toward the before language that no one understands otherwise in its why a lot of people are upset Brooks jump on it here and help us sort this out will you well really help you sort without thinking for my phone call yesterday, but I have a question we can do with our time and energy to advance the kingdom of God and I'm going to go along with what Clarence if it were in a stadium and doing the work, or even if were at church and were around others. Self proclaimed Christian is the best that we can do to advance the kingdom of God or is there someone never to we could witness to the love that question me Christian.

We are, we just we, like missing the whole point here is this is this become a big distraction.

I think in some ways it is a distraction but Christian's duty to be involved in the political process, but not an evil way out. I again reversed a while ago. I go back to God's word again. Ephesians 429 says let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth but that which is good to the use of edifying and that which may minister grace to the hearers. Are we ministering grace to others when we say something that means if the present United States are we edifying him when we say okay that's exactly what were doing the show today on this topic and I'm glad you called Brooks.

God bless you. Thanks for taking the next level. Why not share the Lord with someone else, one not using this topic is a way they let's talk.

It was really important because let's oppose your guys president if you don't know the Lord. If if you're not growing closer to Christ. You know it's like what's the point of all was a probably gain the whole world is your own soul, and with that were to jump over to Doug. We lost dog. Let's go out to Utah talk to Skip listen to us on AMA 20 and 95.3 FM of the new 103.9 FM the Truth Network in Utah skipped God blessed Victor call in the line of fire. Michael what you think about his skip jump on in your I don't mean to be that I don't have a reverse memorized, but I do believe that it does save it. We as sinners and builders. Only one perfect man walked this earth and that we do we have the right to be angry when things don't are you know what's going on. I think the people do have the right to be angry if I did, I think you know what they're saying is let's go Brandon is the worst I think that we could do a lot worse.

But you know those that were supposed to be our enemy is hungry, give them something to drink. When you focus love most or least a lease we can say the words let's go Brandon on the radio without losing her FCC license. I'm glad about that is just the the impression that word has on people that it's I'm not completely sold that it's a vulgar curse word because it's not you invite one is able to. Chris Wright sampled her curse word and so I question on yes or how to go about that.

What, exactly, remind me please about us as Christians having the right thing, but right are going on our first quote is from Ephesians 4 if you go back a little bit.

It talks about being angry but sin, not let not the sun go down upon your wrath. So there's there's a holy indignation Jesus demonstrated of Lee's apostle Paul demonstrated read like deletions and how he goes after them and but in a redemptive, in a wholly sanctified anger so absolutely the question is, is are you know are we gonna get in the mud with the pigs. You know, we can begin a B in the world and not of it. Are we going to be as Christians are unified in a gracious way.

Stand up for what's right, but do it in a humble, gracious way. I think that's what you go out a lot. Chris use with your your national program. The Christian perspective right. I think he has a good point wheat we do have a right to be mad as Christians we should be mad at the sin of the world.

But really, we need to be mad at ourselves. The church of Jesus Christ is allow the situation that were in today we set by quietly for years.

You know it's all fun to have this slogan now, but for year just like the previous caller. The primary responsibilities of every Christian is to tell other people about Jesus and the only way to truly impact the culture for Jesus is to lead other people to Jesus and we have not done a good job of that and pushed evangelism aside and and we set by quietly while 63 million babies have been brutally murdered through abortion we we been sitting by quietly while people destroyed the traditional family and it's time for us to take a stand, but I don't know that let's go Brandon is a way that we take that stand yet so that so the anger in the end that's were you you you know that's where your walk with Christ you walking in Christian community. You have anger problems. It doesn't justify. We need to get we need to be discipled and that we we let the Holy Spirit working through us and that in so we we we got up you might my old Bible professor used to be a and for church, a church softball league and these are churches that we the Bible.

He said he heard the worst language and he saw the most violent anger he'd ever seen at a shopping a church softball league. I say shame on us. I say shame on me this we should we should compete, but we do it in a Christlike way in the same.

In it we don't and that that also applies to this sticky crazy maze of politics to place your call from Utah. God bless you great questions and we got more this going around 866-34-TRUTH 87884 if you want to take a line on the line of fire. I'm Stu Epperson for my good friend Dr. Michael Brown Chris use with a national radio show called the Christian perspective that's that's launching Nationwide's Artie got a podcast is Artie on some radio stations do, with a great program. He's with me throughout your website over time.

Chris function asked me out is Christian perspective.your last Christmas. Christian perspective.US know Doug held on for some time. I want to get you and your Doug right before the break. Fire your missile lattice and will try to recover during the break and come right back to it after the rate jump in Doug go all right thank you very much. High grade black precolored old but we got a lot what are we saying in and why are we thing our army actually beneficial to me that not going to be a good disciple a good good Christian is that going to actually lead somebody to Christ of all, love your enemy are those that persecute you all Paul talked to multiple people of the book is about being subject to our 40 and finally we have to remember Jesus died for people like Joe Biden also were all in the same boat. We need to okay well Chris I see you not know were there. You're at your having a hard time disagree with Doug. Doug thanks your call while what Sadie is going.

It's a powerful, safe witnesses for Jesus and we come back talk more about. Is it okay to say let's go friend or a line of fire, it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker, and Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6634 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown okay and then comes this tax you thought we had this thing figured out last five callers. They never know. You should use that language is offensive and and you know to say let's go Brandon is the equivalent of cursing in a course. Earlier scholars that we don't think that within this context is like that expression means much more than than just bleep. Joe Biden is calling out the fact that the media is so biased and that were going to battle and blaming the church for everything that goes wrong is not appropriate. It's a polite way to make a stand. Obviously, our role is to bring people to Christ. But there are times we have to make a stand against evil. That's what caller who's a conservative Christian who is not angrier matter. You know, being vindictive, but that's what he just said about that expression say look it's a clean way to say there's a there's a there's a whole lot of evil going on there and as is from, for instance. For instance, during this this a massive trial about this kid who defended himself against the pedophile who attacked him to kill him.

He shoots the guy and he's completely you know Vint Eno vindicated know what is named Josh that the Rittenhouse good day while he that trial was for everyone to see. See the kid crying see all that there's another trial going on that fact all kinds of corrupt politicians summon power Sinnott Perry more were their hands were were bloodied with children and sex slavery, and there was an gag order on the sex slave trial with this gazelle, this you know this is this man, this man's mistress who set up arranged all this awful sexual slavery and just trafficking. An evil stuff no one heard about that trial the networks, not even the concern that Charlie reported it's because there were too many politicians tied up in many pot you will still hear about it and they have covered the Biden Justice Department, Adil G has has put a stifling, they smothered that whole trial, so none of the names of the corrupt Democrat white, male oppressors and in in in men who were complicit in Epstein's island. All of those guys are covered. Now you go digging you go look and you have there's a lady to cover the whole thing called house and habitat on Instagram. She is not a she does not profess to be a believer or to be a part of the right wing, but she's aghast that all of these these these these people, white, male Democrat leaders are getting off Scott free. But Giselle took the hit.

And if it up in the other side stupid. Many Christian the done that they be all over as a mother covering up because they want to protect their own debit. Even then, does that justify using the language. Let's go Brandon. It's a nicer way of saying what others are saying.

Which is horrible but Christians are struggling that you know because they're saying will let you know that that's like cussing. So if you say that you cost another Christians they wanted. That's why said that because I'm upset with you so crystallizing the text that you just read is symptomatic of many Christians are a lot of people out there who don't even know you know the story I shared from the NASCAR race but I don't know what it means they they just believe in the concept like your texture said of it.

We got problems here. We need to do some Ya about calling numbers 866-34-TRUTH I'm Stu Epperson special guest Chris use here. I guess OC today for my good friend Dr. Michael Brown, who is recovering appreciates all your prayers will be back Monday, God willing, were to go to work calls the numbers 866-34-TRUTH knows he can't get to the to the downward kind of bring the plane in for landing trajectory of the show we asked you to keep your comments as brief as you can and were to thank Carl for hanging on so long.

866-34-TRUTH if you want to jump in life are real quick before we get out here. Carl you're on here that there are great thank you call in what I really think it really a viable church what you want. One of the one joint evil one called got the gospel about more than just filling talk about yeah like you got off the main river and got tributary sale that Chris Muniz is assaulting an attack of the enemy to divide us and to get us into the trivial things can be tossed to and fro to the roof is reflected in a lot of immaturity.

Maybe in the body of Christ that dad this is such a controversy.

I mean the social media it's it's it's sad to see Christians upset and other Christians. You don't just jump right in. Wealthy people jump on the bandwagon and and Carl thank you for calling. We appreciate you waiting. You know what when you look at. I don't know, Stuart, is it sad to see what's happening in the church. But I'm in someone since it's a wake-up call, but another way is a distraction because were prayerful with this is that a cost right on what the Bible urges us what was for the soul. Our praying we had to call in praying for the what if we said pray for Joe. I was thinking about and we start to think what could you yell, you presented at that would be you know, so within. You also don't want someone to say well your cousin because you're chanting something so you gotta pick to pick choose your words carefully. Server lists Nancy, you might just be her last call because we are also time to thanks recall the line of fire Nancy year on year. All three I really believe what people and then he and tell that our like throwing rocks or no current thing other ball.

I really think we all praying for revival and trusting God going to enter an alert the public to be praying for those in authority it then we had to agree with them to pray for them for okay well that's my opinion that appreciate your call Nancy. God bless you and I don't have anyone disagree with that but what you want to say that good Nancy. I appreciate that we do need to pray. I would challenge our listeners and this is Dr. Brown has a huge audience.

We need to be praying for the salvation of our president and other leaders improve the gotta give them guidance, but specifically only challenge you to pray for their salvation.

There does come a time when we have to take a stand against evil. But I don't know that she's chanting.

Let's go Brandon as a way to take a stand there ways for us to get involved or ways for us to register to vote to witness to other people and only way to change the culture is to change the hearts and minds of people where they will turn their hearts and minds back to Jesus Christ.

That's what were trying to do here. The Truth Network yeah I appreciate that word in your ears. Adil, the bottom line truth on this and Chris I want you to win and I want to talk a little bit about is this kind of where you're going on the Christian perspective we have and hold a whole army of young people your daughters in here 20 years old aspiring student Dr. future neurosurgeon, but there's so many young people that are that are tragically buying into communism there looking for some of the void to fill, and I think sometimes they see the body of Christ as much angry. You know, angry conservatives, chanting and yelling and and again I'm not denigrating those that Christians it ran good conscious you know there Dave there. Praying through this thing and they don't find those words offensive like others do, but Crist we take us to a higher level for us please will quicken and give us a give us kind of a bottom line.

Well, I would just challenge the body of Christ. We shared several verses the day and colors have to this not glorifying God when you're basically cursing the present United States. Now the other hand, you will hear me on a national level, taking a standing as the policies I don't support his policies on hardly anything, but I don't want to say F the present United States.

I want to see him come to the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

But you can get involved today. You can be involved.

By praying for your present you get involved by getting about the local community into the school board right now, which I know this is not about but elections are coming up this year and we need to turn the school board around for Jesus and that's something that everyone of you can do in your own local community. You can pray for and recruit Christian candidates. You can support Christian candidates is time to let godly men and women to public office, and when we do that we won't have to worry about disagreeing with the policies of the prison or anybody else.

If we can unite as the body of Christ which we have not been effective at doing. We need to quit fighting with each other and take a stand of the body of Christ and tell the world about Jesus all over the settlement said earlier large is what say you know the Bible says was supposed to pray for those in authority over us and the church. We really had to make a separation between the world and who we are and we just stay separate from the world and keep keep stand with God to keep us out, but sees that the salt loses its flavor is good for nothing and we are the servants of the world. We we preserve America's born-again believers and we gotta make a stand to keep America standing firm is strong because without America's doom you preaching about that guy prepare. I got the mother was a good chance to plan, but the the goal really and in that the gentleman on the show yesterday.

We talked about how if every Christian was to share their faith. We can revive would break out every Christian would think about the unbelievers all around us and were more concerned, more anxious and excited about politics and vote in the voting thing that I am about leading people to Jesus, but I think what what what you're trying out with your show.

Chris perspective nationwide.

Chris use is you're trying to say look, it doesn't have to be either/or right. The church doesn't have to run away from politics. The church can speak prophetically. The land would do so would love a gracious way correcting concern while getting data junkie will get engaged yet, this time for the people of Jesus Christ and Church of Jesus Christ get engaged to get educated. First, we really get educated on the issues first and that's something that we have a problem with his pastors don't preach the word of God we have Christians who don't read the word of God. How can you have a biblical perspective. If you don't know what the Bible says in the first place. So I challenges restarting this new year to get involved in the word of God you can you can read through the entire Bible by reading about 13 chapters a day in three months. You can read the entire Bible. So I encourage you to read the word of God and encourage pastors preach the word of God. Let's get educated, informed, and then engage the impact culture for Jesus. Yet, we really got a start thing about souls. We got dialed up for that. We got asked what is God's heart and of course we gotta have the righteous indignation we gotta pray that as we express that we better express it. We don't want those trains to go by silently in Nazi Germany and the church is the same loud screaming going their execution is so in love and grace and taking a stand for Jesus right. Tell everybody you know what your website Christian perspective .us another program powered by the Truth Network

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