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Powerful Inspiration for the New Year

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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December 31, 2021 4:00 pm

Powerful Inspiration for the New Year

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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December 31, 2021 4:00 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 12/31/21.

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The following is a prerecorded program is New Year's Eve and today you are going to get some special inspiration for the new year stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown friends, this is Michael Brown delighted to be with you. I have's Ashley put today's broadcast together to make the maximum impact in this time that we have to stir your heart be playing some clips from the past, some for me, some from others.

One musical clip. I believe each of these will stir you will call you deeper will beckon you to go after got a fresh bring great sobriety and will bless you as we enter 2021 entry 2022. The first is a poem that I wrote called the rhyme of the modern Christian. Following the meter of the soul classic poem of Samuel Taylor Coleridge, the rhyme of the ancient mariner.

This is the rhyme of the modern parishioner's listen together happen in the vestibule town on Sunday morning a haggard looking churchgoer said plaintiff informal when suddenly he rose and found a hungry looking Christian into his hand him aside and asked him straight. Your regular notebook promises are clear.

But have you seen the living God.

Have you found them here. Have you experienced holy fire the spirit as power, a mighty wave a rushing wind flame. It does about is this something you are seeking so high so wide so deep you find yourself frustrated as George put in your sleep. Listen well your heart is right my tail. I will tell the story is your story to that your tail is what 30 years I've been in church seem like a good show but now I got to meet with Dr. you know I'm trapped in my membership times, appraisers have no preachings by daylight all service is like a rerun the songs all sound the same. The properties are set hollow name is everywhere, but there is there everywhere, but not to make us think we like the heavenly presence, it's clear that the Bible is within my my Jesus oh my Lord is my Savior God is a man is from heaven from God, way fire service flowing point is good as we set up on that master come, follow me. He said some Christians go their own way with please don't do as I have done so many years the Rosemont on your fears that the 12 step program to send do you need from heaven must change in your life. God is real yourself miss out on God's presence as hours pass.

Your soul from hungry out of the morass and you are not crazy dear since you are not mad really is a problem it's true you have been have you believe it is that place and all visitation paths that must be drawn when you seek that better way on that journey no matter what. Now I was thinking the traditions of Jesus meeting nicely packaged our service. The board of Evans power. It's not teaching three points to fill your head is always vibrant with this stuff is we need to send his Spirit take control to transform every member to come in a couple of man's religion plans and programs produced by fleshly justice that installed the pastor is calling to fulfill just doing this week that he became frozen still for us does not parishioner to grasp preachers close grasp preacher soul as well and that grasp things to the prayer room and shut yourself inside competition and crucify your pride visitations along with him, consumed with heavenly vision. That's where you must begin to find them in a textbook buried on page 22 is the living God lacks he wants to move and you. It's not only the apostles will bless and send it use it will saturate your own so you will not use so as to not pursuing Jesus your best friend is motion is just crusty bread and crawl on the ground is your source of life seek him joy about your life or pressure heart Presidente: breakthrough first things first by God to go with the Bible teaching, so does the Bible school and church life is Granger Drive used to have such childlike faith now, but I used to be so passionate, so it is free to become professional preacher good free sites are higher than those in dollar bills with Judgment Day admission always kills Jesus. God longs and soon his presence will arrive his prayers before your song simplicity would be your style community will become your God's life for your soul take your eyes off numbers church growth to be a trap make disciples go out to bridge the gap is like heartbreak to take up the cross, denied yourself just live his will wake up in the office today don't hear his voice as your schedule seek to make that choice find them in your planner committee has find it when your soul cries out, there must be more for me must remove funds in sessions past midnight and it was awesome leadership is.

It was right somehow. I know I've been misled about, called's executive door should be a clerk called to be a man of God. A man is sick and lame. Some data raised and try new life will rise your heart will be revived.

Heaven's life is so parishioner then turned his gaze away send showers send your voice, your spirit saturate the first in the spirit provide us with your presence. Remove us from above touch the flock called by your name come fill us with greater works in our day that you have done, bring the fullness of your rains and glorify your son that will churchgoer spoke no more. Another voice was heard, not the voice of flesh and blood. If you listen closely on this you'll hear him speaking clearly children it is not why you lost me.

You can find that at the beginning of my book from holy laughter, the holy fire. The rhyme of the modern parishioner now only take you to the sobering words of Leonard Ravenhill speaking about the judgment seat of Christ is New Year's Eve 20 enter the special pizza down the line of fire. 73150 light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown prepared some special quotes clips to really stir your heart the next year. The voice of David Wilkerson, Pastor David Wilkerson's call to anguish, followed by another voice. I don't know who the voice is.

It is a call to deep devotion. Jesus, especially those of us who been in ministry. These words will speak deeply to us. We can apply them one after the other without break. All RCR interventions in ministry command and mostly powerless and has no impact on the world and I see more of the world coming to the church impacting the church other than the church impacting the world taking over the house of God entertainment taking over the house of God, entertainment and correction and reproof. Whatever happened to anguish and anguish in the ministry, working here in this anguish means extreme pain and distress motion. So start to become painful pain because of conditions you are anguish and sorrow of heart.

We held onto our religious rhetoric become so passive all true passion is born out of anguish alter passion for Christ comes out of you'll find that when God determined to recover growing situation for what God he would find the book of Nehemiah is not going to break right now I will pray night why you know you will sleep slowly draining spiritual power and passion morning. This is just this great difference between anguish and concern concern is something you take it interesting.

Project costs are concerned, I need something I learned over all my years of preaching is not born in anguish and borne by the Holy Spirit, where what you saw and heard the joke you do your niche took it down into the baptism of anguish where you begin to pray and seek God over all true perlite begins in the place of anguish you set your heart to pray, start sharing your heart with you. Your heart begins to cry out all got your name is being blasphemed Holy Spirit is trying to destroy the testimony of the Lord. Something has to be done will be no renewal, no awakening willing breakfast focus is getting late getting serious. Please don't tell me your concern your spending hours to get the shoulder confess I am not what I was supposed to be God.

I don't have your heart in your I wanted to happy Lord. True joy comes true joy comes out of anguish. Nothing of the flesh, usually I don't care how much money I don't care what kind of new house. There is actually nothing. It's only what is Holy Spirit when you will be take on his heart.

The balls around your family.

Build the walls around your own heart, make you strong. That's what we desire. Why don't you think you putting you on all your become.

Do you remember when you agreed with all you had to go to the member when you're quite nothing would go. Remember God talk going become gone gone gone back to me like everything you told me to go so no walk with God all night will take quite the light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown friends special inspiration during the recent prayer retreat. I started to listen to some old clips was looking for some worship music to put on is always seeking the Lord in prayer and came across a few clips that they deeply stirred my heart and been sharing some of them with you on the air today. If you just tuned in by all means take in the entire broadcast lady can use on a website, instructor or YouTube channel and skate your brown. You can listen their orf course on podcast you can listen to the entire broadcast of you just turning on radio to take in the whole show. If you can this that really play next is a compilation for messages I preached on the theme of spiritual hunger and if there's anything that has driven me over the years it's been this great theme of spiritual hunger in this steep hole to know God more deeply, and to be more effective in serving him it's it's not a drive next summer from the outside beating you with the whip you're not working hard enough you don't love God enough that's destructive. This religious tradition you raised in maybe that's what you're family raised you, but that's destructive. I'm talking about hunger. We love God so much that you want to be with him more time at a burden where you care so much about dying world around you that you just want to see God move more so grieved by people not knowing him in his name being trashed and you know who he really is as awesome as prayer retreat. I just had a moment's of of overwhelming encounter with a sense of his beauty and majesty and purity. And I thought if people knew him, they'd know he doesn't do bad things just to hurt and destroy people. Some cavalier ways that some ugly mean-spirited tyrannical deity is the ruler of the universe, but he is the incomparably perfect and pure God so this is going be different than my normal radio tone because only a radio, having a one-on-one chat with you wherever you are having a passion about certain things, but you were just having a one-on-one talk. This is from messages preached and you will feel the emotion, but beyond the emotion, the hunger drive the thirst. Oh, Psalm 63. How often quoted Elohim is the top all God you are my God some mollusk on the fee, saw the sorry might let my flesh, my very soul long thirst for you that's that's the heart behind this, and we put these clips together. As I was praying and thinking about the new year thought that, let's do something special and let's play clip after clip that will stir you, challenge you will call you deeper and is a cry comes up from your heart as you listen. God is near to the brokenhearted God fills the hungry and satisfies the thirsty, listless will will will draw all American break in after that clip, we've got one more click to play for you again just doing something we very very rarely do plaintiffs extended clips on the air and playing so many in one show. If we've done this. It's the rarest of rare times, because we want to count wanted to be special. We don't want to be redundant. You know many times you come to the end of the year and make all the resolutions right you look back at the year and I wish I could accomplish this or we had such lawsuit was a good year but could be different person in the new year starts before we know, lost with the new year and then wait another year to make the resolutions that the goal of this show is to so help you focus. So help you encounter got a fresh so help you drink in his truth and his reality that it will push you over that it will push you to that place a breakthrough will push you to that place of encounter.

It will bring you to repentance it may just be one clip that strikes you, that hits you that resonates with you. Go back, listen to it again drink it in again create through again. Sometimes that years and years and years of prayer build up and get to a certain point and then want to counter things really change God's working this way for the Lord is calling back a his voice not hard. It's the light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown friends welcome back to special operational broadcast. I trust you been blessed by the clips that you've heard this for the posted limit Ravenhill the voice of David Wilkerson my voice.

Another voice as well. I pray and trust that you been stirred fresh as you listen, but one play musical clip for you. When I was away last prayer retreat for some worship music I really pray without worship music read were without worship music but but want to do it and then stumble onto this one song that was written by by our team students and and faculty at Brown's revival school of ministry/fire school of ministry and it is became a theme song by life by death. The one CD that we put out from fire school in this joint way that was named by life by death as a listen. I began to weep because I thought of our missionaries. I thought of her fire grandson Garrison Brad serving around the world. Many of sacrificially one gave his life to reach the Muslim world and why we do what we do, why we stand how we stand. Paul said, I eagerly expect and hope that I will in no way be a shame, but will have sufficient courage that now is always Christ will be exalted in my body whether by life or by death for me to live is Christ to die is gain and and I would lead the students prayer at different times and we would pledge our lives afresh and say Lord, whatever the cost. Whatever the consequence life or by death. Here we are. Send us so it's it's a beautiful song, the words are repeated several times will be able to join him, but may the Lord's true you're hurt whoever you are, wherever you are as follow Jesus. This is our calling to follow him and to serve him with my life or by death hears the song and then off comments on the yes of the song by life by death on the on the one CD going project that the fire school of ministry put out this we recorded that in 2001 Gina Gladstone singing you.

You've heard about Gladstone on the show with me many times before that so hard it should be your hardest to follow Jesus as well. We don't have a martyrdom persecution complex love life of our own lives they belong. So Ravenhill famously asked the question of the things living for with Christ on CT start settling in life be passed on the stump, Christ last can ask you coming to the new year make a fresh commit, say, Lord, whatever the cost of the consequence. He ran send you one compass compensator at this point this out seven times more walking, that my friends make sure you're in touch with us getting our asses around SK your ground

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