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Best of Broadcast: From Satanic Warlord to Christian Pastor

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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December 28, 2021 6:30 pm

Best of Broadcast: From Satanic Warlord to Christian Pastor

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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December 28, 2021 6:30 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 12/28/21.

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The following is a prerecorded program possible that someone was involved in war atrocities, slaughtering of men, even sacrificing children to demons that someone like that could become radically saved a pastor men doing good for his nation to find out today for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH paradigm is Dr. Michael Brown friends, this is Michael Brown. We have an amazing interview today from Liberia, but your brother brother Joshua.

He is close with one of my dear friends and colleagues whose work in Africa for years.

This man was previously known as general but naked I read about him before he was saved and the terror that he caused and the demonic man that he was and then found out with amazement, how the Lord had saved him and how he is going about doing good and seeking to undo the damage that he did through the real power of the gospel so from Liberia brother Joshua, welcome to the line of fire blankets insert thank you Dr. Brown.

Thanks to all of the technical contents also to love everyone will be watching this cast yes I am. I'm just a little lie. I am the one to usually fit less gentle but make it, let's talk about your past.

How is it your life like growing up in Liberia, war-torn Liberia, how is it that you got influenced by these demonic powers and gave yourself to evil. While my father was supposed to be the priests from the crime try and from the second crime try call to call and we are the one responsible tribe and family. I like a priestly family. The biggest deity amongst the crime try and is calling that may outweigh this deity will sink onto my mind follows my forefathers more than 200 years ago and is a race by priests all speak to him and speak to the people speak from the big think the people's request to him and take his solutions, all desires for the people and so for many years. My tribe had what should his deity and submit it fully. My father was fortunate to be wealthy and educated. My biological father. And so the mental fell on him.

He was the chief accountant on the Ministry of finance.

This mental fell on him. He went back home from a movie up to answer his call because he was working and educated Dave deity in the air. You will not be an effective priest asked him to bring his friend son was married to a woman from the Knox from the north of Liberia from the love and try we are from the southeast from the subcontractors and so to say his son from Buffalo. My will and will not be an effective priest and sorted insisted that he must have a try from a woman about a woman from the tribe and so he was confused and wanted to honor his father's them to choose the woman as for the cast deadlocks in the lab for my mother was already married with two children so traditional desist that she left her husband and he let his wife became together and to give birth to me and returned to the house must end a wife and my mother kept me for four years and turning over to my father get me onto Ellis 70 years of age turning edits and screaming for four years as a wish proctologist for four years as it was trapped in our age of 11, I was fully initiated and became the priest tried that entail the age of 11, becoming the priest. What were your activities and and how dark was this well first of all, is an interesting plot. When my father didn't look at me for three years under our seven years programmed me to accept and love. This deity, my father would get the gifts on the baby is sick and these gifts you would tell me it was sent to me about this because of his father, he would give me gifts candid biscuit split most anything you give me on the day he believed my father will remind me that his gift when given to me about the loss of his father is a seven way turning over areas. There was no fear in my heart even though the West Wing more realist, more than 40 men. When Max musculus make it, you know, but I have no fear because for two years I was indoctrinated because of my father love me so much for sending gifts on the baby busy talking and commitment of the deed that I will be prepared to meet his deity. For yes actually was like a week for me because every day I woke up expecting to me. Did you know that would take me two different trainings in the four years I never saw the light.

Once in the US affecting our cyclic schools demonic schools different size have different name. We have the portal and the Sunday and was part of the country. We have the ball striking when and now he knew my counted and we have the GS from the southeast and people normally both of these witchcraft schools.

These additional schools and utmost to spend one year I spent four years in this for you. I never saw daylight once six in the morning. I long for it and are spending the evening ticket for my so I will start to do things just by smelling all depressants so the age of 11 fully initiated and I became the priest. My role as a priest I need a tool which described well anything the tribe wanted to do something both individuals and families in the family wanted to get married income for my black testing in the one to make the farms come from the blessings of the gauze in the wanted to have this blessing to expand that a mad little bit of fun in his rice and cassava and blank team all read in the gifted. Do not give him the blessings he cannot, he cannot harvest any of his product because his child's dying from starvation.

The didn't need to give him the blessings and soul. That was my role now making it to fully yet I was fully initiated and a man from my tribe was the president at this time, the first president Master Sergeant Sumner Crandall was minds subject and so I was responsible he was responsible to protect into advising that I advised every member in the tribe accepted the tradition.

Tradition and start to get involved in even more demonic activity with with violent acts and things like that.

At what point in your life that take place from the beginning because it is 11 priest in Delaware and Delaware sacrifices may also write on the age of 11, I did my first human sacrifice priest is believed every human being was deity was the deity want any of his creations. The family gladly meant that pressing will be sacrificed.

Even though they do not know the person's skill. It was believed that oppressing was requested for deity to live for.

The judge believed that he was leaving one life for another life, so it was it was it was to believe if I believe the still have that was the deity request will try you know for sacrifice or any members of the family for sacrifice meaning the family is fortunate if family is blessed if the family members was a runner dockside which I cannot forget them when they are with the deity to send them blessing this issue is you send them gifts for them. Was it when those people were turned over to actually kill time you engaged in human sacrifice.

At the age of 11, I did not feel any guilt I felt that I was pleasing the deity. I was actually you know met deity in the 11 days I spent with him. He revealed to me, my 11 years after first day was my first year and and if you make me proceed from a priest, worked very, very respectful and on and how he also shall be priest disobedient, and he shall be how do I suffer and how he tied it and so I did not have any desire there was no desire to need a note of this debate, but I was boastful. Yes, pretty, I was praying kill you know very fast most of the time in the spirit of our 52nd signal 50 to 75 seconds.

The tribe is already dead, so I was not able to hold the seating chart beans even though it came time you know when I moved to an earlier time when when when when when Ben went on a need for sacrifice, those people were not part of the tribe who did not know were not part of the tribe from spiritually blessed the tribunal is the is is is did they need long explanation, but it is believed that people were born with with different blessings and different places and different rights you tribe needed to do second second device for killing someone as you know, and then "give the present virtue for the tribe also sucks people in our family when the child by Christ's soul when they were crying out of time. You know, I felt I felt guilty and soul. From that time I stop taking victims from the community. I was evening/stop distance victims from where when the parents were crying. I will not hear it again just jump in here for a moment, we'll take a brief break and come right back. This man was on the dark side. This is as dark as it gets, the servant of God today is rescuing and helping children in need make things right.

Let's find out how this man came general but making the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get another minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. This is one of the most fascinating use ever had have on the line of fire is dramatic is intense man who was given to serving demons.

A man who believed he was doing the deity's will by engaging in human sacrifice. At the age of 11. Man became a notorious general loan for war atrocities now serving the Lord humbly and faithfully in his home country of Liberia. Brother Joshua once known as general but naked so sir you've talked about how you were raised, how you were raised up to service a priest of the deity, so the demon believing demon in your region at the age of 11. How did you get from that to becoming the man who instilled fear throughout the nation.

General. But naked and did you believe that in battle that this demon that you worship protect you. All I know is God protected me and for his purpose, but that time I II believe that the laws that was protecting me and the reason I believe now it is all is because the people who are as powerful as being who could be five blissfully immutable… Mises I think they also die so I believe it is God who spent my life became a general was the fact that President Bush was from intractable US my subjects and it came time that I made the silence on the spiritual worship may impose silence. Even the Masonic craft. It is in the history of Liberia. The president goal. The Masonic craft from a stop they would use to stop the Portland assembly to stop the bones from anywhere around and is because what it all back in our meeting to initiate every member of his cabinet before he met anyone that this company and you have to go to you and this is just so that they can be.

We can have confidence so that we can trust them so almost all of his minister asked for stripes about his minister's director tractor that will be very few or maybe maybe it time also this power test where Florida with our tribe members, the police may not be the NSA.

All of the security of characters were flaunted by our tribe members, and so when he stopped. If you know when he was he became of the data to the country depend on the protection of his Kings man. The security sectors on the walking became almost directly against the tribe because even five members who were not even qualify.

When holding strategic ministerial positions because of common interest. You know that was that was that was being protected, and soul.

When walking directly against the tribe as a priest I needed to protect the tribe so I came down with nontraditional warrior nontraditional priest is a call just went myself came with traditional warriors. One must use your bow and one was known to delete which are well known in the history of Liberia. When we came just when deflected, so it was me. Traditional warriors, which was tedious not mixing them.

They were like his neck went on the front porch with S cleanly walk dogs so when when one Hunter led one Hunter could not make team walk dogs. We cannot get the economic team will eventually have to kill one of the document clean one because when you are not with him to kill anyone he sees his people. So for most of the Clement team meet Clement team needed to kill one Clement team one and a kill.

Just let the usual body and soul. Also to what went on onto dual die by the tribe into exile and attracting back 1993 and I have this time to did not have arms and ammunition never have sufficient arms and ammunition so I needed to go on the front exercised spiritual problems on the bottle from the capture and natural grounds interim report that would normally go on the front line capital describes distribute the enemies to capture the ground come naturally. Grounds and so I was between priests and the traditional this time usual body back in the interior and you know between mom articles present in town so I needed to play the role of a priest and not a traditional warrior and that was when gold was used in the most back to.

I went for these might by making a sacrifice of an innocent child all to fight the fight to three different bottles of the means have to be appeased through three different times by sacrificing to three different innocent children.

Every time I wrote about this. This was a horrific time of evil, murderous evil sacrificing killing children of the ugliest things that a human being could possibly do and then you believe, somehow being naked that that that instilled further fear. See you going to battle naked and people were terrified of you and you believe that you are protected from the bullets and things like this and it in your your estimation of thousands.

You were involved in thousands of deaths.

Is that correct yes I see the countdown when estimated ¥20,000. I read that someone questioned and said that there were many less in your response was I wish there were less.

Obviously this is a horrific horrific story is a set I I read about it when you were in the midst of it and the terror and all of that and the witchcraft I did know what to make of it, but just heard of that party men you come to the Lord of obviously there is a long story and in terms of how you came to faith and then what happened after you been a believer is very, very significant because people might be wondering if you commit all these crimes. How could you be alive today and would there be a death sentence over you, but there's a big story to that as well. We just got about three minutes before the next break but how is it that God began to work in your life because obviously the message of the one true God was completely foreign to you. You were just serving this demon that you thought was was a powerful deity. How did you first get introduced to the truth of the gospel. All us all of us danced battle against us. In particular, the and the entire tribe need my intervention needed to find sacrifice. Check sacrifice. I was in, it will not find one and the lady from the tribe came to me with a three year old daughter turned to me and it was the first time I have really Does This Try Was so Beautiful. She Was Peaceful.

It Was Laughing at Homeowner Turned over to Me and I Look Back Home Everything to Me That This Guy Did Not Deserve That. I Was Hoping That Anna's She Come with a Replacement in the Bottle Was Still against Us. And I Was Tribe Was 9000 Marking Back and Asked the Police the Dieted Discharge Did Not Meet the Qualifications of the Deity We Just Could Not Refuse. After Killing This Child Being Still in My Head When I Caught a Voice behind Me. My Son Why I Use This Voice in My Bonnet. I Cannot Really Speak English Voice in My.P When I Look Back at His Voice Was a Man for the FOXBusiness Printer from Was in White Lady Was Bright Sun Look at Him for the Second. Bow down My Hand to Speak Strongly Believe the Schedule Not Ever Need about an Every Tongue Will Confess That Jesus Christ Is More Because It Expresses Wessel Split Second. However, I Was Not Asleep but I Was a King and a City Writer Said He Supposed to Be Looking West Seven Is on Your Feet Is on the Shorter When He Supposed to Be at the Feet Is That I Don't Understand Is the Repent and Live or Refuse Them by Any Disappear and in the Wall Stopped Because I Was Worried about You Because I Think between the Ending Was One of the Lord. I'm Not Supposed That We Are Aware My Knee and I Do Not Look at It from Update Sign Register Register. So Obviously Something Is Going on behind the Scenes. There Must Be Prayer Something Is Going on with Jesus Here This Man, and Say, Repent and Live and Die. That's Really Simple Message of the Gospel Line of Fire with Your Host Dr. Michael Brown. Your Voice Is More Cultural and Spiritual Revolution.

Here Again Is Dr. Michael Brown with Mike Joshua Timely Face like Skype with Your Friend and Colleague for Ministry School of Them for Many Years He's Worked Side-By-Side with Brother Joshua Knows the Reality of His Conversion Man Who at the Age of 11 Was Initiated As the Priest of His Tribe. Many Began Practicing Human Sacrifice at That Young Age Man Who Is Engaged in War Atrocities and Sacrificing Children to Appease the Deity before Going to Battle Became Known As General but Naked Because He Would Run into Battle Naked Instill Fear into the Hearts of Those He Was Fighting Responsible for the Deaths of Many Thousands in Liberia in the Midst of War, and Then Jesus Appears to Him Gives Him an Ultimatum.

Repent and Live Refuse and Die Joshua Were There People That Were Praying and Fasting for You Too Noisy behind the Scenes That Happened That Led to That Moment When Jesus Appeared to You.

Well after All Will Combine It Knee but It Was after This Encounter Three in a Place Called One of the Motion and Made Some Terrible Decree and Then They Have To Prep Time Plan Was a Berisha Egypt Press Ball Which Is Related to the Digit on the Firstborn of Egypt and Were Killed Last Minute so When They Started Praying This Prayer When Referring to the Generous with Fighting the Wall and There Were so Many Generals Who Die about Time Again When the Start of the Print against Me Got Prophecy from a Woman Who Told Him the Lord Told Them the Lord Is Telling Hall Back to Chicago Not to Print against People Preformed the Because You Arrested Me for His Bibles Did Not Believe in Our Friends on One of the Dream and Confirm Rear Axle to Stop Praying for Me to Pray for Me Please Will Be on to Us aFile. One Was Kind Then Decided to Come to Confront Me so It Came to Confront Me, Even Though the Stock Is Coming from Attacking Members of People Something to Give Them a Free until One Wish My House Was in My Room.

You Must Find Something Not Know on the Front Door Didn't Do Much Trying against Soundproofed Went with My Bull in Much Trying Because It Was Built against Try against Sound.

Also, Story Building Boys Were Downstairs.

I Use the Upstairs and I Was in the Middle Step in My Born Would Never My Goal It Took Me 130 with Chunks Present Strange This Afternoon When I Heard a Knock at My Door Didn't See Much Trying to Sound so Strong Is Lacking. This Unfavorable Young Man Standing up Goal and Jesus Lost Me a Gymnast My Own House Is Not the Same Things You Know That What I Understand of Course, but Have Desire Never Have You Know to Reject the Goal.

Everything He Said. Listen to It and Just Delete Are Not Usually Eat Asked Me What I Pray for Me. I Afraid of His Presence. Also Didn't Hundred Asked Me to Close My Eyes so My Fingers Will I Was Watching Game Three When He Left Estranged Open.

The Goal Is What I Post and Post and I Asked Him Who He Was in the Swoop of Me That We Have Never Seen Anyone Coming Again out and so I Got to Know and Monitor an Obscene Way Way Boys Where You School That He Was There Found Stupid Me for the Expression on Twice and I Asked Is If There Is Boys Thinking That He Should Be until You by Knew That in Order to Believe That No One Came to Me Was Just Knitting Try to Rescue Him before the Recent Hospital Is Not Already Lose Blog and Have To Amputate His Movements and so These People. This Man Came the Next Day Thinking Also Spoke to Me the Same Time, When You Were Going out. I Want with Them. Boris Qasim Asked Where As the Next Boys That We Swear These Men Were Coming out That We Saw Them and Islamist Wish to Meet Again. This Time I Killed Two of Them for That Became Very Important to Them and Asked Me for an Apartment across My House and and Get Started Praying and Fasting and Prayer for Me 54 Days before I Finally Give My Life to Christ and I Really Did Not Give My Life to Christ Because I Love the Time the Display Was so Powerful to Give Me Warning about Them.

How Aware How How the Morgan of Me and so I Was Thinking This Man Promised Me That He Is the Almighty, and the Greatest A's Effort of These Men Were Not Even up to 20 When Jan Led Me to Give 500 Troops in Sophisticate the Weapons and Capture Them in My in My Mind I Was Thinking I at Risk from Ever Let Me See What His Guys Are Depending on Maybe I Was Just Trying to Aim and Denounce That They Are with You about Was My Thought. And so When I When I Came to Jesus. I Did Not Come to Him Because I Love Them I Came to Him from the Power October to Have and Not Use My My Protection from a Tribe. But Max from Annual Net Loss of My Father, Again, Is, Indeed, He Was Really Powerful, but His Power Was Not Destroyed, but to Give Life and Give like More Abundantly. When When Did You Experience Then Real Deep Conversion Where You Discover God's Love and Then Recognize the Evil That You Had Done. How Did That Have That Happen When You Really Came to Know the Lord Went to the Realization Come to Use the Terms of the Blood That Was on Your Hands. It Was Not the Same 1996, Texas, September Was When I Recognize Jesus Was and I Gave My Life to Him Again on the First of Every and Every Weapons I Have Turned It over to the Political Leader of the Monies That We Knew That the Kinds That When I Turned the Houses of People to Hold onto My Protection. All the Boys That Were Fighting with Me.

I Asked Them to Have Formed a New Master Joining Will Be Good for Them. Never Wanted to Join Me Because They Were Rest of the Johnson Something Joining and Then I Left the Entire Direct Left Entire Possessions I Have More Than 3000 Ties with All of My Control I Left Everything Weapons Left on the Houses I See Them Moved about on the Web These past Ministers Came from and I Stopped Her Sleeping Living in the Church and Her Sleeping on the Bench with My Boys and Myself the Time Would Not Make Enough You Know Most Everyone of Us and Most of the Guys Back and Went Back.

I Knew What I Saw on Lessor.

Jesus Defines on the Frontline.

I Also Saw in the Beer Give My Life to Christ When Nestling in the Spirit.

I Saw Him and I Was Wondering Where I Knew Him from Waiting to Get Understanding in Our New House Scene and I Was Wondering If You Say Yes I Am the One Who Told You That You Come Enjoy Your Kinship Is Working Now and I Want the Time for All. I'm Going to Die, You Must Sacrifice on the Monthly Visit to the View.

I Will Die If I Tell Anyone I before I Said Not to Him. He Said the Reason to Fear from behind. The Key Will Be the Key Is That This Is the Key of Life I Am Able to Open It or Push the Devil Told You That You Should Not You and I Certifies Would Die If You Tell Anyone about It. I Am Telling You Back into the Work Word That I Leave Tell My People Go My Seven Not Cost Effective to Have Me on the Lips. You Have the Deity of Your Father in Your Mind and in Your Heart My People Currently in Your Hearts, and It Would Be Effective until the Word You Will Not Die and I Saw Myself Mutually Going Back into My Spleen Body on the Ground and Went Then When I Look up I Went, I Went to Look for: Getting Crazy: I Did Not Die and I Believe This Jesus Was Wanted in a Protected Need/Everything to Aim at First I Was like Looking at My Command. Nothing Bad When I Sleep Walking from Street to Street Telling People I'm Sorry H&M, I Used To Be Called General Leakage. On the One Who Caused This. How to. I'm so Sorry I'm so Sorry and I Did Not Stop Months Surrounding the Street Telling People Some People Mean Some People Try to Read – for Me, It Became ICU. I Know I Will Just Close My Eyes and Done before Them, and If You Happen to Have What I Can Assure Them That the Biggest Jump in, Got One More Great).

This Is a Real Remarkable Radical Conversion Testifies with Government Now Has an Amazing Ministry to Hurt like That. It's the Line of Fire with Your Host Dr. Michael Brown Your Voice and More Cultural and Spiritual Revolution. Here Again Is Dr. Michael Brown Listed As One of Fire Speaking with My Brother Joshua from Liberia Stringer Testimony, We We Only Have a Short Period of Time Left so We Can't Get into Full Details, but There Was a National Committee That Is Now Trying to Sort Things through. After Your Country so Torn by War. The Different Factions in an US Understand Were the First One to Come Forward and Just Confess and Say You're Sorry. Know What You're Doing to Bring about Good Telus Very Briefly about This Committee and When You Testified before the Other TLC's Reclassification Permission Is Mother after African Parting, and so We Have Options for Accepting the Walk" on the TLC Government Accepted TLC. However, Most of the Perpetrators When They Have Changed Your Life from Being Warriors Were Lost Politicians so Maybe Because of That We Have Things the Hard by the Sad Access Because I Know the Truth Will Set Me Free. Excellent. I Went to the PR See I When to Speak the Truth and I Was Able to Speak the Truth and Give Accounts of Actually Everything I Did.

For Example, If We Went Somewhere and Can Present Die and I Was Responsible for Five I Was a Guest Can Present Die and I'll Responsible for Five Person Who Killed Obama Five Come Back to See the Stories on This. You Know, Told Reperfusion Commission.

Not Because I Wanted to Be a No Free from Persecution Because I Knew That It Was the Truth, and As a Christian I'm Not Supposed to Lie after Seeing This to the Entire Commission Pressing Truth and Most of the Guys That Influence Devoted to the Requested Revisions from My Mission Still Tapping about Going after Them, Encouraging Them about Jesus. Everyone Today My Different Generous Will Commit a Different Mindset, As Though Because of This, I Was Recommended Amnesty Even Though It Is Not Justification except It Was Just a Recommendation but Now Is the International Criminal Court Is about to Be Established in Our Academic Sampling to the Request to Face the International Can Walk" You Know You'll Be Able to That after I Went to the Regal Salesian Clinician. I Was Recommended for a Message Requesting Additional Commission Toppings Thousand and Seven. Since 1996 That I Invited. I Have Been Going from Community to Community to Meet Family Sorry Some of Them Some Treatment of the Tribes Killed Their Families. Fathers and Mothers Day.

I like That Shouldn't Leave Me off on a Community with Them and We Are Helping Each Other in College Now Just Yesterday. If Family Following Greater Actual Text Country Where We Are on the Deprived That Acted against Mobility One Fighting against the One Who Children My Car and Went to Churches and Killed Them with Heidi and Killed Them in the Macungie without the Boy Die Because since 1996 and Going after Them. Some of Them Want to Hide Back the Power of Goal Convicts Them and Commit Them to Forgive Me Some of That Was Going to Talk to You Again.

God, You Know I'm Not Going to Harm You Again, but Don't Come around Me, except Mean Improvised Evil Acts Family Member Condensed Never Have Families and Again Friends.

This Is This Is What Repentance Does You Humble Yourself, You Confess Rest Forgiveness Seek to Make Things Right. You Present Yourself to a National Committee That's Trying to to Bring Harmony after after the Terrible Wars That Ravaged Liberia Now Going to Submit Himself to an International Tribunal Leaving His Faith in God's Hands and at the Same Time You Are Involved in Helping Other Boys in the Activity, Ministry of before Were Done. I Want to Make Sure That We Give a Link If Folks Want to Support Your Work Get behind What You're Doing Because so Many People Knew Who You Were.

Obviously, Your Testimony Goes through the Nation and Even Insured and Other African Nations.

What Are You Doing out It to Help Others Kids on the Street, Things like That.

Tell Tell Us Briefly about the Ministry That You Presently Involved with Combining 2000 and Full Wall Gloss Finish 2000 and 3014 Back to Let Dennis Decided to Help in the Disarmament Process and I'm Going to Complement Site I Was Going to Barracks.

I'm Going to Just Tell the United Nations Make These Guys Understand What Peace Is Because Most of Them When in the Wall and so Even When the Chemical Town and It Will Give Them $300 to Go Back Home Because We Put Drops You Know to Make Them Brave on the Phone Line Excellent Went Back Home and Your Parents Could Not Pull so I Realized That I Was. I Contributed Possible to Cancel the Remorseful Action.

I Decided That Amount. So Started Taking Them from the Streets in the 50s When I Took Them from There. Keep Them Stucco with Finish Building and I Will Go Back to Their Families and to the Families. I Know You Don't Have Your Treatment but You Can Just Help Me Know You Pretend You Know That You Still Get to Protrude. There May Still Log Even It Will Cause You to Pretend Caulking Change Mean They Can Also Change Your Children and with This the Family Come in and We Are Able to Help Them. We Have Affected the Life of 500,700% on Drops and Be the Vendor List Some of the Initial Business Outlines Business Because It Came Time That I Would Do That Construction Was so Expensive so We Learn from the Construction When We Went for Training Done and When the Training Is One of the People's Money You That Wanted to Take Care Of Them. So That's How You Know of.

We Helping Them to Be Different Just Because Then Interview Them to Christ Isn't Chumash Because of the Hundred Percent Christian Program. This Program Will Come to the Project but You Don't Practice Christianity That Because of This Demand Been Going on the Financial Challenges, Even Though Some of Invited Christians, but Because of the Government Cannot Buy This Program.

Since This Is Not a Nation Also Will Not Help Us Because of Our Human Rights Record so They Cannot Work with Us for Our Human Rights Background Is so Where Is the Place They Can Go Work Where Our Listeners and Viewers Could Go to Support the Work That You're Doing with These Children, You Can Go a Little Program Is Called Violence, and Then We Are Probably Not against Trust Abuse Both Denise Ignatius's Violent GED Trust Is Built in Florida CGMP.B in Acts Check on Copy Pond Just before It Played by Such Find It in a Refined and Then Connected to Its Joining against Violence or Two. You Can Give It J ADA@Gmail There, Next to PayPal That Is Not Tax Deductible but J That is the PayPal address or go to whole word that's WHO LE You can go and that would be through his church and the giving there is tax deductible.

We have one minute. What would you say to someone who says God could never forgive my sins. I've done such terrible things in one minute. What would you say to them I will tell them let him try God. I can Chumash them have not gone one sentence of what the damages link I can manage that 1% of what the devil presently used in to do when Jesus met me the same as last time was in my hands never seen a man he said to me, my son, why are you slated Jesus's soul postulates expand that I could not speak English fluently when he said my son and my daughter wishes on mother call summit… The main one that was disconnected from and about the tax statement alone likes me paralyzed me and I was not supposed to talk any all of you.

I just have to jump in and say this is my closest friends in the world with the issue Pond in India was a communist terrorist involved in atrocities when Jesus appeared to him in his early 20s Jesus said to him, my son tells the Lord first spoke to him and it that was the whining of the shattering and the transforming of his life. My brother, you're out of time, but your testimony is extraordinary. Paul said that God had mercy on him, who is a violent manner persecuted killed believers, the God of mercy on him to show that the worst of sinners saved your testimony takes this even further. If Jesus say about naked and change him in command transform his nation can save anyone. Worst of sinners. That's we came to save the seat forgiveness from him another program powered by the Truth Network

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