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Commenting on the Culture and the Controversies

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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December 15, 2021 4:50 pm

Commenting on the Culture and the Controversies

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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December 15, 2021 4:50 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 12/15/21.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network once told gospel is intersects with politics, culture around you will tackle some controversies to start line of fire with your host activist. All international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael grow your voice more cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of Ministry the line of fire valves like always. 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH is Dr. Michael Brown frames for joining us on the line of fire, 866-34-TRUTH can open up the phone lines for anything you want to talk to me about anything you want to ask me about anything you want to challenge me about you that today, but on the cover some very specific ground and will you will all miss with some sacred cows today, I think, but going to do our best is always to speak the truth in love. I never intentionally say something just to spark controversy ever if I spark controversy. It's because the subject needs to be addressed. That's controversial, but my goal is not to spark controversy not to get calls or poster likes or dislikes, or whenever we get attention but my goal is to bring light and not just heat.

My goal is to open up a controversy so that we can get some insight and that we can have constructive discussion about that circle 866-348-7884 from the January 6 hearings to some of the latest controversies about biological males competing against biological females to a few of the things of interest that we will talk about Pres. Trump's relationship with Prime Minister Netanyahu. That's interesting that's worth talking about. Reflecting on. But what will get to that as things unfold, I find something really interesting when I say something on politics and culture that people agree with Bill Jos Dr. Brown were so glad that you address these things were so glad that you not only just reading Scripture and toes with the Bible says when applying the Bible to real life issues and was so glad you're doing this and then I'll say something that they don't like or different with those so you need to stay out of politics or just stay with the gospel. So here's the deal were on the air where these things intersect and don't just get the word together. We just dig into the Scriptures together.

Some days before we just focus on his real coefficients.

Some days we just focus on culture but our goal is to help you to equip you to strengthen you and as we hear back from so many of you. It is so heartwarming as we come to the end of the year we get the attack.

The fact the negative. Of course we hear from so many of you that that our message is making a difference in your life that you're getting infused with faith, truth and courage is loose and and that's why we are here once you healthy and thriving in every way and we know is that happens is God's people are healthy and thriving, then that will impact the world around us that the brighter and more clearly our life can shine. The more the darkness will be dispelled okay so January 6 hearings going on. You may say well it's slanted in Congress and you've got almost all Democrats and and so on. And it's not going 34 truth 866-34-TRUTH 7884. What about you if you can only have one book of the Bible to read the rest your life could read any other book of the Bible you just have one that would be your book. Your your connection to the truth of God is revealed in Scripture for the rest of your life.

Only one book of the Bible that you could read which book would be and why, 866-348-7884 I decided to do a little poll the other day on Facebook and Twitter in an Instagram asking this very question. I had an idea of where the answers might go you could give an educated guess as well and then I asked myself the same question and came up with I got top three that I would have to say if I can only have one book to read in the Bible for the rest of my life which would be what about you which book you'll get one and that's the book for the rest your life that you read from the Bible you call 866-34-TRUTH. Of course, tell me why in the New Testament in the five books of Moses the book that is quoted the most is Deuteronomy in the.

The prophetic writings the book that's quoted the most is Isaiah in what would be called the, the writings in the threefold division and that the Hebrew Scriptures so that I believe Michael Gonzales Trellix is not the way it went out. My opinion number three. I do believe his reckless speech. Up until then. In the months before that you are the most powerful person on the planet with the biggest platform on the planet and you were talking about how things were stolen and it's wrong etc. and and getting people to feel like our nations being stolen from us is member. We were never can have another fair election ever after this 2022 look pretty fair as far as I can tell her 2021 election. We just had never looked pretty fair for as I can tell, but I believe trumps reckless words in the in the weeks leading up to that even set up in the months before but in the weeks leading up to it and then that day saying row to walk it and and and and with everything that was happening.

The tone of that rally up into them and others who'd spoken before them and in their provocateur words that it was reckless of him as the president to say what he said so number one I don't believe it's right to call it an insurrection are referred to as the strumming of the capital. If I if I say the insurrection. That's encodes cassettes with the calling to.

I believe you wanted it to happen until he was decisively should act more quickly that they could be, but I still don't believe he wanted it to happen to believe that was his goal and he has to know he has to know that that it leaves terrible tarnishing of his records or accomplishments in it and it feeds the fuel of the fire of of the worst critics.

So that seems clear enough that he would understand that. But I do hold him responsible for his rhetoric as president.

Too much is given much is required. So that's been my perspective from months nothing that's come forward has changed my thinking on that and you're free to agree or different note, one more thing with Pres. Trump as his back and his wife, Trump is back in the news so it is really journalist is released a book about Trump the Abraham accord so amazing accomplishments unprecedented accomplishments of the Middle East. Many of our presidents as the modern state of Israel. Pres. Trump did things that no one else is done as an Trump did things that everyone said could not be done, and I remain deeply appreciative of that to this day, but according to the book the author had two interviews with Trump 190 minutes long for prison. Trump is not denied. A word of this is not denied. A word of it not seen any public of his denied it. I've not seen it anywhere that he said that when crime incidents on Yahoo called Pres. Biden to congratulate him on his victory in and made the, the, tape, public did that that Trump is not spoken to him since an Mucinex with expletive him is not spoken to him since then and he felt stabbed in the back is given Trump's mind. He sure the election was stolen. Now you're congratulating the next outcomes and you need to show loyalty and again that to me is the downside of Donald Trump that to me is why with all the good that he did.

You have to recognize the amount of collateral damage that he did. The fact that we had the horrific events of January 6 that has so tarnished, not just comfort but trump supporters as if we were all there is.

If we all storm the capitals and for all wanted those horrific things to happen that day and potentially endanger the lives of our elected officials leave the vice president and that the terror that was inflicted to trick the nation in many ways.I understand people to blow the building understand that that many were in there peacefully under standards it's it's nonetheless miserably wrong, but that's the recklessness of what happened.

So it's it's almost like okay thankfully we didn't have anything happen really, really badly.

Until then, but then it tarnishes everything else and and then you don't know what else can happen and and how Americans who are upset on this either. That's how they can be provoked look. I believe the secular media the left-wing media is is responsible in certain ways for the ugliness of what's happening with rioting and even some of the depth of division in America, but I believe the secular media often feeds into that and then with misreporting and stuff like that. It further provokes people so there are a lot of people responsible for the inflammatory situation which we find ourselves work.

Things just ready to ignite and explode in a moments time, but I believe that once Pres. Biden was recognized as president that it was right for Prime Minister Netanyahu to congratulate remember he does have the time was a history of Biden as well as his history with Trump he probably is a longer history with Biden and this is the new reality.

This is who you're working with soda so will have to be more loyal to Trump not I don't also to tell the people of Israel.

Hey, we can't work with the new administration is we don't think it's valid because my good friend on compass things about you. You can do that so this is just another thing I look at slick okay that those are problems.

So I wrote an article and one conservative political website.

It was not received favorably when I last looked at every the only ratings were were the worst you could write it and it has well over 500 comments and if I look through them on the glace, but I imagine the vast majority would be negative but I said a Trump knock the door down Trump show there's a different way of getting things done and you don't have to play the old political games and in you just do what we believe is right with the people elected you to do. That's what you do and and and you bypass the good old boy syndrome to get things done. He's he's reminded us or shown us that you can do things differently than the standard political that is not that the down let another conservative with backbone running 2024. That would be my preference. So let's get the good without collateral damage. And if you say no, only Donald Trump can save America, then I say that's a very idolatry of been warning against readers.

So I say this, someone voted from 2016 and 2020 with certain levels of misgivings and concerns but feeling far away is the best man for the job. Once he was a candidate so him versus Hillary and versus Biden, and a voted and I don't regret doing that.

However, as things unfold as I saw the depth of damage that had been done and the degree of idolatry that was there in the church. Okay, we have big lessons to learn.

If you learn to move forward will repeat some of the same mistakes okay of gotten that out get some calls bunch of other things talk about today. Let's have a conversation. Six. And it's the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown of your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael 7884. Okay, I have a rational discussion about a very emotional subject. The whole issue of men identifies women competing in sports with other women just want talk about this. I want to ask some questions because as bizarre as it seems to me as unfathomable as it seems to me is unfair as it seems to me I know there's some of you listening and you think, no, it's fine.

It's good there will be standards that the Olympics set this up your skull and that once these men undergo that the right therapy circuitry years with they take blunt drugs to block testosterone and they take estrogen pills and and and so on. So the balance things things out.

So here I don't understand this. Maybe someone can help me understand but I don't understand this. I am willing to 63 right on the mail right absent bone structure, bone density, but my height is what it is but since my body is what it is. Muscles are what they are right okay so even if her let's let's let's let loose not use me as an example, let's do something absolutely indisputably overwhelmingly clear, okay, let's say I'm Shaquille O'Neal I want 7 foot to and what was what we should kill only as playing weight was 300 pounds. I don't know Shaquille O'Neal to court was being 15 years ago felt that he was actually a female and went to play the WNBA. Even with doing go all through therapy in two years of you know transition is 100. Of course he's going to have a massive advantage over all the other time and how how can it be any different one. Why is this a mystery. So here of of of got a new article on this and you can read it on the screen is exclusively on the stream

Can we have a rational discussion about biological males competing against biological females. Okay.

All right. We just found out before against this article just found something out soul. I apologized to to those who have called in about favorite book, my apologies are our feet somehow dropped out. I was telling that something 100% different. You were listening to an old show and calling in responsive so I'm not taking calls today about favorite books of the Bible.

Okay, so if you're on hold for that. My apologies.

I was, not taking calls about that. So some of you who are listening on radio you you were listening to an old show because we lost our connection somehow. My apologies. So will if you been holding my apologies. I will be getting to those calls are right that explains his I'm looking at my board why Megan calls the subject, I wasn't talking about so that explains all right so I wrote this article. Can we have a rational discussion about biological males competing against biological females and NI silicate. If you support biological males who identifies females competing female sports adults will ask two simple questions to simple question first. What you think some of these athletes are smashing women's records even after being on hormone treatments for two years or more. First question second in your heart of hearts. Are you sure that this is fair to the other women so listen to a little snippet of this interview. This is will now known as Leah Thomas is swimming on the female team of University of Pennsylvania.

Previously he had been on the men's team on the second team on the men now swim with the women. He's not just doing well. He is demolishing records, demolishing records and the women are in tears and disheartened. Listen to what he has to remember the world is referring to him as she as Leah listen to what he has to say. So I started my transition.

And May 2019. That's when I started hormone replacement therapy, which is the medical transition for trans people, trans women, it's a combination of estrogen and's testosterone blockers which basically gives you female puberty on his feet at a redistribution muscle loss spatial changes all that. Yes.

So here is getting you hear the individual does not sound like locator women with voices okay understand that but you're talking about someone who as a male pleaser.

This is a male was on the second team right so not first string, not topline second team now as a female is winning so overwhelmingly that's making a mockery of the competition, and some of the women that they been told by the coaches don't say anything universe.

Ministration is anything but there speaking up there speaking up because it was actually happening. Some of them share a little bit from this article and all living just here daily mail 2018 Rinne headline students and parents demand unfair will change after two transgender teen sprinters come first and second the girl states championship months after one competed as a boy and and and and look at this. I'm gonna scroll down in my article here and that the University of Pennsylvania is excited about the women are in second place after day one of the recipient invitational Leah Thomas set a pool and meet record in the 503 a meet record this is will Thomas, who was second string is a male messaging a meet record as as a female and it goes from there. So Barbara K wrote an op-ed for the Western standard titled trans athletes create a competitive imbalance in sports and and Barbara case of this the switch from male-female competition so significantly upgraded Thomas's athletic status and made the difference between anonymity.

She never would've heard of him ever and start them but most significantly, it meant a worthy female competitor was unfairly bumped downward in the standings so Thomas could feel included.

As in other cases of trans women athletic performances celebrated by activists NATO male inclusion came at the expense of the female competitors exclusion and and then look at this. This is so striking Barbara K wrote this one need only compare women's Olympic records to those set by boys still in high school to see the stark physical difference between male and female elite athletes or the humiliation of the Australian national women's soccer team by 15 year old boys in 1998 test legends Venus and Serena Williams ranked number five and number 17 in the world, respectively, at the time, played against an aging male player named Carsten Broadus ranked 203rd among men brush beat Serena 61 and Venus 62 Cece Telfer ranked 390th among American male 400 m hurdles in 2017 NCAA Division II athletics right so as he different name in Cece that he ranked 390th Division II athletes for the male 400 m hurdles after year offer hormone therapy. Telfer won the women's NCAA championship. So from being the 390th male to the number one female had that happen. If he had known for infinite and hilariously chaotic that Telfer claims to be a disadvantage because it 6 foot to encounters greater wind resistance. Oddly, it didn't hurt you say in both art I could go. I could go on further.

I saw an interview where Serena Williams arguably the greatest women's player of all time. So the goat the greatest of all time.

Many if not most would put her there is the greatest female tennis player of all time.

She said if she played against Andy Murray not and is not in terms of recent men wouldn't even be in the top three might've been for five or something like that. She said if if I played against him. I would lose six lovesick love in five or six and seven. She was exaggerating five or six minutes but she would be instantly crushed by anti-civic women's tennis as well as tennis men's tennis is men's tennis so you're telling me that if one of these top male players identified as peanuts and corpsmen believe you Serena and then transition so gets on testosterone blockers gets on estrogen treatment that he still would not have an unpretentious LEL work.

One explained to me how these men who were second rate men.

These men who were anything but champs. These men are on second team. These men who were ranked 390th in their field.

Now our winning anything, demolishing records among females. You tell me how that please someone enlighten me, waiting for the Enlightenment.

I care about these people were struggling with gender identity Allison hole inside out.

Please if you advocate for this explained to me how these men fail by now winning winning VA on all your gifts to light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown is transferred joining us on the line.

The four 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is the number to call you don't. One reason we've talked about transgender issues is because of what's happening with kids.

Too many parents of talked grandparents individuals dealing with kids struggling with gender identity confusion, and in many cases it's happened out of the blue note was not a history since the child was little, I just read an article on the stream and it was talking about apparent what happened with his parents, daughter, and what she went through have submitted certain age to begin identify this in the role played in this much. This did this in. I sent it over to another mother who is dealing with struggles with her teenage daughter and she wrote back absolutely devastates that this is line for line step for step exactly what happened with my daughter there are social forces. There were things kids are being exposed to. There are some quite nefarious and intentional. There are others that are less intentional but they are having this destructive effect on kids and now there is the growing number of young people who were trying to de-transition well if your 20-year-old female, and you've already had a full that meniscectomy and and you have a ready castrating yourself chemically so that you cannot conceive a child right and in you and you make these decisions to move in this direction when you were 11 or 12, with the encouragement of medical doctors and therapists, and others hang on how to add you to fix that at any de-transition to go back to real identities of female but your Mart for life is a growing epidemic, it cannot be downplayed, but happen to one kid. It's too many but but you are talking about thousands and thousands and thousands of young people wrongly influence what when you have some like Chaz Jennings who needs our prayerful wholeness from the inside out. He does from the inside out. When you have some like that is perhaps the most influential teen and American reality TV star. Some millions are being affected countless thousands going to regret and pain. Of course we have to speak up. Of course we do 866-34-TRUTH and and as long as these things are happening in schools will talk about what we want. We warned the stuff was coming years ago, we warned it was coming here it is. We can do about it. Let's go over to Norwalk, Connecticut, Stephen walking to the line of fire. Hello document effective for taking my call. Sure I would wondered her unaware of anything like where anyone professional or or or tempo level. Any born female preconditioning to mail the pleading in professional male sport good arm. I've heard stories of course of the reverse right never heard of a story of about biologically born woman printed and mailed to Parker to partake in any of sport to that higher ability. Have you ever heard such a thing, the closest thing is is a a a girl in high school transitioning male is a wrestler so on testosterone and now crushing all the female competition and say why would wrestle with the males.

Of course that you know the mental arrest with a woman etc. and it would befriend her either, but that's that's as far as I've seen it go, so she has all the advantages of the testosterone treatment stooped to boost herself and and she's crushed you the women's competition.

But no, I mean how how would it work right that the world's fastest woman can't come anywhere near the world's fastest man, or even whatever the distances are not extraordinary that then Roger Bannister breaks the though the four-minute mile barrier right what was that in the 50s and its land learned so long and then it gets down to Anna with 342 minutes. It's extraordinary how how far it went on and stayed there for some years and among the men and every year there are many kids in high school boys who break a foreman or commonly the world record the world record for the fastest female mile I believe is about four minutes 12 seconds so severe you've got a disparity right so if she's got. If she is the world's fastest female or the world's best female basketball player went with everyone put it, that the female boxer of the year. Whatever sport you want to take right whatever it is, pole vaulting, and anything speedskating you take the very best right woman if she then identifies as a man, and even gets it gets BOOSTING to test this testosterone are just going to be crushed there's there's no time like I go to neurology but in what previously male only perfect, but the top firefighting were police or even the military not have any experience in it would not bother me one bit. It was a man or woman with going become a burning building work or kill coming to my aid or fighting defending me that that could be done in whatever way the profession befit the quicker it is not maybe did not quite passion involving a spectator, but it can commute a little defective at best. Because the few women that I know personally that participate recreationally whether their great women lesbian women get whatever have you. They have no interest in gloating, or even talking about or giving up their femaleness or femininity. They simply want to play with the better people they want and yet I don't see that going on here with me that the people you you preventative example of art.

They have another agenda here at the victory at all costs.

I can't win at the man I wanted woman.

I wonder if I'm reading it correctly but I don't feed it. You know I don't feed him going for the tougher one, but being made more about it victory think to be the goal here rather than affair, solicit yet so let's think of it like this one. Let's give the benefit of downstate is this person is struggling with gender identity and feels their mismatch there in the wrong body and skim the benefit of doubt and they love running and swimming deliver whatever this so they want to keep competing in this and K. I'm taking all these drugs to slow me down to make it harder and I'm pushing hard on athletic I'm on the wind, but ultimately if your athlete don't you want to wait yes.

So, according to some of these gals and and in fact I need to read some of the quotes in the article they are missing look the coach wants to win so that other women all these competitions and there there so upset this you normally you practice hard to give it your all and you know you have a chance, but here you before you can start you know you have any possible chance and who wants to do their best and work for years to reach a certain level to know that you get it you can come in a distant second at best. In a competition. So what of the motivation is to win at any cost. Either way it ends up terribly on unfair and there is this is the reason for this part and I draw attention to it because it's part of the larger cultural insanity. Stephen, thank you, thank you for the call appreciate and look there plenty of women in certain sports and you will participate with manna train with me on a certain level but it's I can be like mixed martial artist by trying to get her stuff at you and I can get the ring that the world's best hundred 50 pounder whatever mail against the world's best hundred 50 pound female it would everyone say it's unfair and there could be serious injury or death that resulted in so these.

These are the issues fair.

What about fairness to women. What about equality and and in the midst of all this now I'm looking at this headline daily wire school District of Philadelphia, allowing students to identify as non-binary without parental consent. This is madness friends when I talk about transcend the I'm not about people struggle.

My heart goes out to people struggle and and it's gonna take tremendous compassion and patience to really help them find homeless from the inside out, rather than mutilating the bodies that God gave them in and being on hormone treatments five and then in the end still not being fully with the woman be rising" trans women are women want happy to find a woman none of uterus can ever possibly conceive have child will multi-cycle you you have life experience of women on how what is a woman then is how you feel about yourself that this is not what defines sex now gender to say feel about yourself, but my big concern is the children's the young people is is is those that are now going through all kinds of confusion. Because of this, and pain. I'm talking to parents us of the schools working against us.

The schools are doing things garage the schools are affirming things like is that we don't agree with. And we as parents are the ones are responsible and in the schools. The witness agenda come from what's what's behind why this all out attack on male and female he created them and unscrew, grab my article again and and read with a couple quotes to discover find it once more to come up on screen here okay what what some of the gals that are competing against this biological male at the University of Pennsylvania. They been told not to speak out, but the they feel they have to once it pretty much everyone individually spoken Torah coaches about not liking this, but our coach.

This really likes winning is like most coaches, I think secretly, everyone just knows it's the wrong thing to do second swimmer said this, they give ladies they feel so discouraged because no matter how much work they put in it they can lose you so they can get behind the blocks and though they out trained all the competitors they go. Women give it all they've gone now that we go behind the blocks, knowing no matter what they do, they do not have the chance to win. She said I think it's really getting to everyone and its reduce them to tears. So this will University be to say they care about all of us are interested in direct conflict with the interests of Leah that's this filament in regards to fair competition again to compete while we support Leah as a person to make decisions for her own life. You cannot make that decision and then come and impede on other people and their rights and she said this, you're right doesn't supersede everyone else's right I know no matter what biological women will never be on an equal playing field with transgender females to say this even without Leah we had the chance to win the Ivy League.

This year, which is a huge deal for us. We train every single day and give up.

So much for the sport and I love swimming. I do it because I love it. It's been a part of my life forever. And this is a slap in the face of the NCAA doesn't care about the integrity of women sports. She said this is such a cloud over everything, in the locker room, especially the last few days because we all know of how things have changed in the last week. If you care about women women's rights fairness to women. You've got to stand up against this madness and society has to and if you care about kids and the well-being of kids and oppose their chemical castration. That's what this comes down to. You've got to stand up and speak out. It must have it's the light a fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown and voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown last week of what happened in Canada that the Canadian government passed a ban on so-called conversion therapy for people of all ages with boils down to is if you have unwanted same-sex attraction. The woman 30 years old.

Remand 40 years old you're married with kids struggling with a lot of same-sex attraction in one professional counseling to help you get to the root of your struggles illegal and legal.

If you like to be affirmed in your same-sex attraction perfectly fine if your 15-year-old kid tormented by gender identity confusion as to look at.

I'm in a female body. I want to be female and I'd like to have children when they but I feel like I'm a boy. I strike my tormented luggage counseling to get through the legal owner but get on all kinds of hormone things results either 12 years old get on puberty blockers and and then have a full mastectomy at 80, that's legal madness. That's like culture, insanity that is cultural madness and of course there will be legal pushback and I've called on pastors throughout Canada. Say no to this.

So would you counsel when you help people in need help. Will over the UK as they were looking to push a similar band there's been a rising up of leaders in the UK. They have graciously and lovingly expressed why they differ with this. Those who struggled in these areas are coming forth with your own testimonies and I'm looking at the website now where leaders of said we will not comply with this law moves with the minister to people that need ministry regardless. And right now I'm looking at about 2273 pastors leaders in England. Christian leaders saying we will not comply with this. This is what has to happen. There has to be this healthy and holy pushback in love with grace. So we care about everyone and were not forcing anyone to live their life in a way they don't want to how they live their lives is between them and God. But when someone comes and says I want help I want help.

We are going to provide that help with its legal or not. God bless them for doing it and maybe grace and truth prevail, and may there be a holy pushback in Canada but let's go over to skip in northern Utah. Welcome to the line of fire.

Michael Altschuler, all of the Richard truck with everything getting people to live on their emotions rather than thinking logically parklike matter of transgender issue to write your portion to Paul playing on young people motion and coming down to American or losing parent can't keep up with everything that's going on by the public but yet so thanks thanks for landscape let loose a few things so I recognize that there are kids as young as three and four that struggle with gender identity issues, and parents than the word came from this we restricted the same as others. That's the that's the story that the as far as I can tell, but 80% or more of those kids. If you just are loving with them gracious towards them, but don't dress them in the opposite sex close don't call them by opposite sex names just say well this is just work with them patiently. The vast, vast majority, 80% more than that was able to puberty will no longer struggle with that system. First, but when you get to a certain age which hold rapid onset gender dysphoria, which is suddenly happening with girls 15 and 16 years old. Sometimes groups of them.

Often those who suffer with with autism on a certain level you add that in. For whatever reason, psychological reason you are now seeing this epidemic of these kids out of the blue. It's on the struggle of the life out of the blue identifying as these grossing were actually male and one transition and then a few years later, many of them more deeply regretting the decisions and what they did to their bodies and the fact that that either parents went along with it a medical professional. Say this is the right thing.

It's his horrific and uncertain level solicits criminal to do this it it it according to the component you long, long time in the psychiatric department, Johns Hopkins, and a longtime opponent of 16 surgery say what what what were dealing with the wrong problem or fixing the wrong thing he said that dealing with anything chemically. We are dealing with children rights of sort of a boy identifies girl vice versa and your putting chemicals in the body. Puberty blockers different things he said, child abuse, child abuse, this is what he said night I had a call before when entire banks to discuss this years ago. It is, it is and it is utterly irresponsible so many medical professionals to go in this direction in their there are legal cases being brought from something UK single unit. You should have slowed us down. You should've stopped us along the way.

I'm hoping to do an interview with someone who is as far away from me in terms of beliefs about the Bible loose about God is that homosexuality looks kind of things do an interview with this transgender identified individual and we are shouting at the top of our lungs together that to help and save children from this that that's the diversity of people coming together raising their voices so server in response to call their there is something that's being played on emotionally and went when you when you compare notes and see some of these kids were exposed to this this this this and it a vulnerable age when kids are going through changes in questioning things and now getting bombarded with all this nonsense and in all the wrong examples and now the transgender superheroes and on and on and in the fact that you have now a eight massive jump for the first time in call history. A massive jump now and Jen's ears identifying his bisect where that come from was always latently was always there with a come from. So the challenge for parents is you don't know is how do you know tickets can exposed to look there is a story that the very popular singing ability English and and she's talking about is getting exposed to porn star which was 11 and then how far it went to this very descriptive of the horrific things that she would watch and then when she started relationship she so you're supposed to do all this.

You're not supposed to say no, she couldn't escort her hopefully should get some real help and it's been open about ensure people reaching out to try to help her from the from the inside out. She saved and messed with my brain.

Kids are being exposed to a lot of stuff that is apparent how to keep up with all of it and when you try to be super restricted beginning of this this this gazelle exposed them many times. It just pushes the kids to for the rebellion or anger or hurt or pain or or or suicidal ideation. Very challenging but we need the Lord, the Lord's grace and in the midst of our homes today and parenting, but when you mentioned the push emotional buttons so of course as Americans. If you love God you love your neighbor if you're any kind of a true Christian all or any person of conscience, of course, you say that every black life matters.

Of course you see if this unfair treatment of our black neighbors.

We stand against. Of course you say if if there since the systemic injustice anywhere we want to confront it if your person of conscious conscious of your true believer love God, love your neighbor. Of course, but the BLM movement, with its Marxist roots with his with its queer ideology. With so many other things that that are wrong and and the hatred and the racism that it espouses. If you cease about the dog is so a lot of things are fuel emotional we have to do is step back here III tweeted so much as put this tweet up again and and I had 20/20 of course is 2021 as of the cure is my take on what happened.

January's sixth 2021, number one, it cannot be called an insurrection is heinous and inexcusable as it was to come to that expected to happen, nor was it his goal or intent. Three. It is a responsible rhetoric in previous days, and on that they led directly to the storming of the capitals so much in the news on its way and with my perspective and cultivate discussion have been taken down so I I noticed I don't read all comments any words of which at the time till we find that I could interact with everyone but is not feasible. So I I noticed you certain people responding front were not a lot but I did review the comments and they were bashing me either. How dare you speak Oregon's president, or how dare you defend Pres. you whatever it was right which I fully expected something like that.

Many different Mossad slide I just tweet or responses to take. I welcome the attack from both sides expected, but it would be great if you interacted with each other. Although we not be great. I've had people so everyone knows the election was still and you know still you just don't have the courage to speak out against it. If I knew it was stolen. I would speak out against but I don't know and I know articulate very sharp very study very balanced people on both sides who say no proof it was stolen. Absolute proof stolen and got is not called me or burdened me directed me to spend the necessary hundreds of hours to unpack things go through all the hearings. List all the testimony come to a final conclusion.

Plus, I believe that was many millions of people praying that we got God's result with her was blessing or judgment. We got God's result and I was trusting that our court system would work with the Supreme Court. So if there was corruption would come forth that you have a different opinion that this fun just to tell me I know. Just like on the consent, everyone knows it wasn't stolen or everyone knows, stolen but can we talk to each other about it and settling on echo chambers. How about we have honest discussions that make us a little uncomfortable but with the goal of learning from each other or sharpening each other's position or allowing challenge to come see you can see how solid your position is. Isn't that the right thing to do if I'm wrong, you're wrong. I'll show you are learning to limited differences is that okay back with you.

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