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Dr. Brown Tackles Your Best Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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December 10, 2021 5:20 pm

Dr. Brown Tackles Your Best Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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December 10, 2021 5:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 12/10/21.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network, let's do this. You got questions.

We got answers, bromides, or wide open start line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael grow your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the direct coalition of conscience and president of fire school of Ministry to the wider fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH your job is Dr. Michael Brown Brown here delighted to be with you or call 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884. You got questions, we've got answers any question of any kind that relates in any way to anything we talk about here on the line of fire anything at all. Questions are warmly welcome and you may differ with me fundamentally on things you want to challenge that bonds are open for everyone. Friend and foe alike.

866-348-7884. The earlier you call me show the better chance you have of us getting to your questions, but of course get to as many as we can. Let's start over in Sioux Falls South Dakota. Joseph, welcome to modifier either. Dr. Brown how are you doing very well thank you so my question is in regard to Genesis chapter 13 verse four.

I I there are many passages in genitive where the patriarch call upon the name of the Lord and what struck me as interesting.

I I have a copy of the art, scroll stone, and it mentions hush and throughout every reference to God and that translation because of those they call upon the name the Lord. My question is in the Hebrew manuscript would act as it actually referenced the tetra grandma con, and so on.

All of the Hebrew manuscripts have the consonants for the tip grandma tongue which we commonly pronounce as Yahweh. So you hate above hey Y.

H. W. H. They all have that. That's that's without exception. If you if you have Dead Sea Scrolls manuscripts. At times they would actually write it in an older script to distinguish it but the consonants are there some of them once valves were added in the Masoretic text. Some of them actually have the valves for Adonai Lord, which tells you whenever you see this pronounce it as Lord because it's too sacred to pronounce.

Others don't even have any valves at all which is reminding you it's too sacred to pronounce when you see it say Adonai Lord instead. So when we have Lord L or L small caps or DNR English translations.

We're doing a similar thing when art scroll uses the Orthodox Jewish expression. Hush the name they are doing that with the manuscripts themselves, they they write out the letters and it was only a certain point in time that the name was considered too sacred to pronounce some time, probably before the time of Jesus. But over the centuries the name was freely pronounce before the my my question and acted it after Dick Young first three Bob follow him. Okay, that that everyone or Pam but like other like Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and forefathers.

They only knew him as El Shaddai yet and that and that is name which is a 5K with the valve point is is sacred name is personal name Becky E. He gave Moses the mallet when his name was revealed right then we have the Hebrew manuscript. The reference to his name beforehand. How does that in the back how to confuse me there. Yet this wonderful question and in many have asked before critical scholars so this is not you.

This is not me.

Critical scholars say that shows you had different sources of the Pentateuch and they were familiar with each other.

So this source thought that Yahweh's name is not revealed before and the other sources did think it was revealed will of course we we reject that for many reasons. So the most likely understanding is that God did not bring the fullness of the revelation of that name. They knew him or is El Shaddai. Speaking of his power, and provision and things like that but his covenant keeping name Yahweh. This would tie in with with keeping the promises that he had previously given that that he had not been revealed and that way you know him in Hebrew name is not just name a social character of when Isaiah the prophet is in the 30s Uses the name of the Lord is coming or when God says Ezekiel, people forgot my name. It means who I am. So the most likely understanding. It's a very legitimate question that many event and any vest exactly rightly going especially to Genesis 13 for that reference because Lloyd spelled out there that because we know repeatedly that the name Yahweh is used by the patriarchs and interacting with God and his speaking to them what it must mean is the fullness of the revelation of that name had not been known so he was known in his Revelation is El Shaddai and now he's going to be known in his Revelation as Yahweh.

That's the best way to understand it there some other explanations given by even a double negative rhetorical immunity Hebrew that he saying I was revealed by the name but it seems less likely.

The most likely explanation is what I just shared with you and with most conservative scholars would agree on and it also reminds us of what's in a name. It's more than just the name with the, the person, the character associated with it that aspects of God's nature had not been fully revealed until the time of the Exodus hate. Thank you sir for the question.

Go back look at the text and see if it falls into place a little better for you. 866-34-TRUTH eight 784 we move over to Portland. Erin, welcome to the line of fire. Thank you Dr. Brown but you, thank you for your ministry. Welcome. I wanted to ask a question about restricting chapter 5 verse nine through 13 where college instruct the believer not have company with a number of different people. The one that I'm focused on today indicators is what caused the Jean James which I am part of me but that was for her brother.

For someone who claims to be a brother or sister and is living in unrepentant sin.

So in this case sex out of wedlock fornication right that we are not to associate with such a person that's that's recycling first Corinthians 5 not talking about the world as a whole so much. Among the people of the world. Of those, you have to leave the world rush but rather those that are in the body claiming to be followers of Jesus and living in blatant unrepentant sin. Yes, that we are to separate ourselves from them. Okay so my question not make it very personal matter. I Have a Brother-In-Law to Mary Goldman, Forced, and Her Husband That She Reports Lately and so My Condition Was That I Can't Eat with This Brother Because His Marriage Is Adult to Chairwoman Forster-Leonard Is No Grounds for Divorce and I Take Romans Seven Very Seriously When You a Wife Divorces Her Husband the Donkey Lead She Found out about My Understanding and I Would Love to Be Wrong. Actually Because I Really Love My Brother and I and A Lot Of Great Mind and Very Comfortable Though My Brother-In-Law on One of the Family Detonated, but This Is Just a Couple Questions. First, Did It in Your Mind. Did He Say I Know This Is Sinful and I'm Going to Go Ahead and Do It and Commit Adultery. My Marriage or in His Mind Was the Marriage Valid and Questionable Because She Was Raised in a Family Where This Is Not Okay That Is Not Accepted in Any at All.

You Don't Don't Do That. He Did Not Have the Character Left a Run Every One of Us Told Him This Is Wrong. Don't Do It and Eat It and and so the Woman Getting Divorced. How Did That without Getting into Great Detail. You Said She Divorced Her Husband with No Grounds for Divorce Is My Understanding That May Have Needed an Overstatement, Because I Am Not out Here Getting Her Life, and I Actually I and a Personal Level Get along Great.

Let's Just Say It Was a Situation like First Corinthians 7 Where You Have a Couple Say the Wife Gets Save the Husband Is Not Saved, and He Leaves the Wife He Divorces Her and Goes on into a New Relationship of Paul Using Legal Language There Says That She Is Not Bound There to Appear like That She Would Be Free to Remarry. Even Though Still Alive Is Understand She Would Be Free to Remarry. So How Do You Know It Wasn't Something like That. I Know That He Was a Perfect Laboring Jesus. Yeah, I Know That You Perfect the Christian Straight out. They but Whether or Not He Had Ever Been Born Again Any of Course I Don't Know but from All outside. You Know Perspective Is like No, It Would Be Advisable Not Have Married Her. If You Would Be Careful You're Being Writer Reviewed What That Mediation Actually Enforce Right Okay so There Again. My Understanding Is That There Are Some Scriptural Reasons in Which Divorce Is Valid and Remarriage Is Permissible, Even While the Spouse of Students Is Theirs. Disagreement in the Body over That Obviously. But That's My Own View and an Understanding so There Many Marriages. I Know That God Worked Wonderfully Redemptive. The One Party Was Terribly Hurt, Abandoned, Left, Adultery Was Committed against Them. They Were They Were Divorced and Then They Went on with the New Life with Someone Else and and Have Been Blessed in the Process. What I Would Basically Have To Do This on Understanding the Two Scenarios Okay and Because of the Personal Nature of It.

You Have To Sort This out. If, Let's Say I Have a Relative and This Relative Got Involved with a Married Christian Woman in This Married Christian Woman. Because of This Relationship with This Relative of Mine Who Is a Believer That They Agree She's Going to Divorce Her Husband and They're Going to Read Their Intermarry.

Then I Would Say You Adultery You Have To Repent Now If They Went to God and Leaders, and Repented Laid Everything down and Was No Way to Reconcile with the Previous Spouse a Person Going on and Remarried and Is There Any Way Forward. Okay, That's a Separate Question to Ask until We Get to That Point out to You and Adultery You Stole This Woman from Another Man in Urine, Adultery, and If You're Claiming to Go on a Ministry, and so on. Sorry Ike I Can't Support That. If There Is Another Situation If If the Woman Got Divorced. And Years Later on They Mistake We Can't Reconcile. Is There Any Path Forward.

I Would Then Look into It. Cecile Rose Looking for Versatile Ways Is a Way That the Former.

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Tell Your Friends the More the Merrier. That's Why Were Doing This with Dr. Stenger Is Doing This All Right. We Go Back to the Phone Is 866-34-TRUTH. Let's Start with Andy in Gaithersburg, Maryland Used To Have Our Ministry Offices. They're Welcome to the Line of Fire Hold Hold Entrepreneurial Doing Well. Andy, Thanks for Currently Visiting Her Defeat Daniel with Dual Toki Beauty of Christ, Wondering Thinking about What What If Someone Were to Theater the Holy Spirit Were to Were Not Being That What Jesus Gave the Morning and Go Spirited, Good Gift Rather Than Dirt Person Opportunity. How Would You Respond yet so I Respond by Emphasizing That We Know That There Is Only One God. We All Agree on That.

Dr. Tuckey, Who Denies He Things about Who Jesus Is. We All Agree That This One God, One Got All Mixing with My Jewish Friends Who Don't See God Is Triune Will Agree There's One God and One God Only. Then We See That the Holy Spirit in Hebrews 9 Is Spoken of As Eternal, Then We See in Hebrews 5 That He's Equated with God, and You Can Lie to Him and Alyssa and I Safari Guilty of Lying to the Holy Spirit Is in Cold Lying to God. We Look at the past Six Secretions 13, 14 That Speaks of As Having Communion with the Holy Spirit to Communion with the Power or Force. This Is This Is a Relational Interaction. We Look at the Manifestations of the Spirit for Strength Installed, Including Words of Wisdom and Knowledge We See in Ephesians 4 That the Holy Spirit Can Be Grieved, As Wilson Is a 63 We See That the Holy Spirit Leads and Teaches Various Passages in the Old Testament Laying That out so When Were Done We See Okay the Holy Spirit Is Equated with God. In Light of the Spirit, Grieve the Spirit, the Spirit Leads Teaches We Can Have Communion with the Spirit, the Spirit Is Eternal and That You Have in the Formula Baptizing the Name of the Father Son and Holy Spirit. So It Reemphasizes Again, One God, and yet Father Son and Holy Spirit Simultaneously Suggest Look at the Spirit Is Power or Force Energy or God's Spirit like I Have a Human Spirit. God Has His Spirit Is Is to Is to Undermine the Overall Testimony of Scripture about Who the Spirit Is the Spirit of Truth Who Leads Us into All Truth so Clearly Not Just a Force or Power. So Thank You Sir for the Question. I Appreciate 866342.

Let's Go over to Nathan in Mission, Texas. Welcome to the Line of Fire.

Hello Dr. Brown Thank You for Taking My Call.

Well My Question.

I Know Your Writing Currently at Commentary on Isaiah and I'm Sure You Haven't Gone Chapter 61, yet to Write Chapter 8 Actually Well Okay What Little He Could Never Trust a Bit in Isaiah for Many Years before the Commentary so Have an Automatic yet outside Trust for a Figure Real Mysteriously so Let Me Specify My Question and I'm Not Alone.

Also Explain What Why This Question Is Curious to Me so Specifically in Chapter 61 or Talks about the Spirit of the Lord Is upon Me in the Closet Talks about, to Proclaim Liberty to the Captives, and the Opening of the Prison.

I'm Reading from the ESV to Those Who Are Bound. I'm Curious If You Think There's Probably a Connection Here with This Notion of Captives and Prisoners to Isaiah 14 Where I Do Admit I Kinda Look at Isaiah 14, Similar to How Dr. Michael Heiser Looks at It, Where You Know You Have There Discussions about She'll and the Inhabitants in She'll and Where It Seems like There Described As Prisoners. Later on in the Chapter, Specifically in Verse 17. I'm Wondering If You Think There's a Connection There and Here's a Reason Why I'm Wondering That Chapter 61 That Passages Quoted by Jesus in Luke Four and He Applies It to Himself and I Also Find It Curious If Whether Other New Testament Authors Are Picking up on That Because You Have.

For Example: Ephesians 4 Verse Seven and Nine, Where He Seems to Be Talking about in the Five Suspension You're Taking Captive with Them Is so so That You Then We Went There, Certainly No Connection Whatsoever Certain the Connection That the Prisoners First and Foremost, If You Have To Go Back to Isaiah 42 Isaiah 49 It Really Isaiah 40 through 48. So the Jewish People in Babylonian Captivity or the Constant References to Those in Prison. Those in Captivity and That That Become Symbolic of Believers in General in Captivity and Sin and the Words, to Proclaim Liberty Are Only Found the Crow Drawer in Heber Are Only Found in Isaiah 61 and Leviticus 25, Which Goes Back to the Year of Jubilee in the 50th Year That You Proclaim Liberty throughout the Land.

So, so Debts Are Forgiven and Indentured Land Is Returned to the Original Landowners so the Issue Is Coming in Proclaiming an Eschatological Jubilee That This Is the Day of Liberty for the Captives and Then He Goes about Doing It.

It's Healing the Sick. It's Setting Free Those Who Were Demonized, Its Forgiving People Sins and Liberating Them. Acts 1038 Peter Explains How God Anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and Power He Went about Doing Good and Healing All Who Were Oppressed by the Devil. So This Is the Entirety of His Ministry, but the Imagery Even Opening Blind Eyes Originally Is Going Back to People Who Been Imprisoned in Darkness and They Come out and Date They Can't Have To Adjust to the Light. That's the First Reference.

There Are, As to Ephesians 4 Leading Captives It Captivity Captive Instrument Making an Open Shoulder Demonic Powers, It's Out Of Liberating People from Scholl or Howell or the Underworld. That's Not What It's about.

So Colossians 2 That He Makes Is That That through the Cross. He Makes an Open Show of the Principalities and Powers in the Heavenly Realms. So This Is a Public Mocking of the Powers of Darkness and the Public Declaration That He Is Lord That He Is Risen, That He Is Triumph That All These Powers Have No Power over Him.

That's What Ephesians 4, First Peter Three Colossians 2 Are All about. This Is First and Foremost, the Imagery Goes Back to the Immediately Previous Chapters in Isaiah, and It Builds on This Image of the Jewish People Coming Out Of Babylonian Captivity Being Restored to the Land Is in a Larger Picture of That Which Which Is Tied in with the Exodus Imagery Which Is Now the Bigger Picture of Delete Out Of Human Beings Being Set Free from Sin Forgiven, Healed, Delivered Coming into Right Relationship with God, and Even the Concept of Forgiveness Is Is a Concert of the Canceling of a Debt and in Greek, Forgiveness of Sins Equates to That. So That's Definitely the Imagery That's Being Used.

There and Again If If You Start Really.

Isaiah 40 and and Read up to 49 You'll You See Quite Explicitly with Where the Imagery Is Building on Some Thank You Very Much You Are You Are Very Welcome. Thank You for the Question.

All Right RRR Many Friday Miracle Here. Okay, Once Again, This Is Really Interesting to Discover Restore the Screen Here 866-34-TRUTH Process Is Are Many Miracles We We Just Have Two Lines Just Opened up so Now Is a Great Time to Call Them Whenever You Get Some Extra Lines Open.

We Try to Tell You Because Me Often on Friday. It's Hard to Get through so 866-348-7884 and We Go to Six Steve in North Carolina. Welcome to the Line of Fire. Hi Dr. Brown How Are Your Government Doing Well. Thanks Brown. I Logged a Question or English Is My Second Language, so Sorry. I Started a Little Bit. I Haven't Issues with Tobia Singer and My Problem with Him Is That As a Christian. I'm Learning More to Read the Jewish and All of the Thought and Getting to Know More. Might My Faith in That and I Came across One of His Videos Just Out Of Curiosity Just to Introduce Lectures to Learn More about from the Jewish Perspective and Then I Found Myself Leaving His Video Where There Is Doubt and Insecurity and and Actually Affected My Faith in Jesus Because I Felt like Powerless to What He Was Saying That It Makes No Sense in One of Them Was Not the Top. It Was about Jesus Not Fulfilling the Prophecies That He Doesn't Qualify As an Aside, like Gambling, PVC Dam Distort Bankruptcy and Many Other Thing That I Don't Remember Right Now but Left Me like Somebody Punch Me in My Stomach like without Air and and I'm like I I Stay like This Place Back in the Other Side Is a Steve You Listen to the Wrong Guy. Faith Leave Demolish False Argument That Kate Got All Material You Need If You're Not There Regularly like That Plan and It's the Line of Fire with Your Host Dr. Michael Brown Get into the Line of Fire Now by Calling 866-34-TRUTH Here Again Is Dr. Michael Brown a Couple Lines Open so If You're Trying to Get through with the Question for Me This Is a Great Time to Call 8663 for 87884.

So Right before the Break We Were Talking to Steve in North Carolina and Steve.

You Mentioned Watching the Video by Rabbi Tobia Singer and It Felt like You Got Hit in the Gut so That You Wondered Is What about This. Does Jesus Qualify Did You Really Fulfill the Prophecies. Unfortunately, Rabbi Singer Has Been Doing This for Many Years. He's What We Call a Counter Missionary Rabbi and It's Been the Main Thing That Is Done for Decades Now. He and I Debated in the Early 1990s. You Can Actually Get Online and Listen to the Whole Debate and Then I Are Really Reached out. We Spent A Lot Of Time Talking. After That Many Cut Me off and Is Cut Me off Ever since. He's Refused Ever Debate Me Again Refused Interact with Me Publicly or Privately, There Have Even Been Times Where He the Offered Someone He Would Do a Debate. For Example, the Head of a Christian University in South Carolina Called Me and Said Rabbi Singer Has Reached out to Us and Said He'd like to Do a Debate Here out, Would You Come and Do It.

I Said of Course I Said, but the Moment You Tell Him It's Me. He'll Cancel out, Which Is What Happened so We Been Bringing Everything to the Light for Many Many Years. So Let Me Let Me Give You A Few Things for Some Sources and That I'm Gonna Answer Some Specifically Okay Can You Write This down Now When about to Tell You Yes Okay so One Thing If You Go to Ask Dr. My Website Ask a Year and Just Type in Singer Reaction of a Series of Videos We Take One of His Videos at a Time, and Expose the Misinformation and What He Fails, yet so We Put out Nine of Those so Far We Just Recorded Three More A Few Days Ago.

That Will Be Getting up in the Weeks Ahead so That's First He Asked Dr. and Then Just Search for Singer and You See a Bunch of Those Will Come up, and Then You'll Start to Breathe Easier.

Okay Because He'll Present Things in a Certain Way That Gives an Impression on but It's Only for Those That That Uneducated in in This Area and I Know Exactly Feel Because I'm Jewish. And When I Came to Faith. Early on I Met with the Rabbis and Then Rest Rabbi Brought Me to Another to Another. And Sometimes You See Here an Objection Is like All Know I'm a Wrong Is the Hope of Throwing It in and in a Moment of Time. You Forget All the Things the Lord Did for You in a Moment of Time.

You Forget All the Real Experiences You've Had in Jesus Right at That Moment Yes like Okay so Trust Me I Know How You Understand That's Why I've Spent so Many Years Addressing the Issues so That's the First Thing Now Here's Another Thing to Type It on on on Where You Search Type in the Word Typing YouTube Okay Then Type in Asked Dr. Brown Ask Katie or Brown and Then Type It with a Space and Then Episode One.

So YouTube Space Ask Katie or Brown.

That's Her YouTube Channel Asked Dr. Brown Space and Then Episode One That'll Get You to a 32 Class Teaching I Did. It's Absolutely Free Where I Online Research Objections and Go through One after Another, Explaining Why Their False or They Don't Hold up, Etc. Sometimes on Site out. They Should Not Yeah It Can Feel Intimidating Because What You Don't Know Hebrew in His Arrival. I Know Hebrew and and I Would Debate This Rabbi Any Day of the Week in Any Setting Where We Had Equal Time and and of Course He's Refused to so the Information Is There and and Here's the Neat Thing a Week from Today I Celebrate 50 Years As a Follower of Yeshua and through Most of That Time I Have Been Steady and Steady Interaction with Rabbis Debating the Minds of the Most Recent Interaction I Had with an Orthodox Rabbi Was an Hour Ago Case, of Course, We Are Inclined Interaction Communicator and the More That I Study the Stronger My Face Became, the More the Eddie and and Most of the Rabbis Are Not like Tobia Singer Most the Rabbi Said You Have Your Gentile Your Christian You Believe in Jesus, That's Fine. He Wants to Talk You Out Of That. That Makes Him Unfortunate More Dangerous. We Pray for His Repentance.

But All the Information on Their… Is the Attitude That Came across Yummy UK Comes down Nine Days and Loving and Kind and Friendly but I Noted That the Latest Video That I Saw on YouTube. Was He There Was a Street Preacher Yes on the Street of Jerusalem, and Then He Went Right up to Him and Interrupted Him and That He Start Attacking Him. So I Felt like Wally Follows That Guy That I Will.

I Would Been Done. Not like No Defense against This, You Know. But Anyway, I Appreciate All the Information You Can Be Only Have One More Question yet to See One of the Sinks Adjustment of This That Every One of Us Can Be a Bully in Some Area or Another.

In Other Words Okay I'm I'm Not a Boxer. I'm Not I'm Not an Athlete. I'm 66 in Great Shape but I Could Still Bully You Know a Guy That's like 4 Foot Eight Ways at 80 Pounds on like a Giant Iconic Building Here at Night for Iritis so This the Same Eye I Could Bully People Left and Right with My Knowledge of the Bible Knowledge of Hebrew or Whatever, but That's His Mom Right You Know so That It in the Evening. Toby Sits in the Toy Such That the Guys Street Preacher. I Don't Know Anything about Him with the I Don't Know Anything about It except the Sum of Centering to the Video and I Just Saw the Description of Them, and Watch It but the Bottom Line Is, Anybody Can Be Bullied so What I Always Tell People Is Okay.

Then Invite Me in the Conversation, Then This Years past When I Had More Time Jewish Believer Would Be Intimidated and They They Want Me to Meet with Rabbi Singer You Know Kids Were in the Same Community. I Said Great Just Telling You like Me on the Phone Also Cancel Do It. So Once We're Home with the Learn More Light If You Want to Dig Deeper. I Have I Written Five Volumes Answering Jewish Objections to Jesus That You Find Really Edifying to Those of Those Who Purge Lullaby with Everything Else I Mentioned to Is Available for Free Arts. Your Other Question, I'll Be Out Of Those to My Christmas Is Not yet. One Question Is about in the New Testament and in the Old Testament. I Know You're Talking You Would Talk about This like A Lot a Couple Minutes Ago about the Name of Yahweh and Jehovah.

What Happened with That Name, and the New Testament like It Was Never Mentioned, like Yahweh Never Know It Was Never UPS, so the Cost of the Greek New Testament Was Written in Greek and the Right Custom among Jews at That Time Which We See in the Septuagint. That's the Greek Translation of the Hebrew Bible Right a Couple Hundred Years, 332, 200 Years before the Time of Jesus That It Was Their Custom When They Saw That the Divine Name Yahweh. They Would They Would Use Curry Us Instead.

Lord, Because It Was Considered Too Sacred to Pronounce. So the New Testament Just Continues the Jewish Custom, Just like in in and If You Look at a Jewish Translation Today, a Modern Jewish Translation. It May Say Lord, It May Say Hot Sham, but It Will Never Say Yahweh or Jehovah Because It's Considered Too Sacred to Pronounce so Jewish Translations for Many Many Centuries and Done This.

The New Testament Just Did with the Address Translations Did Not. If You Read in Aramaic Was Called the per Sheet or Which Is a Translation That Was Completed Whole a Couple Hundred Years after the Time of Jesus That Does Make a Distinction If It Believes the Divine Name Was There. Sometimes It Will Make a Distinction, but Even There It Won't Spell It out so It Was Just That at That Time When You Are Writing. If You're Writing a Greek or Aramaic. The Target Is That They'll Write It Differently As Well so Just Consider Two Sacred Ocher Art.

I Think He Had Placed about Heather. You Are on the Side of Truth Right 866-34-TRUTH Okay since That's There We Go This My Screen Is Responding. A Little Slowly. My Apologies. Let's Go over to Stephen in Chicago Kelly If You Could Just Click There We Go Cook It One More Time and That Will Lock Our Guest and Stephen Thank You for Joining Us on the Line of Fire. Hi Dr. Brown I Appreciate You Are Taking My Call. You Bet.

So I Was I've Been Kind of Just Thinking A Lot about Just Historical Perceptions of Things like I Know in My Bible Commentary. There's a Little Section on the Inter-Testament. And It Says Something about How the Jews Recognized That There Was This Prophetic Silence and I Know like from a Christian Perspective That Ended with John The Baptist and Jesus and All That. I Was Wondering What Is Been the Historical Jewish Interpretation of Why Why Did It Start and I I'm Assuming from Their Perspective It Still Ongoing Today Some Sort a Couple Things That There's a Bit of a There's a Debate in Jewish Literature and You Get a Ton of Sources on Either Side That Prophecy Ceased Unit with Malachi, Etc. and and Others Would Speak a Prophetic Activity for Centuries after That. So the Idea of the Prophetic Silence from the Old Testament to the New Testament yet Appeared of Several Hundred Years of Prophetic Silence That There Is Not a Consensus on That in Traditional Jewish Literature. There Are There Are Some Sources That Speak in That Way, and There Other Sources That Do Not, However, for Sure If It Was Viewed by the Time of Jesus with the Destruction of the Temple without Question That Prophetic Revelation Had Ceased and the Basic Shift Is You Have the Rise of of Rabbinic Leadership That the Pharisees Became the Dominant Party Because Just Pragmatically They Were Ready to Move on without a Temple. They Were Synagogue Based That They Were Not Centralized in the Temple so the Sadducees Were Temple Based and with the Destruction of the Temple and Then the, the Destruction of Many of the Essenes. The One Group That Remained That Was Poised to Continually Was the Pharisees and in the Net Develops into Rabbinic Judaism and the Great Emphasis Would Be on the Leadership of the Rabbis in the Teaching of the Rabbis, so the Spirit That Would've Been on the Prophets.

In the past Is Now There Is Not As Profits but His Teachers As As Was Carrying on the Tradition in Expounding the Meaning of the Law, Etc. so This Kind of a Theological Shift Based on Rabbinic Leadership More Than a Theological Shift of the Days of Prophecy of Ceased Overture New Testament Times.

This Is the Time of the Explosion of Prophecy and You Have Church Leaders for Centuries. Talk about Prophetic Gifts Operating after the New Testament, but to Me As Best As I Can Understand It There. There Is Debate in the Sources You Can Find Some That Will Speak of, the Period of Silence and Others That Don't and I Read an Article Years Ago That Lay Them out Side-By-Side the Thought. While This Is Quite a Debate but for Sure Once Once You Get into the Time of Jesus and Then Specially after the Destruction of the Second Temple with the Shift in Leadership and the Model Now Being the Sage, the Rabbinic Teacher That the Transmitter of Tradition, It Becomes a Very Different Mindset. So Rather Than Getting the Word from God Speak a Certain Way. This Is How the Hell Thank You Again, It's It's the Line of Fire with Your Host Activist, Author, International Speaker and Theologian Dr. Michael Brown Voice of More Cultural and Spiritual Revolution Get into the Line of Fire Now by Calling 866343 Here Again Is Dr. Michael Brown, the Second and It Was a Great Blessing for Me to Be Able to Say Oh We Address That Directly We Have a Video up We Get into That in Depth and Were Able to Do That Because Your Help. So Thank You Again to All You Have Given Supported Your Helping Us Produce These Resources Make Them Available for Free to the Largest Possible Audience in and Many Lives Are Being Saved.

So Thank You for Your Help. Your Participation, Let Me Encourage You If You've Never Shared with Us Financially. It's a Great Time to Do This We Come to the End of the Year. Your Gift Really Enables Us to Move into the New Year Full Steam Ahead Reaching Many, Many More People.

So Thanks for Your Participation Solidarity. Those Who Given in the past. Again, Thank You for Standing with Us. Great Time to Give a Tax-Deductible Year in Gift. Ask Dr. Click on Donate and Will Take It from There.

I Let's Go over to Carry North Carolina Greg. Welcome to the Line of Fire Fighter Dr. Brown Valued on Doing Very Well Thank You Have a Question about Jeremiah Chapter 24 Verse Six Okay Regards to the Lord on Simon's Eyes upon. Just Wanted to Know the Arm Have Clarification on That.

I Know I've Asked You a Long Time Ago about Peter and Paul. Sorry Them Set in Their Eyes on Someone before He Prayed for Healing for the Common Use of Is That There Is No Significance That Most of the Other Disbursement Devotional and Just Jumped off the Page Jamming Limits of Politics That the Lord Studies upon the Nine Jeremiah 2014 on Plan yet Is so Doing 2460 for Somebody of Something Nearly Him to Law Which Is Literally, I Almost Sent My Eye on Them for Good. The Transit New JPS. I Will Look upon Them Favorably. That's What It Means and, in the Words I Will I Will Look at Them to Do Good for Them. It's like Okay Picture-In-Picture It like This. You're You're in a Group of People and Their Some but I Want to Help. I'm Looking for Someone Named Greg from Carrie Because I Want to Help That Person out and I Will Give You Business Idea and Some Looking in the Room and I'm Looking around at My Spot. You Say Hey Here Camaro Will Help You. So That's What It Means Is a Look to You to Look at You to Favor You among Them. Act Favorably toward Juice That That's That's All the Idiom Means It's Not. There's Nothing Mystical about It. You Don't Have To Physically Be Looking at Someone to Do It but Again I Will Look upon Them Favorably. So I'm Gonna Say Hey I'm Undressing You out and Help You Unwanted You Good for You, Look over Your Direction and Do Good That's That's the Imagery That's What It Means. That's Helpful for You.

I Echo Himself for. Thank You Grandma If You Are Very Welcome. God Bless God Bless You Brother, 866-34-TRUTH All Right If We Can Somehow We Have To Adjust Something to My Computer Here Discusses Things Not Responding so, If You Go Ahead and Drop That Call and Let's See If We Can Get on Roy from Roy from Helena If We Can Get Him on That Would Be Great.

Are You There Roy Yes Sir, I Thank You Sir Yeah like I Can Hear. I Apologize for These for Our Slow This Year but Yes You Are on the Air. It's Great Your Life, What Can You Do Right Jan What United Is It's It's a Different Piece of Equipment and It's Acting Unusually. So That's Never Happened with Tech before This Is a First-Rate Yeah Well I Have a Couple Questions. My First Is about Any Anything That You Know Revival Is No More Miraculous Than Growing a Crop of Wheat Public Prayer, Private Prayer Application of the Truth and You Will Have It, but I Just Wonder. In Some Providence of God, I Mean the Bible Talks about the Then Timing. Danny Did It Right. I Mean, He Didn't Forget. I so so Here's a Here Zion after Okay so It If You Just Really like That. It's a Sound like an Overstatement so That There There Are Three Aspects to This.

Okay the First Aspect Is That Feeney Was Encountering a Hyper- Calvinism That Said, There's Nothing You Can Do to Bring Revival. There's Nothing You Can Do to Save a Synagogue Does What He Wants to Do in His Sovereign Time so He's Reacting against That and Sometimes Mama Reacting against Something.

It We Can Go to the Other Extremes.

That's the First Thing but Just the Context of What He's Dealing with an Cycle Revival Just America Comes When It Comes He's Combating That. Secondly, He Was Anointed As a Revivalist and Is He Engaged in This and so Others Engage in It. He Did See Revival Right.

That's a Secondary. The Third Thing in Principle, It's True.

In Other Words, His Whole Thing Is It's Not Just America like We Know How It Happened. We Ever Every Revival Movement I Know about. It Was Preceded by Years of Agonized Prayer, Fasting, Crying out in Other Words, These Were the Very Things That Were Done, but You Could Get the Impression Just Reading It That Okay If We Do This for Six Months to Build up and Have Revival, You May Be Contending for 20 Years before the Breakthrough Comes the Way You Want to See It.

You May Have Lost Hope. 100 Times over before the Answer Comes so Do I Believe Ultimately in That Principal Yes That If We Will Humble Ourselves If We Will Seek out. Honestly, If We Will Not Let Him Go until He Brings the Blessing and Live with That Holy Desperation Will We See Revival Come Yes but It May Not Be in Our Timeframe or As Expected. So I Agree with the Principle I Agree That It's Not a Miracle the Way He Was Saying, but Absolutely There Is Much Providence Involved so There Is Are Part and How God Responds in His in His Sovereignty. It Is the Two Coming Together in the Way James Had Been, nor Always Used To like to Quoted Quoting Matthew Henry That When God Wants to Send Revival.

He Sets His People to Prayer, so It's It's Both, and in That Respect. 25 Years of Prayer Isn't Out Of the Question but You Will.

It Depends What You're Praying for Him. In Other Words, If You Live in the City of New York and You Are the Main Person Praying for Revival in the City. A Lifetime Is Not Long Know What I'm Saying for One Person to Be Able to Pray down Review If I'm Pray for National Revival. I Might Be Praying for It for My Entire Life and and and by the End of My Life Now.

Hundreds and Thousands of Others Have Been Raised up, Etc. so the More That Are Devoted to This and the More Broken This Desperation. There Is the More Likely the Answer Will Come More Quickly and in Many Times What We Consider Desperation Is Is Just a Step beyond Complacency but Will Get to That Place and Look. I Remember in the 80s on Long Island. I Was so Desperate to See a Spiritual Breakthrough beyond Anything I Had Seen in God's Working at and I I Said to a Pastor Friend of Mine. I Can't Live Another Day without the Breaker Box to the Breakthrough Them to Dice It True but You Know You Wake up the Next Morning Feel the Same If You Go on like That for Months This Idea.

I Understand That but God Will Fill the Hungry He Will Fill the Hungary and There Are Many Things Are Prayed for Crying out for and Seen over the Years and Had the Privilege of Serving in the Browns Revival and the Other Things I Continue to Cry out for That I Can Cry out for Decades and I Will Continue to Cry out Okay As Raven EFM If Anybody Had a Prayer Life. It Was Leonard Ravenhill and I You Know I Mean, He Obviously Did A Lot in His Day, but He Never Saw an Outpouring Where He Was, You Know What I Mean. What He Saw Pockets of Outpouring He Saw Bruce of God, You Know, Preaching on the Street and and Traffic Stopping Because the Crowds However Think of This That His Decades of Intercession Broken Hearted Prayer and for Doing Those Prayer Life. It's Me and We Prayed Together Many a Time in This Never Met a Man on the Planet That Played the Weight He Prayed Most Sacred Things Ever Was to Pray with Him but to the People He Poured into Her Steve Telling Me and and God, You, Steve Hill to Ignite the Browser Via Silk Brother Len Goes to Be with the Lord in November of of 1994 Revival Begins in Brownsville in June 1995 God Uses Steve to Ignite It and Not Long Survive a God Calls Me to Be Part of That the Leadership Team and Race of the School in the Midst of It and Steve and I Never Question We Always Felt Sure That His Prayers Prayed Aroma so He so Much Happen and and This Is One of the Think He Would See It Happen All the Time.

I Mean Him Speaking at a Conference I Was There I Saw with My Own Eyes.

Holiness Conference for John Wimmer in the Vineyard. In 1990 and They Did Were Not Expecting Many People Come to Holiness Conference. I Thought, Signs, Wonders Spiritual Warfare Will Get People but Holiness That I Can Show up so Many People Applied That They Had Run the Conference Two Straight Weeks Back to Back Is a Seated 40 509,000 Applied and in the Last Meeting of of a Brother Len so He Was Speaking in the Daytime and He Was He Was Fragile. He Was He Was Know in His Early 80s Then and and Somewhat Weak of Physically That He Finished His He Could Finish His Last Message Because All over the Building. People Were Weeping and Wailing and Repenting Literally All over the Building, and This Commonly Happened.

He Brought a Message in the Living Room of Our House in Maryland with about 50 People Squeezed in, and When He Was Done We Were All in Our Faces, We Really Talk about the Life I Talk about the Life of Paul.

The Life of Paul and We Were so Devastated by It That We Were on Our Faces Wailing and Crying out in Repenting and Wanting God to Work More Deeply and Also She Did Not See a Sustained Multiyear Revival, but I Never Knew Anyone That Carried That Flyer with Him.

Like Brother Len and Would Speak and It Was like What Would Happen in the Height of Revival Regularly Happen When He Went out in a Specific Place and Then for Sure Is Decades of Prayer.

I Believe Are Something That God Used To Help Birth the Browns Revival Which Church Historians Have Called the Longest Answer for Him. Thank You for Raising the Language of Friends on Monday after Round of the Lord and over Another Program Powered by the Truth Network

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