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Revisiting the Question of Racism in America

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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December 8, 2021 5:30 pm

Revisiting the Question of Racism in America

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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December 8, 2021 5:30 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 12/08/21.


The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. This disturbing account from San Francisco that raises the question once again of systemic racism. Love constructive talk today for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of Ministry get into the line of fire valves by calling 866-34-TRUTH's 866-34-TRUTH Bureau, Jim is Dr. Michael Brown joining us today. The line of fire Michael Brown delighted to be with you. We have a constructive talk today we have a talk through more difficult issues.

Why is looking for controversy.

No this and try to get people upset. No, but so we can pursue truth together we can pursue harmony together we can pursue unity. Together we can pursue justice together.

If we don't model it and leave it as followers of Jesus, how can we expect the world to do it. Michael Brown, welcome to the line of fire hears them to call 866-348-7884.

That's 866-348-7884. I want to lay out my own position on race issues in America today for those just tuning in, or those who haven't heard me comment on this that I want to talk about a recent report from San Francisco take into a book that deals little bit without about the history of of some laws in America and then get your feedback.

Get your own take based on your own life your own education your own experience. Fair enough. So let me lay things out plainly and and let me make the full statement before you respond to. I believe that race is being used today in a very divisive way to deepen division to destroy the fabric of our society that in many ways, in our schools and and in the media and politically. It's being used as a wedge issue to divide us rather than a way to call us to work together for the betterment of all people. I wholeheartedly differ with any education that makes one group of kids feel guilty or inferior or identifies one group is the victim group and the other group is as the, the perpetrator group. I completely oppose that at the same time.

I absolutely stand for a fair and honest telling of her history the beautiful with the ugly good with the bad. The whole story be told, I believe that America in many ways today compared to them. Much of the rest of the world is not a racist country right now to make the hall statement I that overall, especially in comparison to to other countries overall that today as we function.

We are not a racist country and that there is great opportunity for people of all color and all background to succeed in America and in virtually every area of the society at the same time because of our history there were things that remain today that are unequal, though I do not believe that the goal is equal outcomes. That's not even a biblical goal.

The goal is equal opportunity and in people do with it as they please be getting in and business. In salvation, I'm told by just general principles but there are inequities that remain because of our past system.

And because it puts certain groups of people much further back. Alright, so they're starting the race further back or distorting the race with extra burdens on them because of which, as followers of Jesus.

We should always be working to do what we can to level the playing field right so those are my views. Do I believe America is systemically racist, as in in a Conscious Way, America laws American institutions are trying to keep black Americans down there others down. No. Do I believe that there are vestiges of things in different systems that still need to be looked at and addressed yes right so a lot of things have to do with terminology. A lot of things have to do with what we mean when we say a particular thing and I'm gonna try to get everybody matted you know I'm saying get people on the right on the left on the side and that side mad at me I'm trying to assess things honestly, I so here's what brings this up in the brunt of another discussion with myself and a colleague we we often discuss race issues in his white brother him as a black brother.

This is been widely reported but here it really for the Washington Post, a black couple says an appraiser lowball them so they quote white wash their home and see the value shot up. So in short, what happens is they moving to San Francisco or the move into their house right, the, the ghetto praise and what it's worth, they put a lot of money into it. Give the price again okay put even more money into it and then are expecting a certain appraisal and are shocked when they hear how low it is, so they decide to call another company, they remove anything in the house that's black pictures of black family or artwork crazy like that have a white couple call for the appraisal say they own this house put your own family pictures in their and the appraisal of $500,000 like a million to 1,000,000 1/2 now you say what are other things going out other factors should report with okay and ensure the article Paul Austin said he felt good as the appraiser roams his North Carolina California home last year, taking off some of the $400,000 worth of improvements. He and his wife made to the property appraiser noticed the new fireplace. Austin told the state reparations tax for test was in October mentioned roommate added and complemented the view from the new deck so it goes on the whole story of when when when they do the appraisal came in a little hundred million and they were chakras and with a patriot and knew he put $400,000 of work into it.

They expanded to living space substantially in your things are expensive and in San Francisco the million dollar house Monette yet will you know a whole lot for that service. Discuss if they put all that money into expanded their expecting to see a lot more so the new appraisal was quote white washed came in at $1.48 million. Even if it's a few months later in your estate doesn't jump from a million to million and 1/2 in a few months so according to the lawsuit.

They believe the first appraiser gave them a lowball valuation because there black you say, I was just imagining it is somebody lowball them and just so happen when they quote white wash the house that the appraisal came in high some will say that others will say you now, Mrs. it is not the only times that some like this happen when you get it that that people look at Blacks, whites differently in America.

This is a conversation to have right if we don't have it. It supposedly will moisten reasonably little and we just sweep it under the rug's talk about it and and your own life experience. You might call an insane man we know similar things that have happened or someone else going on appraiser and under no circumstances without factoring.

You can weigh in 86634 so the, the appraiser and the company did not respond to the Washington Post. We don't have their side of the story.

Austin says the gentleman told the state reparations task force that Toby believes the property was devalued quote because we are in a black neighborhood in the home belonged to a black family now when an appraisal is done. You factoring other homes in the area right and then you get comps out it in the immediate area. So let's just say you have a home that's worth $250,000 and in the homes in the community around you are all worth at least 250,000.

Some worth 350,000 and similar houses so same size and property in the surrounding area so outside the immediate neighborhood.

There were 275 30.

Your house will praise no problem your unit 250+. In other words, it's it's in a neighborhood that can sustain that value because generally speaking, let's say you're looking to buy the new dream home with its $200,000 500,000 $2 million. Whatever it is it is $2 million home, you can find it in the community role the surrounding houses with hundred 50,000 people don't build like that so you factoring with the neighborhood as a whole of the houses are worth their you factoring comps. So what houses of similar comparative structure size with their selling for newness enhancements is that that with their selling for nearby and you say we can justify the Christmas we go through your house and based on the house itself is worth 300,000.

The neighborhood sex even more expensive houses that Lister is up some just like if neighborhood was way, way, way down. It's going to drag us down because people don't want to spend that much money in a neighborhood like that. The fact is that the second appraisal comes back radically different. That's the big thing. In other words, if the neighborhood brought it down, black or white, Hispanic, Asian does not. The neighborhood brought it down. Will the next appraiser would reflect that. So why the disparity if I was a scalpel but was a black couple this happen we whitewash the home and and an enterprise with with with a white couple afterwards and they got the semester press I be thinking the same thing they would not be thing to some's not right here. According to the article.

Other black homeowners like homeowners have reported similar experiences. The value woman's Indiana home more than doubled between appraisals last year after she stripped of all evidence, it was on my black person in a white family friend student is the homeowner earlier this year black family in Ohio remove family photos, artwork in the six-year-old daughter superhero pictures replace them with belongings. Their white neighbors offered up the appraised value of the home and from 465,000 to about 560,000 2018 study by the Brookings Institution, found that homes in black neighborhoods in US metropolitan areas were undervalued by an average of 48,090 to 156 billion in losses that were they undervalued because the neighbor had more crime because of lack of access to other amenities or simply because well that's like it's worthless dislike. It cost less to adopt a black baby and a white baby sort are there unconscious prejudices or other things built in a system that are still there are these just random examples that that we will have enough data on these income questions we have to ask. Because of this kind of stuff is still going on a regular basis in America.

That's that's absolute injustice. And that's something that needs to be called out if there's more to the stores and meets the eye. If there's something a larger system needs to be addressed from or if this is illusionary injustice. Another another attempt to divide more than one of the facts that were missing so that's all and talk about these things because again if we don't talk you we sweep stuff under the rug or we end up fighting each other. We we we we end up just again if we don't talk about if we don't talk it through it we sweep it under the rug or I believe the worst you believe the worst we polarize when the fighting. So instead we have a constructive conversation. This is a safe place to do 866-34-TRUTH submitted consciousness will come back and ask you time to get in and then want to share an interesting perspective from a black friend. Then he recommended I will that beginning that both the color of law by a Jewish scholar for cleansing and gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown of your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown when I sent that article from the Washington Post to my black believing friend again.

We often interact in an your best to sharpen each other in our perspective understanding.

He was familiar with the story and wrote back to me this is what CR tears mean about systemic racism. I think we got a scoping put up for you this what CR tears so critical race theory is theorists mean about systemic racism, meaning racism in the systems of this nation's not a false narrative okay country that needed more than one civil rights Bill not have racism in every part of the structure be people who believe that their superior need to preserve the place that was the past racism is reflected in pass laws and some of those laws or practices or customs or vestiges are still felted.

That's, that's his perspective and that's what we are talking. That's solicit telephones momentarily to say this when I bring this up a minute bring broadsides here.

Okay I'm gonna get attacked from both sides. One side, thinking I'm just trying to be woke and proofs of the other side as if we divide okay as is if there sides the other side, go far enough so I am not trying to gain human favor here I am, not to impress anybody by being woke or be on woke I'm seeking to have a constructive honest discussion were we can talk freely and we can differ freely and we can learn from each other.

Fair enough. So someone calls and really upset with what they have to say. Well the same way I'm giving them space and give you space. So let your yet.

Let your thoughts be heard and will start with Charles in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Welcome to line of fire. Charles is gone already, which I will stay in Raleigh was then Raleigh will go to Taft. Welcome to the line of fire.

Thanks for calling I Dr. Brown hey thank you I just want to say I appreciate the opportunity to provide constructive feedback and I am coming from the point of view that I believe a lot of what you said is true. I agree with some of it I don't from a simple fact that we are all humans, systemic or whatever those assertions are put in place by human but humans of governing them. So if we look at our political system and we look at who's running the political systems there are only as good as the people in those positions and if those positions hold.

I would say personal if their client letter say an unofficial wants to keep your job and they want to go with the status quo of their party affiliations and in our willing to break with those in other words, they get caught up in the system. All human.

We are all have no fault okay were not perfect were all growing. I think this whole thing has to fit wherever solve this, but I think that it comes down to people wanting to do an honest self-assessment and realize everybody has biases regardless of your race on on some points or not is just whether or not we are willing to be honest with ourselves and say hey have I done a fair job of being fair, I think just in our everyday lives.

We have biases that we form that out a habit we think things out a habit because we are either conditioned to in the way we were brought growing up, but willing to have those conversations willing to actually honestly do a self-assessment and say hey if not part of this is if you want to look at systemic racism.

If you're a politician you have a political part in making things better or worse, no are you administering that policy effectively equity equitably to the positive note, populist or are you going with what is status quo and whether it be your party affiliation to enact certain legislation that is you do yourself so you know is a little bit one sided.

On the other, but that comes down every situation we have in our life and in our jobs and in the system that would work can you know so it basically starts with us with the stress only as good as the people yes and so jumping on that you know a lot of times we did just go with the crowd.

Whether it's religious belief or practice or a mindset or how we respond to political report recounted in these echo chambers and were expected to all think the same way and do things the same way and often really don't step back and ask deeper questions and and and allow our views to be challenged so yet. You're absolutely right and that's that's the biggest thing is okay will interpersonally what can I do to be godly to to pursue justice to to be fair to be righteous. What can I do to work against discrimination wherever I see it in any way it in the spirit which I live. That's that's that. The key thing and it does it does come down to us individually. Hey, thank you for calling in. Let me to say this, I do not believe anything's race. I do not believe everything is a matter of race. I believe some of society are pushing it and making it that case just over over the weekend doing some writing. Children will be watching football game and I was just watching players from different ethnicities and colors celebrating. I thought the other half, the same team and they like what I was good play, but he's quite well. He's from Honolulu all know he's he's black from Nigeria or another in a team together and for the most part we are working together for common good with our disparities with our issues, we should address them and we should have conversations because we should care. If there are inequities if someone's using race to divide that bothers Medicare by that. If there's a genuine inequity care about that as well of this over to Anthony in Richmond, Virginia. Welcome to the line of fire. I Dr. Brown was going to say I worked in Africa after I lived in Africa for two years and from my perspective, I noticed that when I came back they became clear to me that black people in America have a I'm not held that there is an effective, it's just a statement of fact that black people in America have a very high and reliving compared to what I witnessed in Africa.

I think the country has afforded them in all people, not just by people a very high it a great opportunity to be successful in life and meaner than racism and problem but I when I left Africa they were the people begging me to take them home with me to back to America near willingly their entire life behind their family and their friends to come to America and I did something that happened if there any notion are going to enter into it for a site decided systemically oppressed against them. We have friends from all over the country. All of the world, communist country who are nonwhite, leaving their majority nonwhite country to come here and not just that you kinda refute the notion that the society set up to accept them or so yeah so I I agree that America today is not set up to oppressed people of color. African-Americans are this I agree that it is not set up to do it. I agree that that most of the world would prefer living here because of the opportunities and freedoms, but the two questions for you. Number one. What does this have to do with the fact that people were enslaved, brought here against their will, and suffered under unjust policies for a couple plus centuries of our over history. It was a for some also come over freely today.

You can compare that to some of that was brought here as as a slave you don't want to make that comparison correct… Trying to say that you were inducted. Yeah there are inducted in a dog that is because someone could misunderstand that I just wanted to give you the opportunity to choose the other question.

So again I agree that America as a whole is not set up today to oppress one group or keep down and and to I believe that America has amazing opportunities, which is why so many people try to come into our country fling our country, but on average today your your average black child in America. Do you think that they have the exact same opportunity in life is your average black child. Your average white child sows for his educational opportunities as far as family background heritage and things like that you think they have the exact same that they start at the same starting point that the claims fail in Antarctica start at the same starting point within the system itself that everyone does have the faith I would actually argue that if the permit that almost again, white people, when you consider affirmative action. Looking at you know the statistics of who is receiving most of the welfare money out again. I'm not trying to be offensive, but not II think the talk honestly.

That's the only but if you look at the way that this method I would argue that it's actually set up to hamper white people and I get out that that part of that is because of the history of the country and we did have an unfair advantage in it wanted that one point systemically oppressive thought argument against the policies I'm looking at you look at it that yes I do believe that all all races have in this country approximately an equal chance of succeeding. According to the have just of the challenge. So what I understand what you're saying and then some of the affirmative action you having complaints that from from agency going into some of the best schools in America that are being discriminated against because they're Asian and and they're not flaccid and not getting the same opportunities that, in other words, even though their head here, here and here to be discriminated against.

So understand those concerns. For sure, but let's just say Native Americans represent Americans growing up in an environment that is so difficult, so oppressive, very hard to get out of so you have a lot of black Americans that are still growing up in an environment today with greater poverty, with more broken homes with less educational opportunities and some of the ties back to the vestiges of the past. So my heart is okay will we address that is not a current injustices current reality based on past injustices together at a level playing with the said space to speak get space to speak 866-34-TRUTH much more to come forward update from Canada got here this.

Thanks. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown as we are committed to solid conversations here where you have the right to offend me and I have the right to offend you by speaking what we understand with grace with maturity. With love, with respect.

But hey, if if you can't speak freely to me if you can speak freely in this setting here that the more we can have these conversations right where we can have these conversations 866-34-TRUTH recent quickly then go straight back to the phones first. Yesterday I had on a guest from Canada talking about a horrific bill that was about to pass. Was hoping that we get a hearing in the Senate and it it passed unanimous busy while we were talking within minutes of that it passed and bad advance bands throughout Canada for all ages. So-called conversion therapy in the way breaks down is if you remember them on same-sex attraction. You want to get professional counseling you want to go to a pastor to get help to work the system imprint into ill legal and illegal.

So I wrote about it, website, instructor you can read it's the latest article Esther to you want to read it and share it really been told there will be legal pushback that there will be cases brought to challenge this but it is shocking the same thing can happen in America if were not vigilant to go to the website Esther to and check out the article right then he resistor this is from Richard Rothstein Rothstein's book the color of law which a friend recommended to me yesterday so I downloaded it just in the preface of only begun to get into the book. Some of you will be familiar with the contents.

Richard Rothstein writes this in his preference preface when from 2014 to 2016. Riots in places like Ferguson Baltimore, Milwaukee or Charlotte capture attention.

Most of us thought we knew how the segregated neighborhoods with their crime, violence, anger, and poverty came to be. We said they are defective. Suggested that they result from private practices, not from law or government policy de facto segregation. We tell ourselves, has various causes African-Americans move into a neighborhood like Ferguson if you racially prejudiced white families decided to leave as then as number black families grew, the neighbor deteriorated and white flight followed real estate agent steered away steered whites away from black neighborhoods and Blacks away from white ones. Banks discriminated with redlining refused to give mortgages. African-Americans are extracting unusually severe terms for them as subprime loans African-Americans have and generally got the education that would enable them to earn sufficient incomes thalidomide servers and as result, many remain concentrated in urban neighborhoods. Besides black families prefer to live with one another. Rothstein says all this has some truth but it remains a small part of the truth submerged by a far more important one. Until the last quarter of the 20th century racially explicit policies of federal, state, local government, defined where whites and African-American should live. Today's residential segregation in the north-south Midwest, and West is not the unintended consequence of individual choices of otherwise well-meaning law or regulation, but of un-hidden public policy that explicitly segregated every metropolitan area in the United States. The policy was so systematic and forceful that it affects its effects endure to the present time without our government's purposeful imposition of racial segregation. The other causes pride and prejudice. White flight real estate streambank redlining income differences in self segregation still would have existed but with far less opportunity for expression segregation by intentional government action is not the factor. Rather, it is what caused what courts called to assure segregation by law and public policy.

Is that true. Certainly the past. Much of the past, it's been true or the vestiges of it still there or if the past said it in place. Have you been able to fix it.

Conversations of the guilt trip. The drug you feel guilty because like the thoughts never once occurred to never once, never once occurred to me anymore that I should feel guilty for having eyes were nose is never does exist in the universe, thoughts like that to be perfectly candid with sob, don't don't read some real astronomy will walk to please people on the left. That thought is important to me. The first thought never occurred to me.

The second thought is important to me.

I love Jesus therefore love justice. I love Jesus therefore love my neighbor there for a long talk about these things with my friends with my neighbors. Fair enough right to the phone list. Try to reconnect with Charles in Raleigh, North Carolina trust. We have you this time. Dr. Brown good go ahead. Please. Well, I think you have been true for Malik look look look back hear you indicate that there are people in this country that are trying to divide the right correct yes or okay well I will I would list among the groups, the Washington Post, the Brookings Institute and whatever reparation group is what most of the three courses you quoted for this appraisal is interesting to say on Charles according Washington Post because a lot of people have access to it.

It was reported in other publications, but social insulin is assessed to some Charles.

You do believe in doing serious research yet. I do it up. Research both on mortgages great alerts who sought him out right really yeah I want you way and in the second but you do realize that you have to go check primary sources. That was something as reported by so-and-so.

Now you have to check the primary source of using a PhD in Semitic languages is to do that so II would just say, aside from the insulting. Just a small the thing which is really beneath you if you want to come across seriously and the kind of dialogue you want to have here and aside from impugning me because I happen to quote something that the Washington Post published go to the primary sources. Let's discuss those you basically shoot yourself in the foot. Make yourself yourself out to sound like I was courting something on CNN to say even CNN is saying this and people that I met falling in America quote CNN it's it's almost what you sound like. So let's just talk facts and get past the unnecessary insults cassette that just degrades your position. Let's let's talk about you know where you differ.

Okay okay what have been installed.

It wrote reorganization are invested in dividing it by right but ratified our opinion, the justice mode is not meant as an insult. That was not Mel's now I think about.

I think that I just met about three motivations are excellent investment that, but to get to the bottom line we talked about that this was kind of the indication from them what sort of a redlining of the particular homeowners and and reducing their equity in their value. Yet this in the black that was the accusation right right okay. The problem with that. But government matter what the particular the redlining is about an entire neighborhood so unless the entire neighborhood went from black to white whitewashing one particular home just doesn't make any that from the standpoint of what any lender or any appraiser or any adjuster would be involved in due I need it.

The whole thing really seems to me to be a false flag from the beginning it just I don't believe the story is what I'm thinking and I okay that's fair enough that Sandy did look at look at how many time people on the left have gone out of their way to paint new paint prospect of the hangar new NASCAR garage to do all the thing and almost without exception, got almost without exception, they are shown to be false black list is Charles we have lists of maybe 300 examples is that it in LGBT issues of of the scans flags use an ever determine who hung the noose with with the in the NASCAR garage at Bangladesh to determine what even a new a rope or something else when regulated okay because I didn't want to give the impression that it was right it was reported as a noose right I want drive impression that someone on the left hung a noose and then reported it as a racist thing basically did question was what was actually in use are not so was the way it was before I head out to go out on a limb and say that whoever reported it would evaluate them immediately left, and on the left, but that that could well be that they could listen if you if you did not mean your opening comments in an insulting way. I apologize for hearing them that way.I love your show. I just got out trying to be funny with Malik… Okay what I apply apologize for thinking it was intended as an insult and I put my feeling like you because if you got some the say let's try to get select is otherwise you know so many people that would hear what you have to say it will.

But anyway all good wit were clear. So from from your viewpoint. Something's fishy with the story and Mary. Simply, real estate for me to get if you're going to.

It doesn't matter what the particular homeowners.

It only matters what the neighborhood is benefit of the black homeowner in our neighborhood that would aid that white point for black defendant met Bethany.

He said that it was a mainly black neighborhood, and they thought the house is undervalued is that the your point would be so if a white person shouted that with the fact it that would get a higher Chrysler but what work you get what you comparing the same route same route that would govern Matt having though it was a black neighborhood window five, when the million-dollar appraisal came in that I was dreaming it was still a black neighborhood when they sent us you're saying right it's a white person showing it in your view with would not affect interval hey Charles, I appreciate you calling in and gladly we got past the misunderstanding the humor at the beginning so that's that's perspective from Charles phone lines are open 86634 to let's go over to Michelle in Winston-Salem. Welcome to the line of fire around you on the redlining compound that color returned from Africa where I learned what the policy or it hampered like a policy aftermarket people being hampered because where not a lot of people out here they are governmental and heparin dammit far it looks like on the welfare system and the Winston center has been intentionally set out to keep black Americans down exactly that and thanked me African-American parent lately. We worked on felt much better than we were years after civil rights movement felt to me. The policy allowed it out and got the education brought that up like it was comedic culture on you know not have two. Counsel, it's about difficult a lot of the black picture account and finding that education that they are so just as we had a break just put this together. The policies for the Democrats are supposed to help just a continuation of previous tenant had caused plaques now, and even the incentive to have a weblog affair contributes to this so that this perspective, many others have shared as well. Hate Michelle, thank you for calling. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86634 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown transferred joining us on a far 8664 truth on to write back to the phones to get in as many calls as I can go to Christopher in Fort Worth, Texas looking to the line of fire. Are you Dr. Brown doing well thank you, Christopher, person of color require 38-year-old conservative group Creek, just grab a quick summary, I think the issue may issues surrounding the community of people, I say black because I like that term. Think of an identity crisis going on and were plagued by low self-worth and a lot of components of things that contribute to their will be but costing constant training of black people in a negative light in so many different ways. Noise always surrounded by poverty cry victimhood you know and I'll follow a lot of conservative channels and including yours.

And a lot of times where on the issue of race comes up is almost as if the black community is user value a marketing demographic for the left and she could extend which may limit a marketing demographic artist displayed like a tool used by them to you pretty much create this IV artist narrative that this is just so bad in the black community and are just targeted by so many different things.

So much so that you know if the Samaritan of death assigned to my way of thinking, but right and Andy and Beth and Beth tool where it is in Hollywood movies and TV shows it's constantly using that idea to promote you know I'm narrative and that narrative I believe is a narrative that they use in order to be much present themselves as as the savior of the black community on her own apartment for Ella and I wouldn't say God grants. You're not done it yet, but is an identity crisis, and in the community and that's because you know a lot of people are proud of their heritage habits and rich history understand the other is not many is not there's not much you can really stand alive a person of color in the US to be proud of, you know if that played a part that contributes to low self versions of a sense of history writing history. Because a lot of negativity surrounding that term and and every single media outlet. Get him exposed to a day-to-day basis, but I think it did that the media is the perpetrator date. There also contributing to the stereotype of black people as a whole were all always constantly identify ever collected would never look good after individual and typically when I interact with people of different races. You know there's always a stereotype that I would have to you know I got so that I'm not a positive stereotype or combated in some type of way fairy what is not me that you're assuming that I see is still part of your ongoing experience that you feel your stereotyped growing up yet on the heart. Our group are and in hard enough. In his heart because you know of course you know we got here out arguments between white and black and and what we hear that you know well is the time to start you know about the broken homes.

We hear all that you know we all there and they say well you know if we can just cut. No start. You know father stay in the home or if you could just stop doing with that many others like every violent expert. They never really go into… The mentality of the people in this country, you know, people of color in this country.

You can say well there opportunities out there. And yes, there are opportunities, but the opportunity to be, you know, taken advantage of. Depending on your mentality going into it. You try to find something now as we speak. I'm actually haven't have a look this up on my phone but there is this a book that I got years ago and started to read with interest to see if I can find it it it's it's it's deftly a of relevance to our discussion here I thought was called brainwashed. I may have it wrong, but it was it was an African-American who had a major advertising company and talked about wrong ways of thinking and every every one of us from whatever background, ethnicity, history. We have some right ways of think we have some wrong ways of thinking and to the extent that we know who we are in God we have a sense of confidence and purpose and calling a lot of things overcome, but there are a lot of narratives out there. A lot of things are being pushed.

How do we live these things out. Big question, hate some of the continue to talk about the thank you, thank you for weighing in.

I appreciated again.

I am not looking for a right or wrong outcome you're looking for discussion perspective, we go to Angelo, not Angelo. Let's go to Marie in Gastonia, North Carolina. Welcome to the line of fire around. Hey how are you this fine.

What's on your mind Marie barely got work around their crime. Every day we are this radio station on and I would like to be current on me and him not come from very different backgrounds and your family that we like to have, you know, discussion, and I wanted to know call and just put my own discussion in there. I really do agree with that.

Some of the people of bank calling you know like the media and the politicians that are pretty much like using people of color, you kind of like elders narrative like you know we want to save you like you guys really needed help. You guys are like, you know, in poverty, you know, kind of like victimizing them and I as a Christian I know that the world right now, like it's not like can I get any better. Can I keep you know going down the tubes until you know Jesus comes back to the solution of the Bible teaches that well I Bible it that before Christ come like it then can break like the birth pangs will get you know more closely together meaning that you know as you know like the closer we get to it in our something that I don't I don't let me just jump in and say this is three things. One, the Scripture there's a lot of debate in terms of exactly how to understand future prophecy, but for sure.

The Bible talks about gray climate also is my great outpouring great harvest of fantasy two things.

The second thing is if if everyone had the mentality things really can get worse before Jesus comes both to have the mentality generation back generation back a generation back the respect we never do anything with their have any improvement.

What if the Lord this income for 200 years. In the next hundred years is the greatest American history and then there is an apostasy or what if there's outpouring and an apostasy at the same time taking place. So that's it. I just don't want to bind to the pessimism. Meanwhile why we are not trying to be pertinent not like like the world is completely fair right now.

Okay, how could we do not hope. And you know I think everyone for that Christianity is losing it followers but Christianity like actually gaining more politics we have hope and you know there's a lot of good resources out there and yell a lot of good beverages of the gospel that help bring people to Jesus. And I guess I was trying to say is like you know where can I get closer to that point yet will hear it again. Here's the thing that this attitude should always be one of faith and confidence in God. He missed the whole world falls apart around us right so ultimately the attitude should be that that we believe God and we are over commerce, so in the midst of it. We have a positive attitude right but I just jumped and also because with the end of the show and I wanted to make sure the safety thinks thank you for it for weighing in. Maybe next I will hear from your husband with the thank you, thank you for both listening so I just wanted put some things together. There are many people in America today, being individually been institutionally. There are many people in America who want to deepen our divisions over race. I oppose that your many in our society who want to make everything a matter of race.

I oppose that I believe we must come together across racial and ethnic boundaries.

We must listen to each other and we must do our best to give equal opportunity and level playing field for all some cases it's easier done than others, but that's the goal. Repeat. I stand against those who constantly try to divide us over race. I stand against those who make everything into a matter of race. I stand with those who say, especially as followers of Jesus but us. Listen to one another that is compare our life experiences. Let us separate fact from fiction and let us do our best to work towards equality and justice, meaning equal playing field not equal outcome. Some socialist communist utopia, but even playing field for all.

Let's work together to make that a reality as much as we can be in our neighborhood.

Our immediate family be in our church circles business have is that's what we should do as followers of Jesus, and justice.

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