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Dr. Brown Answers All Your Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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December 3, 2021 4:50 pm

Dr. Brown Answers All Your Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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December 3, 2021 4:50 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 12/03/21.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network you got questions, we've got answers phone lines were wide open with spirit start the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael grow your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the direct coalition of conscience, the president of fire school of Ministry to the wider fire valve by going 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH your job is Dr. Michael Brown music turned down somebody played some message for me, as opposed to our broadcast intro whom, how did that happen while we will spend more time on team please find out who pressed the wrong button and for the first time in 13 years radio play that spot back was still my voice anyway. This line of fire is live with today December 3 set right so we are live right now ready to take your calls, 866-3487 84 as we do on Friday. Any question on any subject that relates in any way to what we talk about on the line of fire and the guest is talk about anything I write about, by all means give us a call, friend or foe seeker, 866-348-7884 that is the number to call a couple important things I want to share with you in the regular right to your calls at this time of the year. We will email and let you know about special projects were working on things that would help us at the end of the year early next year you going to see those watching a brand-new studio it's going to give us many, many improvements and enhancements, and even when interviewing a guest, you will be able to see them live if there with us in studio a we got a bunch of new things were implementing it is a year where we plan to do massive expansion of the line of fire broadcast across America. So if we've been a blessing to if we helped you if we've edified you. If we been for you a voice of moral sanity and spiritual clarity that help us help others which you do that you help us with a one-time year-end gift will become a monthly support whichever is easier better for you that would be a great blessing to us at the end of the year so please take a moment go to website if you don't get my emails.

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You are the backbone of what we do. Those that can help with a special gift, especially if we been a blessing to these many years, or even recently your new listener new viewer. By all means we thank you and appreciate your help and support all right over to the phones. Let's go to Eugene and Fort Mill, Oklahoma. Welcome to the line of fire and I are you doing well. Thank you. Yet there make it clear that I no disrespect but competent in. I know many people brother dirt. The described theology noted.

No my question coming out of the Internet and just like that. There perspective love life. I have never griped the doctrine but with think a lot of reporting future iconic found myself subconsciously thinking that way I get reading Scripture that Lynn and I something happened for me personally is that my relationship with God became very confusing and in and to be frank, it became very became the intimacy felt official because I know that I I couldn't really make things of God love you. I could make think of the pathogens of campaign that he desires for men to be saved, if you want debate, with eventually dance them to help them birth, that they were meant to be damned to hell for the glory and I didn't really understand how to make. Think of him saying anything congratulations or well done. You get a Facebook survey when I was basically predestined to be spayed I don't. I didn't really make this event in my prayer life my life, especially my life. Worship was in a really bad way because of it, wondering what you think I could maybe do you or anyone you had a similar experience with any type of theology that really being to tarnish the glory or the love aspect of God. What can I do to get back into a fight with the enemy and I guess I question what you think might be some of the dangers that Calvinism may have for Christian griped back that respectfully. I know some people can make. Think of it I just wasn't able to do it and it didn't yell sure so I must print Dr. White is here riding your bike now hold on tight. Your handles and keep your focus on the road as we debated Calvinism over the years. Obviously, any any doctrine that has, to whatever degree has error in it can lead us in terror or any doctrine emphasized in the wrong way could lead us into error. Let's just say in general. Without even speaking to two which is true more fully or not, it could easily be a fault of Calvinism to have the mindset what's the use of doing anything of God already knows the future and is really predetermined. It and those who can be saved or save this can be lost or lost a civil God's ordained your prayers and your financials and make a difference to see about reason I do is going to do it anyway.

You can either you can easily fall to the place of complacency. You can fall into place of of lack of intimacy because it's it's more justice solver Encouraging Word grocers.

He will, on the other hand you can be Arminian and feel like the weight of the whole world is on you like how can I sleep at night when the lost people in a final witness to them. The going to hell and and and it's all up to me and and and you don't have a night a sense of of God being king ruling ring so there are problems that can arise from different theologies, but which are talking about in terms of terms of Calvinism can easily happen. I know for me when I was a Calvinist 772 that I remember the day I was I was sitting in my study and I was just digging into Hebrew Semitic studies in grad school and and I thought to myself maybe I should take some time to just go out and share the gospel for some folks in streets are good on the neighborhood look for some people talk to in the thought hit me Thursday to salvation.

The good be saved with the right to it or not I thought Walt Guzman reward. I thought well brother study right now that was a carnal thought right in the plenty Calvinist that would rebuke that thought if they felt prompted with us. We do it, but I remember saying wow that's this I'm in a bad place right now. This is not a healthy attitude to have. So it's certainly something that can happen. So what you have to do is I would I would read through the Bible and and write down all of the things that God expresses his grief over human sin.

His desire for human repentance is his joy over his people honoring him and serving him and and and I would pray in a really have heart-to-heart talks with the Lord to see your heart understand your heart. I'd read through the Gospels over and over remembering when you see Jesus you seen the father that he is the will of God in action that that he is revealing the character and nature of the father to a C6 the express representation. You see, his heart.

You see, his desire to see the pain that he carried the joy that he experienced in real time in this world and that is an expression of the heart of God and ask him to share his heart with you and doing it knowing that he's God knowing that he's king knowing that he's the ruler of the universe, but also knowing that he set things in motion, giving us certain freedoms certain choices to make and if we choose rightly. He's pleased, if we choose wrongly he's grieved and that he does desire for people to be saved and that not everything that he desires will come to pass because he ordained that we would have choices, so that was his larger plan and in the midst of it is working out his will. What human being stupid is not ordering all of our decisions is not ordering everything that happens in the world, and therefore there are things he says had nothing to do with this. I never sent the person I never spoke to them had nothing to do with this what you're doing is completely contrary to everything I plan for you so those truths come into your heart, you get that a lot in the prophetic books and you renew your mind. According to the word of God which reflects the character of God knew my Samba Calvinist and and I feel the same way about God, but I believe I believe up.

Not arguing about it right now I'm responding to this question in a saying it's important that we see God. So we take it at face value that when he says his grief. We believe that when he says he rejoices, we believe that when he says he desires something, we believe it and and then ask God. Lord help me to renew my heart mind to your truth. Hey, thank you for the call. Much appreciated. 866-34-TRUTH of let's go to Derek and Hawaii.

Welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Brown my question regarding after that I struggle with that Zechariah 23 and in my question is the Christian that have the gospel message of the gospel of the Christian.

I have a new and better covenant and currently the temporal veil over the eyes of the Jews right now. Why would the nation go to that you and Zechariah E 23 in updating you know we are God is with you and your gift for him.

Thought I struggle with that and I and I ponder you know that one. It would seem either that, but you would be considered no pain enough by the question of what their questions and putting a replacement theology with appropriate you inwardly or so contrary to the soul hundred percent contrary to the context of Zechariah is contrary to that you can look at that person and no that their juice either the the house or dressing or whatever but it's very simple. Romans 11 makes clear that the Jewish people turn to the Lord will bring life from the dead boat will bring the healing of the world. So the Jewish people play a key role in in bringing light to the nations in the millennial kingdom.

It seems that the Jewish people will be educating the world about who the Messiah is and I've even experience the special favor around the world as a Jewish believer that that I've lived this out on a certain level as a Jewish believer, but it's absolutely talking about at the end of the end of the ages Jewish people turn to the Messiah that they will have a special role. Robert Murray McShane in the 1800s, so that's a key role. We must bring the gospel to the Jewish people. First, because they have a key role in educating the rest world and even beyond that in the millennial prophecy that Israel will be a presentation in the midst nations. It is a role it remains for the Jew and that's what Jewish evangelism remains of hurting us like to thank you request for cleansing by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown of your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown got questions, we've got answers, 866-34-TRUTH. Let us go to Josh in England. Welcome to the modifier.

Hey Dr. Brown I will do several weeks ago and I had a number questions regarding at Isaiah 714, Ira. I remember you have the class. I only met.

I like that I had a number of issues with the firm and I only match the question, but today my question is about, but and that have a tough something technical question at the please bear with me. I'm going to explain the that I and from Hebrew grammatical technicality and then I will explain the actual objection that stems from the technicality. So Matthew 122, which is quoting Isaiah says all this took place. What the Lord had spoken by the prophet.

So Matthew is now quoting Isaiah behold the version child can feel or the young woman shall conceive and bear a son, and they shall call his name Immanuel. However, Isaiah said that, should more.

I meant to and end of the meeting she will call his name Emmanuel, the Lord, because as you know that it happened to be in the singular feminine thing in the feminine earth and prefrontal on mouth young woman can also be read by Qatar depending on the validation that a single or masculine second person. So is it Isaiah's address thinking I have a problem with the tool very however Matthew would think that they will call it a link. I'm unaware that plural third person at the Matthews quoting.

It is not what you would if you sometimes we figure out why from Hebrew is because the right New Testament writers, according Matthew is not because the Septuagint is using the second Hebrew evaluation using the Greek verb accolade which is you will call talking to a hot and now I explained technical apathy actual objection is not my objection to the a lot at the objection here that Matthew deliberately misquoted the Old Testament because if you have quoted the second person that God or God at the back that she will call him or you will call him it would indicate that the actual name given to the child but the child was actually going to show up Matthew how to deal with the thing that they will call him like to sound like I can to be deficient in the general and other type of not in the literal, though, how would you how would you approach that that discrepancy, why Matthew did not you. The actual Hebrew, or at least the Septuagint which that you will call his name.

This is you yes you have a number of different readings, even in that's ready traditions, so the most common is carotid as you said she will call it. There is also tradition Carozza so you will call as you said in the Dead Sea Scrolls is another tradition of which is the car, and one will call which is the exact same thing is they will call it when you have third person singular. This just indefinite and someone that's the same saying it passively and it will be called or they will call just another way of saying it so that could be another tradition that was exit. We know it's is found in the Dead Sea Scrolls and I'm looking at it right right here in front of me. I checked the old logo and I looked it up and my problem with that is that that singular person. It doesn't make sense.

It sounds like it is mixing of pianos does not cry on the that's the point. I think it's not at all.

The Corolla means one will call or he will be called.

It's the exact same thing as saying you could say it in one will call or it will be called or they will call. It's it is an indefinite way of saying something. It's it's it's not uncommon in Hebrew at all to use that. So all it's all that's to say is that that seems to be the least significant part because you have it in in semi-different ways. I would say if if Matthew was trying to make a point specifically that he would've drawn attention to. She will call me because it's it's not typically the mother that would be name of the child anyway. But if if it says, and she will call that would've emphasized the role of the woman even more, and that she recognized him as being God with us is the whole point. He understands that he fully understands that the child was not actually given that name Emmanuel, but what was Solomon's name at birth. According to the Bible you exactly as you recall that anywhere in the Bible. No right so but he was admitted to his beloved by the Lord and his name was Solomon, so that the whole point that he is a Manuel in the highest sense the word that's that's part of what Matthews emphasizing Variance here was right. This variance here is really totally insignificant.

My problem is not whether all demand. What I do have a problem right now. I just and I'm sending a message. I have a problem with that, but Matthew not to have recognized that all you have to name the problem but it is like he wanted to make sure that the property didn't you know have an you… Problem where what she wasn't only men went by saying it's the opposite. That would've been perfect if she calls the same as those. This is excellent as usual. But just as Shlomo was Adithya. He's Emmanuel. That was been perfectly that that the mother called and that could she recognize God with us that fits into perfectly ill and their look that there other Greek traditions. We don't have access to all of them because it no Matthews quoting Septuagint, but the earliest manuscripts institution. We have our or for the most part in a post-New Testament as well so but but my point is that you have been the carotid Hebrew is virtually identical to, and they will call it is an indefinite singular and and one will call which many will even translate passively and his name will be called so it's really the other things we talked about I would say were more substantial.

If this is really a much lesser one ends is an objection where someone is not the reading things and then art that aren't actually there. The creating a problem.

The site would hearing that Matthew was escorting the variance found that the school that's what you want different or or there is a very Greek tradition that certainly you don't have what was real have but that will but we do have veto of air and we don't how many other Hebrew traditions that were that we don't have from the Dead Sea Scrolls, but that the fact that you have different readings, even the Masoretic texts as well as Dead Sea Scrolls as well as Septuagint so that's it's no surprise whatsoever that, like I said that to me is the least significant a part of this and that's what historically has been a major Jewish objection is raised over this and candor, so I would just not enough look at our and my is a commentary focusing on this very intensely. I looked at it and I really didn't think it was it was worthy of much concern, or even to get into deeply just because we have so many variance just on that on that one part of it. Thank you sir and keep the questions coming. I really appreciate the 866-34-TRUTH 87884. Let's go over to just stand in Dallas Georgia walking to the line of fire your I can hear you so about two different log so long is number 31, when the drill are evaluating for Aragon Ferguson told them to commit and I bring back the woman and some of the women are different and Levites distribute with and some of them are offered.

In verse 28, 29 people offering to go so my question was this like a human sacrifice or what happened with the one certainly not a human sacrifice and and that's that's being missed reduces numbers 31, beginning in verse 28 in living for the Lord. It should be from the metaphor who have to battle 1/500 of the people of the oxen of the donkeys and the fox taken from half given Telus to the priest as a contribution toward this is not some of the women here right count is still with the plunder in the previous verses. Divide the plunder into two parts between the warriors right some of sure where you get that had anything to do with the women they're still in verse 25. It's about the plunder will not not women given up as offering gnosis on this quite explicitly personal numbers 31, 25 right in levy for the Lord attribute from the metaphor who have to battle 1/500 people of the oxen of the donkeys of the fox taken from their half given Telus a L is the priestess contribution to the Lord. So is talking about in any and for the people of Israel half you shall take so it's it's dividing up from the people went out to war. Those who didn't certain amount you're taking from from each proportionally but is nothing about women being offered up yet another where you seen women here will handbook talk about getting a portion of the people are taken back to the Levites, distribute but I thought that there are also giving another portion you've offered yeah now that's that's that's something that was being spoken of of their question was 15, 18. My question about where is the way it read.

You were saying. Just stay right there break coming up, so will be ready to look at Leviticus 1518. On the other side of the break also 45 minutes from now 40 3:55 15 Eastern time were going to be back on you to select or YouTube channel*around ask a your brown on to exclusively even a chance to think it through. Now all in any case, community, questions 45 minutes from now on you the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH paradigm is Dr. Michael Brown on the questions we got answers 86634.

Truth be sure to check out my latest articles and videos over to Esther to brown the heat equip you strengthen you put material in your hand so that you get solid answers so that that you can help and equip others and be strengthened in every way in your walk with the Lord. So let us be a blessing to you which we visit Esther to of over to Justin and Dallas, Georgia hey Justin, one thing about the passenger numbers which does not get a lot of commentary when you estimate the women that's that's the thing I was pushing back somewhere where you getting that from, but you're more specific question, where it says out of the plunder be a people the cattle they be given over to to Eleazar the priest Levites, then the only thing you can you could read from that is its after service a temple servant versus brother someone to help them or serve them. It's not an offering that would be given up and alludes if they got an animal that would be for their benefit. Also, it's not the human being would be offered up to the Lord. Rather, this would be an offering for the priest Levites of some servants of some kind, but the text doesn't tell us anything beyond it's it's it's unusual in that respect, but certainly not to be sacrificed to God so anyway all right sooner. Your other question on Leviticus 15 so questionably quick, but I did find the other portion of numbers 31, verse 40 and 41 persons were 16,000 of which are always tribute was 30, and two persons so you always tribute of that was 32 persons and Moses gave the tribute, which was jelly. As you know, the right right exactly but it's first. It wasn't focused on women. That was the first in this remake, and second, yet so that the offering was something a given to the priests for the service of God.

So not that they would take these human beings and sacrifice them on the altar, but it's a good question to ask you, could it could be misread like that, but certainly not all are removed because there's another portion and the prices were you talking about a second trip we were given to Levi were of little children by the portion was divided up based on how many went out to battle how many didn't, etc. one for 31 500 of the other thing is you have earlier with the Levites earlier numbers.

The Levites are given as a wave offering and this is in the service of the people so people can be spoken of in that way, but not actually sacrifice okay Leviticus 15 go ahead. My question was the way it read and wife are met together daily with that make them always unclean way. Yes three today and until an element is not some sin but it had to write. It was a cleanliness issue. Yes, so if they were intermittent in the evening. Then they bathed in the morning and they'd be they be unclean until evening right would be something that I got there would have to obtain from week to week from from what time for the unleavened bread. All because there you are supposed to be clean during. To protect know that that wouldn't be they could shut it's it's it's interesting to press that because that was not considered a ritual uncleanness that would disqualify someone from participating in other words. During the Passover. It's not taught in Judaism that there can be no sexual relations, and it even in Judaism. It's considered that if if a couple has relations on the Sabbath of that's that. The holiest day in the children conceived at that time could be special. Eliminate this not the Bible is just use traditions of know it's it's it's a it's a ritual purity as opposed to something that would disqualify one from partaking of and in the Passover. Now that being said, I've never actually looked into Jewish law and in this regard. As far as what is actually taught in a world wind is drawn and and and Passover so deep. These are actually excellent excellent questions that don't normally come up with the answer be know that they would not have to abstain through all of Passover in in in order to be able to partake of it as if it was some of the type of ritual uncleanness like him touch the dead body or something like that. No, you could say they could be pressed that so your your unclean until evening. So, than you eat eat the unleavened bread in the evening and if he had sexual relations after that then then you don't eat it until the next evening after purification that could be a legalistic argument that one can hold it.

Thanks for the call 86634 we go over to Frank in Williamsburg, Pennsylvania. Welcome to the line of fire for a particular car you welcome to question my question is I had watched the video from a Christian apologist same inspiring philosophy and he was doing a commentary rocker general information thing on Jennifer's beginning of Genesis and give mention in the video that the ages of the patriarchs of that you're adamant even Lambrecht and Methuselah and all those guys eliminates data not hundred years. I worked both be taken literally, rather than there was the custom of the ancient near East and their culture to have those numbers symbolically. Apparently other regulations and that, in the ancient near East used those numbers in a symbolic way, rather than a literal way call you and get your opinion on certificates literal to retake those numbers as literal or symbolical. I take them literally.

However, the argument that's being made is an intelligent argument. In other words it's it's not just special pleading you the Sumerian King.

Listen things like this, you have you have the ancient the further back you living thousands and thousands of years in a much longer than than the. The patriarchs, if you look at the that the list in Genesis 5, for example how law hold the person was when they first had children or when the first name. Children are our mention of the name sons and then how long they live and you look at them.

They break down the numbers are very interesting it's it's it's either something that seven divides into a density of 05, whatever, just like a few different options and people's okay if you look at that, the chances of that that happening are like so infinitesimal that that the patterns repeat and things like that so based on that others who said there's clear symbolism going on and we know in the ancient traditions that that's how things were recorded. The other response would be what was there trying to record a literal date.

How else would they do it that other than what they did a and B. Maybe these other documents point to these long ages because there were longer lifespans before the flood, and whatever reasons they decrease after the flood, so I take them literally but an argument can be made that questions is, let me just mention a book to you that gets into a lot a lot of these issues here and let me to see him. I I've got part of the name in my head so want to make sure I get the full right name here because all all this will be will be laid out okay where is here you go. It is by Ben Stanhope misinterpreting Genesis how the creation Museum misunderstands the ancient near Eastern context of the Bible. Ben Stanhope misinterpreting Genesis how the creation Museum misunderstands the ancient near Eastern context of the Bible, so you may disagree with his conclusions, but he'll give you very strong arguments in terms of how we should translate Genesis 11 in terms of the first chapter not being laid out in's in a scientific way or historical way, but rather a thematic way to Prince present spiritual theological truths parallel to the building of the temperate Tabernacle in the building of the temple and then reading the genealogies differently. Others others look at many other questions in the Old Testament principal high numbers that you will often have battles in 100,000 people die here 400,000. Here you think that this is some possible based on how many people lived at that time you see the numbers consistent with was there some coding. Was there something that went on that we don't know about that. The authors were conveying and they were doing consistently, but it doesn't compute for us. Those are questions – scholars asked these questions, but I personally read them literally myself. That's why understand them but arguments can be made to question it. And this this book, you'll find a lot of those arguments raised in an intelligent way and then you can you can sort it out for yourself. Artwork like this: you are you are very welcome 866-3487 84 by way some miracle, every so have every sought often it happens on Friday we had a couple lines open so we we actually have two lines, two lines open and in a good time for you to call is right now if you been trying to get through and it's been hard and Emma probably be able to gets it to your calls before done here all right. Let us go over to Carl in British Columbia in Canada. Welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Brown question about Greek translation sure okay so work that I have a problem with is sorcery in the Greek and give you a little break on you tell me where you think I'm wrong about this.

Yes or okay so basically there's three words that are translated into sorcery of macros are not really interested in the other two are strong recordings 5333 and 53314331 is pharmacopeia in 5333 is former coast. Now we know what form of course you have a history in Greek is part of agreed ancient religion which golfed in human sacrifice okay in them, but we look at the definition of it. You talk you give the definition of sorcery not have a problem with that because sorcery that were to come to the vehicle to a user on the 12th, 13th century. It comes from a French word. What was it sorcery and that the Latin derivatives of how completely different meaning. So what I'm seeing is a big gap between that word and the definition sorcery okay but I'm not what I will focus on at work, but I'm just saying that I see a problem you want to focus on is 5331 which is pharmacopeia know what I talk about you were doing big you this one is really clear for product you come from the word Pharma can't draw or medicine now that word translates into the lap and as Pharma feel for fun. Went to the old French with an F pharmacy or indoor modern-day pharmacy now as we look at the definitions of it.

It's very straightforward.

The definitions of that was a two administered drugs to administer medicine is jumping to get a break but I can tell you where your methodologies are so silly here that recent dumbbell with his it's the line of fire with your host activist authors, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86634 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown, joyous bar, 866 is the number to call so Carl, let me just jump in them. We can interact okay what's really important when looking at a particular word is not just to see its history and entomology which I focused on personally, my doctoral dissertation focused and that was one Hebrew word but above all, you have to see its usage in contemporary documents right that's can be that the.

The key thing, the number one thing so if I want to understand pharmacopeia so I'm going to the Septuagint starting their and I'm looking to see how its use their and what Hebrew words, it's translating and then from there I'm going throughout the rest of the New Testament to see if I have that word that's used in in that and then I'm looking at documents of the documents and cleanly Greek from that time. I'm looking at other of the Greek writings from that time. So what you do see is on the one hand they received as a Pharma care for use of drugs and and then as you keep looking you. You see, it has to do with casting spells and magic and sorcery and its use that even during the break I was checking some of the usage of the Septuagint which used to translate secret arts when the Pharaoh's magicians are trying to conjure things up using their secret arts that sorcery is use their and issues it's used quite frequently. In fact, so if if if you look at if you look at the major lexicons right if you start with with the at the art Gingrich lexicon. Bauer, etc. you'll see the very first listing is sorcery, magic, then it gives from ancient documents and then Old Testament 12345 then Apocrypha of right through suitable graphical writings of an and then even list devices no Galatians 520 so it's it's it's a solidly fixed meaning. That's well attested in Greek literature of the day and to translate was sorcery, magic arts makes makes good sense it in Revelation 1823 regulations 520 and and again the question is what is sorcery mean to us today with that Greek word meaning then is this a good equivalent answer BS which is why you see commonly in English translations.

When you talk about the Septuagint I would look at how it was being used that were being used in the first century and what I see as doctors and position that were practicing a lot of difference sciences, an anatomy, pathology and pharmacology was one of the knowledge of drug and so they would then go on and created the first pharmacopeia. We know that we know all that existed but you, when you want to see New Testament usage when the first things you look in Septuagint usage because they so heavily relied on Septuagint and and that greatly influenced the theories that's that's one thing you also look at cleanly Greek and related documents, but then you have you have apocryphal books that are written and and in a certain context suits with you when you're when you're not accounting for is this entire stream of usage that that is outside of what you're thinking because it doesn't along with that the ministry of drugs so they could have been administered drugs involving casting spells, and hence how you get magic sorcery from it but it's it certainly exists so you're not accounting for that whole stream and again. It's found in the Septuagint is found on substitution Apocrypha it's found suitable graphical writings, so it is found in other writings that would've been contemporaneous Greek writings that were read and used by the people at that time even even in Galatians 5 is no hint of his talk about drug abuse or you know what your vices that you prescribed drugs but no sorcery. There so there's this reason for this and and again you have different stream have different semantic streams and when the word is used in a particular context. You can't take what it it's it means this over here as it doesn't mean that and in this context, so your barrier call.

Your there is commentary there today that 1823, Revelation 1823 can directly translated toward multinational pharmaceutical corporations you visited all the of course not hundred percent disagree with you with with all respect to the research you've done. I 100% categorically different. With that it it it is completely mixing categories.

It's like when I tell you hate your nice guy all but actually nice because if you trace back in French. It really means idiots on call it a I'm insulting you know for what I said nice guy. I mean that look study to show yourself approved to God. Everybody knows that first but the word study was old old English was meant do your best to greases. Do your best sometime of study there later in the verse is not handling the word of God rightly but no absolutely cannot be taken to mean that it's it's taking something from column a and putting it in column B it. It is is is taking a metaphor from one sport and using it in another sport or so they just doesn't work. Cannot mean that for sure.

Based on based on the Greek usage of that time, for sure. Hey, thank you for looking into it and ask yourself when you look at all the top lexicons with massive decades of scholarship behind them and sometimes expansive entries in the theological addiction is a written for some of these and and and you've got in a 50, 100 pages to someone word is a lot of data there is a reason that these translations have with they have, but thank you for the call. All right. Let's go over to Adam in Montréal.

Thanks for holding welcome to the line of fire by Dr. Brown. Thanks for taking my question. Sure couple of Conoco related question for them back in right now. Yeah. So one of my question is on the abomination of desolation so one of the common teaching that in the end times.

The abomination of elation going to repeat like to bid at the time of Hanukkah. But when I read the Scriptures.

When I read the prophet like me that God's intentions are to restore Jerusalem and the last thing and also in Matthew 24. Jesus said that when he was talking about the abomination that this generation shall not pass until the things are fulfilled so I wanted to know how you see the fulfillment of the abomination of desolation and that was that fulfilled historically already of the 70th week or you. It also has the sympathetic relevant good. Revelation 11 is also a temple and all that. So how do you certainly of the initial application is with Hanukkah in the defiling of the temple with Antioquia's epiphany since it was the fourth in the 160s but Jesus is speaking of the subsequent one, meaning it has multilevels of meaning and insert lien in Daniel 924 to 27 it's it's pointing forward to something so is certainly a repetition of that with the destruction of the Temple in Jesus day perhaps the Romans bring in their their symbol on the flag adult assembly and whatever the exact abomination was is still debated, but there is not a passage that I see in the Hebrew Bible that speaks of a future restoration of Jerusalem. It doesn't first speak of a difficult time beating. Zechariah 12 or 14, which are clearly anti-passages clearly passages about the end of the eighth and the return of the Messiah, and quite literally puts his feet on the Mount of olives. But Jerusalem is delivered of of attack and suffering first. You see that and in many other passages with a deliverance comes on the heels of suffering and pain so my own expectation. My own understanding is that yes there will be 1/3 temple built in automatic audit, but this what I understand there will be 1/3 temple there will be a final crisis. There will be a final deliverance and out of that the great glory will come and Messiah, establishing his kingdom on the earth. I don't see anything that just speaks of everything going smoothly and and at the very least, you have to deal. Zechariah 1214. You have to write a rent written those clearly speak of that. So even the that the words of comfort when you have a word of comfort, like Isaiah 54 to Jerusalem it it's it's a word of comfort. After time of suffering and upheaval. When you read passages like Jeremiah 3333, which speak about the terrible judgment coming up through the Babylonians, as is the firstfruits of that and then the deliverance of the return so all the joy will the healing of the rejoicing is on the heels of suffering, so I do expect that in the future and expect God's deliverance and expect all of us as believers to be right here through the thick of it right until the end.

Hey, thank you for the call. I appreciated and let's go over to Manuel in Puerto Rico.

Time is short, but please dive right in her book about the group or opportunity. Sure you marry okay yeah I'm currently working on the doctrine of the Trinity and the main question really came up when I first started my studies. Essentially, the question was rule was the father of Jesus, talk about right out that the first question that I is be out of my mind when I first began studying this topic and I just wanted to run by my main issue with the doctor at this moment because I am finding it very. I have found proposed solution with some justice, since you're in the midst of a doctoral dissertation or whatever that dissertation is, and we've got 30 seconds you want to merely get an intelligent question out that I can answer this note through the website to the attention of Eagle IG a L rights of just little upset Esther to browned on August 6 and contact us to get an immediate response. Don't worry about that. This is to form response and we got your your email would send it to the attention of Eagle IG AL and you can lay out the question academically and he'll respond and copy me in his response. If I were at anything to it right so that's where you go this way or you call another day. We have more time. All right, so this we do justice with art member friends 15 minutes will be right back on to post a question on post for our weekly exclusive chat so that he has to run his another program powered by the Truth Network

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