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The Spiritual Power of the Union of Jew and Gentile in Jesus

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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December 2, 2021 4:40 pm

The Spiritual Power of the Union of Jew and Gentile in Jesus

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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December 2, 2021 4:40 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 12/02/21.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network friends about to hear the amazing story about the supernatural connection between the Jew and Gentile for the cause of the gospel stage for the line of fire with your host activist. All international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of Ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your Jim is Dr. Michael Brown friends. This is going to be a very special really unforgettable thoroughly Jewish Thursday broadcast, I'm sitting in studio with one of my dearest closest friends in the whole world men that I would literally trust with my own life for the us upon them from India just in the states for a few days and was able to come and see us for a few days when a realist is going to be here in studio on Thursday said okay it's their leaders Thursday, but we have a story to tell about the supernatural connection of Jew and Gentile in the Lord and the implications that's had for India and for the nation's you can be inspired and be encouraged also be encouraged to see how God can raise up, literally, a nobody.

I mean, you could not be lower on the latter a lower rung on the ladder that my friend Jason Popham was as a child really should been dead.

But God has raised him up in amazing ways. In India and around the world and again some of this ties in with the Jew and Gentile connection as well so we'll talk about that. I'll take some calls to 866-34-TRUTH, but I want to focus on time with my guests. So this upon great to have you back with us on the line of fire. So good to be with you my friend always, always in amazing enjoy the fellowship you get is just beyond precious beyond words for those who don't know you just paint a picture of what was like to be raised as an untouchable in India and it's it's still bad today but were talking almost 7 years ago when you were born. What was life like for you all. Why not send just to think of Dr. escapes me and you are now to being treated as a normal human being worse than an animal you live in a small heart oblate from all the community, but to no Pro from Ford for me like a good three days in a Rick Milford is normal on now would be allowed now been franked allowed on accepted and the society. It said difficult life anybody to go through in their lives and so your mom mom and dad and five kids in it. Tiny little hut. That's, that's, he lived and your other siblings were cute. You are too weak to work so you were sent to school if if you want to drink some water at school or how how would you do that is no way can take a glass and the water I how to put my pants together. Don't pour the water and out to drink with my hands and is as it would fall from other people's stuff that I that would be yours. Yup, right. So your your boy. You are so malnourished you're you're walking on the road one day and you collapse on the side of the road dying what happened there was a man all the way from, by a white man and that he saw me like a dead boy in the middle-of-the-road. You did not pass me by. Like other people all at one people because I was an untouchable to them.

They didn't want to touch me, but for this white man. He felt like it was a divine appointment from God is stopping a Jeep came down to find out that I still had life because I was breathing was unconscious but bleeding and he touched me. He counted me in his hand, took me into a Jeep drawn me to the hospital which is a Canadian Baptist established.I'm done Me dead for two weeks to get off me know sometimes we have read the story of the good Samaritan in the Bible. Thank God we still how good somebody tends looking for the opportunities to accomplish God's plans in their lives unto the lights of the other people like me are at Juniper how old you were when when that happened I was 10, 10 years old.

Okay, so rather than becoming a Christian and being moved by the love of this pastor. You continue to to be upset about the what you had in life.

What will happen to your mom had.

How did she die what she had it swallowed me and left me and my dad tried everything he could and you came to the point he could not take cut even today hopefully govern the mental hospital because he didn't have a money take-up to transport up to the hospital and then he left, die another heart. I watch my mom suffering down night with pain crying and I was the Angus stuff all the five on my I experience more low for my mom, just watching got willing to watch was going through very hard thing done. I saw closing at ice and left the Lord and you know just with normal medical help that was available to your average Indian.

She could be cured. Absolutely right so so what what affected that have on you then. In terms of what happened in the years that followed. What what happened EEE you see the system you see the cruelty of it is throughout India you you you suffered as an untouchable he almost died yourself you watched your mother die. So what happened next.

I saw no hope for my future.

Actually, I tried twice to kill myself but now I know why God kept me on Dan accompanist man came to me you talk to me about the communism. He said that his system in the communism. There's no rich and poor difference in the communism is that if you become a communist. We all can be called as a comet. It's like a family on the gunfight again is that it's community I'm held the pool I was red. It does what it really appealing to me and I took the blade cut my finger wrote my name with my blood making a blood covenant to be a lifetime communist.

My desire was to give hope to the my untouchable community so the people can see them as a normal human beings. And then he told me you don't have to live this life you are living. You can bring hope to your people. I totally believed totally embraced date until a special day that changed my life around so went when you embraced being a communist. You thought it was going to be for the good of your people someone took an interest in you but it was the flesh. It was, it was not God's way. It was on God's kingdom. It was the flesh. So it was, it was violent acts against the rich and then in the midst of this, you become an atheist you become an alcoholic.

Now you're young man in your 20s very very lost that that hotheaded people look at you, in those days. What was your reputation.

You know, nobody wanted me honestly. Nobody liked what I was doing except the communist group Dick Park me.and that dark me Kate undertaking to the range.

I need this said, you know, when I told him I wanted to commit suicide. The heart of our debt.

That said that's up foolishness. Even if you outdo killed people to live, you should pull your self as your normal human being so next I vented to gang sender. I saw things… Should have never done with an automotive mindset that's way I started drinking then rendered to gangs and train people.

The guidance, but that was a very rough life hard, angry, revenge broke, and my heart was elected Barack no low low compassion. Everything escaped redness under beach so you wanted to bring about cultural revolution but you relied on the arm of the flesh and in really, it was Satan's work that God's work. What would God do about that. What happened I cut about Jesus as a small child.

My dad was the only trust Kristin in the community of seven religious and he gave me the name yes about them which means Jesus for Keats desired his plan was that I should be the foot of Jesus walking in the streets of India proclaiming this glorious gospel, but I saw no hope in days. I thought this suggested and none of the religion like we have many religions in India that religion can never change a person so I ignored it but it is 1976 January 26 I don't 11 30 in the noontime I was still accompanist alcoholic gang leader but also working for the government so I was sitting in the chair and looked towards the sky. I don't know why Betty fought in the sky I saw the shape of a man hanging on the cross are nice. I didn't see his face clearly but cleared shape of a man hanging on the cross.

Then it reminded me the story. My father told me about Jesus. Though I never believed it, I noticed what I heard the story, I thought to myself it could be Jesus them.

Accompanist bonanza known a number that soon imagination widely imagining of this story. Dan on as if somebody zooms that resumed alarm lands. I saw his hand ready clear.

I saw the five fingers. I saw them nailing his hand on the blood draw after drop coming down. I did see the scream of blood draw for after drop it shocked me. To my surprise I heard an already wooden wall ice in my language that you called me some you didn't say alcoholic. He didn't say a martyr. He didn't say a gang leader. He called me son and he said I did all this for you.

What will you do for me that word son broke my heart brought tears to my eyes the day to some rocky stony heart broke on the day realized that Jesus is a real Jesus is true. He is a lot higher. He speaks, he reveals himself in such a tangible way like people like me can see it. That's the day my life was totally transformed and about to turn in my life and friends, we come back after the break. You can hear how you support and got to share that with leaders in Israel.

But first we got one minute. Did you immediately go out after that experience and begin to preach absolutely run from there to the street, clapping and calling people and telling them believing Jesus.

Jesus is the Lord. People literally talk. I lost my mind.

Being such a communist leader talking about anti-God things suddenly standing in the middle of the floor talking to people aboard Jesus. I'm still crazy for Jesus. Friends, I just want to encourage you that that's what Jesus does a man in the most unlikely people. He can turn around some. You are praying right now for loved ones and friends your burden to pray for leader who is so hostile to the Lord what God did for you support them.

He can do for them, and sometimes the more radically people oppose God when they get saved more radically they live from okay it's thoroughly Jewish. There is the really tile the same with Israel. When we come back and light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown will continue through the this is Michael sitting in studio with my dear, dear, close friend, the soup them into India 27 times. Now would be in 28 and really had been India right now we would've had recorded some special shows for your 29 times is God for cope with. Thankfully he's here with us for little while, so we were able to grab them to to be in studio. We are going back to 1995. In a moment, but beef before we we do that, and the first time this to Gentile thing came up with this upon them and me in conversation together so brother you were in Israel.

What little over a decade ago and you were asked to speak to a group of Christian scientists that were there along with maybe a dozen or so on the exact number of Knesset leaders so his Israeli Jewish leaders and you said something about who appeared to you to tell us about the message you brought there and I had an opportunity to go to Israel a number of times just to visit the place. But either moment I talk to myself and no I just don't want to go there to see the place. I fed all I go there I want to go preach Jesus to proclaim Jesus so I will had been given an amazing opportunity. Totally paid today to me and for my wife live on forever and ever ready luxurious hotel. One of those tall buildings in Jerusalem and it totally paid for under I prayed so much that night as a step towards given half a no time to preach that speak Deb I saw very clearly the difference between… The parallels between an out cost like me and untouchable on the great Jewish people how Deb gone through so much persecution in the lives of the but rejected in the society. So it really touched my heart. I I started chatting with them my life as an untouchable walk now gone through on Dan Waddell going through because I've been praying for them. Put up since I become a Christian.

I've been playing for the Jewish people in the country for the freest in Jerusalem and then the people Jewish paper will understand the love of God by sending his son Jesus. So often I talk to them sometime. I told them at the end. I said no because of your Jewish man that SIR.Jesus Christ up from Nazareth weird to me. I just spoke to me and I saw him I have heard of him.

I saw them nailing his command. I saw the blood drop after drop coming down. I nice for them. Thank you, buddy. You Messiah that you could share with me and I had an amazing excitement. Mike that day that I could speak to the people that I read for many years that their eyes would be warping to see Jesus as the son of the living God, the Savior of the unit was the Messiah that they will be to bring anything for him I was seeing him. I currently am.

What would stop me brother Mike tile this precious paper that did plebiscite up all the Jewish. The Knesset and all of the giants member, then why don't I might remember that day I get excited and that current people clapping with 1/2 an hour that I three times, people started clapping. Yes, I was sharing my life with them on this an amazing time what God has given to me to share the love of Jesus and what Jesus did on the cross, shedding his blood not only by Gentile like me but all the people including Jewish people because that's his people on it's my hearts desire you right now has a strap that his principal when we opened our hearts for their Messiah, Jesus Christ, who is the real life today changing and transforming the lives like me and then subsequent to that through one of the connections you made in Israel you get word that an Israeli parliamentary leader so member of the Knesset and Orthodox Jewish rabbi who works a lot with Christians and Jewish Christian relations that he's going be coming to your state to your city so and this was written about the.

The Rabbi's wife because I was wife actually wrote about it in the Jerusalem Post told the stories were what were saying is been told publicly of what how did they end up at your place and what happened is that's that's not God's way of doing it.

They actually dipped reports to make the prime minister on the president of India in their claim they included might place me on my safety that just came to see us in our city. I put them up in the hotel and I have to take as special protection from them. Gun man to be with them as a protection because some of their life's audit threat so they would write me. Dick came to me and I literally roared down like carpet but my Jewish friends in my place that I had a meeting with all the high liberal Christian officers on the Posto Sunda and then we conduct under this book that on many men. We saw no more cure.

She spoke dead with the Posto Sunda. Then I took them told our frontage with regard children home. All the children there didn't tell them what to sing, but this Dr. singing Joe drew surly Jerusalem game. Joe Drew's lame Jerusalem game.

Yet the children started singing that song I sought to your swelling down from the eyes of this people, all this parliamentarians famous people on the Benjamin's wife. She said, reliving the Bible, but I saw Bible is being lived out here in your place and you know what you said. She said you're more famous in Israel. No, because I wrote an article that I'm still here is publishing their done. God really talk to their hearts, not only to hear what they said in Jerusalem Mike to come to me and see what is being done there hubby take care of this. All fronts on the windows on the children and providing them food and education of health and everything just to see them and do your Lichty that was sort touched on them so blessed and and this happened because Yeshua the Messiah of Israel who rose from the dead appeared to you and transform your life.

If he did not rise from the dead he would not have appeared to you. If he was, not the Messiah of Israel, he would not be the Savior of the world, and therefore you you would been dead in your sins, you would've died is the next light is a communist full of hatred and anger, violence. So both my Jewish friends.

Something to think about if Jesus didn't rise from the dead, all you just heard now never happened, and all the the love that it's countless that the lives that have been changed through this one ministry. This is just one of countless ministries, all because Jesus Yeshua the Messiah of Israel rose from the dead and reveals himself to people around the world so that they can come to know and worship the love the God of Israel. In fact, this is one of the only places in the world were a mess. To do this but when I come to India every year at the major meetings you asked me if the end of the night to pronounce the erotic benediction in Hebrew to bless the people what was important what will go back to the significance of our relationship and and how you so that in the first place. But why is it still important for you for me that to speak a priestly blessing from the book of numbers in Hebrew to the people in India brother duct language.ward Hebrew the word Jewish. The world doesn't exist. Matilda God's chosen people, special people, so many but God spoke to me, Jew, Gentile relationship is the fulfillment of the church and you as a Jewish brother. I want duct language to be pronounced in my country on my people because I know Dr. would blessed my country. Bless my people because God blessed Jewish people. God bless duct language. That's why I always us to please put on modes that previously blessings on my people on my country and when we were there the first time in 93 we were shocked to be Christians in outlying areas, tribal areas and was the first Jew they've ever met some cases the first white man admit that when you know they've been praying for Israel for for many years. For decades, and they celebrate the Jewish feasts and things of thinking where where they get this from just a few seconds but but you seen that for many years in Israel. God just in India.

God just puts it on the hearts of the Indian Christians took to love and bless Israel is a true absolutely 100%. We love them pay for them. You want them to see just Messiah Jesus Christ is the real true is alive right we come back and take you back to 1995, a really interesting trip for me in the first time that use apartment I began to talk about this to Gentile connection. The significance of it all and I don't want tell you what God is done with this man race and untouchable the favor because given them to tell you I mean it, last night and he's in tears as he shares his tell you that God race people up for his purposes. If they will glorify him to tell you for cleansing by Expo light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown of your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown is looking for surly juice Thursday Michael Brown in studio live with my dear friend, with your support and from India. I'm looking at a PDF that was sent to me yesterday called the Jewish connection evangelicals in Israel, and it was put out by infinity concept strategic solutions for success and gray matter research and consulting, and it surveys evangelicals ask about the relationship Israel prayer for Israel, things like that of they reached out to over thousand American evangelical Protestants in the states asked them to study. Think of Israel. It's interesting is the more regularly people read the Bible, the more they stand with Israel today and believe in Israel's form of the prophecy and also the more charismatic they are, which to me would also mean there believing many things in the Bible is literally true is the Bible says that the more they stand with Israel and support Israel. So I want to go back to 1995. It was the third trip that I was making to Israel but to India excuse me this and I went in 93 for three weeks in a 94 from 1095 going for full month is very intense. Trip spiritual warfare physically challenging on the flesh where we stay with the schedule B. Sometimes we preach all day several days and travel all night in rough conditions to get to the next location stored in the morning and on this particular trip, we started in in my brother's home city Visakhapatnam and we just want InSync it just seemed like I was going one way and he would translate just didn't seem to be in harmony. Nancy was with me on this trip and suppose that maybe her prayers is that here's make a difference, but we were not sink so supposed to do day meetings for pastors made a team with us though actually was just another brother with me the time so I was going to day meetings for the pastors and then at night preach to the crowds and brother Jesu promises to meet you just need to spend the day in prayer to really cancel the the day meetings. Seven. Some of them in my hotel room bite bite, not my choice brucellosis choice and likeness priority so praying for the message but were still wants to be in harmony so we would get to to another city and it's the opening-night. This is a city where he previously been stoned for preaching the gospel we get to the city. Opening-night services tremendous excitement about time for the message. Downpour rain comes point that everybody scatters no essential true to what to do day meetings the next day. So by night we can go on with our meeting and just another series of crazy events. The platform starts to collapse underneath us from the time to get up and preach. I begin preaching about five minutes into the message I said and God said, let there be light and there was like the all the lights go out. The whole field lights out. You still hear voices. Lights out and I thought what and and and I'm there intimidated by the enemy. I'm hearing demons in my ear.

Only a very powerful God you serve the great being all great big God you serve all yeah let there be late getting to deal with it demons stronghold, the Hindu village so Jesu pond and leans over to me and when I hear him say is when the lights come back on, and the message and give it to be for the article. We actually said was when the lights come on Angie when the message given to me for the article. So I I preach. Lights come back on. Finally, and the crowd still there. Thankfully, I preach about five more minutes and give attempt to give an article I go off the platform to sit down and shake you. We'd been sitting before it collapsed and he was on preach like 45 minutes. I'm fuming.

I'm angry I'm silly to think of what he just wants a white face here to draw a crowd is a powerful preach work only for America.

What was the purpose of this book was a miscommunication.

That's what happened is abyssal. We ended up realizing okay.

Enemies really attacking the strip so let's presence we now go to another city. Hunter bought the gentleman that was helping at that meeting was actually now pastors the world's largest growing church he organizes is the young evangelist and now pastors was large growing church and Hunter bought that the privilege of meeting in their greeting the people a few years ago so it's the opening-night salt undetermined to be on Mondays through most of the stay five or six hours to really get God's heart to really get God's mind to bring a powerful message so minister to the people at night so I'm sitting on the conference right before I speak the invite is to Parliament so I 30s can introduce me, and he proceeds to preach full message almost an hour and I'm really angry at this point. I mean I'm in the flesh. I am angry what is going on here what they had said to the people, don't you so over the English translation.

So for the first night we'd like you to speak instead but it was so hard for him to do that.

He did want to tell me and's suits went did so it we were eager to get home and get a month-long trip, my colleague traveling with me, his wife just had a baby there was a month old when he left so we were eager to get home and I said brother look but they just regret I have tell you preaching here.

They don't need me to release us to to to go home three days early and he said I will reelect the weight offer back and I said okay will it affect our relationship suggests loss of them are not going anywhere so that night that night we have a meeting with Jesu bottom and me and some of his elders and I just knew I loved him and respect what he was doing in India was amazed by what they do with the children in orphanages church planting vision and and I had a heart to preach to the people of India but that's as far as I sought and was I didn't think to Gentile. I didn't see eternal relationship. I just know I love this man. I deeply respect him and and it's it's a joy to come and preach in India, but that night brother is when you first talked about the eternal relationship God had brought us into, and the significance of Jew and Gentile come together as one and in your view, that is been a key that relationship is been a key to the beyond supernatural blessing you've seen when you miss so what was it you saw way back there. I didn't see it that come to see it. But what was it you saw back then and and why is it so important for everyone to understand this, you know that is something special very special many times. Many people miss it with the Jewish people. What I am today. Fred I am today you been in the ministry.

How God what God has done.

I believe it to all my heart. 100%. It's because of my relationship with his Jewish brother, Dr. Michael Brown and Donna.done pointing God has on that life the label off guard on their lives is I was seeing it. I know eight and the Honda. That's why I don't want to miss that I should not been read I am today without my relationship with my Jewish brother, Dr. Michael Brown and I did everybody cause you Dr. Michael Brown I'm saying to Dr. Michael Brown for the sake of the people who are listening.but his brother Mike. That's whom I believe God sent him to me and it's it's essential I'm totally 100% convinced it's not psychological. His spiritual walking with a Jewish man and… Probably did that on the board worked out. I'm doing today in my net on the word.

It's because of guard bringing Brenda Mike into my life, whom God has chosen for such a time as days packed the nation's reductant gospel of Jesus Christ and I see while God bless Sabra honk that's clear to me. God's special framework on the kind on the Jewish paper in the course Jew and Gentile being one in Jesus. That was the ancient hostility without a Jew, becoming a Gentile or Gentile. Becoming a Jew to be one and in Messiah and I look at the grace of God in your life is an untouchable saved by the Lord and see his favor, and we see through tears the tears the orphans the dedication stirs us and moves us.

I feel it's it's a privilege and honor to be associated with the ministry like this in a man like this and we been stunned to see regards done so from someone with no funds with with a big vision and no no backing to travel to America years ago that was in a massive thing to to be in a vehicle where this development became argue that was scary. The first I saw an ATM thought there was somebody inside giving out money. I mean this is a time someone came from a real rural difficult background so brother so you have a work that's been raised up here in the United States based in Bennington, Vermont you have a work in Germany made major work growing. By the moment. There you've also reached out to where to Switzerland yes yes Romania yes you Austria you been active in Korea for many years.

And what about the Korea disciple of yours in Madagascar what's happened in Madagascar, but I got scared.

We how 13 to schools actively running on number of churches on the hospital the desk to have merit on 52 people do not system the doctors working on damned right now. Actually, I'm glad you raised that this got this by with the know-how and his kind was collaged within a printing press. But God has raised him.

He could never do talk to the politicians made the president and he just called me a few weeks ago and he said we need 100 practice for flock. He said for my Tabasco and he said the ministry of agriculture is a Christian man. He has a prayer room in his all fees and that is so much of famine in the south of Madagascar on they want to raise up angry men and woman specially giving them a vision for that nation to Brooke could do to produce more food for the whole nation that government was, he said, be willing to give him hundreds and hundreds of the hundreds and thousands of acres of land are used, to produce the dog dog food grains from that area and I actually remedy was awarded the contract, is the debater got it all right so you this can actually prevent famine, Madagascar national level will tell you can help with that back more to come. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown you. Thanks, thanks to interesting the word forgive. Thanks hoodoo is the same as the word for turkey hoodoo in Israel for Thanksgiving works out in a global way in the Hebrew language. I'm sitting here with my dear friend Yaesu part of, and in a moment of want to tell you how you can help fight famine, Madagascar, just hearing about this now didn't come up in our conversation song, then come back to that in a in a moment right before I do, and will cyclically go there right now so there there is a critical need. It's a very very poor country and their brother leading this ministry of brother Choi.

I remember meeting him when I was in Korea my first time in 1990 and he came up to me in broken English and said he felt called to Indiana member looking at him he was. We way was Chris Bruce poorly was missing at hand. And I remember thinking all you sure you don't make in India.

I'm just thinking totally in the flesh, and what a man of God, what an incredible ministry.

He and other Koreans serve their initial policy ministry for some years they learn Telugu so well that there there CDs singing worship songs and Telugu became very popular then God calls into Madagascar he is done.

Stunning work there. I mean they bring a supremacy priest in prison in the church building in the prison and many of the prisoners came to faith just amazing stories. Those that are being fed the school setting those up to 232 now that's amazing to hear so the government is willing to give them all kinds of land that needs to be called with this much poverty. There is in these cultivators which will then can be easy to produce food which is literally going to save us literally could. I'm only talking thousands of people could be save hundreds of thousands you hundreds and thousands of people actually it's a country of 22 million people and and how bad is that situation now in the salt read their primitive, very bad. Got it or you have a better backside so they can get the cultivators very inexpensively.

In India, $1200 for one what will get one with our ministry will deftly do this to get involved again. I'm just hearing about this.

Now we we didn't plan on raising funds or anything of that effect. This time the originally raising funds for ministry.

So my joy disabled. But let's really save lives here so here's here's what you do right in your part of this, but if you give 1200 is awesome LNC LNC, just click on support and you could make to designate this for Madagascar or for the special project.

That's where the funds will go LNC is in love and care LNC so we were usually quite sure Yaesu part of that. If the monies given. It's literally going to save human lives that with a question about yes yes yeah just silently yeah and and how quickly can this be done in this be turned around.

You think know if you have the money we can make it in. I was thinking six weeks. Note to ship them forming the auto to adopt Madagascar and then from there, how long will it take them to develop the land they can start amid the dead land is ready, while once donated by the governments of the government on Johnny Depp that the government doesn't have the money to fund exactly that poor exactly what and I met the president of the country when I was there last time he came to one of our meetings. He stayed for one novel in the meeting I LNC Let's let's do something. Let's let's make a difference today right what what are what a great thing to do with the end of the year, and these are some of the finest poop you meet Joe and his wife, and team there just there. There were three how we got the gospel there really living out the gospel and brother the. The favor of God is been on your life and what you've always done to serve the poor. The hurting in the when you go to Germany start their German pastors to be don't have poor people in Germany go to Africa and and here got send you as a an untouchable from India to Germany to minister the poor and amazing work is been raised up. Now the city of Bremen and now now going beyond that that's that's a whole other story. A miracle story of faith story of of what God can do. And maybe if we have a minute before done what was sure that the encouragement we know there's a lot of persecution of Christians in India now some parts. It's been very big sent out prayer requests for spiritual some of you were 16 years old that was that was a burnt to death with acid for preaching the gospel and delete we pray for them and help with medical expenses but but he did make its lease with the Lord. So the persecution is real and there's hostility supports the government, but there are plenty of peaceloving Hindus. Plenty of Hindus that that are your friends that your coworkers that the man on the street and in the people in your community that that honor respect you so there's been amazing favor. Now tell us what happened with Auger University which is a massive universe would multiply tens of thousands of students what will happen. There I get that phone call one day from the head of the University. I was in Germany and he says summer you're going to receive a letter from the government signed by the governor on debt are two options that accept, reject, and he said please say accept. I think you said we have decided to government to fund the birthday has decided to appoint to as an exit going to column seven, member off on the University on my immediate reaction was like I was shocked and I told him I'm not even a college graduate and he said no, we want you to make the long story short, he said we want to.

You would be our godfather for the University fund all the stories you would be a blessing and I could say no word. I was shocked but now I'm appointed I'm the edgy good to councilmember of on the University, which in now. What happened in 75 years of on the University history the apostolate in known pasta is appointed as an egg to go to councilmember. That's a great great fray. Well, from the government and these are all Hindus that honor and respect you as a Christian pastor. Yes sir and and yes there's there's got supernatural favor on your life that's undeniable what different differences make so that they've seen you in the ministry. They seen that the thousands of orphans you care for the scene. The thousands of children you put through school did they see what you've done of the tribal areas. Not just bring the gospel to thousands of villages that never had it literally never had and now do but raising the standard of living for the people getting out of these these these little huts and into little homes and does it doesn't matter that they seen you live out the gospel in front of their eyes exactly dousing the fruit you know what I believed Britto at the gospel goals. There will be a prospect addict. I don't believe in prosperity gospel, but I believe gospel prospers. That's what happened when we went to the tribal area often of event and started preaching the gospel. People started accepting the Lord.

Then they elected to good that all the time comes along dimly. The roads that bring their electricity on the education and this is like a the power of the gospel, you know, I'm… The blessings that was seen that happening even the high-ranking politicians, the head of the state cute aspects to me on his aspect may word Edna we have a meeting together and we could do but do I could it would to name some of the names in the political arena on tubular congressmen on he haunted my word on some of them of the congressman to be say EM atelier member off religiously to assembly.water named because of me and they want now exist and they say that because of his while the Hyundai influenced God gave me.

As you said, you know you said it right regularly well.gospel. When people see you, a life that you are not just limited to the poured walls off of religion. This is the real full life and relationship with God should change your relationship with the people on the house scene.that haunted me for.I feel sort embed acid.

Sometimes the bid that haunted me dead aspect to me on this is all because of Jesus. If it is not for Jesus should've never never seen me that way. This see me today friends it's it's not everyone will have the favor that is upon them has the influence that he has in India and other nations discussed plan for his life.

Everyone that humbles themselves truly in God's sight and honors him. He does lift up and those who are unashamed of Jesus.

Jesus is unashamed of them and those that really live out the gospel caring for the poor for the needy. Not just because it works is a formula, but because God cares for them and therefore you care for them.

There is grace there is favor that comes from the soul.

I know for some of you may be pastoring a difficult areas may be laboring in obscurity may bring may be honoring God in your school, your place of business and it's been very difficult.

God sees that God takes note of that and gobble honor that. Be determined to honor him and those serving the hurting and the poor, and it's not famous, and it's not glitzy, and people don't know your name. God knows your name and that's what matters. So my brother were blessed to have you with us were blessed to be on the same team together the same family and what we both believe that I want to proclaim to each of you friends the best is yet to come back to see the amazing things this person to him. Another program powered by the Truth Network

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