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How Should We Respond to News of the Latest COVID Variant?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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November 29, 2021 5:10 pm

How Should We Respond to News of the Latest COVID Variant?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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November 29, 2021 5:10 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 11/29/21.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network is a lot of panic for your concern about the newest variant of cold, how should we respond to the stage for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown was the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH air again is Dr. Michael Brown. I hope you had a good Thanksgiving. Hope got some rest, some family time, but either way, we start a week, together with some really important subjects to look at news of the latest covert variant nicknamed omicron fears coming out of south Africa all know this could be the worst thing yet reaction around the world to it. How should we respond as believers this is Michael Brown your voice for moral sanity and spiritual clarity. Welcome to the line of fire. Here's number to call 866-34-TRUTH 866-348-7884 before I get to some of the news about this some latest reports play an interesting video clip from England. I will show you a poll that I did on twitter over the weekend. Now, all I'm doing in this poll is finding out what people think I'm just getting their reaction just getting their thoughts. Your thoughts in this case, so I am not trying to determine the truthfulness of the situation.

In other words, if I asked for your opinion about was going to rain or not. Tomorrow that's that's not seeking to determine truth but just your opinion. Okay if I save which team do you like better in sports. Just getting your opinion, what's theological position to agree with which candidate are you voting for and now it's just soliciting opinion so I'm looking for your thoughts. I'm curious to know what you're thinking. When asked this question so over on twitter over the over the weekend I posted this to scroll down to the actual tweet here it's just just a poll that I did 16 hours ago so people still voting 500 something votes thus far in your opinion, is the very strong response to the latest covert variant one, a sign of real wisdom after so many deaths to simply panic and fear. Three. A further attempt a government or business taking over our lives and to the twitter sensors I noticed I'm simply polling opinions and for was was not sure at this point. So to make sure on twitter that I get banned or blocked for four putting something up about clover that was considered this information if I felt it was critical to do that I would do that and get banned or blocked with that was on the hill is gonna die out here all right. And by the way other news that Dr. was the CEO of Twitter has resigned and we shall see where the new CEO takes things in terms of freedom and censorship want to talk about that are ready when I go in there right now. Okay, what's your take 866-34-TRUTH. This is very interesting to me, and of those that I pulled on twitter so this is just a sampling of only 40 something thousand people that have on twitter so this is not world opinion or what everyone's thinking around America, but response from a certain group of people that follow me on Twitter. That's all this is, but I still find it interesting. Less than 10% only 9.8% said that these they think this is a sign of real wisdom. Israel shutting down travel outside sir. Not Israeli citizen can command and American now banning travel from eight African nations and other say okay we got up things with mass mandates okay.

We got into the booster. More vaccines were etc. at and in stocks plummeting.

It is this a sign of real wisdom IK we been through this we watch people die of friends of mine dive covert. Yes, so this and others were at the edge of death and were in terrible battle for weeks and are now just recovering John. I'm not one to downplay the reality of COBIT or the danger of covert, but I am one to question the responses and the wisdom of the responses. The reason behind the responses. The rightness of the responses and certainly the rightness of the mandates so I will question those things and put them on the table so only 9.8% of those respond on twitter said this is real wisdom.

Now look at this 30.5%, slightly over three and 10. That is just panic and fear. This is just panic and fear. And and we'll talk about that for your own confronted head on that whole article that I wrote over the week and it's up on stream about it. God's response in our response should be the same to the slightest variant which is pure not use wisdom but fear not. Number three. How many believed that the response was a further attempt a government or business to take over allies 45.8% for 1/2 out of 10 people. This was the biggest single response did not think this was wisdom didn't even think was panic or fear. Thought was yet another attempt by the government or business to take over allies. That's scary though it's not scary that so many believers like how could they be so wrong. How can they be so ignorant. How do they be so foolish to believe this know it's scary that so many people feel there are reasons for this.

I can assure you, so this 45.8% to 518 that respondent right so would list as they were talking 250 people right.

I can assure you that if we find out who these 250 people work and went through their Twitter feeds that we would find plenty of them are rational thinking people plenty of them are God-fearing people plenty of them are America honoring people and yet they have these concerns. 13.9% said not sure at this point, what's your take and why will get your calls little while. Here's the article that I wrote on Sunday night right sat there on Saturday with word of new covert variance begins is up on stream with word of new covert variance. God's message again is fear not.

So I looked at the headlines on Drudge Report on Saturdays. This is this is one of the most read and use news websites. And it's this headlines in stark black-and-white and then certain things highlighted in red and and so on is just struck headlines in years past. If you want to Drudge in the morning and looked at all the headlines and listen to Rush Limbaugh on the afternoon you would find that he sighed a lot of things from Drudge because it was convenient gathering from a certain right-wing perspective and obviously the headlines you post in the way you post them the way you describe them. This all paints a certain picture of soul look at the headlines on Drudge from Saturday.

This, in the middle of the page in red so very much attention-getting omicron sinks, stocks, new travel bands VAX resistant global alarm WHO emergency meet World Health Organization and then you go to the upper left of the pages is that the next major list of of headlines here here's here they are one after loves to be the headlines super variant put South Africa at risk of global shut out from discovery to pull global panic in 48 hours emerged in HIV patient worst ever mutation spreading rapidly among young USAID which restrict travel from eight countries Belgium conference case Israel emergency after detecting another shot!?

Europe surge highlights warnings German military airlifting patients idling considers hotel quarantine Merck pill significantly less effective. A new analysis flood of cases unmanageable strain in Michigan. CDC director lauded success of China's really strict policies.

WHO skips Greek letter she protested the Chinese weight and naming new stray because you don't want to confuse it with Chinese leader G so what when you think of it went when you see headlines like that book was not because of no. All notices, but this is really bad. This one could get me that now look, I I have been responsible. I have God's grace totally diligent with my diet for 70 specimen half years now. I take certain health supplements for my immune system and and in general to take two to Gabby at maximum health level I workout regularly and whatever the laws are follow them. So you have to write your the airport them and get on the plane until you get off until you leave the airport rights is the moment you get to the airport to my relief, the airport sweat the airport on the plane mascot do it.

In fact, I even try to be conscientious to people next to me less. They are concerned about some blood vessel when you're eating that the right way to convey thoughts and having some raw nuts are useless in a healthy snack complaint and drink some club soda.

So the proper way to do it is you take your mask offer sentences pulled to the side pull down take your food. Take a bite of food. Whatever it is and put the mask back on the side take a drink drink put it back on many if not most, just take it down while you're eating and drinking because I want to be conscientious of the people I'm sitting right next to Les they have a fear that there's something wrong with sitting excellent without a mask while eating. I actually do it by the book. I take a bite, take a drink and put the mask back on until the next one seriously.

So I all the honoring of the authority if that's what's required at that moment alright so if I have to wear mass to go into particular place by law then then I will do that of so to be careful, conscientious.doctors recommendations as to whether or not I should be vaccinated, etc. so to be conscientious on all fronts.

And I've been for year and 1/2 now, especially the last year around a lot of people. In some cases, thousands and thousands.

In some cases body. The body in some cases body to body with thousands of people, most of whom are many of whom is not been vaccinated, and although I've been tested a couple times for covert and then tested for the antibodies to see if I had it without knowing it three different tonsil five total different tests without ever having gotten it as I'm reading all this. This thought hits will will this one.

This is the bad one. This allows you to get your thought, isn't that wild this way. Fear works this the way it hits us, so we deal with our response to this new variance should be exactly the same as what is going to have a more personal response.

Fear not useless not in use with her plan by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown of your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. His friend fire and as always, my goal is to build you up to see strong healthy vibrant in the Lord to confuse you with with faith and truth. Encourage so it's my pledge to you friends as you listen every day you will be built up. You will be strengthened, you will be encouraged. You will be challenged will be stretched. You will be built up courage will be imparted will ground everything in the truth of God's word, 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884 are or are you confident if if the government put out more mandates, more shutdowns would you say hey these are sincere people really trying to do what's best for the citizens of America of big Pharma was pushing for more boosters and more more vaccines would you say hey these are people if they may be making money, but these are people who truly care and that that want to save lives or you are the point of having real mistrust or skill is your mistrust higher now than it was under the Trump administration or did you have problems, then with with way covert was handled is is your view of big Pharma the same now as it's always been, or has it gotten better or worse, 866-34-TRUTH before we go to the phones.

Let me expand the what I was saying before the break about our response to the slightest variant should be fear not. This is what God says to us, don't fear this. We don't use wisdom but don't panic, don't feel no. It's all coming out when we get a dog that's fear that's panic that can be irrational. I can now step into another realm where you are not thinking clearly where you are not acting based on truth here so panic and fear would respond to reports of overcoming hurricane with own all know, Regina.Olga when they're going to get all what we owe you old. It's that will never be able to protect out just what's the years, or or or you flees five days early in a whatever whereas wisdom would be all right tracking this seems be very, very serious in terms of coming hurricane that the reports seem to be consistent.

Alright, so will need to use me to board up windows on the house here and then we need to plan to leave a day or two early what whatever it is and you formulate a plan so our first reaction with whatever negative report comes even if it's a truthful report even if the variant was the worst thing yet.

Our response is not panic because God is God enough you don't know the Lord you don't have a relationship with God. If you're not in right relationship with them, then you have every reason fear and panic because you don't know what's come and you don't know the cause can protect you or you don't know these going to be with you through the storm and you don't know if you die were you going so first things first need to get a right relationship with God. We can help you do that if you if you call them are happy to help you go to website instructor were happy that to help you but not not just that if you're right relationship with God. So whatever comes even sick this even death. We still know God. We still trust God. We know he is with us to the storm.

Sometimes he delivers us from the storm sometimes is with us through the storm.

Sometimes he uses the storm to cause us to grow. Sometimes the final answer comes in the world to come not disrobe but either way, we have we have nothing to fear. Ultimately, at the same time we use wisdom so here just look at this.

Let's say you want to get in shape. Let's say you should weigh hundred 70 pounds annually 300 pounds. Let's say that you that you are so I shape that literally you have shortness of breath going up one flight of stairs while you don't say okay I'm just going to go out and and run as fast as I can as long as I can collapse human you have a heart attack. That's not wisdom nor is it wisdom to eat whatever in the world you want to eat, which terribly weakens your immune system if you're eating unhealthily to not work with God for the good of your body that you just think I'm untouchable know that's not true anymore than it would be true that your untouchable driving 100 miles an hour in a 30 mile an hour speed zone without a seatbelt, so use wisdom but fear not.

Okay, back to your thoughts.

Your responses will start with Marilyn in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Welcome to the line of fire headed out around. Thank you.

Every day when I'm in the car line in front of my daughter and I often think that Chicagoland, but today I really felt compelled to comment because I am a graduate student working on a mattress in healthcare administration and on the last week of epidemiology and the product that have submitted yesterday with a group of people live on the handling of the coded pandemic and want to think that I can that I can say that I learned was that anytime the public is faced with the disease that could threaten public health. It is the leadership of a nation responsibility to provide risk communication and community engagement to the population so that the population can take the steps that it needs to protect itself and in our research we found that there is a new term that I never heard of before. We are pandemic, but there was also an info gimmick with information and conspiracy theories that enter the sphere and it caused a spirit of confusion over the nation which delayed the response that we should have.

To prevent the disease from moving so late. Through the community, specifically New York being the epicenter and we looked at was countries were impacted by coded leadership played with the new casement that showed up uncle to close the borders. No one, no one is going on Babe shut everything down on the look of complete shutdown of everything according to one of the people who were and with the unit with TRACING defined tracking rather the people who had a virus contact with another in the middle everything from moving with the confusion that came from leadership and you know the theory everything delaying the response that we should have more people needed, PPE needed to be socially correct if they were handled. They didn't need to bombard the hospital but they don't contact her doctor think were communicated from the leadership, as you well know, have a believer, the bodyguards let constructs and furloughs okay if the leadership of the nation is not communicating: information will be helpful then what happened to the rest of the nation were left open because leadership did not follow risk communication and community engagement protocol that we really need to take very seriously understand everything I do know they don't think for what is apparently a new you know anything about official intelligence that will support the information into a computer and the computer can generate the solution. So to be wise and intelligent enough to not believe everything that we hear after there is truth in as well. We can believe everything we hear and unfortunately leadership will yet resist one question and thanks for choosing the states it to call in and and ensure your viewpoint. We've had now two administrations handling COBIT first comp administration under which the vaccine was first developed.

Now the Biden administration we had actually more deaths covered related deaths reported this year than than last year but in your view.

Did both administrations fail has one done a better job than the other which switch opinion by the minute to weigh in on that followed.

What about a situation that I do not know about a conference today where the president made statements about the new variant the spirit of confusion. I will tell you I work in healthcare and we have been quite a few more cases of COBIT of late and people are vaccinated and are still getting carpet which make me wonder okay what did Litvack clean up placebo while people still getting COBIT if they are vaccinated, like the answer would be, according to those that are leaving the vaccine just of getting it, but the symptoms will be less serious in the B list deaths and then others of course are pushing back against it. It was Maryland where were up against a break it, but I wanted to let you way and without interruption of this, especially given what you do with it with you graduate studies in and the paper in a mill at your comments then you can feel free to to agree with Marilyn disagree or just come in with your other point of you up on the plane.

Interesting video clip, audio clip and when we come back and talk to Sue and then talk about how we feed our faith versus feeding our fears. Thanks for being a regular listener and enjoyed the rest of your day. Marilyn with the child and beyond. All right, 866-34-TRUTH will be right back with more of your calls. Some interesting clips again. How to build faith and the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown experience for joining us in the line of fire. 66348788.

Sometimes when I take calls on the broadcast all interact more.

Many times call is risky for my questions sometimes do my best to let the color speak put a position out there agree or disagree. Maybe probe a little and then leave it out for your comments that were doing today is much as possible about our response to the covert variant. The government's response submittal back to the phones in a moment but first I want to share this with you. This is from my article on the stream to concurrently read this on last year I started writing articles on COBIT talk about it on the air. Some social media broadcast that kind of thing and then struck the boy. I believe I got a book in the about this reach out to the publisher message we get this out now if I write this quickly can we get out immediately is called crashing the system because everything is ordered that which you have X number of books are working on editors work on this to your people working on this that everything had been with printers you have things schedule so it it's it's all in its slot. You can suddenly say oh it's push this one in this is real reason but it was all right to do it so an intensive eight days grabbed the couple previous articles. Otherwise, wrote this fresh book when the world stops and it's it's about of words of faith, hope and wisdom in the midst of crisis.

So I wrote it directly addressing COBIT but also wrote it with the goal that you could be 10 years later. Whatever crisis situation you are facing and it would be relevant.

So God gives grace to ready quickly. Publisher put it out super quickly and I'm thinking going on may be a matter of months and will be passed. That's what I was thinking I didn't have divine insight on that part.

Obviously those is my thought it but a matter of months and get this book out immediately so can have immediate readership and relevance and in the future can have relevance but not in this exactly directly. Of course, here we are now more the year and half later and still the restrictions out. Still the problems out. Still, people getting sick, dying, still controversial vaccine, etc. so here's here's what I wrote the opening lines of the book we are living in unprecedented times and it's easy to give way to fear. After all the news reports are daunting and the scientific predictions terrifying ready whole countries unlock them in cities across America are telling people not to leave their homes, schools are closing businesses, schools are closing businesses are shutting down in the media shouting through the erase danger.

The virus is coming your way today. Now it is danger the latest deadly mutation of the virus is coming your way but here's what I wrote again in when the world stops the truth be told without the Lord would be very easy to give place to fear what happened to my loved ones will happen to me. My job to pay my rent or mortgage.

Technically, my family was the future hold than when no good news is that with the Lord. There's no place for fear is not rattled is not surprised he's not taken off guard is not to panic.

To the contrary. He's working actively in the midst of the crisis and is a great plan for his people. In the midst of the storm God is on the move is with us is for the first message of this Masonic from pulpits across America meaning year and 1/2 ago is free or not. That's the first message he wants this was to speak to each of our hearts, that is it for his children, the right relationship with him, fear, and he says to us, because I am with you.

That's all we need to know if the Lord himself. The creative the entire universe is with us. We need not fear, epidemic or pandemic. We need Dr. demons are people we need not fear the natural or supernatural. If we have a healthy reverential fear of the Lord than all other fears will vanish. Fear not, the Lord says to you in the again that's to those who are in right relationship with him.

There you can read the article for more. You can get the book when the world stops will still find it relevant again. You need to be right relationship with him because if you are defying his will, living in willful sin and rebellion. You don't have promises of protection and you still have promises to be with him forever because all of us list Jesus comes first.

All of us will die one way or another will all die. The ultimate question is where will we be forever, but you're right relationship with in the matter what comes your way. It can work for good. It either good in this world of good in the world to come in and we can be more conformed to the character of Jesus through it with the things are good or bad in and of themselves, so it's it's just important to have that grounding and and to defeat our faith is how I do that will meditate on promises from God.

You clear your head put aside the distractions you look universe you write it out the beats is part of a song you sing it and you sent slowly repeatedly digested. You renew your mind to the you take that the words that the worst fear not and I go through this in the book if you need help with within the book. In the second chapter of the world stops but but all responses are not panic. Not okay, it may be calamity around us. Or it may be exaggeration. Either way either way or attitude remains one of calm in the midst of the storm, 86634.

Let's go back to the phones over to Claire in Arlington, Virginia: the line of fire. Parking my car. Sure thing on her arm, and I don't agree with that Kovic had outlived my arm collocation and health professional at all. I think it hasn't been quite a bath after people. I think there's other nefarious things, telling line and down and I don't believe in conspiracy theory and found think that can't be proven happily thinking that can't be proven, but I want to state that I watched a lot of that a lot of historical novel now watch docking entry and history all throughout history there. Think. You now all victims in the Queen. They only packed people conspiring against famine at the sophomore going on behind the scenes to be realized in different forces working together on the other hand, there are there are baseless conspiracy theories and that's that's really look for to social limit. Let me ask you question clear and you speak for many in having that suspicion. When Pres. Trump was pushing hard for vaccine to be developed in sib ligament really go past government red tape and go straight to companies etc. do you think that his motivation was put aside legal.

Let's put aside that he wanted to look good.

Let's put that aside. You think any president or leader wants to look good rather than look bad, but you think that his motivation was he really wanted to stop this thing its tracks and and see America get healthy and strong oversight that his motivations for pushing for the vaccine were good and pure. Or did you think even back then that something suspicious was going on.

Well I personally think Trump had a good heart nation and all, I don't think he had a bad heart and that but I do believe that the people that were fighting him and habitat are not recognize that wrapped up with them and not without all the pressure and everything to stop it now had an may not alleviate audit with idea what what was the motivation in your view in the hearts of others. The, the not so good or even bad motivation well one thing would be my now that climate physical industry and no a lot of politician University are funded by the pharmacy authentic PD Dr. acknowledged that the ad on television are finding by Pharma that there that take place vaccine their very very quick at everything on there trying to get everybody to climb after believe that there is knowledge to control there's always been a desire for control and power in people and I believe unfortunately that a lot of people in high places and have fallen victim to that, I mean now got it right again. Claire wanted to to probing can get your viewpoint on that II appreciate you weighing in and Chris. Let's just pull up that pole that we looked at earlier for those just tuning in, that may have missed this in the back to the phones in the moment of this was on Twitter a start at the poll yesterday and so it's what 16, 17 hours later my question. Your opinion is the very strong response to latest code variant one aside of your wisdom after so many deaths to simply panic and fear. Three further attempted government government or business taking overlies and conforms not sure at this point so 45.7% said it's business or government try to take over our lives. Those by far the highest next was panic and fear slightly over 30% and then not sure at this point, 14% slithered 10% real wisdom so that's that's just telling a lot of people very suspicious right now and wondering are there ulterior motives and with governments doing reforms on just putting out what many are saying and feeling 866-34-TRUTH over to Laura in Dayton, Ohio looking to light a fire. Thanks returning and what's your thought on this… Talking about, that I got it and your reasons for being highly suspicious right out of the gate shut everything down and but often. Protective will protect you and you will be required everywhere and they snapped all day long, especially if you're doing the work is not healthy and they really don't provide protection account catching fire and right out of the gate, although they start talking about how they needed to get a vaccine. Technically didn't know I'll deftly be by they want to have a vaccine for they were going to need a vaccine for the back absolutely. You could buy almost euro research into other alternative treating at an athlete for a long time. That time you weighing in his question just rinsed out the data you listening on the radio station there.

All right. Awesome.

Well, welcome aboard. Glad to have it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown is joining us on a fire so simple what what your purpose in bringing all this up today again to help us respond the right way. Fear not use wisdom all right, it is not to incite anger towards the government. It is not to launch text attacks on Dr. Fouts you are big Pharma it it it is not to attack Joe Biden or Donald Trump.

It is to say, this is how we should respond. Now let's look at some of the bigger pictures and hear what you're thinking and feeling in process. This, together was sent.

This clip will play about 2 minutes out of 10 minutes from Neil Oliver on a Great Britain news. I was unfamiliar with him or the broadcast slipped into him as much as I could and some background as a historian and is a presenter document documentary maker and associate with some views that are now more controversial but he's weighing in on the latest variant and any he says some things that are worth hearing.

This is Neil Oliver on Great Britain news here we go again with Christmas on the horizon.

A holiday that should be a time for families to put the past behind them and look towards the future. A new variant of the virus has seemingly been dispatched from pooled Africa is the gift no one asked for, and no one wants. After months of messages of fear from our governments on their favorite scientists here comes more of the same. We can only presume that too many of us will seem to be awakening from the toxic France into which we had been put by propaganda from the nudge unit fear has been the key to nearly 2 years of unprecedented power for politicians and scientists. Fear has also blended people to the reality of manipulation on mass gnosis used, to make them want to keep them compliant but without feeling the waiting, losing its power to do harm. Much like the virus was losing its public it was plainly trying to cast another spell unheated as in the form of yet another variant of timely someone even managed to sprinkle for a while. The acronym HIV over this latest mutation like butter icing on a stable kink while our government like so many governments around the world seeks to get more months but hocks mood years after the warlike pandemic by replaying the greatest hits of last year, something else is becoming obvious pundits that the virus seemingly had the power to stop people including clever people from thinking for themselves covert.

Overcame logic and reason and common sense covert even made some scientists on Lanham science so a lot of points raised here. He's obviously quite articulate. Some of you may take issue with his presuppositions were he's going of this may be saying amen every word but I want to point out the fear issue and look there. There are aspects of irrationality in this or concerns about precautions that are being taken for it. For example, I saw this little cartoon just a meme and it was talking about how virus prevention works in a restaurant and it shows when you're standing waiting to be seated. You're wearing your masks right. And of course the viruses. This is hitting it face level right there when you sit down to eat.

You take your masks off. You can be right next to people in the table near you and you're all around you, maybe punch with the same table right you will met the earth restaurant came different places all the virus grocery headset because you're not standing up is like okay it is it really that big a difference when you're standing waiting to be seated versus when you're all sitting in some restaurants are pretty close to each other right and you have the mass on the side of problem or if you're on the plane and you take the mask off all will having bites, drinking right next to someone or maybe they got there mass down at taking a bite of food and some of those seconds. Does the virus stop being transmitted in or with is Nancy's often syndicate what if you do with Ebola right in people's bleeding other orifices in this horrific disease and spreading rapidly and you know where you draw lines as to what you do what you don't do all that to say that there is there is reason for not having a lot of confidence in where the governments going as much as there was a valiant effort to develop a vaccine quickly and as much as it can be argued that the vaccine has saved lives. Others would say there are too many unknowns developing event a vaccine is quickly and too many accounts of sickness and even death through the vaccine that are not being reported adequately and and I have first-hand reports of people that were friends or colleagues that died of COBIT so she first-hand. According to everything we know they died of COBIT and then other friends and colleagues who themselves have first-hand reports of people who died as a vaccine. So again?? Here, let's look at this up again to analyze two charts side-by-side.

Okay this is as simple as things can get so for those watching were going to put up the two charts relook at side-by-side, and I'll describe what were looking at on the right is the population of each state right California excuse me on the left is the population of each state in millions to California 39 million Texas 29 million Florida 23 million. New York 19 million Pennsylvania District 13 million. So those are the top five.

All right, California, Texas, Florida, New York, Pennsylvania and Illinois and Pennsylvania are or are very close now you look at the deaths in thousands. So the number one state California just as it is the number one population number two Texas number three Florida number four New York number five Pennsylvania. So first thing that the order states and population, California, Texas, Florida, New York, Pennsylvania, is the ordering covert deaths numerically California, Texas, Florida, New York, Pennsylvania, but let's dig a little deeper here Texas. According to this this is 73,605 death wish.

California is at 74,098 so California only slightly more distant Texas whereas the population of California is 39 million compared to Texas 29 million so that was a proportionately California, which is been much more strict with its policies, has had less deaths per capita than Texas or Florida floors number three 61,000 deaths list: as reported Florida slightly under 22 million population so little over half the size of California and yet, six and seven deaths comparatively, but that had almost without you. New York now since this would suggest that that the states they didn't have the crackdowns in the lockdowns as much Texas and Florida have had per capita more deaths than California but then you skip down to New York, which is had very strict lockdowns and all kinds of strict policies and of course the terrible policy under Gov. Cuomo voted to send elderly people who were sick with covert to nursing homes to make room for the young people are getting a COBIT man horrific decision. New York said 57,000 covert deaths compared to California 74,000 but it's population is less than half of California so New York will all the crackdowns lockdowns and restrictions and and and covert passports and things like that to get into certain places of that's had a much much higher rate per capita than California or for that matter, Florida or Texas especially Texas so the point is that and I'm I'm done with the chart for the moment that the point is you can use this to argue either way right now. Florida is of a couple days ago less reporter shall have the lowest per capita death rate of COBIT with dates of death cases.

Either way it in America was the lowest was just a few weeks ago is getting blasted look there being responsible to have the highest rates of you could almost take the either argument, you could almost make either argument I have been reading. Seeing steadily that the states that were the most vaccinated were having the most new cases of COBIT and so that raises the concern could be that those of the vaccinated are more readily carrying the disease than others at end anyway goes on and on.

You could really get in a tizzy over all of this or you go back to this, make sure your relationship with God. A solid feature of faith, not your fears, use wisdom, part of that wisdom is living as healthily as you can and anyone can start now. According to Dr. Joel Fuhrman's dietary guidelines of followed by God's grace for the last 7 1/2 years. Even if you are obese and in poor health. The moment you start really eating a totally healthy diet. Yes, rigorous discipline, but totally healthy diet.

It will immediately start to work to your benefit with your immune system and other things. Even while you work and everything else so use wisdom that starts with getting as healthy as you can strengthening your immune system.

Every can and then from there, what other wisdom dictates work out her life. Pray about it. Think about it. Look at issues concerning vaccine is taking all the wisest choices have a start body that shape had steps we can all think having another program powered by the Truth Network

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