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Charges of Racism and the Kyle Rittenhouse Verdict

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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November 23, 2021 6:00 pm

Charges of Racism and the Kyle Rittenhouse Verdict

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network in the midst of growing racial tension in America. In the aftermath of the call Rittenhouse not guilty verdict. How do we move forward here in America start the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael grow your voice moral, cultural, and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the direct coalition of conscience, the president of fire school of Ministry of the wider fire valve by going 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH your job is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us today on what is going to be a very important broadcast. I want to urge you to give me your very best ear to listen as carefully as you can so that nothing is misunderstood as I will be weighing every word that I say is always do minimally hear from you whether you agree with me or whether you disagree with me whether you think I'm nailing things right on, or whether you think I'm way off and missing things I really want to hear from you today, 86634 866-34-TRUTH 7884.

You might be a first time listener, so you don't know me and you just gonna judge by what you hear today that's fine. Others have been listening regularly for over a decade. You know me better look to hear from anyone though, that wants to weigh in 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 7884 this is Michael Brown. Welcome to the line of fire. One thing we seek to be in the midst of chaos and confusion is a voice of reason to grant everything and scriptural reasoning in the life-giving thinking that were not just talking politically register looking for a natural viewpoint, but ultimately from a spiritual viewpoint or my views on the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict in the whole situation. I agree the charges that were looked at that he was not guilty of all of those charges that seem self-evident to me, and there is even talk. It is just talk at this point, but the Atty. Gen. that would've try this case and as a great reputation in his state, gave it over to the assisted assistant district attorney. According to some because he knew it was a losing case, it was clearly an issue of self-defense.

Do I believe that Kyle Rittenhouse should have been in Kenosha, where the gun no I don't believe it was a wise situation to go into, especially as a 17-year-old kid, especially without adult supervision, especially during this separate from the police. Did he have a right to.

If you legally own the gun across county lines whether state lines. If if that's the case then heat it if those things are true. He had the right to be there. Hopefully he should have been.

I don't believe it was wise for him to have been there. That being said, I don't believe this has anything to do with white supremacy or white racism. I do not believe it has anything to do with that and those that are pushing that narrative I believe are further dividing America and further missing the real issues that we need to be thinking about and concentrating on not getting me my reasons for this upfront that we can play a bunch of clips look at a bunch of quotes get some different perspectives and then hear from you 866-34-TRUTH now.

I got blasted by people one I wrote about this saying I don't believe he should of been there unclear what was wise for him to be there with a gun people to how a second amendment rights. Up was not at secondment rights Mr. among talk about was the bullet turns out now that his mother says if he had to do it over. He when the been there and even though he is not guilty. The fact is, he took to human lives. Yes, I believe he did it in self-defense and shot 1/3 person in self-defense, legitimate self-defense, and therefore, the jury made the right decision. St. not guilty but if he wasn't there in the first place then none of that would have music while what he was there without a gun probably sings with Donovan folders the way they did either but will put that aside, what was he doing there. Was he fighting against black protesters as a white man know that was not the issue and is subsequently actually said he believes in peaceful protest and believes in the BLM interesting okay what business Missy protected.

There is a dispute as to whether he was asked to protect it or not, but the fact is, it was to brown skinned man Indian descent right that that's the business he was protecting and all the people shot were what they were white.

Their white when Pres. Biden made him the face of white supremacy.

Okay, here he was not there shooting black people he was protecting a business while he was astronaut. He was protecting a business that was owned by brown skinned brothers in the minute he shot in self-defense were all white.

So how is this a matter of white supremacy. While he is a member of the problem was okay. He was a member of the proud boys. He ended up meeting some of them at an a in a bar and pose with them. Did he know who they were.

There is no evidence that there was. They were connected before that were evident other evidence of him being a quote white supremacy. Only give the white supremacy saw. I'm 66 years old. I just found out that the okay sign is supposedly the white supremacist but bottom line is being in Kenosha is not related to his father live there he is. He's maybe his vigilante fine but it was a vigilante in there to give medical care but has none to do with white racism and white supremacy and to make it into that. It is to completely go in the wrong direction here is to further inflame tensions you listen the tragedy on Sunday night when a black man in an SUV plows into over 40 people at a parade in Lakisha Wisconsin. The victims on every picture of St. as a white person right five people killed over 40 injured that the dancing grannies.

This trooper grandma visit with dance and special events and need to do that.

Some of them killed right children in critical condition, for what we're hearing that was not a targeted attack on these people that was related to Kenosha from what we're hearing more hearing. This was a man there should been out on bail but was running from some other domestic dispute and was just driving fast and then drove into this note. Once he was there. Was he targeting people driving at people. What insanity was going on.

We don't know the details. What if so the media people around the country. Starts like this. This black man attacking white people. It it was, but it may have had zero absolutely zero to do with race where you see what happens when you let that Rittenhouse kidded. This is what you get and people come up with all these narratives and that may be 100% detached from reality 100%.

We must be careful. The media has been absolutely irresponsible with this case absolutely irresponsible you say, but it's white privilege that he got off the boat was white privilege that got Derek Calvin convicted for the murder of George Floyd and remember it's rare in any situation to see the police convicted. What is white on white, black on black, white on black, like on white. It's rare to see them convicted because they are the law takes a lot of evidence for that to happen here. He had the video evidence, etc. so it first it was a white privilege. It was these white supremacist that when he gets out his white privilege shop. Shall I start to trust her to go to all of that.

The cases Armand just do a search for black man acquitted of murder by the courts and and and different cases that come up. What's that it's the system working properly.

Oh no, no, this is the slaveholder system, according to some, this is the system that is working to support white supremacy. Listen, I will fight with you.

Stan fight on your side stand with you.

If you are victim of racial injustice.

I will plead your cause I will push back against the sins of America in history. I will push back and say that to this day the sins of slavery and segregation have still left a mark, even if those sins are not present in our midst.

Today, even if we are not systemically races are systemically racist past. Much of our history has still left scars on the black community today and still put them in an unequal situation. I will go to the mat fight, he thought, because that's true that's right but I will absolutely oppose this white supremacist, nonsevere, and one vote for Trump is a white supremacist.

This is divisive garbage that is tearing up America and we need to stand up against right now look at some of these quotes check these out. We start with Troy Reed on MSNBC a particular kind of freedom and a particular kind of citizenship that only they have that gives you know from the slave catchers on the right to inflict violence in the name of protecting property.

That's like the foundational creation of the United States, though it would've been shocking to realize I'm glad Ms. the Derek Schellenberg that was the surprising verdict. This should have been unsurprising so when it when it does not support your narrative that surprising but doesn't support their roots, unsurprising bottom line. This was not a matter of white men protecting things in it it it is in the days of slavery. This just incendiary rhetoric, nothing more than dangerous incendiary rhetoric that must be called out and underplay some voices from black American saying exactly what I'm saying okay. What is vice president, Harris say about this for this is the vice president candidate Joe Biden already branded car Rittenhouse, a white supremacist, and there's talk about him suing Karen has suing now Pres. Biden for defamation of character and saying that, but listen to it, Harris is when she's asked for her viewpoint.

Or maybe not.

I more active on clear clearly there's a lot more work to do this. This was in many ways an open and shut case of self defense. People watching the trial on all sides.

Liberals and others the left and right Manny Singh. Ed is going to be acquitted of the charge and the charges went too far. Some them went too far. Let me go over to the daily wire. They have a list of some of the most extreme quotes from the left and the start before the break come back after got more video clips to play that I want to hear from you. 86634 let's see.

So Pres. Biden while the verdict in Kenosha believe many Americans feeling angry and concerned myself included, myself included, we must acknowledge that the jury spoke many Americans give the angry concern including the president over this not guilty verdict. Gov. Gavin Newsom California America today, you can break the law carry around weapons built for military shoot and kill people and get away with it. That's the message we just sent armed vigilantes across the ship. What message we sent to the protesters burning down buildings. How many black businesses were hurt by the protests. How how how many small businesses are out of business.

Now how many people try to piece their lives back together how much violence was there by NTFS and BLM protesters and the media saying largely peaceful protests and pulled the police out what message is being sent back with mortgages get started, but I want to hear from you when you agree with me or not the 6634. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice aboard cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown difference on our mailing list email list would know something very special taking place you Dr. Mark Spengler is a sponsor of our broadcast the first partner we have ever worked with officially in 13 years on the air because we so appreciate his work and his health supplements.

This generosity towards us is doing something special is company decided to do this we want to bless you with it. From now until 28 November go to vitamin but don't use the normal code use the code health okay when you check out use the code health so vitamin when you use the code health. You will get 20% off all your orders do a big subscription thing in a just just take advantage of it now 20% and the doctor stand in turn makes a donation to our ministry so vitamin can you tell your friends if your pastor can culture tell everybody you have until the 28th to take advantage of this. Just reading a report now. The suspect in terms of the man who drove into the crowd Sunday night charged with five counts of homicide. So these were Keisha Christmas red massacre was not being chased by police and potentially drove into the crowd that we don't know his motivation for doing that he was fleeing from a domestic dispute and then this is intentionally drove into the crowd. What motivated. We still don't know the details, let me just say this one thing, it would be the horror of horrors, we don't know what we don't know this, we don't know this, but it would be the horror of horrors if he did this in response to the Rittenhouse verdict and the way it is being portrayed by the media, white supremacy and what this might data much with the backless is going to be and we saw the crowd. Intensity 30 could kill people. This is please hear me this is not being reported, but the moment I saw what happened. I thought all know if that's the case if that's the case further massive indictment on the responsibility of the reader.

I really hope that's not the case. But either way, the media's been terribly irresponsible and kind government leadership. When we reach if you are the quotes 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH of Gov. JB Pritzker, Illinois by carrying a loaded gun into a community 20 miles from your home and shooting unarmed citizens is fundamentally wrong again.

His father lives in Kenosha.

He was gone there to protect the property, but the jury said it was self-defense again. I don't think you should've been there with a gun. That's my own opinion you're asking for trouble when you do that even if your intentions are good.

Okay, it's a volatile dangerous situation. Nonetheless, that's a governor sentence or representative of Toronto is spell out in New York call Rittenhouse is living proof that white tears can still forestall justice murderers once again walking freely layer systems Charlie Braga, murderer. This is a represented that this is a a a a representative of the government elected by the people of America calling him a murderer. So forget the jury evidence forget all the video evidence forget all that the jury verdict here influential author even candy.

What is he tweed out wrote it last year thinking about it now Rittenhouse verdict quote. They are fighting to maintain white male supremacy, which is to say they are defending on order defending their American white men can ruling the loss of a consequence, what about all the people losing what what about all the people, black, white, Hispanic, Asian, whoever they were living and destroying without consequence without arrest in city after city in America. What about them.

So the guy who goes one of the protect property and give medical help if needed. Again was was for him to be there with Don but the guy who does that.

He is the murderer. He's the white male supremacists.

Yes, I know in American history in the past that law and order was was used to enforce a white supremacist order in different parts of America in different parts of her history understand that that is not the ongoing role of law and order in America today. This is not the issue is is frustrating to hear this. This kind of thing of Jason Whitlock black man himself and am only mentioning skin color or ethnicity simply so you know who's saying what that is, such as me sitting here is a white American Jew making comments as I can I get glass I get blasted I put out an article or a week ago what many white Americans still don't cash about inequities and injustices and trying to to get my fellow white Americans to to see things better into and to be more sensitive to issues that are being raised by her black friends okay II go from both sides and trusting truth speak truth in front of your voice for Morris Avenue spiritual clarity, not for skin, not for race that for ethnicity, not for America. Not for the police not for party to do my best to cause us to Jason Whitlock that headline on on the blaze and it was a say Rittenhouse trial demonstrates the folly of racial justice and trolling white conservatives. Here is a black man speaking out against your about about Leo Terrel African-American and a civil rights lawyer, so he's on Fox. I want to hear what he has to say and then I got a couple quotes from BLM Dr. King and then we go to your calls, 866-34-TRUTH.

All right, let's listen to Leo Terrel on Fox here was a reaction to the Liza civil rights attorney and Fox News contributor Leo Terrel all right, good evening. Leo is certainly very disappointing. This young boy he was fighting for his life turned out to be a punching bag for everyone to have an agenda, whatever their agenda was in it. We was a punching bag for them.

Can you explain to me how an individual who was white, who was charged with shooting three people worldwide with the jury that was white.

A judge that was white. All the lawyers who are white is a white supremacist. What am I missing you missing nothing because you see judge the length doesn't care about facts but left please the racecar because their races and for their agenda. They need to play the racecar back with a colorblind verdict. Nothing about race.

In that case from beginning in different for CNN or MSNBC and advise me as a civil rights attorney crazy what they want to do judges inject racism in every aspect of our life. If you agree with them.

Your reason is a port call Rittenhouse your wife's appointment. I'm a lawyer, I supported the flooring so therefore what we have people of all colors representing the divisional system, black judge of brown judge and prosecutor reason they doesn't make a difference in them joined by the Democratic news call Rittenhouse prosecutor, who should never prosecutor case. I tried acting as a political trial, he ignored justice judge you or judge you represent just that the guy that prosecutor with only a gifted Winnie non-justice and you know what call Rittenhouse prove that the system is stronger than a political agenda. All right, what is BLM doing during this time I been saying for over five years now, that we may's we must separate the important foundational statement that every black life matters, we must separate that from the dangerous BLM movement of us in there for more than five years friends. So here's what BLM the official Twitter account of BLM. This is what they tweed out November 19, 134 in the afternoon. Reminder, the system is working exactly as it is meant to the system was always meant to protect and uphold white supremacy again how Rittenhouse shot three white men self-defense when he wanted to he killed jury verdict and it seemed pretty much cut and dry from the start. Self defense the business he was standing in front of was owned by two Indian brown skinned man right. What does this have to do with white supremacy.

Nothing. Many of the rioters themselves were white and were destroying black businesses. This reality friends was that BLM tweet November 19 8:51 PM in the evening look at this. This is supposed to be a key civil rights movement and were all supposed to genuflect and bow down before this to prove our our our our passion to be antiracist lately this the little racist terrorist Kyle Rittenhouse represents the exact kind of white supremacist vigilante violence that we've seen before with the acquittal of George Zimmerman in the murder of trave on Martin. Whatever your view on on on the Zimmerman Martin case.

This is not the same. This is definitely not the same. All right, for many reasons, but call him little racist terrorist white supremacist vigilante violence. This is the leading civil rights movement of our day. So then, in an interview with Chuck Carlson of Rittenhouse is this and and and Newsweek posted this quote. I'm not a racist person. I support the BLM movement.

I support peacefully demonstrating BLM than posts that quote and then literally spelled out in F you yeah and in the video saying that very thing. So I have an article you can read it on the website.

Now I urge you to take a few minutes.

When you have it good asked Dr. and read this article is entitled, the massive difference between Dr. Martin Luther King and BLM massive difference between Dr. Martin Luther King and BLM reaches some amazing quotes from Dr. King. After I go to some your calls on the use of the break, but please theory if you care. This can focus right now I'm a black brothers and sisters speak to everyone else. If you care about the dignity of every African-American if you care about the equal and fair treatment of every effort an African-American in our country, then you must you must denounce and renounce the spirit of BLM and brace the spirit of Martin Luther King. If we want to move forward in and see the betterment of all peoples must renounce the warm spirit of hate and destruction and grace. The other spirit of life and unit progress. I tell if you agree or disagree on about asked if I'm right or wrong message. If you agree or disagree, 86634200 number cleansing and Expo light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. You can weigh in your views of the entire situation with call Rittenhouse the verdict reactions the media on the left and the right believe that this is being wrongly portrayed as a matter of white supremacy. That's been my position that's been wrongly painted in that way. To believe that there are things that I am missing viewpoints points of view and remember it started out started that he's a white supremacist them all the trials and example of white privilege.

Those are theoretically two separate things. Now, obviously, were watching carefully to trial in in the murder of Oxman orbit, or the killing of Othman are very would appear to be murder and and that's going to be decided that to me is is a very much race related case and now you have black militias so arm black militias warning about what's gonna happen is the verdict doesn't go the right way so you you got you got best stuff on all sides.

You you got the white militias in the black militias you.

You've got people and whatever the jury says it is not can be good enough for him to take a lot on his you got this on all sides. This junk there is hatred, there's anger is junk on all sides. What what I'm seeking to do using the medium of this radio broadcast using the meeting of the articles that I can write the platform seven social media is is to steer us in the direction of truth and ultimately gospel so that we can bring answers and solutions rather than further inflame hatred, tension to read you some incredible quotes from Dr. King and I cite them in this article, which is on the website and really encourage you to go to Esther to the massive difference between the spirit of a BLM and and Dr. King got the quotes there.

I get even more quotes that will be in my book the silencing of the lambs mistrust of cancer culture how we can overcome it.

That's due out in March.

Recording more from Dr. King about a better way is the Jesus way, but right now I want to go to your calls and will start with Rolf in Richmond Virginia.

Thanks for calling the line of fire: restrictor sure thing all of thing is all for your younger our comments are current, Barnhart a personable 17-year-old access to that type of work all sold out from one number to call state law and granted little so you will argument this was built but to think of it is two people lost their lives because of the them something that the show man perhaps should not be involved in the first granted decision to do what God would two people lost their lives on the San Miguel manager is a racist inmate may support BLM discusses the student rate but also looks good always down to where everything started. Yes, this is a spiritual problem that we have enough in our country. Our group at 100%. It's it's with the faults of men that we label each someone differently because of: it that we can say all the great things about Dr. King in which they are great thing, but Dr. King has been there for 53 years with standing up because this whole point was your Christian, Christian wives should be treated differently because of the color from a human being in your human being. What should you differently yes yes is erotic you you are you are nailing what we need to nail it.

In other words, take race and the call Rittenhouse situation is unlikely that law belongs are then we can talk about should you been there in the first place right then we can talk about.

Did you have the gun legally or not know it from understand establishing Kenosha's he and his mom lived with L in a nearby so it's a stat city and all that you know should we be doing that what you what's is there ever a proper time for Rupert to land theism, etc. and then talk about how this been made into a race issue and addresses so is exactly the conversation we need to have one. We make this is white supremacist nap now all you do is get people angry. On both sides. This is based on falsehoods as opposed to simply do we still have race issues in America. We still have tensions. Do we still have inequities. If so, what would that's the conversation we need to be having it all the good always down because at some point in time, and not only does American world history where we as a black person is not considered to be a whole human being with. That's what I mean. It's a spiritual thing that that is casting down imaginations, the knowledge of God. That's what this is about, because if you can.

If you can still treat me bad because of my skin color or your credit if I've had people not get on the elevator because unstable elevator, so I've had that happen in your and you're not there was a goner is not there was a gun or knife for sex just to observe them just yet as a black man coming do I have to have a teacher, little do I have to have across Rome on that to prove that I am a Christian walk. You be judged.

This way of guild elevator with you just because elevator and I may be uncomfortable with a belief speak to you acknowledge that you there yet. This is one fitness to the spirit that has to be broken over our country because it all go all the way back slavery you really because we know we don't like necessarily that way because the result but the thinking know all that all permeate even shared with this. Let's look at it from a different angle. Okay, yes or and and and let let's say this, let's just say as a legacy of slavery than segregation and in system set up that that disfavored black Americans right so that as a result of that, you end up with certain situations, either with with more poverty. This education or broken home. Whatever it is whoever's fault. It is this where we are, then you end up having higher crime rates right so disproportionate number of Blacks in our prisons is is because Blacks are morally inferior to whites or less.

Blacks with college educated is it because there intellectually. If you're obviously not to say that is to be lightly racist. So whatever the situation is now there's this thought officer Blackman, he could be dangerous right forgets labor forgets ignition system how we got were real. Let that ought not to be something something's wrong with the picture, and it's the picture that we've that is reality say or know something is commonly brought up his net worth right that the net worth of your average white family is much higher than the net worth of average black friend because of a history that doesn't mean to me. We start sharing the money make reparations. It means okay. What can we do to try to level the playing field. How come you care together as Americans to look at the education system to look at without being in all the white fragility say I love to be fragile about. I love Jesus I love my neighbor. We can do better. Let's do better. So like I was. I was fine few months ago so maybe the last year. I'm flying and because I fly so much. I get free upgrades in the states very frequently so I end up sitting next to a black man turns out he's a bishop so we get to talking, but he's really well-dressed right and I noticed how well-dressed he was and he said to me if I don't dress like this in first class.

I don't get treated rightly. They look at me like you don't belong here. He said he said as a businessman businessman is legit, if not businessman right now I'm sitting next to another black man on another flight and I'm looking at him and I thought he looks like an athlete guy looks like an athlete. This, my first thought he must be an athlete has some extra money. That's was of returns that he's a University Chancellor and he said to me, he snuck on was the first thought when you see a black man in first class on the plane is either absent wrap start or an athlete, so another words as crazy as that may sound right. That's so it's not a matter of some racist, angry, hateful thoughts, just as this a lot more going on and what we have these conversations. This we have to do to say my life expressed different than yours or my little as as a Jew I can tell you that as a follower of Jesus, I can tell you that you can tell me things as a Blackman like Christian, so we and this is help me over the years. Having these exact conversations for many years with callers calling and given perspective hitting this at night. I got a bunch of callers but but out. It's so important to have this conversation sir, this is only to talk about other dispersed duties. Do we see people differently. Are we colorblind or do we make subtle judgments or hate. If your experiences been very different than mine, and the colors that we see the world talk to me about it taught him. I feel guilty because I didn't do it right, but let's find out, especially as followers of Jesus. What we can do.

It starts with listening to each other. Isn't that hard. This is really not my brother. Thank you for the call.

I appreciated and thanks everyone for your patience in holding 866-34-TRUTH.

Let's go to Jasmine Charlie you are yet. Jasmine you are you are on the air now. Are you free to talk about job and I'm not going about it.

I worry about you been on hold so you are you good to go.

I tell you what I can come back to the minute, you tell you it one at once you sort things out and I can come back in a couple minutes right to stay right there and on and come back to you this way you can do whatever you doing without distraction and will come back. I let's go to read.

Also in Charlotte North Carolina. Welcome to the line of fire call. I just wanted to point out, or just a bit of frustration, I'm a black Christian as well, but for me I think that Rittenhouse I think definitely it was self-defense again. Probably shouldn't go to a hot area with a gun when he didn't have to, but I think it was definitely where the frustration is that he, along with so many tend to get a trial by jury, where black folks tend to be tried in the street and we get tried and we couldn't be were convicted and where executed, so when you look at someone like a trave on Martin Diablo sauna smoke amid all Britain's going all right minute right now to me right on support, but these people don't even get a chance to go to trial, and that the frustration so that's where at least one per month. My perspective, that is where the lake plays a part and it is not necessarily me, things that have tasted she come back and this is what you're saying is a visual evidence of this white supremacist feels like he got to live through this to at least go to trial as many Blacks to be cut down the street missing situation that your perspective has the frustration. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 664 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown just saw this headline from New York Times November 20, just three days ago, Missouri detective is convicted fatal shooting of Blackman outside his house just convicted Detective Eric Donath Peninsula's name there of involuntary manslaughter and death of Carmen Lamis of his home in 2019, we we want our justice system to be colorblind. Often things don't work out with that that with or have an inner history and and there have not been furious with peers and things like this are our calling out to say hey. Often it doesn't even get to the to the courthouse. Read let me just ask you this. This last question, do you do you feel that in a case like this when the media brand someone a white supremacist and and defames them that that that's that's another thing that gets in the way of our justice system.

Your mentioning hey here's here's a black person while he was jogging through my neighbor and he must be guilty and eight we heard somebody's coming through stealing, so we better we meditate justice in our own hands. You have that. If that's the if that's the reality with document library would certainly the video seems to point that direction and whatever the evidence comes out. I hope the jury does the right thing, really hope there's justice served in this case with whatever that looks like, but you to think right now there's kind of reactions both ways that are making it even more difficult for us to be civil society absolutely think that people like or network like MSNBC but definitely over the top but then again I also think of Fox news with Coca-Cola going all right now is completely over-the-top.

Well still be doing a documentary of the whole thing like so me that in the background exactly exactly and and you know think you mentioned justice to be bought, but that's not absolutely none. And I remember you back when when on the present trouble in office. There was sort of a lawsuit against him and he himself said that he didn't think he would get a fair trial because the judge was of Mexican something a lot no clot. I felt like it to you race card as a site right right above the bottom line look that was one of my issues as much as I voted for Trump.

I felt that his presidency was so divisive that there was clot disc unnecessary destruction. You can have your differences. You can be a strong leader hey Reed, thank you for the conversation again. I'm not Fox news moms not MSNBC we are gospel base. We do talk about political cultural issues, but always do our best to do it before the Lord and having respectful conversations with each other.

Let's stretch each other in and in between.

We got to friends. The church has to lead the way and show there's a better way.

Thank you sir for the call and an unwanted get to the caller to it and then read some of these quotes from Dr. King which are so powerful right back to Jasmine and Charlie still there. Jasmine yeah all right. We are all years going higher, or doing anything all I want my man can think about your pocket about like I have barred the name written out, but I didn't really have any details about the case yell. By the time the ruling everybody can kinda make it seem like it that way. Thanks so much to the point that the right minute stop black people and find other even start right. Whoever, for whatever reason tell you are saying. So I called and acted like why does the government keep on timing everything about our great thing in life people against each other and from a great one. The reality of that depopulated the real thing. And the government have been trying to get rid of people from different type of affect and barely gets the brilliant and instead they really have anything to do it again, in my opinion, and now I know why the Harper I've been up people to be you just delete we have to do this very thing and not let somebody else shape our viewpoints because a lot of us we see the headline we see the mean the booking on all sides right left black white to gentle on all sides mail file. We all do the same thing we can all inflame. I believe Pres. Obama with a lot of his rhetoric divide us in race. I believe Pres. Tromp with a lot of his rhetoric divided us in a whole lot of other ways I believe Pres. Biden is continued it's like when a second you're the leader of the government bring us together that dues do you and and so if the government leaders are within pastors and church leaders have to do it and if they don't do it then we just have to say no I'm not going to prejudge somebody and I could prejudge a situation I was able to tell me what life is like in your world and tell me what you've experienced and healthy you know and then you compare notes. It's like wow you express is different than my aura is to say, because I think fundamentally, most Americans want to get along in most American right one equality you eat, you know, you look, I don't agree with same-sex marriage, but I obviously want to redefine marriage, but I want everyone to be treated equally under the law. So I said I think most Americans. If I find out that that your lot in life has been difficult and that there's a way I can help fix that. I think most Americans want to do that and certainly most Christians so that we we gotta get past the government, the media, try to devise look if it is sensationalism cells controversy self so you're in business and and if if you got more controversy get more business, less on the way should be for us so yeah I hate Jasmine thanks for holding so long to say because it needed to be said it needed to be said. I my little head about nightmare directly got me here because I'm a fan like the Democratic mayor here and for the LGBT Q stop everything down from up from Obama like a part-time need a lot of you know why man why would Obama block second round and he came to Stanford started to think of you know that he did that part. Then he wouldn't have been able to have the leverage garnered by Kuyper think so. It just seems like they've been little by little, doing things and if you say anything that you can ask to people that you know fame, speculates triple well how do you have a baby. My question in a different definer of hate speech is everything okay you go to St. Anthony Pike now mean any known account of the language that hundreds of the English language that we had to line up a bike not to make any and fight what are you talking about fill out the Lord nicknamed like they are taken they have nothing to do what the other Jeff that try to keep Matt started in the pot. They want people to carry out, though nobody ever talk about anything that make them realize that they are really trying to buy people. In my opinion they Jasmine I'm just to let your opinion just stand without my commentary, but people on the enemy is a dangerous agenda that is seeking to divide and destroy what we can do a thank you for the call white listed there are more quotes in my article about the massive difference between Dr. Martin Luther King and BLM. It's it asked Dr. really read my articles it'll be up within 24 hours but but Dr. King is talking 1957 in a message about Jesus coming us to love our enemies, and he says yes it is love that will save our world and our civilization love even for enemies. So how do we do this is first examine your own self because you have shortcomings to an end. Maybe people hate us because of something wrong in us and then he says. Next, you gotta discover some good with your enemies. He said that every time you begin to hate that person think of hating the person realize that there is some good there and look at those good points which will overbalance the bad points he also emphasized that we must not make our battles personal loading when you rise to the level of love, of its great beauty and power you seek only to defeat evil systems. Individuals who happen to be caught up in that system you love but you seek to defeat this system and then what we must respond with love or hate is explained that hate for hate only intensifies the existence of hate and evil in the universe. If I hit you. You hit me and I hit you back.

You hit me back and go on you see that goes on ad infinitum.

It just never ends somewhere somebody must have a little sense. That's the strong person strong person is the person can cut off the chain of hate the chain of evil. He added men must see that force begets force. Hate begets hate, toughness begets toughness that is all a descending spiral, ultimately ending in destruction for all. And everybody, somebody must have sense enough and morality enough to cut off the chain of hate the chain of evil in the universe, and you do that by love and he said for the person who hate you can stand up and see a person and that person can be beautiful and you will call them ugly. The person hates the beautiful becomes ugly and the ugly becomes beautiful and and then he talks about how how to start shooting. He says love has within it a redemptive power.

There is a power there that eventually transforms individuals.

That's why Jesus says love your enemies, is if you hate your enemies, you have no way to redeem and transform your enemies if you love your enemies will discover that at the very root of love is the power of redemption. You just keep loving people and keep loving them even though they are mistreating friends. The mainstream media writer on the left. The ultimate goal is not loving enemies, and redemption. That's not the ultimate goal is certainly not the ultimate goal of the BLM movements and the others in the white supremacist is not their goal. Our goal is followers of Jesus is to transform people through love rather be overcome by evil chlorides.

We overcome evil with good.

Can we do that can remodeler hey Francis, Michael, are you with me or we in this together. Hate one quick reminder, we just want to be a blessing to sponsor Dr. Spengler now through November 28 vitamin finds health supplements that use the code health 18 a LTA use the code health discount Spengler listen to these days.

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