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Are There Secret Pictographic Meanings in the Letters of the Hebrew Bible?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
The Truth Network Radio
November 18, 2021 4:35 pm

Are There Secret Pictographic Meanings in the Letters of the Hebrew Bible?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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November 18, 2021 4:35 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 11/18/21.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. The following is a prerecorded program is true that the ancient Hebrew script.

The script is based on pictures and those pictures still have meaning in the Bible today for the line of fire with your host all the national speaker and theologian Dr. Michael grow your moral, cultural, and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the direct coalition of conscience fire school of Ministry to the wider fire valve by going 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH is Dr. Michael Brown friends welcome to our thoroughly Jewish Thursday broadcast of this week I've been attending the ETS conference of the Evangelical theological Society conference in Fort Worth, Texas and thousands of scholars come together, biblical scholars, theologians, different once different backgrounds and have these different sections you present your papers you have discussion, etc. get to catch up with people I thought okay, what am I doing thoroughly Jewish Thursday. That will be in keeping with more academic so I want to dig into subject today but I'll do my best to make intelligible to everyone. So it's brand-new to if you been studying for some years, or make this as intelligible as possible. Underplay extended clips of video that I did a few years ago.

It took a lot of time for me to prepare the right material get the right quotes the right slides to show you and then have our team put together so I don't mean months and months and months of work for one video, but I mean a good amount of preparation thinking it through, getting the right material to present in a certain way there would be no doubt in anyone's mind after watching it with the truth line translate well, ideally that would be the case if people were thinking logically about this, but unfortunately many have been so misinformed that this is almost the gospel doctrine to that and or videos which are normally on average I guess 95 to 90% sums up because most of the people watching are in agreement, or at least if they disagree to select where presented things. This was like out of the 6040 be something like that and you would not believe the angry comments, your false teacher you're a liar you know anything is kind of amazing to see but I have to tell you in all candor that the things that were discussing here are no more debatable from an academic viewpoint than do I have a nose on my face or do I have a mustache under that note, there's no debating these things. There is there's not a discussion to be had. And yet this is become gospel sub so it's the idea that the ancient script called the Paley Oaks script right that that goes back to pictures original that's true, and that the script still contains the meaning of those pictures.

So if you can decipher that you can get to the hidden meaning of biblical texts that is utterly and completely bogus. It is based 100% on miss information that doesn't matter what someone says on YouTube. It doesn't matter if they could materially go the back it up. Doesn't matter if it's a rabbi tell you there is zero academic support and there is not Hebrew scholar on the planet that would accept this as yes this is how you interpret the hidden meaning of the Scriptures to sell Castillo get with this response. Let's go through that's open up to take you back into this video play clips for several minutes and then jump in your further! Let's get started right here.

I want to take some time to address a dangerous false teaching that is rapidly spreading on the Internet and by other means these days.

It is the idea that the Hebrew alphabet still maintains a pictographic meaning that if you understand the original pictographic meaning of the letters. You can then get more insight into the Scriptures. This is completely false is 100% without merit, but I don't just want you to take my word for it. I will explain it so you'll be able to understand and then let this nonsense disappears those who don't know me, my PhD from NYU is near Eastern languages and literatures. This is a field I have worked in a scholarly level for decades. I'm not talking about disputed things and not talk about questionable things. Everything in a way out this video is plain and simple and universally recognized by top Semitic scholars and Hebrew scholar soaps. Let's start here.

Let's start and understand how we go from pictograph to alphabet. In other words, from from writings that just use various pictures and they start with that and then it goes from pictures to syllables and syllables to and alphabet and then alphabet no longer retains any connection to the original pictograph means. Listen to what Prof. Joseph now they has to say this book.

Early history of the alphabet. He writes this hieroglyphs is a Greek word meaning sacred carving when the Greeks occupied Egypt they were impressed by the monumental inscriptions engraved on the walls of the Egyptian temples. However, hieroglyphic writing was used not only for engraving text but also primarily as a pictographic script consisting of drawn pictures as in Sumerian writing each pictograph initially designated the word and later the revolver series of syllabic symbols. So let's let's take a look at this. Let's understand this if you seen hieroglyphs you know they look like. In fact, let's take a look at some hieroglyphs hieroglyphic inscription and you see here all the different images that are used and you say to me you got some looks like a man old man city on the throne you've got the looks like a hawk or a falcon. You got various animals you got you got legs and zeros of these. These are typical hieroglyphs.

You can see there originally pictures and that's why there are hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of them.

Just look at all the different images so soul leg. I mean I could stand for walk or bird could stand for particular bird or for flying it and that's how pictographs work.

So if you look at, for example, the original Chinese alphabet that is also several thousand characters ancient hieroglyphs several thousand characters ancient Sumerian pictographs several thousand characters so now they explains it like this.

He writes this initially, pictures were scratched on tablets to designate various words in time, they improve their writing.

The pictographs give way to wedge shape linear signs which were impressed by a stylus on the wet clay.

Many signs came to indicate syllables.

I jump in there for a moment so hopefully with the so for in the earliest stages of writing people conveyed things by drawing pictures writes you needed a lot of different pictures. Let's just say that I want to tell you after the radio broadcast today.

I will be going to the airport to catch a flight to Texas which is correct right so they can try to draw that with picture be me and then sitting behind us, a Mike and then may be walking to the dots to a car in the car and arrow. Then to a plane and the plane up and then and then down and then a picture of Texas it so you have to a lot of different pictures to convey that if you're writing a book you tell your whole story as accurately as you can the pictures and then then you develop within that with this picture can have a double meaning. This could be playing this could be flying in a plane etc. etc. so that's where it starts a few Samarian ancient hieroglyphs into Chinese alphabet and then when the coast what's called cuneiform which is wedge-shaped that it looks if you seen the ancient inscriptions in in in the stones. It looks like chicken feet right. Those are those are all printed like that C1 from something that was a picture you put it in these wedge sexy.

It doesn't look like a picture anymore, but that's what originally came from. Okay, back to the.

The video explanation. This is what's called cuneiform. So in other words it that looks like chicken feet.

If you've ever seen the inscriptions just with a stylus engraved that looks like chicken feed called cuneiform or wedge-shaped C1 from the pictures to them putting it in wedge shapes and anyone from just pictures to one of those pictures represent with sounds and then that developed into syllables. Are you with me so far.

Let let's take a look at this and will see say from Samarian into cuneiform. Let's let's take a look.

So, for example, ancient Sumerian, there you've got Sonntag head okay and then after its initial writing them at a certain point it gets turned on its side and then it comes into wedge-shaped cuneiform so you can see by the time you get to a thousand BC.

That was around the time of King David. It's no longer looking like a head at all, right, or the same thing was true hand is originally there it is with fingers and thumb. That's a hand that gets turned a certain way, then by the time he gets to cuneiform you have to know that originally it meant hand quite the same thing with Linda bread see by the time you get to the end, the cuneiform, you won't know that that's bread.

So what happened was that with the signs they now came to they could represent a word or they could represent the syllables. That's the big thing when mouthing David no longer represented pictures.

They represented syllables.

Okay, so it could be Shushan should be could be ash – that's how we go. It was no longer a picture. It was now a sound, a syllable so let's take a look at the cuneiform script. This is called Acadian if you've heard of Hammurabi's code. It was written in this. This is the language of the ancient Babylonians and Assyrians so we can see these pictographs originally were pictures. Now they're just wedge-shaped.

There are no longer pictures. They are now just sounds, not Shaw to all keep moving mom all right that so develops from pictographs now to cuneiform to wedge-shaped and you only had about 600 of those C1 from state 3000 pictographs to maybe 600 that represented various syllables and sounds. Some of them still represent the same like that the word that follows this is is a word for a God all right or it could just be the syllables involved in the name for God and that's how it developed no Joseph. Now they can further explain the development hope you're with me. It's really important understand developed by the time you get to the alphabet bears no connection whatsoever to pictographs anymore zero and to try to read the pictographs meaning into the Hebrew Bible is just like trying to read it into my name or your name in English it does not work. It is completely 100% bogus. And it's dangerous because you can read in anything that you want to read it, you can create anything you want to create.

So let's go back to Prof. Joseph Nevaeh. Here's what he has to say. The turning point that marks the beginning of modern research on the origin of the alphabet was Flinders Petrie's discovery in 1905, the temple would serve doctor them on the Sinai Peninsula pencil in this temple dedicated to the Egyptian goddess Hathor and the turquoise mines, thereby there came to light about a score of relatively short descriptions in a fully unknown script descriptor consisted of pictures but these pictographs numbered fewer than 30 it was soon realized that this was an alphabetic albeit pictographic script right so this is this is the big turning point. Remember, start with thousands of pictures and then you end up with an alphabetic maybe 30 letters or in English what's our alphabet 26 Hebrew 22 so you end up with that and you say okay will they can't this represent pictures and there's no possible way that you can tell a story or give a message or give instructions for thousands and thousands of different issues using 25 or 30 pictures.

Note there no longer pictures.

They are letters in an alphabet.

That's how the job with items not pictures file to light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown friends to early Jewish Thursday, this is Michael Brown delighted to have with us.

This is a broadcast you best to get all of suffused to the manager driving you best get to the podcast afterwards, or better still, website Esther to or to a YouTube channel and skid your brown and watch the actual video because I'm interacting with the previous video presentation I did. I'm explaining things as best as I can orally but if you can see as well.

It's even better. So we are addressing the myth that the Hebrew Bible actually contains secret messages written in picture form that if we can go back to the original Hebrew alphabet called the paly of Hebrew alphabet, which is best understood as barred from the Phoenicians.

There is debate about the origin of that but most goes with it, was barred from the Phoenicians and it's what we call pillar Hebrew the site actual dialect of Hebrew. It is the older script, just like a referencing sentence of the written old English script.

It's different than modern English script so the same way that that the ideas will we know that the alphabet originally came from pictures, so each letter therefore has a pictographic meaning and when you read the Bible and that light. Wow it's amazing the insights your list I sub aside from the fact that that's inaccurate in terms of that the letter still have pictographic meetings as will demonstrate in a moment. As we go along.

By the way that the English alphabet American alphabet comes from Greek and the Greek comes from the patio Hebrew. Okay it were Phoenician.

If you want to say. In other words, are English alphabet originally comes from pictures if you trace it back all the way it is me. This pictographic meaning in the English alphabet today, but if you were to do this consistently and take the the alleged pictographic meaning which then could mean anything. I mean head water arm. It wasn't me welding put a meeting on it.

90+ percent 99%, have no meaning whatsoever. As you go through verse after all with me. Severe. You cannot work out a system friends that 90 or 99% of the time is wrong, and 1% with ingenious interpretation may give an interesting meaning no that is absolute, reading into the Bible, picking and choosing creating things that are not there again this is in the academic world and and I read the word on my face. I read the word seeking God earnestly. I read the word, asking God for spiritual insights open my heart to open my mind and use my brain just like your using your brain to listen using your brain when you read that the English whatever translation you are reading it in whatever language you use your brain to understand these words mean this, this sentence means this right and rest got open your heart, your minds, both and that that we miss what God is saying by reading other stuff into it. That's not even there. It's dangerous and sadly when I have dealt with this because it has been controversial because people have been misled the reaction against Ms. crazy over what is your scholarship real noisy or false. If you think about money attack some profit but let me be your your dartboard through the dark side of the summation feel better with the sadness, I have over people being so terribly misled. Let's go back to the videos, we continue the discussion points are. Here's what profession of a say that you went from 3000 pictographs.

You need all these different pictures to to depict things right, and they went from there to a few hundred. Without syllabic signs. Now you go to about six or anything.

Why how can you convey things with just 30 pictures picture if I said I want to communicate your 30 pictures to work with used car is playing you can use an adult you can use a child how the world really communicate language sentences adult when you see just 30.

That's telling all this is an alphabet. This is one of the first instances of an alphabet just like our English alphabet that that it's not a picture or is not a pictographs, it is simply a sound ABC what is the eight came from, what is the become for this matter.

A is a and B is being. It is an alphabet and that's how it works for us and of a continuous lesson. The first step towards his decipherment was made in 1916 by Gardner, who pointed out that in these so-called proto-scientific inscriptions a certain series of pictures recruited several times ox goad house. I ox goad cross. He suggested that these pictographs have acro phonic values of the equivalent Canaanite words Bombay I long tub that is each picture symbolizes not the depicted word but only its initial sound. What is acro phonic.

It's telling you that the letter represents the first sound of the picture.

It originally represented so the letter that originally was a picture of say the word house by it all. It is now was bought that's what it is.

That simple or the letter that originally came from the picture Dell at door is just it is acro phonic. It is simply the first sound and as the stalls were deciphered as a cycle of course, it's up ox goad house I what's the meaning of ox goal ox got house. No, no, that these are letters. It's an alphabet moving a little further.

This is Prof. John Healy in the book reading the past ancient writing from cuneiform to the alphabet. This is what he has to say. This achievement, many of the invention of the alphabet is essentially the insight that writing could be most easily organized if each the sinks distinct single sound of particular line which were represented by a single distinctive sign since the never separate sounds, as most language is rather small. The #'s needed is also rather small, about 40 at the most if we compare this with the writing systems are rated in existence, but it seems unlikely that the inventor of the alphabet was an expert in his own systems, it implies a glorious simplification so this is now ingenious development in human beings could be easily just by divine gift and inspiration that suddenly you go from the owner. We can communicate in writing all these pictures or them with hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of complex signs came from that site will hang on will take a picture of car and that now stands for, right. So now will take that picture the car make it really simple and just kinda concur thing like that and is people need to know it's car anymore.

This is, here, let's take something that looks like a hand and that just transfer H and and I will take this. Let's just say oh it is something that that work with a valid and or right. And here again or for boat will just take that for the law sound will meet and we use when we have that's the awesome and now you can just put together anything right now is just 25 or 30 characters 40 Macs for all the different sounds, language might have that that you can say anything and you can say it with precision exactly what I'm saying. You can write out now. In point of fact, to repeat the English alphabet respect Greek, which ultimately goes back to Phoenician or we call Balliol Hebrew goes back to that.

So my name Michael go through this world and that stems from my am water in the the I that goes back to the good that would be hand in and then no my name is Michael right that it's just spell. It's just a name and there is nothing mystic and I goes back to Hebrew me, else so there actually words who is like God. That's what it means it does not have some mystic meaning just go back understand the original script and then from there and you see all the pictographs has nothing to do with pictographs. It is an alphabet and that's why. Over time he was paler Hebrew develops that script and then comes into the block script that that's commonly used today and in print that there's no there's no resemblance anymore whatsoever to the original pictographs okay little bit more from this video and this guy get more more interesting as we go.

So let let's see where things went. Let's see how they develop. Let's go from ancient Egyptian to the Roman script which is what we use today. Let's take a look at the so 3000 BC that's a Roxette right pretty clearly and ox head and that would be a representation of it and then whatever cattle your time. Okay so come from there right now about the time you get little over thousand years later Sinai and some of these other early inscriptions you can see it still bears those characteristics, but not so much the Phoenician alphabet, which was then borrowed by the Hebrews and the Greeks look it just it doesn't really look like an accident. Work if you looked at that. If I show that to 100 people and said what is that there I can say that's all Jacques said now rises borrowed by Greeks look at the Greek Alpha ones like a flag and this is barred into the Roman alphabet, which is our English outfit there's a A okay with our letter originally comes from ox.

It does that mean that when you see the letter a in English they would say all that we have to understand that's originally ox it now that's bogus.

That's complete nonsense. That's idiocy that is linguistic alphabetic idiocy to try to do that. The B. What is I come from that that comes from from the Roman alphabet, which is borrowed from the Greek alphabet, which is barred for the Phoenician Albertsons that he wrote that originally that that be was originally Byatt house look like an enclosure, also named Brown the first means bait to buy house on as they would have no knowledge or just hence the insanity of it is just the same.

Doing it with the Hebrews here. Let's take a look at the development of the Hebrew letter of right so Phoenician form you see it resistance ox. It you see it and sell on its side no longer bears and it was almost Roxette now goes into Hebrew script and you see the Hebrew script. Why, that's that's can do the Hebrew Aramaic script, the skin under the ox and of course not, because it has no connection.

It's just a letter is just a letter.

All of the looking Syriac relationship Arabic is just a straight line why because they're just letters do not pictographs.

They have no pictographic meaning aren't so that friends is the beginning were gonna start to apply this to verses in the Bible show you what people done, but please every I have no goal other than to help people I've nothing to gain from us. I do a video like this.

I do a broadcast like this, people hang choosing tacking spiritually thought your trust. Try to help not get caught up dangerous error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown, the voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thoroughly Jewish.

There is I have been tending logical Society conference in Fort Worth Texas. In fact, if you're listening to this today earlier today presented a paper Jerome yeah all right about the same time as the broadcast. Actually, I presented a paper in a messianic Jewish group and then yesterday presented a paper in Old Testament group was Lexi messengers reflections on repentance, subjective repentance in Judaism and Christianity, and Islam. Anyway, I thought today's broadcasts that were specially prepared for you in advance that we get a little more academic. Take a little deeper and and revisit the deception. The idea that in the Hebrew Bible. If we read it and can reconstruct the original pictographic meanings of the letters that will find deeper meanings again utterly false. Again, the deception against something is very dangerous because you can the skies the limit. You can read into it. Almost anything you want in the fact that one time out of 100, you come up with something interesting does not negate the fact that 99 other times read something into the Bible that wasn't there or you drank in deception or error so or take you through a video there a lot of graphics on it so I'm referencing what you see but him because he can't explain this if you just joining us now. We've shown how earliest scripts. The earliest ways of communicating with pictographs and ultimately develop to alphabets. It's called Accra phonics opened the alphabet. The letter would represent the first sound of what that picture represented. So if it was a picture for house in Hebrew Byatt. Now the letter just represented the as it was written more and more over the centuries didn't even look like a house anymore and enclosure, not at all or or something that originally yard hand now just became "y" or a sound with this could be used as as a vowel and doesn't have to look like a hand anymore because it it's it's no longer a picture.

It is a letter in the alphabet's. Let's return to the video lecture on this.

I can guarantee you that if you asked a thousand Israelites in the ancient world that knew how to read and they could read the alphabet and if you said I can explain this in pictographic form. They have no more clue what you're talking about. And if you talk to but I just came from a mission to Mars is just letters just like in English there just letters and Greek there just letters.

They go back to the same original alphabet that alphabet goes back to pictographs, but once it becomes an album is no longer pictographic.

It just represents the initial sounds of with those words, once were. So, so now here's where it's taught. Here's the way people want us to get it today and I'm not mentioning books of authors who become well known for the stuff on the client websites I want to embarrass anybody anymore once if they will come to grips with the truth once and after Paula material renounce it.

Give her the website books and say I'm sorry for misleading you. But I'm talking more to those who have been misled by these teachers they may be sincere.

They may be orthodox in the things they believe that this is false, dangerous ball guests in a surreal sense it's adding to the bottom effect is creating your own bottle. Could you make it whatever you want to me. So let's look at this okay, here's a chart and we see is the pictograph rights register with Oliver to the pictograph ox. Well, if it's ox that it could mean strikes the accumulator.

So now we start to deduce more assessments right baked goes back to buy house reckoning in or demos for account want to be pride in dollar 10 drawer will maybe it means pathway and and so now you can start reading into things whatever you want. So if I was look at my name.

Okay Brown 70 house. Then I go down to the radiation house head mutism ahead of my house.

Could that be in for the for the all.

I go to above that's nail peg. Maybe I have the head of the house on like a nail, a peg in the wall and the and involved that's that's a hook and and then new, and it is for our sealer maybe finished his ohmic official, but it's just nonsense is playing games. That's all it is your ears. Here's going back again. Let's take a look at the Phoenician alphabet by Phoenician alphabet about 1400 BC right and and as as we look at this mist on the right olive bait you can see that even though were told that all these meanings are there looking at it and again it is simply an off point you want to know what people do with this one. How far they go well.

How crazy it becomes. And I plead with you, don't waste your time. It is nonsense better. Look for the latest sighting of Elvis Presley better find out if there's life on Mars and if we need to send a mission to Mars to reach the Martians with the gospel.

That's more credible.

That's more worthy of your time than this nonsense so there were folks who were upset with me. Say Dr. Brown your tomes to demeaning you. You ridiculed these people who believe these things you you were to insulting and I drove people away if that's how you felt watching it. I truly apologize if it was offputting to you if if that turned you off. If that it did not invite you in. My intention was to help. My intention is to help. Having said that everyone I said was true and accurate.

In other words, this is an error that needs to be rebuked, so all the stuff I'm going through all these charts friends if you don't believe me when I say people push back on this and people caught up in deception on this.

Just go back to the bitty will have the link in in the description. Watch it straight through.

But then look notice that the likes versus dislikes like 700's of Mike's 400 something dislikes as many people had an issue with this, and then read comments, there may been some that were so vulgar wrong. We had removed but but I think the vast majority of the negative of the comments are there read through it.

People are saying it. It really is quite mind-boggling. Like what we touch here was so sacred about this on over there. These deeper meanings. The word means what it says here when I when I say to you, but let's say that you are driving me to the airport today and I say all right meet me at the front door at 4:05 PM and instead you're at the back door at midnight because you found a hidden meaning in my words when I communicate with the Bibles to know the Bible is not different here. How do I know it because the Bible quotes itself, but because God will say don't commit adultery among the people committed adultery is that I told you not to commit adultery.

God said certain things would happen prophetic. They happen as he said they would happen right and we know that nowhere ever in the Bible are secret pictographic meanings of words derived quoted referenced it just does not happen. You say will is is there no knowledge anywhere that saved vav can of regiment hook note because the word could still be used as hook all right, so it's a letter all right and is also word with that's with the same syllable. There, that's a totally different issue. It's not the case when it comes to the letter, olive that he can secretly mean an ox head means ox head.

It must mean strength and power that is something that someone else read in right and the reason you can buy all the top people dictionaries on the planet.

Every single one of my own them right that the in in any of the Hebrew, the Hebrew or into English or or or German or whatever the top dictionaries are lexicons you will find any of this because it is a myth spout was getting all the special meanings the Holy Spirit to speak you through was written. I let them speak you through the words on the page as opposed to mystical things.

After reading through okay let's get back into the video. All right, so let's debunk it once and for all.

Let's take a look at Hebrew writing essay from the Dead Sea Scrolls or Hebrew writings from consultant some documents that we have from even a few hundred years before that in Aramaic or Hebrew. Just look at what the script looks like okay so so I want you to see this right so Dead Sea Scrolls. For example, this is just an alphabet. There is no pictographic meaning found in any of these words whatsoever get Dead Sea Scrolls are Aramaic inscriptions from other places. A couple hundred years earlier. This is how the script would look and there's there's nothing pictographic about it whatsoever.

It is simply an alphabet. Nonetheless, here's what were told okay this is mortal and not mention the website but I'm to take you through with this one website claims and energy to go through the first word in Genesis gray sheet which is bait Ray Schaal ocean above top and this is now allegedly the meaning were given different parts of your so you got here is the letter bait pictographic admin house tent or this was stands for in the is allege means family house inside are in our race. Man said that's first top beginnings. So… What are the meanings it's family first strong, sharp work, Mark Mrs. allegedly now all found in the first word of Genesis. This is no more reality friends know what I just did with my name Brown okay there's no more reality to this than what I just did with my own name Brown is that bogus of now again I give you the website, but here's what this particular author has to say.

He's now that we be shocked to find out what he now reads into this based on the alleged original pictographic meaning if you said that with Moses and talked about what the world are you talking about right. So what each pictograph has a meaning of its own people always form words by combining pictographs to convey ideas, nonsense, bogus. In this instance the first two pictographs painted in rage on the word bar which means son of Francis Jewish males of the bar mitzvahed age 13 announcement there is son of the covenant. So not only are they reading meanings that had no connection whatsoever to the alphabet anymore now that they're not dividing the word up. Okay, let's go. Let's continue. He says this. The next letter is the olive which is depicted as an ox, his head with the ox having the connotation of strength and power.

Not surprisingly, the symbols often associate with God. The symbology of this letter even appears to have been employed by God a sacrifice of the red heifer which is a portrayal of Jesus eventual death of the cross.

So this instance, we can translate this letters God is up. This is totally 100% of sorry this took a chunk tent in the middle of a sentence there cut myself off of him looking at the clock got to some really interesting when I started watching that video. I went when I started watching the and I'm reading with the sky saying I wanted to jump in live editor up. It's a non-success. If that's what I actually did their I can't tell you how grievous this is it with the Simpson symbology of the letter. It's a letter friends. Please, if you bought into this if you thought it's enriched your walk with God you bought into someone else's ideas being read into the Bible and the further you follow this path, the more you get away from the plain sense of Scripture. It will be like there's a stop sign and it says stop and you will all stop all the S stands for this in the T stands for this and try to drive right through you get an accident that Linda finish this up on the other side. So stay right here on the special edition number by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown back to thoroughly juice. There is the Michael Brown here, you know, Yeshua said John six the words I speak to, they are spirit in their life plus in first with Institute. The spiritually minded person understands all things that we have the mind of the Messiah. It's true that the word of God is deeply spiritual and deeply rich if we just read it words on a page without recognizing God is speaking to us through those words and that those words are his words will miss the meaning will miss the power miss the application but to say that the words are spirit, life does not mean that they have mystical meanings different on the actual word say they have mystical meanings based on allege pictographic meanings in words. That's completely different and again if you follow this logic, you can do the same with the Greek New Testament because the Greek goes back. Ultimately the patio Hebrew ancient Phoenician alphabet the same way. You can read all kinds of misdemeanors into that are writing to English today because the Roman alphabet that we use it in our English language ultimately goes back to the same origins. So to repeat. Ultimately, our alphabet originally goes back to pictographs and yet we understand this just an alphabet so please if you bought into this pictographic deception by the spirit of truth deliver you the word of God is more than enough and rich enough in the treasures. A deep enough based on the actual words written with actual alphabets. Okay, let's go back really finish off this video presentation will have the description will have the link in our description to the videos you go back and watch the whole thing again if you think I'm exaggerating a little deception people rent look at the likes versus dislikes and look at some of the comments are less clip. This is totally 100% making stuff up. Based on this fundamental misunderstanding. Right now he continues. Now we come to the letter. Sharon, which is depicted as two front teeth.

This symbol represents the act of biting or pressing against something or anyone or destroy something else representative or to just there two front teeth in the pictograph but… This, we adopt the idea of being pressed by those consuming teeth. Then there is the year because the pictograph and extended harm enhances we do our work with our arms and hands, the sum would point to the ideas of worker effort or throwing something even throwing worship to God. Of course it also have the symbolic meaning of the arm and or hand. I reminisces this staggering. This is staggeringly bizarre. This is staggeringly bizarre. Beyond the point of any connection to reality. This is pure fantasy.

I merely told this is the hidden meaning in Genesis 1, and one of the opening word and people are while at the Masons and the placenta in the Bible. This is been made up completely made up basically everything you read here. Aside from the fact that many many many many centuries before these letters reside pictographic meaning aside from that everything every single word you read. There was nonsense. Vance okay then says this. Finally we have the top, which is made by crossing two sticks in the shape of a cross which was a way that the Hebrews actually use sticks to keep the rib cage of a lamb open while they roasted it. The symbol also is the meaning of a marker signer signal signal monument that in this analysis will just use that have a cross.

Of course, by the way across in terms of crucifixion. I thought that didn't exist, that was invented by the Romans. Many centuries later. So here's the message Re: are you ready this is what this guy well-meaning. I think this was to come up with based on the allege pictographic meeting them with all their fantasy stuff built into it in the first were desks.

When combined, then the overall message that can be gleaned from his first were the bubbles. The following, the son of God will be pressed by his own hand avocado stops October The most absurd thing ever read some gobbled impressed by his own hand across is not fascinating because I'm fascinated. Baldness is made something up and put on the Bible is been hiding right in plain sight for thousands is not hiding it's not there in case you think that's not what this message. Claim consider how well the message correlates to everything we know about the destiny of Jesus in this world, according to his own words. So in other words, you not take the gospel message and throw it back where it never occurred and throw it back by dividing up mixing up importing meanings into letters that are not there in the Hebrew look if you do this after this video you doing with your eyes wide open your willfully deceived or willfully deceiving others bogus nonsense. I don't care if you folks took off on a carefree ministry took off of your few websites took off.

Need to pull the books need to pull the websites need to publicly apologize for misleading people is based on false information and you just read stuff into the Bible's other occupants Orthodox gospel just made it up terms in Genesis oh you give me a series of facts one after the other indisputable non-negotiable facts.

I challenge any scholar on the planet to challenge a word of these and as I can happen because no scholar would write fact, there is a single hand that the ancient Greeks borrow the ancient Phoenician alphabet retained or even understood the original pictographic meaning of the letters is the same friends with the ancient Hebrews, but Greeks's use as an example thereby the same alphabet not I hint than original pictographic meaning was understood and now the new letters that they were going to be used fact there's not a single hand in a single verse of the Bible that the Hebrew letters are to be understood in a pictographic sense, not maybe not possibly fact, next fact, there is a single example in all ancient Jewish literature, thousands of writers and rabbis that the Hebrew letters were to be understood in a pictographic sense fact, next fact there was a single scholarly dictionary of Biblical Hebrew own all the places any meaning or drives any definition from the allege pictographic meanings of the Hebrew letters finally fact it is a dangerous practice to interpret the Hebrew Scriptures based on the allege pictographic meanings of the letters to do so is to turn the plain meaning of the Bible into a meaningless code of gibberish and to add one's ideas to the Scriptures, artless you've been warned with lay things out made them plain Bible as God gave it to us is rich enough. Let's explore what God said and not get in the room offenses you say. Oh Dr. Brown you just took away precious truth how the gospel of Jesus and the crucifixion is preached in the first where Genesis died in takeaways that there never been there. Someone imagined it to be there. Someone refashioned the meaning of the Hebrew and then put things together in a bizarre way to get a message 10,000 different people believing that those original pictographs had meaning. So the first letter of Genesis 11 right the first letter meant house in the second letter meant head and you go on from there. Right now you come up with the everyone come up with a different interpretation. On top of it all right friends the word of God, as I just said is rich enough as is. Words have meaning.

What we learn from Genesis 1 that God is the extraordinary creator of all things in the one who brings light out of darkness, and the one who sets things in order and overcomes all the powers of chaos and in the one who majestically says let us make man in our image can create human beings in his own image is the pinnacle of creation. That's what we learn from it, not a secret code that in Genesis 1 when Jesus is going to be crucified. Following the videos to the Romans invented crucifixion.

It said the Persians and then the grease letter from the persons of the Romans learn from them and then ultimately outlawed it, but we have we have no and no clue. Crucifixion was practiced in the days when Moses with the been writing or when the first words of Genesis would have been written right so it becomes much, much later that that's completely besides the point. What what troubles me is is is no matter what you present factually and truthful if if I show some allocate limits my voice into post was for or solicitous with figures 1 to +1, two, 123 fall no-no. I learned that that that that is actually six why because the 2+2 inherent there's another two and therefore it's six and actually means peace, peace, and that it's a code for fry sale when you say too close to me it's for it's a cold front Isaiah word were God speaks peace and this is peace. Peace.

All my all my head. How do we help someone say no to post to equals four.

That's genuinely what pains me and would grease me Paul speaks in sight. Second Thessalonians 2 of deception coming on those who refused to believe the truth or love the truth and and Paul warned Timothy in second Timothy for about those who would just keep for themselves.

False teachers tell him what their itching ears want to hear no matter what the messages that comes out of this alleged pictographic meanings continuing in the Hebrew text today. Whatever message comes out. Even if you get some cool thing about the name of Yahweh, and it's all has to do with the cross or something like that.

It's bogus. It's ultimately a false teaching. It's giving you false information and if you go through verse after verse in the Bible the skies the limit, you could come up with every kind of meaning and it's only the Bible it's it's it's no longer the Bible it would be as if I'm getting it meanings from the Bible by reading the first word of each verse and then putting those together and unscrambling them until it means something is no longer God's word. Whatever you're doing with this is nothing to do with God's word has to do with the fantasy and created based on a misunderstanding of the Hebrew alphabet and the Hebrew language so if you're missing anything by all means give us a call will do our best to sort things out you call tomorrow's broadcasters were taking questions. Follow-up. Do our best to help you. My goal is not to mock or ridicule a person. My goal is to expose a deeply flawed erroneous and potentially very dangerous false teaching. Once again I want to urge those teaching it maybe did sincerely you thought you discovered something humble yourself called on the websites, take books out of print and and just rejoice in the word is God.

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