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Answers to Your Jewish Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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November 11, 2021 5:15 pm

Answers to Your Jewish Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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November 11, 2021 5:15 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 11/11/21.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network principle was written why Dell for your Jewish related questions, let's have at it. Start the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael grow your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the direct coalition of conscience, the president of fire school of Ministry of the line of fire valve by going 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH your job is Dr. Michael Brown (store thoroughly is Thursday broadcast. Today we just go take questions posted on Twitter so that a bunch of questions there with phone lines are open 866-34-TRUTH it's 866-34-TRUTH 87884 any Jewish related question of any kind whether you agree with my positions or not with you on a probe get information regarding the Hebrew language or Hebrew Scriptures or Jewish tradition or customer religion of the modern state of Israel, Jewish background to the New Testament of Messiah ship.

Be sure stress related will take your questions are already looking a bunch of really interesting ones on twitter as well. So we'll get to those in a bit to give them a call.

866-34-TRUTH just posted one thing first and then I can go straight to the phones so last week I had the joy of interviewing Rabbi Pesach with Vicki on the show. We spent the entire hour talking with interacted afterwards since and want to continue to interact further and have further discussion. So he's an Orthodox Jewish rabbi. I'm a messianic Jewish believer in Jesus. So we have very profound differences than a lot in common and a lot of common concerns and a lot of things that join us right in the middle of the Jewish and Christian world. What's interesting, was I was looking at some of the comments afterwards on YouTube and people were saying. Also, you don't think he needs Jesus assured to be saved is something you think. Where would some get that idea. Just look at some comments to our show yesterday. Digging deeper into CRT people. Equality has no sympathy whatsoever for the position of black American thinking how could you have listened to the show and come to that conclusion. So I look for folks to enlighten me. It's one thing to different those if I say X and you believe, why okay so we have a difference there. That's clear that's that's one thing but it it always boggles my mind that someone could listen or watch and come to the opposite conclusion of what was actually being said in a love for you to just clarify for me comments about last week's video or thought I missed it with the Rabbi give us a call and in this way maybe is dismissive standing on your end. Something was said that wasn't clear. But I was looking at a headline on on one website today and it mentioned Australia lockdown, etc. but I looked again.

It was Austria misread it, glanced at it and can sub Australia is been so heavy-handed with lockdowns and vaccine mandates and things like that. I just it was more about that when I looked again or clicked on the link it was Austria sick all okay look at it quickly can happen. We can mishear, but let's not spread misunderstanding and I say that not because I'm concerned about me but it if if I was serving you a healthy meal and you did needed because you misunderstood it or if I was giving you a healthy vitamin and you can take it because you thought had rat poison. All the more than we miss each other some here help me to serve, I'm here to help strengthen you in the Lord okay we go to. Let's start in Canada with our old friend Ron welcome back to modifier. Thanks for calling. I thank you for taking my call. You welcome what you actually I've I made an assumption Ron from Canada. There many rods in Canada. So welcome to the broadcast. I only want 50 years ago I okay great discussion with a Muslim and online on the Palm and I being burnt and he is altogether desirable. The Hebrew word, according to Strong's is 41 and on Bible, how to describe it as a masculine plural noun now it smuggled believe that the Mohammed being named in the Bible and the youth that have proved that Mohammed is in the Bible. I like the context of ridiculous, but the person I was talking to God and to the grammar and things like that enough. Not really my strong point. I wanted to you it's it's one of the most unfortunate, apologetic tactics of Islam. It's basically saying this is how we our position is this how impossible it is for us to find Mohammed in the Bible that we come up with this of the response might deem right so as the same letters involved in the name Mohammed same letters but hey, I'm the Bible prophesies me because it mentions Michael theirs and they Michael in the Bible so that's a direct prophecy that I would have a radio broadcast that proves it. In fact, we have Mikhail quite a few times and on and there are endless, endless words in the Bible that have become names right there is Le Havre flame bullets. That's the daughter some of her friends name lot pods prophesied in the Bible so the sentence of course has nothing to do with it right. His mouth is delicious and all of him is delightful, such as my bluff, such as my darling old maidens of Jerusalem solicits saying that that Mohammed is someone of sexual desire to be married by this woman. It's it's so bizarre, so yes a a word using the same letters is the name Mohammed is in the Bible because it's the word for something desired.

The recall mod means to desire and normally a good way, not like coveting way right and in most my deem desired things in the plural. By the way if if you if you click on it right and you get the actual the actual singular word. It's not Mohammed it's not that at all.

So it's not even there. The valves aren't even there be much mod and unlocked my game would be the plural, so it's that the name is not there in terms of with pronunciation same literacies because it's that's where you get the names from butts it to say that you have Mohammed there. Then again, well every person is named David David's name is occurs over thousand times in the Bible. That's a direct prophecy about them. So all you have to do, say first it doesn't say Mohammed's is much mod that's the singular second it's it's it's a love song between a man and woman to be to be married and and third, you have all because names in the Bible house of the prophecy of Mohammed. So again it it's one of those things that's really unfortunate as I come, I will give you my very very best argument and everyone burst out laughing when it's given that's how weak the position is to find Mohammed in the Bible.

You just have to push back with the complete other absurdity of it on every level and is nothing grammatically to prove or argue that the more you do that them resisting a whole for yourself and of this gentleman would be doing so. It's a simple and blunt as I can be about it all right. Sure thing yet and there is there's a different Ron that I spoke with a bunch of times for counsel thanks to this Ron for the call.

866-34-TRUTH is his mother and come to faith at the age of 97 reading real kosher Jesus in the nursing home that she use that book to eventual heist or her friends there quite.

Let's go to Stephen and Tampa Florida. Welcome to the line of fire. A dog run. Are you doing well.

Thanks. Good. Hey I wanted to get your opinion on Jewish perspective. I found it an Asian abates Christian religion called the world Mission Society and a big controversy if they believe in God the mother as well as the father and of course you probably know they interpret Genesis 126 God work by meaning mother and Revelation 2217. The bride that is mentioned a believe that is welcoming the mother God not the church from a Jewish perspective how is that even heard of the nighttime is that for thought way later.

You know I sometimes get so I'll go back if you go through the archives. Just check back a couple weeks ago I did a whole broadcast will be focused on that. We started there is probably two weeks back that we did this, the idea of God. His mother, and we refute that suit number one in Judaism is God ever prayed to as heavenly mother no.

He is being a volcano.

He is our our father or king is never referenced his mother does God have qualities of male-female of mother, father, of course know he likens himself to a caring mother just as is is also like in 2020 a warring soldier write the. The Hebrew word for for spirit or wind or breath is his feminine but you have to understand that it hasn't that every word in Hebrew has to be either masculine or feminine soul as I always illustrate that the table on the desk in which my arms are sitting that's that's masculine okay the chair in which I'm sitting is masculine, but it doesn't it. It's just a grammatical function just like for the wind or breath to be feminine. Something to it. So Raquel humorous effort up in their mind that the spirit of God hovering over the face of the deep. Yes so that that uses a feminine verb because it's it's withdrew off feminine, but it has nothing to do with femininity of God and that's why God is always referred to as father in the Bible and that's why it says that God put the spirit of his son into our hearts by which we cry, Abba, father in Galatians 4 in Romans eight and it's what Yeshua directs us to pray to our father in heaven. And Paul says in Ephesians 3 that he bows the need to the heavenly father and on and on and on. Even in Psalm two God says to the king.

You are my son, I have begotten you mean I have fathered you.

So that's the imagery of Scripture and the bride and Revelation. This is clearly the church there's there's yet the idea that the that the Holy Spirit is the bride or that there is mother God absolutely categorically not so does God transcend gender yes but he creates us in his image, male and female. Does that mean that with in God are all the attributes of male and female. Yes. Does God care for us like a mother for trouble. Plus of that, so she cared for the believer seated in the other apostles.

They cared for the Thessalonians, like a mother cares which the nursing mother. He was not there, forcing that he was female in gender, or transgender. But over 6000 times the name Yahweh is occurs always masculine.

The other terms for God to use. Elohim bid LB had a Dawn Adonai all masculine. Every single time. There is never an explicit reference to to God as God as Lord, with a feminine verb or adjective attached to that and he is revealed as father pray to as father now is Judaism develops, it has the concept of the 15 the manifest presence of God in the earth which is said to carry the feminine motherly aspects of God. This a later tradition that develops in Judaism, but even so it does not mean again that we pray to God as mother refer to God as she that is not found in Judaism whatsoever. You will not find that in the prayer book where God is referred to as she or his mother so this is occult with deceptive teaching should be announced as a thank you for the cost of the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown look about him. Brown delighted to be with you the number to call 866-34-TRUTH yes and fascinating before it back to the phones and get to some your 20 questions when I had Dr. Mark Stenger on with me last Friday. He was talking about one of the things that can weaken someone's resistance to COBIT or increase the negative symptoms associated with or danger of it and he mentioned certain physically related things like obesity or diabetes, but he also said this anxiety that medical literature is pointing to anxiety is something that can be a negative factor with Kovic and then there other health related issues.

The comfort and mentioned it reminded me when I was doing my doctoral studies and then followed up with my book, Israel's divine healer you dig deep in Proverbs. There's a lot in Proverbs about the state of heart. The state of mind and how that affects the body and and those that are peaceful and at rest. What that brings to the body.

It's it's very very interesting soul. We we are whole human beings right not spirit only, not mind only, not heart only, not body only but whole human beings and, you know, just like you can be kinda down and tired in the good good news you're energized you're feeling better.

It's it's actually things are actually happening. It's not just we say psychosomatic is to be drafted up it psychosomatic in terms of the interchange between the two just another reminder make sure you visit, vitamin use the Dr. Brown code. There get some of the best health supplements you can on the planet. But let's let's close out this year, eating living matter so that we can be healthier and stronger as much as it lies on us right and in the supplements will help you as well as vitamin okay I'm good to go over to twitter and let's see here. We scroll down handsome Tom with this high Dennis Prager was recently interviewed by Jordan Peterson and said that salvation plays a middle role in Judaism that he knows biblical Hebrew very well and can even think of the term salvation. This sounds wrong is a true, he said a number of other things like your judge by good works in Judaism is no religion in the world that divides between good and evil, not believer nonbelievers. Just be good persons living for heaven.

I like Prager but he seems way off your obviously he's a sophisticated thinker and I give the benefit of the doubt in terms of maybe there is more that he was saying that I missed may be there. There's a point he was making that didn't come through in that tweet there, but just based on this all right. Certainly he knows the word for salvation is Yeshua. He certainly knows it can have aspects of tribe victory as well. He knows the root got shot means to save the Saverio God deliver me. Oh God, I'm trapped the enemy you are. He knows that God is our Moshe a.

He's prays prayers God is Moshe annual our Savior, our deliver right so he knows that absolutely knows that he must've been saying something like the idea of individual eternal salvation for someone is not a common concept in Judaism Judaism was thinking much more corporate level God saving the nation, or physical deliverance or salvation, but certainly he knows he has to know is no Sieber.

He has to know the root got shot.

He has to know that the noun issue. He has to know the Hoshi that formed it to save to deliver. He has to know that he's he's been counted. These words hundreds and thousands of times in his reading of the Hebrew Bible, or if he said prayers when he says them so whatever he was saying so either it's been misunderstood or he's made a big error. I'm assuming some is misunderstood because I give him the benefit of the doubt.

There, but of course this Hebrew word for selfish. Of course it's not primarily used again in terms of save me from hell because the the orientation of the Hebrew Scriptures more consequences in this world and then an intra-testament predictors in the Old Testament. Enter test metal.

Into the New Testament.

Then there's a much greater emphasis on eternal salvation and the implications of that and of course individually. Daniel 12 to 30 telling us something arise to eternal life and others to eternal shame and contempt, as far as the idea that only Judaism speaks of good versus evil will, of course, New Testament faith does the messianic faith does as well and and does speak of the righteous and the wicked and does call us to live lives accordingly.

However, we would say that we all fall short that we all need redemption that we all need mercy and that therefore without a Savior.

We are lost. So that would be the difference but the emphasis on good works is found throughout the New Testament, the emphasis on improving your repentance by your deeds is found throughout the New Testament, so something either or either you divide between the saved and the lost the believer and nonbeliever, or you divide between the good or the evil.

Those who believe in evil lives and become say become believers will no longer live evil lives. That's New Testament gospel right back to the phones them will go back to twitter.

866-34-TRUTH let's go to Vadim and Mexico. Welcome to the line of fire. I wrong. Thank you for taking my call.

You bet the question I have on Matthew 23 verses two and three understand larger context of but if you take the verses worth of 50 described in therapy lawn care mode beat. Therefore, pay attention to what they tell you and do it but don't do what they do, for they do not practice what the hell I understand. Don't be a hypocrite. Obviously, don't say something postulates something and then Don don't do it but benefit what the hell you it is you can make a good argument that today's Orthodox do you think the rabbi got spiritual errors of the scribes and Pharisees and therefore what is been the level of authority that the rabbi have over I would say Jewish believers in Yeshua, obviously Torah does not apply all of the Commandments don't like non-Jews but the ritual commandment you can make an argument they apply to actually circumcision, one which you'll know disciples observed and all observed them with actually asked to prove that you doesn't teach you to abandon circumcision and circumcised in all that. So in this regard.

What authority do the Orthodox rabbi have in terms of the high terms of postulating how hot it is like a Jewish believer of the life of Sarah. None whatsoever. Absolutely none. How do you interpret very very very subversive. First was the whole purpose of Matthew 23 they don't be known. The whole purpose is rebuke of the traditions that had developed that is not dumpy, hypocrite is 7167 woes on those teachers and leaders okay and showing how their tradition is undoing the word of God. Those traditions have developed by the thousands. By the millions. If you take all the sub decisions. Everything since then and he's ready told us in Matthew 15 and Mark seven that these traditions nullify the word of God. So the last thing he saying is submit to their tradition and Paul even though he refers to himself as a Pharisee and ask makes clear and in Philippians 3 that that whole thing is a lifestyle of the Judaism. He was progressing and in Galatians 1 is no longer how he lives or the 30s under but that was also for that moment in terms of whatever authority they had, because he's he's telling us in the Matthew 21 that it's about to be taken from them and given to the apostles, the guys going to take it from them in the rejection of the Messiah in their making. Avoid the word with their tradition and is going to give it to a people bearing its fruit that Christian teachers have misinterpreted that to say that God is finished with Israel and give the authority to the church he saying is this can be new leadership replaces them and who is leadership in acts it's it's these new messianic believers. They have zero authority, and not only so the traditions that have developed since then or are fracture or are point to a fraction existing in Jesus day. So for example if your traditional Jew and you you you say a blessing before the lighting of the Sabbath candles. You say that God commanded us to Kendall. The Sabbath candles. That's false. That's adding to the law which God forbids his gonad. God never commanded that that's rabbinic tradition that was developed subsequently so zero authority the extent that and if you're gonna give them authority than the first thing they'll tell you is you're not a worshiper by believing in Yeshua. The first of the tell you is that you need to be actively submitted to living rabbis today and follow their guideline in the first thing is renounce your belief in the New Testament so it's it's quite the contrary.

There is zero. Rabbinic authority over believers today. If you live in Israel after abide by certain things international law. That's one thing but the whole purpose is to rebuke the hypocrisy and to rebuke the destructive traditions which he does plainly and that's why there's so much conflict between them. Because of these traditions that have been developed that made void the word of God. And that's why the leadership was taken from them and given to the apostles so zero rabbinic authority over the life of Jewish believer in Jesus today. And as I've talked Orthodox rabbis about it.

They said that is laughable because the very thing they tell you is any prayer that you're praying to assure you committing adultery there. Right there and and it goes on so zero what I want to face. Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater. In the tradition sure you Matthew 23.

Rebuke all of the tradition you still he rebukes their authority that what here so you can Vadim your free exterior your free to pick and choose what you want if you think hey this is a tradition I find beautiful this teaching I find helpful are free to do that say again, there is Sarah. I want to be emphatic. Zero rabbinic authority of the life of the messianic in the spirit zero to submit to that is a grave error error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown.

Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown is a Jewish Thursday.

This is Michael Brown. Just taking a Jewish related questions today. 866-34-TRUTH usually gives the parable and application Matthew 21 therefore I tell you the kingdom of God will be taken away from you and given to people producing its fruit. One falls in the still be broken into pieces when it falls of anyone that will crush them when the chief priests and the Pharisees heard his parables, they perceived he was speaking about them. Authority was taken from them and given to the messianic use to the apostles to the followers of Yeshua and those are the ones to whom the believers are submitted and honoring when you get into the rest of the test which which interest was interesting is that from what we can reconstruct about the early Nazarenes. That's the name that was given to the Jewish believers ensure that how to we consider orthodox doctrine is that they differed from many in the church in terms of of them not recognizing that Jews could continue to live as Jews observe the Sabbath and things like that. At the same time they separated themselves from rabbinic tradition.

You can see Ray Princess book a Nazarene Jewish Christianity.

For more on that so back to to Vadim in Mexico, sir, what you think is can be added to your life by taking on human traditions that have been developed in a religious faith that is very different from the messianic faith in Yeshua. What will be added to my life. People will be able to say that I'm Jewish. Otherwise, how do they know that I'm Jewish. Other than me showing them I thought your passport resolve your birth certificate mother father George will what it was clear that what is approved.

So now you're now your mission must now you're apostate and to know what improvement that I am Jewish and I proclaiming issue. If the king of the Jew over who in proving that you're Jewish, and to whom are you proving that you choose to a lady Jericho I'm showing how well how that I am that I am observing the tradition but did not get your spitting on the tradition by believing in Jesus the extent that I can.

I'm not going baby with the bathwater you are you are your your your team I'm on the side of a deem unappealing as you learn nothing. I'm appealing to you.

Nothing would you please let me speak to Sir I am appealing to you that it has nothing to do with rabbinic authority.

That's the point you are not under rabbinic authority. What how you trim your beard help you trim your beard. I based on what halachic ruling I use electric shaver I got another please give me the detailed halachic rulings that you follow which contemporary rabbi which ancient rabbis as to how you treat your beard. I don't follow like all why not. Who gave you the right to to not do that.

The Torah talks about trimming the beard and this is a common sense this rabbinic telephonic exposure payout as far as the payout the psychos tell me exactly how you wear them. I don't have all why not now you just go to her rated you that you don't care about their traditions.

You see it's you have don't have exactly so is just a grant so I let you know a lot of Jews have big noses like I do was approve you are you are barking up the wrong tree sir, you will have your your mixing you it's an idiom it's an English idiom typology.

It's not an insult visiting the city okay this point of fact is your main message is that your follower of Yeshua.

That's it. You are not under rabbinic authority just proved it to me in two seconds that you do not see yourself under rabbinic authority because the most religious Jews today live very differently than you and they look at you and think what kind of Jewish is this and then the moment you tell him you believe in Yeshua, then your tell them you do not respect rabbinic authorities, they would say every single traditional rabbi that they know and honor and esteem rejects Jesus rejects Yeshua rejects the new covenant writings. In fact, many would argue that if you read the new covenant writings. You are excluded in the world to come, that all Israel has a place in the world to come, except for certain ones, and people like me according to some loose tooth would be one of those people right but basically they would say every traditional rabbi in our history.

All of that the Talmudic rabbis in the end the lawgivers in the cultivars and the cobblers they all rejected Jesus, and that's the mountain to them use it yet, but I have beard CPC. The points are I live in this world. I do deal with these religious Jews all the time and one of the things that they most appreciate about me is out or put on airs and I know you're being sincere and I'm all for Miss interest variations animal for a Jew if they feel hate this part of my people, here is there just to lose it you great but you are not under rabbinic authority and you you told me ready on the air that you're not because you, pick and choose as you like. So, hopefully, sir, you hear and then and Matthew 23.

Read it in the light of everything else in Matthew's gospel.

I thank you sir for the call. I really appreciate it but I'm trying to help and I've seen many people to get tied up, confused, and even lose their faith entirely by mixing in rabbinic tradition with authority to the extent you say I look deliverance Holly, when I pray, praise God.

Wonderful. Great. You know, we incorporate some Hebrew prayers in the mission of service beautiful that's that's some beautiful prayers great yeah I mean Sabbath never change the Sunday so that's my basic before the Lord and I read a rabbinic book and there's some really interesting insights I find useful, great, wonderful, all good to not under rabbinic authority. I there we go that and thanks man for the good, honest, candid conversation. Let's go back to twitter and then will go back to the phone shortly after that.

Okay let me get back to the questions that were posted old.

Let's see here the Terrence which issues you see is most hindering in terms of Jewish progress toward accepting Jesus were the most positive developments which you see is removing for their destiny. Zechariah 12 through 14th, a positive development is there has been a steady stream of evangelical Christian love for Israel support for Israel. It's been unconditional with a juicer believed in the nest very, very positive very, very positive because the, the stench of anti-Semitism in Christian history is been so steady and so great for so many centuries that it is driven Jews away from even considering the possibility of Jesus being the Messiah. So that's a positive development that just this puts down some of the walls and kiss us in conversation together that the great hindrances are the ones that have been there otherwise theologically and practically in terms of things have of dealt with in answering Jewish objections to Jesus in five volumes there.

Those still remain the same positive development is is some Jewish circles talking more about you. She was as having a role of a chef in your safe Messiah son of Joseph.

The suffering Messiah.

More eyes opening to that of more Hebrew speaking ministries that are reaching Jewish people watch a lot of TV and one for Israel and things like that. Those are positive developments of the bodies growing in Israel, but still very small from Vito under 25 at the founding of Israel known messianic Jews in Israel, Jewish believers in Jesus. Israel 1948 to at least 15,000 some publicized 30,000 to 50,000 would be more reliable number but still a long ways to go a Jerry is an ancient Hebrew cosmology consistent with the young Earth view. I am not aware that in ancient Hebrew cosmology actually dated the earth.

You might civil based on the genealogies about genealogies or art not specifically cosmology. So the idea of the origin of the universe.

Emphasis on God being the creator of courses they are in God bringing order out of chaos in defeating the powers of darkness, and so on. That's there in the cosmology. Is it in harmony with it certain that against the other three so they would not be against the young Earth you are sure there was no concept like you might've having some of the ancient Greek world with the eternity of the universe. Something like that of so that did not exist. So it certainly be in harmony with but could it be in harmony with an old earth view in terms of the just that in antiquity with which things were created in possibly the genealogies within time. With that in terms of shortening the length of time, potentially about certain that against the young Earth, Alex Jim, any tipster researching Jewish lineage may have Jewish ancestry but I'm not sure what one things get a DNA test get a DNA test and when you get a DNA test that will indicate background and you'll see if you've got Sephardic Ashkenazic background or other of so DNA test is one way to find out that's a very, very strongly, otherwise in a you go to a website on or something and with everyone's drawing.

You plug in all the information can go backs for as you can and see what you uncover of Michael, can you share the documented history of how the Ashkenazi Jews were forced to scatter by Tubing formations as prophesied by the Messiah in Luke 2121. If you will look in my book. Her hands were stained with blood. The new edition. II do have some information there about Ashkenazi Jews because the lie is that Ashkenazi Jews which are largely European and fruit from that background and Caucasian. So I'm I believe my DNA is 90% Ashkenazi 10% Safari so I do have data and some good studies some good information there but basically as best as we can understand that the Jewish people scattered by by the Romans with the destruction of Jerusalem within the subsequent scattering and in after the failed barcode will revolt in 135 that that's where the Greater Scattering Takes Takes Pl., Jews displaced around the world after having been displaced through the Assyrian and Babylonian exile centuries earlier and as is Jews found themselves in different parts the world be Africa beat India be a China Europe.

Many just assimilated ever lost a history they they married into other groups they they fell until the religions they they left their Jewish practices behind others continue to live is Jews and people converted and married in silver.

Of time the Jews began to look like the different peoples there because so many converted and married in so that they look African.

They look Chinese. They looked Indian. They looked European this what happened with Ashkenazi Jews. Many scholars posit and I can give the exact geographical details right here but they got to a a small number are early in their history in Europe and then from there, people began to convert and intermarry and then grew to the great numbers they have the idea that Ashkenazi Jews are descendents of the because ours is a myth. It's just one of the contemporary anti-Semitic myths that he's getting probably direct that it's the light a fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown back to earth early Thursday broadcast. Be sure to explore the many resources we have in the website asked her to cultural issues to theology to debates to Jewish questions wealth of resources waiting for you. Make sure you sign up for emails asked Dr., take a few seconds but your first name last name email address your physical address. If you want us to have that and will will send you real in the mini book ties in with her the truth. There is the seven secrets. The real Messiah and then more about my own testimony, background, and how her ministry can serve you with the resources we have waiting for you right Google back to the phones in the moment 866-34-TRUTH Danish debater is asking about GE PD. The documentary hypothesis. He he sees Christians debating it now choose that much of Jews were not traditional debated or embrace it. Just like more liberal Christians do, are critical scholars do no difference there. Traditional to an Orthodox respect, the ultra-Orthodox who believes that God dictated the Pentateuch the Torah to Moses. So there.

There are no different for sources of things like that.

I personally have never been impressed by the this local documentary hypothesis, but has zero effect on Jewish tradition. Ultimately, or abuse of Jewish authorship of the Pentateuch for eight traditional Jew for liberal Jews built near the look at everything differently in and through that same lens very similar to Christian critical scholars abolish CMO with the Jewish text you've considered, whichever can be a lot. How would you describe the genre of the book of Genesis and Job so much controversy run. I really love to know so I understand that the opening chapter of Genesis is his sociological intent, and in other words, its purpose is to teach us about God, the creator and how we set everything up, as opposed to teach us. Science in detail that's going since it was in ancient cosmology and then the rest is history. Now it may be painted in Genesis 2 in certain ways you with a talking snake and things like that. Some may want to find a that they they called a mythical character mythical character to the chapter, but in point of fact, it's telling us what actually happened. So I read Genesis ultimately has history, even if it may have symbolism in it. The earliest chapters I read it as history. The opening chapters cosmology Job is poetry wisdom literature.

Of course, and Job has a historical kernel. What actually happened to this mandrel which is truly recounted their with insight into the spiritual realm and then the dialogue that takes place is now an enhanced dialogue. In other words, were not to think that they spoke to each other in this amazing lofty poetry but rather the later author now takes historical realities. What happened to Job in the conflict with him and friends, and now fills it in politically, so I believe that the events of Job literally happened truly happy that he is a historical figure SQL references, and Jacob. James references him flood discussion of the Thomist one he lived and was this actually a parable to the actually live or not actually lived yes but the account the way its layout is laid out with poetic embellishment right to to give us the fullness of the message in a beautiful piece of literature snags. What's the deal with Don's usually respond to chauffeur hey why not why not.

It was used in ancient Israel had certain symbolism and purpose. Wake up call in and celebration of all that I love her to choose right, not just randomly but was used well in services been in many a service where the shofars blasted the shout of triumph calms and rejoicing. Yeah Dumas other. Are there any Negro bloodline tribes of Israel.

So if if you say going all the way back to the beginning of Israel. So Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and then the earliest descendents were they Negroid as opposed to mongoloid or caucus order. Whatever the different subdivisions and would give no no. However was there Negroid blood early on, mingled in with Israel and part of Israel's history absolutely certain way ahead of there being Caucasian blood or caucus. I mingled it okay yes so that's been from the earlier part of history but to the original tribes go back to Negroid origins. No, no, right and one more question from Twitter and then I'm gonna go back to the phones Leor coming from a Jewish background is demagogic and of them were clear with the messianic prophecies. What we have only one prophecy of the Messiah, dying for, since we have dozens of clear prophecies, the Messiah really raining why God is unclear at the deer, the Messiah, only a few hands but nothing really substantial that the Messiah will become incarnate, very hard to believe these things when God didn't even say clearly, especially coming from an Orthodox back but your he did, he did. How many passages say the Messiah will rule and reign in the Hebrew Bible. None none but because it references the son of David and things that David will do etc. so we did use those.

But even so they're not a whole lot. It was 11 I said to one through four.

This is a dimension Messiah. No how long is the passage of the size death in our behalf.

Isaiah 53 652 13 to 53 1215 versus go back to the 50th chapter where he talks about the same servant of the Lord being beaten right go back to the 49th chapter where talks about the same servant of the Lord who is rejected by his people and get becomes a light to the Gentiles. That's that's just in those chapters.

Speaking in that direction, the whole sacrificial system of life or life, the high priest death, freeing that the person and in exile for unintentional homicide, which the rabbinic tradition says it's the, the, the death of the high priest that the tones you have these. The picture of the binding of Isaac, and what that points to the significance of Jewish tradition that's pointing the same direction you have Psalms like Psalm 22 that he brings to fulfillment that he's dead, he dies and is delivered for that.

He comes to the edge of death that is delivered delivered from the jaws of death in his deliverance from death brings praise to the ends of the earth. To me this is this is a major theme, the Messiah, even being priestly in Zechariah 6 he's a he's a priestly king that ties in with everything.

I'm good with atonement sacrifice in an priestly intercession is a massive amount about a seven Messiah in the look team with a peer.

Zechariah 12, which in Jewish tradition becomes a reference to two Messiah son of Joseph, who suffers, and in the final war so there is a rich rich rich tapestry about them.

This Messiah suffering and dying for sins in the Hebrew Bible. As for his deity. Of course, has to be hinted at because it's easily misunderstood. That's why the New Testament is not just a Jesus is God, or he turns rest.

I am God because of all the misunderstanding could be with it and also if God laid out clearly this Messiah will be killed. Rise certain time. The people tried to manufacture that once it he doesn't. You look back and you say wow how could it have been more clearly laid out. Rejoice and how clear it is really quite let's go to Sean in league city, Texas. Welcome to the line of fire dark brown real quick to nine that the tree up like was also in the midst of the garden in a trio the knowledge of good and evil. I want to know is the word Mitt is there a possible definition of that word or the media network mean that the ditch the tree with the ended versus just being in the middle. I heard a minister stated yesterday and I just want to eat that Hebrew scholars like why don't you put your call yet.

I cannot be totally thank you for doing that. This is wonderful this is one of the reasons I love love love live radio so I've been at this for a long time right in some type of bits I've never once ever been asked this question is so that the heat that he, Robin, I want to look like that I missed some kisses but talk the talk is in the midst if you said to me how you say in the midst of, and he writes a bit. Talk right then that's all it is the idea that it's suspended or I me I return to Frio where some of might get so in the middle of so to meet in the middle because like halfway between the sky. No, no, no, but told his is in the midst it's in the midst of the garden in the middle of the garden and if I just look here in a bunch of different translations there.

Olga in the midst of in the midst of in the midst of in the midst of in the middle of in the middle of this theory of transit in the midst of in the middle of sorts right sick in the middle of it.

That's all it means that there is suspended, you know it's sad though is okay big is a big issue right like a salvation issue, but somebody will say that and then people will think it's accurate in the bill repeated in the next thing it becomes like the next Internet myth now. Hopefully this'll just be the put out right here but where people got this from its this honestly frustrates me because this is just like okay you're calling from league city, Texas, until you been to Texas. There is no such city is league city bro, I live here, no man, I'm tell you I went to Texas once and I didn't see league city. I got off, therefore DFW. We drove like an hour I'm telling you, I know about Texas like one. So anyway this is what I deal with all the time because of this the misinformation out there.

So here's a good rule of thumb everybody okay and thank you so much. Recall, you did the perfectly right thing. So thanks man for doing it so solicitous if something's really there and you read the top 10 different translations in English right see Christian translations Jewish translations read the top 10 and none of them say it the way the persons alleging and everyone says it the other way can pretty well tell the person gone wrong with that may be blessed by the smile of the Lord be yours.

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