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Dr. Brown Answers Your Toughest Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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July 2, 2021 7:17 pm

Dr. Brown Answers Your Toughest Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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July 2, 2021 7:17 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 07/02/21.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network, let's do it. You've got questions, we've got answers for months are open start for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown was the director of the coalition of conscience, the president of the fire school of Ministry of the line of fire valves by calling 866-34-TRUTH's 866-34-TRUTH. Your job is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us friends phone lines are wide open 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 7884 in a quick reminder before I go to the phones.

If you don't get my emails.

I really encourage you to connect with us even if you're ready connected on social media on Facebook or YouTube or Instagram or twitter because you just never know when those things might shut down or block things that we do. Plus we send out email communications with links and all kinds of things that we don't this early post online. So take a minute to ask Dr. SK your 74 emails will send you immediately. A really neat free. Many e-book lots of fascinating insights about the Messiah in Jewish tradition share more about my own background fallacy to PhD. The 3Rs that our ministry emphasizes revival in the church moral cultural revolution in society and redemption in Israel.

So check that out and right now to the phones, 866-34-TRUTH and we start with Caleb in Centerville, Ohio. Welcome to line the fire. Dr. Brown what are you recently came across a blog. Not long ago got it right.

A little bit more hyper legalistic view of Christianity kind of wood you know, claimant and evangelists are heretics and no one no one's really right and all doctrine people kinda carries false and one of the points that you brought up that I think with a little bit interesting but you on biblical modesty coming from the birth first Timothy nine which you know I never knew until in a kind of doing research that the argument of whether or not women should wear dresses and head coverings with little more prevalent than I thought and I was wondering what you being first in the Greek language on that word had a fully that translates to my apparel and in our English language that verse that to be used to kind of expressed the opinion that women's wear dresses because of the meetings of the two kind of combined word just wondering what your opinion was on that word if you're aware of this kind of his talent more broadly. So first Timothy chapter 2 verse nine also want women to dress modestly, with decency and propriety doing themselves not with elaborate hairstyles or gold or pearls or expensive clothes with good deeds, appropriate for women who all who profess to worship God. The first thing is, someone emphasizes the centrist right of modesty, but also of class divisions of of women flaunting their riches and and and making poor women feel second-class so it's modesty and it's flaunting wealth. But let's let's just even put aside the flaunting wealth argument that some would raise no notice.

Culturally, that was the issue. Let's say I didn't know anything about this.

Let's I couldn't read Greek, a former expert Hebert Greek, but of subdued Greek research so that said I had no capacity to do that. You know the research so I go to Bible Gateway so anybody can do this okay go to Bible and then I type in first Timothy 29 with any particular version doesn't matter, and then at the bottom after we come up I would see first Timothy 29 in all English translations, so this is all the English translations that they carry witches is his many okay and and you can look at translation after translation after translation albeit you know from King James right to ASV to amplify to CSB to see JB to see the one after another after another and this will give you an idea as you go through this. For example, the complete Jewish Bible see JB. Likewise, the women, when they pray should be dressed modestly and sensibly in respectable attire, not with elaborate hairstyles and gold jewelry or pearls or expensive clothes up translation or translation, you will see that pretty much there saying the two that the same two things. There is be modesty in terms of of of covering and things like that and there is to be modesty in terms of not flaunting wealth of is there anything that would say that a woman should wear pants which were dressed not not not in not this context, the Greek would not indicate that an and remember, depending where you are in the ancient world.

You can have men who wear outfits that look more like a dress than pants. One of my colleagues decades ago when he was new in ministry. Went to India to preach and got to a village and to his shock that women wearing pants and the men were like the stresses so he preached at a Deuteronomy 22 with passion that a man should not wear women's clothes and woman should not romance close without realizing that in their eyes. He was the one wearing women's clothes of his nose was a cultural issue. The idea of dresses versus pets wasn't even an issue that existed in in the ancient world the way it does today so I know that is certainly not with the text to say we do want to encourage modesty to other passages that point in that direction. No one should dress in such a way as to be a sexual stumbling block. In other words you where certain outfits so as to get people to look at you lustfully that should never happen.

We should conduct ourselves with modesty and even if you're wealthy. This is nothing that is is flaunted of four for various reasons, but the idea that it's there certain things you can't wear a dress. A woman has to wear dresses is this is not with the text to say and assume stable that if you really dig deeper in the Greek no there there digging beyond with the Greek word indicates a Caleb thank you for the question and again don't know the blogger the person, but it seems that your take on it is correct that it is hyper legalistic thanks for asking.

866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Anthony in New York City walking to the line of fire. Dr. Brown picked up at McMichael. You're welcome to my question regarding starting chapter 15 guarding her one of you about how the fire it up there that I put Reykjavík tradition of not washing their identity particular accused them of breaking the commandment of honoring your mother and your father cut you normative that I think they you know anyone with that mother Fokker that my doc all… Help with. You know it breaking breaking the commandment that work towards baby if I want to give an offering to God of state hundred dollars and my offer to God and my mother come to New York family member or father that make the 99 he help a bit. I ended by faith. My father, my mother myopically.I'm also breaking the commandment of honoring my mother, my father, my mother yet.

Thank you for asking. It's a valid question. Let's say that it was universally understood in that Jewish context that the tithe belongs to God right so so let's say that start there that that was a given that was understood that that's not mine.

The firstfruits the tide that belongs to the Lord okay to put that aside, let's just say that you've got $10,000 in the bank right and your parents come to you and they say hey we are our Social Security is not enough.

You know them. The hard working there another retired there come down sick. They need your help right and this is money to spend.

It's your money it's discriminatory.

It's not the tithe it's not given over to the Lord, but you say no listen I III feel I should give that money to the Lord's work. Instead, then you are, you would be breaking a commandment in the name of of honoring the Lord.

Remember what Paul writes in first Timothy five that effect for Madison care for his own family that is worse than an unbeliever soul, it would it it it is a false spirituality it it's it's not a matter of your parents are trying to to be greedy and take advantage of you.

It's it's that's not the issue. It's an issue of using the spiritual loophole of same will know this is dedicated to God or I know I'm gonna places to God in the future that that the whole thing is it's it's playing a legal game. It's not like you say it all boy Montana really felt the Lord told me to give that money last night.

All right, let me pray because if you told me that the knees he's going to supply and I can give you everything you need to. That's that's a totally different thing.

It's it's hard it's using a a tradition to find the spiritual loophole so that's the letter of it. As I explained it, but focus on the spirit.

When I let's let's say I'm invited over to have a meal with neighbors that I really don't like these people but I know God's call immediate to walk in love, etc. so, although I I'm family coming fast on sorry I'm not can be able to go we find an excuse that sounds spiritual in order to disobey love your neighbor as yourself. In this case to disobey on your parents so it's the spirit of it that he's after how we can find these these backdoor ways be super spiritual. All while abusing fundamental commandments of God.

That's the thing to to focus on emphasize, as opposed to a legitimate thing of why the pledge that money to help this missions situation that you need the Lord together. You left me asking because I don't want to break a vow that I gave to your promise to God. But you have this immediate need that's that's an issue you to think through very different than what he's talking about there.

Hey, thank you for the call 866-34-TRUTH, I think you know sometimes we can really struggle with exactly what is being said and it's good dictate. Try to understand but always step back and try to get the spirit of what was being said and again it's it's legal loopholes.

It is a superficial spirituality that puts more emphasis on the outward appearance than on condition of the heart or more emphasis on honoring this one tiny tiny little thing it ought to give you horrific vulgar despicable example is been reported for many years in the wrong that because you you cannot execute a virgin that they would have one of their high up clerics basely rape the woman so she is no longer virgin. Now they can honor the law of true that's an extreme horrific ugly example. Hate.

We actually have one phone line open, 866-3487 80 force will be right back. On the other side of the break. Let's say looking at the questions here. We had Bible we got politics. We got prophecy and more. I will take it all off we come back 866-34-TRUTH you got questions that assess the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice aboard cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown joining us on the broadcast questions and answers 8664 truth.

Let's go to Joseph in Sioux Falls South Dakota. Welcome to line of fire. Dr. Brown good afternoon. My question is can come out play a little bit of a foundational or get my question that basically are there or barrier between the mother In the Greek and with the New Testament. There's a lot of quote there are.

Like the stone which the builders rejected has become the chief cornerstone file when you read the mathematics It could sometimes take capstone also Psalm 22 worth of pay. My hands and my feet. The Hebrew text will reference a lien that and so my question is regarding particularly with Jennifer or chapter 4 verse four and how it mentioned by Jesus again in Matthew chapter 18 verse 22, though depending on where folder very with the order from the Hebrew Allah Mac been guilty of and 70 heaven time while the Greek Septuagint that 70 time that and depending on what translation you read it you will either quote 70×7 or 77 time you have any thoughts as to which one is the correct translation just kind of what I mentioned before about the variances between the mathematics technically what you are your thoughts about that and how it pertains about the gospel in the Bible to hold you agree question so the first thing is that in the text we talk about Genesis 424 and Lambeth will be avenged. 777 times.

Write a versus 70×7. It even though Matthew 1822. Is it a similar sounding, saying it certainly not a quotation and in the ones about vengeance the others about forgiveness right so that's that's interesting, but that that certainly is not pointing at the fact that he's quoting Septuagint there and remember he wouldn't been teaching originally in Greek he would have been teaching recently in Aramaic, or possibly in Hebrew so that that raises yet another question, but as an even even the issue of of Masoretic text and and Psalm 22, read like a line your dive rug why my hands and my feet. The earliest manuscripts we have Dead Sea Scrolls or the Arnett car Reba Carew, which would indicate more that they dug through, or hence Septuagint's they pierced and then there are some Masoretic manuscripts because it's it's up one text is a textual tradition with thousands of manuscripts. There are some Masoretic manuscripts that also read the they pierced her. They dug through so that that's more of an internal Hebrew transmission question, but other times there's no question that there is a difference between the Hebrew and the Greek. We assume that the Hebrew is is the original and the more accurate unless we have other confirmation of the Greek reading. In other words, we may have a text where the Hebrew talks about three cows and in the situation talks with a three-year-old cat with reverse it.

One test with a three-year-old calendar talks about three cows and then we find confirmation for the Septuagint reading in manuscripts from Dead Sea Scrolls and appreciate.

So you the ancient Aramaic translation, etc. and then, in context, it makes much more sense about, but otherwise we understand it, the Greek is a translation of the Hebrew so all translators of the Hebrew Bible, start with the Hebrew and used to Septuagint in the secondary way so why did the New Testament authors often quote the Septuagint because that was the Greek Bible of the day just like all quote whatever English translation using sometimes all of make my own translation, but most of the time from writing a book.

I'm just just using a translation so if it was 50 years ago I was writing a book in English. I was quoting the Bible to be quoted from the King James because that was the primary Bible that was used in the in the believing Christian world in America.

So, it's simply that they were quoting the Bible of the day here and there, they would vary from it.

We have instances of Matthew hearing from what we have instances of Paul vary from it with her translating directly from the Hebrew are making a correction, but otherwise they were just using the Bible of the day. It also tells us that while every word and every letter is important. Often it's the spirit of the text in the spirit of the message that's being conveyed. Hence, if the Septuagint is conveying the same overall message or particular nuance of the truth of that message, the New Testament authors by inspiration of the Spirit would have no problem using that as well…. After overall what would it mean not have actually looked at different manuscripts that are not being lectures about different comparative book manuscript and are some interesting findings like one that really stands out to me of the genealogy of Miriam and Matthew. It did have the respect of 14 generations and commonly it's translated that Joseph is the husband of Mary, but I've counted the that the 14 and usually if you stop at the thick laughed out of 14 generations stop that 13 you know it's it's it's it's universally understood by commentators that that Matthew is basically coming double in the last one just to have that division 1414 14 and some would argue that it's because 14 numerically represents David and this debate on that.

But the whole there is. There is no different Greek manuscript evidence to change that. There's an alleged reading from the Syriac that makes Joseph the father of Miriam, as opposed to the husband of but it really it's a stretch. There try to argue that, but the of these are these are all things Joseph in any serious Bible commentary. You'll find a lot of explanation detail, but a simple a simple thing to do because I was you like to dig in studies are is go to NET net Bible NET net and then whatever verse you looking at all you'll see translation notes you see explanations as to why they render things we did well over 60,000 notes there. Even as I'm writing a commentary doing serious work. Often look there to see why they rendered the way they did in background because it's it's really well done.

Even when I disagree they present good evidence hey Joseph, thank you for the call. Sure will hopefully we'll talk again 866-34-TRUTH we goaded David in Newton, Massachusetts. Welcome to light a fire.

Thank you Dr. Brown is a pleasure speaking with you I'm 65-year-old gentleman who grew up Catholic, found my way other kinds of spiritual finding myself but most recently I would say with Trump becoming president back in 16 I, so, so tired of the news I justified read the Bible in my life why you about my third time you come on Ethan. Yes, I invite all I can tell you is what I good use of my time and listening to you, listening to people like Tim Mackey who was the founder of the Bible project I found myself also listening to David Pawson who passed away last yes yes great Bible to really great Bible teacher and also Ravi Zacharias who unfortunately when he passed away, developed by his personal surfaced after his death and and David even in that case, tragically, of course, in tragic emotional for those of the he he heard directly, but of course the truth of what he said remains true. You know that that's us and changed a bit before you get your point. How has stipulated the news and reading the Bible through, not on your third time through, and in a 45 year period. How is that impact you personally. It is actually giving me a kind of peace that I just think the good in some way and I don't mean to be overdramatic about the value but don't worry about putting the only thing I would say that I have asked for personal forgiveness which I desperately and it felt really comfortable that what I found interesting is my relationship wife by Corky my freaking and how they know what to be through different lines because that was just not the way I was.

I try not to push my push my new thinking on anybody but just by hopefully in some way shape or form by by having it changed me in some ways hopefully will will bring interest to others. I find that I'm much more patient much more so thoughtful. I guess thinking about how my actions or words reflect on other people, whether it's positive or negative hope. How can I be a better person. I find it to be. And by the way.

The other point about the I'm so curious about learning more.

It's only like her. It's so deep I just want to go deeper and I'll do my own pace, not trying to follow anybody else but I just love it and by the way, I was attracted to you in large measure because you're Jewish and I was so if somebody great Jewish friends. I'm so curious as to why they don't believe in Jesus because when I bring it up.

By the way a lot of people don't want to talk about them and so I respect. I don't want to want to push myself a member also by myself. Personally curious about other people's perspective of the Bible about Jesus. There is amazing testimony will get you question is what great testimony reminded us word treasures like changing, waiting for us calling to us word of God for it's the light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Go get that rare phone line open 866-34-TRUTH you've got questions, we've got answers any subject that relates in any way even remotely to the line of fire broadcast glad to take your calls all right with that. We go back to David in Newton transformed by reading the word these last few years. Hate I'm assuming you don't have any of my books on answering Jewish objections to Jesus right. I do not know okay when when were done to put you back on hold and we can get your name and address to send you a book as a gift. I want take away from reading the Bible when you have some time to look at some of the things it'll it'll give you an idea of why Jews don't believe in Jesus the most fundamental reasons and then how we respond to those. But anyway, that question you want to ask ahead worry about your really think the reason I am about really just diving into the Bible. One I want to read it and I can't believe that honestly that I never perspective about a book that I had expected was never formed my actual understanding of totally interested but by specific question here is political because I know you Dr. Brown based on listening to you and what you actually said in the vast majority of your listeners are comfortable. I am not but that said, I'm trying to treat it properly and not just go on the limb, but I saw again yesterday as you book deals from George and milk the Trump organization and is cheerful on Whitesburg was indicted for what appears to be detailed evidence of tax fraud. I just I just have this gnawing feeling like, how do you Dr. Brown knowing how spiritual you are not matters. How could you balance that support because I understand and some ways but he has represented policies that work more consistent with how you and a lot of your listeners want to see government work at the same time. Such a flawed person is so in many ways. I just I'm struggling with that. Good luck figuring sure it's a great question to ask. With regard to the recent investigation I've ever no clue what to make of it in the Lord's their allegations. I have no clue what to make of it. It seems odd that multiplied millions of dollars have been spent to investigate alleged tax for this like 1,000,000.7. It seems odd, but they have no idea what what to make of it, and I never assume that Trump was some super honest businessman or anything like that anymore that I assume that most politicians are or without some type of corruption. But what he came down to for me was was really simple and let's let's look at it like this.

If if one candidate is going to aggressively push pro-abortion legislation and judges across the country and that's potentially going to result in the more shedding of innocent blood. Another candidate whose flaws are very evident. He treats people like dirt and and is is nasty and and lies and all this.

This candidate is potentially going to save millions of babies or if one candidate is likely to wink at abuses in communist China and another candidate is willing to stand up to communist China or if one candidate is going to actively work against our religious liberties and affect the world. My grandkids are there kids grow up in another candidates can stand strong for a religiously reason why they can have a generational impact that when it comes to existential things like that the candidate that I'm in vote for is the one who strong on those other policies just just here look look at it like this, it will make it boil to make it really, really simple. There is an epidemic in your community where these dogs with rabies live in a small community have gotten free and their terrorizing the community they pay bit the number of children. Some of the children of died others have to get terribly painful rabies shots and you don't have a dogcatcher in your community so you have two choices was the sweetest guy in the world happily married.

Everybody speaks well of them never gets drunk, never hear profane word out of his mouth but he couldn't catch a dog if you give a nuclear bomb because nasty, mean-spirited divorce three times is found not even talk to him, but he'll catch a dog with his bare hands. Within a week.

There will be a dog on the streets. Who do you vote for is the dogcatcher of forcing the second guy so that's what it came down to for me.

However, the debate is was worth it was the fair debate was with the amount of collateral damage that he brought with him in the amount of reproach that came to the gospel because of our association with him. Was it worth it. That's the fair debate, but to debate whether I was going to vote for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump or Joe Biden or Donald Trump. To me it became clear I was voting against the others, even when I was 44 Trump I understand it, so it by the way I find this to be so interesting.

Yet at the same time, it pales in comparison to Jesus the Gaia capsule and that right that's that's what's happened now that you've withdrawn from from bombardment of news and social media all that and spent a lot of time with God whole perspective changes.

They also say that from the start to give warnings. I was concerned, even as a Trump voter security concerns and we better pray this way.

Otherwise, these can be the results can be bad so is aware that all the time and sought to call a spade a spade. In the midst of things, a David, thank you for the call. Stay right there.

Grayson is going to get your info so we can send you answer Jewish objections to Jesus.

Volume 1. All right. Let's go over Chuck's pipe High Point, North Carolina, Orlando get Aaron down here is clear. Can you hear me thereafter can you hear me just a little. You talk into your phone government to go ahead and hearing clearly yet that taillights stay there because it's really breaking up, and as soon as Grayson is free so guys like Grayson though. Go back to will go back to and find out what's going on because we get a lot of feedback. It's gonna be very difficult for people here so what about you okay stay right there. Let's go over to the Puerto Rico sparkling Puerto Rico that I we go to Bill and Fort Mill, South Carolina. Welcome to the line of fire. Thank you Mike, I got a question about you know the Hebrew language, and also the Greek language of the Bible as the masculine and feminine, very prominent.

More than any other languages really and I was wondering about examples like Psalm 68 1112 versus the Lord gives the command and the women who proclaim the good tidings are a great hose and there is other passages were. I do know that Hebrew words within masculine or feminine agreement with masculine or feminine. What does that affect doctrine learned is that that's something that you notice or comment on. Are there any books about that person.

Psalm 68 is not generally brought into discussion about women in ministry, but that it ought to be the Marais would reset her would refer to that as justification for women preaching but number one understand. In Hebrew, Greek, and many other languages.

Actually, that every word has to be put in the category of either masculine or feminine. So be it. Chair be a table. The inanimate objects. Whatever be a car, it has to be master from it so often and has no significance whatsoever whatsoever that would suggest a way that it it's classified and some can go either way that the Hebrew word Derek can be which is rode away that can be masculine or they can be feminine and then and then in in Greek, there is that this is neither which is neither masculine or from the book, but most everything is gonna fall in the masculine, feminine category. Again that's that's not unusual you know if if you're talking to someone in in Spanish or Italian. You know you're talking to them is male or female, etc. but here this is this is unambiguous. This is actually speaking of of females making proclamation.

There's no question about it, hence the Jewish publication Society version. The Lord gives a command. The women who bring the news are a great host. So to me, there can be no question that women can preach the gospel as much as anyone else. The question is their role in the church should they have governmental authority can they can eight teach men to make each man under other male authority. That's the debate, but as to women going to the gospel and and this is specifically Hebrew proclaim the good news it in Hebrew. If you're just talking generically, then you use masculine if if if I'm talking to a crowd of people in its mixed I use the masculine plural that's that's how use. It would be like in New York talk like hey guys, and you talking to male and female together, but if I say, hey ladies, that means I'm speaking specifically to women.

So this passage is definitely saying that dog is the command in this context, and women share the good news pronounced good news to women as preachers of the gospel women assuring the good news women is as evangelists, absolutely. This is a good text on which to base that the argument very good. Very insightful when they say the great goal is masculine and feminine quite a bit also yeah ever get everything has to be in that category doesn't mean there's Institute for it. For example, telephone. So if it's if it's modern Hebrew. If it's modern Arabic. It's Greek. If it it's gotta be classified as either masculine or feminine. And if I say it's a good phone so Hebrew.

Is it a told phone that's masculine or over 12 phone that's feminine I would have to know that interesting story there. There was a woman on a mission feel that we know you respect sharing the gospel with a woman in Italy and this one was a prostitute and missionary sharing the gospel with her so she's got to dresser his sister Eunice or Ella and and speak to her and feminine euro verbal forms that that she's talking to her. She doesn't feel right doing that wants to address her as masculine.

Turns out it was a man who was a transvestite prostitute and he ended up getting wonderfully saved in and serving on the missions team for manicures of folly still is a survey of the mission field was interesting. She didn't feel right. Referring to this very obviously female woman who actually wasn't on this is way before the transgender identity issues and things like that so anyway interesting survey. Thank you for the call. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 664 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

I go back to the phone 666 truth. Let's try Orlando again go ahead with your questions or good afternoon McBroom, a I yet my question deals with the 7070 week of Daniel chapter 9 of Daniel in because everybody being taught.

Starting with the with the decree given by artistic 13 Art Artest sector that six or Cisco 400, 457 BC, but everybody that is 445 BC.

If you go for 57 BC. It will bring you straight out to let me 28 A.D. which I believe that's when it happened right so that the question is legal there is great debate from the. The decree the word to restore and rebuild Jerusalem. Does that mean the decree from Cyrus met with the bin earlier there there yet only for four or five different candidates as to what it could be in terms of when it begins. But we know roughly that it has to be a time at the end of the exile, when the when the word comes to restore and rebuild Jerusalem so no then then you have no it's it's much later that's that's the Arctic Circe states and you've got a couple possible dates. There out when I debated this with rabbis and things like that.

So, okay, let's agree on this that it has to end. When the second Temple was destroyed. This is that the time. The truces can be rebuild second Temple is going to be built and then it's going to be destroyed and within this time, according to 924 six different things have to take place. That's right put the emphasis I don't fight over school determinists are quote the time from which it begins.

Determinists odd clam. The timing of that which it ends. That's the destruction of the second Temple to six major things have to happen, including atonement for sin bring in everlasting righteousness and culmination of guilt and and and ceiling of prophecy, etc. so I want to emphasize that those things had to happen within that time before the second Temple was destroyed.

And there's something significant about this anointed one being cut cut off, and having nothing so what does that mean who is that who's the candidate and then from there.

Of course we we preach that it must be issue. It must be Jesus. So go ahead. So we come to week.

We always bring all that the times stop and now is the greatest time for the church. What what what about if the time was never stop.

Like like when it happened. Windows that were brought out of each of and then they spend a comment in in their Sahara desert.

So what about the time never stop and actually in the state of being your own stop and waiting on the 70 week we are looking about a number which I gave him it 2520 which is seven if you multiply 7×360 which is biblical year in the federal that we make all year. That'll make 2520 years. We will bring it from the decree all the way till now it will be 2028 yes so so ever heard that. Note that that night so I dismiss it.

I appreciate you digging in and studying.

First, the idea that when the grace period.

Now, in the 70th week is the future that's a dispensational's teaching. That's a particular teaching within the body that is relatively modern and that is not universally received by any means and was unknown through much of church history. So I did. I dismiss that I'm a believer in a different.

Now our God is not dealing with Israel just dealing with the church is dealing with with both an ongoing simultaneous way of this first and second thing you did that a biblical year is 3 to 60 days that that's based on an argument from the flood and it's it's unsubstantiated through the rest of of Scripture. It's a way to try to come up with the precise date that that meets with a potential time of the crucifixion of Jesus, but either way, those years it there is and after this between 60-73 so if you have a gap of some decades is something which we would accept the death of the Messiah to the destruction of the Temple. That's it. That I did. There's a precise figure here and it's still pointing to a future you can pinpoint the date of the return of Jesus. I encourage you not to go down that path to Cisco beneath the speculation and not with the Bible, specifically teaching located chronologically consecutively look at the events that took place during the time. I thank you sir for probing and digging, but I have to differ there right let's go over to Raleigh, North Carolina Michael, welcome to want to fire yeah I've heard you talk about Psalm 20.

Figure 1. Your dog is not quoted in the New Testament which is not, but I do think it's a bearded. In Mark's passion are all marked March 22 is explicitly quoted March 22 is absolute not quoted it's it's simply not that the diverse they pierced my hands and feet assigned to Psalm 2260 and though yeah I think that that the fact that there are so many allusions to Psalm 22 and the passion narrative that almost no presupposed that that verse is in the mind of the evangelist and when there could liner got there they is a great article that came out recently by Michael flowers. He called something like what did this almost say about him and the pump 22 and he goes to like all of the different conjectures about knobby emendation colors try to make the contact and become testament of Rita. Journal and am they start about like the traditional Christian interpretation which come dates back far as the junk I think also that the digital seems to be one of the oldest readings that we have yeah I was ecstatic and in Mark's day, then you know you would expect for the evangelist to use upon that and you and I think that's the reason. That was the trigger for them using that figure I said to trigger was was Jesus closing kit with some words as the tree well you write it right that that's the obvious trigger and other events unfold, just like it as to why they didn't specifically quote that that's debatable. But they used other passages and didn't always quote exactly what you expect into, but for sure. Jesus himself is drawing our attention to that Psalm and you can be sure that is he opens the disciples mines. Luke 24 list in Scripture that this would be something they would go to, which is why they themselves quoted this with your key passages that are quote yes you can make a strong case for the earliest and original redeeming they dug through the bore through EA. Even the Hebrew. The later that we have the Masoretic text with tradition like a lion.

My hands and feet.

It set the verb is missing some rabbinic commentaries would say like a line that they tore at my hands and feet.

Some of that which works in the imagery as well. He thank you for the call appreciate it. Let's go to Jake up in East Hampton, Massachusetts. Welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Brown and a pleasure. I've been looking here for a while. I had a question about I'm sure you heard argument before but I'm just wondering how you would combat that argument, but the question a lot of people say that the Bible is on isn't unique and it healing from different like different religions or even Greek mythology and all the different things and want they want to mention like even like to talk about the sons of God coming down from heaven and and taking to themselves why you know what you can see how they would say that like kind of a bit like Greek mythology but I just want to know how do you combat that argument or that question that's usually the applicant got this was truth. It's really easy because the more you put the Bible in its ancient recent background, the more it stands out remarkably so I would just tell some okay let's let's start here, grab thought just get online.

Let's find Babylonian creation accounts and Egyptian creation accounts. Let's read them there full of polytheism in their fertile rivalry between gods and crazy stuff then read Genesis 1. It's like where did that come from what world that come from this. Okay, let's let's let's look at some of the various spiritual beliefs of the ancient world and now it's read Isaiah 40 to 48. Think how is his prophet stand out from that ancient world with with the clear monotheism and then circuit will let's start reading in Proverbs 1 and look at see if it speaks to us. If it's relevant today. If it's if the wisdom is for today and then it's okay. Let's let's go the New Testament and let's let's start to see what's historical background. How accurate is this account how accurate is that account how accurate is this how much does this tie in with the times, etc. so the more you do that, the more the Bible jumps out at quite remarkably so to me the best thing is to check out the allegations.

You know that's that's the whole thing and even Genesis 6 stands out as an unusual passage that the Bible and refers to an from we see an angelic thing that happened that was condemned that even that is not other gods I always recommend a book by John Oswalt on the subject. I'm sure it still available. The Bible among the myths unique Revelation of just ancient literature's if you want to dig deeper readily available to just check the Bible among the myths unique Revelation or just ancient literature to me. The best antidote to that argument is to lean into it and to do the research. The more you do do with friends skeptics that the more shocking it is how the Bible written at the same time an ancient world stands out at his head and shoulders, but light years apart. Literature may be blessed. Have a great July 4 weekend. Another program powered by the Truth Network

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