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When Saturday Night Live Clowned About Abortion

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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November 9, 2021 4:36 pm

When Saturday Night Live Clowned About Abortion

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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November 9, 2021 4:36 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 11/09/21.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network with your host activist, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. I want to get your input today. In particular, if you are a woman who had an abortion in the past, or if you're a man who paid for participated in an abortion. I love to hear from you today 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884 this is Michael Brown.

Welcome to modify your voice of moral sanity and spiritual clarity.

We are going to play clips from Saturday Night Live this past Saturday. Scott and a lot of attention.

The video that going to play for you has been viewed well over 4 million times online and then who knows how many other times it spit was viewed on TV and in other formats.

I want to get your response to this. If again you participated in abortion. Either you are a mother who aborted her baby or you are a father who paid for participated in the abortion of your baby 866-34-TRUTH I want to take you through this skit which was on Saturday Night Live now this doesn't make me holy or special, but I never watched seven that life in my life to my memory of their missing Saturday Night Live live. Watch the show on TV now. I've seen clips many many clips and read about the skids for years and years and years.

Of course, and I've always been famous or infamous, depending on your point of view, but a friend sent this to me. I was reading about it than a friend sent it to me so I watch the entire clip and what were hearing the people are praising this an MVP performance Saturday Night Live. The whole show instant classic.

And this is helping many women who have abortions out to speak honestly and openly, I find the whole thing utterly appalling, utterly distasteful, and anything but funny. So, here and there. I'm going to give you a description of what's happening on the video or what happened on the video but you will be listening to this. This is from satellite libel will play a few clips. It's three minutes and change break it up.

Then I will get your feedback. I will give him my thoughts on this as well. 866-34-TRUTH clip number one Supreme Court heard argument this week and women's whole health V Texas, about the controversial Texas law that essentially bans all abortions after just six weeks here to cheer us up of this can be right. Google the clown who had an abortion when she was 23 so you had an abortion when you're 23, round your neck in a squirmy area for okay it seems like you do want to talk about really gel unplanned stuff to make it more so to start off. She's here to coach yourself right. They say she had an abortion when she was 23 and the crowd laughs at that and then she's talking about in her her flower on her lapel squirts the host then is uses its rough subject but we are make it more palatable. You know there's is a consequently roundabout it and is she saying that Singh leave the, the, her bowtie is spinning rapidly in the combo tie is is spinning okay let's continue it gets.

Well, you decide. Let's keep listening. Like I think more minor now 13 other things like abortion. I know what so whatever the intent of this is friends. This supposed free women up to talk about painful subjects. I cannot personally imagine a less Taser will fight even more on tasteful ways to do up just as being done like I can imagine a less tasteful way. A less ugly I mean it is so on tasteful as you say less on tasteful way it is. It is sold ugly and laughing and there's no humor in what's being said in the and client innocent women class of clown V Wade, and clown abortions, and they they keep telling that they keep talking about it for as I can tell folks in the shouting abortion side focus on the Planned Parenthood side determine abortion rights, abortion, day and night year in year out, and when pro-life limits of pro-life women who have abortions in the past. Don't know how to address this right one.

One more clips let's listen gel gel gel like really women you think women are from helium about a bunch of dead babies in the garbage bin about that but a bunch of baby parts of dead babies in the products of conception containers in the back of the Planned Parenthood clinic about that ladies mother's those who have abortions. How does that skit strike you. Does it help would that help you talk about abortion and to me it is so utterly degrading is degrading to the memory of the baby. It is something to be tossed away so you can have your successful quote clown career. To me, the very thing we need to do is is have safe places for women to talk about pain they've endured guilt they've endured pain, they still carry to have safe spaces where they can talk to others and say hey it's it's not all that it's cracked up to be and to express regret or second thoughts and things like that you don't do it by putting on the clown suit was much more to say.

And there's more here about home background. This didn't come up with a show but others have been talking about it online so I want to get to that. I want to talk about that right now. Let's let's hear from you. 866-34-TRUTH anonymous caller from Missouri. Welcome to the want of far thanks for calling Dr. Brown. I wanted I had abortion 99 I 21. The worst part about it was that I had gone forward join in no to be baptized, and I joined the church about five or six years earlier, but I have a life of a lot of people. Anyway, after the abortion I I left church for about 15 years. I finally came back to church.

You never get already know the Lord. I don't know how I could when I believe I will. And this was this was in 1979 yet it brings you to tears. To this day even though you know you been forgiven, all do you believe it. Do you believe that Jesus died for the sin of abortion like all other sins and look if you if you send knowingly in the light review send in ignorance in the dark.

Either way, when you coming true repentance. He does forgiven and he wants you to know that forgiveness trip. Like crying. Yeah, what can I tell you this, I can't. I literally cannot tell you how many calls are received from others just like you with abortions decades in the past and the moment they begin to talk about it.

They break down crying just like you, I mean friends. Everyone listening, watching, please hear this message. It's not the way it's cracked up to be especially if you know the Lord that the consequences are severe went when you hear that skit. How does it make you feel the clowning around about it are terrible. Will this make me the Lord is your story. Even today to help the listener who is considering abortion whose was going through their own set of upheaval in crisis and in the really they don't know way out. That seems to them to be the best solution is as painful as it may be made to hear the cry of of a woman now decades later over 40 years later still, things trigger the pain with those who have abortions really come to know forgiveness in the Lord. If you've never repented of it and confessed his sin to God, please do from the heart feel the weight of it and then let him cleanse you and and and wash refresh you can you can live and minister life to others of the pain that you've experienced 866-348-7884 is the medical hey thank you so much for calling and opening your heart to us versus file light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown many months and years to come. We can feel quite sure the subject of abortion will be front and center here in America with major bills being passed with major Supreme Court decisions being made with pushback that is going to continue intensely in the days and months and years ahead. As we pray for revival and awakening and we pray for the changing of hearts. Remember to always want to see hearts change. And with that laws change as opposed to only laws change hearts change laws change. You can see greater cultural change, 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 7884. Again, if you watched or heard the skit from Saturday Night Live if you saw it on TV. If you just heard it now on the broadcast and you had abortion listener feelings. Let us know how you would react as someone special woman. The apparent target audience. From what were reading that this again it's it's in the skit without saying yes is this is gonna help women I feel bad about what they did open up conversations missed one of the question. Look to hear from you in terms your own feedback your own experience that I know it can be difficult to call and feel free to call completely anonymously, not even mentioning we live.

If that's important to you, but the fact that people feel that level shame and pain that over 40 years after abortion they still use their name on the air that saying something.

So here's another question again for those who in one way or another were involved in abortion yourself it was the mother or the father. What could the church do better to minister to women who had abortion. Is it a matter of talking about this more hematoma. Pro-life issues for sure in saving the lives of babies as we should. In many of the key pro-life leaders are themselves women and some of them had abortions in the past so they really can speak to these things many others are mothers who have not had abortions.

Some are even single women dinner for the lives of the unborn, but first and foremost we need to hear from the women. Obviously, as those who are most affected. What can we do even better to minister. It is, is it to recognize how many women are in our midst were hurting how many are secretly covering up guilt or shame. What can we do better minister life to minister wholeness. All right, as you think about that and call in. Let me move over to something else in the background to this segment live skit and when I see someone like Sisley strong doing this. I don't know her at all not have followed her career.

Don't know anything about her is a comedian don't know her large life ethics zero on those these few minutes seeing her on TV and this about her background so so check this out this is what makes things more painful and Saturday the SNL and review experience tweeted this out September 4 of this year at the Planned Parenthood headquarters in Chicago.

Sisley strong was the receptionist who opened the hate mail open the office answered the phone. Dr. George Tiller was fatally shot in the head by antiabortion extremist Scott Roeder while she worked there at Planned Parenthood okay so she would experience the very worst. The very ugliest, the most violent, hateful side of those who oppose abortion it if someone kills and abortion Dr. they can call themselves pro-life because they murdered in the name of life as grievous as these acts were. You don't just decide to take this person's life that is a violation of pro-life that's why you have so many millions of Americans genuinely concerned about the life of the unborn and strongly feeling a pro-life conviction and yet they are not going out killing abortion doctors. It's horrific when it happens it is it is not the way our system works. However, it remains exceedingly exceedingly rare. Why because we are pro life people we are pro-life followers of Jesus.

We don't take a life in the name of being pro-life in terms of murdering someone. She's also opening the hate mail.

According to this accounts. Let's take it for exactly what it says that mean she's getting most vile, hateful, ugly letters attacking her attacking Planned Parenthood taking everything they do, and it's often Christians are people writing as Christians or even quoting scripture and damning them to hell and expressing utter hatred that we should have a hatred for the active abortion. We should have a hatred for the sin of abortion.

We should have it.

A hatred for the destruction of lives in the shedding of innocent blood and and the negative impact is that this ultimately has on all involved, including abortion clinic workers and doctors, then I think there's any negative impact. But there is.

There must be on their lives as their doings. We inhaled all that instead opposed to it, while still wanting to see those involved come to faith come to the Lord be set free and and I remember many years ago a friend of ours.

She was a PhD in biology to respond in her 60s, then look very much like Barbara Bush or if you remember Barbara Bush, the mother of George W Bush, wife of George H. W. Bush, a gray-haired lady and actively involved in pro-life and she was could be Buffalo, New York.

I don't remember for sure, but I think it was Buffalo, New York.

She was involved in a pro-life event and they were there part of Operation Rescue camping out in front of the abortion clinic and then you'll get arrested you to get carried into the that the into the police boss your rest at the precinct and you pretty much go home that the one time I was involved with it with her two daughters. That's what that's what took place.

But you're making a statement you are sending a message and you yourself are getting stirred and broken over the sin of abortion, so she was there she was on the bus and arrested with all these other pro-life women and another woman who is protesting was a pro-abortion called pro-choice protester and she was somehow rounded up in the crowd and was arrested and put on the bus and she was shaking like a leaf. According to her friend. She was shaking like a leaf.

So this is late 80s early 90s when this took place because she thinks the worst of the pro-life movement.

She has believed every negative thing that's been said she has believed every negative stereotype in caricature and she thinks that this is how the people are. This is a and so she's on this bus with all these women and she's petrified with this upcoming faith put into the day because they just minister the love of God to her and they told the truth about Jesus and she got to know who they really were and heard the message and came to faith so if if we are going to play into the negative stereotypes we make God look bad.

We drive people away. We only exacerbate the problem. We can guarantee that they will be all the more an advocate against us as opposed to what Paul says in Romans 12 that we overcome evil with good. We demonstrate the love of God, the compassion of the Messiah and God's grace and the offer of forgiveness while at the same time standing up for the life of the unborn, you say what's you leave women with back alley abortions see that's the thing. There are always options other than abortion and virtually every law on the books pro-life law. If the mother's life was literally threatened. In other words, if that baby was not aborted at that moment that the mother would die, and virtually every pro-life law.

There's going to be a cause to save the life of the mother that that the surgical procedure which is going to now terminate the baby can be done in their agonizing decisions where the mother and father say that they want to have a child. He was the mother dies because the child's viable in the and is agonizing painful decisions. But in every other case, there is a choice to be made as painful as the choices there is a choice. There is an option. There is, for example in Texas with a heartbeat bill. There is funding available in Texas to help a woman have her baby and and in the initial stages raise her baby here and in North Carolina where I live, love, love life, which is rigid love like Charlotte is expanded across the state and out to other states. They actively work with other organizations and families and individuals. So if you determine to have your baby. There folks ever come around you and help and and do the baby shower with you and help get things established. If the financial needs to to help meet them see you can get started in and not be behind the eight ball and then legally in every state you can you can actually go to the fire department hospital literally with a newborn child's I can't keep this child in the child is given up for adoption and then your euro waiting list if you know early on. Okay, I can keep this child don't want to keep this child. This child was conceived in terrible circumstance then then you can soak. I want to give this paper for book for adoption and there are lists of people long lines couples waiting to adopt babies newborn to be raised right almost literally out of the womb to be raised and cared for, but is loving and caring couples. So there's always an alternative. There's always another way, you say it's easy for you to say Samet don't listen to me listen to all the women saying the same thing.

Listen to the women who gave their children up for adoption.

Listen to the parents who adopted the babies joyfully as a gift from God with great prayer for the mother. Listen to the women who have abortions listen to those who are on the front lines of pro-life forget me as a man, listen to them and then first and foremost, listen to God what is he have to say about this. How does he feel 866-3487 84 we come back to go to your calls will read some quotes of of people praising this goober the clown skit. Why, on what basis again. To me it's ugly and distasteful as a matter of error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown, modifier one that was watching on Facebook you.connect with us a different way and you can't watch today's broadcast is not because Facebook banned us because we are talking about abortion.

Rather, we played three clips from Saturday Night Live three minutes and change total skit goober at the clown talking about abortion yeah is as sick as it sounds. And there's a copyright claim that blocked it. Right now it appears was still running on YouTube will see what happens. It is very common to play clips parts of clips, etc. anyway you got flagged and stop. It's not because the subject of abortion as far as me know if what was posted but rather in BC just blocked it because of copyrighted content. In either case, we continue talking about the subject of abortion 866-34-TRUTH 87884.

Let me put out a new question for those just tuning in, if you had an abortion and you are now a follower of Jesus, how did you come to grips with it and receive forgiveness. How did you come to a place where even though if the subject comes up, it still may pain you and it's only touched something deep inside of you, but how did you come to a place of knowing that you were forgiven and that you could be in fellowship with God without that hanging over your head. Perhaps your story could help others who struggle. Perhaps your own testimony could help someone that can't seem to get over the guilt because there they can't look it's it's a life that was taken a life that should've been here have to live with that for the rest of my life. Did you receive forgiveness while not minimizing the gravity of the situation and again what can the church do better as we stand up for life as we are pro-life believers as we seek to be holistically pro-life from inside the womb to outside the womb to the caring for the baby in the womb and the needy and the hurting outside the womb, as we seek to do that. How can we do it in an even better way. How can we change even more hearts. How can we help people to see that God's ways are best in the God's ways or ways of life 866-34-TRUTH. So look at some of the positive responses to this clown about clown around abortion, skip this is Sean McCarthy's article on the decider SNL recap Sicily Strong's MVP performance tops an instant classic episode. This is an MV's MVP performance. Again, one of the those unfunny poorly done things I can remember seeing having anything to do with abortion is called an MVP performance. Why for for what reason. So Brian Stelter CNN famously left this news commentator Brian Stelter said this take three minutes and watch the video if you haven't seen it yet on Twitter. It is really racked up more than 2.5 million. Remember this is from Saturday night and as we speak alive else Tuesday.

According to the sites metrics.

As of this writing as I was last night is over 4 million views on the was up to. Even now, probably, in fact, let's just just see what it's up to now, as far as views okay yeah 4.8 million almost 5 million views.

Look at some other headlines. This is on the wrap Sicily Strong wings praise for pro-abortion rights SNL segment holy expletive and Bravo woman activist Renée Bracey Sherman writes this is wonderful, joyful and powerful are you serious wonderful, joyful and powerful is another wonderful joyful or powerful about abortion or about clowning around about it to help free up other women to talk. If you want to free up other women to talk about the pain, then do it then talk about the pain honestly talk about how you felt about how society made you feel about the church made you talk about that is or will you understand this is been effective appears to have been effective. And I'm saying is wrong.

This because something's effective does make a right and which way the conversations going to go here and another headline.

This is on the today Sicily Strong's clown abortion SNL sketch prompts women to share their stories people had abortions offered support solidarity and thanks persistent strong controversial clown abortion sketch that. Here's what here's what I wrote it in my article, which you can read on* and say this and then go to the phones up Alyssa Milano has recently shared she's he's very very strong pro-abortion advocate that should feelings of guilt after having two abortions in a 20 she believed her two miscarriages were a result of her abortions and issuing her fear that her children might be called hurt for karmic reasons, as I deftly have this moment of one being punished basically for abortions in my 20s and she also explained that she had fears that something bad might happen to her children, Milo Elizabeth dinner decision have two children killed in general. This was someone else's describing it. She didn't say killed. I was felt like something happens to these two little beers that I love so much as world in which there taken away free for whatever karmic resolution needed to happen. So some of the guilt that she experienced so as I am. I requested this. All of this underscores the need to sit down face-to-face and have honest, compassionate discussions with those on the quote pro-choice side as well as to provide safe spaces for the many women grieving over past abortions, enabling them to open up their hearts stark contrast.

The last thing we need; goober the clown to clown around about abortion is a subject on the planet that does not comport with the ridiculous clown skit is a subjective report abortion believing they listen to the cry, the blood of the tens of millions of unborn babies were terminated their mother's wounds listen to the solid core of the millions of women who made that fateful fateful choice of hurting inside.

To this day into Sicily. Strong, I urge you to put with the clown suit. If you want talk about abortion. If your heart still needs healing let you judge. You know, clowning around, will not bring the cure.

All right with that. We go back to the phones starting with an anonymous caller North Carolina. Thanks so much for calling the line of fire. Hello Dr. Brown taking my call.

Sure, I just wanted to thank you and first two woman I called earlier that was crying. That I had an abortion when I was 19 and it took until really.

A few years ago and I'm in my 62 come to terms with that local pregnancy center.

I'm sorry. I'm nervous that my boy Jake that a local pregnancy center that counsels women that are thinking about having an abortion offered a Bible study that you and I would walk you through. Hopefully, a healing process and it was wonderful and said that one man I you know I really just want to say to her, and I hope she still listening to find one of those spring banners and get involved in with whatever they're doing and hopefully there is a study or class that she can go through to find her healing because I knew God gave me a long time ago but I struggle with forgetting self and the second thing you asked what church it is just that I support pregnancy centers and it out there, but I feel like it could be out there more. Where it talked about during the service. You know for to speak to the young women there that could possibly be pregnant and you have faced with what to do and to encourage them to go and get counseling at one of the center that it's anything on antenna now that was it's really heartbreaking and even before I found my healing which you know there's a P it still there because my child is in heaven. And that's another thing I want to say to that woman and her child in the method huge constellation but I forgot where I was going with that process this and to be clear so you were 19. You had your portion how many years later, was that you went through the Bible study and received healing in your heart.

Oh, you know three years ago. Okay so from 19 into your 50s or early 60s. Okay yeah X and you soon carried this somehow in the back of your heart all these years. Yeah LOL yeah, and I just think just think, with many women who are this is a pro-abortion and shout abortion just think that that it's masking pain in their own lives lately and I mean it that sad state of affairs for this girl. I guess work at Planned Parenthood. I don't yeah maybe she had an abortion. I don't know that it is. She did initiate sheet she did one day before she turned 23, and then went to the Planned Parenthood Oakland would be hate mail, etc. so, and then on the practical level, then you're saying is okay. The church supports praising the Glisan, which is great because many churches don't even know if there is a pregnancy life center in their in their city or in their community.

So now they supported, but it would be good periodically, every month, every few months to say hey if you're here, you had an abortion or if you're here and you're contemplating abortion, maybe your father, you've gotten a girl pregnant out of wedlock and talked about abortion. Hey one encourage you the spring of pregnancy life sentence bring it up more often because I was it's out of sight out of mind right where I yeah and it and it fosters secrecy and even though I didn't write my name or any none of this is that I know that that that's fine again. It's one thing to be sitting down with friends in a church setting is nothing to be on on the national radio show and giving your name so that that's perfectly fine, not to but you know that the thing again is yes, let's bring up the discussion but not through clown suit clowning around about this ultimately trivialize and ultimately you yes or maybe you're fighting the pebble in Sam fighting pain and instead of putting on clown suit.

So getting here for from a couple women so far had abortions in either like fingernails scratching on the chalkboard or heartbreaking news. The words they described their reaction to this is right that the it's the light of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown had a couple of other ladies on hold, that I was ready to get to and get him to drop out if you're still available. Give us a call.

Maybe you thought the show was over something 866-348-7884 love to hear from more of you if possible. I've learned a lot doing daily talk radio now for more than 13 years, five days a week, sometimes two hours a day at least one hour day. Every so often broadcast or prerecorded because of travel schedule or be overseas ministering something like that but otherwise we do our best to be live every single day.

One reason is we can comment on what's happening in the world around us in real time. Another reason is that we can hear back from you we can get your feedback and get your response.

We can have some give-and-take and of course another reason is that you can just call in with your questions.

All different kinds of subjects. So by choice. We are on live radio but I want you to know that it has enriched my own life that your calls and your perspectives have expanded some of my understanding we deepened some of my understanding or challenged some of my understanding so for example when it comes to the subject of abortion. Did I already know that many women who had abortions and or believers still deal with pain and tinges of guilt over the years. Yes, I knew that of understood that first from hearing it over the years.

Secondly, reading about things.

Thirdly, common sense would say the gravity of of this, especially if you come to the Lord afterwards and think about what you did.

However, what was a revelation to me was how many women and men as well, but we been hurt women, decades after the abortion and some of them saved for decades, but decades after 3040 years after the abortion get on the air and start to cry breakdown, weeping because it remains such a raw subject to them. I arrived I was telling a colleague who brought a really strong message about abortion with may be 8000 people in the building so proud that large.

You've got a lot of women and certainly a good number of them have had an abortion in their pass and this colleague brought a very, very strong, powerful, convicting word in the midst of his message about the sin of abortion but did not, then immediately reach out to the women that were there, and men, but they can be a high percentage of women reach out to the women that were there to the men who were involved in abortions in the past we decided to have abortions in the moment you hear that that strong preaching that strong pro-life message. It triggers that pain again I say what you said was great, but next time be sure to minister to the to the women that are hurting and then to offer grace and forgiveness to those who had abortions that have never received forgiveness so sometimes we can forget that look in the same way I've I've had black friends of mine say to me, Mike.

There's not a racist bone in your body, but there's a lot you don't know well that's the case for all of us in many areas of life start to travel around the world. Maybe you're part of one particular denomination and you spent your whole Christian life and that denomination in your state go to another state to a church of that same denomination and you'll probably be surprised at all.

I know they did things like this in our denomination. Then go to another country with that same denomination you want is like completely different. As a Christian, but other receiving that it and it is one way right or the other way wrong some of its cultural travel overseas and and and find out what culture shock really is talk to people who went on the mission field. All full of zeal and passion. Only about six months or year or two to the sub think what in the world am I doing in this foreign culture with my family and nothing makes any sense of the people do things completely wrong with you culture shock so we all have a lot to learn. I don't mean that I've changed any of my fundamental beliefs there.

There is not a biblical conviction, a deep biblical conviction that I had before I started to live radio 13 years ago that's any different today might my basic biblical convictions. My basic biblical beliefs remain exactly the same but in so many other areas. My understanding has expanded, and then with that you get deeper compassion get deeper care.

You get deeper concern. So that's why I can talk about these things I can, I can speak as as a scriptural voice as a teacher in the body as a leader in the body. I can I can speak and give perspective. But then there's the perspective that look I can bring perspective as a Jewish believer that someone else can't because another Jewish believer in the same way someone can bring perspective as a Gentile believer that serve them when I can bring her as a man versus a woman, a woman versus a man but it's really important one saved again that we address the pain of abortion, the guilt of abortion, the shame of abortion when ever we talk about pro-life issues.

Now for those that never even talk about pro-life issues, I would urge you to get closer to God's heart and his word and see what burden he wants to share with you concerning the taking of innocent lives in the shedding of innocent blood, but all that. All that being said, to the extent that we talk about the Texas heart beat bill or the Dobbs case that's going to be coming up in Mississippi with the Supreme Court will be hearing or the potential overturning of Roe V Wade.

We talk about these things or if you address the SNL skit as the clown skit as as I did.

Let us be sensitive and let us recognize that there are likely women that are listening that are in pain, and that when you talk about abortion or the sin of abortion with the shedding of innocent lives of determining the life in the womb that it's us a knife pierces their soul again now.

Are there some that have had multiple abortions is just a form of birth control.

You do what you do your you're not careful with your sexual decisions. You do what you do, that no one has babysat our work they'll come up right now. I can't believe it and just have an abortion. There are some like that you know there are countries. Some my friends working Ukraine said as Ray commented to meet people in Russia. Women have had 56 abortions just yeah just do it. Birth control since that's the way you do it. Maybe they've hardened their heart to certain point may be there at the point where they don't really think about just little medical procedure right but I can assure you if they really come to know the Lord then something's and come up in their heart and their need ministry if they really come into an intimate relationship with the Lord during the ministry so pastors, leaders talk to women in your congregation who had abortions. If you haven't done that since I was there with with your wife and and and together have these discussions with them and find out more about how we could more effectively minister to the women and give safe spaces where they can sit and share their story and others who been through it can minister grace and forgiveness to them and then many of these women feel called to be pro-life, champions. They may feel called to to get involved with pregnancy.

Life centers. They may feel called to be a presence in front of an abortion clinic sharing the gospel sharing the love of God, they may feel that to share their stories on social media. They may feel to it to impact their their teenage daughters with the trues of their own life experience, or they may just ahead golfer gave me for that and and I still grieve over the loss, but I know he forgave me and and you go on with life and just minister life to others, but remember what Satan means for evil God can turn for good.

What would Satan means to destroy us and and to discourage us to wipe us out if we humble ourselves.

Then God can turn them for good. You know it it it it's become a regular habit for me especially when I'm on the road. Ministry, but any day one that I have an especially intense schedule or you have to alter my sleep schedule and things like that and and get up early to do particular things to minister or stay up a certain way or do broadcast the middle of night, whenever it is or especially flying overseas and that you got jet lag and you've got the time clock is turned completely upside down and on and on and you got a minister three times a day, every day, starting immediately when you get off the plane.

My my mantra.

The three words that I say I send this morning when I woke up even though today is that intense, especially intense history.

David just fine back in the last night starting fresh day. The words that came out of my mouth the moment I woke up her strength out of weakness, strength out of weakness.

It's become a lifestyle prayer for me. As much as I feel strong I feel strong in body. I feel strong in mind, I feel strong at heart.

I feel strong in spirit. I feel energized by God to run my race and and and feel just like a kid with excitement and anticipation about what's ahead at the same time I realize my human limitations and God's no limitations God's infinite possibilities and therefore every day.

That's my heart that's my Christ, especially in times of intense ministry, Lord, strength of weakness. I encourage you to have that same mentality of the weakness of your own life. The brokenness of the pain of the trial of the challenge and the difficulty strength of weakness and may God redeems us the strong may he bring her to himself and reveal his great love machine get on the radio one day and talk about the house that I really another program powered by the Truth Network


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